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Couplet Baby Poems | Couplet Poems About Baby

These Couplet Baby poems are examples of Couplet poems about Baby. These are the best examples of Couplet Baby poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Security Blanket

Security Blanket 

No chance of rain tonight,
No bogeyman, when I turn off the lights.
A phrase I found and adore with the warmth of your security.
You are the reason I attain true maturity.

I love when you lay down next to me,
Like the high tide of the sea,
You move all the warm emotions inside.
My arms are the comfort you use to seek and hide.

Your nestle holds a true rhythm that hums its own song~
Nothing comes close to breaking this precious bond~
A sweet cradle-song only I hear,
You play my grin, without the strings of a puppeteer.

My heartbeat needs its fix and drug,
Your sweet, charming smiles and hug, 
Is all I need to succeed, 
You are, my only creed!

A kiss, I give on your forehead,
Into a poet’s world where your blanket a dulcet lullaby, 
my arms are your bed.

“Goodnight Sweet Child, Sweet Child of Mine!”

By; pd

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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Gerber Style

Gerber CHO-CHO! 

Ga-ga goo-goo!
Clean my booboo,
Lovely chocolate, all over my face.
Eating chocolate with my face.
I want chocolate in my bottle please.
I want you to look at my chocolate colored teeth 
Dark chocolate out of place.
I eat chocolate with my face.

I want to eat chocolate instead of food.
Chocolate chocolate is very good. 
I’ll eat all the chocolate found in a candy bar.
I want to swim in a chocolate filled jar.
I wish to eat chocolate all day long.
Eating chocolate along with my favorite twinkle twinkle song.

I want to relive my baby Gerber photo.
The one titled baby Gerber Loco.
Were in my face I bare a color dodo smile.
A photo regarding my cute chocolate style. 

Gerber Contest

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tears of Laughter

for ten long years they waited to hold a baby close,
ten long years hopes were slated, each baby they did lose.

met a lovely obstetrician who had a brand new toy,
one that would help the couple to have that girl or boy.

another year they tried until that magic moment when
the line was there in the tester, brought their hopes alive again

nine months she was nurtured, not allowed to do this or that,
the ring on the calender approached a time I wont forget.

tears of hope were on their faces knew this was the final chance,
all was hush as the dad paced, then we saw the blade and clamps.

all was over in a moment hauled out of the mothers womb
a protesting mucky baby, saw a lady glow and  bloom

they now have a daughter, called her Faith of which they had,
tears now are tears of laughter no more time to be sad.

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Sunset Blues

Miles away from the train rail track-
Baby girl lets not look back-

Walk with me, lets go as two-
And baby sing the sunset blues-

Don't worry bout the distance dear-
Anywhere with you seems all so near-

Now honey we can come as two-
And baby sing the sunset blues-

Now you left me by the train rail track-
With nothing else but to look back-

I look up high and think of you-
And by myself I sing my sunset blues-

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Her little linen doll

That little linen doll from December
She gave me with her heart, I remembered.
By her tiny hands thus not as perfect
But ‘twas a memory I couldn’t neglect.
My little baby really tried her best,
I saw her stitching at night without rest.
And when that needle jabbed her soft, white skin,
She’d be strong, hid her tears with a large grin.
Then that day had come, her doll was finish
December twenty-fifth, I would not wish,
The Lord took her away, out on the street.
Just a young child, her youth’s still incomplete.
As we pull her out from the twisted wreck
Wrapped in her arms, something I wouldn’t expect.
There held in tight, her little linen doll...
The picture was so vast, I must recall.
I will never forget, that fateful night,
When the angels sang to the blinding light
But she is gone, what’s the use of regrets?
What was left will always be in my chest.
Our memories and times we were together,
Sewn in her doll, sealed by her endeavor.
Though the doll and my baby have come to past,
They remain in my heart, forever to last.

