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Ballad Dream Poems | Ballad Poems About Dream

These Ballad Dream poems are examples of Ballad poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Ballad Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Dance among the flowers
Let's have a party and a tea
Dreaming of the future, and
How I think that things should be
Life should be an adventure
A Prince should take me to the Ball
The wind always fills my sails
When I'm with him, gonna have it all

I dream out loud to make it clear
This little girl has no fear

Growing up is not easy
So much is not what it seems
No time to smell the roses
Or to think of childhood dreams
Life just becomes survival
My Prince was really a pauper too
My ship never left the harbor 
Happy days are all too few

My dreams long gone, nothing near
Grown up girl.. So many tears

Hide behind the surface
So you think that I am strong
Inside I'm falling to pieces
How could everything go wrong
Life can make you bitter
A shell of what you could be
Drowning out in the ocean
So far out that none can see

Prayed for a miracle, a new song
That a true Prince would come along

Met you the next morning
Your humor made me smile
The way you looked at me
I hoped you'd stay for awhile
You came a little closer
Then you gently took my hand
Words can't describe it all
Lost dreams were being fanned

You were my miracle, you were my song
All of those childhood dreams, They were inside all along

Dance among the flowers
Let's have a party and a tea
Dreaming of the future, and
How I think that things should be
Life should be an adventure
A Prince should take me to the Ball
The wind always fills my sails
When I'm with him, gonna have it all

I dream out loud to make it clear
This little girl has no fear

You were my miracle, you were my song
All of those childhood dreams,
They were inside all along

*This is the story of a little girl growing up with amazing dreams, only to be devastated by the harsh realities of life.  Then by chance, in her adult life,  she meets someone that restores her belief in dreams she thought were long gone.

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As long as there is prayer
You'll find me on my knees
Looking up to the heavens
Crying out to God, "Please!"
And as long as you're out there
If I have breath left in me
With a longing in my heart
I will set out on life's sea
Looking for where we.. were we
Girl it's killing me 
Dying cause we're apart

You were once 
filled with joy and laughter
We sailed together 
without fear
We had our song 
we loved to sing it
Now I sing alone
and no one hears
a tidal wave of questions
Looked for answers 
nothing was clear
Sudden storm 
we didn't see it coming
You lost trust
quickly disappeared

So as long as there is prayer
You'll find me on my knees
Looking up to the heavens
Crying out to God, "Please!"
And as long as you're out there
If I have breath left in me
With a longing in my heart
I will set out on life's sea
Looking for where we.. were we
Girl it's killing me 
Dying cause we're apart

I set sail
in unchartered waters
Breeze of hope
comes from nowhere
Set my course
you are my purpose
Want to show you
I really care
Strong belief
girl, i'll find you
When I do 
you're gonna see
That in my arms 
love will find you
My doubted promise
was always true

So as long as there is prayer
You'll find me on my knees
Looking up to the heavens
Crying out to God, "Please!"
And as long as you're out there
If I have breath left in me
With a longing in my heart
I will set out on life's sea
Looking for where we.. were we
Girl it's killing me 
Dying cause we're apart


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There's a love that touches heaven
it's way beyond the blue
It travels across the ocean
it brings my soul to you
From these sandy beaches
a fiery passion within my heart
And when true love gets to you
it's going to touch every part

Oh, this is the great adventure
there's no quenching this flame
I'm bursting with excitement
at just the mention of your name
So I'm taking a dreamer's journey
going to sail across this sea
Nothing here gonna hold me back
Beyond the blue, just you and me

There's a love that's so compelling
it's beautiful and bold
It's far beyond the horizon
it's end is still untold
Allows me see your sparking eyes
smell the fragrance in your hair
When you're still a million miles
Girl, that's a love with no compare

Oh, this is the great adventure
there's no quenching this flame
I'm bursting with excitement
at just the mention of your name
So I'm taking a dreamer's journey
going to sail across this sea
Nothing here gonna hold me back
Beyond the blue, just you and me 

Contest: Linda's "True Love"
Date: 8-1-14

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A Pocketful of Dreams

I have a pocket Full of dreams
that, I carry wherever I go
I wonder what dreams I'll dream tonight
for I never seem to know

I closed my eyes to drift asleep
as I reached in for a dream
I grabbed one tight within my hand
then, flying became the theme

Now, I'm in a dream and flying
and, this feeling of flight is grand
I have no wings to fly at all
Yet, my feet lift off the land

I used my mind to fly around
such freedom I can feel
For, deep down in my heart I know
that flying can't be real

I woke with the dream of flying
And yet, it's never as it seems 
But, I know I'll dream this dream again
from my pocketful of dreams

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A House On the Cliff's Edge

There is a house on the cliff’s edge,
Around a quiet, unmarked shoreline
At night, the tide lifts high against a foggy moon
In the morning, gloomy clouds settle with the sea
At times, not even the birds are seen or heard
The house is left to nature’s caress

Home-crafted seashell chimes sway and sing with the wind
Crushed sand dollars lie together on the back porch
The shells were once whole, collected by the former owners
Long gone are they now, smiling with the moon
The owners are the very sound of the ocean spray,
Striking the rocks, announcing the cool dawn of day
They are not the dark, empty rooms,
The rooms that nobody thinks of as they go about their lives
The quiet owners are long gone—thought of only by one
A stillborn legacy about as tiresome as the sun,
When the clouds crisp out its beams . . .

A seawater puddle is in the middle of the dining room
Nobody knows it sits there, sinking in the floorboards
It used to be a far larger puddle after a storm,
Stealthily leaking into the house
But now it is small—so small—and the boards are moist,
Moist with its only companion amongst the instilled silence

Nobody thinks of empty, abandoned rooms
Nobody remembers the former owners
They were not much for socials and gatherings
They always lived their quiet, happy lives
Without a care of the outside world,
Far from anybody’s thought
Miles from the nearest home
Where the next generation comfortably lives 

He never finished fixing that leak . . .

Sometimes the puddle gets bigger after other storms
And when it does, there is almost life there again
You can see the chandelier reflected on the unperturbed water
As a crystal dangles and falls from on high
The dark silence following the drop is as deep as thought . . .

Nobody thinks of empty, abandoned rooms
Nobody remembers the former owners
There is merely a house on the cliff’s edge
Around a quiet, unmarked shoreline

-March 21, 2013-

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Ashes of my dream

Strings all over me
Pulling me backwards
Tying me down
Down the ashes of my dreams

My fear blazed like a wild fire
Their tongues scorched me like devouring wild fire
Their tongues had no positive utterance in my dream 
I could see my dream in ashes

Despite scorching heat of criticism
My dream never died 
In the ashes of my dreams I could see it striving
I could see a flicker of a flame surviving the dying fire 

One complement snatched me out of a blazing fire 
Like a helicopter, it flew me away from my fears 
Up in the sky my dream withered ashes like a tree tilt its old leaves
It was not just a ride but a revival of my dream

Like a surviving little piece of wood in ashes 
My dream is alive and has kept me fighting 
My dream is now a reality; you can do the same with yours 
Never let your dream perish in ashes of your dreams

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  Fever dreams and rusted scissors. There’s only two ways to look at this night. I awake only to have a gritty taste of bone dust in my throat. A reminder of events past. Sweating plagues, rebuilding strength for the hunt that’s to come. I can barely open my eyes. Thoughts of old cloud my judgment. I shouldn’t think these things, but the thoughts commence infernally. My glands are swollen. I know there’s an infection within, Viral?? Mental? I’ve seen these nightmares up close and have fed deep into their madness. It’s autumn now and yet I long to sit in the garden. Bleed upon the stone, Lost in lucid trance. No more memories, no more hauntings. I must purge these inside weaknesses to start anew. Arise structured forms, sway and move at my command for I am creator. This sickness shall fall and wither as the leaves of change. Skin, fall, wither so the insects will consume. Light dwelling within must surface and speak.  I no longer fear change, I embrace it.     

  Spread my ashes in the bloom of nature’s glow, for Memories on wings of a hymn shall be rebirth. Give power to symbols and names.  The children swarm down the swamp’s end, Awaiting the movement.  Unsung, Blood fills our lungs as we go. The whispers from the dead keep me up at night. There’s fear outside your door. That the devil may bite. Reside in my garden and drink deep the waters of my insanity.    
Buried within one’s self is the creator of existence. A god inside an animal. Acknowledgments bring growth. Watch it flourish. 

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Hello Darkness, my old friend
My arms out stretched
I'm here again
Inside my dream I walked alone
Inside the night I roamed.
Reaching out to all who hear
Reaching out through silent tears
But no one hears and no one came
My dream repeats this silent song

A song my voice longs to share
A song of flight I sang, I dared
A song of light in colored sight
Reaching out to all those Here
Singing out through silent tears
But no one hears and no one came
My dream repeats this silent song

Through my eyes, my heart, my tears
I sing a song that Darkness fears.
But no one hears...
A song my voice longs to share
This song I sing, a vision dared

Hello Darkness my old friend
Your story told in this dream again
And in the piercing light I saw
Your eyes on me...
and your eyes are raw
Your time has passed
Your shadow dim
Here we stand, at the gates again.
Voices silent in a time called When
A bend this day...
Through spiraling winds.

And in this piercing light I saw
Your eyes on me
and your eyes are raw...

Hello Darkness my old friend
My arms out stretched,
I'm here again...

Your eyes,
My hand,
Your mind,
My pen
Our voices silent
In a time called When
My dream repeats this song again.

