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Ballad Devotion Poems | Ballad Poems About Devotion

These Ballad Devotion poems are examples of Ballad poems about Devotion. These are the best examples of Ballad Devotion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Bloom Not, Wolfsbane

Bloom not, cruel wolfsbane
In this forward spirit of mine
Let the moon dim and wane
For love has diseased my kind 

The girl was luscious in the wake
Rising at break of dawn
If only she knew I was a mistake
Before we made the bond

I grew fond of her everyday
And night gave me loathe and dread
My heart was weak, I couldn’t send her away
But fed in her desires instead

I kissed her in the forest of green
I had forgotten what I am
I gazed into those eyes, so keen!
A smooth and gentle lamb

One day I stopped to think a bit
My stomach wrenched and twirled
Through love I had lost my sense and wit
To a pitiful village girl!

Avoiding her best I could
I hid from beauty’s caresses
But again she found me in the wood
And so grew the obsession

But so grew the moon
And the waning was abstaining
Good night, wonders of the noon
With memories remaining

Alone I wandered in the cold
Knowing it was coming
The sky grew dark, the sun was sold
Behind the madness blooming 

Transforming! Changing!
My mind went all a blur
Rage deforming! Madness deranging!
I couldn’t think of her…  

The time was gone!
The night had come!
I thought I was alone
But then I saw her standing there
Pale and stiff as stone

I woke up that dawn sitting there
On the forest floor
And there lay she all bloodied and bare
The lamb that I adore!

The wounds I found were like a gift
I know they were from my girl
I’m glad she fought her will to live
As I blindly devoured her

An honorable lamb with bloodied hooves
She’ll never leave my vision
Sacrificed for ravenous wolves  
And no cry for jurisdiction 

 Bloom not cruel wolfsbane
In this forward spirit of mine
Let the moon dim and wane
For love has diseased my kind 

-an oldie , hehe
For Pd's Contest : )

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		          On the ground…..


		Without a sound…..

Tears are

						As oceans sigh…..
The sun is


                   In her eyes…

The waters stretched their surrounding arms Caressing her precious prints with their saline charms Smoothing her past—an exhalation at last As legacy lavishes the flight of her path Withering and draining, absorbed in the sand Are the tears she once shed—no longer does she stand In kneeled acceptance her deep pulse unwinds As her melodious voice falters in the plague that binds In her serenest solitude have I kept her close As those streams do crash upon my heart-burdened coast I listened to her sing—as the sickness rose Like the tide’s sudden descent, oh how life suddenly goes!
Footsteps Footsteps Heavy now………. Carry her To bury her In the ground………. Oceans In motions WAVES//COLLIDE
…..Someone beautiful….. …..… has died………. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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Rebel Girl

She doesn't believe in quiet love
wasn't born to bleed shyly,
couldn't care about the cost of conquest,

Too beautiful to be bitter, and too young to be cynical,
a cerebral seducer, a critical killer of caution,
too clever to be a casualty of competition,
the antithesis of a quiter
a warrior woman first,
the woman for whom I thirst,

When the battles are long
with the night swallowing safety
and your armor heavy
come to me with body ready,
be naked in my handsome hands
which grip your fatigued feet as if they are my clay of choosing,
sit into me in a bath of luxurious warmth, chamomile lavender calm,
Rebel Girl, happy and hugged with your back against my caring chest,
trusting my rubbing, loving my touching,
your lips moving in silent approval,

The war will return for us
testing our bruised wings of heart,
but tonight we defend this castle of loyal love
sheltered from storm and suffering  -


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The Flight of Tempest Reigned

Upon a glorious night
A burning fire lit upon my unrented spine
Deafened by fleeting sight
I flee the home that never was quite mine

Crushed in garish fight
Within the corridor I dare to flee
Blinded by his might
While all the sad spirits return to me

Oh Tempest, you blow in me hope
Of sorrow more true than any other light
Oh Tempest that guides my departed
To your soul so bright
Rejoining each of us—the broken-hearted 

Upon that vaporous eve
Enclosed in bond beyond mortal grief
Lost to the foggy reef
The fog that so lingers in these glistening eyes
That vapor drew me near
Bedazzling more than the moonlit mirror
To where I see him fly
Twas a heart-reaching place I always fear

Oh Tempest, you blow in me hope
Of sorrow more true than any other light
Oh Tempest that guides my departed
To your soul so bright
Rejoining each of us—the broken-hearted 

Between the beat of my breast
A heart that beats only for him
He slumbers in the clouds
The clouds that pour my poignant prose
Beyond the darkened seas
The wind does carry the scent of his bequest
Within the folding of the storm I cease to rest

Oh Tempest, you blow in me hope
Of sorrow more true than any other light
Oh Tempest that guides my departed
To your soul so bright
Rejoining each of us—the broken-hearted 

To him my sorrows lay 
And fall into the arms of strangers' trembling spine
As light and pain fall gray
Twas there they grayed and blended with the rain
Twas there they grayed and blended with the rain
Twas there they grayed and blended with the rain 

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Red Sweat

Your silence,
a stillness of alluring patience
seductive in it's resilience,
suspicious magnificence, 
unmatched beauty demanding vigilance
making this man rowdy and restless for your finesse,
distressed by this drama of love's test,

You're the only woman scratching this chest
with passion's raging arrest, nails of sharp zest,
the supreme Queen keeping me raw and hard, my only quest,
I'm confessing you are the best, the most luxuriant caress, my unhesitant request,

I want every feeling you're capable of conceiving Babe,
knowing and revering your eclectic emotions, your unspoken demands,
burning for your paradon and kiss, you will always know I am love in your hands
share with me the fuel of fervent fire, gems be our eyes, together, golden pulse we've made -


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My Ultra Babe -

I need your ultra desperation
your ultra conflagration of love making exhilaration,
I want your ultra shout and pout
give me your slap attack
the amber of your abuse, the saffron of your emotions,
I crave the playful plenitude of your ultra uppidy attitude,
you let me experience hyperventilation at your disappearance
then inflation of euphoria in my Heart's utopia by your reappearance,

I want to know your ultra sadness
that song you share with the twilight of despair,
your ultra madness, your vortex of female complex,
I desire your hot and haunted psychology
your genius of ultra ingenuity, the pulp of your passion,
sometimes you love me most when you hurt me
a pathology of love cut sympathy that I can handle best,
earning the ultra soft surface of your pillowed chest
where I can rest the weight of iron soul, and slumber at your behest,

I want the whip of your hips and the sip of your lips, 
I want the pleasure plethora of your ultra vulva
to access the pagoda of your sexual yoga
to concoct in you the froth of organic soda,

I want your Gospels and Revelations
the Path and the Wrath, your cross of ultra conquest
the morning of your ultimate ascendance
the midnight of your ravishing bite
the bounty of your breast and the burn of your brimstone
give me the lyric of your ultra breath,
your ultra love keeps me alive!


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To Dream Of You

My lady come to me this night
In dreams so soft and sweet
Cross into my abode,my home
So then we two may meet

Now then you'd speak to me of love
You'd talk with words divine
I would take heed to all you spoke
I'd thank the Lord you're mine

To dream of you my lovely lass
Is what I want my dear
To dream of you my lovely lass
I'd hold you oh so near

These words I send they come so free
Of all my hearts desire
To think that you might come to me
Has set my heart on fire

Such dreams are all I have for now
Of you and me embraced
To sleep perchance to dream of love
To see you face to face

To dream of you my lovely lass
is what I want my dear
To dream of you my lovely lass
I'd hold you oh so near

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Wrapping your loving arms around
somebody whom you love with passion....
is an expression of affection,
and no one expects a reward!

Only God gives love freely...
to demonstrate how intense is kindness;
and we ought to give it kindly,
not shying away from mindfulness! 

Giving more than you have to someone
who needs comforting words...
is surely an expression of affection,
and deeper understanding without recompense!

Our struggles may cause us to worry,
leaving behind unpleasant reminders...
that we never learn from errors
and continue to act improperly?

Smiling widely and honestly
is the truest expression of affection,
welcomed as the most genuine intention;
why can't we all love sincerely?

This life is none than a short jeourney,
fulfilling what's called destiny;
lives are glorified by their deeds,
but also destroyed by  insidious influences!           

Coming to the rescue of your closest friends,
who seem troubled by hardships or pain,
helps them find hope when they only had tears;
stand by them with that expression of affection!

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Life is a many things
Sometimes life is a dark tunnel,
But every tunnel has a light at the end
I will be your lantern to guide the way
Cling to me and I will keep you from the darkness
Life is a giant battle.
I will be your shield and spear 
Your spear to pierce through the horrible people
Who want to harm you, 
Your shield to protect you
From the battles you cannot win your self 
life is many things my dear 
But I am here,
For you to use, to cherish, and love.
Life is many things my dear. 
But you are not alone.
I am here. 

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Romeo and Juliet

When last they kissed, and summer’s lease
fell brief and sweet, and winter's chill would steal the heart away...

Sweet coral days, turned blight to rust, 
and Shakespeare's words,
will wring despair from what will never be.

Behold, your eyes that weep,
and empty arms will flail, for
young lovers swept away on wings so frail...
No other love could ever grieve so well. 
Shall hence, will come a cry, to shatter starry skies
with tragedy to tell

O’ she of flaxen hair, fair cheeks so pale,
His love was as a fever, longing still. 
His sorrow greater than the darkest night
Too cruel to bear, delusion played unfair
Despair, beyond all words could shout
Disquiet of the heart cries out
To death, that calls, from 'yond the distant stars.

Sweet love so rare, a thing beyond compare. 
Where whence their love, once like the lilac full
The blossom fragrant,  so sweet as whippoorwill
Ere' slumber's chain has bound them now.
Thy song has waned, the garland dead
upon the blade, upon the sword, asleep
The swollen heart with anguish weeps…forever is a love to keep.

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The Third Option

when one must make a decision, 
you think over it carefully.
when this decision effects only you, 
it can be easy. 
but when it effects some one else, 
it becomes difficult and confusing. 
when you must make a decision for yourself and another, 
your judgement can become...... blurred.
one choice is good for you,
and the other better for the other.
what if whats good for you will ruin the other,
and whats good for the other will ruin you.
should one do for themselves,
be happy while the other suffers.
or suffer while the other is happy.
the answer is simple.......
if you love them, 
then you will sacrifice anything for them....
and if they love you,
then there is a third option,
an option in which no one suffers.
this is true because love is a separate choice all together.
no one should suffer.
and both should be happy. 
so i think when there is love,
there is no decision,
there is only whats right.

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To My Valentine

I remember the day,
You came into my life,
Making my heart feel a warmth,
That I've never felt before,Your beauty is unlike any other,
For it is like a beautiful painting,
It shins all the time,During the rain or shine,
Your beautiful words,Your beautiful smile,
Your wonderful personality,
Just everything about you,
Makes a great gift to give,
And you are giving it to me,
Which I'm proud to have,
It all in my life,
For I will charish you always,
And try never to hurt you,
Giving you all that you need in return,
Celebratinh our love for each other,
All the days of our lives,Charishing all of our precious moments,
We share through the years,
Holding you tightly in my heart,
For you are my love of my life,
That I never want to loose,
And today is one special day,
That is for you,
My special Valentine.

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The Power Of Pride

As I surmise all that is me strewn and cluttered, 
My conscious lies casually shorn and shuttered, 
For here lie the spoils of stubborn iniquity, 
I shuffle and toil, floundering in frailty. 

Oh what great havoc, what conscious so lewd, 
Creates such traffic which now spoils the fruit, 
Of truly righteous deeds committed by a scurrilous man, 
Of whom I could no better know, no better understand, 

For this terribly lost and forever forlorn soul, 
Is none other than me shivering and sniveling so, 
And as helpless as I suddenly appear to be, 
I now understand the strength pride provides so easily, 

For there is purpose in pride, yet none in shame, 
As ambition carries us blind to who’s at blame, 
And just where is the woe when the devil may care, 
For we are soon found alone, our conscious left bare, 

And as I embark into this desolate place, 
My horrors so dark, my fears crimson in taste, 
Forward I race into the perilous pit, 
With none other to blame for this simple life I quit.

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The Roller Coaster Ride

once again, let us have a ride.
the wheel is turning round and round.
too many heartaches of a broken heart.
it's time for us to enjoy the ride.

hold your breath tight,
we'll start to soar.
let's start it over,
reheal the soul.

this is the moment,
a ride 'til the edge.
hold me close honey.
don't  delayed happiness.

on top of this ride,
I'll hold your hands.
and keep you secure,
never I'll let you down.

I will share you the feeling,
you've never felt before.
I'll send you to heaven,
where paradise reborn.

spin it slowly and make assure,
we'll not miss each steps of valor.
In your arms envelope me,
'til we reach the heavenly bliss.

the roll is done,
and breathtaking lines.
life is  just short,
enjoy the ride! ^__^

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To love your country,
you must commit yourself indefinetly;
there are no doubts, or fears
when it comes to defend it fervently..
do it for the sake of  your family,
or your countrymen who wish for peace!

They will send you to distant lands,
away from your loved ones...
to uphold freedom and its sanctity,
and you'll shine with bravery!

Anytime peace is threatened,
you'll retaliate and engage in combat,
true soldiers always fight with self-confidence,
never retreat in any circumstance!

There'll be days of fright , of darkness and despair,
and nights to shed tears on cold pillows;
no tender eyes to glance into or arms to embrace,
but  surrendering distorts your honor! 

As the mission comes to its end suddenly,
and you are one of the surviivors to declare victory,
although you'll also grieve for the fallen ones:
you'll wave your flag to the calmest skies!

To love your country,
you must avail yourself of dignity
and protect its borders vigilantly;
be aware of its tremendous cost:
risk your own life,or allow
the enemy to toast!  

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Although Fertile Were the Fields

Although fertile were the fields, I plowed
That self-same earth lies barren now;
 Barren evermore.
 Still I shall not fear the wrath of God or Anyman
 For my seeds were sown in the wild and unsullied season
 Albeit the earth which absorbed the substance of my labors
  Yields neither fruit nor flower.

   Still what remains behind us after we have passed u nto nothing
  Is it the perception of ourselves by others
   Or the small and humble things that are the substance of my struggle?
    Although tertile were the fields I plowed
    That self-same earth lies batrren now;
     Barren evermore.
     Still I shall not fear the wrath of God or Anyman
     For my seedswere sown in the wild and unsullied season
     Albeit the earth which absorbed the substance of my loabors
      Yields neither fruit nor flower.

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Across the Way

Seven half-naked men gather around the table
For a meal that is to me only foreign
They speak in tones of joy
Tones nearly obscure to my ears
But oh, so near
My eyes avert from my glance
Picking up a dish from the sink 
I scrub the grime away
The laughter grows in a masculine crescendo   
And the tone is nourished into vibrancy
My curiosity is but a dull pan
Awaiting a wash and rinse
Stuck into the sticky filth of envy
I envy the joyous expression
Yet I welcome insipid depression
Happiness and content so far from me
But merely. . .across the way

No embarrassment of their exteriors
By far their lives feel superior
The language they speak is nothing to me
But tones and emotion I can never reach
Oh, how far you are
The motivation; the nourished vibrancy
From me you are clean
As the guck collects within
Somehow I cannot hide from the light of their words
The distant, alien joy
My sense of inner unity is so coy
Compared to these gathered strangers—my neighbors
The brotherhood—that I can only discreetly witness
I can only pick myself up
Like this lonely, dirty cup
And glance at the seven half-naked men 
Across the way

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Loving Arms

Loving Arms 

Before I knew you

In my dreams I saw you there
Ever waiting on the shore

I wasn't ready to receive you yet
Yet you stood there ever more

I saw your arms outstretched 
In my heart 
Your love for me was etched

Now the day has come 
You and I are one

Thank you for your patience 
And undying love

For you waited for me
And were ever gracious

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Heaven's Song

There is a song amidst the heavens 
From days so long ago.
It's words are played amongst the stars
So soft and very slow.

They sing about the One above
Who made them all to shine.
They sing about His awesome deeds
He's done throughout all time

His works they are so very great
That even nature shows.
How there must be someone above
To make each thing to grow.
Now you can hear that song at night  
 If you are very still.
About the one that died for us
Upon that lonely hill

But He is not there anymore 
Nor will He ever be.
For  while He lives above the stars
He  also lives in me.

Will you ask Him in your life now
If you don't know Him yet.
He'll take away all sins decay
Erasing all sins debt.

There is a song a  midst the stars
From days so long ago
Each word declares the majesty
Of Jesus Christ I know.

Inspired by Psalm 19: 1-3

1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament shows His handiwork.
2 Day unto day utters speech,
Night unto night reveals knowledge.
3 There is no speech or language
Where their voice is not heard.

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Remember Me

When I go away,from the places where I'd play...
Don't forget to say, I remember Him this way.
The stories about when We were young and bold...
the dances and the girls I'd hold.
Remember how I used to drive, without fear, GOD on my side...
fast and slick, my cars they shined, so many cars so little time.
How I won those races, and the grins upon my face...
how I like women wearing silk and lace.
Remember that I wanted a family...
kids to enjoy, a little girl and three little boys.
Stole from Me when they were small...
remember I missed and LOVE' em all !
How we fished and boated too,
My old trucks and the coupe' ,a '32.
The times that were good with harmony...
My life so rich and full ,on My way to blessed eternity.
When I go don't put Me away...
think of the songs I wrote and played.
Remember Me when the day is thru...
the good I used to do, great memories of ME and YOU !!

                                                 By Perri R Voge  for My kids, Colt,Sheena, Clint & Nash

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Martyr for the Unorthodox word

If I had over 10,000 dreams You'd be the only thing my mind could see Judgment couldn't be real Succumbing to the fear of this cold life Find a way to break through The self-destruction of wordly delusions Don't tell me I've lived so long in a lovely illusion Break me down until we find a Nirvanic state Then bring me a savior from transgressions An atoning sacrifice Send down to me a messenger for me to submit to Bring me the truth to break through The delusion Bring me the messenger to explain it all And let me leave behind Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Without a will to fight But I have the Means to be free I'll try to go with the word I believe But so many stones to be thrown Stakes to burn, limbs to break Faces to hate, scorns to taste Will I have the will to die Despite all of the tears no one will cry Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Broke my will Safetefied my soul Martyr for the Unorthodox word Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Without a will to fight But I have the Means to be free I'll try to go with the word I believe But so many stones to be thrown Stakes to burn, limbs to break Faces to hate, scorns to taste Will I have the will to die Despite all of the tears no one will cry Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Broke my will Safetefied my soul Martyr for the Unorthodox word

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I'm sitting here again,
Just waiting for a call
So I can put on my suit
And help someone get up from their fall.
It's not an easy job,
This whole Superwoman thing.
Flying through the sky,
Moving at lightening speed.

As I sit here waiting,
I'm contemplating
Whether or not I should do something,
Because this is getting boring.
The music is on its sixth rotation.
I had every word memorized after the second,
But I know as soon as I start something,
Of course, I'll hear the ring.
It never fails.

When it finally does ring,
I put the "S" on my chest.
I'm there in two seconds
Helping clean someone's mess.

Broken lives and tattered dreams,
This is my reality.
Broken hearts. So many tears
I've wiped from eyes for all these years.
The children are the hardest to behold.
How do I save them from shattered homes?
The "S" on my chest is only a sign.
I'm not God. I can't go back in time.
I can't change the lives given to them.
I'm just here to help their little hearts mend.

When my job is done,
I head back home,
Take the "S" off my chest,
And lay down to rest.
Until the next time I get a call
And put my "S" back on to save someone from their fall.

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Patchwork Teddy Bear

Little stuffed bear
lying on a bed
Made of odd pieces of cloth
Not as handsome
as store-bought bears
Of this he was ashamed
But he captured the heart
of a little girl
And of this he was rightfully proud
Nestled in her arms
So loving each night
He led a charmed life
He brought sweet dreams
or so it seems
and had no wants at all

Years passed, and
the little girl
grew to think he was
of no more use to her
He found himself in
a trash can
His heart so hurt
the angels cried
And this is what they swore

To teddy bear heaven
they carried him
to rest in well earned peace
But from heaven he
could not bear to be
He wanted to be with her
That you surely see

One night the girl
had a frightful nightmare
and cried out for her bear
And in a flash our Teddy came
To keep away the scare

Now Teddy again lies on her bed 
On his face a mighty grin
Cause Teddy found out
his one great love
Indeed still needed him.

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One Chance

You don't deserve, even one.

Not one chance. You think this is fun?

One risk here, one risk there.

I'll tell you one thing, life's not fair.

You say, you almost got hit by a bus?

It wont happen again, you can trust.

Cheated death? You should have not.

You see that life, is all you've got.

If you come close to, dying or death.

I'll put you right back there, with a knife to your breast.

You think you're an exception, you think you're all that.

Thinking like that, made you die where you sat.

There is no excuse, for the chance that you took.

This wouldn't have happened, if you'd known where to look.

If you'd been more careful, thought before act.

Maybe your skin, would still be intact.

Yeah you survived it, got through it for sure.

But how many more times? Two, three, or four?

You beg for your life, for me to leave it to fate.

Well that's one chance, I'm not willing to take.

If it were up to me, you'd already be dead.

I'd put some bullets, all through your head.

Sometimes I think, I should leave it to fate.

But then your deaths, would be too late.

Is one chance all you're wanting? Is that why your upset?

Well I'm sorry my friend, that's one chance you won't get.

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" have one duck... I saw it."
"no crickets, but yes, the sound"

~I have some fish, swimming around...

Who are you? And where do you be?
As I walk this forest, how do you, see me?
A cricket's sound, some fish around,
But you and you lost to my sea.
Why, do you two follow me?

An open door, extended before,
A hand, a smile, I waited awhile, with
hopes and maybe some fantasy.
I hoped you woulda, woulda hit on me.
But in retro, I did so see...

My time of past, dyes deep and fast,
a flow, a hum, my life was numb.
In a time of change, I rearranged,
the elements of my being.
I changed, to my Me Becoming.
And I stopped in my tracks,
while in my running.

Hanging there was Venus dear,
A photo I gave you, from above.
The Sun ablaze, the Moon amazed,
while I heard your Heart. My love...

But questioned I when you raised an I,
and you didn't reply to my song?
I sang again! And I glared at you then,
but you turned, as though I were wrong?
A butterfly, a kiss by your eye... and yet,
I still wonder why your park is gone.
And the Indian Sang, but you heard no song?

~Know. The journey is Long...

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The Definition Of A Real Woman

(W)- A real woman knows that the wages of sin is death so she is not concerned about the wages of a real man, because money comes and goes like day and night; but true love comes just every blue moon. A real woman isn't loud and doesn't have to be the center of attention. Money is a gold-diggers virtue, while patience is a real woman’s virtue. A real woman is always wary of the image she displays to the world because she knows her children are watching her every move. A real woman’s wisdom comes from the teachings of her elders and the experiences and hardships life brings. A real woman is the wings that help a broken man learn to fly again. When you become the object of a real woman’s affection, winning is the only option.

(O)- A real woman’s main obligation is to better herself, before she attempts to become someone’s better half. A real woman is very obliged with all that God has blessed her with. When a man takes a real woman for granted, she makes up her mind to put him away into oblivion. A real woman is use to jumping hurdles because overcoming obstacles in life keeps her on the right track. A real woman doesn't spend her time worrying if failure is around the corner, because she occupies her freedom chasing her dreams in her most comfortable running shoes. A real woman is a hopeless romantic ready to be wooed with an odyssey of love with a real man by her side.

(M)- A real woman’s presence is magnanimous and captures attention because of the poised and elegant stature of her classy nature. A real woman is like the magnet of ecstasy. All women don't attend college or hold prestigious employment, but for many being the Valedictorian of mothers everywhere is the major of their lives. A real woman respects the art of marriage and believes in monogamy. A real woman’s life is the motion picture of sophistication. The mythology of a woman began within a man’s ribs and ends in the beat of his heart.

(A)- A real woman sticks to her man like glue and never abandons his side. A real woman has the ability to do anything a man can. A real woman has the power to fill the abyss of a man’s pains with joy. A real woman prays with her other half because faith is the key of remaining on one accord. A real woman will amaze you with the way she adapts to changes in her ambiance. A real woman is the architect of her own destiny.

(N) A real woman needs a man to understand and love her for everything she is and for everything she is not because a good support system is a leading factor in longevity within relationships. A real woman is the nexus between love and happiness. When you converse with a real woman you will realize that she is nimble with her every response. No man can ignore the nymph of a real woman, because it is in her D.N.A to be notable.

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Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting

Born into tragic reckoning,
We understand that all the bliss we have is but a moment in Creation,
Elation and tragedy come to nothing beneath the last breath our body takes,
And death opens wide to swallow us into that great mystery.
Born into tragic reckoning,
We try and create a memory that lives beyond our countenance,
But that memory is hollow compared to the touch of loved ones,
We grow and live knowing that someday we will lose our parents and friends to that dark dominion,
And yet does death still sting as before?
Born into tragic reckoning,
A man lived in sorrow, hoping and reaching for a better tomorrow,
Born into poverty and oppression,
A man refused to accept the limitations of his age and grew to become like no manner of man that has ever existed.
Born into tragic reckoning, a man grabbed the hand of God and demanded life,
And when it was his time to die he embraced the abyss,
Three days later he rose from death’s clutches and said, “I am that I am.”
The great dream of tomorrow beyond the sting of loss is real and it is rather the sensation that things end which is mistaken.
For there was and is a man, who will ensure that tragedies are transformed into triumphant reconciliation.
For there was and is a man, who guarantees that even in the height of despair there really is no end and all mysteries give way to beginnings of blessing.
Oh Death, because of a man who was, who is, and who will be where is your sting?
Or sorrow where is your victory?
For death can rule no soul.
So into the great beyond, go with courage dear sister, go with courage.

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A true friend

A Friend.

Associates, I’ve had so many
But let us speak of friends.
It be a term so often used
But I’m the worst of men
When it comes to picking holes in things
And a true authentic friend
He be as rare as rocking horse poo.
On a friend you can depend.

A friend would be there to the end
He’d take naught for himself
Oh yes a friend be wonderful
And adds to life much wealth
You know that when the chips are down
And the whole wide world looks grim
That friend will always be with you
His light will never dim.

This be as rare as hens teeth
But when the day does come
That you find this special friend
Your life will cheer up some
She’ll always soothe and comfort you 
And make you feel real great
A friend is someone sent to you
By the tender hand of fate

Cherish him or her so much
Cause when some-one your heart does touch
There ain’t no treasure on this Earth
There nothing that could have the worth
Of the one who loves and listens to
And gives support always to you
A true friend he till forever
He will not betray you, never!

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Love Rules

The joys of earthly flesh, a smile
to wreath the maid of morn
an inner world to project out,
of God stuff we are formed.

	No need to cling like over-ripe fruit
	to heaven far above,
	We are made of silver stardust
	and we were made from love.

Look not to moon, or sun to see,
look deep with questing heart,
hug coming night with outstretched arms,
the dark’s another part.

	No need to cling like over-ripe fruit
	to heaven far above,
	We are made of silver stardust
	and we were made from love.

For gifted are we with all we need,
this is no metaphor,
we have a heaven here on earth,
yet still we ask for more.

	No need to cling like over-ripe fruit
	to heaven far above,
	We are made of silver stardust
	and we were made from love.

Be not the spoiled and sullen child
crying on, tired of his toys
mature, grow up, grow inward now
see life's heavenly joys!

