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Metaphor Ballad Poems | Ballad Poems About Metaphor

These Metaphor Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Metaphor. These are the best examples of Metaphor Ballad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Broken Dreams

  Do you believe in the things that you've always known,
Can you understand the things you've been shown.
   Is it the visions you see that make you believe,
Or is the feelings you get when you've been deceived.
    The pain you feel a never ending ache ,
Tearing your heart and soul from you every day.
    Time ticks slowly pounding away at you,
Throbbing heart breaking and there's you can do,
    Must I settle for these lost and broken dreams,
Because it has all the signs that what it seems.
    How much should a man endure to find his way,
It cant possibly be like this hard for me every day.
    There is nothing so frustrating as being so confused,
Especially when you've discovered that you've been used.
    I will get through this lonely phase I have no doubts,
But I'm sure there will come a day I'll figure it all out.
    Cautiously I walk the path that's been laid before me,
In faith I will continue for I know he will let me see.
    Life will be thrown at you in so many different ways,
I will be prepared for these things for the rest of my days.
    Broken dreams will be the learning tree for me to grow ,
Living my life with Joy Happiness is what I'll always Know.

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The Slave and the Sparrow

Time had sewn,
And we had wrought,
Against a force
Seldom fought,

And we had dreamt,
And we had dreamed,
Of a world
Ever serene,

And we had run,
And we had ran,
As if we could arrive
At such a land,

And the world was one
Grey with gloom,
The old slave
Bent over the loom,

As a tear shed from
His face,
We were yet to 
Beat him with a mace,

And a tear shed 
From my face,
And a tear shed
From your face,

Our freedom;
Only in death,
Our joy;
Only in sorrow,

Thy come a sparrow
From the old wood;
A torn sparrow 
From the old wood,

Among the grass
It was contained;
Among the green grass
It was contained,

Its beak broken;
Its wings only silt,
The young sparrow
Presented us guilt,

And through the wind
It blew away,
And through the wind
It flew to fly,

Arise from death,
Into the the fair day;
And a phoenix
Had flown away.

Our freedom;
Only in death,
Our joy;
Only in sorrow.

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Ode to a Cherry Tree

Peering through plate glass at a puzzling view, In the midst of hot coffee’s morning ritual brew. Staring out with amazement and wonderfully struck, By our Cherry Tree’s overnight sensation run amuck! By nature’s own standard, cruel joke she has played, Million blossoms wide open one February day. This juvenile sapling knows not what it feels, Sprouting vivid Pink colors, the show it now steals. From those all around laying dormant in state, Expecting nature’s cue to blossom their own petals awake. And by then poor young cherry will have muted her splash, Replaced by green leaves summer storms will soon thrash. But alas all this splendor making warm visual sense, In the short time required for fresh java to dispense. Tomorrow I’ll once again observe through plate glass, The wonders waiting just beyond cold winter’s Rye Grass. Submitted to Giorgio A. V. Contest themed: Impress me with a small poem II! 1) user name: wedge 2) choice of motif: nature

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I die often in my dreams

Since the day I died for real, I die often in my dreams
And each time I find myself standing in a chaotic crowd
Like an army just disbanded
Screaming, pushing, left and right to go through an open gate
Guarded by some other beings.
Mud and slide
In this side
On the other side is green
Neat and clean and organized.
That's the heaven I assume
And all beings will go there
When Signaled to do so
By the guards.
Dogs and cats, and flies and germs
All are here, and all the same
The same height, the same weight
The same color, the same face
And none caring for each other.
We all try to reach the gate
In this barren,muddy land
Even though we all are headed
And we all will be admitted
Any moment, now, there.
And I see all kinds of being
Here from every galaxy
All and every type of life
Displayed, cheaply, before me
For they push and fell, and slide
Greedy even this last time
All are greedy except me.
Then they look at me an sniff me
At my cold and wet feet
And they look me in the eye
Asking what solar system I com from
And I see that I still am the same fool I used to be
For I do not answer straight, but drag on
I tell them “In my planet all my species have been kings
We ruled and abused them”, I meant all the other species
“We ate their flesh,
We drunk their milk
We used their feathers,
We used their skin.
In my planet if you dare to approach and tell my kin
That he is not right to say this or that for any thing
He would be your enemy, he will hate you all his life
But if you will learn to praise
To praise him foolishly
Just praise him!
In my planet people do cherish all the stupid lies
They feed on insincere lies
And whole heartily belive them”.
I expect them to despise me and all my planet's creature
But to my surprise they open in my honer in both sides
And I think perhaps they heard, from their stars, about Jesus
Heard of our earthly sinners, sinners who had been forgiven
In advance by Jesus Christ.
I move humbled and enlighten, over dirt, toward the gate
I see angels, they are opening the gate and I fill the light
Poured from rays of morning sun over my wakened face
And I jump from the  warmth
Of my bed not to be late 
To catch bits of running life.

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When Love Comes

When Love comes to town

so the saying goes

flee will the foes

except the sad clown

Love is always in town

and out of town

in fact has left the building


Love is in all places 

and nowhere at all

if you don't look

or lack the social graces

The sad clown is

a metaphor for you

for you are so blind

in your apparent happiness

Yet Love conquers all

gathers up the lost

when I am weak

Love does the most

(and so I must post)

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A lesson from the Buddha

 A Lesson From the Buddha

The Buddha had been getting round
And listening to the crowd.
He’d often sat there silently
And heard them moan so loud
About their own sad burdens
And all the hurt they’d had.
So he thought up a little plan
That didn’t seem half bad.