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Waiting for you

Once told you I wanted you, Look at us now. Feel that I need you. I’m not quite sure how. Let you in and I don’t want you to leave. Is this something you can believe. 
I’m losing myself in your expression, not letting you go now that’s my confession.
Your right in front of me and my body is still. Counting my blessings, can this be real? Felt your lips touching mine, Still cant get this out of my mind. 
Caught up in each other we’ve lost track of time, With each moment that passes I realize your mine. 
If this is a dream I beg you  not to wake me, If its meant to be we’ll feel it inside. Cant control my feelings I’m all over the place. My hands feel so empty not holding your face. Don’t want this to end, I Cant let this end.
Don’t mind me while my eyes ponder you, I would stop but none of me wants to. Starting to leave now, cant seem to go. Feeling you want me, its starting to show. Pulling me closer,  I’m losing my breath. Losing my breath again.
If this is a dream I beg you  not to wake me, If its meant to be we’ll feel it inside. Cant control my feelings I’m all over the place. My hands feel so empty not holding your face. Your all that I've wanted, all that I've needed. How did it begin, I know this wont end.

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For them

For them.

To her the word love refers to a boy.
Something she yearns for and misses dearly.

The day they met was cold and fraught with January chill.

“Oh, that does seem so long ago.”

That is the untarnished memory she replays over and over again when events in her life go array.
Back then it was tangible and real, their lives together had not been succumb to so much misery and woe.

They have triumphed, failed, and even caused each other more pain than can be imagined; But through it all they always walked the path together, holding each others hand.

She loves him unconditionally and for that some people cant understand but love needs no excuses, certainly not for them.

She adores him for working so hard, slaving to the man trying to base a future and a plan for them, but she feels guilty that  their small American dream over the years has always led down a dead end.
With today’s hard times she knows they are not to blame, but still her idol hands carry burden with them.

A plot of land, a small farm, and a home to call their own so they may grow old.
that’s all the pair desire.

He loves her to, a thought that at times is unfathomable.
He admires her dreams, even if they are bigger than the world and never distills fear in her that they wont one day come true. She thinks ill rationally and believes in things as a child would, but this merely makes him smile at her spontaneous outlook.

To him she is like a wild bee, searching ferociously for something.
At times he doesn’t think she will ever find it, that’s why its so hard to see her cry.

Life hasn’t been fair for them.
It’s a tragic book that just keeps reading on.

But they muscle through living on their dream and knowing that as long as they have each other, everything will be alright.

And as they drive home to their house with no walls, catching glimpses of each other in their ratty car they don’t feel so alone.

Behind those blue eyes, she will be forever nineteen to him and to her, as she gazes into his brown large pupils; the boy she knows has grown into a man and at that moment they know, one day all the sacrifices they have made will pay off.

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A Child's Dream Come True

As the sunsets at the end of the day,
And the night begins to fall,
So, does all the dreams of all the little children,
In their own wonderlands of their own,
Wishing and thinking of great things to come,
Hoping their parents will make these dreams come alive,
Cause dreams to children should become bright and gleam,
And all to them more than just alive,
All children want is hopes and dreams to become true,
But if you can teach them how to work hard at them,
They too can make their dreams become their own reality,
For any one person works hard enough,
At what they want in life,
They can have any one thing they want,
All they have to do is work really hard to make it real,
For believers can believe in themselves,
And strive to work toward making their own goals,
Their very own come true,
Which gives more satisfaction in life,
Than things being handed to you,
So always strive for the best,
And all your wishes and dreams can come true,
In your life if you want them too.

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Broken Dreams

  Do you believe in the things that you've always known,
Can you understand the things you've been shown.
   Is it the visions you see that make you believe,
Or is the feelings you get when you've been deceived.
    The pain you feel a never ending ache ,
Tearing your heart and soul from you every day.
    Time ticks slowly pounding away at you,
Throbbing heart breaking and there's you can do,
    Must I settle for these lost and broken dreams,
Because it has all the signs that what it seems.
    How much should a man endure to find his way,
It cant possibly be like this hard for me every day.
    There is nothing so frustrating as being so confused,
Especially when you've discovered that you've been used.
    I will get through this lonely phase I have no doubts,
But I'm sure there will come a day I'll figure it all out.
    Cautiously I walk the path that's been laid before me,
In faith I will continue for I know he will let me see.
    Life will be thrown at you in so many different ways,
I will be prepared for these things for the rest of my days.
    Broken dreams will be the learning tree for me to grow ,
Living my life with Joy Happiness is what I'll always Know.

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Best Friend

I remember the very first time I saw you,
You wiped the sweat off your forehead,
I remember what all I use to say to you,
Followed my heart, I love you,
Maybe I needed to guard what I say,
Or express it in another way,
I hope I did you no harm,
Or is that what you call destiny,
Please know in your heart,
Eventhough how things played out,
My life and all its' worth,
Worth calling existing - living,
And without ever crossing paths,
My life would have been blah,
Words can not express how I feel about you,
Celebrate our love, if nothing more ever than be my best friend,
You are my very breath and hope of hearing from and possibly seeing you,
The very reason I make it through another day,
Our love we will celebrate far and away,
But in my heart, you are right here with me today,
I love you friend,
You make this world and all it contains worth living,
My heart smiles when it thinks of you,
I will somehow express my heart before I leave this earth,
So much I want to say,
I don't want to complicate things,
I just want you to be healthy, happy and carefree,
I know you love me,
You don't have to say it like I so often do,
I knew day one, 
When I became good friends to you!
I love you, boo!
I do!
Best of luck,
Live like you were dying!

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I'm going through and i can
Tomorrow there 'll be a sun
After the storm rainbow comes
Someday I will hear the beat of the drums.

Watching my dream fades away
Hoping to see it once again someday
Nothing left on me anymore
But I 'm going to stand once more.

I promise to keep on moving
Even these fears keep on striking
Hardly trying to take me down
I 'll give it a continuous round.

I 'll never let it end like this
Though I 'm staggering and feeling selfless
Tomorrow I 'll get it done
This heart says I will and I can.

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The Lottery

Cars raced passed, 
As I patiently waited, 
Nervously filled with distrust. 
At a crossing where safe crossing, 
Is now indicated, 
This courier of fortunes 
Not yet out of luck. 
I pick up my pace 
Like a man on a mission. 
My thoughts now a vortex 
Of possible plays. 
But to visit this office 
A long planned decision. 
The matter at hand 
Sheer providence dictates. 
The doors open freely, 
I enter within, 
To the cheers of firm staffers 
And welcoming smiles. 
Word had spread quickly 
To my eyes and chagrin, 
At the expense of my privacy, 
My name now beguiled. 
The anteroom sanctum 
Filled with polite pushy haste, 
Containing serious suits 
Who’d not rise from their seats, 
Till proof be their witness, 
No moment to waste, 
And the breech of my privacy? 
Short apology, hurried movement,
And onward at a feverish pace! 
Careful inspection and lens, 
Quickly confirm my declare, 
Faces stiffened to stifle,  
The emotional urge; 
To rejoice while an outside call  
To far voices is made, 
Numbers again shared, 
One through six, double check,  
Final digits confirmed. 
Moods shifted quickly 
As reality spawns. 
To great cheers
And some fanfare,  
Till ushered away; 
With military precision, 
And much tinted glass, 
Police guarding me 
And ticket, 
From mayhem this day. 
Since winning the big one, 
I've gained many friends, 
Among them some old ones
Who at best were estranged; 
Now calling me sir, 
With no memory of past, 
Nine figures and wow, 
Both handsome AND popular... 
...finally, at last!

© Michael Wegman, 2014

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Endless Nightmare

In an empty world,
And a room with no space,
There’s a hidden door,
To a forbidden place,

A place with no voices,
No voices to hear,
A mysterious world,
If you enter to dare,

Where everything’s grey,
And dark colored walls,
With windows of stain,
And endless halls,

It comes through the night,
It’s a place in your dreams,
When you can’t wake up,
From a nightmare of screams.

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Living my dream

Living my dream

I had one dream when I was young
To go to another land
In life I wasn’t satisfied
I wanted something grand
Lions, tigers. Kangaroos
And all those wild, wild beasts
Africa, South America
Or Australia at least.

Possessive Mother was my curse
How could I get away?
Every time I mentioned it
She had so much to say
And made me feel so guilty
Really cramped my style
And then one day there came along
Something to make me smile

I’d just turned my nineteenth year
When this great girl came along
She hailed from West Australia
And filled my heart with song
So we got married, had some kids
And here we are in Oz
Been here for half a century
And I came here all because

It was my fate to find this girl
She was my destiny
There’s be a whisper in the skies
That knows how things will be
It takes one’s soul, and leads it on
So growth, it might occur
And I know that west Australia
My heart, it sure does stir.

4 August 2013 @ 1440hrs.

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My eyes open 
The sun is rising
I'm back again 
It's not surprising
It happens every day 
My other world goes away

Just an orphaned child 
There's no denying
Gloom returns
I feel like crying
It happens every day 
My other world goes away

A miserable place 
I'm barely surviving
Just get to bedtime 
Cause daytime's frightening
I dream of dreaming every day
In my other world I want to stay

'Cause in my other world
There's a prince charming
I'm daddy's little girl
And mommy's sweet darling
The apple of your eye
All you've been desiring
Hopes and dreams come true
My other world is so inspiring

My eyes open 
the sun is rising
I'm back again 
its not surprising
It happens every day 
My other world goes away

Aubade Poem 
A poem about dawn bringing reality for the any poem goes Contest #17
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A

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New Year's Eve

Can’t think about the Year that didn’t last
Can’t fight the time and how it passed so fast…
Voices were cheerful that night
Everyone was full of silver light

I heard the sounds but didn’t care
I couldn’t help but only think and stare…
I dreamed of love that possibly I’ll never share
And of life that was just like a fairytale.

In that second of complete despair
I saw the moon and realized it was all a dare
Then your voice whispered in my ear
Promising me all I needed to hear…

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Stray thoughts torture my mind...
Swirling, twirling as I gaze out the dark window into the Starless night...

I shudder and tremble as I am immobile by fright...

My eyes deceive me as they play tricks...
A wall of pitch black carpets the sky...
I am transfixed by the sight... Caught up in the plight...