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Sleep just for awhile

         Hush sweet baby please don’t cry         
     I’ll sing you a love sweet lullaby

    Never mind the boogie in your head
        Come lay on top of your silken bed

                      Sweep out things you can’t understand
                             As I play this song on the Baby grand 

                     You are quite special can’t you see
                    Many try to change like you to be

      So never think any less of your self
   Please come back being the naughty elf

Come let me sip water coconuts
From the word palm tree besots

            You have slept long enough
                 Grab your pillows shake and fluff

It’s just not the same without you
Please don’t send me to sleep too

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written 28th sept 2007

It's time to turn this around
 the answers I have finally found
The minute I looked into your eyes
 I immediately remembered, how to be alive

If I didnt go through, all those years of pain
 my life wouldn't be the same
Your birth, nothing less than magical, complete power of God's love....
For you shone through complete demonic darkness
ever since, I have been more than blessed
 you re-opened my heart
So I could again, play the part
I've been given a second chance
This time round, I wont forget to dance
 to love, open and freely
Its finally great to again be me

 I've turned my frown upside down
And it's from God's gift, when pure innocence was born
 my sixth child, a blessed tiny little girl

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Silent Space

I stand on top of silent space
Free from all of worldly trace
Of hate, sadness, and despair
I feel only love and me in the air

I'm finally free to do my will
And all of love begins to fill
My head with all possibilities
Of all of the sweet pleasantries

That we can find tonight
If only we can find the right
Time and spirit give me some
Of yours baby where am I from?

hear me please, baby please
Listen close tell not the trees
That I love you but it can't be
So simple between you and me

You make me dizzy, fall down so fast
And feel that now this night will last
So take each minute, and fill this cup
With the essence of love, up and up

hear me please, baby please
Listen close tell not the trees
That I love you but it can't be
So simple between you and me

Don't be scared, remember now
Of all the time we had and how
I held you close when you were downed
I held you up when you almost drowned

So hear me please, baby please
Listen close tell not the trees
That I love you but it can't be
So simple between you and me

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The babyish me

Beauty lamented when faced with that babyface O do give me more loveliness, with red lace! Such innocent eyes, Cunning and wise! The age of that baby girl Revolved around two in our world Yet, she was an attractive one Charming one, magnetic one None could get jealous of her beauty Except beauty itself in all simplicity If she was hungry, she ate like a bird If she was thirsty, she drank only curd If she fell while running, she stood and smiled If she cried, her surroundings made her not feel exiled! Dressed in her favourite red dress, She listened to old stories on her mattress And fell in deep slumber while dreaming of the Lord And how it is like in his peaceful abode! At two, this cute babyface, surrounded with black hair Could only jump and exalt at life without any care!

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EEEW, A Baby Sister

Gobs of happiness, bundles of joy! My sister turned out to be a boy Mom said, “Welcome your little brother!” She'd been promising me the other You know! EEEW... a baby sister! Imagine if I had to kiss her! Thanks to the stork way up high If Mom had a girl, I'd probably die! Sisters don't wrestle or play with guns They play with dollies, have girlie fun Glad the way things have turned out Us guys are buds, there's really no doubt! I know! I realize they're people too In fact, some are cute, this is true But if you're gonna give me my druthers I would much prefer a baby brother! The moral is, if you eat your veggies Your Mom will be happy and never edgy A contented Mom will usually bear fruit With a baby boy who'll be cuter than cute! These are the words of a real little boy Who won't even try to hide his joy! He comes right out, it's not a quiz Boys are superior and that's how it is! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Super Duper Child of Mine

Beautiful baby, bubbling machine
Dearest, darlingest doll ever seen.
Cooing and cuddling and sugary sweet
Lovely and loveable from head to small feet.

Pink bundled delectable, answer to dreams,
Oozing with honey and fancy filled creams.
Delightfully dimpled and smelling delicious,
Wanted and wonderful fulfillment of wishes.

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Arthurian Legend Part 1

Uther, the High king of England 
fell in love with the Lady Igraine
Knowing she was married to Gorlois
he decided to fight the walrus

For he was the Duke of Tintagel
that Uther wanted to mangle	
‘Thus he defeated his enemy’ 
and took her, his wife to be

The High King delighted to tell
of Merlin’s magical spell
How he’d become Gorlious in disguise
and fooled the Lady Igraine to socialize

Tintagel castle was full of joy 
celebrating the birth of a baby boy
‘Twas Arthur they had named him’
a bonnie baby small and slim	

They lived in a dangerous time
where Saxons attacked without sign
So Uther gave his son for safety
to his immortal wizard thats greatly

In time Merlin fostered him away
to Sir Ectors where he would stay
Raised in the Cornwall countryside
where he grew strong and very wise	