*meant to be sung as a hymn

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A man called Robert Lindley

The man called Robert Lindley

I received a book one day
From a man who’d messaged me
He’d said he knew me by my poems
A fine poet that I be
He would like to send this book
He’d owned for forty years
It was a book by Frank Stanton
A poet he held dear.

 He told me I write like this man
And this book it should be mine
Now I did hardly know this guy
This made me feel so fine
For never in my whole long life
Had I ever known such kindness
So I was overwhelmed for sure
I really must confess.

Now I have this book he owned
And I really must admit
That when I looked at franks sweet poems
My style it was a bit
Like his, and I must thank my friend 
For sending me his gift
For every time I read his poems
My heart they seem to lift

Now I never will forget
This man who is my friend
His name is Robert Lindley
And I never intend
To let this kind act of his
Ever leave my mind
Robert is the sweetest man
A man so very kind.

28 September 2014

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The moon

The summer passed so fast
I thought you and I would never last
You told me our memories won’t be just a blast
Ever was I the one to doubt our past.

Clouds were soon hiding the sun
The difficult hadn’t even yet begun
I saw your shadow everywhere I went
I guess that’s just how much you meant.

But even in the darkest hour
The moon was there-a source of power
And each look made you feel so near
A dream to chase the presence of my fear…

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The passing storm

Somewhere on this pretty planet,
	There is a heart made of granite,
Indignation its pulse would take,
	The soul’s machine fear'd trust too fake.

On righteous wings glory’s noose,
	Hangs the head of war’s best muse,
Her eyes befit the worst of times,
	The look, the stare defies all rhymes.

Reaching into forgotten tales,
	History chose armored males,
Dusty tomes on hidden shelves,
	Books in tongues for tiny elves.

Here’s to He who broke the bread,
	A promise too many came instead,
Land so fertile flowers swooned,
	Food to heal the people’s wound.

Abundance wreaks what dreams deny,
	Riches breach thy neighbors cry,
Winds begin like soft whispers pass,
	Fear the tempest that might amass.

No one heard the approaching storm,
	The blind saw not the eyeless worm,
Man’s great cities it came to breed,
	A pathos so hungry it began to feed. 

The poor of mind hailed this time, 
	Its witless soldiers stuck in crime,
But this was no Christian phase,
	Powerful waves, everyone pays.

Morning took hold, the sky was dark,
	The bow was bent and knew its mark,
A book of facts, a thousand lies,
	Verse so deep frozen beauty cries.

With thunder’s yoke rains wash took hold,
	On tides ebbed out went all once old,
Upon spring flowers hope took turn, 
	Lime and ashes make death’s love yearn.

Once the deluge heavy airs broke,
	Weeds and vermin went with a stroke,
Poison and bile, cancers two friends,
	Fell to the grounds hungry amends.

Trees laughed loud and grew their hair,
	Opulent green color’d the air,
The crowds were gone, the coast was clear,
	Butterfly songs for all to hear.

Know you man’s hopeless devices,
	Always waiting for a crisis,
To stick a sword in another’s heart,
	Man’s most pathetic lost dead art.

Wolves and tigers follow no rules,
	Never betting on prudish tools,
Blaming not the world as given,
	Their jaws obey love’s laws arisen. 

Eons ago a vow was made,
	Years before words lost to trade,
The path before you poets know,
	Only your heart can make life glow.

Pointed fingers hide three blind mice,
	Beware of crowds and mob’s advice,
J’accuse writ large holds guilt away,
	Thumbs up to She who holds her sway.

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One of the happiest days,
Is  bringing our soldiers home alive,
To where they can be seen,
By their families once again,
To show them we love them,
And care about them,
In the ways we should,
Cause they gave up their time,
And their lives for this country,
For our freedoms we often take for granted,
To protect us from the domestic evils of today,
Whether we see them or not,
We should praise them all,
For all that they have done,
Including those who have fallen,
And can Not walk back through the gates of home,
For they have fallen and given more for this country,
And sacrificed more than we pay attention too,
To save us all for our freedoms,
Which our country will often forget,
With time the fallen one's,
Because we often pay attention to those,
Who are here in front of us and can fight,
One day at a time,
Which is the wrong way to be,
Cause all soldiers are made the same,
And should never be forgotten in anyway,
Day after day cause we have what we have,
To remind us all of all who have sacrificed their lives,
For the freedoms we have to keep us safe,
Each and everyday!

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Sweet Devotion

Staring into plastered wall
Looking far beyond the fall
There was a place, beyond the pay
where wonder lit up every day

A place in which fields of hope
led young couples to elope
And in the sky, faint but there
the stars smiled and warmed the air

This place I treasure in my heart
Hide in plain sight till I depart
But with another it is best shared;
I give to you reason to care

This paradise of my creation
Shall forever bond us loving nation
Though mortal coils may fade and rust
Keep faith and love; stay strong and just
Consider what is truly worth
and every time you close your eyes
Until the day of your final rise
Heaven is together, upon this earth

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The True Christian's Mission!

In my quest for this mission,
Many days and nights I prayed,
But plagued by selfish visions,
I asked what the Spirit had to say,

The battle engulfed self and spirit,
Screams of desire flooded my mind,
While fierce haunting demons appeared,
My voice of reason was such confined.

Yet the Spirit moves in silence,
And while this Spirit ever grows,
It ever gently reminds us,
By whispering gentle blows,

Thus the tranquil wind,
Burst in upon the storm,
And the quieting din,
Deafened hellish horns,

And in hush's sweet embrace,
The Spirit within me said,
Messages filled with grace,
Of how others must be fed.

Give them glimpses of wonder,
Inspire them with your faith,
Yes, give them much to ponder,
Yet in a much more simple way.

Don't lose them in scripture,
But to the word remain true,
Only teach that which is sure,
And that which you can prove.

There will be those who oppose,
All that I would have you say,
But this is why you were chose,
For this great mission today.

For you have been surely blessed,
With a faith complete and whole,
You've been prepared for this test,
Now go and share what you know.

And keep in mind your quest,
To gather the children who know,
That love's the answer to this test,
Upon which a true Church can grow.

Now I come before you today,
For help in spreading this word,
For its the Church we must save,
To find a path true and sure.

The end times are now upon us,
We need to be better prepared,
With a Church which is more just,
To embrace those lost and scared.

Our Church should always be righteous,
And offer salvation's warm embrace,
It should help the groom to find us,
And with our lamps full we will wait.

But our task reaches further still,
As there is much work to be done,
For we need to ensure God's will,
On earth as it is in heaven!

We'll teach love and forgiveness,
Of both trespasses and debts,
Our mission does not glorify us,
Rather the Lord who gave us this quest.

Once we believe our mission complete,
Humility will show us we have more to do,
And we will always endlessy seek,
That which the Spirit tells us is true.

And above all we will keep in mind,
That it takes a heart wide and great,
Filled with all the love we can find,
To pass through the narrow gate.

So a call to action must be made,
For our great holy quest has begun, 
Visit us whether or not you're saved,
At True Christian Church dot com.

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Words are meaningless and forgettable, if there is no action and feeling involved..

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With This New Day

I have lived, 
And felt the cost, 
Paid my dues, 
But I have lost_ You. 

 Still I pray, 
As chaos looms, 
And as my blue turns into grey, 
I hear__ 
The angels sing- In tune. 

 Don't be giving in, 
Don't give up my son, 
Or fade away, 
Lift your chin with the sun__ And rise, 
With this new day!. 

 I have lived, 
And felt the cost of all my wonderin ways, 
I've paid my dues, 
I - Have lost you. 

 I can hear the angels sing, 
Your in a mistaken land__ Lessons learned in truth, 
As the grey seeks out the blue, 
She will__ Your daughter my son--- 
She will return--- To You.

For I have lived, 
Felt the cost of all my walkin days, 
I've paid my dues, 
I- Lost you....

I wont be giving in, 
Won't give up my girl, 
Or fade away, 
I'll lift my chin with the sun--- 
And RISE-- 
With this new day...

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I am the face of misery
My life, a dissonance of autumn and spring,
The years are written in the same
Lugubrious, nostalgic grey
How can it be the author to blame?
I cannot scream this all away…
Burn nor Bleed this all away…
To Death I am Ordained

Lacuna ever growing
With Velvet sheets of life flowing
Aeons apart of my "royalty"
Under the mask the cannot see...
Can you dispel this tragedy:
Antigone - Epiphany failing

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

No words of hope
No words of hate
Do I have Lenore to send to me:
The sordid child of Thebes
Caught In the longest nightmare
life - the slowest way to die

I know this is my life 
But I'm not under control
under the mask the will see
Just Another Human

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

Can you dispel my life; this tragedy?
Can you control the storm in my mind?
I'm asking you: can you rid me
Of The Curse of Antigone?

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Love Above The Elements

I know love with you...

The sea in violent wave 
will not submerge our hearts,

The fires of fast fury
cannot finish the poetry of our tender touch,

The gales that gust grimly
will not wear away the warmth of our eyes,

The stubborn earth in it's shifts
shall not quake and crumble the structure of our love's monument...

Dedicated to my Love Muse...the future knows our pulse...


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Within the sanctuary of my loving arms

Let the warmth of my warm
Tender loving arms
Sooth your cares away
To make you feel special
Needed Loved
Let me give an ear
for the things you want to say
A safe sanctuary
In which time stands still
and you can hide away.

The warm waves of  my love
Flow like a caressing tranquil sea
Let me express my deep emotion
Without word
and lose ourselves
In our world
No one else knows
Can travel too
Or be.

And as our hearts bloom
and flourish with so much joy
Like the smiling sun
Love is the greatest victory
When two hearts and minds
Are one.

Tell me the story of the sweetest love
That I see deep within your dreamy eyes
And no matter if I look at them a million times
still they always take me by surprise.

The wondrous vivid colours that I see
Awaken something  beyond words
deep within  inside me
That sometimes makes me cry
With joy and thanksgiving
Because  the biggest surprise
That I can see
That blows my mind
Is that you love a man like me.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. march.

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Read that
Aw, made me blush
You didn’t got my way to write a poem
Same thing I did to Lontie
That’s why I kept on asking you
Read here
Sulu Sail there
Indeed, you read it?
Yes, you know what?
I don’t know, what is it
You know the entire time that I was mocking you 
And yet you still have cornered me with your charm.
What do you think of that poem?
Charming, you really know your way to my heart no?
I love the poem I wrote because someone is inside it.
Was there any poem you have written without anyone in it?
Yes, but in this poem is only you is that someone
One poem of me then
Indeed this is the poem for you
Who has the most numbers of poems who have written about?
I mean, you have written about
No one except my life and journey
And right now this poem is you
What contains in my poems is my journey in life
But personified by moment
So to whom is that ilyimy line then?
Iloveyouimissyou that is for you!
Go, you're a flirt!
Isn’t it cute?
Lost for words as always
What do you mean?
No one has ever written a poem about me, but you.
My pleasure!

1:53AM, 9 March 2013
Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia

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My Husband

My Husband!
My Husband is the man of my dreams, my fantasies, and so much more. He can take my breath away with just a whisper of things to come. I can’t help but look at him and think my husband; the man of my life, forever mine.
My husband looks and acts professional as he lectures to a large group of people. They seem to linger on his every word learning as much as possible in the allotted time with him. He is smart and well-dressed but underneath a wild side that I know so well is there waiting to come out.
My husband playing while kayaking; splashing like only best friends and lovers would do. A kid at heart he shares his lunch and takes pictures to show his friends. He wants the world to know how fun it was and we plan to go again. So proud am I of my husband, best friend, and lover.
My husband has helped so many of my dreams come true. If you can dream it, then you can do it he would say. As frustration came, he my husband and fantasy would rescue me. My husband set my dreams soaring high as together we found a place the world could never touch us!
My husband is my soul mate and so much more that words can’t describe. Nothing can take him from me; for out of my dreams and into my life made special for me, my husband is everything I could ever want or need. Drawn to him somehow night and day our hearts beat as one. Together nothing is impossible as we share a love and bond that not even in death will we part. Our souls will hold one another forever!
Debbie Knapp	

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Preeminent is the birth of Christ.
We worship his life and seek his devise…

His dominant presence arises.
Aroused is our spirit.
Our soul is incandescent.
We are obligatory to the glory of God.
Luminescent is the essence of The Holy Scripture.

We sing gloriously.
We pulsate victoriously.
The Gospel is our voice harmonically.
Christ died on Calvary.

Hoisted to achieve amazing deeds, our life is a radiance of Heaven’s lights.
We worship the life of Christ.
Ascendant to prophesy of the world, peace is influential while war destroys.
Famine is metaphorically dumbfounded for the knowledge of God’s apostles.
Walk in rightful luminosity.
Insofar, your life is brilliance perceived.

We shout gloriously.
We pine exultantly.
The Gospel is our harmonic expression.
Christ died for our salvation.

Today we praise Christ, the Son.
Today we praise God, the Father.
One does not supersede the other.
Thru the Holy Spirit, we thump.
Through the Holy Spirit, God sends his Son.
The beat of our heart pounds in prayer as we bow.

Knees bent, by all means, amidst effervescent shimmering.

Croon praise!
Beatify the Lord’s way!
Our reliance is devoted to the Gospel resonated!

In mantra fortifies giving the highest praise to the life of Christ!
Refrain via song augments the Father and the Son.

Thru the Holy Spirit, we thump.
Through the Holy Spirit, God sends his Son.
The beat of our heart pounds in prayer as we bow.
Knees bent, by all means, amidst effervescent shimmering.
Penned on September 07, 2014!

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The man who changed my life

Tribute to a very great man, John Sherman.

The man who changed my life.

When I was young, and raging wild
I knew that I was wrong
I had a will, a stubborn will
And my temper was so strong
I didn’t care about any one
I said ‘the world can kiss my ass’
No compassion did I have
No respect for any lass.

I tried so hard to change myself
It never felt quite right
I’d read me all those holy books
And try to see the light
It was one step forward three steps back
It never changed a thing
And every day more misery
To me my life did bring.

Then I discovered on the net
A man who changed my life
He went by the name of John Sherman
And he helped me through my strife
He told me all you have to do
Is take a look within
See the fellow that is you
Then the changes will begin.

This was five short years ago
Now all the anger’s gone
I’m sweet, I’m wise, I am at peace
And as my life moves on
My heart is filled with Gaiety
Each day is filled with joy
And nothing in this big wide world
This sweetness can destroy.

I know I’ve wrote about this man
So many times before
But I will spread his name around
From now till evermore
He made me what I am today
And I can’t help but love him
He gave me sweetness in my life
Where once it was so grim.

13 April 2014 @ 1055hrs.

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The Road Not Undone

The road you started, you left not undone
You have risen with the morning sun
We give thanks to you Lord for taking away the sin
For all the glory, we know you have won
The road you started, you left not undone
You rose wth the new morning sun
We give thanks to you Lord for all you have done
The wine and the bread to remind us
We drank in one accord 
The road you started, you left not undone
You have broken the bonds 
And have lifted us taking us home
Upon the road you left undone 

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A Selfish Prayer

It's hard when I see so much pain,
Filled with life's many hardships,
All these troubled souls praying,
For miracles through their worships,

Even at home they are lost,
And muddle through their days,
'Release us from our lots',
They cry out from their maze,

Yet I find it even harder still,
When I must stand here and watch,
With neither the way or the will,
To give what little I've got,

So Lord I pray you fill my cup,
Give me the success and station,
Where hope can spring from love,
To answer all this frustration,

Let me afford more than simple words,
Grant me the means to answer prayer,
Lay before me a path true and sure,
To receive great fruit I can share,

My life has taught me so very much,
As my prayers so often are granted,
I know what it means to be touched,
By the charity of the enchanted,

It brings a life of such great hope,
To you and all of those you love,
It helps you to widen your scope,
And great faith when times get tough,

So today Lord I finally pray,
For something I never have before,
I pray for riches so very great,
That I would never need to ask for more,

Vast wealth beyond Solomon or Jabez,
Great wisdom and eternal good health,
The power to shape the will of others,
And all the prayers I leave on the shelf,

And I pray that I remain steadfast,
In service to you through my fellow man,
And you answer this prayer however crass,
Before this poem is written by this hand.

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Factor of Life

My only litmus test  is my brain
My heart stopped when I saw the real nature of the factoid
Can I be seeing you for the first time ?
You are the breath I take
My feeling of expression is not only my wealth but my nature
I am a robot to your love 
Your kisses are what my lips crave 
Please be real and not a figment of my imagination 
The existence of air and water refresh my soul
I can only see your vision if you let me 
Please take my hand
The car seems to be falling over the cliff 
Life is so fast 
This is dying 
I love it 

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The Long Way Home

trotting across my back field
there’s a storm brewing-in
it’s misty friend is climbing 
through the cold, prickly wires

Delicately drenched, 
as wet as 
a dog’s kiss,
there’s a-storm brewing-in
it’s casual pal is breezing-
bothering the wicker trees.

his smile- 
brightens my mind 
like the italian renaissance.
inhaling red tipped 
we chat under the glistening leaves. 

But there’s a storm brewing-in
it’s hamper full dirty laundry
is drying-
stringing across my back yard. 

his laugh-
is as pleasing 
as old dogs learning new tricks.
Just one more outburst, 
and I swear this storm will turn to stone. 

I bask-
his attention is as gratifying 
as a masters gentle stroke
just one more round of 
darting eyes and light hearted jokes.

I realize now, 
He grumpiness does best
to protect what’s raw and rare-
from the snakes who try to tear us away from home.

Like stumpy cigarettes, 
hanging off the tips 
of tough our lips. 
we’ll share each other’s worlds.
Yes, Like stumpy cigarettes, 
hanging off the tips 
of tough our lips.
let’s melt into each other’s worlds.

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Here Comes The Bride

Here comes the bride all dressed in white
Kneeling clean and pure before her Groom, 
the Lord, the Lamb who was slain in order
to take all the sins away... saved to live
all of her life with her beloved in eternity...
to be able to shine before the Father covered
by the Blood of truth, the life and the way.
The ultimate betrayal was forgiven when on that
hellish day we turned away from our first love
and ran into the waiting arms of evil.
Even now in this day and age, many of His children,
the children of the Lord are truly far... far away even
though they say they are so very close.
I at times can be included in this aspect of things
when I am not focused on what needs to be, for
we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but 
with the powers and principalities that exist.
Our Lord and Groom asked us to pick the one we 
want to be with now and then in the forever.
So let us be brave and walk boldly into the shadows
to disperse the darkness inside, knowing that the
final victory is already  His.

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P.S. I'm The Salesman

I spill my heart,
I spill my guts,
And you may ask,
Why all this fuss?

Owners Selling Dogs,
Owners Selling Guns,
Oh there is more,
And it's been great fun.

Day after day, month after month,
Countless are the hours I spend,
To create this behemoth,
Seemingly to no end.

Owners Selling Cars,
Owners Selling Trucks,
Oh there is so much more,
But I'm having no luck.

So to you I turn,
To seek your advice,
Do I have more to learn,
Or will this suffice?

Owners Selling Motorcycles,
Owners Selling Motorhomes,
But one thing I just wish is,
I didn't have to do this on my own.

No brokers, no dealers,
No agents or salesmen,
You'd think that clients,
Would now be rushing in.

Owners Selling Businesses,
Owners Selling Real Estate,
Look and you will find,
The greatest I could create.

So if you have the time,
To surf the net some,
Check out my sites,
And just add dot com

Owners Selling Boats,
Owners Selling Land,
Please just take a look,
P.S. I'm the salesman.

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(1 January 2013 – 12:01AM)

By this first day of the year 2013
I am asking anyone to forgive me if I have things done that hurt you. 
I was sudden with the firecrackers
Sounds of bullets flying in the air
This is becoming a culture
That by the end and start of the year there shall be having a gun fire
Is this so not to put a gun as inutile?
I have no new year’s resolution at hand 
But I wanted to do my best to change whatever things needed to be changed. 
Oh God please witness my changes to manifest in my entire being 
from good to very good, from ordinary to extra ordinary and from evil to no evil. 
Let me love memories of 2012 that I have
Please forgive me God through everyone’s forgiveness.
I love everyone and someone. 
Thank you God! 

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Make Aim to the Star

The motion of the tides and movement therein beckons on to me, 
Silent as it moves over the oceans width, gentle as a wind from the sea;
A mystery is the future of our passing lives, only a semblance of what’s to come, 
Through the miracle of our own emotion, or the brilliance of the setting sun,
For in the time it takes to aim at a star, we may only get to the moon
The passions of hope to a child is measured in an instant of time,
A sound so soft is the prodigy of ones time, making faith in our own religion…
Captured is the sight of a comets storm, or the twinkle from centuries past,
Yet the wisdom we gain from our dark privations is held in the semblance of space,
But we reach in thought to a billion years like the measure of a second past by 

Look to the wisdom in the extent of our lives, and relinquish all that’s gone before,
Our strongest belief is held deep in the heart, like that which shone from a star;
So bright the light that beams through darkness, over oceans deep and wide
But held secure waits the aspect of a man, and the realm of his wants and desires;
For in the time it takes to aim at a star, we may only get to the moon   

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Lady from the hills

Lady from the hills

In a little cabin in the hills
There lived a maid of beauty
I’d place her on a pedestal
And no one would dispute me
One glance at her, and one would fall
Beneath this ladies charm
Her heart was filled with harmony
Her mode was soft and calm

Her kindness it was known by all
And folk would come and see her
For every time they caught her glow
Something within would stir
And as they trod their way back home
There feet would feel like feathers
She could even melt the heart
Of those with souls like leather.

Her hair was dark, her eyes deep blue
And every time she spoke
Her voice rang out like tinkling bells
As through the air it broke
All the birds and butterflies 
Would gather on her flowers
And wolves, and bears and wild creatures
Would melt beneath her power.

One day a man with no compassion
Who had no soul at all
Did come into her lovely garden
And he was oh, so cruel
Even she could not melt him
This man of ugliness
His heart was cold his hands were rough
He was evil, nothing less.

He tried to have his way with her
But what he did not know
Was that all the wild creatures
They loved this lady so
They came at him with such aggression
And threw him to the ground
And to this day nobody knows
Where his body can be found.

2 December 2013 @ 1136hrs.

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Atrocious Nightmares

When you fall asleep
That's when it starts
Explosions and screams
Terrorize your heart

As your panic grows
The blood flows
Through the streets
Atrocious nightmares
Never leave you alone

When you fall asleep
A bundle of Love
My cradle of sweet

I want to be the one
I have to be the one

Baby, let me be the sponge
Absorbs all your pain
Wrapped around you
Protects you again

Baby, let me be the rope
Saves you from a fall
Standing by you
Giving it his all

When you fall asleep 
That's when it begins
Hysteria and mayhem
Spread 'neath your skin

As your fear mounts
The dead body counts
Jump like wounded beasts
Atrocious nightmares
Never leave you alone

When you fall asleep
A bundle of love
My cradle of sweet

I want to be the one
I have to be the one

Baby, let me be the sponge
Absorbs all your pain
Wrapped around you
Protects you again

Baby, let me be the rope
Saves you from a fall
Standing by you
Giving it his all

I want to be the one
I have to be the one
Don't you see?

I'm the one.

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Praying For The Day

I pray for the day,
That my sweet child comes home,
To my loving arms,
So, I can love and hold them tightly,
Each and everyday of their lives,
To be there for them and guide them,
As they learn to grow,
Into a wonderful adult,
That I know they will become,
For they have such a wonderful heart,
And as people will see them grow each year,
Learning along their way,
Having their own imagination,
To shine and guide them,
To be a very unique person of their own,
But they are already very different,
In many different ways,
By their looks and their loving heart,
And of course being very smart,
Their beauty will shine,
In many different ways,
Both inside and out,
And I pray for the day,
They will come home,
To stop these painful, loving tears.

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Keep Trying

 Im Building my own teepee made from straw Logz 
I try n keep up with my cats but how can I when I cant even trust my own dogz 
I know I have a hard tyme trying to get a simple regular low paying job 
but I shall overcome, I shall rise against all my past tattz and all my ****ing oddz
 I used to be down with the evil d, now Im down with the holy G yeah dats God 
I used to give you nothing Lord now its tyme I start to giving you nodz 
I used to be all about talk, but now cuz of you Lord Im all about walk 
I spit words while I walk through gates locked either bottom or top I still rize till I drop
 I dont stop I shoot guns at fake cops tryna steal my patnaz freedom socks 
but this my life now homie I cant end up lying in chalk 
I walk my talk while I talk my walk through unknown clocks ticking away like my times tock...
I running past bumps while Im jumping over dead pits 
I struggle like many, a life of addiction I know its hard to quit 
I just had my first still hard tryna rize above the past shyt i did....
 I done placed my rez life betz...I done already placed my lifetyme bid 
I cant lie I still smoke n drink but the alcohol from my life rite now like many I struggle to rid
 I try n cover up shyt but how can I cover up tattoos Lord they come without a lid
 everymorn it feels as if I awake to a life full of crap leaving me lil tyme to give a shyt
 but thats life Lord I know now thats how we deal n what we MAKE OF IT 

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Missing Children

When children are taken from your life,
It is very devastating in so many ways to us all,
Some people say it is your fault,
To have the problems you have,
You have caused the distruction,
Of your own family in so many ways,
And you need to start making your own,
Correct choices in life to straighten things out,
For maybe then your children will,
Return back to you at your home where they belong,
For you to love and watch them grow,
So take things day by day,
And try to correct the steps you have made,
To where you can complete each task there is,
To bring your precious children back home,
To where they belong for you to love and charish them,
As a mother and father should,
Holding them each day they need you,
So you never get forgotten,
Each and every day of their wonderful lives.

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His love

In His arms I am at peace.
For His love I cannot fathom.
A love that would pursue you.
Never letting you out of His sight.

I am a sinner. Yet He loves me.
Had His very last breath.
So that I could be with Him.
Eternity I wait.

A perfect love.
You cannot escape.
A light to our lives.
He holds my soul now and forever more.

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the red wolf's speech revisited

If i could take your hand in mine
and get lost in your eyes
incompatible are we
yet perfect and it buys

me the time to drink in deep
assess my standing point of view
a wolf in the night, a thief in the dark
and always here for you

i gave you all i had 
and you took it willingly
a loving kiss upon my lips
in love and so is she

my vampire queen in a house of wolves
dominion over all
and yet i am the one she loves
and cherish standing tall

opposites attract
but then they always fade away
amythist rose, where did you go?
on my knees i pray.

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Deadman Wonderland

Now that you're becoming Undone It's time to have some fun In Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao The setting Red Sun of Kali Shows it's time for your life to Pay We are the Kind to be feared -your friends We look like anyone you see Thuggee--Death's Devotees Face our treachery Bhowanee we must please She needs more--we have found our mark, our mark Won't you be the one to save humanity? Can't you see this is Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Sacrifice! For The Black-Skinned Queen Sacrifice! For Our Mother Kali Sacrifice! It's Not Enough Sacrifice! No Mercy! This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland

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Its A Christian Thing!

It’s a Christian Thing… 

When our freedoms are challenged, and our faith is denied, 
When life hangs in the balance, equality decried, 
Our solemn call to action, necessary and good, 
May be called into question, even misunderstood, 

Freedom from oppression, on which our country was built, 
Our forefathers lessons, a nation's pride now distilled, 
Building society, where freedom can ring, 
I say with great piety, its a Christian thing! 

We always acknowledge, those with different views, 
Afford them the privilege, and the freedom to choose, 
But we built this great land, in this peculiar way, 
To give freedom to man, and what he has to say. 