I shudder and tremble as I am immobile by fright...

I am inundated by the sorrowful song it sings...
Winds blow and flow, pulling me deeper in...

I shudder and tremble as I am immobile by fright...

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Colors Everywhere

It’s so much easier to just live in memory.
Easy to taste chocolate cake.
To see who loved me and ate from my kitchen.
A lovely day with friends
is so very far away now…
I try with my hand but can’t touch it.
Even in dreams I don’t have the pleasure.

It doesn’t feel good to write about 
the reasons.
They aren’t tangible anyway.
As the world spins by
whole and beautiful…
I watch as it goes round and round.
and wonder…
Could it stop for a moment and I’ll get on?
Sounds easy enough.
But so much separates me from this.

Out in a field, I see the distance.
Everything there says “go”.  Just get on.
Hesitation, then, I’ve missed my chance.
Am I wearing the wrong clothes?

I soften with the evening time
and melt into everything.
Let me say a prayer which brings me 
some kind of understanding…
Everything will come easy.
Sparkly and colors everywhere.

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A Love Lost

Caught inside a painting,
A Rembrandt, made of her family's hopes and dreams

Searching for happiness,
Within a two dimensional canvas, little scope there seems

Outside the colours,
Someone captivated by her beauty, hearing her empty screams

Only for the key,
Longing to be outside, he opens the door and beams

Filled with intrepidation,
Beckoning “come outside”, his love for her it teems

She turns away,
For others she must stay, hiding from her dreams.

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A cup of coffee we met
Miles of ride we went
Ideas, opinions we vent
Few minutes we spent

On the coolness of the light
I heard laughter so dear
High up staring to the skies
Picture of you not a liar

You play jolly to quiet songs
Asking me sometime what wrong
Fallen short yet been long
I didn't know, we can get along

by: olive_eloi


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My Name is Violet

I'm social,
filled with compassion,
sensitive to forms of pollution,
but creative who seeks out inspiration.

I am a mystery,
born with the blood of royalty,
recognized of high nobility, 
as wealth surrounds me with luxury,
A dreamer who dreams upon reality,
connecting with the world spiritually an physically.

I am a person who seeks the meaning of life,
the balance between its darkness an light,
I am a person who dreams of accomplishments,
I am someone who desires love an fulfillment,
I am someone you can reasoned with,
I am known as Ms. Violet.

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When The Wolf Cies

 When The Wolf Cries 
The wolf cries out to the great chief in loneliness, pain and sorrow/ Not because his pack is hungry but because his people are hungry/ He cries because he smells defeat and anguish among his own/ He hears their life, their death and he hears their dreams…….
 The wolf cries out to what seems like nothingness for some thingness/ He cries not because his pack is changing but because his people are changing/ He sees very few cultural leaders left if anymore left and many more young lost souls that continue to follow/ He cries because his very own pack has divided themselves among their own culture and very own way of life…….
 He cries not because his people are now living but because his very own culture is dying/ So he cries out for a leader to step up above all obstacles and bring back the dream of the buffalo so that it may roam again in our minds and our young hearts again/ He yearns for the dream of not one but many leaders to walk up our own staff’s high altitude to humbleness and gratitude/
 He cries because he can see that we are killing each other but more important is ourselves/The eagle seems to be caged and our warriors of many become imprisoned from death and self-destruction which can seem like the end of the trail/ But the day is coming when he will see a young modern day chief walk that less traveled path so that once again his people and their very own dreams on eagle wings fly when the WOLF WILL TRULY CRY……..

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Only she knew

She knew, sadly, no one else
That he was incredible, self-effacing creature
Merely trying to unravel mysteries, roving in people's lives
And share tales from forgotten planets

Like hero born out of poverty, wearing Crown Jewels
He wanted to leave inspirational mark
In a world of diversity; Kids labeled before birth
So, he became culprit, like he belonged to the lost world

False prophets tore him up. unaware he was cheerful someone
Hope keeper, and splendid like orchids under the sea
Only trying to link pieces together, in loving fashion
And make them meaningful to the world

Only she knew, and no one else
That he wanted to resurrect pre-ancient memories
Inspire the world with love magic
For there was deep happiness, sowed in his heart

She watched, watched, and watched him with love
Living life of sweetness, throughout the four seasons
Something he could have shared with the world, like in the year of hope
When all animals celebrated together, to share all their wonderful stories

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Sleep Madrigal

Sleep's the Great Healer—
Sleep's the Revealer
Of hidden meanings,
Unbidden gleanings.

When sorrow aches us,
Sleep overtakes us—
Stealing away grief,
Like a welcome thief.

Night is the coverlet
For a longing lover— yet
It's Sleep who delves
Deep into our selves,
Finding dusty dreams... on shadowy shelves.

When life's a jailor,
Sleep's the unveiler
Of an inner key...
To set us free.

Sleep's our best friend
At a hard day's end—
Weaver of fantasy... with reality,
Make-believer of what could be...
Sleep's the Great Healer... of you and me. 

– Harley White  

< 1987 >

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Be careful what you wish for

Now here is the story of a restless young man
Who dreamed of fighting in South Vietnam.
He’d learned about war in the comics he’d read
And he knew in his heart that for this he’d been bred.
As soon as it came up, the lads eighteenth year
He went off to enlist for an army career.

He saw some old major and he sat for some tests
Then the  shrink and the doctor saw him with the rest
Of those gallant young fellows that wanted to fight
And give to their country the force of their might.
When all this was over it was late in the day
So feeling elated he for home made his way.

About two weeks later a letter arrived
And reading it’s message his spirits raised high.
For he’d been accepted a soldier he’d be
And the feel of the message did fill him with glee.
He had to front up in a couple of days
And then for Kapooka he’d be on his way.

Ten weeks in Kapooka it taught him a lot
He learned to make war and leave bodies to rot.
He was taugh how all commies just murdered and lied
And that he and his country had God on their side.
And that no sacrifice could be too great to make
And it’s an honour to die for a great country’s sake.

His training all over he joined a Platoon
He’d made Infanteer he’d be fighting soon.
It was off to corp training to learn even more
About all of the goodies that go with a war.
He kept seeing his image all tough, mean and strong
For he was a fighter and this was his song.

It was just eight months later that his posting came through
He was off to the jungles, his dream had come true.
Well his plane soon arrived at that sad Nui Dat
Where he first heard the guns as their missiles they spat.
He was fearful at first but he soon became calm
These guns were on his side they’d do him no harm

A month or two later he’s out on patrol
As tail end Charley He’s playing the role
They were deep in the scrub with peace all around
 Then the air came alive with this terrible sound.
He felt himself falling “Lord is this a dream”
He asked as he heard he his God awful scream.

He lay there not hurting but sensing the worst
As he felt all around where his stomach had burst.
Where once it was firm gaped a warn sticky hole
It seemed that again war had taken it’s toll.
It seemed like a nightmare, a terrible dream
As the medic assured him that it weren’t like it seemed.

He sensed the black silence and quickened with fear
For man stands alone when his end it be clear. 
Then something within him gave way to great peace
As his wisdom did whisper that all things must cease.
Then the great mother came, took him gently away
From that place of man’s anger where a body did lay.

A true story of a friend of mine who died in Vietnam written in 1975....Peter

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Last night I dreamt

Last night I dreamed

The dream I had was all in white
As pure as driven snow
And the whiteness of it all
Did bring me down quite low
There was something very scary there 
In the whiteness of it all
The sameness there in everything
Kind of drove me up the wall.

I looked into the neighbours yard
As the sun was shining bright
I heard an infant screaming loud
There bathed within the sunlight
Was parked a pram upon the lawn
Which glowed with mystery
My mother’s passion was aroused
I took a look to see

I peeped into that pure white pram 
A babe was lying there
All swaddled in a pure white shawl
Just white was everywhere
The whole wide world, Was beamed in light
It was a scary feel 
I found myself in corridors 
This place it seemed unreal.

Each corridor was long and winding
Like serpents, in my dream
And everywhere were locked, white rooms
This place to me it seemed
Like a hospital, insane asylum
Or something of this kind
I just ran round, and round, and round
With panic in my mind.

I could not find my room at all
And every one I asked
Just looked at me with blank expressions
It was a mammoth task
Trying to find where I was at
It almost drove me mad
And then I saw my. Daughter there
And boy! this made her glad.

She handed me the baby
And told me loudly “Take it”
And then I woke up from my sleep
It made me think a bit
As to what this dream was all about
It was the strangest dream
I’d love to get into my mind
And find out what it means.

28 July 2013 @ 1417hrs.


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I dream Hugh dreams.
And in those dreams it seems
That love, loves me
The way it sees me.
It wants needs 
And believes me...
I dream of her who 
Completes me so completely.

 Is she the soup for my cold? 
The path to my road.
The paragraphs behind
The love stories I have told.

 My dream loves her...

 I dream deep dreams!
And in those dreams, it seems that 
Love means exactly what it means.
The truth we can trust.
The patience of understanding
The belief in communication
And accepting the 
 differences between us.

 I mean she is the song  
Of the songs that 
The lovebirds sing. 
So much more than
The wind beneath my wings.

 My dream loves her...

 I dream these dreams!
And in those dreams, I am whole
 I know love is somewhere
Waiting excitingly and close.
I dream these dreams! 
For what matters the most.
 I hope to discover
Dreams become true,
And you! My dream loves her.