He grew up with his foster brother Kay
not knowing his real parents any way
He didn’t know he was heir to the throne
until later when it became known

King Uther died and no one knew
about His son that should over rule
So arguments broke out everywhere
who should be King, who would dare

But Merlin had a cunning plan
to make Arthur take a stand
For he was the true king and heir
a kingdom he would rule and fair

A mysterious stone magically appeared
in St.Paul’s cathedral, in the garden rear
Extending out, was a huge sword
a message inscribed to my Lord
Whoever pulls this sword from the stone
will be the rightful High King of England’s throne

© Copyright 22nd December 2010 K.C.Leake

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Soul at Risk

Each new baby, at the moment of birth,
is weighed, measured, and gauged for worth.

Grandparents, their happiness cannot hide,
while parents beam and swell with pride.

Our Father sanctions each new creation,
smiling at the joy, joining the celebration.

Lucifer, also, smiles and claps with glee,
chortles with evil intent, This one's for me.

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Sassy the Assassinator

Sassy the Assassinator

Sassy is a lapdog, not a large bird-dog  
She likes to chase hopping bullfrogs or a hiding hedgehog.
She is a friend to a cat, but not to a groundhog
But she thinks she’s a big bad watchdog!

For years little Sassy has chased away every stray.
No matter how huge the intruder, night or day,
With tails tucked between their legs, dogs ran away.
Sassy yapping at his heels all the way.

Every dog was sent away; Sassy would not play.
Teeth and barks were her fierce display.
She once terminated forty-two baby chicks. 
(In five minutes)  Her owners are city-hicks.

Even though she killed chicks and gave a baby bear a fright.
Her humans know that her bark is usually worse than her bite.
She has cornered opossums, and fought with hens.
Bi-polar?  Cute and mean is where the story begins.

But one day Sassy went for a ride in the car.
The visit to relatives was not very far.
When we arrived, she was ready to get outside.
And she did so proudly, her nose high with pride.

Their big dog trolloped over toward little Sassy,
He was as big as a St. Bernard and she was angry.
Yap!  Yap!  Yap!  She barked in her usual way.
Suddenly, she looked up; he did not run away.

She tucked her tail and whimpered, which was strange.
That big dog that drooled on her head, wrought a change.
He did not bark, grumble, or growl; he just looked down.
Then, "Sassy the Assassinator", for the fist time, played around.

© August 30, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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The Nightmares

Nightmares that come are so bad I'm  afraid to sleep
Exhaustion enters making sleep needs reach their peak

A little light sleep to settle down falling falling deeply sound
The horror no no go away nightmares please dissipate

Same dreams every night since my darling baby cried
She nursed, very well fed in the morning she died

Nightmares night afer night awaking my baby I dread
Being rocked, rocked, rocked, looking down my baby's dead

(My adoptive mother lost a child, a little girl at age nine months old.  Back then people used 
home remedies very seldom saw a doctor.  The child had been sick with a cold, mother fed 
her and the next morning she was dead.  The  doctor who examined  the corpse said that 
she had had pneumonia and choked to dead on the mucous.)

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The Shocking Baby

Baby shock in the treetop;
When wind blows with speed.
Baby shock by the crackling;
When the sound exceed.

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                  MAMA'S TALK

Lifes lesson's I was never taught.
A boys lie's are why I got caught.

He told me things that weren't true.
I should've known but didn't have a clue.

Mama looked at me and said"have you gained weight".
I told mama you might as well know this month I'm late.

We will go to the doctor and find out for sure.
Mama say's"hey no sex is the cure".

My job will be to do whatever the baby needs.
They told him it was his job to cause he planted his seed.

Nine months went by and a baby was born on this day.
After all this bet I'll listen to what mama has to say.

 25%of American households has a teenage pregnancy.
Entered in Gwendolyn Rix Mom"I'm pregnant"contest.