But let us not forget, the reasons for these freedoms, 
To each serve our Lord best, and unite in these seasons, 
For it is love of our neighbors, of which we now sing, 
Our response to our Savior, it’s a Christian thing! 

America the beautiful, of which I am proud, 
Patriotic and dutiful, we answer out loud, 
Don’t tread on us, or our God given rights,
Don’t give us causes, for which we will fight.

Now as a nation, we will turn the other cheek,
For we’re taught patience, and when to be meek,
But don’t doubt for a moment, our resolve or the power of our sting,
As we give you time to foment, it's simply a Christian thing.

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Time To Tell

The time to be born has come and gone

 The present we know about her is our history

 A manifest to her existence in the map and in the head.

 This time is yet to unveil her bystanders.

 Though in written, she is known to be free

 But in words and actions she is shielded

 By weed, grasshoppers, termites and tortoise.

 Now, should we use fins and flippers

 To propel ourselves through her bloody sea?

 OR do we need any soothsayer to announce

 The burns of a lustful shielded cabinet to us?

 Dear Charcoals, time without number

 We are blinded to accept a crown

 We are forced to be subservient to a staff,

 And we have sold our loyalty by queuing behind the meadow.

 If surely the time will tell

 Then we need to look up to our history

 That is yet to appear before the land

 Let hope for an upright serving servant soon.

 And hope to behold a time to tell.

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Revelation Said In Stone Appeared an Eon ago of Shame and Sin, Something we all know But not it's rise, For is has already became Virtue Flaming Skies from an Angel So Bright The World's Cure for Soul-Blight A Hell on Earth A Savior's Worth So many Dreams are cast then Forgotten So many lives are brought up then just Thrown back down Maybe she is The Cure Maybe she is The Plan All Fear the Flame Failed Creation of Samael She Comes from the Deep She Comes from The Heavens' Vault To End the dawn of the Demon Purge this land of all Vice Kali Yuga will be nevermore The one of Sublime Cassandra, Bringer of Muspelheim Release me and Burn away this land Hold me by The Hand Tell me the past is just pretend Give me The Cure If this is your destiny Then May it be mine I would die in time I'm Just another Obstacle In the way of your divine Wings Forget me Cassandra For Doom was already meant for me All Fear the Flame Failed Creation of Samael She Comes from the Deep She Comes from The Heavens' Vault To End the dawn of the Demon Purge this land of all Vice Kali Yuga will be nevermore The one of Sublime Cassandra, Bringer of Muspelheim Valkyrie of Heart Angel of Grace I surrender to You Savior by Destiny Dispel all Tragedy Especially me All Fear the Flame Failed Creation of Samael She Comes from the Deep She Comes from The Heavens' Vault To End the dawn of the Demon Purge this land of all Vice Kali Yuga will be nevermore The one of Sublime Cassandra, Bringer of Muspelheim

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Dedication To All Those Who Feel Lost

When you are far from home,
Never give up on life,
Cause your family,
Will always be with you,
In you caring heart,
Even when the times,
Get difficult and tough,
And make you want to give up,
They are always there,
For you to turn too,
And show you a way,
To find the peace,
And happiness you need,
In your caring and loving life,
So that one day,
You will find the true love,
That you most certainly deserve,
For that loving heart,
Which is a true fact,
It is a very big heart that cares,
For more than just the person you are,
But those around you,
And the family you have in your life.

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Ode to my Village

When I stand on the Hills and stare down,
while milky sunbeams shine asound,
I admire the grace with which spreads
my Village, its glories and innocence.

Oh my Village! that valley wherein I first kicked,
That place where I first experienced my birth,
That Paradise where the birds play and cling
While happy children cuddle and sing.

That Valley wherein I ate Irish Potatoes
Drank sweet palm wine and ran wild,
Where I savoured sweet achu,
hunted rat mole. Oh! life so pure!

Oh, my sweet grandmother and father!
They raised me to love this sweet land.
They told me one morning as I stretched-
"Mowi, yu'u, there is no better place than home."

Now I understand while I behold the radiance,
The opulence of this village Politicians want to steal,
Politicians and leaders so neglect-
But I say to them, "you are wicked, wicked!"

"If there is a place that is home to me,
Where I will love to grow and make square,
Where I'll love to hug and bless
It is my village Bamendankwe."

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Never again shall I take your love for granted. Your Love and support mean so much to me, my love I almost lost you one and now never again shall I take you for granted this I swear.

Your love & support and mean will follow me to worlds end, you are my guiding light a helping your are my one and only true love. A a helping hand your love means so much to me.
How can I repay this debt?

Your more than just my lover, you are my soul-mate the one I want by my side forever.

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Hussshhhh of the sea breeze
Bolobok Cave nears it
Rain drops falling on my face
Trim down my long pony-tailed hair
Small crabs crawling over the brownish sand surface
Small stones scattered over
 Small caves with limestone
And having freshwater downstairs
Said there were ladders to climb and unclimb
To see the down caves
Now in a mysterious looks waiting for renovations
Where are these caretakers of nature?
The beauty of eye lenses looking at it
Please come and rescue this whispering ambiance of serenity 
For generations to enjoy
If this is an early human settlement 
Come take your responsibility
Oh the caretakers please come
Thank you

3 January 2013
Early Human Settlement
Bolobok Cave (Sungab Bulubuk)
Bongao, Tawi-Tawi Island
Sulu Archipelago


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A Better Life...

A Better Life

I don't know why she hides,
I don't know why she shivers,
I don't know why she cries,
I don't know why she quivers,

Daddy's girl is all alone,
And I don't know how to help her,
Daddy's world is all but blown,
And I don't know what to tell her,

What happened to her confidence,
And her self assured way,
Which used to be so prominent,
In all she did or would say,

Who stole my little girl’s heart,
And drove her to such confusion,
She now slowly does her part,
As if all she has is illusion,

She knows I would kill any other man,
For doing such harm to my little girl,
But this is much more than I can stand,
As it has forever blown apart my world,

They took ‘steps’ to the next level,
And now they each look to me in despair,
I warned them each to be careful,
But the forbidden fruit they shared,

Now I look at one without trust,
Yet I still love my son so very much,
I still hold her distant as I must,
But she needs Daddy’s healing touch,

Why do I have to be the bad guy,
When my children need my help,
I pushed one out and I still cry,
While I can't help her help herself,

There is no way to win here,
And my tears won't stop falling,
I have lost them both I fear,
And my fears won't stop calling,

I don’t know what to do anymore,
Or how I can help either of them,
Both children my heart cries out for,
But the truth is neither can win, 

And for this my darling kids,
I am so sorry I can’t decide,
Which to disown or which to kiss,
When I am actually on both your sides,

So I pray that both her and him,
Of whom I am so very proud,
Do not give up and become victims,
Who wear this pain like a shroud,

I pray both of you hear my advice,
Get over this hardship and understand,
This lesson with its terrible price,
Is one where you do as best you can,

To forgive and move on from here,
Without Dad having to choose a side,
And to let go of all that you fear,
If you want to grow to have a better life.

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If I only had a chance

If I only had a chance
To show you how I feel
You would surely know
That my feelings are real

It would only take a minute
To move upon your heart
And look into your eyes
Knowing I'll always do my part

Just to whisper in your ear
while holding you close to me
saying we're made for each other
like we are suppose to be

Just for my dear friend
I want to put you in a trance
And really blow your mind
If I only had a chance.

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He's My Hero- SONG 3

He might be just a photograph,
but I know he's more than that despite
what people say.
His love and words are stronger than steel,
the distance won't make me stop loving him.

He's strong, always pushing on, 
Never looking back.
He left the things and ones he 
loves behind knowing
this might be the last time
and he's mine

To feel his embrace, to listen to his voice, 
to hear his breath.
I don't care about the consequences
I just want to be with what's
'till he can't stay anymore.

When he has to be strong, and push on
trying his hardest not to look
He left his life and the one he
loved behind knowing
that this could be the last time
but he's mine

I can't sleep at night, knowing he's
out there, somewhere. 
Is he safe?
How can I pray?
Oh, GOD, please bring him home!
I can't live without him.
Just bring him home 'cause

I don't know how I can stay strong
and push on
as he's watching his and his brothers' backs.
He left the one he loves at home
knowing there's that
But he's mine.
And I don't care about anyone else

Hear my prayer...
          Bring him home...
Distance won't stop my love...
I just want to be with him...

He's strong, still pushing on
No longer looking back.
He's back to the things and ones he
left behind knowing
he's back to stay.
And he's mine.

He's Mine...

         HE'S MY HERO...

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Just beautiful
Puerto Princesa
My first time
Visit the charm

The breeze of the
Sulu Sea
In the bay walk
touches me

The blue sky
The blue sea
Reflected the beauty
of Palawan

Badjao Inn
Restaurant Hut
PPC, Rizal Avenue

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Ballad of Dreams: One: Beneath the Realm part two

Why oh demon have you blocked me from such this place?
Tell me, tell me, I wish to look upon your flawless face
I wish to find that mysterious cloaked figure, walking amongst the dead
his image, his visage appears to me- clouding my head

Take me back to my dreamland, the forests, the fog and the river
Against your touch I no longer shiver
But I implore you, my demon protector take me back to my reality
Do not leave me to continue to face this false fantasy

Bring me back to my dead forest
Where by the brooke I can rest
And I, forever with you, will be free at last
For this reality, will always remain and my love for you grows vast

Above the realm of fantasy
To the blurred lines of the beating heart of Reality
Lies this secret world of the unknown
And a bird, is perched upon the grey castle stone

Contemplatively I watch this bird, such beauty in such a deadened place
His red-black wings, spread as he flys dropping low-almost smacking me in my face
Longingly I yearn to be just as he is, flying content and free
But alas, I am stuck to this broken ground, waiting for you to return to me

My faith in you, is slowly dieing,
heart cracking and crying
I know not why I feel this bond to you
Everything all just

And I wait, and I continue to wait when suddenly there you are
You seem so close-like I can feel you-though you are distant and far
But it doesn't matter because you've returned me and now I am complete in my home
Down here below lost in the unkown

Where no one can find me 
And you and I are free
To spead out times wandering aimlessly through the forest dead
Where the inhabitants of this land do not tread

And my mysterious dark figured friend
Watches over me, always been the protector in the end
But to you my heart belongs
And only to you will it ever belong

Beneathe the lines of reality
Lies a secret- a world of fantasty
I find this place often in my dreams-with the castle on the hil, it's faded stone
Down here in the dream of false reality, lieing fantasy-is all to be known

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Now Hear My Confession

I have been blind, unwilling 
To see he true love you're giving.
I have ignored every blessing.
I'm on my knees confessing

That I feel myself surrender
Each time I see your face.
I am staggered by your beauty,
Your unassuming grace.
And I feel my heart is turning,
Falling into place.
I can't hide,
Now hear my confession.

I have been wrong about you.
Thought I was strong without you.
For so long nothing could move me.
For so long nothing could change me.
Now I feel myself surrender
Each time I see your face.
I am captured by your beauty,
Your unassuming grace.
And I feel my heart is turning,
Falling into place.
I can't hide
Now hear my confession.

You are the air that I breathe.
You're the ground beneath my feet.
When did I stop believing?

’Cause I feel myself surrender 
Each time I see your face.
I am staggered by your beauty,
Your unassuming grace.
And I feel my heart 
Falling into place.
I can't hide
Now hear my confession.

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My Gull Wheels On

As a child empowered by youth, 
All is wonder, 
All is truth, 

Faith projecting as a wake, 
A child of God, 
Runs free these days, 

Oh Lord, I have been so blessed, 
To know your love, 
Feel your caress, 

Now I watch as the children play, 
And loving tears swell, 
...Thank you for this day. 

To feel the warm sun, wind and sand, 
A glorious gift, 
A glorious plan, 

Watch the seagulls as they wheel and dive, 
Searching for scraps, 
Screeching in delight, 

Never do they question - nor do they ask, 
For more than they need, 
Or more than they have, 

And in this spirit so free and strong, 
I live, learn and love, 
As my gull wheels on!

My Gull Wheels On
aka Michael Wilson

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As he walked along the path
he looked at the world around him.
He felt as if his life was drowning
and had forgotten how to swim.

The only thing he still possessed
Was the letter that he wrote.
Her love was at the bottom of the sea
But all he could do was float.

Across the bay was the girl
Walking on another trail.
She wanted to escape this deep dark place
And get on a boat and sail.

But those two roads never crossed;
Their destined meeting did not occur.
All that she needed was him and
all he needed was her.

Life is long and the world’s too big
to get caught up on just one affair.
I believe there’s a light at the end of it all;
And we should be willing to get there.

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The Fault Was Your Own

The Fault Was Your Own

With these words,I wonder if I shall break your spirit.
With these stones and stick,I plan to break you.
With this bloody revenge,I will have you wholesomely.

As you slap away m hand let's say our fear is only great toward me yet your cowardice actions are full of jokes

You nothing more then an eye sore,To prideful to even realize that'll you'll fall break before the day is done.

Tick tock,Tick tock. Your clocks running thin,for if I a prideful beast breaks I'll be sure to bring you with me.

Ha,such a dirty creature do you think you can hold me using such unpleasant scene from a forgotten past?

Of course not these be not your past but you near future,Repeating everything over and over until it to much to handle.

Turn around and drink your poison. Even though your no more child you seem to carry a burden not you own,I will have no regrets ending you pitiful life.

How about I become you poison and let me end you futile life.
I will decided how I die and not let some stranger decided who I am.For that purpose I wield this sword.

What a foolish person,to wield a sword for the person you love is what it is and not for the sake of some unseen future.How can you possible care of a future when you stick yourself in a shell and refuse to leave a past that has forgotten you already.

When will you stop with your nonsense.I have no past therefore my future is chained up,perfectly awaiting me.Let me repeat your punishment so you know.

As this we recite the lines as one.

With these words,we will break out spirits.
With steels and spears,we shall break our body's.
With these bloody revenge,we have betrayed each other for the last time.

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God gave me you

Love's undeniable journey 
explores all life,touches an 
amazing earth only you and
I can share between time.

All ups n' downs come with
Fortune n' price, but together
We will shatter a mountain of

A place we can go hide closely 
cuddled cave, against the 
Closure of your misled arms,
Wrapped tightly around a spin
Of Saturn's that ring me.

As Pluto's fire, breaks guard 
closer to the sun.....Where GOD 
GAVE ME YOU] And an UNchained 
melody to sing.

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Starcrossed Tragedy

A Silent Night's Hunt for a Tigress so blunt, Left the Fiend dancing with my Thisbe's Cloack But where was She? Her Drenching blood is all I can see The Night of Sanguine, The Night of Rapture, Tonight was meant to be All Behold This Tragedy ran by Dark Energy, My Lost Lover's Plea A seed of what is to come, In this starcrossed Tragedy, For I can not live without you, My Pyramus, All I need, My reason to Breathe One sight of me bleeding away from reality, started this tragedy and with me It shall Grow The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy A Star traveling across the moonless Night Sky, In the mid-summer of Verona, Fell from her glorious light, I have lost my guide, My need for Life Every balcony I'll climb for you, Just to Caress you once more But now it is too Late, My Juilet Let the Poison Fill me My Body dyed In silence, Dipped in Paralysis, Forging the Will of God, Feigning the Clutches of Death, My Romeo I prithee to you, See past The Illusion, Caught in the Webs of Love's delusion A Dagger reached my heart once To see you martyr for our love A Dagger reached my heart twice The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy Once the Morning Retired from her weeping The sun shined into her eyes, then his Lifeless, their dream will live on Every Petal will be Avenged The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy

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Men were given total dominion
over all living things, and when
they subdued their enemy:
they were granted immortality!

Beside every great warrior of old, 
there was a strong woman of humility,
who gave him a victorious  sword;
and helped him change the course of history! 

Emperess Theodora was one of them to show adversity;
when Noka's revolt broke out:  she decided to stay,
while her hushand, Justinian, fled the city;
what an admirable act of feminity!

Beside every great warrior of old,
there seems to be a look of invincibility,
a defying moment to obtain glory;
and the cost for a golden crown is well-known!

Be the warrior of modern times, treatened by fear and fragility, 
seek out the man you were destined to be;
trust that woman who posseses internal beauty,
and beside this warrior, her courage will guide you with dignity!

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Corpse Bride

The braeþ of lyf -- I've Learned to fear
Though, ta'en it was, so long sinsyne
I've wroot my song of skreighs
He tore the lyf out of me
In sooth did she speke this to me - Cassandra was she to me
Wistful - I am no bride to be
Wistful - is this soliloquy of skreighs

I cede to thee, deathly colleen 
Though remains - façades of humanity 
Angel kind - wicce of my welkin dreams
Casted by the lote of she
Ta'en the hollow Herefro way - ne'er!
Caught with twain
W'ie or swain

Angel dearest so fair - love does not share
Seemed a crux, when eath is lone
I rose for thee - cede all of thy love to me
Or was this not meant to be
Eros's deceit 
So wistful - corpse bride I remain to be

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To You My Love

I love you,
More than you know,
Cause you are,
The beating of my heart,
My every thought in my mind,
When we are apart,
You are my everything,
That makes me whole and complete,
You have touched me in so many ways,
That words can not begin to explain,
Cause you have done all this,
Without saying a word,
Without a physical touch,
Without any type of sign,
You have done all of this wonderfulness,
By being your sweet kind self,
This is what makes you,
One of a kind,
And a very special person,
And no matter what may happen in time,
You will always be happy,
And loved by all,
Especially me cause,
You are here in my heart,
To stay.

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Her Face

Her Face was perfection, Still see it everywhere
The beauty in her eyes, Please forgive my stare
Though to confess my love, 
Oh no, I wouldn't dare...
So I'll just keep thinking of her, But it's just not fair

Her Face won't go away, So engrained in my mind
This girl was different, Unlike any other I'll ever find
Oh how the two of us, 
How our lives could've aligned...
So now, to everyone else, My heart is blind

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face comforts me, Holds me tight and dear
Takes me to another world, A new frontier
I'm dreaming where she loves me so much, 
That part is clear...
But as I awake, Just shed another tear

Her Face and her love, I won't ever forget
Lust for her will remain, Lips will get wet
I'll be reminded of her, 
At each days sunset...
And I'll remember everything, From the first day we met

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face is the sunshine, A universal light
With it's soul and it's passion, It was quite a sight
Oh how just to see her, 
Brought me such delight...
But here I am all alone now, Another late night

Her Face will surely lift someone up, With unconditional love
So what will come of me, Can I rise above?
Without Her Face, 
I'm unsure thereof...
Because see, out of my mind, to her, I'll never shove

And she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face, I see it every night, In my dreams
Where everything will all align, Oh how it seems
We're walking together... 
Hands together, Along the forests blue streams

Her Face ignited feelings, Things I've never before felt
Just got to play the hand, The cruel hand I was dealt
I will always have my writing, 
To continue to dwell...
On a lost love to whom one day, I would've knelt

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In Youth-less Age

In Youth-less Age

Though gentle, hopeful drifts we brood,
but age our wont be kind enough,
in threescores is when life imbued,
will partial be the earthly stuff;
but you'll still be my fancy then,
when Suns shall be the Shallowest,
and dry as those days --my fingers, pen!
Diluting the persistent best;
then shall I my own mind bereave,
when servile times would near a close,
but will your eyes, mine still deceive,
that greater truth than life propose.
The understanding of our earth,
up till we stay, --the way shall give,
entwine when with a lovers mirth,
we not our age but more shall live;
there I shall be a part of you,
though life may still not worthy be,
but time the hearts as one does sew
and breeds the soul's eternity.
Soon ladies fine with auburn head,
in youth's subservience shall grow,
with shadows white and lips blood red,
to whom the haste --the world will owe;
but, by the words that reason frowns,
and those that cost if cared for less;
within the gardens, across all towns,
just you my dame this heart possess,
as your my gardens cherished fruit,
could time nor age do you wrong,
your grace can shift a hand from mute,
such do my rhymes to you belong,
and the words, claims that come to me,
be their center, and my days renew,
until the time this soul is free,
and life us quells, an end pursue;
the end of the sojourn we made,
shall love then still be intense more,
when breaths and sight move to a fade,
like youth, your age --I shall adore.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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the oregon ducks

A day belongs to you and I
side by side swings the impossible
ways of doubt.

To embrass the true moment
only to quiver to turn back 
embaresment to huttle that 
touch down goal.

We will embark on tackt as it
shall be conquered to a new
habitate known as the quack


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One Special Night

As I sit here gazing out the window,
 Instead of working, I’m daydreaming of you...
 And wondering if while you’re in your own world,
 You’re thinking of me too.

 I reminisce about the day we met and how you made me feel,
 Looking at the glowing smile on your face,
 Staring into your dreamy blue eyes,
 Your smell, your touch, your warm embrace

 What a special night that was...

 And now, I’m starting to feel that warmth inside,
 Like nothing or no one else can make me feel...
 Butterflies, a constant smile, happy thoughts,
 Looking forward to the next time we meet.

 What lies ahead, down the road to love?
 Can it possibly be what I’ve been hoping for?
 All my goals, dreams, passions, hopes...
 Glaring now before me with great anticipation.

 No one knows what tomorrow brings...
 One can only wish and believe...
 I have abounding faith that God will take care of me,
 And bring the right person into my life.

 Could it be you?
 Time will tell...
 I feel a special bond starting between us,
 And so I’m truly hopeful that it is (you).

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You Are All That Matters

Looking into your eyes,
Brings a whole new feeling,
It makes me smile,
All the time,
You always brighten my day,
When nothing,
Or no one else can,
You are my sunshine,
On a cloudy day,
When all I want to do,
Is stay in the bed,
Cause nothing or no one,
Matters anymore,
When I need a smile,
You are always there,
When I need,
An ear to listen,
You always have two to loan me,
Whenever I need anything,
You are always the one,
To brighten my day,
Even when this are so tough and dark,
For you are everything my heart needs,
You are a very special person,
For doing so many things,
In your life,
So please never change,
And you will find the happiness,
You deserve,
Just as you have brought to others and me,
Cause happiness will be with you,
For the rest of your life,
If you are patient,
This you will see.

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i am woman

I am a woman 
a player 
a saivior 
a friend 
I am a mom
a warrior to the bitter end 
I am a lover
that bends all my needs
i am a singer 
that needs to breath
i am a lion 
that cant be tamed
i have  many names 
but I 
am a woman

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Angel's Wings

The days, the weeks, the months have passed
It’s now almost two years
I thought that time was meant to heal my pain
And dry my tears
Instead my days are twice as long
My nights still hard to bear
My life is just a passing phase
My world without a care
I cannot still the voice inside me
Calling out for you
For all I ever wanted  
For all I ever knew
The winds of change keep blowing
Trying to set me free
But they don't understand
With you is where I need to be
I close my eyes, and there you stand
I watch you for a while
Your handsome face, your winning ways
Your famous carefree smile
You were the breath I breathe
You were the blood that runs my vein
Without you I will die
For you’re the medicine for my pain
So how do I move on 
When I still can't find my way
How do I forget 
And say goodbye to yesterday  
I need to know you’re with me 
In everything I do
Everywhere I go 
I need to know that you’re there too
So stay with me so I can face
Whatever tomorrow brings
Until it’s time for me to fly to you
With Angels wings..

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       When you embrace my thoughts, I rise like the Sphinx

When your words I hear not in the course of a day, I am saden

              my mind say she will not stay.

Yet I know in my heart that my mind is so vast and hears all thoughts,

             of others, then do I dispell those thoughts of deceit.

Yes, I know neither time, nor space, nor a being shall erase what you

             give to me if you never speak a word.  

For I know your unspokens thoughts are my perpetual joy that  none can 

          truly know, because this is between me and You.

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We live we die and then we eat pie,
Sharing it with angels in the sky
To drown the sorrow and the pain
To stop time and start life all over again

But no, this is how its to be 
we live we die for our country
And if we make it home again
We hope our country will be our friend
To some of us life begins,
But to others comming home is the end.

Our lives are over, our future on ends
our country neglects us
there is no end, to the hurt 
that never ends.

So we live, we die and the we ear cheese
While our country does what it please.

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Like a breath of fresh air 
you breathe new life into 

Picture an ocean wave 
upon the shore, your 
love brings me hope...

Energizes me like a storm.

Why is it we can't be apart ?

Could it be we share more 
than just love ?

As true as the sky is blue,
not a cloud in the sky could 
ruin you.

Your beauty captured in an 
essence of light that shines 
so bright, you keep me safe 
and warm all night.

Look deep into my eyes, 
a reflection of you.

Could this be...

Two people who feel the 
same, can't be apart no
matter the day.

Seconds, minutes, 
hours together.

Never apart, 
no matter the weather.

A love so pure felt in 
places beyond, connected
two souls beating as one.

Written by: Poet Shi

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circle of life

If not for real
allow me to see her in my dream
One single dream
One whole night 
Merci for my soul
I know you may know it all 
But you don't feel the pain
Of one  little man with petty desires
Oh lord
I am hellbound, that I know
Merci for my soul
Make the Dream surreal
With all the fondness 
The does not exist anymore
With all the serenity that surpasses all the heavens
Angels playing harps 
On the back ground of a moonlight night 
With my nayab holding tight
embrace of an ever lasting love
The birth of our ayesha
allow me to kiss her womb
The warmth of a new beginning 
The new dawn 
Allow me to witness 
The whole circle of life 
Ayesha as our  daughter and nayab as my wife
all her children will be there too
Make it so sureally true
(work in progress)


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The ink of life
'tis flowing down on me
It is giving me the wisdom
To live,love and breathe
The ink of life
It is creating inside of me
The sustenance to exists

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Forgotten Love

And here i arrive at the lovers gate,

Steering thoughts to captivate 

the ferrying notions of our fate,

the empty, quiet, familiar state.

Alas it's come to say goodbye 

as i knock on yesterday's door,

no confidence or measure 

no laughter, no more.

as we continue in our absence 

we fade our memories in weary complacence,

like festering leaves among the steps, 

leaning over the window ledge 

coffee morning toast, bed 

we eliminate the dread of the past undead.

just so we can forget and adjust 

and forever pass-by in forgotten love.  

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Lady Arcane

[Daughters of Lamia] Today we walk from our graves You can't wish, pray it away The Inflamed Coven's emerged You Will receive what you deserve Retribution of the flaming shade Your Malice will be paid, In Harm's way [Aharhel] Her Convoluted face burning with fear Of the fall of the gate seering their minds with the deft of the legion The Army of the plague Scourges your land Scourges your Children Scourges your hope [Lady Arcane] I, The White Madonna - The Poison Mistress Hold The Rose to Salvation - Hold The Fruit to Arcane Closer, Come, Child you are mine [Daughter's of Lamia] Lady Arcane wants your fear Lady Arcane wants you near Lady Arcan is here Lurking In your tears clinging to your spilled blood the east has always been near The Left hand reaches to the right side in disguise In Malice's Disguise Therionacy break you down to thy knees To Thy Knees!

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Easter Day

Easter is glorious day,
Not only to enjoy,
The candy and Easter egg hunt,
But a day,
To rejoice,
In the Lord's resurrection,
Where He gave us,
His life,
To save us from our sins,
Which we all should remember,
And charish,
Each and everyday,
Of our precious lives,
In this world,
That His Father created,
For us all to live,
And gave us a choice,
Between right from wrong,
Which is not always easy,
But if we always turn,
To the Father and the Son,
We will always find,
Them by our side,
Carrying us along the way.