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Make Aim to the Star

The motion of the tides and movement therein beckons on to me, 
Silent as it moves over the oceans width, gentle as a wind from the sea;
A mystery is the future of our passing lives, only a semblance of what’s to come, 
Through the miracle of our own emotion, or the brilliance of the setting sun,
For in the time it takes to aim at a star, we may only get to the moon
The passions of hope to a child is measured in an instant of time,
A sound so soft is the prodigy of ones time, making faith in our own religion…
Captured is the sight of a comets storm, or the twinkle from centuries past,
Yet the wisdom we gain from our dark privations is held in the semblance of space,
But we reach in thought to a billion years like the measure of a second past by 

Look to the wisdom in the extent of our lives, and relinquish all that’s gone before,
Our strongest belief is held deep in the heart, like that which shone from a star;
So bright the light that beams through darkness, over oceans deep and wide
But held secure waits the aspect of a man, and the realm of his wants and desires;
For in the time it takes to aim at a star, we may only get to the moon   

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Lost and Found

To imagine after all this time that has gone by,
    I would be talking to the one that once caught my eye.
Out of nowhere one day she just seemed to appear,
   Just so incredibley surprising to me after all of these years.
Sharing all those thoughts and dreams we once had ,
   How we laughed at those days yet it made us a bit sad.
For the feelings I did not know she had for me ,
   It only makes me wonder what our lives would be.
Our hearts now beating as they did back in the days,
   How we are acting like children going out to play.
The love I feel for her has never felt so strong,
   A love that once was I thought was forever gone.
But to my excitement I can honestly & sincerely say ,
   The love that was lost has been found and here to stay.
This thing we have found in this love between you & me ,
   Joy and happiness for the rest of our lives is what I see.

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tomorrow, I must face my fear...
tomorrow, I must set aside my anxieties..
tomorrow, I must live a better me..
tomorrow, I must forgive and forget...

If today tears fall down, It's but fine for I'll laugh soon...
If todAy sweats drench me, It's but normal I work hard...
If today I eat with ganacity, It's okei I need it..
If today Someone lied, sooner or later there is veracity...

further and further I'll try to run...
slower and slower, I'll got to bloom..
strength by strength, I refuse to gloom ..
I don't want to be in big doom.

by: olive_eloi
oct. 22, 2013

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A lazy cartoon Saturday
Me and my sister in the house
When mom came in and said,
"Go outside and play Mighty Mouse"

Mighty Mouse was a Super Hero
In spite of his small size
He had untold strength and power
Sis said, "And don't forget he flys!"

The power of imagination
Formed over years being outdoors
Wanted super strength and vision
I would play and long for more

Oh, in times of great conflict
When danger would surround
Everything seemed hopeless
No help could be found
When you needed a Super Hero
And you didn't know what to do
Just look up and cry out for help
The Super Hero would come to you

One night while I was dreaming
Heard a voice say I'm Atti Ant, dude
I'm here to offer you super power
Through a force called "Attitude!"

Attitude is not a super power 
How lame a Super Hero is Atti Ant
Strength only in determination
And avoid sayings like, "No I can't"?

"Just try it" said the super bug
And so quickly you will see 
If you concentrate on Attitude
There's no limit to what you'll be

It didn't happen immediately
But over time I decided to try
I discovered the power in "Attitude"
This Super Hero within can fly

Oh, in times of great conflict
When great danger surrounds
Everything seeming hopeless
There's no help to be found
When you need a Super Hero
And you don't know what to do
Look within and find "Attitude"
The Super Hero is there in you!

*Geared for older children but suitable for all

Contest: Carol's "You're A Super Hero"
Date: 8-10-14
Poet: Lyric Man

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A Tiny Town

No one for me at the station.
No one calling me a cab.
No one to welcome me,
to this tiny, tiny, town.

No one to say hello.
No one to wish me luck.
No one to welcome me,
to this tiny, tiny, town.

I went to a drug store.
No one to meet me there.
No one to talk to me.
No one to welcome me, 
to this tiny, tiny, town.

I went to the town square.
People for miles around.
All giggling, and having fun,
but no one knew of me.
No one cared for me.
No one to welcome me,
to this tiny, tiny, town.  

And then in a window,
of a little coffee store. 
There was a beautiful face,
so full of hope and grace.
He came out and spoke to me.
Hello, hello, hello.
I would like to welcome you,
to this tiny, tiny, town.
He came out and said to me,
I would like to welcome you, 
to this tiny, tiny, town.

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Designed By Dreams

Come my love, let us dream and fly away to France.
C’est la vie when night time falls and déjà vu grows strong.
Let us risk reality and dream the whole night long.
Fantasies, come twirl and dance then, bring us sweet romance.
Joi de vivre perchance askance, let our thoughts enhance.
Say au revoir, everyone, together we belong.
Forever joined in happiness singing life’s sweet song.
Let us cross that great expanse where hearts are free to prance.
Embrace with me this nighttime dream; fly away…perchance!

Dreams become reality, grown from thoughts and days.
We’ll stop to drink café au lait strolling down midways.
Hear Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose” sing to our minds.
Reality can make headway watching dreams' sashays.
Let us go to Arc de Triomphe, then, watch the French ballets.
In notre Paris we shall be, as by our dreams designed. 

ã June 3, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: 
Sponsored by: Cyndi MacMillan

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What Did You Dream Last Night

I blow my Saxophone strictly for the pleasure...Its my gift from God one of my many Treasures.
      Took care of all eight of my children; Some have college degrees.....I take things
like they come,never hard to please.  Took care of my dear ole dad tho he neglected me.
Used to steal moonshine,to help my ole granny.  Long ago I did that stuff, myself still a
boy. No small stuff do I sweat ,No strangers have I met. Work hard,hard play,moving
obstacles out of my way.I love my wife, I love my life "Hey what did you dream last night!
God I love my music:My music I love by God! Seventy years old I am,still working in the
mines.  "Hey what did you dream last night" When he hits the number he's doing what God ask...doing what God loves,sharing and caring; Blow David ...Blow Your Horn,against all odds,against all adversaries. What a good brother! Hey that's my husband! Hey that's my dad!..Hey that's my uncle Dave,loving his own and others. Passion is his saxophone. He said to write a poem,especially for him..I call him uncle Dave, you see,but he's really a GOOD FRIEND! 

                                                     End poem
Dave ask me to write this Poem

..he's amazing! And he is still working in the salt mines,playing his saxophone,playing
numbers,and house painting on the side..And asking what you dreamed.



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Dedication To All Those Who Feel Lost

When you are far from home,
Never give up on life,
Cause your family,
Will always be with you,
In you caring heart,
Even when the times,
Get difficult and tough,
And make you want to give up,
They are always there,
For you to turn too,
And show you a way,
To find the peace,
And happiness you need,
In your caring and loving life,
So that one day,
You will find the true love,
That you most certainly deserve,
For that loving heart,
Which is a true fact,
It is a very big heart that cares,
For more than just the person you are,
But those around you,
And the family you have in your life.

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Plunging right into it, falling never ending; this dark place full of pleasure and happiness,
O’ will it never cease?
Rushing through a deep forest, filled with the sweetest flowers, and the sun shines morning and night, 
O’ will it never cease?
Fascination of wonder surround you, the ever presence of splendor hits even the weakest person,
O’ will it never cease?
A maze of doors are everywhere, each door is an idea, ideas of hope, hate, fear, and jealously are plaguing  the mind,
O’ will it never cease?

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Im found

 I see you in my dreams, what does it al mean?Since it didnt workout the first time around, i dream of me and you so true,Im found. The first time I laid eys on you,O saw a love I never knew. i was worn and torn in my world. I was so lost but now Im found. my love belongs to you so be it,forever true. I dont really have a choice, its choose my love and win this thing again. Or count up the cost of losing. Its just like a dream,pick right or lose me.Its like a T.K.O.,but Im taking you back and now you know.Its a dream,it all seems.Its the kind of love where fear is gone.This time Im not left alone,Im found. Let me testify to the truth .Sometmes you win sometimes you lose.Especially whenI make the rules.I dont want a dream that wont come true.All I ever need was you. I lift my voice and Praise my God,hes given me back the love I lost,Im found. A love like yours I never knew,made my dreams come true,Im found. So ill raise my hands and Praise my God,he has given me love,I never knew,Im found

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its awesome. 
let us enjoy this for the moment
and plan the things for our future. 
i think i found my way.
that way and destination is you.
that's not right.
what is right for you
i shouldn't be the destination
its the language of art.
to mean i would be with you
go beyond me.
i am just one piece
we go beyond you together.
after reaching you, we can go beyond together.
i don’t know, dream big for yourself. 
i will support you
if you want to change things, change society, do things
i will!

layag sug!

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Sarah's Door

My son there are fields you may stray 
With flowers to take hearts away
Where you can be happy all day
But listen to words I now say
Enjoy life mid kisses galore
But stay away from Sarah’s door
So into the world boy did go
And boy did the boy put on show
The flowers would wait in a row
In hopes to just bask in his glow
Truly this was what youth was for
Now who would dare a dream for more
The Joy of day ran into night
There never was a time so right
Another kiss lurked out of sight
An endless flow of sheer delight
Had sparked his mind to Sarah’s door
From somewhere he had heard before
He shared his longings with a friend
Who warned him of some evil end
It’s Sarah’s door let’s not pretend
Rich kisses here we must defend
Such crazy thoughts we must ignore
Abandon thoughts of Sarah’s door
But Sarah’s door entered boy’s dreams
From it imagination streams
What lies behind its golden seams
To push his passions to extremes
It calls him taunts him to explore 
What madness waits at Sarah’s door
Now there’s still fields for hearts to play
Where flowers wait to kiss the day
And youthful airs are on display
Except for one who went astray
Now they don’t see him anymore
Since he had knocked on Sarah’s door

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Waking from an everlasting dream Immersed in twilight falling through the looking glass to me this seems a dream. Yet to dream seems to be akin to loves eternal spell. Rivers of milk and honey run freely through the gardens in which we frolic and play, this magnificent scene seems to real to be a dream so my love is it a spell or a dream. Each night we fall into this everlasting dream spell. eternal love eternal peace a promise made true by the goddess Aphrodite herself...