He called the crowd together
Said “listen here you guys
I’ve been thinking for a great long while
And I have thought it wise
To grow a special tree for you
And here it lies before you
Now listen well to what I say
I’ll tell you what to do”

He said “this tree before you
It’s to hang your troubles on
Each one of you must go to it
And your troubles will be gone
As you hang them on it’s many branches
Then what you’ll need to do
Is take yourself some others burdens
And make them part of you”

The people thought that this was cool
It seemed a grand old way
To rid themselves of all their burdens
It was a happy day!
As each smiling so broadly
Placed there burdens on the tree
Then they thought for just a while
And they began to see.

As each the truth did hit them
More restless did they get
At least they knew their burdens
So each with no regrets
Did race back to that trouble tree
To grab what they had hung there
The Buddha smiled good humoredly
He had made them all aware.

29 July 2013 @ 1805hrs.

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A Kings Game

With pawns to sacrifice and a king protect,
silent and wooden, they shan't object.
Ever forward and never back,
North east and north west, pressing the attack.
Denizens of the church, crossing the field,
For the King and for god, the diagonal they wield.
Castles that move, the corner they keep,
Knights riding steeds, with loyalty they leap.
Two opposing armies across the great divide,
Eight spaces by eight, the battle will decide.
A queen well regarded by all kings, they tell,
Conquering her enemies, in all directions they fell.
A king must pace himself with each square he'll try,
Avoiding all conflict or his kingdom will die.
Lo, a haven, the corner would seem,
But a trick and a trap, his enemies would deem.
With rooks and bishops and knights in play,
Behind his army, the king must stay.
For he is important to country and state,
Survive it he must or he will end up in Checkmate.

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The Light

Two and sixty days ago —
Two months, or so I'm told —
I wandered, wistful, without cause,
Through a memory of old.

A hall of walls I wandered, tall,
As tall as tales I could weave,
But none as tall as this regale,
A story that you won't believe.

I walked near endless hours,
My only friends the cobblestones,
Ringing in my steps the sin
That only time atones,

When upon that pallid plaster
I did spy a shocking sight:
Upon that place's rocky face,
The wall had turned to light.

"Curious," I cooed and questioned,
Calm as I could never be,
"Perhaps it might be that this light
Is rightly mine, I see?"

And as I pondered that hall I wandered,
A chilling change I never chose arose:
That light so rife with delight and fright
Began to open, and I froze,

For that particular portcullis I pondered
Put me in a vice.
I nary noticed that walls in focus
Had changed into a hall of lights.

Transfixed, the light engulfed me so,
As slow as my bewildered head
Could comprehend the candid land
I planned my final stand in dead.

I whizzed through spaces, unknown places,
In stasis from the faceless force
When finally I fell, the frenzied light
Still tight from an unseemly source.

All at once, those two months
Became a fraction of a wink;
The frost was lost as I was tossed
Among the lights of what I think.

And where else would I find myself
But in this courtyard we call love?
My journey never left my head,
Nor bed's unconscious dreamland hub.

Two and sixty days ago,
I heard these words so true,
And in the dark they were my light:
You told me "I love you."

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Thanks for your time

Thanks for your time
   It was so devine
     Just to enjoy your, company
      Although things, will never be....
        I will remember you, in hopes you, 
          remember me.
          Things sometimes, we just cant see....

Thanks for your time, I live with this rhyme.
 That echoes in my head, when we shared each other's bed.
   The love we made, was the memory I saved
     A wonderous storm, which ended in its calm.

Thanks for your time.  It was worth all the signs.
  Of a sad goodbye, when a hearts first hello lies.
   Simply no regrets, as I can reflect.
    In that special place in time.....
     That was made, to be mine....
      Thanks for your time.....

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The Footfalls Towards Forever - Part 3 of 3

 ... For Theirs Was A Loyal Love That Would Nay Suffer Guilt
Nor Wander, Nary Wrangle, Nor Waste, Nor Wrong, Nor Wilt
Whether Slow In Coming, Or of A Moment Passing Swift
Not Even An Enemy’s Blade Plunged In His Side To Its Hilt ! …

could Halt His Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …

Even In Whispered Woe & Weeping That Winds Would Nay Lift
Or Thru A Last Dance, Last Duty, Lost Dreams, Or Long-Ago-Drift
Even In All The Combined Separation Or An All Alone-Shift
Even Thru Gut-Struck-Grief Or The Unknown – Aye, Even If …
Out of Cold Shadows’ Desperation … Over A Highland Crag-Cliff 

… slips The Soft Footfalls Towards Forever

Out of Cold Shadows On A Highland Moor
Will You Come Walking To Me As Hard Rains Pour?
Beneath A Tree of Life I Stood and Swore
To Bring You My Body & Every Beauty, It Bore
To Reach You Before Even Death’s Read Banns Door …

and Right Before, Our Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …

    … Out of Cold Shadows, On A Highland Moor
Will You Wake For Me, When The Full Moon Soars?
Beneath A Tree of Life, I Stood and I Swore
To Bring You Back, Body ‘N Breath & The Beauty It Bore
Whether To Walk On Water Or Just Footprints On A Shore

in Soft, Footfalls Towards Forever To Explore …

yea, In Soft Footfalls Towards Forever … Still Furthermore …   

(Isaiah 50: 4, 5 /  Song of Solomon  /  John 11: 23 – 27  /
Genesis 3: 4, 13 – 15, 24  /  Revelation 21: 3, 4)

Story Poem Written & ©:  1/ 3-6 /2013

by:  MoonBee Canady