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Always and Forever

I wonder if the day will dawn
That I will wake to find
My life is not revolving round
The world I left behind
The days turned into months
And now the months have grown to years
But still the thought of you
Can turn my laughter into tears
We’d found a love so special
But we lost it all somehow
The chance we had was gone
And all our dreams are over now
So how do I survive each day
How do I go on
When everything I ever had
And ever loved is gone
Although you’re now with someone else
With whom your share your life
She’ll never wear your ring
For I will always be your wife
She may spend her nights with you
And wake with you each day
She may have tomorrow
But I had yesterday
Yesterdays so filled with all
The memories of our youth
The joy, the pain, the tears, the fears
The laughter, lies and truth
Memories of our songs and places
Things we did together
Memories of a love so young
We knew would last forever
Memories of the boy I met
The teenage Romeo
But who you are today
Is all the you she’ll ever know
Sometimes in my darkest thoughts
I wish I’d never learned
What it’s like to find real love
And have that love returned
It’s made it so much harder
To be with somebody new
For no one else can have
That part of me I gave to you
You’re still my world, my heart, my soul
You’re still what life’s about
The one I'm living for
The one I have to live without
I know I can’t hold onto you
But still I can’t let go
Because with you I found
The greatest love I’ll ever know...

By Raina Hutchins

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I Can Be Your Superman

I've seen how 
he miss treats 

He's always 
making you cry.

He leaves you lonely,
instead of holding you 

He rather hangout with 
his friends, then spend 
quality time with you...

And I can't bear
to see you like this 
anymore !!

I can't bear to just
stand by, as he keeps
breaking your heart.

It's time I put that S
on my chest, and 
come save you.

Treat you like 
a real man should.

Leave him in the past,
he doesn't deserve you.

I'm the answer
your heart seeks...

Come with me.

Written by: Poet Shi

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Why I Write

I write
 to verbally wrong those who are blind
 without written rights 
with no lyrical sight
 living in the poems day not knowing its what happens in the poems dream at night shedding literal darkness upon my lights 
with a bit of courage feeling fright in the sky
 flying like a chinese kite 
eating away at the core sugar cake bite
 chopped verbs like cow skin tripe 
in the words personal hype through letters slowly but surely typed 
small yet reaching heights 
among a culture bleeding yet still choked tight
 because its not a maybe or a might
 poetically doing what I do when I WRITE.

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I am a loved, cherished jewel

My day is blessed with leaping, blissful heart
And as I look upon the days that rolled past
And found in their path the hue of seasons
My soul cannot help but smile
On the memories that glitter on my crown
I continue to be allured by hope
To rejoice in the little and great things
And find in the unveiling dreams
That I am a loved, cherished jewel.                                       

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Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone? Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone? I can sence her embrace that feels like Tragedy A heart to have, slipped beneath the waves The dark pulse now beckons us closer How many days will this passion bleed away? We will be the ones left to blame Beware we’ve become their prey They say you’re addicted to your pain A lifeless cold barren soul left to die in the rain A whisper too close to the edge A call from the dark Brings out a saving spark An Exodus from her Pain Her Life Spent breathing in Shame A Shadow Call breaks the Silence Am I the one to blame? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? “My Decadence was just for you Though you’d never care what I’ve been through Enter the world were empathy is clandestine A world created by you, just for me What’s Lying in my heart is why You want to through the stone” I call your name towards nightfall’s reign But they take you so far away A dark angel so divine Cursed by Eden’s heart I will avenge every tear An Exodus from her Pain Her Life Spent breathing in Shame A Shadow Call breaks the Silence Am I the one to blame? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone? Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone?

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Coming from the misty lake Lough Leane
Came a beautiful maiden of the name of Niamh
Upon a mare, for she is not from the world of man
A seraphic princess from Anwnn
Upon the shores she claimed around his kin
"I have came for Oisin son of Finn"
"Maiden you come to me so alluringly 
I am he, if we marry for all eternity!"

And so he rode upon her horse to the secrets of Anwnn
For he and she, they'd be happy for all eternity 

Come with me to Anwnn
I am she, your queen Niamh
I have come for you Oisin, son of Finn
Don't leave me or you'll see 
The age of man
The age of man
The age of man

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Last night I couldn't sleep,for thinking only you...
As I wrapped in warm embrace,your spirit tinted blue
To oust away thine pangs,in hopes to see thee smile...
I'll yoke ye 'pon my shoulders,to carry through this mile

To trade your tears of sorrow,and see them shed in joy...
I'd jest for thine amusement,and be your favorite toy
For thine malady been expelled,I'd invoke it banished 'way...
Taking it 'pon mine self,so you've strength to seize th' day

Though I'm not an king,nor prince 'pon ivory steed...
Th' possessions I've procured here,are thine if felt th' need
I'll sweep thee off thy feet,if not familiar with th' waltz...
To breathe ye 'cross th' ballroom,as an feather floating 'loft

Mark mine words I state here,and hold me to their true...
I'll prove I 'steem thee precious,as unfeigned I surely do
Just promise me one thing,that next time when your down...
You'll wear these words as armor,'til I mend thy broken crown


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What I Know

I know 

That falling out of love with you

Is what I am supposed to do

It seems it is time

Time to start looking forward 

Leave the past behind

But when you left

You took my heart 

Don’t want to love you anymore 

Don’t want to see my heaven in your eyes

Don’t want to miss you

Don’t want to cry

Don’t want to keep asking why 

You changed my world

When you said goodbye

When will I ever feel 

Ready for love again? 

To be held again 

By anyone but you?

If you ever find 

That I cross your mind

If you ever find 

You want a love that is true

I’ll be here

Loving you still

Waiting for you

And at the end of the day

Lord I pray

You might find love for me

So I tell myself to hold on

Till these feelings are gone

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Independence Day

Independence Day,
Is the day to give thanks,
For all of your freedoms,
That all those wo have died,
Have given their life to give us,
What we have each and everyday,
We have the rights,
To choose where to live,
What to eat,
What to wear,
What to watch on tv,
Who to put in office,
And many more freedoms,
That other countries do not have,
This should make us be,
Thankful for all those,
Who give up their lives,
To protect and serve,
What freedoms we have,
Each and everyday,
That give us our rights,
To use our minds,
So please tell everyone that you meet,
That protect and serve this great country of ours,
You appreciate what they do,
For they don't get enough thanks,
For everything they do,
Day in and day out,
By putting their lives on the line,
In fact, They barely get any thanks,
All  the time,
When they should get thanks all the time,
For their lives are on the line,
For us everyday,
So we may have our freedoms,
So, Please try and be kind,
To those who deserve it,
The living and the dead,
To all who deserve it,
And never forget them,
Or their lives they have sacrificed,
For us so we can all have our freedom times.

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To Bethlehem a virgin came--
A pilgrim and a stranger,
'Twas here she bore a baby boy,
And laid Him in a manger.

While shepherds watched their flocks by night, 
In nearby fields abiding, 
A host of the Heaven's angels came,
To sing the wondrous tidings.

The wise men followed, long and far,
God's guiding star before them.
They knelt before the newborn king
To worship and adore Him.

Mary's baby, sweet and mild,
The long awaited Christ child.
She called his name Immanuel--
God is with us; all is well.

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My Angel

All my tomorrows will come and go
And pass just like a storm
But all this pain I feel inside my heart 
Still lingers on
I would have loved you always
Held you for a million years
Instead my arms are empty
And my world is full of tears
Since you’ve gone I’m just a shadow
Of someone I used to be
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do in this world
To bring you back to me
Sometimes I wake up crying at night
Sometimes I scream out your name
What right did He have to take you from me
God, why did you take him away
I'm on a road to nowhere
And I just can't find my way
I feel so lost without you
Scared to face each waking day
Nights I lay awake just staring
Through my bloodshot eyes
Surrounded by these walls that tell
The stories of our lives
The sound of your sweet loving voice
The feel of you so close
The love I felt inside your heart
Is what I miss the most
I know someday I'll see you again
At the gates of Heaven above
And there I will find you waiting for me
My Angel, my heart, my love.

By Raina Hutchins

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To A Missing Love

I miss the days,
We shared together,
And the love we shared,
When it was there,
Believe it or not,
My love for you,
Will always remain,
In my heart,
No matter where you may go,
For we have been,
Through a whole lot together,
That shows my love for you,
Is as true as it becomes,
For one day you will see,
That no one will stand beside you,
The way that I have,
During these troubled times,
And never leave your side,
To be there through thick and thin,
The way I was for you,
Being very true during each forsaken time,
Even though you were pushing me away,
By doing what you did,
Which caused us many problems,
I felt as if everyone else mattered,
More to you,
Than me.

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I love my Mousey,
She lives in a field in BrushCreek, Tennessee,
Walking with her her of cattle,
As happy as she will ever be.

Without this there would be only she,
And i could make her as happy as me,

I miss her immensly, for thee i wish well,
For everyday i wish she wont sell, 
And I could show her in the Dekalb County Fair,
I would sell never an ounce of her.
Hehe not even one of her little white hairs.

Even when all the way over there,
Mine she is for no one but me to share, if I do so happen to dare.

Cute as a button,
A button her nose may well be,
Where I first touched her sweet little body,
Not once but twice sweetly,
For wherever she goes I could spot her, along with her sister and mother.

Many a mile away, for she is not at all,
Not at all what you would say a little grayish thing.

But a heifer who grows daily,
Only to shove the motherly tears away.
In my eyes though, she will always be, forever and always, my baby girl, my sweetie,
my beautiful girl, my Mousey

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Neptune, Mystic lady

In mythology Neptune is male. But in astrology she represents unconditional love. 
which to me is a feminine thing. 

Neptune, Mystic Lady.

Neptune, sweetest mystic maid
They call you yang! Yet can’t they see?
That you, you be the mystic Mother,
You symbol purest mystery.
Ruling Pisces with your beauty,
Two fishes swim, the one each way
You point each soul unto each journey
“The Tao! Yes you be the way.

“Poets, musicians gather round me”
That’s what Neptune seems to say.
Her way be easier via Pisces,
Yet you may get there any way.
But don’t you fight her, or confusion
Might drive you to insanity.
Or drugs, or booze may beckon to you,
Young Neptune well she must be free.

Neptune says “Come on, disolve now,
Find out, you be the ocean too,
Each wave it be its own creation,
Of something that be ever new”
Oh Neptune “love with no conditions”
You be each souls own destiny,
You be the all, filled bold with beauty,
Oh, Neptune, maid of mystery.

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The length and Breath of Time

The Length and Breath of Time

Yes, you linger so succinct my fellow of graying hue;
Like a ember coal is you as you fumble for a cigarette;
Eyes burning down to the filter; the very best of your
Soul is unbound with time, but you lie unaware in longing and regret. How shall we entrain
you? We who seek your solace, your collar stayed conformity to watch it fade and falter.
You stand upon the altar of time with folly pinching your
Belongings – how dare the Jester diminish the gifts he gave you?
A home, a shell of leather on your feet, a small itching on the back of time that all is
filtered through sublime; breathe it in my friend. It is coming to an end.
There’s a furnace deep within you where all acts do
linger fueled bright.
You stoke it day and night, yet no fire lights the
Architecture of the soul’s encasement, for it is billeted elsewhere, beyond the realm your
secrets have devised.
This should come as no surprise,
You can quench the fire, and scatter through the ashes
But find no answers there,
Another day,
Another week,
Another year…
Pull back that iron door,
Bite your tongue and curse the darkness
To light that flame once more…

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i traveled far to the engine of souls

my great obidance 
a train slipping 
of tracks into a manor of faiths 
my dream is the concusion of are dreams not knowing 
the wings of fortune 
a cristal clear disire 
reaping into flamelike arts 
rippels of destanation 
like a huge addiction 
qualety's blemished 
a new stainted letter of the deposite into grace 

feeling how the leaves are shivering 
clouded by emortial savior 
destend to become the quial 
of are justiced parking hit's line 
that he's is smoking daddie's weeds 
on a drifters hook of pray's

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Rock Steady

My eyes linger instantly when you enter my world
They light up bright, like a new lightbulb has been replaced
I blink my heavy eyelashes, and you slowly dissolve into my uncertainty
Your look tortures every fiber of my body
I stay put, hoping to obtain a partial smile
I feel a painful stab from your quick stare, your blade is dull cutting my feelings, making me fragile
I feel the blood of my passion, dripping down my spine
I have so much to tell you, I can count the ways
Yet nothing is said on my behalf
My tongue is heavy and swollen, scalded from his thing called love
I tremble at your majestic presence, and you remain so cool and calm, chilly cold as ice
No aftershock is felt, no a single vibration, or comfort 
You are dry as earth soil can be
The ground doesn't break, not even a crack
My hands remain blistered, and yet no response 
I look in the little mirror, the one hanging on the wall
My hair is perfect, my lips red, my body small
You don't notice my effort, I spray a nice scent
Your nose is up in the air,but you don't look again
I see you walk quickly, you seem to want to get hide in your room
I only hear your sour voice the rest the day
Nothing i have done, nothing I said has moved you toward my way
You seem cemented down steady to your world
I feel your indifference, I want to shrink down and just fall
How do I replace you, you seem so wonderful
I Want to feel this way no more
How to tell my heart to stop beating for you?
I feel a rush of fear, how did it ever get like this
I have concluded this is a thing that needs to be put to rest, it must end
I will look at you no more, your rejection is to much for me to bear. 


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Ballad of Alexandria the Female Knight

Alexandria was a gallant knight,
She used to sit at Arthur’s Round Table.
Dressed as a boy, she helped knights fight evil
As the Blue eyed hero of this fable.

The young lady fell in love with Arthur,
But unknowing, he married Guinevere.
Alex’s heart was hurt, but she stayed true,
She battled alongside him without fear.

Sparring with Lancelot, she learned to fight,
Alex earned respect from her belov’d king,
He never knew she was an armored girl.
He only saw her long weapons in swing.

On a dark and stormy night they set off,
The knights of Camelot looked for The Grail;
Alex as custom rode by Arthur’s side.
They searched through forest glades without avail.

Finally they came across a large cave,
Its dark and dank depths were filled with despair.
Alex entered in front of the brigade,
Arthur gave her braveness no thought or care.

Down in the black unfathomable cave,
At the farthest reaches a light appeared.
Guided by instincts, they knew this was it,
The home of the Holy Grail they revered.

The room guarding The Grail sparkled with gold,
Hundreds of cups lined the intricate walls.
Together the comrades stood and puzzled.
Which of these cups would bring about their falls?

Would it be a goblet, made out of glass?
Could something like The Cup be plainly wood?
Arthur studied the many chalices.
He thought he’d found it, no one understood.

On a pillar was a gold glass, shining.
Its pleasant brightness filled up the whole room.
Arthur was about to drink its liquid
When Alex interfered and met her doom.

Arthur’s brave knight wanted to try it first,
She knew the wrong choice would bring instant death;
So she begged Arthur to let her test first,
After drinking, she soon ran out of breath.

Alex knew that Christ was a carpenter,
She wasn’t surprised that he’d chosen wrong.
Alex knew that her love would bring her fall,
So our hero bade a silent so long.

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My All

I felt my life was standing still
No dreams for me to follow
Some nights there seemed to be no point
In waking up tomorrow
The road ahead grew lonelier
And longer everyday
With no one there to hold my hand
Or help to guide the way
But then the clouds began to fade
The sun came shining through
And then my life began again
The day that I found you
You took away the loneliness
And wiped away my tears
You gave me back my dignity
And cast aside my fears
You gave the strength I needed
To stand up on my own
I knew with you beside me
I would never be alone
You always saw the best in me
Through all the good and bad
You’re always there to laugh with me
Or hold me when I’m sad
We’ve been through everything there is
Together we are strong
We’ve held each other up 
Whenever anything went wrong
I can’t remember loneliness
Or what I used to do
I know I’ve learned what life’s about
Because of loving you
You never hide your love for me
Your feelings always show
Please hold me in your life forever
Never let me go
I know that there’s a Heaven now
I know that God is there
I prayed that I would find someone
And God answered my prayer
For you are my lifes happiness
You’re everything to me
I couldn’t live without you now
You are my destiny
So never say goodbye to me
Never let us fall
For till the day I die
I’ll only ever give my all..

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I remember living in one room dingy and dire 
with old lino on its rotting wooden floor. 
I remember crystallised spit dangling from guard at the fire; 
as mother cleaned, he'd only honk the more.  

I recall how we went hungry, waiting for the paltry sum 
he allowed us for board and keep, the cheap fink, 
and how he served apprenticeship to becoming a true bum 
by treating as priorities his fags and drink.  

I remember all the rows he caused demanding back the cash 
which was supposed to feed and clothe his we’ans
I remember every Christmas morn' the gifts received were trash 
because he'd pissed the present-money down the drain.  

I recall one awful night my mother hunting high and low 
with a hungry bedraggled child on either hand, 
she finally catching that boozy stinker sate in the Dungloe. 
How he fumed, outraged that food she dared demand.  

I remember his begrudgement of those sparse few days away– 
one hour upon the beach or at the fair: 
how just when we were relaxing would be dragged from play. 
Homeward-bound: him the ‘bookies', us despair.  

I remember trudging up to Creggan to the ‘Housing Place' 
every week with mother and sister, come rain or hail, 
and how that worthless, selfish, monster did not even have the grace 
to commend her dedication, instead railed.  

I can picture his expression when she got herself a job, 
determined not to lose her new clean home. 
I remember his wild tantrums when she'd saved up for a hob– 
the delivery man was perplexed at oral foam.  

I remember those miserable times as if they were today, 
how he made odd help with homework living hell– 
so that now a friend's assistance, however gracefully 
put, grates my tortured psyche so much I cannot tell.  

When we started working, my sister dear and I, 
it seemed for him a licence to give less. 
Many weeks he'd keep house-money and, as the months went by, 
we discovered he'd drunk the rent; that was a mess.  

So now sot has retired, and it seems his mind has gone– 
for he's telling all how great he was those years: 
he built house on the prairie. He was such a con: 
the only thing he constructed was a legacy of fear.

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Waiting: Verse 1

I'm coming home,
Back to your arms,
Where my love is strong,
And my heart is warm,
'Cause my hands are cold,
And my mouth is dry,
I need you here with me tonight,

Well I'm waiting on you;
I'm singing with sorrow,
I'm waiting on you;
I'm living for tomorrow,
I'm waiting on you;
Can you hear me calling out?
I'm waiting on you;
But I still don't have a doubt...

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Another harsh Winter we must face It Matters not, no one can escape Fate Not Even The Gods With Bravery we shall Stand Strong In Care we shall advance onto Vigrid Fenrir Will Lay dead By Dawn's Perch Trim Your Nails, to Prevent Naglfar It's time to suit up; We Are The Einherjar Protector's of Ragnorak The Army of The Gods The Lovers of Valhalla All of Midgard will sing Of our triumph and their Defeat Sadly all will come, In a twinkling To An Utter End Madi, Magni, Sons of Thor Balder, Hod, Residence of Hel Lif, Lifthasir, of Yggdrasil Do us well Remembrance of our noble deeds Is all well enough Sing the Song We Are The Einherjar

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Queen Of The Heart Breakers

She ripped it out my chest and she help it up before my eyes.
I thought our love was pure but just a lure that brought my sure demise.
Broken by design as obsession left my heart confined.
Some say that love is blind but silent cries are never heard at night.
There used to be a time i would have saw our hopes and dreams combined.
But secretes love to hide til its time to see 2 stars collide.
I thought that you were mine for forever so i ignored the signs.
Seek and you shall find someone adored became someone despised.
We walked a chosen path to be together til the end of time.
But It was simple math subtracted passion equals hearts divide.
Beautiful disasters have a master they can not defy.
How can i trust the sun when every night it leaves the moon 2 die.
The Non existent rules of right and wrong applied to u and i.
I knew what this would cost me but i decided it was worth a try.
So many kings have fallen without ever even knowing why.
She goes around collecting hearts but i wont let her leave with mine.

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Queen of The Vultures

One step into her aflamed path
With even an intention so good
Anyone could, yet none should
She knits your lips with her name
So you won't remember 
the one who's heart you hold
Your lovers' bane

Her Eden's Revenge is all she contains
The destruction of your soul is all that remains
The Queen of Vultures and Wargs
She serves Asmodeus and nothingmore
Sitra Achra you will surely find
Misstress of Mayhem
The lights grow dim 
You've found the blood of your love

"Just dream if it was only you and me
Far into the left side far from The Hand of God
Run with me into the deeps of Sitra Achra"

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US Under Alien Stars

Here's to all that put up a good fight. A tough battle of day, so we can all safely sleep  tonight.

Our brother troops on a foreign ground, wide awake with evil all around. 

Outcasts in a bleak lifeless place. Any free time, just trying to picture your face. 

Day falls away, and out comes glimmering stars. Not much else to see here, but broken walls and burned up cars. 

Within many U.S. troops, thrives a common hope. To defeat these psycho groups, is what we all mainly scope. 

Day by day, days drag on. More time here and more friends gone. 

Many wish on these stars in the sky. A common wish to finally say goodbye! 

Some time from now and not too long, mission complete and soon to sing the song. 

These years have come and past. We all have grown very strong, and the bond will always last. 

Next up coming, will be our ride back home. Back with our family and freedom to roam.

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She said that she would always love him
As she was walking out the front door
He knew what she was really saying 
I don't want to see you anymore. 

He wondered where it had gone so wrong
And how he had missed the warning signs 
To him, love was something you ran to. 
He guessed her love was a different kind. 

He still adores the ground she walked on
But it looks like that was not enough
He knew that she had made up her mind. 
And this wasn't some commitment bluff. 

Now he sleeps on her side of the bed
Her teacup is still in the kitchen. 
He rushes for the phone when it rings
Says a prayer, holds his breath, and listens. 

He dialed her number quite a few times. 
Even talked to the answering machine
But now he feels like an intruder
Butting in on another man' dream. 

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O mysterious light
as the eyes of my faithful sweet-heart,
inspire the distant soul
of this poet in distraught...
whose poem is still unfinished;
give him the rhythm and flow
to embellish his heart-felt verse
with sentiment and thoughtfulness!

Beyond the rolling waves,
ships carry secret lovers
who deride and defy their fate 
and set their souls on fire...
without feeling a need in dire,
or admitting an awful mistake!

O mysterious sea...
take their ship away
to a shore where nobody will see,
and let their fornication be 
as crude as the awakening
of everyone who's not afraid of indulging;   
I will take no part or joy
in their pleasure so openly and willingly! 

Could I forget that she ever existed, or
ever loved me with trust and sweetness?
Wouldn't it be unforgivable and wrong...
to waste what was blessed by holiness?
In this era of unfaithfulness,
many choose to do harm to someone else...
thinking only of self-gratification,
breaking the vows of dedication!

O mysterious sea as deep as the love
of my changeless woman,
who contemplates every sunset and dawn
with the purity of a dove:
let no beautiful eyes deceive me,
and sadly erase the innocence of her memory!

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If only It were easy for me to part from thee

to go back to a time afore I knew you

ere your beauty and your love were forever in my heart branded

times together in my mind forever treasured, the beauty of you in my soul forever mated

Leaving nothing of all your immediate reminders.

A caress of flames to engulf me

And warm my cold loneliness,

A moment of bliss to bid me farewell

Without ire or regret

Though I cannot claim from thee my heart anymore than I can claim the moon from the skies for your love.

The heart wants what it wants and I cannot even begin to grasp the reasons neither can I fathom the depths of these alien feelings,

Only that should I lose you after I've just found you, I ....cannot imagine going on.

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By Tom Brown


Never once the good coming into the bad but the bad slowly becoming good
Evolving from one into the other like a seesaw of drama and reality
Varying only by what it is now
Every time hitting just as hard
Ripping into my soul only to heal itself over the hard times

Questions from before become questionable
Usually leading to more confusion
Initially meant to ease the mind but becomes
The never ending cycle of life

In this time my will is tested

Judgment swings it's hammer in due time
Used solely to set me free from one hell and
Soaring into what could be another
Time consuming hole in which I may not return from...but

Faith is
Only giving me the drive to continue
Life is a test inside another
Looking from the outside inward
Only to test me further and
Warranting me my chance at something better in the future

Maybe my life has more meaning than I thought
Yet I still find myself tested

Hopefully I can still go on
Eventually the tests will end
And my efforts to survive this will be noticed
Rewarding me my freedom
Then maybe I can find what I've always been searching for...

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Mr Wise Man, show me the way
I can't keep walking into walls all day

Quitting jobs wasn't easy but the reasons we're wrong
I felt like I was feeding King Kong
Left my life to help those that need it
Got mistreated, left, all to repeat it

The lessons are eternal they won't ever change,
That's your gift to me so that I won't be deranged.
So now that I have gotten better please give me my strength
My life is something that is losing it's length.

Mr Wise Man, show me the way
I can't keep walking into walls all day

Tolerance has always been my strongest feature,
Made me forget about every evil creature.
Test my limits all you want, I know it's vital
That is all a case of survival.

I don't know why I just keep trying
In the end I know I'll be dying.
My faith has been put to test
A test that will put me to rest

All the worlds I've been to
All the places I've gone through
Every single man woman and child
Every single one would make another mild

Stronger than the rest
This should make me the best
Or maybe it's best I don't know
Maybe it's best I just go

So Mr Wise Man, don't show me the way
I can't keep walking into walls all day

I'll walk my own path

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La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin

La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin La Msytique est la Specatatrice du Divine Elle Parle au mot que je ne comprends pas "Soilel vous deffinissez est mien Pourtant vous, vous laisser il saigner Comme un nouveau vin Triste - ons ne Saurant Jamais Triste - ons ne Verront Jamias" Parle a moi, si prestine La Mystique La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin La Specatatrice du Divine Ton Voix sefane dans Le Chanson entrain de Mourir

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The Footfalls Towards Forever - Part 3 of 3

 ... For Theirs Was A Loyal Love That Would Nay Suffer Guilt
Nor Wander, Nary Wrangle, Nor Waste, Nor Wrong, Nor Wilt
Whether Slow In Coming, Or of A Moment Passing Swift
Not Even An Enemy’s Blade Plunged In His Side To Its Hilt ! …

could Halt His Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …

Even In Whispered Woe & Weeping That Winds Would Nay Lift
Or Thru A Last Dance, Last Duty, Lost Dreams, Or Long-Ago-Drift
Even In All The Combined Separation Or An All Alone-Shift
Even Thru Gut-Struck-Grief Or The Unknown – Aye, Even If …
Out of Cold Shadows’ Desperation … Over A Highland Crag-Cliff 

… slips The Soft Footfalls Towards Forever

Out of Cold Shadows On A Highland Moor
Will You Come Walking To Me As Hard Rains Pour?
Beneath A Tree of Life I Stood and Swore
To Bring You My Body & Every Beauty, It Bore
To Reach You Before Even Death’s Read Banns Door …

and Right Before, Our Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …

    … Out of Cold Shadows, On A Highland Moor
Will You Wake For Me, When The Full Moon Soars?
Beneath A Tree of Life, I Stood and I Swore
To Bring You Back, Body ‘N Breath & The Beauty It Bore
Whether To Walk On Water Or Just Footprints On A Shore

in Soft, Footfalls Towards Forever To Explore …

yea, In Soft Footfalls Towards Forever … Still Furthermore …   

(Isaiah 50: 4, 5 /  Song of Solomon  /  John 11: 23 – 27  /
Genesis 3: 4, 13 – 15, 24  /  Revelation 21: 3, 4)

Story Poem Written & ©:  1/ 3-6 /2013

by:  MoonBee Canady

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We fuss. We fight.
Can't get this right.
I swear I'm done and try to leave,
But I can't. I want you here with me.