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Her Face

Her Face was perfection, Still see it everywhere
The beauty in her eyes, Please forgive my stare
Though to confess my love, 
Oh no, I wouldn't dare...
So I'll just keep thinking of her, But it's just not fair

Her Face won't go away, So engrained in my mind
This girl was different, Unlike any other I'll ever find
Oh how the two of us, 
How our lives could've aligned...
So now, to everyone else, My heart is blind

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face comforts me, Holds me tight and dear
Takes me to another world, A new frontier
I'm dreaming where she loves me so much, 
That part is clear...
But as I awake, Just shed another tear

Her Face and her love, I won't ever forget
Lust for her will remain, Lips will get wet
I'll be reminded of her, 
At each days sunset...
And I'll remember everything, From the first day we met

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face is the sunshine, A universal light
With it's soul and it's passion, It was quite a sight
Oh how just to see her, 
Brought me such delight...
But here I am all alone now, Another late night

Her Face will surely lift someone up, With unconditional love
So what will come of me, Can I rise above?
Without Her Face, 
I'm unsure thereof...
Because see, out of my mind, to her, I'll never shove

And she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face, I see it every night, In my dreams
Where everything will all align, Oh how it seems
We're walking together... 
Hands together, Along the forests blue streams

Her Face ignited feelings, Things I've never before felt
Just got to play the hand, The cruel hand I was dealt
I will always have my writing, 
To continue to dwell...
On a lost love to whom one day, I would've knelt

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Red Plums Wild

To preserve this day, I pick red plums wild
Within my soul, I dream a while
A vision ancient, to me smiles
Of plums growing wild in thickets dark
There for taking by man or lark
Beside running waters where beaver barks
I hear the drum for miles

Smoke signals lifting high in sky
On summer's breeze they drift and sigh
Indian village steals my eye
Women gathering, pounding, grinding
Saving fruits for summer's ending
In cakes for winter's cold day feasting
'Round evening fires, high and dry

Painted ponies heading west
Hunter's talismans cover chests
Put their knapping skills to test
Not one willing to be the lag
Arrow drawn to down his stag
Rights this night will be to brag
Whose spearpoint flew the best

Allegiance to "Great White Father" sworn
Many moons later, treaties torn
Their ways, their days, their hopes forlorn
For wild plum cakes and venison stews
Thought safe in tepees 'neath cold skies blue
Sore gleaning here in peaceful view
For them I shall forever mourn

While picking I shall forever mourn

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In the Faraway

After that day
I hear about you
in breaking dreams

they are like breaking news
for people
meant to be heard
only by me.
In Breaking Dreams
I hear you're living
in a stone tower
by the sea,

Alone, with nothing
lonely without us
yet in your world
lost and serene.

Cold in some cases
sad in others
the dreams support me
or get me drained.

In Breaking Dreams
you're reaching for me
After that day
you died on me.

A "romantic' (I think) poem by pyrgia
for Giorgio Veneto's contest "In the Faraway"

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I am small never been tall..
I take risk but i scare to fall..
I put my heart as well as my soul..
Ultimately and completely my all...

They said i have a big amazing heart..
What they don't know it's only like a quart..
I love the character and the art..
These all that i always regard..

Hugs and kisses are for free..
These are simple gestures, for free..
I do not want nor need any fee..
Wholeheartedly, i'll be doing it with glee..

I give as much as i can give...
I love as much as i can love..
All i know is that i have only one life to live...
Whatever, i desire to do i will now...

For if i may not do it now...
There might come a time..
I will regret why i did not do...

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I wept

	I want all, my love, to cry for you,
To fight for you, staining your fast stream into an enormous spice.
	My hard workingman, my loving smell,
Where the clouds did not have end, rather they passed
	Over the cascades that you've created.
Even through a minute or so, I know you will be gone.

There, I don't care; the pain will be gone, too
And upon the laid field, I know, I feel it,
	Love will grow again.

Together, undefeated, even broken,
I'll be aware that I loved one, and in front of me, a world
Is opening into the face of empty balm
			Where I could say I loved one, you,
		Sweet Cleopatra, a beast, an animal
 --I couldn't care least.

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Within the Realm of a Dream

Note: The author has a tentative melody as well as the arrangement of the song. However, a musician or a professional recording musician may happen to come across this piece of writing, i shall be glad to offer this a collaborative piece whenever the artistic contribution is suited to the author's preference. Please send demo. 

Intro: random sound of children running; playing; singing 

We are the remnants of the ages 
And the off springs of the dawn; 
Facing realities of the new day 
Within the realm of a dream. 

I hear the voices of the past 
As they echoed down my spine. 
Beckoning me to move onward 
Like an amber of a dying flame. 

I saw a silhouette at a distant 
But I can't figure what it was 
My clue was blurred with confusion 
But there's a voice I can barely grasp. 

Repeat Chorus: 

There are faces of strangers 
As I have not known a long-time friend 
They have come as generation 
In which I feel I do belong. 

We utter in many voices 
But we're blended for a song 
A song of joy, love, and freedom 
From which our music got its tune. 

Repeat Chorus: 
Ad Lib: 
Repeat 3rd and 4th stanzas 
Repeat chorus twice then fade. 

Author: Jecon B. Nadela 
Date and time of writing: 
15 November 2013 ; 1:10pm - 2:22pm 

Typhoon Yolanda has just devastated our neighbor island in the Philippines leaving thousands homeless and starving. The death toll was estimated to over ten thousand.  There was chaos and disorganization.  I, too, was confused of what to write as I already have written poems about nature's wrath, sufferings, or compassion . It must be that I have a mental block or maybe the urge to write was blown away too as we're  preoccupied with the news and the humanitarian endeavor we are trying to be a part of to aid the victims in the devastated islands.

Today my 9-year old son and his uncle instructor are sitting by the keyboard again for practice. I can sense the excitement as they reviewed the piano chords. With a smile he asked, can you also write songs Papa? I said, I have tried some and maybe I can try again for you and for your sisters and cousins to sing with you in the chorus. And the idea of children singing in chorus brought to my mind the lines of this song.   

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I am a loved, cherished jewel

My day is blessed with leaping, blissful heart
And as I look upon the days that rolled past
And found in their path the hue of seasons
My soul cannot help but smile
On the memories that glitter on my crown
I continue to be allured by hope
To rejoice in the little and great things
And find in the unveiling dreams
That I am a loved, cherished jewel.                                       

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Emerald Crystals Glistening Under Foaming Tides

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

Billowing clouds...of...rainfall....puffing a Winter blanket!

Winds...traded 'round...Island swells!

An orb...of dispersed...graying...eyes!

Starry the midst of...receding...mid-night veils!

A sailor's dream...a beacon...of faceted-jewels...descending an
Avalanche...of a blanketed...waterfall!

The gentle swaying...of a love a symphony...between the trees...
And the wind!

The chant of ancient land...of love...and legend! a...misting rain...of glorious...and...varied...puffing clouds!

Rain-forests...cloaked admist...the trickling sounds...of pebbled-ebbing...

A cacophany...of feathered...flight...swaying as the silken hands...
Of the tender...billowing clouds!

Endless behold...a trail of legend...and lore!

White sand beaches...pitched Pacific Island...swells!

A voyager's...storied discovery...of an ancient...royal land...of peace...and love!

From chalked...and!

Emerald crystals...glisten-ing...under...foaming...tides!

The land of aloha...a dream...a lover...and a...friend! leave...a heart of diamonds...and live forever!

My children's...children...forever!

Poet's Own Notes:

Royal Ohana of Kealoha, a 'crested' motto, "Spirit and soul...mind and body...
forever vested in the character and nature of the Hawaiian Islands and people!"

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

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The fact that i am missing you...
I feel happy but a little blue..
I wish you and I are near..
That each time I feel like this I'll go rear..

The fact that I miss you..
Each corner of the room I glance, seems you are present..
I am owed by Your awesome presence..
I despice the truth of your absence..

The fact that I miss you..
I will find a way to reach you..
By e-mail; by phonecall; by going to you..
For this way, I might be with you..

The fact that I miss you..
I will reminisce some memories we have..
Of the times, we are sharing joy and love..
May we be blessed more by God above..

The fact that I miss you..
I will wish and whisper a prayer for you..
I want you be safe and be happy as I wil..
I will manage that by these I hugged you...

By: olive_eloi
Aug.25, 2013

Dedicated to:
All the persons who i miss....

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- Deleted -

Opening my eyes
to the darkness in my room.
I try not to cry
and look away to soon.

I didn't know what woke me up
from my horrible dream.
But what did I expect
when I wake up at three?

This is not it.

Walking around the mess
afraid to think why.
Looking at the steps,
that's when I start to cry.

The steps, same as my room
are a dark shade of red.
Everything's covered
in death.

I truly wake up.

I cry, just like in my dream
for I know this story all to well.
This was a night ten years ago
when I was to afraid to let go.

That night while I was sleeping,
my mom and dad had died.
What woke me up,
a gunshot.

I was only four,
which is why I'm still alive.
One year older,
and I would have died.

I have that dream a lot,
different parts each time.
They said I was to young,
to remember that one night.

Then why do I still remember it?

After I saw my mom and dad
lying still on the stairs.
The police and ambulance broke in,
and carried them away.

We had a small funeral
a few blocks from that house.
I go there once a week,
to cry over their graves.

I was really close to my mom,
she was like my best friend.
She always will be,
until the very end.

This is also where I 
buried my friend, Shaun.
I'll see them all when I go 
to visit the small pond.