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Let's plant a Garden

Let's plant a garden, you and me,
let's not ask for pardon, just let it be,
let's watch the seedlings grow, with love.
a magical primrose, blessed from above.
you bring the sprouts, I'll clear the spot,
what I'm dreaming about, the idea I got.
plant a garden, yours, mine and ours together,
ask for no pardon, and grow it for forever 

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Who Love's Ya Baby

who loves ya baby
hmmm now let me see

I know my mommy did
even though her shoes I did hid

I think my daddy did
when I didn't make him snid

brothers and sisters well maybe just a little
when I didn't get in the middle

my grandpa and grandma surely does
for I'll do anything for them just because

I know my little girl loves her momma
even better than president Obama

my dogs and cats loves me
even if they continue to make me sneeze

even my close friends new and old still spark the love
for we will alway's go on and well above

paperboy surely does
cause I tip him for keeping my paper out of bushes and shrubs

milkman used to
when I didn't make him shu

bill collectors oh yes
for I'm their baby who they love the best

so who loves me
well lets just continue to see

Tribute To Love

Also Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's 
Who Love's Ya Baby Contest

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By fluke

Unpretty women by only fluke
can give their children a pretty look.

Volodymyr Knyr

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The Investigator, Translation of Carlos Bousono's poem: El Investigador

The Investigator, Translation of Carlos Bousono’s poem : El Investigador

					for Alexandrito, seven months

The little infant keeps watching, staying attentive : what’s this.
The little box , all by itself, (is) of the most engaging interest.

The little box appeared full of a profound interest.
If it doesn’t budge, keep silent, dream, if it stirs.

He turns it on its head, weighs it in his hand, thing to touch.
If he gets close, it grows, if he keeps a distance, amounts to not much.

The box in its listless posture does not wish to be.
When moved to another place, changes completely.

What you have seen, is it valid ? Neither a fixed form nor norm ?
When moved, cataclysmic change seizes its form.

Standing it upright or casting it aside, yes, he can.
But what’s surprising is that fall it/he can.
One little box lends itself to much occupation.

The teacher knows it : he has to hurry up,
Or else the little box will never be found or thought up.

He threw it on top of a rag, by disaster taken over :
All of a sudden, the little box was seen no more.

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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If it's Good Pass it On

Just fifteen years old, pregnant and all alone,
A child herself but in a family way as she checks the coin slot in another pay phone.

Homeless, hungry, all alone and terribly scared,
She just wanders the streets totally unprepared.

Her folks told her she was an absolute disgrace,
And how were they going to look their neighbors in the face?

With tears in her eyes and a broken heart she left not wanting to cause her parents pain,
A few clothes packed she heads out in the pouring rain.

She had been victimized and raped by someone her parents held dear,
She figured they would take his side and the only thing left was for her to just disappear.

Quickly she found out just how hard the streets would become,
And out here if you’re to make it you learn fast not to act dumb.

Shoplifting and panhandling was the only way this young girl had to survive,
And she didn’t know what to do cause in a short two months the baby would arrive.

But her luck was about to change with a young couple she was about to meet,
They were searching for someone like her and they were wealthy and sweet.

In exchange for her child they promised her, her education and a chance at a brand new start,
She knew she could never support the child and this was the way they should part.

On the day of the delivery the baby was taken away,
Not even knowing if it was a boy or a girl they were separated that day.

The couple honored their agreement and the young girl became an educated woman with wealth of her own,
And she uses that wealth to help others in dire needs returning to others the kindness she was shown.

Note: Isn't this a better alternative than abortion?

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Savannah Guthrie Baby To Be

Savannah Guthrie Baby To Be

So many things, I am starting to see;
A mom is best thing you could ever be,
After a handsome man you will marry
And beautiful baby in stomach will carry.

How we have honored the happy news;
Pretty soon baby, we will have many views
Of his or her life making yours so lush;
Now all around things seem so plush.

In heaven you are as well as your head
When looking at lovely baby in bed;
How great my new life will be around me,
Even if I have to end up back on TV.

James Thomas Horn
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivia, NC

PS. Email this to the Today Show for me.

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Last night a sad dream I had,
This one, for me was quite bad.

I was at work and my baby I did see,
He knew right away it was me.

He broke away from this person other.
The new one he was to call mother.

Into my arms, my child flew,
There was no other joy to compare to!

My youngest son, my baby boy,
Oh the feeling of utter joy!

He says" I want to come home Mommy".
Oh Lord the pain hits like me a tsunami!

I awoke with a start!
Breaking was my heart...

Tears streaming upon my face,
The pain just won't erase.

For me the pain is with me every day.
It will never ever end I dare say!