You say we're done, that I'm crazy,
But still you never actually leave.
Yet somehow, nothing's better than this.
Through everything, we just can't quit.

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So Little Time

If I had known how much I would
Have missed her  when she left,
I would have thought of deaths embrace
As robbery or theft.

If I had known how much I would 
Have missed her when she died,
I would have prayed dear Jesus please
Take me, but I just cried.


She died so very suddenly
We did not have much time,
Though from the very day we met 
I knew she would be mine.

I loved her yes with all my heart
I prayed for her in life,
I prayed each day she would be blessed
I prayed she'd be my wife.

So lovely,tender,pure and free
I treasured all her love
She stored up for only me
This lady, was my dove.

Now I am left to wonder God.
Now I am left to pine.
Why did she die first Lord
Now when will come my time.

For fifty years in marriage 
Our hearts did intertwine.
She now has left to meet you God.
So very little time.

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Before you

Before you:


Before you love was a word of foreign magnitude. It had no meaning, no depth, or even feeling, It was something I simply feel into blindly. I had grown accustom to pain, my lovers actions of immense throe causing heartache I had never wanted to know. My lips have kissed that of undeserving toads, like I was a wondering princess with wounds to show. My features were never found to be pleasing, my characteristics labeled as quite odd, making myself a curious handicap for any man to have, so the idea of prince charming was depraved, but then I met you.


Day by day a smile grew, I laughed with joy I had never knew, and an odd sensation even grew. My abdomen started to quiver with isolated flutters, butterflies causing jitters. My cheeks blushed with the perfect amount of rosy color and my once vacant mind rambling onward with thoughts of you.


Suddenly someone had become my day, suddenly someone had become my night, never in my life would I think all this to be true, but no lie could ever come from these words I write. For you give me reason to be happy, you give me love when I feel undeserving, and the kindness you show me is exhilarating, never temporary.


The way you care, the way you offer me compassion and show empathy for what I have to bare makes me feel strangely human once more. The way you touch my face, your fingers slipping through my hair, the way you stroke my pallid skin, whispering loving words in my ear, and the way you kiss my soften lips makes me feel wanted and every wall I have ever built suddenly no longer exist. I feel like a women, no longer a scared girl because now I know all the wondrous things love has to give.


Never do I want to lose my reason for vulnerability, I fully enjoy the free falling sensation and my heightened sensitivity.


And to think it’s all because of you.

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One! Two!! it’s all espirit d’ corp
For only our duty calls
When life is at stake there is no fall
No mistake taken when in your court is the ball

Left! Right!! The move taken of courage
We all move to the other side-no age
Orders are what keep us together as brothers
Not bordered when one falls we just go further

In the line there is no looking backward
For glory is what we look towards
At risk of our life forward we go
In our country we are living heroes

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RIP My Brother

Today marks seven years you had to go. 
Your journey here was a tough tow. 
To better things the other side. 
You've left me feeling really lost. 
But the memories are never tossed. 
Even though you're in a better place. 
That don't stop the tears rolling down my face. 
You were my buddy, my pal, my friend. 
Most of all you were my brother that held my hand. 
RIP I love you always!

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Love You Now

There will never be another forever your my queen. (now)

Honored 2 b your King  an protector of your dreams. (now)

Your love is so addictive got me feeling like a fiend. (now)

Ill see your happiness immortal by any necessary means. (now)

Now I know how Adam felt the first time he saw eve. (wow)

Your beauty is so divine the human mind cant conceive. (now)

Every kiss is bliss I'm convinced ill never leave. (now )

Staring in those pretty eyes even make it hard 2 breathe. (wow)

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Making It Up To You

I'll spend years making it up to you.
Each passing day I will pray a little longer
and hope a little more.
I can wipe my sadness off my arm and hold it
in a bag by the door --
if you'd agree to just pick it up and drop it off at the cleaners.
Then I know for sure it's over and we're just beginning
to get to the end of whatever the hell happened
and whatever the hell we'd been.
I can press my face up against the glass and 
hit the window with my fists
and be part of you again.
Just to feel anything 'cuz nothing would take away
this empty void I have lurking inside the broken part of me.
I would ask again for help and please beg you to just wait.
Wait for the time I'm ready and strong with 
everything brushing past me and all my leaves gone.
Wait 'til I'm just alone and scared like a child
and breathing shallow like a fish out of water 
causing you to see my pain.
It's written all over my neck and my back,
down to my middle toe on the left foot.
I just wanted you to know that I never said 
I never said I was telling the truth.
I never said I was sorry, and that's something I'd never do.
Each day was a lesson and each lesson was learned.
Sometimes it doesn't hurt as much to let myself feel the burn.
We're not able to spend this time reflecting.
I'll spend years making it up to you. 

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State of the nation

This world is getting tougher to survive everyday.
The cost of living is more than my pay.
It's going to get worse that's what the old folks say.
The bad times are here and here to stay.
Just look at the shape of the U.S.A.
we're afraid to let our children go out and play.
Maybe we all need to get on uor knees and pray.

Jobs are getting harder and harder to find.
What I own ain't worth a dime.
Inflation is up and so is crime.
Alot of real good people are in a bind.
Can't even get care when your in your prime.
Most everyone you know have fallen on hard time.
I can't help them out when i'm worried about saving mine.

Career politicians keep sucking us dry.
They tax everything we own and anything we buy.
Most of us blue collars will work till the day we die.
While the rich skate through life and don't have to try.
We all have to stop living this goverment lie.
It's about time we let that eagle fly.
Remember who made this country, it was you and I.

We the people can bring her back, and put this nation back on track.
We made her strong and that's a fact, and
Noone will ever be able to take away that.

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I Sudder for the Week

The Week

I have seen the results of such causation in the
Flow; the rankling of souls in the current schemes
Unfold; a swift retribution of all that falls
In timing, in days united by one moment, one
Succinct cause; it binds the Master to some purpose:
To make Him writhe in pleasure at the phases, all
The places Souls must sift through;
He has no responsibility to define love or anger or
Redemption in His name for they will come and go, I say.
They might be movements that guide oblique the
One’s who seep reason through the His doors of circumstance;
The bonds of second chance rendered one, two three,
They hold wisdom glory and valor in place,
The sanctifying grace of all that holds you in wonder,
All that heaven will withstand as we nightly storm its
Gates to shatter blue the moon,
To suck in all the stars on cue and spew them
Rearranged – for that is the gift of breath, in
Darkness rising in our sleep,
I shudder for the week – it has no place here.

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Just Because Of You

I'll write this just because i love you,
I'll write this just because it's true.
I'll write this just because of you,
I'll write this just because i do.

When you smile, I feel alive again,
When you smile, i can feel no pain.
When you smile, my world is free,
When you smile, it feels like you have owned me.

I love you, 
I love you.
I love you,
I love you.

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The battle within

Sparks fly in the air
Lights glow in the dark
I am gripped by fear
As my worst nightmare attacks
It's shriek pierces my soul
It's roar tests my bravery
This battle has left my control
And no one is here to save me
The air gets colder
The light gives out
The darkness gets bolder
And I'm filled with doubt
I'm standing on a bridge, hewn  from stone
It lies between the world and my mind
Now as it approaches, I'm all alone
But this demon of mine must stay confined
It must never escape from inside me
For the world cannot withstand it
And even though I may no longer be
I will do all I can to hinder it
I summon the courage I used to lack
And stand there dumbfounded
It's eyes glow a fiery glow
It's wings are made of fire
It's sinister smirk scares me so
And I know it's one desire
Huge and menacing, it comes before me
I must now perform my appointed task
'Ancient and evil you may be,
But you shall not pass.'

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Believe in the killer in me,
Innocent, she believes in me,
Metaphorical Scent of disease,
Regardless oh whom I tried to be...

Dead by the hands of a mistaken assassin,
Still, she claims what she was not,
The hunter became what the hunted has been,
An image of ignorance behind the roots of a thought.

Experience is worth for what we are now,
Lifeless and cruel, casting a doubt,
Over the wings of the choices we once approached,
But that's not what I saw, that's what I was told...

Dead by the hands of a mistaken assassin,
Still, she claims what she was not,
The hunter became what the hunted has been,
An image of ignorance behind the roots of a thought.

May the metal of your arms
Be my last empty grave,
For against your believes
Nothing's stronger than hate,
Just relieve this empty shell
Of all I once drew,
Because for all that I did
I'm no better than you...

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Diedre II

Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode I cunnan sense her embrace that felans gelic Tragedy A Heart to hath, slipped beneoðan waw The dark pulse nou beckons us closer How many daegs will this passion bledan way We will beon the ans left to blame Bewarian we hath be-came their prey They say thou hast ben addicted to thy pain A life-leas cold barren soul left to die in the rain A whisper to close to the edge A ceallian fram the dark Bringan ut a saving sparke An exodus fram her pain Her life spent braeð in shame A Shadow ceallian brecans the silence Eom I the an to blame Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deirdre naefre said wrong Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode “My decadence wesan just for thee Though thou never hast cared of what I hath been through Enter the world hwaer empathy is clandestine A world created by thee, just for me Hwaet is lecgan in my heart Is why thou wants to through the stan” I call thy name towards nightfall’s reign But they take thou so feorr way A dark engel so devin Cursed by Eden’s Heart I will avenge every tear An exodus fram her pain Her life spent braeð in shame A Shadow ceallian brecans the silence Eom I the an to blame Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deirdre naefre said wrong Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode

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Silent pulses of Krileanine’s Pentagram Lure the young men of the hamlet Lönam Oh how she sains them with The Heptagram Curiosity killed the cat And made the Nightbeast Darkly, she commenced the ancient rite Performing in her Sluttish ways She’s preparing for the Full-moon Night Scream! Lycanthrope Lover Her host’s fangs Will pierce every innocent "Submit to my will You carrion ghoul Welcome to my Esoteric Hell" Scream! Lycanthrope Lover Whore of everything unholy You must Fear the Coming Of Muspelheim, Cassandra

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Welcome To The World Of This Certain King

"Bring Me Wine,Myrrh and My Sweetheart Daughter Anabella,
My Little Anabella Loves To Listen To The Voice Of Salome,Her Lyre and Her 
Happy Serenade..
Tell My Scribes To Be Fast About Compiling The Exploits Of Their King In His 
Last Battle Campaign..What Is a King Without An Updated Chronicle..
Send In My Little Prince For His Voice As He Reads Through His Texts Of 
Poetry..Lures The King His Father To a Closer Salient Walk With The gods..
Tell The War Generals To Give Me A detailed Brief of Our Next Campaign.."

At Morn..
"Send In The Finest Of Thy Young Warriors..So I can Test My Stealth In The Very 
Face Of Battle and Danger...
What Have Young Men Turned Themselves into..So Lazy,Wanton and Unmanly..
Off My Sight Before I Seek Thy Skulls This Very Instant..
(In Privacy With The Head Warrior)..Oh! Sarskaas Your Young Boys Are one of the 
Best in The Region My Training Sessions Are Truelly Refreshing..Tell this not to 
them Lest you build the Fruits of Pride and Treachery in their Young Minds..
Do Usher in My Seductive Belles to Show Off Their Waists in Acts of 
Poetry,Dance and Linguistic Body Embellishments..."

At Noon..
"You The Dreaded Most Notorious KING Of the Valley..A Demi god,Invincible and 
Indestructible..As I Speak Kiss The Sole Of My Feet and eat this dish of Camel 
Dung mixed with fine desert sand..
Ax-Man when he finishes his dessert Bring me his Head on My 'Royal Golden 
Usher in the Wise Men of the South..For I want to converse with them in this 
same spirit of Saliency..
Stuff the roast Calf portions with a lot of herbs and Spices..You well know its the 
Obsession of the Men from The south.."

At Sundown..
"Usher in the different contingents of Musicians to Entertain my Salient Guests...
Wrap My 'Lotus Fumes' Quickly so I can Smoke this Life's Troubles Aways..And 
See Through the One Eye of the gods in Solemnity and Blissful Thinkings,
Head Eunuch Do Send A Servant to The Harem..He Should Tell My Queens to 
get A-Ready For Their Lord is in Good Shape for Royal Rumbles and More..
Oh! My Faithful Knights your War plans were excellent..Go Now Enjoy and Excite 
your souls as much..Retain your honour and have the War at the Back Of your 
Depart In Peace..Many A-Waists in The Harem are Restless.. 
I go in to Satisfy My Very Own.."
Welcome Again To The World Of That Certain King..

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The sapphire sun of what-were dreams
Setting in the forsaken east
My winters' desperation clung to your silent voice
Let death be a choice
Dusk revealed your truest nature
Before her argentine eyes
'Tis the darkest of tragedies, romances' maladies
Let your forgiveness be la Vie In this frozen air
The wings of my deepest despairs

Friend or foe?
The dagger close to my heart--
If your forgiveness is nigh
Let me know--or is this all a lie

Lilyheart Swain
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

The winterwind tears carress me
With whispers, (of) Someone I Once knew
Calming the fears inside
But the pain remains
--hallcunary rains 

Dreams fading with the Enya in your eyes
With the darkness of your hands
The silverfears of the pale moon
Shine on you

Lilyheart swain 
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

Your eyes search for mine
Oh how they shine, blue 
Sacrdice has a price
Heaven is calling us tonight

Cursed In shadowed illusions
Shall we dance?
Would there be a chance
Forgive me now
I will rip out every nail 
Of your coffin
I don't care if it's God it will offend

Lilyheart Swain
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

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Forget me not

Shaded essence of honesty,
the kind you forget to remember,
neglecting patience,
avoiding confrontations,
merely hoping for the best.

You know, it's really not that hard
to attempt and erase the past,
trust yourself completely 
so that you aren't in a whole yourself.

Ripping up your heart,
the half that I once held,
gifted and cherished
with all the pity I endure now.

You're sense of clarity 
is as clear as your fogged mind,
leaving only your rollercoaster-
one you took me on without choice-
one I've been on every single time,
a roller coaster with a merry-go-round track,

I hope one day your mind is clear
and you remember not only the bad but the good
and with that I hope you reveal your true feelings,
decide what you ultimately want 
because right now I'm just your rag doll,
I'm merely your revenge,

all because it's what I deserve
and I have no other say.

So please,
before you carry on,
sink into your thoughts,
remember both good and horrid memories,
remember first friendship is the beginning,
it leads to things both good and bad
So please,
before you decide to ignore me,
let me know where I stand
instead of leaving me in the dark.

forget me not.

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We Wait

                                                            We  Wait
Oh  a  life  we  spend
Upon  the  Earth
While  knowing  Our  God
Will  grant  us  rebirth.

To  anticipate  a  new life
With  Him
To  go  to  a  place
Where  no  one  is  condemned.

A  Heavenly   realm
Is  waiting  for  us
For  those  who  believe
For  all who  are  just.

So  beautiful
So  calm  and  sure
No  pain  or  strife
No  more  to  endure.

So  glorious
We  cannot  wait
To  go  to  our  home
To  go  through  that  gate.

And  glorify  God
Our  Heavenly  King
Where  the  angels  above
Do  sing.

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A Question of Honor

Dedicated to Noor Al-Maleki You Try, You Try so hard To put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Have set me Free, Can't You See I Won't have to face a Tyrant anymore Your gaze used to Stun But Now It Just Burns Under the Sun Never Enough to Be Myself Never Enough to Be Free I will not Bow to You I will not Kneel Before You Smothering Liberty Condoning Freedom This way is unjust This way only brings out our worse Hatred and Mistrust War and malice no know law You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views I am The Flame you Greatly Hate I am The Flame you greatly fear Some cannot handle the truth It shows they are the Criminals You are one of them You're the problem This misdeed will not live on without the hate of your name Honor Is not real It's just an emotion that only you feel You're another bulwark Against the truth No one Will Bow No one Will Kneel You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Fear The Truth You Fear the reality you are the criminal against all humanity We must end these lies Before Honor Will Strike again You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views

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My Special Gift Of You

Today is a very special day,
It is a day our hearts,
Joined together as one,
Making a new life,
And this is something,
That you can not find,
At the corner market,
It appears no matter,
What we do in our lives,
Or which way we turn,
We always turn up,
At each other's side,
For what reason,
We do not really know,
All we do know,
Is we can always turn,
To each other at anytime,
When we need someone to talk to,
The other person seems to always be there,
To conside in,
It takes time,
To find the inner beauty inside,
That you have,
And I'm glad that,
I have finally found,
This beauty and this love,
Within the special person of you.

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eye-to-eye, we meet says the songs..
glued stare nothing comes along..
forgetting all worries and wrong..

I shove my hands and arms..
Inviting you to be near and give a hug..
I will lay my head affront your chest..
Closing my eyes in whole contentment..

No inches apart, as my body fits to yours..
Building true comfort, melting my fears..
Shifting my head against your neck..
Languidly, i move my cheeks to a pur..

Such incomparable, wonderful feeling!
Only you and i can share in the right timing..
I hold on to seconds, minutes to hours..
Promising you and i, sweet not sour..

by: olive_eloi [aug.14, 2013 @6:40pm]

dedicated to persons who is like me wishes for a hug from my family... 


HUGS. free gesture of comfort, care, concern, affection and love... if it's given wholeheartedly, surely it can lift one's soul.. it encourages a spirit to burn...

i admit i love hugs, evening...

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God Forgiver of All Ills

Oh God, forgiver of all ills,
To thee we lift one voice;
Through thee, our reason is instilled,
Our wills, granted free choice.

Upon the cross on Calvary,
Thy only Son forgave
The errors of humanity;
Our weakened souls, he saved.

Thy justice is all-merciful,
Rewarding self-control,
Then sparing tortures that befall
The sloth of weak, impassioned souls.

Thy heavens turn in symmetry,
To follow thy design,
The world obeys the Almighty,
For all power is thine.

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Bind Him Up Forever

He spends his time in idleness, trying to find his place in this world, and looking 
for his way, though unaware he fails each time and falls deeper in despair.
He doesn't know that he'll never find happiness while in such woe, or know what 
it's like to be,... Really loved! 

My father, I come to you, lowly bent,...
Draw him nigh to thee, make him thine very own, walk before him, beside and 
after him; follow. Keep him so close, that your heart beats for him. Let Your love 
flow through him and Your grace bind him up forever.

In You, he'll never fear tomorrow and all his sorrows will soon fade away. 
Everyday will be sunshine, even though it's dark and dreary, Your light will 
outshine every cloud. His days will never be  so good that he is beyond the need 
of Your grace,and his days so bad that he is beyond the reach of Your grace.!

My father, I come to You, lowly bent...
Lift him from the miry clay and wash him in Your purified blood, then shall he be 
a part of your devine will. Make sure the path before him, lay out trials to teach 
him to trust You, and mountains let him climb that he may know endurance and 
faith.Through valleys of darkness let him wander that he will know you'll never 
leave nor forsake him and Your hand leads the way.

Let Your love flow through him, and Your grace bind him up forever!

(c) March, 25, 2008
Rosemarie Schrock

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Still Love You

My life has been a struggle through despondent 
pain and all
as my worldly issues continue to fall.
But I realize I was not created to break
so I pick my emotional bag of heartache.
I take all the hurtful woe
and buried it away by my inner love to let go.
Hence I find the strength from within
as I raise up my chin.
To become a better woman.
with a new life to begin.
To make it on the top.
not allow my self esteem to drop
I made it through
I know I still have you.
the time we invest

was true love blessed.
Still through our situation
of an unhappy relation.
Our love will never lapse
nor will my experiences of hurt ever relapse.
But unconscious our love will be strong
and our time together will not be right or wrong.
All though life’s troubles continually invade
Our affection for one another will never fizzle or fade
Now it is time to say good-bye.
however, our love will never die.

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You Came to Me Oh Lord

If what I feel is true
Don’t know how to explain
That my heart was heavy once
And didn’t know what to do

I was gloomy and darkness fell
 over me, all at once
I thought that I  was through
And was going straight to hell


But then you came to me
And entered in my heart
And now that I am free
Promise with you to never part

I need you, Lord, to know
How desperate I did feel
Didn’t think that I would make it
And saw it all so real

The bad became the worse
And the worse became so real
And their teachings that I heard
Never happy would make me feel


But then you came to me 
And entered in my heart
And now that I am free
Promise with you to never part

My heart became a stone
Didn’t know that I could feel
This LOVE that you give me
And my sins away you peeled

Now I’m grateful, Lord
And full of love I feel
Not only for you, God
But I feel I love the world

And most important, Lord
I feel I Love myself


You came to me, Oh Lord
And entered in my heart
And now that I am free
Promise never from you to part

And become so lovingly
And stretch out my hand to thee

No matter what it is you feel
Prayer will set you free
So believe and faith will never fail
And let God’s love in you prevail

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The Whiskey Ballet

Once in a while when we fall down
Rarely ever is there anybody else around
To take all of our sorrows and misery away
We seem to suffer to our dying day
A maelstrom of voices swirl through our heads
A bunch of mixed up words from what people said
Saying that this is what life is about
But this ain't what I want and that I don't doubt
I'm drowning the bad thoughts deep in my brain
I'm gonna slam a 60-pound and flush my mind away
I'll wake up in a ditch or in my bloody grave
The ballad of the whiskey ballet
It's cheaper for a bottle than a stinkin' bar
Where all the blasted bastards and the ditchpigs are
I like to drink alone with no one else around
I drink all I want on my own slammin' ground
I don't need someone telling me that I'm being too damned loud
I don't need anyone treating me like a drunk and foolish clown
I'll just turn around and belch into whomevers face and
waltz away on my own cloud by my own staggering pace
I'll be belching and mumbling,kicking and stumbling
puking and yelling,going to Hell andfighting and bleeding
The world will take heed and crashing and crawling
to the ballad of the whiskey ballet!!

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My Pain

Life is an array of twists and turns
Nightmares to conquer and dreams to burn

Why must I wait
for the opening of the gate
The world outside is a forest and dark
and the people are it's bark

The lies
To dust
Cries for something more
and they drag you in because they must

What's the point?
You work to meet them
then work harder to defeat their memory
To undo their damage
and disconnect the joint

One man that knew no better
Didn't mean to make me any upsetter
When he said it was better this way
But I'd love to forget it any day

For years I've seen it
So many tears I've tasted for it
Betrayal never gets old
ask me sometime and the story will be told


All the things I disgust
and leave the taste
that leaves me to a further distrust


So many I can name
So many I can blame
So many I can claim at one point
and deny me what I want

But if you don't know, you don't know me

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Josette, Drive the Faerie out of me

She's Lost--I'm the one left to blame Forsaken by my potent manipulating game I've killed the one, My starcrossed heart Desires ...But not By My hands I Try To Follow her ghost But the fog and mist are too strong My eyes are rendered useless "You're Never going to Find Josette" The netherworld Spirits sang I Won't lose Heart I Will Win this Fight For My Sacred Josette's Right to Life This is what happens when The Devil's Adovocate Falls for Jesus's Greatest Bride This is what happens When The life of the disease Loves the cure it desperately hates Drives you mad But Wasn't I already? Josette, I'm begging you To Drive the Faerie out of Me

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"Michelle & Mookey"

Mookey and Michelle were lovers                           
Oh, how they could love                              
they were faithful until something went wrong                                                             
he loved her, but something is wrong                        

Michelle Is a good wife to him                               
that’s what he said                                                    
spent 50 dollars to by her man a picture                          
he loved her, but something is wrong	           

Michelle called his cousin                               
Just to see if he was there                                             .
said: brother-in-law,Has my baby been here?                                           
he loved her, but something is wrong                    

“you are a good wife and I don’t lie,                            
I won’t lie to you,he stayed with some girl he left this morning  
the gal is Tiffany Jones                                                 
he loved her, but something is wrong

Michelle went down to the bar                                     
Didn’t go to drink                                                         
underneath her shirt she carried a nine-milli gun                                           
he loved her, but something is wrong                           

Michelle looked over the car to see if he was there                                                    
there was Mookey on the stool holding Tiffany’s hand                                                 
he loved her, but something is wrong

Michelle stooped down beside the car   
Pop ,pop ,pop ,pop four shot let out
Right through the door
he loved her, but something is wrong

The first two hit Mookey
She heard him yell out in pain
The third one hit Tiffany in the leg
There were two new faces in hell
he loved her, but something is wrong
“Oh, it hurt, he yell
His left side was bleeding 
Her left leg bleeding
he loved her, but something is wrong

Michelle looked out the jailhouse
To see the beautiful life.
She could see the birds flying, she could hear them sing
he loved her, but something is wrong

Michelle said to the sheriff, “What is my punishment? ”
Sheriff said, “Michelle,It’s the electric chair for you”
he loved her, but something is wrong

This story is crazy but true,that shows that it is true
When people say men ain’t no good
he loved her, but something is wrong

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Venus The Queen

A cold sullen night it was the day where the lights would come out and play A dream of dreams in which we couldn't wait The coronation of a celestial queen The brightness's everlasting fate This day was the time where we all could see unless the truth is too blinding Oh sweet bearer of light who's name brings all ignorant fright. Here she comes venus the queen etolie jolie Safe and serene you are the guide Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile jolie Here she comes venus the queen etolie jolie Safe and serene You are my Lucifer Queen Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile Jolie. How great we are to have such a light Where I can finally know my life A guide throughout this eternal night. Freedom and Independence is what you are Never astray a far But tonight the clouds are unchained. Here she comes venus the queen Etolie Jolie Safe and serene You are the guide Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile jolie Here she comes Venus the Queen Etolie Jolie Safe and serene You are my Lucifer Queen Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile Jolie.

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To an American Veteran

It is people like you,
That has given your time,
And your life for this country,
That has given us our freedoms we have,
You have protected us,
From all who try to take,
What is important to us all,
That is all the rights we have,
Which is a different type of kingdom,
A lot of people take forgranted,
This is the freedoms and rights,
We all have,
Not noticing what are,
In front of our lives,
Cause they aren't the one's
Who sacrifice as much as you,
To give us the lives we have,
Which means we all should,
Never turn our backs on you,
For everything you have done,
And all the sacrifices you have made,
That gives us all a true free life,
Where we all can have personal strides,
We should always hold you,
Deep in our hearts,
In our minds as well,
For even if our great country may forget,
You for everything you have done,
We will never give up our freedoms,
And we thank all of you,
For doing this with no fuss.

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My Gorgeous Eyes

I see so much through these gorgeous eyes 
I've seen pain and misery through tears 
I've seen love and joy for countless nights 
I've enjoyed the pleasures of looking into  
The deep starry eyes of a gorgeous flower 
I see the rose petals blooming 
I see the the sun gleaming through those eyes 
I envision you in my heart and soul 
An may we awl hand in hand to the sea shores above 
To see his godly will bewilder your love senseless 
So close your eyes and envision me  
I see your beautiful body  
I see your beautiful mind 
I see so much through these gorgeous eyes  
I see me and you together for ever 
Through love and life itself. 
Now look into my eyes  
An see what I see of you everyday

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Red Blood

Red blood drips- dripping, running down the cross.
Never did we count nor could we imagine the cost of disobeying God.
Drip, drip sour mixes with the red.
Wounds too wicked upon His bare skin.
Forgive me Lord for not living t he life you gave me with more commonsense.
Eve... drip, drip the blood of atonement covers a poorly lit moon or was it a planet?
There hangs our Savior, our King upon the cross.
Oh what a mess, look what we all did to Him.
His love, drip- drip His blood... His blood pours down upon us even now.
Materializing into one of us, conviction is a given but set deeper by the fact that God
has taken back what was meant to always be His.
By the right of creation our most Holy Father would not abandon us.
We are a gift from a most loving Father to His beloved Son.
This Son loved us so much that He gave up His very own life's blood... to hide how
truly ugly, defective we became.
Now the Creator once again recognizes us as His beloved children who retain not a
blemish before His eyes.