- This is a true story. I would've told you what I found when I went downstairs, but it is something I couldn't have imagined. I never will tell anyone everything I found, until it's not so bad to think about it... Have a good day! Lee< -

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Far Away Place

All my fears melt away
And my flaws fall astray
Every once in a while at the end of the day
When I drift somewhere far, far away

My Far Away Place
Up there in the clouds 
In my Far Away Place
We don't hear a sound

You're here too I can see
That beautiful face smiling right up at me
I finally have you girl, all to myself
And our love's on the table now, 'tis not on the shelf

Far, far way in this Far Away Place
I can talk to you, seems just for today
So all my feelings to you I then speak
That your hand in love is all I do seek

My Far Away Place
Up there in the clouds 
In my Far Away Place 
We don't hear a sound

Your face is heaven, love, taking me higher
As you whisper, "that too is all I desire"
You fall into my arms as I kiss gently your face
Oh how I love my Far Away Place

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Trust, you are hard to earn?
Seems, you are also tough to discern?
Can you or will you be learned?
likewise, can you return?

You have been hurt, i too have been..
You are afraid & scared, i am too...
You have dreams, i am too, don't you know?
You aren't ready, i am too?

We aren't in hurry, aren't we?
We are two, aren't we?
Side by side, we agreed didn't we?
We have same feelings, aren't we?

I can be your shoulder, you can lean on..
I can be your friend, you can depend on..
I can be your confidante, 
You can share anything you want..

Trust us, will you?

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Second Choice

I entrusted my heart to you
I thought we were renown
you did the same but didn't mind
when it all came crashing down.

Instead you found a different one
with a brighter glow
he's willing to say that he loves you
and I can't get passed hello.

You'll never chose me over him
knowing this, is the worst,
I can't keep being your second choice
when you've always been my first.

I took my love and all I had
and gave it to you to keep
you've been the one of my dreams
but I must be still asleep.

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What I'm Dreamin' Of

She's the girl on my mind.
She is there all the time.
She is what I'm dreamin' of..

She's like the cool breeze of summer.
As it crosses the ocean.
She is like the candlelight.
She is like the candlelight.

She's the girl on my mind.
She is there all the time.
She is what I'm dreamin' of.
What I'm dreamin' of..

She's like a kite on a string.
Like a bird out in flight.
Like a feather in the wind.
Like a feather in the wind.

She's the girl on my mind.
She is there all the time.
She is what I'm dreamin' of.
What I'm dreamin' of..

She's like a boat on a river.
Like a ship on the ocean.
Like a sailboat out to sea.
A sailboat out to sea..

She's the girl on my mind.
She is there all the time.
She is what I'm dreamin' of.
What I'm dreamin' of...

What I'm dreamin' of...

Love Ballad By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1985,2015..ALL rights reserved..

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By Chance or Divine

Not sure why your path crossed mine
Was it just life,
or" The Great Divine"?
It was so easy the day we met
I'm sure its a day, I'll never forget.
We laughed,we talked,and walked by the lake.
God has a plan
There's no mistake.

Your beautiful voice,the songs you sing
A country gentleman....
Or was it a dream?

It wasn't a dream
Cuz, you're still here
By chance of divine
Whatever the case.
Two peas in a pod
What a glorious day!

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Ten thousands I do not have..
Sparkling diamonds unfortunately Im not bestowed as well
Big architectural design homeI don't have as well 
And So I have not also seen much of the world..

What I do have is my family and my friends
What I do have is a mind willing to learn and discover 
What I do have is a heart sensitive to feel and understand...
What I do have is a handful experience

I have loved thee..
With all that I am I did..
Though It did not end to what I want..
Still, I remained hopeful 

As much as, I want to give..
There's a drive I need to control..
As much as I want to show..
There's that voice saying: "careful"

How can I not stop?
If it can be; it might be..
How can I not go on?
If I don't feel the possibility..

Between heaven and hell, it might be..
Over the sun and under the sea, maybe..
I will bravely the risk..
I will courageously seek..

Even if I'm not sure of the result..
Even if I may be place in hot waters..
I must try; I must try..
I must not quit; must not quit..

By: olive_eloi
oct. 6, 2013

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Ballad of the Bouncing Self

At times I, like a butterfly,
May flit from bloom to bloom,
Or with my whimsy set sky-high
To outer space may zoom.
And yet, when all’s been said and done,
I follow what my fate has spun—
For some may strive and ne’er succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

A Muse impels me on a spree
Of whirling swirling craft
Where poems must not mean but be…
Until I’m going daft.
But words, albeit finely wrought,
Can only catch a passing thought—
For some may strive and ne’er succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

When my reality looks pale
I frolic in a theme
From vivid myth, folklore or tale, 
Where dreams are what they seem.
And there where’er I romp and roam
I always feel a welcome home—
For some may strive and ne’er succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

I’ve often fallen to the ground
And picked myself back up.
I’ve hungered for a loving touch
And sipped from passion’s cup.
My longings, cravings ruled my will;
Still never could I drink my fill—
For some may strive and ne’er succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

A life led wrong, though full of song,
Will cause us to regret,
When pondering the winters long,
Our faults we can’t forget.
And then we’re washed in bitter tears
For senseless youth and wasted years—
As some may strive and ne’er succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

I said I want to live before
I die, in villanelle,
To learn where lies true wisdom’s door
And shun the gates to hell.
Yes, wayward ways can still begin
To seek and find the Way within—
For some may strive and not succeed,
While others simply do the deed.

– Harley White (July 4, 2014)

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I Am Your Friend

I am a child of the king so let freedom ring. Let it rig in the street greet everyone you meet. Halleluiyah,halleluiyah. I feel in love with you like a dream come true.I know it hurts to lose. Somesone got to win Someones got to lose.So be faithful and choose rights ovwer wrong. Sing the sweetest song,of victory how you have won. How you will always have me. I am your friend i am your friend. Love is love. So you can never lose it cause its safe in your heart. You possess it fro the start. I am your friend,   i am your Friend. Until the end. I a your friend,Iam your friend. So lets start a new dream to ce true. I a your fried,I a your friend. I will always be here, so have no fear. i a your friend,I am your friend,your friend.

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I took a walk down into my dream,
Saw a reality of life within reach,
It’s the bright light in the dark clouds,
That gave hope in a reality of dreams.
The bright light is a light bright shining,
Lighting up the path of a dark street,
While I walk as I see the future comes close.

Am told the future is in my hands,
But in my hands I see no future,
It tell my hands to give me the future,
But I know they never come close to it.
With this urge I see a blur vision,
Growing clearer in the wake of a star,
A star bigger than the rest of them.

It’s the hope, urge and determination,
That carries me through the storms,
The storms that only my wings blow away,
Because the light shinning strengthen me.
In my dreams the reality shined in glitters,
Like bars of Gold enticing me closer,
Giving me the urge to come close to it.

With this I was good to go to a paradise,
 With golden gates and silver linings,
The diamonds and dancing angles,
Whispering smooth melodious tunes.
I stretched my hands out to a welcome,
But before I could take a step inside,
I woke up and the dream was gone.


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Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

Shuffle now accordingly off to bed you go, 
you asked so long ago to change the cards 
I dealt you; but God responded with stagger in the void…this was all foretold,
This was all a scheming pattern new; a dream was
All you had…like concrete hard untrue; crack it with the
Sky, hold it in your trembling sweaty hands, 
this timing now is due, 
Brother, that is what
I call you, all equal parts
Desire and sweat and sinew, 
for all is young but old this way: You stepped from a car, a
child – the stars danced
In disarray, yet the space 
set so finely between those facets
Held every dream in place; 
such beauty darts a flush red 
scheme tonight across your face;
what bounty held between the brightness in your eyes?
Shuffle now, no bother for the mourning;
Ruthless is the Devil, but clueless are 
his keepers here among us; they are clever
present, they are all in a heap
Beneath your bed – Shhhh! 
Sleep tight oh Brother, sleep tight.

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eye-to-eye, we meet says the songs..
glued stare nothing comes along..
forgetting all worries and wrong..

I shove my hands and arms..
Inviting you to be near and give a hug..
I will lay my head affront your chest..
Closing my eyes in whole contentment..

No inches apart, as my body fits to yours..
Building true comfort, melting my fears..
Shifting my head against your neck..
Languidly, i move my cheeks to a pur..

Such incomparable, wonderful feeling!
Only you and i can share in the right timing..
I hold on to seconds, minutes to hours..
Promising you and i, sweet not sour..

by: olive_eloi [aug.14, 2013 @6:40pm]

dedicated to persons who is like me wishes for a hug from my family... 


HUGS. free gesture of comfort, care, concern, affection and love... if it's given wholeheartedly, surely it can lift one's soul.. it encourages a spirit to burn...

i admit i love hugs, evening...

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Ballad of Dreams two: Insidious Darkness part one

started May 2013, completed 08.06.2013 (miss placed memory stick I had it saved on... oops)
A wasteland of empty space, void of light A fearsome nowhere, a darkness not even night Can this really be the realm I once called home The broken empty caverns, the dying light of chrome Nothing appears to make much sense in this version Doubtful whispers taunting the air. A fearful incursion A fearsome empty air, nothing can penetrate not even light, a foul beast; dark, darker, darker, than night... How long it has been since I've seen the blanked face friend I know not; I wander in this dark wasteland with no hope for end Caverns empty and broken with light that's dying...dying, dying and a sound is heard, faint, but much like crying, crying, so much crying I cannot make sense of it all, in the darkness I see that red bird of old Perched on it's roof top in a nest of straw made of gold the fantasy realm that turned into this nightmare reality what happened? What happened-I have nothing but uncertainty Beneath the realm of Reality Lies a secret- a world of fantasy fantasy, fantasy...fantasy burns away into boiling nightmares a world that burned in black flares Reality reality when did my reality burn into this fright fest Delving into a vast world of the unknown-no rest no rest feasting eyes, festering eyes bleeding...bleeding eyes make them stop make them stop STOP THE CRIES! Where protector have you gone was I right to worry about you all along was it you who brought to this insidious darkness inside this foul..foul, foul, foul beast-the prince of darkness My faith in you demon protector has died my heart heart has cracked, and my heart has cried I never knew why I loved you Everything was so new... Demon demon, master of fright, I implore thee Why have you imprisoned me here in this, the emptiest place of my mind where nothing, not even light, can find Why....why did I ever love you Did you love me too you never did say but still foolishly I fell but silently, silently silently...there was nothing left to tell You promised, promised, promised your return to me but still, the darkness, the black, the fear is all I see The hooded mystery is gone as well And still...there is nothing left to tell A wasteland of empty space, void of light A fearsome nowhere, a darkness not even night Can this really be the realm I once called home The broken empty caverns, the dying light of chrome

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Sweet dreams, to you, my precious child,
May you frolic in the meadow of a fairyland.—
Let angels keep your sleep beguiled,
As o'er your cradle doth the sandman softly stand.