A true valentine's thought  - may the true love of God for yourself and others shine and
live in your hearts! 

poem by S.E. Clark

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Modesty is for the one not seeking more,
I came crashing like a wave to rage 
my battle over the undeserving one;
I declared my right and proclaimed it on stage..

Give a crown, not a trophy...
I struggled through years of obstinacies,
while others celebrated their life with garb:
nothing was given to me, I earned every degree;
when courage was scarce, I clinged to myself,
hoping that a better day would come!

Riches can make an individual's life free of needless pain,
and from that inheritance I never received a dime:
my careless dad squandered it on a wicked woman,
whose lust for pleasure was as lurid as her mind;
and my quest for a brighter tomorrow remained silent,
but this inner voice was guide my step!

Give a crown, not a trophy...
I outran everyone tripping and falling,
and my stamina got me to the finishing line;
my sweat felt like warm rain  
and its raindrops seemed the jewels on that crown
that I had dreamt of winning!
Give a crown, not a trophy;
and do I ask much for this formidable try?

Wealth keeps many from being famous,
it may be rooted in laziness, or a life-style of comfort:
I have neither felt it nor enjoyed it...or even come close;
it isn't given without a must be earned without haste,
and if it is a crown you are after,
put away all your stubbornness and dare!

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Walking down the hallway,
Seeing all the doorways,
And all the choices in life,
Making it difficult to choose,
The right room from the rest,
Bringing you the wisdom and truth,
For the imperfection that's within us all,
Which makes us crawl at times,
On our knees and our hands,
To discover what is right and survive,
In life as long as we can and accept,
What life brings us all in our hearts,
Which we patiently accept as pleasures,
And sacrifices as pains much in our lives,
To correct our flaws,
Which causes our struggles,
Till we can open our eyes,
And see what we have and believe,
That our life is greater than we ever know,
Cause God created it for us all,
But our choices are ours to make,
To find the happiness which is,
Ours to be kept.

By: John J. Hembree

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Immortal View of Time

Immortal I stand at the dawn of time watching as history unfolds what will become of 
mankind. War and evil is said to be man made, but it was created by the Ancient of Days; 
long before the snake will entice the mortals to slay.

The land is green with promise of that which is unseen, seize the day while it is young is the 
battle cry of the old, carpe diem is dead and cold. Potential is something that is most not fully 
realized, and never surpassed. History is the story of man never learning from the mistakes 
they have made before; there is no new problem under the sun.

Little spiders in my brain running at the speed of light, each carries a little thought some of: 
joy, hope, fear, and delight. Another fly dies food for thought is consumed fueling my mind 
through out the night.

The war within is the one not without belief, that these ants, spiders, and flies live and die for 
something larger than what they are in this life. “Veni Vedi Veci” Caesar cried but what was it 
for that this ant died? Shakespeare wrote, he spun and weaved but with his web of beautiful 
words is he really anything more than a spider to me?

The Brink of the dawn until this point in time: you’re born, you live and die. Is there a point to 
try? The pages of history are all the same, but do your best to live it different in each day. We 
will put it on your grave that you dared to live for the new day, which never came for you 

Immortal I stand at the setting of the sun it seems like yesterday time has just begun; but 
now it’s done and these mortals had a good run. They have managed to find grace in the 
eyes of the Ancient of Days.

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The Beast

                              The Beast
                    The void, the emptiness
 What is that to which drives our inner soul to feel its pain
         The loneliness of love we find hard existing
         The beast, he live's there hungering to eat
  The empty you fill, lurking in the the darkness
Thriving on the bitterness of the hearts pureness
     There it dwells, eatting at your fleshes desires
     Love, it's bitter of betray,anger and hearts stomp
Where is the taste, we endure to bestow and feast
The Beast, it eats; I die as an awakening
    My eye's open, I do not see
    That of my death I experience
What of the darkness? Is there life or just myth
I hunger with thirst, I cry out in anger
   Love me never more that I may be set free
But love me yet or I die this day of my love for you
   That I only breathe the breath you take
That my life be yours til that day

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bone sparks

cold ogre universe
engulf tender stars 
spit out the bones-see the sparks... 
everyone looks toward the sky
says how pretty they are
complimenting the slaughter
how endearing and naive.

Pot black sky means the ogre is idling,
fattened by star fillets, it sleeps.
New stars are born,
honed with their shine
but when ogre awakens
the bone sparks will fly
once again- 

Birth and slaughter
hungry and saited
pinwheels of time
turns oasis to wastland:
This is the natural course of things,
purity always ravaged
by green toothed savage
while the masses chew on 
the cool glass
of indifference...
whispering bloody lipped to the ID,
"glad its not me."
how endearing and stupid
can these IDiots be.

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Gods Valentines Song

I remember it was a cold morning
There was down pour of rain the previous day
It was still drizzling a bit
It was an airy morning very quiet
Remember the smell of rain
Very fresh morning
For the first time in a long while
I remembered my wife Lucinda
We had been estranged
That morning all I thought of was the cross
The forgiveness of all my sins by Jesus  
That day I made up my mind to forgive Lucinda
Forgiveness for adultery
It was the fourteenth day of February
What a coincidence with Valentine’s Day
I drove to Lucinda’s house
I could hear my heart beating 
Out of anxiety of how she will receive me
Our separation was quite nasty
At her door I fidgeted with the bell
Lucinda was speechless when she saw me
We didn’t speak a word to one another
I hugged her in an embrace that was like eternity
We still didn’t speak but we knew what we were saying to one another
My heart reached out to her, like the father and his prodigal son
Lucinda was my high school sweet heart
When we got home
Lucinda’s heart and my heart had a dialogue
I had forgiven her totally 
Forgiveness the gift of love
Love that covers multitude of sins, casting out every fear
I made dinner that night, dished it out and washed the dishes afterwards
We didn’t have much money but we celebrated love with what we love 
Especially with the gift of ourselves
Lucinda knew I was a dry man
So she warmed the atmosphere with some scented candles 
And Peabo Bryson music
There was no more quarrel but tranquillity
It was romance at its best
I gave Lucy a gift and her eyes lighted up with surprise
That night we privately exchanged our vows again
Hmmmmm it was a happy day, night, hour, second
Thank you Jesus 
My home was restored again on Valentine’s Day
Lucinda broke the silence
When she looked at me and in a love coated voice
She said to me I love you my boo
My heart leaped, as I responded with tears in my eye and emotion laden voice: I know
 Jehovah is indeed love
And he still performs miracles
It is good to let go of hurts and embrace reconciliation, I said in my thoughts
Thinking of all that had happened 
Forgiveness begins with self and ends with the recipient of mercy
God still sings and still speaks even on valentines day
Lets listen and we will surely hear

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Christened as averred one Harriet Kuritsky on November 13th nineteen thirty five
     the youngest of four with only one brother
     whose exit from this world from a terminal illness she did not survive! 

The following emotions communicating heartfelt grief
practically vanquished as like my existence turned a new leaf!
A recurring abysmal grief stricken state
still consumes my entire being of late
these perpetual tears of sadness seem not to a-bate
since the grim reaper brandished scythe
     signature sign of a deadlocked fate!
Twas about 11:00 a.m. 2005 that third of May
     that our dearly beloved mother
     fought tooth and nail to keep death at bay 
(recounted by sisters who elected to remain on vigil that day)
nonetheless rigor mortis upper hand
     brought a (supposed) painless and swift death
     to her diseased and emaciated riddled body  gone lifeless and ashen gray!
This only heir still misses his mom more than plaintive words can spell
with his agonizingly pained heart and soul  that rents asunder this psyche pell-mell
no amount of weeping can quiet and quell!
Cathartic for me to give you a posthumous ode
conveyed in an easy to read poetic code
to accept finality & permanent loss only retrievable from nostalgic memories
     identified as that childhood home and favorite abode! 
Her cremated ashes still remain sealed in the same nondescript box
     white, powdery and chalk like material
     devoid of any vestigial semblance to her once living and vibrant self
     that unique persona pulverized and vaporized
     (housed former svelte and tall Arthur Murray ball-room dance teacher 
     a half century plus prior to demise
     which beauty, charm and grace quickly caught the attention of my father
     who courted and eventually proposed to this young flirt and tease of a gal)
     inert organic matter now represents sole residual embodiment 
     reduced to dust and near nothingness
     former corporeal being of blood, bone and flesh 
     weighing no more than a dozen hatch marks on the scale
     absence still bears down heavy like some millstone round the neck
     per  the black hole void created by defeat with Grim Reaper
     toward this woman who helped birth and nurse me into manhood
     momma’s only grown son still feels ripples of grievous sadness
     no matter the years of suppressed anger and rage
     in addition to emotional conflicts between us 
     which invariably wrought unpleasant relationship
     and a legacy of discord writ large across the tapestry of my life!

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Joy and Retribution

I was devised in lesser dreams

Yes, I failed to mention this before;
What lies in God’s department store? What remnants does he have for you this day? For you
drew his flame upon a sidewalk so long ago. You wept his holy name society amid the
closure dream your parents few held sacred. Oh such solace you did seek those brilliant
nights before the storm, before the calling glare of your neighbor’s tail lights. 
Where so now they take you brother, where?
Shout this edict blue,
‘til it reigns your week to seek redemption in the cue; a line upon the face an angel
wears; for your keeper walks a thin line too. He traces mirror true a reversal of the
sentence, God’s joke spewed upon the tile floor. How all illusive blooms burst before the
logical stance of gentlemen who hold the world’s sway;  the sun, the moon decay ever so
slowly, ever so justly and true –even though they never see it; this golden retribution
cause their synapse muscle-bright – a time we all withstand in color, in truth, in all
sublime irony that pours forth to meld the frame – Devised in lesser dreams, to layer long
the days, the weeks, the years; to stand upon the structure made weekly; to layer long the
tears. Yet, my feats are small to steady there long; I know the sum and all, in both joy
and retribution, will un-tether there and fall.

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short but great

I still have alot to think about in my life and everything
but today i think was good
for me at least

I wrote a blog and realized...... i am a great personIi am caring loving thoughtful I 
and  am always thinking about others
usually more then myself
I have my flaws yes... but i have a big heart

and i think thats really important
im lookin for a job next tuesday
I found myself (somewhat)
I just hope it all gets better

I do have great things in my life that i am
very grateful for i cry alot but i smile
my heart may be breaking all the time
but it never stops loving and giving

im going to be the best i can
and by doing that im going to be me
im going to try to stay positive all the time

I know it wont happen but at least im trying....

im going to focus on myself

marriage can wait
kids can wait
but poetry makes me happy
so im going to be into it as much as possible

ill stress about it 
no i dont like my looks
and no i dont think ill ever go anywhere in life
but it never hurts to try right

its important to focus on yourself i think because focusin on yourself just might save
your life 
because focusing on yourself is like fighting for something really important

im off to find myself

Cause love is just that much better when your actually there

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Love Sick Ashes

Love Sick Ashes.

Memories playback like camera flashes........, so vivid, so real
I could count each one of your eye lashes.

1,2,3,... The pain in your absence is so fucking dark; someone check the density.

4,5,6,...I'm holding on to all I have left you, wait, don't go with every bit of what's left of me.

7,8,9,.... If I could just have you here I swear I'll be a saint, please God......please, to the devil my soul I would sell. Take it.......every little fucking piece of me.

10,11,12,.... Screaming inside, I'm calling your name, Baby don't leave.....don't leave.

If you had the chance would you turn back the clock and take the time to memorize anything of you and me?

12,11,10,.... Would you study the lines of my face or the canyons of my heart?

Perhaps the way my body felt beneath your hands while they caressed me.....every part.

9,8,7,.... Are you somewhere now longing for just one more breath of the scent that only I could be?

6,5,4,....Come on don't hold the air in, breathe my love,......breathe.

3,2,1,.... Memories playback like camera flashes, echoing of a true love, not long smoldering in the love sick ashes............
Of you and me.

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Belinda was a real knock-out,
the finest lady a lucky guy could find,
she let her desires explode in semi-darkness
as the ascending moon refrained from shining brightly. 

Our fervent passion took us to the extremes,
kisses sweeter than chocolate drove us wild,
hugs warmer than the evening sun lit our internal fire,
nights never ended their eternal bliss as sunrise dazzled and blinded us.

Where's my pretty the arms of someone else?
No, Belinda don't delude yourself: I was the best of your conquests,
gentler and more sensual than those one-night stand guys who used you and left!
Will you go back to those moon-lit nights when our rolling bodies were free of guilt?

I hug the pillow where her head rested after the explosion occurred 
in our bodies emitting sweat and the heaviest breath to enjoy the ecstasy,
then with kisses that only I could invent, I caressed her with my warm hands;
she smiled to let me finish what I started with eagerness and bring it to completion...
fulfilling my desires with insatiable sensuality! Oh, Belinda was a real knock-out!   

There was no gal more beautiful than Belinda...everything in her was perfection;
she only left a farewell note that the morning breeze tossed,
" Thanks for a wonderful night. " Was that all that she wanted? To use me and leave,
making me forever remember that Belinda was a real knock-out?

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Ballad In A Graveyard

Behold my brother, MDG
Handsome, gifted, crazy
Living his days in drudgery
Thoughts unfocused, hazy

He takes his hat off in the rain
Looks down upon her grave
He sinks to earth in melting pain
Her life he could not save

He loved her then, still loves her now
Helpless as he sits here
She gave to him her lifelong vow
That he should never fear

Her going before him in death
He was the older one
He’d be first to draw the last breath
That promise, now undone

Leaves him lonely to start new life
He does not know how to
Begin afresh without his wife
He struggles to bow to

What he cannot comprehend –
Shorn of his beloved
Filled with a grief that never ends
Life? How can he live it?

Now he feels enraged, quite angry
Nothing’s fair about this!
So he sets out, mean and hungry
To try to make right this

Situation (aberration 
Is more like it he thinks --)
To refuse death’s sad invitation
He shakes his head and blinks

For there, before him, standing tall
A shadow figure waits
From its petrified fingers fall
First closed, then open gates

One portal to the unknown days,
The other, portal past
He shifted back and forth his gaze
Then suddenly, he gasped

Through portal past he saw himself
Lost, grave side, deep in pain
And then that scene resolved itself
In pouring, golden rain

Through the portal of unknown days
He sees her peaceful face
And seeks to trust God’s unknown ways
On earth, in time and space

He decided not to fight it
Or beg his lover back
No need to undo or right it
He saw there was no lack

Her peaceful face shone in his mind
Her spirit touched his soul
His vision cleared, no longer blind
His heart was healed, made whole

The pouring rain lets slowly go
The earth that holds the grave
His mind fills up with Spirit’s glow
He’s clean, reborn and brave

He can now face his life alone
Until his time to die
He knows her soul’s not trapped in stone
She’s always by his side

He’s happy now, with many friends
Who understand his peace
He lost his need to make amends
Their love will never cease

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Dew No More Young Patient Flower

I mourn for him whom I still love;
though from me Cupid's ark hath sailed,
and with it my companion-dove,
across Poseidon's mighty veil.

I yearn for not his quick return,
but only to convey my heart,
for that I know is possible,
despite that we are worlds apart.

The dew that trimmed my bloom this morn,
that seeped into my leaf's lament,
still lightly glides with sentiment
and glimmers in the evening's tint.

His Majesty restrains his breath,
and so I root upon the pier,
but not to grieve nor damp my cast,
but come to terms with what I fear.

He saw me as his fated bud,
a flower very few can pluck,
and he was dearly confident
that I would bloom with lovers' luck.

But if his gentle hand hath writhed
before that infant's feeble vow,
then who am I to ardently
await the docking of his bow?

I do so miss his charming guise,
his shielding arms about my stem.
But what of all my missive pain?
Were not those earnest words for him?

The partly broken star subsides,
the past it lit no longer here.
Perhaps I should relinquish him, 
and burn away my flimsy tears.

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Ode Written to a Lady

 You must have once watched the rising sun
As it appeared with grace at the horizon
After which its rich beams fall on your face-
That lustrous face and wakes smiles by grace.
You must have felt the breeze blow your hair,
While its tender waves stroke your ear:
You must have watched those blue Daffodils
Bloom with spectral pride on earth's fossils
While you feel that heart of yours rejoice-
What a moment! Digesting nature's voice.
You must have scaled the valleys
Decorated your hair with sweet lilies
And dipped your hands in the falls:
What a moment! Heeding to nature's calls.
Just think of all those moments woven in one piece!
What a burst of Joy! What an incessant bliss!
O! That is the feeling that lingers in my soul
As my eyes like scopes behold your roll.
You must have dreamed like a sprouting seed:
Your dreams were of more innocent breed-
You always sleep-walked in more blissful Days
But always came awake with regrets in this dark base.
Am but a poor poet, who sees and paints
And like an observer may carry pains
That give his meek and spry heart distress
Because he paints another's lustrous mistress.

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To The Honour of This Page

See as they 
wave their 
to you and 
the wind,
to my Jazz 
and Waltz,
waltzing it 
by the 
Are they 
Belles or 
Are these 
ones Fellas 
or Brutes,
The good 
guy or 
your comic 
To Egypt, 
Paper and 
This Salient 

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Gifts From Heaven Above

Dragonflies fly around the pond,
As the timeless moonlight gazes on the river,
And the oceans white caps coast on the beach,
Along the sunset of a beautiful day,
Of this hard day of this world's pleasures,
We take the journey of this hard day of this world's pleasure,
In this Kingdom of God,
For even with the stuggles we have,
We climb the ladders of hope,
To find the fulfillment in our hearts,
That will bring us all the happiness and joy,
And maybe one day,
To the everlasting gates where we may enter,
For the everlasting life where we may stay.

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Moonlight shines down on my cold, pale face I am alone, her raven calling, I am disgrace Falling as the willows weep, I hold her in my arms as she struggles to breathe Rosaline, my one love divine. You are sacred You are mine Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline. Happened that Grim reckless day when the shadows began to play Beauty detonated in my trust No more, no more will there ever be a witch so grand, as to bring back my Beloved Rosaline Sorrow cuts it's way into my heart It is the locked key, the one you keep Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline So leaving this Tragic scene I vanished from Rosaline's sight Nevermore will there ever be a witch so grand, as to bring back my Beloved Rosaline Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline. Enchanting she sang to me, in the everlasting light of peace My beautiful siren walks again Goodnight my Beautiful Rosaline

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Deirdre III

Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deridre's Gone?

I stepped into room 8-16 only to feel tragedy 
The gatekeeper says your addicted to your pain
A lifeless cold barren soul put In the closet with the shades
Will he ever let you out?

How many days will this passion bleed away
We will be the ones to blame
Beware we've became their prey

An exodus from pain
Her life spent breathing in shame
Am I the one to blame 
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 

"my decadence was just for you 
Though you have never cared what I've been through
Enter a world where empathy is clandestine
A world created by thee, just for me
The destruction in my mind 
Is why you want to throw the stone
Today I go past the gate''

I call your name towards nightfall's reign
But the guards take you so far away
A dark angel so divine
Cursed by the ones of Eden's Heart
I will avenge every tear

An exodus from her pain
Her life spent breathing in shame
Am I the one to blame 
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 

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"HEAVEN 2008"

                                                   "HEAVEN 2008"
My mother has passed and went to heaven.
Left on this earth her children of seven.
One left early when he was small.
Now he's in heaven grown big and tall.
She has left this world and hasn't been gone long.
We will feel the hurt and pain but we'll stay strong.
You will be remembered and missed on your way to heaven.
Sending her our love and kisses her children of seven.
                             Teresa Skyles/Fuller  08/08/08
A mother of 7 children
19 granchildren
45 great granchildren
4 great-great granchildren

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A Grim Abscond

Walking on air. Thirsting for sorrowing despair is the only way I know how to keep you near. My spirit lingers for a moment, searching the softly dead silence for the words to say... forever the words are left unspoken. How can you speak when there is nothing but hungering darkness filling the eeiry quiet? My thoughts are left open in the night beauty filled with a gentle light. You see me; your gown is delicate, innocent and white. I look down at my own garments, clothed in black, I am a rainbow of darkness, mastered only by the forsaken raven... longing to thrive in the precious color of snow. A red rose drips with horrid blood, Why must I leave you now? Why must I go? You slowly reach for my hand, but you just don't understand, my heart is breaking. I don't want to bid thee farewell, but to live in such a dastardly sorrowful place would be like living somewhere else. My heart longs to be with you, and I know that in my dreams you will softly whisper "I love you" in my ear. Little do I know that one day soon it won't be in just a dream, because surely I will be with you here, So beautiful sweetheart of mine, do not dread, do not cry, For it is the words you have stolen from thy mouth "I love you", 'tis the only way I will forever depart. These words quietly unspoken still linger, silently in thy mouth evermore in thy heart... At thou grim abscond shall we forever part. Your frozen hand gingerly touches my cheek, wiping me free of all my tears. Surely, tenderly, I will soon be with thee here, until then, darling I love you. Let us forever dance in the dawn of the light, as my black garments miraculously transform, and turn into pure white. Sweetheart I am with thee here, in the night beauty filled with the glorious light. You have saved me from thy distress, thy sorrowing despair. Forever I will rest with thee, in thy heavens of everlasting light... close to you dear. "I love you" once again repeats its story as we forever slowly rejoice, dancing in victory. The two roses; black and white, silently stop crying, transforming in the light. They find refuge in each other, and live in the peace of hope, love, and looming, spectacular, innocent light. A grim abscond I once sang, as the roses drip in horrid blood, thus they prophecy destined them to be so much more, and now they stand against the beauty of the wind, forever bound together with thy treasured love.

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Fill Me Lord

Here is a prayer 
That I often say
when my faith starts slipping
I just kneel down and pray
Jesus hear my call
let your spirit carry me home
till I finish my Journey
no more to roam

Fill me Lord til my cups overflowing
fill me Lord till my Journey shall end
Fill me Lord as Long as I am walking
Fill me Lord so I'll be full til the end

The Joy in my soul 
is so hard to explain
the Love is so tremendous
it will always remain
since Jesus came in
I've been redeemed 
I am filled I 'm a child of the King.

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The Footfalls Towards Forever - Part 1 of 3

(Isaiah 50: 4, 5 /  Song of Solomon  /  John 11: 23 – 27  /  Revelation 21: 3, 4)

Out of Cold Shadows On A Highland Moor
Will You Come Walking To Me As Hard Rains Pour?
Beneath A Tree of Life I Stood and Swore
To Bring You My Body & Every Beauty, It Bore
To Reach You Before Death Swung Its Door

and Before The Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …

Out of Dense Fog and Swirling Mists
Will You Come To Give Me A Beloved’s Kiss?
On A Journey of Danger That I Would Risk
But Between An Embrace and A Heartbeat’s Bliss
I Stepped On Something That Hissed

and Hacked At Heels of Soft Footfalls Headed Towards Forever …

Angus … 
Anguish, Anxious, Angst & Animosity Is All Around!
I’m Laboring, My Laird … & Longing, Limping & Loosing Ground
I’ve Steered Clear of Brackish Boggs That Would Sink Me Down
But Had To Wade In A Stream While Evading Hell’s Hounds

who Hunted Soft Footfalls Hastened Towards Forever …

 So Past Briar & Bramble & Beyond Wild Beasts I Am Bound 
To A Lamp’s Glimmer, Like That From The ‘Kings & Crowns’
Are You There Yet, Just A Mile Beyond Miracle-Mound?
I’m Nearing, But The Route Seems To Wound & Wound
I’m Struggling To Keep You In Sight, Soul and Sound
Oh, I Need Your Face & Faith I Thought I’d Found …

following Your Feats of Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …
(for I’m Tied To You, Like Time Is To All Future’s Tether …)

Tho’ Heightened Sense of Hope Made Her Braver
And Wearing The Emerald Heirloom-Honor He’d Gave Her
She Roamed Where Even Rocks & Moss Were Suspicious Neighbors
& The Heather and Air Which Turned Too Harsh For Flavor
Hosted A Bitter Helpless-Hereafter-Taste – To Savor …

that Stalled The Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …

Pain Thrusts Thru Her Like A Thousand Sabers!
As Thoughts of Trust Turns Into Thoughts of Traitors
She’s Raw & Hampered & Needs A Hero, A Savior
To Lift Her Cares Like A Highlander Hoists Cabers
Oh, Why Won’t Her True Love Not Come To Claim Her?

with Sweet Brogue & Soft, Sure Footfalls Towards Forever …

… On The Cusp of Welcome Home Or Casting Claymores
On The Brink of A War and Between Border Reivers
On The Ridge of Reason Or Sharpened Rage-Razors
On The Brim of Horizons’ Sun-Brooch & Star Braziers
On The Tip of Tomorrows Lit Like Torch-Flamed Tapers
Across A Vastness Un-Veered Thru Veils of Vapors …

Verily He Vowed, ‘ Vaunting Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …’

(to be continued on Part 2 of 3)

Written & ©:  1/ 3-6 /2013

by:  MoonBee Canady

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Litany of Decay

Her black eyes allure you
Into her cloak if traps 
Nothing is right anymore 
Death encircles you but 
Never finds you

They Want my curse of eternal 
But all I want to do is reach 
for the knife
In blood you rose
In blood I fall

 forever I must sing this litany
dying in life-- let my find my 
'twas the myriad year
inducing a lucid fear
 I can hear my coffin's cry
 my body lies
there's nothing left to say
This Litany of decay

Free me, hear me, my death 
where have you gone
I Drown in Vitality
Dying in my immortality 
Just waiting for the stake to 
reach my heart
Caress me with your pain
like the blood in rain

Your shell is breaking
Show them what lies inside
Witch of centuries
Witch of lies
Love was never meant for you

forever I must sing this litany
dying in life-- let my find my 
'twas the myriad year
inducing a lucid fear
 I can hear my coffin's cry
 my body lies
there's nothing left to say
This Litany of decay

forever I must sing this litany
dying in life-- let my find my 
'twas the myriad year
inducing a lucid fear
 I can hear my coffin's cry
 my body lies
there's nothing left to say
This Litany of decay

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Salient Mild Daze In Writtings

These were found Amidst the flames of Creativity that Burn deep down Salient 
Is there a Likelihood between Bats and Platypuses....
Or maybe between Vampires and Dragons...
Aha! The writings of Saliency on these mild pages...
Damning Thy Six Mad Spirits sending Them Off to that City of Rages...
Life is to be taken in Stages...
Honouring My Quail,Ink and This Wise and Humble Page.

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Sacred Lorelei

The night has befallen me Rescue me, unchain me Sacred Lorelei Bleeding a passion of royalty Forever I'll follow your Argentine cloak with the most deadly pacts beautiful Witch Sacred Lorelei Tell me did the ravens Hear my cry My misery's plea Sacred Lorelei Was this all just upon a dream Lucidity becoming reality of my Sacred Lorelei A fiat of darkly desire from a most beautiful witch unchaining the burden of my misery All for my Sacred Lorelei

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Come To The Well

Lord make us courageous to fight,
Lift up our hands towards Your light.
Jesus friend of sinners,
Open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers.
May we shine to that city on the hill,
Your already there waiting with our hearts for you to fill.
May we hear the toll of the ringing bell,
Make our hearts thirsty to come to the well.

May the glory of Your name be the passion of the church,
Let the righteousness of God be a Holy flame that burns.
We believe Your all to us.
To You the nations bow down,
To You creation cries out.
All things we hold together,
Your name will stand forever.
Majesty! You are Majesty!
For You and You alone awake our soul awake our soul and see,
For the world You love Your will be done let Your will be done in us.
In our hearts Lord,
In this nation.

Lord make us courageous to fight,
Lift up our hands towards Your light.
Jesus friend of sinners,
Open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers.
May we shine to that city on the hill,
Your already there waiting with our hearts for you to fill.
May we hear the toll of the ringing bell,
Make our hearts thirsty to come to the well.

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If You're Jealous

if you're jealous, then you have something to say
i know that we say it in wierd ways
but all the same, say it
and expect me to be  the same way
they say that "love is a two way street."
with a little bit of jealousy it's easy to defeat
but jealousy says i love you, even in deceit
is it really true that you want my attention
i doubt if word's will make you listen
so what am i left with to show my affliction
there is no easy way to show you my condition
my only hope is that you feel some perdition
if your any thing like me you'll feel the pain
if you really love me you'll go a little insane
give me what you promised me
your faith and nothing else
in the sight if jealousy, my only wealth

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Love Ballad

 A gentle knight chirped and roaming the way of desert at night.
 His dancy browny hair, blue eyes made romantic guy and couraged.
 He lured by lovely song beyond a hill.
 Eagerly, he rushed his horse and fell swooned.

 He lightly opened his eyes but did not movable, groaning pains.
 His wounds tide with herb and bluey fungus.
 A spinster, an oldman lived in this hut sitting anxious looking.
 The nature of love girl sing a praying song under a coniferous.

 He falls asleep and his wounds healing miracle by love.
 He said many gratitude thanks and parting smiles.
 The spinster missed her heart and possess a minute death.
 She weaving her heart gifted garland to him with splendid love-smells.

 The nightjar song impressed his love seek, find to fail.
 The red war period started, as his melancholy love.
 He stabed not but earning many love wounds.
 His inner voice of love but fluttering dove!

 He became love-sicker and also think about the bewitching voice.
 Again he searched, his red wounds badly hurt.
 His instinct wishes that met her love-face lastly.
 He brings only thorny's love-blood at shadow night.

 Dews fluttering with his worthy red-blood gently to the heaven.
 He is rescued by the same spinster his heart-venus.
 She takes a letter and his pleasant love-subject written with golden tunes.
 Her tears of love tinkling on, the love-wounds bleeding with joyous!

 She feeds him on the love's last breath of lyric but sad love-melody chill.
 The worthy fairest carved immortalized their love-chapter.
 If you smelled the monumental garland it described the unbelievable love-tale.
 The love-origin pastoral surrounded with red grasses one touch it
    amazingly love-sicker!

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The twilight, a mystery

The breeze from the last night's coming 
Through the window, advancing in fire
	Like a kiss-watery mouth raising questions of who are you?
Over the Ocean, the rippled desires rowing 
	In delicious circles.

	I stand up, and I begin to shake
That even the waves of this Ocean are backing off
	In a foaming haze. Am I ready? Like a waterfall
That streaming from my soul the distance 
	Of this depth, drive force?

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Most High

Most High,
Reigning in the sky,
Thats how he sees the Sovereign Lord..
It begins with a man,
A young man,
Walked with God when he was young,
Didn't know wrong from right,
Left the Lord out of his sight,
Was a troubled kid in his school,
His school life was sent in a whirlpool,
Failed a yr and worked really hard,
He passed got dealt two good cards,
But God dealt him a hand that would change his life forever..

A terrible accident had happened,
Lucky to have survived,
Lying face down,
He cant feel from the neck down,
Taste of blood in his mouth,
He blacks out,
Wakes up being helped on a stretcher,
He was put into a helicopter,
He blacks out again,
Wakes up in his room,
Not knowing whether he can walk again,
He cries out to a nurse,
"Will i walk again?",
She says "Your very lucky dear boy,
And there was no permanent damage, 
It will take time,
But you should be walking in no time.",
He smiles,
Tried to pick up he cup made of styrofoam,
But he cant,
He finds out his wrist was broken in two places,
And will heal on its own,
He notices a long scar on his knee,
He was told he did permanent nerve damage,
And wont be able to feel anything on it or around it,
In what felt like a long time,
He made a complete recovery,
Grew stronger with his legs,
Goes back to school,
A day after his birthday,
And thats when the nightmare began.. 

Then one day,
His parents saved him with their kind words,
His eyes were opened,
He saw everything clearer and brighter,
He accepted God's word,
Hes grown stronger through Christ,
He was redeemed by his Savior,
God's unfailing love truly means the world to him,
His walk with God have been a journey he can not explain,
But the smile on his face says it all,
He walks stronger and stands tall,
For he put his trust in God,
The Sovereign Lord..
Most High,
Reigning in the sky,
Thats how he sees the Sovereign Lord.

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It's You

You bring joy to my life
And I'm proud to be your wife
To cherish you
To play with you
So, come and you will see
The happiness you bring to me
You are the one, my kind
It was you I had to find
That smile upon your face
Takes me to that special place
Right where I want to be
With just you and me
You bring joy to my life
And I'm proud to be your wife
To find in you
All the magic inside of you
You are my kind
It was you I had to find
There is no end to our time
Only with you
It's you

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Viper Rose

She grows in more than one territory
gaurded yet lofty, armored, but so smooth,
perfuming Day and Night with seductive melodrama, 
never leaves home without her crimson camouflage
nor without smiling thorns,
horns of hunger, an insatiable eater of hearts
an angel of love born in blood,
she will scream in circles for your attention
curl her petals at your touch
and season One with sensuous soil,
kiss with a hiss and convert anger into bliss,
a Viper Rose is never sold, only given,
you pay with soul for her texture
she provides the everlasting erotic admixture,
she is the rose that moves me to prayer,
the woman that wows me into baths of fire -

Happy Valentine's Day Eve ** An original woman that I love more than heaven -
By Poet - Adam/J.A.B.

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Specially For The Lady I Love

In Stars, 
In moons, 
I take in 
your smile 
along with 
Sweet so 
We are 

lets take a 
Do let's sit 
on this 
beach to 
and savour 
Of Mother
Nature and 
Oh! Our 
love for 
this waves 
Lets play 
wiggle.. My 
sweet love, 
lets prance 
and get 
Oh! my 
lady of I 
for.. I will 
see you 
Believe ME

My Sweet 
Passion so 
Deep.. We 
My bank of 
words is 
Maybe In 
later lines 
shall I find 
words to 
Poem to 
Honor The 
Lady I 
The Sage, 
His Quail, 
Ink and 
This Page.. 

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The Footfalls Towards Forever - Part 2 of 3

… On The Gist of Where A Gather Melts Hate’s Glacier
On The Nexus of Need & Knowing True Love’s Nature
On The Passage of Innocence To Please Forgive Us Prayers
On The Way To Meet Wide Open Arms of Our Maker
On Edge of Evening and Eden’s Promised Favors …

stretched The Trail of Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …

There Lay A Storm-Tossed Loch Between The Rifts
A Charcoal Sky That Seemed Heavy & Propped By Stilts
She Was At The Limits of Her ‘All That She Could Do Lists’
She Was On The Verge of Vanishing Into Vanity’s Myths
While Searching Between Urgency and An Internal Eclipse

… ventured the Interim of Soft Footfalls Towards Forever

She Took One Last Stiff ‘Uisge Beatha’ Spirit-Sip To Lips
She Heard The Last, Lone Note of A Bagpipe’s-Signal, Lilt
Envisioned The Strong Stance & Clan Colors of His Kilt
and The Rich-Hued-Tow Head, Which Shone Like Gilt …

 as He Strode The Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …
(Her Eyes Closed But Her Course Kept At Canter)
Eyes Closed … Tho’ That’s Not Why It Had Gone Black
She Can Nay See How To Finish Thru To Their Trek-Pact
She Must Rest On A Narrow, Not-Well-Beaten Path
Will He Cover The Distance From What Her Last Legs Lack?
… Even If She Has Stopped & Dropped Dead In Her Tracks
Will He Come To Find and Bring Her Unfalteringly Back? …

from Earth-Packed, Soft Footfalls Towards Forever?
Her Eyes Closed, But True Love’s In-Sight, Closes Never

He Found Her, Eyes Closed … Swollen, Squeezed Into Slits
He Saw The Puffed Flesh Where The Poison Had Been Spit
He Saw Her and Traced The Tears She’d Held Back Then Spilt
Saw Her Lovely Face Framed By Curly Dark-Red, Wet-Wisps
& Finger-Nail Marks Where Her Hands Clenched Into Wee Fists …

Formed & Fashioned Her Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …
(His Bonny Lass, Woven In His Tartan & Tam’s Token Feather)

He Saw The Emerald Heirloom Wrapped Around Her Wrists
But He’d Not See In This World, Her Twin Sparkles, Again A–Glist’
His Own Eyes Became Mirrors of A Flooded Dam That Split
He Took On The Burden That She Had Endured This Tryst
Yet He Could Not Bear The Thought of Her Feeling A–Jilt
As He Carried Her Where Clouds Covered Them Like Quilts
 Each Sorrowed Step & Stone & Step Spanned Breach & Breath & Built …

the Bridge That Balances & Blankets:  Footfalls Towards Forever …

(to be continued on Part 3 of 3)

Written & ©:  1/ 3-6 /2013

by:  MoonBee Canady

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HE and his ART

Many hearts, each a beat
HE and his Art
Sympathy struck my soul within the Watts Towers
One man, broken, lost
Gave other broken pieces of life another chance to shine
With beauty and grace
Close to his heart
Close to god

Before his hand came down
They were just figures fallen
Pieces hitting
Rock pavement bottom

These objects, that once served propose
Once had value
No longer desired

Used and abused
Broken souls
Left to corrode

Do you know what it feels like to be alone in fear
In shame with no hope
Can’t look in the mirror

Thought to no longer have purpose,
On this earth
To no longer have beauty
To no longer, have worth


Sees art on the ground
His Hand comes down
A man, once broken and scared
A suffering alcoholic with a second chance at life
His heart and soul he bares 

Perhaps it was sympathy,
He felt that day
When he started to create, a place of hope
The skills to cope 
For the pieces left to waste away

Each broken object, each piece of junk
He gave a gift of serenity
To shine and glimmer
To live beautifully,
In company 
Sublime and serene

Surrounded by like others,
Once pieces left behind 
Alone, you seek cover
Together, in time

Is strength, and beauty
A vision of unity
A collective propose
Of vision and purity

What new perspective, from the inside to out 
Changes on the faces of the people about 
Seeing the junk, as a ship not sunk

In the shape of hope
And inspiration, a dream
Where we can go and where we have been

Reflect on this now
Of those who never saw
What the man’s vision was
Love, real and raw
In those broken pieces

With his signature, his heart
Left in different formations
Bottle and plates
Many hearts, each a beat
HE and his Art

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A Touch of Bittersweetness

A Touch of Bittersweetness 

Nay, I say as tears well up
I think of our full past
Together we had conquered all
and laughed with joy to last.

My memories, I want to keep
But sadness they do bring
Your smile I shall not see again
But regrets, no, not a thing.

Your contagious laugh, your glittering eyes
Like stars, you were so rare
But most of all, no one compares
To your loving touch; you care. 

Forever more you shall remain
In hearts of everyone
For your heart of gold, we all do know
Familiar, yet eternally gone.

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Oh ,Lynn, My Love - to the tune of Danny Boy

Oh, Lynn, my love, the end is lowly calling me
From wake to sleep, the ebbing of my life
Our summer's gone and all your flowers are lying
But I must go and leave you, loving wife

Come to me, when all your gardens thriving
Or when our land is slushed with fallen snow
Yes I'll be here, whenever you come driving
I'll wait for you, my love, a long time yet to go

And if you come, when all your plants are dying
And they are still, as still, I, so may be
If you will, simply, come to the place I'm lying
And plant, a little flower there for me

I will hear, though soft you dig above me
And all my dreams will only be of thee
If you will come and whisper, you really love me
I'll restfully sleep in peace, until you come to me

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Don't Give Your Heart to the Devil

This is no time for the devil, make no room for him in your heart.
All he needs is a 1/8 of an inch of space in your mind.
To tear your whole life apart.
He knows his time is short now, like a lion he's out on a roar.
It's your life and precious relationship with God
that that old devil really wants to destroy.
He'll use everything he can against you to your
familes, your job and foes.
And yes, sometimes our own iimperfections 
can make that devil aglow.
So don't give your heart to the devil
rely on God by persevering in prayer.
And just when you think you can't take it no  more
God's  power will substain you through his loving care.

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Why the dogwood tree grows

Why the dogwood tree grows.

In the middle of a vacant filed stands a grand dogwood tree where the  crows gather daily. People flock far and wide just to gaze at its majestic stature and overwhelming beauty wondering silently amongst themselves, “How this tree came to be.”

Shrouded in secrecy lays the scattered bones of a dead man. 

His hands rest against his thighs, his head turned upright as his soil filled eyes gaze upward awaiting the warm glow of the sun that sadly never comes.

The man laid to rest beneath the black dirt over time had long been forgotten, he no longer had a name, no home, or even a family of his own. Just the loving roots he had been encased in long ago.

But how this event came to be only three could say.
The women, the murder, and the forever silent dogwood tree.

The restless bones belonged to a man, a young man who had fallen in love and courted another mans betrothed. The women cared for the simple gardening man and the many trees his nimble fingers tended but her fiance was a jealous chap with rage to match.
And upon one final night after witnessing their true loves kiss the grief stricken cohort stuck the man down with his rusted pick axe and banished the gardener to his hand dug grave, placing his lifeless corpse in a vacant filed in which no one came. But what the enraged man didn’t foresee was the seed of a dogwood tree.
It fell from the deceased pocket and grew from the gardeners heart.

Year after year the tree budded magnificent flowers each possessing a hint of red staining their petals.

People marveled in its splendor gazing at the unique tree, gasping in awe and glee, but for one women its beauty agonized her for its existence was a constant reminder that no justice, nor revenge could ever be won for her simple gardening man.

And as the roots steamed onward feeling the caressing flow of a spring wind on its crimson petals the mans chest flooded with air and his dry, frail skeleton once more exuded life; 

And  as she eyed the swaying branches his memory suddenly came to life.
He was the air the tree inhaled, the nutrients it desperately needed to grow, and the reason it thrived.

Even in death he had the gardeners touch.

Her wrinkled face light up with love and for the first time in fifty years she smiled in happiness thinking to herself.

“That is why the dog wood tree grows, its out of love for my dead mans bones.”

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The Invincible Tiger

The Invincible Tiger
  Unlimited Power
The Tiger watches over us
Ultimate Protection and Care.
Evil not to enter
Not even to Dare.
The Mighty Tiger
Ever Watching
Ever Knowing
...Her Family
Keeping the dynasty intact
So Strong their possession attract.
With Sovereign Grace.
Over Their Place.
The Mighty Tiger
The Mighty Tiger
Forever Shall Reign

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Worth Fighting For

Walk of fame,
Walk of shame.
But what is it really worth?
If we win,
We only live to fight again.
If we lose,
Then it was worth fighting for.

Road to somewhere,
Road to nowhere.
But what is it really worth?
If we win,
We only live to fight again.
If we lose,
Then it was worth fighting for.

Sea to shining sea,
Tree to rotting tree.
But what is it really worth?
If we win, 
We only live to fight again.
If we lose,
Then it was worth fighting for.

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Sometimes when our blessings
Are very close and near.
We decide to “throw in the towel”,
As if God’s voice, we did not hear.
Sometimes we are not far from,
That answer that we had so long sought.
And we wind up turning around,
After a good fight we have fought.
Sometimes our blessings are really,
Just in front of us, slightly.
And while in warfare if we are not careful,
We will lose that blessing, most likely.
A lot of times we have our minds detoured
By obstacles that get in our way.
And they will cause us much time wasted
If not at all seeing that day
A lack of faith, a lack of character,
These are just a couple by name.
Being too timid, lack of boldness,
These two serve just the same.
For us to have ran this race,
That really has already been won.
It would not bring any glory to the Master,
To “ALMOST” have it done.

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July 4th

She stands of stone; 
she's our lady liberty,
she's the decleration
of Independence......

We are our own freedom
of justice; this day comes 
to celebrate those who 
have fought ; or died for
these acted crimes.

So may we reflect what
it once stood for and regain

A nation can now conquer the 
true colors of the Red, White; and

As the life we breathe shall be, what 
we have survived I will give thanks
to these men and women.

I pledge an eternnal flame that 
burns above the sky so high......

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Profound, inevitable dreams

Incise through her mind like ripping seams

The hunger in his eyes

Even she feels a glimpse of despise

And everyday she ponders

Was it meant to be? She wonders

The dark nights of thunder and rain

What is it he wants? Her agony her pain?

But she refuses to give up, to cry

He just looks past her holding a wine bottle, dry

Outside is a world so deceiving

Like a poisonous Oleander, so misleading

Her eyes are lifeless, her hands are shaking

He apologizes, but she knows he’s faking

Red, green, black, blue

Life passes her by, in every single hue

A gun lies on her ripened, demeaning thoughts

Her tangled up, brawny knots

She puts her finger on the trigger

When suddenly she sees something marvelous, no; something bigger!

She looks at her little boy’s face

Existence itself is a race

His fragile arms around her neck

Amidst all humanity and wreck

Remains of silence have awoken

Her heart unbolted and had spoken

The last flash of air and light

An elevation of a whole new height

The emotions of regret vanished

However those lost moments of time were spent or rather banished

One more minute, one more hour

Love what you have today with all of your integrity and power

Honor, Forgive, Cherish what matters, before it swiftly turns sour.

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The time and age we live in
calls for love that is true
sweet baby I have loved before
I have been alone and lonely
in the time I have spent with you
you have gave me more love
than anyone I have ever known
you have made me fall in love
all my love and all my kisses
are for you and only you
sweet baby you are the one
I want to love and only you

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Demon violinist

Demon violinist:

My fingers pluck the steal wires of my red ruby violin and as the sharp notes play, blackened blood drips down the base.

I am the demon who searches for prey, beckoning for contest.
Gaze into my eyes of sultry viciousness as the sweet lullaby lures you in. If you accept my tender be for warned that no mere mortal has ever beaten hells one man band.

When G minor shrills, rouge angels wail bellowing vain words of anger, cursing mankind’s existence.

Man’s blood boils and surges with hate.

Women’s loins ache with lust and uncontrollable urges and as for god himself he weeps.

So, Pick up your violin child and play till you’re fingers bleed!
And when you stop, when you’re raw bones can no longer move or even strike a cord, I will be waiting to take you home, to hell and there I will collect my reward, you pathetic human soul.

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Texas Stars

Under the Texas stars,
far away from the cars...
I see them twinkling so bright.

I thought about You and I,
what we said that night...
as I held you tight.

You told Me, You'd be true,
I said I'd never leave You...
under those bright Texas stars.

We are in love,
I'm your man...
and you're my little dove.

I thought about You today,
while making hay...
and know we'll be O.K.

Think I'll see You tonight,
and hold You tight...
under these bright Texas stars.

So I pull on my boots and hat,
can't wait til we chat...
gettin' slick for my gal.

You look like an angel,
dancing the two step...
till the music fades under those Texas stars.
                                                                                  By Perri Voge  Texan Cowboy 2007

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I'll come up just the same

when you speak of me in the future 
in your quest to destroy my name ,
you can taunt me in your hateful voice 
but i'll come up just the same.

why does my appearence make you so mad 
 do i really boil the blood in your viens,
is it because i'm always smiling 
and treat everyone the same.

or because im like a fortune hunter
venturing fourth in search of fame,
you make my roads crooked 
but i'll come up just the same.

is it that you want to see me hurt 
crying deep down inside,
walking around head held down
like i've lost my pride.

or is it that i scare you 
and make you somewhat afraid,
just because i walk around 
as if i've got it made.

yea you can hurt me with your gossip
and cause quite a bit of shame,
even belittle me with creul words 
i'll come up just the same.

or maybe my vainess offends you
now that really not my fault,
just because it seems to you 
that i glide when i walk.

so do whatever you wish 
to try and break me /leave me lame,
and just as my ancestors before me 
i'll come up just the same.

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The sun cracks to wake the day,the smell of bacon in the air 
as I awake to start the day.
I remember
My grandmother in the kitchen, always with a smile,
I remember
Summer vacation was always fun,things to do,chores to be done,
grandma always made it fun
I remember
A scent, a smell, a song, a touch to bring all back
I remember
Those days are gone but in my mind grandma is still in the
kitchen with a smile.
I remember

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She is so sweet to me Her lovely lullabies are my fix An angel on earth she is With her voice she could break the lunar love She is my muse But where did she go My angelic-gothic queen A siren has fell What is left to take her place A wench from the south Such a terrible fate for her band of legends  Tristania has surely died

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Pouring Out Actions

As thoughts poured out
As her feeling came
And reminded her about
The actions that run
And cause severe chaos
As the sun peers
Through her window
As her heart washes itself
Her shadow hangs on the wall
As a towering figure
That stood tall
And drained any sympathy
Inside her pacing memories
As the scenes would fly
Pain turned into tears
With a knife aimed
At her heart with fear
Fear of losing sympathy
From the heavenly provider
Logic drowned in emotion
No comforter there
To end the commotion
And keep her soul here
But fear clogs her veins
Thinking back on yesterday
Feeling the good times
Until this knife took it all
Only seconds away from her heart
What if she dropped it?
Where would she start?
Obscurity hangs in the air
Only she cares
Her and that knife.

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Love Me

Love me now
Love me today

Wait not, 
for tomorrow
Tomorrow waits, 
today waits not!

Let me know, today,
you love me
show me, today,
you will love me, tomorrow

Let today be the beginning,
of tomorrow, 
let it be the beginning,
of always and for ever

Let me hear, today,
in the warmth of your breath,
in the rhythm of your heart;
you love me, today,
and will, tomorrow, 
beginning today

Let me see, today, 
in your quiet countenance, 
in the flame of your eyes,
bright as lightening,
on a rainy night,
yet tender,
as a gentle flame;
like a candle in the wind,
with a guardian angel,
watching over it;
holding back the wind

Let me feel, today,
your love, soothing, 
as the morning sun

Let me hear, today,
your love,
rolling off your tongue,
flowing from your lips, 
to my heart;
in the melody of your voice,
sweet and gentle,
as a breeze on a mountain top,
in a quiet autumn night,

Let it flow, today,
gentle as a quiet river,
running deep and steady

I mind not, if it comes,
a mighty rushing wind,
only not a trade wind,
here today, gone tomorrow

I mind not, if it is hot,
molten lava, 
from the volcano top,
only boiling slowly

When it cools, 
may it not, 
turn into a stumbling block,
not a rolling stone

But a cornerstone,
stable and able,
weathering the elements,
enduring time, 
through today, 
till tomorrow;
for eternity

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soul mate

soulmate we have seemed to hit it of great. for you have touched my heart and soul. only time will tell if we should spend our lifes in eternity forever .as as for i have never fell so fast for a soulmate. i know in my heart we would last. fo i have found you at last .forr distance keeps us apart .i know one day we will share our hearts i would go to the ends of the earth for you for you have stole my heart in hopes that one day we shall never part.

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When the storms frightened me,
I silently stood in the darkest corner...
Mama came running
to embrace me tenderly;
by the warmth of her lovely smile, I learned
how to go past darkness...
and by her encouraging words, I lived...
without fearing anything!

Mama's hazel eyes cried...
like lilies after the warm spring' rain, 
and those tears kept me from useless pain;
Mama's hazel eyes stood
by her growing son...shivering but brave, 
until he was ready to go far into life!

Now, Mama has found her eternal home,
and she happily sings in a chorus of angels:
in that peaceful Heaven of  holy voices;
and I am hopeful...never uncertain and alone!

I'd like to watch Mama's hazel eyes
sweetly looking down on me,
so that nothing I can fear again!
Let other storms rage over me,
let them bring me more hard days...
and let the gusts of wind knock me down:
Mama will pick me up like an angel of mercy,
and fly me over the bring me to safety!  

Mama, you have gone so suddenly;
many times I wasn't so real!

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Your love is gone

Your love is gone

You, told me  that  you love me forever
Oh girl, you promise me you never say goodbye
Why can't you stay
and why did you lie
Now our love, is it over

I still played the loved songs each and every day
to reminisce the time that you say
I love you
and i hope you stay with me my baby...

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
but your love is gone

So many memories we had in the past
But seasons ended and it didn't last
you have the change of heart
now girl were both apart...

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray oh wohh wohh..

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
but your love is gone..

i give you my all
with my heart, and soul
oh girl,you give me pain
now my tears begins to rain
why didn't you wear this ring...

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
but your love is gone
your love is gone
oh girl your love is gone

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Taboo of Tension

Such an act, such blasphemy!
Father, why have you forsaken me?
A fraud in fortitude -  An actor of abhorrence, Mendacious Marital Manifestations,  a
fastidious feign of falsehood.
Decades of dispersion and disdain in One's mind -  A mind that was held mighty for
yeildless years - And now a mind that cannot be understood.
Decades of dispicable desires - A progressing path to pandemonium and promiscuity Slain
the soul as you entrapped your spirit, lost in a perished path to divinity.
Psychosomatic reactions sustained until the urchin unveiled .... Head to head to the
Hounds of Hell.
Years of earned respect perished and your ashes transfigure into a lifetime of sinful
unrest.  .
No tangible reminders need you see as in your heart your crime you will digress.
And now a blasphemy to banishment .... A rage to rest.
The astriction of animosity from former allies will tautlessly divulge derision.
Your shameful sins shall sneer your countenance everytime you open an eye.
Oh, Father .... How you have forsaken me!
Blatant blasphemy, acts of anethma .... Taboo of Tension.

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Baby please don’t cry
I would rather see you smile 
Its time to say goodbye
Why won’t we rest for a while?

I know that our love is there
But I guess no body feels
Let’s both settle down to be fare
Let’s wait for the time to heal

You know what I also feel 
We both now we are depressed
But then again it’s isn’t real
There is something to confess

We both know that we are wrong 
Why we’ve come up to this
From the start we don’t belong
For there is something that we miss

I guess the fault is with both of us 
Nether it is yours or mine
For we have done mistakes in the past
I guess we were both so blind

Then so we’ve com e up to end
That we don’t waned to go back to start
I guess this love never mends
For we waned to be apart

Be happy where ever you may go 
You will always be part of me
I loved you, I want you to know
Let this love break and free

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your grace.

as i gazed into the beauty of your perfectly round brown pearl eyes i saw the 
tender joys of life. i beheld your radiance and charm with great gratification.  i 
thought, who shall this wonderous damsel touch with the life of her beauty, 
intellect, and grace?

i in all  of my slplendor could not succumb to the realization that i was so alive.  
surely, i was merely dreaming dreams of a hope that has yet to be spoken.  thus, 
did i find myself intertwine with my mind and heart speaking marvellously to her 
unspoken thoughts as she embrace the truth of my life.  thank you so much for 
your sweet grace my beloveth grace of life.