Sweet dreams of golden elfin glades
Where the babble of a brook will sing a sleepy song, —
As round your bed float winged shades
To lullaby each slumbered hour the darkness long.

Sweet dreams, until the dawning break
Steals the night away with rosy gleams of beaming sun.—
Then you, my baby, will awake
To gladden days of treasured pleasures every one.

So soon a mourning dove will coo—
There I'll be with loving arms to hold you.
Sweet dreams, and never need you fear,
Blessed babe, for you shall always find me near.

Though happiness may come and go,
For tomorrow joy or sorrow in our fate could lie,
Just dream and grow, my child, to know
Always your mother everlastingly I will be biding by.

– Harley White  

< 1987 >

[Song lyrics to music of 'Trämerei' – by Robert Schumann, (1810–1856) ]

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Never Converse With Chaos

Find peace, 6 feet under 
Harsh wind tears the skin off of her soiled fingers
She's set fire to every bridge she built 
And inhales the smoke that lingers 
She's stroked Dawn's crimson ringlets 
And grasped her blood soaked hands 
As she made love to regret 
And turned shame into a dance 

She crawled on her hands and knees like a wounded slave 
And whispers that this is how she was taught to pray 
Then begs him, "Please, don't think any less of me, because you are all that matters to me now."
He pleads, "God, please set her free,"
She's writhing in circles on the floor 
Screaming in hatred of an unknown origin 
"She's speaking in tongues again.."

He found her digging up the flower bed 
Talking to an invisible stranger about white roses 
And how they've been planted beneath her fingernails 
"They're so pretty, but the thorns grow from beneath my skin,
And it hurts me.."
She claims she can't feel the pain anymore, though 
So it's alright, the scent of fallen petals helps her sleep at night 
She swears, "I'll be fine,"

She falls on the steps of Constantinople 
Running from a crying child
Despite the dirt and decay on her hands, he helps her to her feet 
He says, "Come walk with me."
She remembers the last time she stained his robes 
He punished her by feeding her every lie she ever told 
She follows him anyway, she'll believe anything he'll say 
Wrapped in his rain, she feels safe from harm 
So he is burned by the stars and she is leaving bloody footprints in the sand
As they walk beneath the picture perfect galaxy, arm in arm 

She vows,"That whole scene was just a dream."
There could never be a demon disguised as a priest 
But she knows they think she has lost her grip on cruel reality 
In time, I should tell you, this girl dwells inside of me 
She and I, we still collide
She's like the catastrophic queen in my mind
We pray the memories will fade with time 
But not even the most anesthetic soul forgets that kind of obsession 
This story is one I call "The Possession"

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Time is near me, it's within me, it surrounds me, it raps me in it's motherly loving 
arms, it cuddles me, it squeezes me so tight that it makes me feel save, nothing 
could ever hurt me.

It gives me time, the time I need to heel to repear and prepear from all the cruel 
things I've witnessed, beyond my wildest dreams. It helps me to not be ashamed 
of the person I really am deep inside and when things are just too much to 
handle, I escape reality and go into a dream world, my dream world, the one it 
supplies for me.

It gives me my wings to fly, and then when I least expect it, it crawls next to me in 
my bed and rips me out of my deep slumber and bashes my head in against the 
walls of my non-spoken tears.

It rapes me with all the wrong doing I've done, it stabs me in the back with 
sorrows and sadness, it breaks my bones with lies and deception, it burns my 
very existence with hatred and then it rips my bleeding heart and feeds it to the 
deepest darkest hence men of hades, god of the underworld and throws my 
naked self, my bruised soul on the cold dark floor of the hidden away childish 
fears and leaves me to die.

And when it's all over, after all the bad things that could happen, happened thats 
when he comes back to pick me up, dust the durt off of me and pretends like 
nothing had ever happened. He holds me once more and all hatred, all the 
hostility turns to trust...

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Ballad of Dreams two: Insidious Darkness part two

started May 2013, finished 08.06.2013 (miss placed the memory stick I had it on... oops)
Why were you not there... I thought you cared, why did you not catch me...catch me when I fell still having something left to tell This darkness claws at my back and chokes my pleas I can hear it's laughter, it's cackle of glee I'm so lost, and alone, alone, alone I long, I Dream for the castle upon the hill, the beautiful stone That forest land I wish to see once more But I have lost my way, trapped in a darkness forevermore Kept away from what I so desperately yearn for To return to that mysterious home I adore But I am lost, and trapped in space No where can I find the entrance to that place silence fills the ever darkening void All my hope, my faith in you destroyed Beneath the realm of reality lies a secret world-a fantasy beneath the world, a secret of lies all but the cold, and petrifying darkness dies Beneath the realm lies a wasteland of empty space, void of light A fearsome nowhere, a darkness not even night long ago I was taken from my home far, far away from everything I've ever known

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A left hand made verse 5

Let’s everybody massacre our children.
Grown-ups .   To be grown-ups.
Those who could not be born
And never asked for. 
Who overtook us in birth,-
Has got old;

Who was dreamt up by us from the lines on the palms;
Was not loved by us;
Not hated and
Still loved.
Who accused us of failure of sunrise.
Who could not go to school;
Could not find the way,
Who nowhere found own portion of the land;
Became a killer;
Became a thief;
Became a whore; 

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Baby Doll

When I was young, chic Baby Dolls were fun to dress and talk to.
To hope and dream with Baby Doll; those wishes would come true too.
What fun I had with Baby Doll; when she and I made just two.
That Baby Doll had clothes galore; and never did she have one chore.

She even had a car to drive; and the house we shared was so divine.
“When I grow up”, she made me wish “I’d really like to be one”.
My dream came true and I ‘m that doll I always longed to be;
But to those of you who think of dolls as mere objects of amusement;
You flirt, and say, “Hey Baby Doll”; then smile real big;
Your wide eyes filled with glee;

I cannot help it, if you think a toy is what you see;
So what I’ve learned to say real fast is,
 “don’t even think about playing with me”.

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I’m flying through the air,
Now swooping towards the ground,
I’m being chased by a bear 
Knocking dad’s crops down

I’m soaring through the dreamland
From dream to awesome dream
Watch out for those nightmares,
They’ll give you quite a scare

I’m flying, swooping, soaring, twisting
That’s right, I’m a bird
This is dreamland dude
Nothing's so absurd

I’m soaring through dreamland
From dream to awesome dream
Be sure to watch where you’re going
You almost hit a beam

I’m walking through a factory
Turning gears around
Everything turns backwards,
And candy comes in mounds

 I’m soaring through dreamland
From dream to awesome dream
See ya gotta go!

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Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue is a superstar
She sings real loud when she rides in the car
When mommy cheers and starts to cry
Peggy Sue feels she can touch the sky

Peggy Sue is a dreamer, too
She dreams up places like Skizamaroo
In dreams she travels far and wide
For dreams give Peggy a place to hide

See, Peggy Sue is just like you
'Cept her dad beats her mom til she's black and blue
And her clothes don't fit and there's nothing to eat
she's ashamed to be seen as she walks down the street

There is no escape for our poor Peggy Sue
And there's nothing our dear little Peggy can do
She's just a girl, she can't stop the fights
She can't end the cold and the hungry, long nights

So she sits and she waits and she dreams for the day
When someone will take little Peggy away

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The visitor

Like a dream she comes
 Just a woman to some
But to me
 Her sight warms the cold of night
Like a dream
 Distant it seems
In the midnight hour
 I see this flower 
I know I care
 This dream I share
These words I write
 You come tonight
Please believe
 Only a vision I see
Like a dream 
 We see what tomorrow will bring
Thank you Lord for sights I see
  Day and night you bring to me

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Like when I'm in your arms i am safe
Like when in running agaisnt the wind
All my loosing all my fears within
With every light seeping through
I couldn't dream of anything more immaculate
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep
"Your beauty is all I seek
Come stay an enternity in sleep"
"cold mistress just leave me
I'm going throughly this star-caressed lands, wasted"
"You are for me
Shall be mine
together; never Lovelorned
Within an enteral rest
Passing through thy heart"
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep

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A Country Song Writer's Ballad

They told me, stay away from you, because you had a past,
They told you that I’d be no good, my future would not last,
But your past is all lies,
And no one realized,
That I could get along
Writing songs.

Your daddy beat you up at nights and treated you all wrong,
Your momma smelled of cheap liquor, before the day grew long,
So you went out with the boys,
Let them tell their made-up stories,
Cause being out all night,
Sure beat going home.

I just wanted to rhyme my words, and write my thoughts in poems.
Teachers always told me, my structure was all wrong.
They didn’t say what I did right,
Just why I would fail,
So after the eleventh grade,
I told ‘em go to hell.

I met you out late one night at the Diner down the road.
Your date ended earlier then the both of you had hoped.
I was jotting down some words
Of a song stuck in my head,
You sat in the booth across from me
And this is what was said:

“I haven’t seen you round at school, how you doing Joe?”
“I dropped out bout a month ago. How did your date go?”
“We went to a movie,
And I fought his wandering hands,
He left frustrated,
But will brag about becoming a man.

“I didn’t feel like going home, my old man’s still awake,
Can I see what you’re writing there and have a sip of your shake?”

“A song I wrote for a local band has gotten some air time.
A man down in Memphis town wants to read other songs of mine.
So before I left for Tennessee to give my dream a shot,
Thought I’d write a good-bye poem for a girl I like a lot.”

You looked at me with a tear in your eye and said, “I didn’t mean to pry.
Didn’t know you had a girl, glad you can give your dream a try.
I always liked reading your poems, ever since we both were kids,
I guess as the years went by we stopped being such close friends.”

You started getting up to leave and turned to hide your tears,
I reached out and touched your hand for the first time in ten years.
“I know you see other boys to get away from your home,
And I never had the nerve to say how I wish I were one of ‘um.
But now as I’m leaving here for a first and final time,
I’d like to leave you words that say, I’ve loved you all the time.”

Now twenty years have come and gone, I’m still glad you came with me,
We started out so long ago on a trip to Tennessee,
And as our kids start finding out just who they really are,
We will not make the same mistake of telling them who to be.

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Running With the Wild

Running With the Wild
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

It was back in the year 1963,
Among horses wild and free; --
Many manes and tails untamed by the breeze
Were seen dashing past dunes without trees.
And the horses remained under cobalt skies 
Lacking fear of nature or man.
They were wanting and I was wanting.
To run freely on the land,
And we felt with a soul that was deeply honed.
I and those horses so free—
Understanding all between God and delight.
Dreaming and running, we.

Some cowboys, out there distantly riding,
Heedless of horses and me; --
Hot!  Summer's season  (as all men know,
In the desert sands out west.)
The heat that blazed down from the sun, burning
Soon sent sunburned riders away.

But our wanting was stronger by far than the heat.
That drove countless others away--
Seemingly much wiser than we-
But scorching rays from the heavens above,
Nor the desert lands without trees.
Could dissuade the wanting in me
Oh, dream of my ride filled with love.

Bareback, clutching his mane, wind-songs running wildly sing
Of all dreams that were ever in me--
Not one was as lovely as this-
Reckoning the forces of reasons discourse.
Nor realities wisdom could see,
For never had ever my soul felt the force.
Of this wonderful unity, we: --

Now, the memories bring to heart wonderful dreams.
Of oneness between horses and me;
And the thought never leaves but my dream is retrieved.
Of the love given ride through the sands;
And so, all of my soul, reaches out in the night
For the wanting and giving on the wind's bareback flight.
In the desert when no one could see—
The appaloosa bonded with me.

Tell me a story contest entry 
Sponsored by: Elaine George

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My quiet reflection.......... 
With the coming of the night 
My quiet reflection 
Upon the sea of moonlight 
Upon the sea of moonlight 
My journey through the night 
There is no darkness to fear 
for ,the light of the moon is here 
Soft silver moonbeams......... 
More than I can dream 
Guides me through the night....... 
My journey upon the sea of moonlight 
The night wind blew......... 
Filling my sail.......... 
Filling me too.......... 
on my journey's trail 
The night wind blew 
Far in to the night 
The night wind blew 
Upon the sea of moonlight 
For,the sail never flapped 
It remained steady 
The night wind trapped 
Every gust........... 
Every eddy 
Witnessed only by the night 
The silent crossing 
Upon the sea of moonlight 
Within all our dreams 
We all take sail 
Under moonbeams 
The journey's trail 
The night wind blows 
Upon the sea of moonlight 
Before dawn 
Before the sun rose 
The coming of sunlight 
The dream world 
Travelled at night 
with the sail unfurled 
Upon the sea of moonlight 
For some... 
The journey never ends right 
For some.... 
Time to leave the sea of moonlight 
Your sail, to catch moonbeams 
Upon the sea of moonlight 
To travel, in your dreams 
Pushed far into the night 
My quiet reflection........... 
With the coming of the night 
Your quiet reflection 
Upon the sea of moonlight

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Tale of the Trickster: Part II

Devastating was it's loss and far was it's fall,
From fearsome roar, now but a weakened call.
Once stained with crimson of it's chosen prey,
now the white plumage whithers with grey.
Lofty was it's existence over mortal men
but a hunter had risen to cast down there and then.
A lesson had been learned and an era came to end,
The mighty trickster bird for itself could not fend.
But why was it called a trickster to most?
A trend from myth, a fisherman's boast.
As tale would tell, the bird's form would change,
Into shapes and sizes and others things strange.
A time before pride in a land not so far
A mountain over a village known as Olias Scar.
Silent were the nights around the simple abode,
All but the river, by the village it flowed.
Asleep were the villagers, all but for one,
One bed was empty, the blacksmith's son gone.
Down by the river, inspecting the bank,
Into the water, thrown stones sank.
Dreaming of wonderous things he did,
inpractical and silly, his father forbid.
His name was Kei and his life was quaint,
A roof and food, there wasn't complaint.
But yearn and lament for adventure and fame
Treasure to uncover and a dragon to tame.
Distraction was broken and his eyes grown wide
across the sky, a shooting star would glide.
First along the left, arcing in the sky,
until suddenly it turned towards the boy, but why?
Impact the river with a splashing wave,
Metres away from the boy, close shave.
Fear and worry sprung in his chest
But surely it would serve as some kind of test
glancing as the water begins to ripple and boil
Fear had subsided, replaced with roil.
Beneath the water, something living would stir
But what was this creature? Scale, feather or fur?

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Say Goodbye

I called your house on Sunday, girl
Your Mama answered the phone
She said you packed your bags the night before 
And left for San Antone
Trying to fulfill a fading dream before time washed it away
She said you were going out on your own
To make it bg someday.
You didn't have to call me 
To give me a reason why
You didn't have to say a word
 'Cause a I have no right to pry
But I'm still sitting here feeling like I'm gonna cry
The least you could have done was call and say goodbye.
I hope you find everything you want
And all your dreams come true
But if they don't, just remember, girl
I'll be waiting here for you
And if you find the price of your dream 
Was just too high to pay
Then turn around, say goodbye
And head back home to stay

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Mountain ,forest and stream..... 
I can dream 

I fly over them all, 
hear my call......... 
Such heights 
Such delights 

Golden feathers to fly 
Wings to dream 
Things are not what they seem 
I can, but try 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

The golden feathers I have let go 
This wind I will follow 
Will be here tomorrow 

I cannot deny, 
that I am meant to fly 
Upon these mighty wings, 
my heart sings 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

Feathery gold, 
set against rich green 
This I hold............ 
deep in my chest 
This is where I have been 
All these thoughts suppressed 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

There is no denying...... 
The time is near........... 
This is the time for flying 

For the bird inside....... 
Bursting free......... 
Flying high..... 
flying free.... 
Nothing to hide.... 
For all to see 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

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Your hands are gentle but strong,
they keep me safe at night;
And when I feel attacked
they're there to help me fight.

Even when I dream great dreams,
your hands, they still appear.
They hold me close at night
to wipe away the fear.

Other nights, I dream of you
holding my hand in yours;
I look into your eyes
and never felt more sure.

I love the way I feel inside
when I know your hands are there;
when I know you're going to protect me
in a moment I could not bear.

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Deep meaning 
I cannot say 
Deep streaming 
Showing me.. 
My way 

The four winds 
I saw in my dream 
Showing me.. 
My way 

An outstretched hand 
Passing by 
Invisible in a blue sky 

Tumbling over and over 
Passing by, 
caught me 
Threw me up high 

Where do you go? 
I cannot say 
Showing me.. 
My way 

A grain of sand, 
passing by 
An outstretched hand 
Threw me up high 

I cannot always dream 
I cannot say 
Show me... 
My way 

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Soothing silence, 
faint whisper of wind, 
such calm, 
as I sit beneath shady palm 

I close my eyes , 
feeling warmth on my face, 
relaxed sigh, 
this is my place 

For the job is done, 
my sleep has come, 
my dreams begun 

I drift away, 
book falls to my side, 
my dreams open wide 
my mind ready  to play 

I travel far 
to my blue sparkling star 
many miles of space 
crossed in an instant, 
no sense of pace 

A sparkle of blue 
and you can see it too 
For you and I, 
dreams open wide, 
cross the divide 

For dreams are good, 
take you far and wide, 
but poorly understand 
Enjoy the ride 

The  journeys I take 
in the infinity of my mind 
are one of a kind 
that I make 

No such thing 
as the impossible dream 
All can happen it seems, 
become a bird on the wing 

These clouds swirl below 
slowly turning 
not far to go 
This earthly release, 
my dream 
For I am at peace 

This limitless space 
My dream takes me far 
Dark world below, 
ahead sparkling star 
not far to go, 

This freedom of thought 
and mind 
overcomes feelings I have sought 
Travelling far 
to find 
blue sparkling star 

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The flowers you hold for me 
Precious scent 
Filling me through 
My thoughts, of you 
What you meant 
What you meant to do 

Sweet flowers 
Following you 
What you do 
What you meant 
Your precious scent 

This sweet flower scent........ 
Following you 
This is what you meant 

Sweet sensual flower 
I breathe your sexual power 
Sweet flowers in my dream 
Precious scent drifting downstream 

Sweet flowers drifting downstream 
You and I................... 
This is our dream 

The flowers I hold for you, 
the love too 
Our dream 
Sweet flowers drifting downstream 

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The flowers you hold for me 
Precious scent 
Filling me through 
My thoughts, of you 
What you meant 
What you meant to do 

Sweet flowers 
Following you 
What you do 
What you meant 
Your precious scent 

This sweet flower scent........ 
Following you 
This is what you meant 

Sweet sensual flower 
I breathe your sexual power 
Sweet flowers in my dream 
Precious scent drifting downstream 

Sweet flowers drifting downstream 
You and I................... 
This is our dream 

The flowers I hold for you, 
the love too 
Our dream 
Sweet flowers drifting downstream