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Like when I'm in your arms i am safe
Like when in running agaisnt the wind
All my loosing all my fears within
With every light seeping through
I couldn't dream of anything more immaculate
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep
"Your beauty is all I seek
Come stay an enternity in sleep"
"cold mistress just leave me
I'm going throughly this star-caressed lands, wasted"
"You are for me
Shall be mine
together; never Lovelorned
Within an enteral rest
Passing through thy heart"
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep

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Long-Suffering and Kind

Come with me and let us reason together
Let's listen to each other as a woman and a man
We are two joined together to love one another
But there's just one thing we need to understand
Even though I receive you just as you are
And even though you receive me just as I am
We must learn to change together to make things better
Without demanding our own way to be in command

Be long-suffering and kind 
It's going to take some time for change
And suffering wrong some times
We may endure some grief and pain
But then all in due time
We'll see like hearts and like-minds will be gained
So be long-suffering and kind
Cause its going to take some time for change  (Chorus)

Its not that I want you to be just like me
it's not that you desire me to be just like you
Yet we must change to grow and we must grow as one
No longer two on our own, we've got real love to prove
In considering each other before ourselves
We will sacrifice more often than what we plan
In becoming what the other needs we'll be fulfilled
For every grief is erased because we've learned and understand

That if I concentrate on you and if you concentrate on me
We won't push ourselves forward, be self-seeking or rude
For I'm concerned with your pleasure 
And you're concerned with pleasing me
Because you really care for me and I really love you.


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reasons to be

When the flesh wakes the mans loving wife gives the man inside
the power to stand.
When the flesh works the mans children give the man inside
a reason to breath.
In times of fear the man inside hold his minds picture of his family near,
and know without a doubt
in his last moments
know, that's who the man inside was thinking about.

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I Can't Explain Part 2

...I can't explain the secure feeling when you hold me and sleep I can promise that I love you ~ I can promise I won't creep I can't explain why you take over my heart You had me in the beginning ~ at the very start I can't show you that I love you, as much as I do I can promise you one thing though, what I speak is true I can't explain the amazement ~ when you catch me in a stare I can't explain to you how much it means just to know you care I don't know why I know know my babies will be yours I can't thank you enough, to fix my heart when it was torn I can't explain to you how much you mean Sometimes I take a step back and wonder, "am I in a dream?" To hold you close to me at night please know I want you to teach me to love you even more ~ please show I want to spend the rest of my life with you Please believe me when I say this, for it is 100% true I miss you even when your down a hall I hear random whistles and I look for your call For my father to love you, as he says he does It means so, so, much to me ~ it always was I can't explain the impact you have on my big heart Your everlasting love pierced through my world like a dart The love poison you poisoned me with will show But for now all I can say is that I love you ~ just so you know

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Aquarain Dream III- Children of Concordia

Used to be Controlled by a Tyrant of lies Then one day The swift unseen knights Came and stormed all who Deteste the Aquarian Wish Be Free and live long we are the Children of Concordia Nothing shall be in our way Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for trist Will you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors? A people of concord and more than they seem They live in the shadows of an Aquarian Dream A place of Liberty and Harmony Ruled by magic and Lore Deep in the Golden forest of Clarity Filled with enchanting tales Of Immortality and evil’s causalities You can find Eden’s people she said what humans were meant to be Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for TristWill you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors? the safety of your real that could never fall Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for trist Will you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors?

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I Love You

I love you
Saying these words as the nimbus cloud spread its tears upon the land
Waiting for the answer as you turn your head and let go of my hand
Will I ever see love as it flows within the flowing march of waters?
And be envy of seeing the sweetness of the two promising lovers

I love you
This heart longs for someone to utter these words to my hopeless lonely heart
And again awaken from a long sleeping grave to face this charming art
Someone who posses pure devotion for my love, she whom I shall adore
Ill begin a new from my shattered dreams and forget what was then before

I love you
To feel these words with in my heart yet then, I am most content
I shan’t ask God for I am already blessed I know our love was meant 
We shall cherish the love we treasure, soar and bring it to the skies 
And hope that we shall meet again in the promised paradise

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Damage is done 
Blames all your own 
I lived for you only 
not that you cared 
not that you knew 

Like a smile from an angel 
Looking right through me 
What I’d give for your notice 
just a catch of your eye 

Hours turn to days, as minutes tick by 
Still you’re looking, looking right through 
All that I am is meant just for you 
How is it you cannot see me 
I’m right here, right in front of you 

It’s killing me 
But its killing you too 

Damage is done 
Blames all your own 
I lived for you only 
not that you cared 
not that you knew 

Hallowed out, I refuse to die alone 
Even the emptiness is gone 
Left on the edge 
just waiting for a push 

Running out of patience 
Breath comes heavy 
Still there is nothing 
Again you look right though me 
Why can’t you see 

It’s killing me 
But it’s killing you too 

Damage is done 
Blames all your own 
I lived for you only 
Not that you cared 
Not that you knew 

Can’t go on like this no longer 
Just existing in shadow 
Don’t walk through me again 
Don’t, don’t you dare 

Bun halo, burn 
I’m taking you down 
All we could have been 
You just wouldn’t see 
All the love for you, living in me 

Damage is done 
Blames all your own 
I lived for you only 
Not that you cared 
Not that you knew 

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"Voice of a Flower"

I am flower.
I might not seem like much.
I put the please in pleasure.
I am satisfying to the touch.

I'm what assaults your senses.
I am the voice thats calling your name.
I am what whispers, breathing softly-
I'm the blood flowing through your veins...

I am the voice that can't be heard by you.
Not when your listening for something else.
Blindly searching through the haze;
Reaching out to calm all that is screaming-
Just gets you deeper, stuck inside the maze...

I am the noise that will never make a sound.
I am the wrong that you will never make right.
I'm the voice your not listening for-
You can't acknowledge what hasn't been found.
Won't ever hear what has no sound.
Can't see in the dark without a light.
Can't go into battle if there isn't a fight.

And without the wind,
I can not fly...
But without a voice-
I'd much rather die...


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I Can't Explain Part 1

Why the warmth in your skin Brightens my world from dim I do not know why I do not know why for only you I'd die I can't explain the kisses from your lips I definitely can identify your familiar grasp around my hips I can't explain why you melt my heart I can't explain to you why it hurts when we're apart I can explain your sight and your seducing baby blue eyes I can't explain why you make me feel safe when you tower over me in size I can truly tell you why you qualify for my love But I can't explain to you why you were sent just for me from above I can feel your arms tight around me I can't explain why for you I trust to help me see I can't explain the butterflies fluttering deep inside And I can't explain why I am the one who can break your pride I can explain the feeling when you touch me I can't explain why only for you I choose to see I can't explain the deep palpitations inside every beat I can't explain why just for you, I chose to reserve a seat I can't explain the short breaths when I see your face But I can pinpoint exactly your lips and the sweet taste I can't explain why you want to be a dad But I also can't explain the random reasons why I get mad I can definitely explain to you the bleeding in my soul But I can't explain to you why my life has taken a toll I can't explain in words why I love you so much All I can say is, "I love you," and such and such I can't explain with all the money in the world why I love you so But here's a bold, "I LOVE YOU," on paper ~ so you know I can't explain to you how somehow I get lost in your eyes But I also can't explain why God randomly granted me this prize I can tell you that I love you ~ I can tell you that I care I can also tell you I need you ~ and I promise I'll be there...

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If looks could kill

If looks could kill
I would have died a thousand times
the way your eyes cut through me
the way things should be
All reminders of why you hate me

My life is lost without your love
No need for the heavens above
your love fit like a glove
keeping me warm when I needed you most
my heart for you i will forever toast

Do you see what I see?
please try and understand me
for you are my hearts only key
Locked my heart will forever be~ 
For you are my one and only wifey~

I am lost in my thoughts of you
rememebring all that we been through
and all the dreams that we both hold true
someday you will know......
I really did love you

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Fight The Mere Fight

So it begins, A man falls into his reckless sins.
Believes in God, Talks to him everyday.
Little does he know, The pain is sure grow.
Acts of guilt, sorrow and self retreat brings him crumbling down.
God is more than what others think of to him.
He's Almighty, Glorious, Powerful, Freind, Creator, Lord, and Father above all.
Thus he learns everyday what he reads in the Bible to which he takes in at heart, He breaks into tears wanting a new start.
God and his friends are the only ones he can talk to, No one else seems to understand thus making talking about what he wants too to them very difficult. He doesnt know what to do.
With little time and so much weight on his shoulders its hard to see a brighter side, Before he knows it he will lose his pride.
So much negativity is surrounding him where he calls home, He talks to God explains what is going on and awaits a message.
A message so clear only he could hear, Though some cannot stand to wittness any longer.
Repenting God is something he cannot do, He wouldn't stay true.
Hes in a never ending battle with himself on giving up and fighting the mere fight growing stronger under God.
But its a tough battle.
He doubts himself.
Making a stand from living or dying is one he may never break free,
But he knows he's not alone and he suddenly can see.
The burning passion of a light,
WIth it he learns to fight the mere fight.

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VFR 800

'Bike's waiting for me in the Barn,
to let me have yet another turn;
first though, need two new Tyres:
Firestone 'rubbers' are good 'buyers'!

Once both wheels are newly 'Tyre'd' -
with the waiting stage, then expired,
and old exhaust fully fix-enhanced;
it and I'll be Motorcycle re-danced!

Honda is the Sport-Cruiser I adore;
great at both - so who needs more?
she will cruise and roam our Land...
and it's engine will be 'Bike-Band'!


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Ode To Edna

Every morning you greeted us with a smile.
Even when you were out of sorts and it may have taken you a while.

You treated every customer always the same,
and in most cases you even knew their names.

I think I will miss you the most because you were who you are,
and I can honestly say I'm glad I knew you and in my heart you will not be far.

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I like you, a women of many colors of love,  I am many 

things, not just one, two but I am a women mentor

I am a mother, aunt, cousin, I am not perfect you

have so many things to pick to hate me pick a couple

things your so picky, I believe in a creator, also

I love him and them for many reasons, you are a bigot

that hates even the stars in the sky and sun and moon.

So What.

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Burden In My Hand

I was coming down the mountain,
Run away children.
Everybody has their own opinion.
Holding it back hurt so bad,
Jumping out of my flesh and I said...

Follow me into the desert as thirsty as you are,
There's no station to fill the tank so do not drive your car.
Cause down below the truth is lying beneath the river bed,
So just close your eyes and bow your head.
Pain is suffering the torment of blood He shed,
Fall to your knees and drink the water that flows under her head.
I lost myself below the tree,
Would you cry for me.
I left everything deep within the sand,
Its just a burden in my hand.

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Little Cosmic Serenade

My little silver shooting star,
such energy you do possess:
A chilling, silky elegance, 
from you, I would expect no less.

You twirl about me gracefully,
illuming, as I lay you down.
The planets play a raggish tune
while diamonds jive about your gown.

My little white marionette,
oh are you meant to play that part?
For there is not a single string
confining your resplendent heart.

You stagger-step so perfectly
into my orbital domain.
The Taurus comes to break our bond,
but quickly you restore the chain.

				~That said, the Sun began to set,
				 awaiting mother Moon’s reply.~

								My little flaming center piece,
								so gentle is your citric light.
								Your seared momentum shepherds me
								to compass you throughout the night.

								You never falter, though the dance
								has rhythms far from uniform.
								You brave the floor so passionately
								with feet as skilled as you are warm.

								My little spheric candlelight,
								how is it that you grant me peace?
								Perhaps it is your steady hand:
								O may this feeling never cease!

								You bend your knees as I bend mine;
								such mimicry deserves great praise.
								You are my other shining half
								who lifts me up on golden rays.

				~Together now, the two hold hands,
				 enveloped by each others glow.~ 

Our little black tranquility,
an endless plane for countless steps:
it’s here our joy first learned to dance,
a feeling we have always kept.

								We set the shadow-sky ablaze
								with symphonies of lows and highs.
								Into the night, we scatter dust,
								the twinkling-tango fireflies.

Our little distant chandelier,
a stellar lantern burning bright,
compelling and immensely grand,
we sway beneath its blessed light.

								For us, there is no solo act:
								our sep’rate ways we’ve never gone.
								How could we ever not perform
								the pas de deux of dusk and dawn?

				~Eternally, the pair will last,
			         for night and day must always be.~

				   A little cosmic serenade, 
				   the melody of time well spent.
				   Celestial bodies resonate
				   to compositions heaven-sent.

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Ive tryed to learn 
Ive tryed to fly
all you seem to want
is for me to cry
Tryed to run
tryed to hide
you love my pain
youll love when I die
I said I would follow you to the end of time
but if you dont step up this heart well stay mine.
I wake every moring to only pain
my life is unliveable 
why wont this change
I dont want heaven
nore live in hell
just remove this life
form this cell
stop my time
stop my pain 
noone knows
to them is all the same
But I have to wake every day to other peoples happiness
so fuk your games 
Ill die alone if thats the only way
what can i do. 
when my little sister curses you.
Maybe shes right!

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Anthony's Poem

I look up to the stars and see your face smiling down at me,
I hear the wind rustle the leaves of a tree and it speaks your name.
So many memories and so many dreams, too much to love, too much fear,
Thinking about the good times and we wish you were here.
Our hearts will never mend fully but are merged in love and understanding,
If you reach out for us and we are not there, remember, our hearts are.
You touched so many people and made so many smile,
Remember you are only sleeping, we will see you again when the time is right.

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When I

When i fall
don't you worry about me
ive been that way before
as the scars aren't hard to see.
And if i break
im sure you'll be there too
at the end of this long road
im sure there's nothing left to do.

When i hurt
im sure you'll be the one
who cuddles me in close
as i struggle hard to run.
and if it stings
it may be just a little bit
but i know it's not that bad
i know that i'll get rid of it.

And when i
go through all these things
emotions, good and bad
experience these feelings.
And when i
go through all these motions
good and bad
experience the saddest things
or getting really mad.
i know you'll be there
when i.

When im lost
For me a flashlight you will seek
so i can find a way back home
you'll carry me on your shoulders i am weak.
When i cry
those sentimental tears
im sure you'll be beside me with the tissues
sitting by me in your chair.

And when i die
I know you'll be holding my hand
run your fingers through my hair
missing me but you'll understand.
When i go away from here
you'll be there looking at me
while you shed away the tears.
As i lay in rest don't worry
ive had a real long life
i had you beside me and you've been
the perfect wife.
And those nights you'll remember holding
tight, missing me so much
but knowing this is life.

And when i
go through all these things
emotions, good and bad
experience these feelings.
And when i
go through all these motions
good and bad
experience the saddest things
or getting really mad.
i know you'll be there
when i.

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Would You Be a Witness?

Would you be a witness for Jesus Christ
If the world came against you with all its might?
To the point of death be faithful and true;
Would you do for Christ what He has done for you?

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Setting Sun

Why must you leave
Must you go away
Can we not bask 
In another light of day
What are you running from my dear
Can we not stand and fight the
Fear inside
The fear inside 
Fight the fear inside
Won’t you stay
As the sun sets
I hold on for the light
You took the stars
I sit alone in the night
Why must this sun always fall down
And leave me broken on the
Hard cold ground
The hard cold ground
This same old broken ground
This can’t be right
When you came home
You asked to meet up some night
But I stayed home
I’m so weary from this fight
I tried to love you tried to stay strong
But I’ve been dragged on 
Far too long
I can’t hold on
I can no longer be strong
For you

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cindiling cobra

A watch from the berrtes eye
secret silinet  he cryies
through the work of a jugten deed
a world he sit where no one takes heed
the new wind blows ash in dust
a look from wishiling window
showing no aprayven norical forshiven
As the shadow towers over me
I sing a hearts praise to all lost children
awaken and dawriness intent begavaning my eventdence
i shower the the  places of my past
in this overchure of suprise I cradle my last emphise
I work hard to make thing new
I began with this next of kin
A tiped nouse blinking it's fastin
The dull axes couteraction
I wangraond uptichure of my atimasity
Apraganding these two heartbroken lovers
Sore under oath to persert them both
I walk alone to actord my salvage
The presure of this unburn thratise bragging in my face
I object in theses halls of forgatton backlashing
This four hored watch this ucrane
As the mamed game backran her i am avenged
THw wac swocks the tuk bock lock
While i cindle my brushin brides backstab

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As the years and times will change this bustling city,
once almost invisible from Heaven itself,
we'll remember it as it took on the face of death:
giving each other comfort and asking why
would anyone hate so much this nation...
to demolish what took years to build with devotion!

Our presence will greatly attest,
and send a message so strong and sound
that their ears will not miss;
angels still fly over that sacred place,
and watch it with their smiling faces...
to please God with all their will,
because they know too well 
that our sorrows can't be measured!

As the seasons and the days slip away,
only that memory remains timeless:
faint voiced of family and friends
wailing in the thick smoke and burning flames,
and as helpless as they are, where they pray,
they think of us as their Guardian Angels!

Our presence will greatly attest,
but nobody can ever sway us from our achievement:
a tragedy such as this, will not be repeated...
we lost too much to be intimidated!

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A Fiery Mountain

It was there upon a mountain to which it came. 
That of a great flames as he stood on what appear to be a work of sapphire stone. 
As it was in a heart of love that felt to which was great desire. 
It was of true love to which it was as God descended there in a cloud of smoke and fire. 
That to which was written commandments of love as they had feared that of great love. 
It was there 3000 was slew as many had beg to keep what they knew. 
That of mercy and love did he have, especially when none follow what they had. 
For it was many signs showed in the eye’s but there was none to which had believed in thy.  
That of a heart we follow as we wish to be by his side. 
That in a blink of an eye we could all just die. 
But it was there on Mount Sinai to which swords was thrown when the 
people all sin in that of Gods throne. 
For it was to which he knew that of your soul as we seek that to which is true. 
And that is, Gods love through and through. 
It is there he parted body and soul as he to repent that of a hurt from inside. 
That of his fading love had they stiff-necked his love. 
But it was that of great love to which he send that of his sons love. 
That in him we all might be saved but in him he gave his life that to which he 
parted some men’s life. 
But it is that day of a coming that all will know that night. 
That to which will be of no mercy for they who sin in life. 
So repent thee there before the lord that he may spare you at door. 
That in your heart you may know that of him to which he will give you life in the end. 
But know that of where your heart is this day because God said there is a way. 
So believe me be, that it is a sword on the end. 
That if you don’t take him in, then you will drown in the end. 
Not that of just the sea but that of no love will you have but it 
will be that of a fiery flame to all will burn in flames. 
So quench thy thirst this day in him that in your heart you fine that of your love in him. 
But know that of your heart, that you know him in the end. 
And he may be merciful and spare your life from that of a fiery mountain on the end. 
With lots of love and praying for you and that is I see you in the end. 
With lots of love from my heart to you, that you may find that of your love too. 
And that is God's love and that is a burning desire of a love from a Fathers end.
That you may be spare from the fire on the end.

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We look at what we have this hour of the day,
But where will we be when come what may.
The emblems on the hats and the money for the shoes,
The important pocked tronics
Are these your going tools?
Over priced jeans that are quoted by name,
The fancy cars bought low.
Looking at times like the best there is but,
Lowly thinking even though.
I ask you now with all that you have,
“Is your happiness really there?
If these things are really going to take you,
Can you tell me when and where?”
We have spoiled the child, spared the rod,
And forgot about, “IN THE BEGINNING GOD…”
Boys wanting to know how many babies that can make,
Instead of getting a job for the first one’s sake.
Little girls having boys and watching them rebel,
While thinking that is cute the mother’s aiming them toward HELL.
We have not allowed love to come in but,
Lust has had free course.
The children that are now coming into the world,
Feel all except remorse.
Is your fate in the clothes that are on your back?
Is your strength in the drug that we know as crack?
Are you scaled by the shoes that are on your feet?
Or governed by equipment that is found out in the streets?
You see the Lord has a plan and He knows where you should be
But it’s up to you to seek your “DESTINY”.
Into what are you getting and where are you going,
In whom are you believing and why are you doing.
Everything else is temporal and all is fading away.
Except you find your life in Christ Jesus and,
Be ready for that great day.
This very second as you read these words, chaos is in society,
And even though the LORD ALMIGHTY is still in control,

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He stood

He stood on the shores, 
looking out at the crowed
all the faces that stair back at him,

Teach us they said, 
about heaven 
give us that living water
that you talk about.

Show us the way
to eternal life, 
forgive us our sins,

He stood their for a minute,
without word he blessed the fish,
and the bread so all would eat
he showed them miracles they 
did not understand. 

then quietly  departed to 
the other side of the sea. 
They followed him calling him master
the son of man. 
Jesus was his name.

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To Live Life In Flight

Circling things running threw my mind
Feels like I’m running on empty at the same time
Why must life be like this?
Just let it go, let it flow, place it with the rest
Of stuff that has you all caught up inside
Open the window and watch the tide subside
What makes you happy is your own special sight
Spread your wings as you decide to live life in flight.

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Little Girl

I have a reason, for what I do.

But it would not, make sense to you.

I love the children, oh too much.

Just so much, I want to touch.

With candy and sweets, I lure them in.

And then the fun, really begins.

I'm not sex-minded, not today.

I would never touch them, in that way.

Some call me evil, some say I'm insane.

I do have a reason, I just can't explain.

You see the kids, are nothing more to me.

Than tiny bodies, with parts I need.

I lost something of mine, I want it back.

My only girl, had a heart attack.

I tried to save her, but I was too late.

I locked myself up, furious with hate.

I stayed there for weeks, writhing in pain.

Until I realized her death, was not in vain.

I figured out, I could change fate!

The tables have turned, I was not too late!

I could remake her, only better!

This way I would never forget her!

With an eye from Tanya, an arm from Sue.

I realized what I had to do.

On the night of revival, all parts were in place.

I'll never forget, the look on her face.

There she lay, on the beach of Lake Pearl.

Beautiful as hell, daddy's little girl.

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A Dead Man'sCove

We had turned the western fold
ecliped in the setinenrs nold
Where abendindeta was told 
This story is far too old
  with dreams shealtering the bold 
 In a time dangerous and so cold
This story is far too old
 A fearless leaders distine cry
Here i  was just  a marksmen soilder of deception with a heart of gold
 Never blink in  your enemeies gamble
Driven bye this i walked behind blue eyes       
Shouting in raiseing my daggers too the sky
True morals have swept the fortold bloodshed
Few quarrel's say this man's dead
Family wars is where i rested my head
 to began the breath of my last death bed
A netural of messages's sent
an borken ties and it's forgoten lent
I've reached for all in my rise in fall
And took no parallel in up-lifting my needs
Place your hand in mine here u will find security in love everlasting
I seek the foul carson who was their watching
The fools rabbit sits at his grave
the man cree of a playing   
I have shed no tears under the rumoured name

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I like you, a women of many colors of love,  I am many 

things, not just one, two but I am a women mentor

I am a mother, aunt, cousin, I am not perfect you

have so many things to pick to hate me pick a couple

things your so picky, I believe in a creator, also

I love him and them for many reasons, you are a bigot

that hates even the stars in the sky and sun and moon.

So What.

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Aquarian Dream II- Leaving Kali Yuga

A glimpse in your gilded eyes Tells me all inside your lieing mind How can you Stand without a spine How can you speak without a will Failed to announce the pain Will they realize the illusion Is it all to late? The lies that are so common Have put up a delusion Infront Of the people's mind So deep away from the dark Will we come when father is coming For us, is it all to late? Soft little messenger I dare you to spread the word About our dying world All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king I see the light of a dawning Age Let a new era begin An Aquarian dream a day where we are all free Inside our minds; our hidden refuge But there's no need to hide perfection Concordia shall be our queen Justice, independence, liberty are our only virtues free to be whoever our heart let's us be Go to the tower, strike the bell Soft little messenger And tell of Victory All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainetd with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king

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I know this sounds absurd but I swear to you this is true,
   I love to call your house and find the lack of energy tat used to define you.
To hear you say you're lounging instead of running up and down the stairs,
   or matching up your knickknacks so they all produce pairs.
It's wonderful that you're sleepy and your vaccume's run just once a day,
   how great that our conversations are not rushed we say all we want to say.
Yes to know you crave food more than extra time brings a smile to my face,
   doesn't it feel wonderful to relax not participate in the race.
All this makes me happy for you as I can possibly be,
   But also I feel gratitude for it makes the struggle easier for me.
To know some one else has the courage and the hope,
   helps me greatly when I believe I have reached the end of my rope.
To know some one I love is struggling much the same as I,
   helps me to stand tall and tell myself there is no need to get high.
So I thank you for your ambition and admire you for your strenghth,
   and know I am beside you on this path regardless of the length.

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Drifting into oblivion
loosing all that's true
I'm delving in the darkness
But I cannot reach you

"No help for me," you say
As the light fades more from your eyes
"It's time to sink some more," say you
"It's myself whom I despise"

"Please don't go," I cry, I beg
Still grasping for your hand
Your aura's dull, your eyes are closed
Too far gone to understand

Promise me you'll fight!
Stop falling further down
Please don't go, my friend
I can't stand to see you drown.

Come on, don't give up now
So much left for you to do
And should you ever need me
I'm always there for you.

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Mother of Pearl

Protect until I pry.
Tighly closed with the waves of life rushing moving,
warm drifting current,
pulling me, pushing you.
Soft center, pillows of juiced layers of life.
Pearl in the middle. In the beggining that,s what is was.
Sensation running though you,though me.
A spot as small as the tip of my finger, my tongue
Mother of Pearl.
life will be made, and will grow in the shell.
That's why I know in the beggining it was
the Mother of Pearl
then there was love. 

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Only She Cries

What If I told You That I Loved you
would we care
would we die
 Chains surrounding Alice
Only She Cries
World Banished her
Love left her
all Alone
Melancholia presides over
Alice dies again
Will she ever reign
Will she ever see
what’s here to be
Only She Cries
She’s a ghost
Nobody to call Her name
Only She Cries
will she not live
whispers of her Raven mind
only control her
There’s no hope
Only she Cries
What If I told You That I Loved you
Empty Without a savoir
Will She ever be cured from this
will she breakaway
Gaia couldn’t be so cruel
Just to wail away—Let the Banshee Crie
Just wail away the pain
wail away the pain
Enter my heart and you’ll see
that Was the only thing you could ever need
Alice; only she cries
let it show
That love never dies
Through Euphoria
through melancholia
She’s a ghost
Nobody to call Her name
Only She Cries
will she not live
whispers of her Raven mind
only control her
There’s no hope
Only she Cries
What If I told You That I Loved you
She’s a ghost
Nobody to call Her name
Only She Cries
will she not live
whispers of her Raven mind
only control her
There’s no hope
Only she Cries
What If I told You That I Loved you
You didn’t know
how you could save her
Only if you could her
Alice dies
Only she cries

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Unconventional God

the One Omnipotent God

does unconventional things

and many out there agree

until they find out that it means

His ways are passed finding out

but if we will simply obey

the world will see what God does

and hear what God has to say


So who directs God's Spirit to do as they feel 

He's the One who leads and guides and goes where He wills

Teaching us as we follow Christ we become unpredictable

Getting to know Him, doing exploits, strong and unconventional 

Would you do what Jesus did?

Would you say what Jesus said?

If you could see and hear your Father

Be so unpredictable

Would you do it how He did it?

Would you say it how He said it?

If you could see and hear your Father

Be so unconventional  [Chorus]

those full of the Spirit of God

do unconventional things

and many out there agree

until they find out that it means

His thoughts are not their thoughts

His ways are not their ways

and those God directs perform

and speak like Jesus does and says

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undined castle

Here lie men of good favor
In this world their are know braver
This masiline view it seems to protrude like glass
It breaks my mind 
An undined castle that sits blush in the evergreen
of peoples choice a unheard voice a days lure 
work-filled courtyard tends to fold unseen
The artists gathering amongst the fellow-ed brother
around here we are together
None have played like we have stood
All troubles all ties broken under a hood
I'm a knack individual with a long shot
A midnight linger and renouned singer am in need of a cot
A worn mace A ball in chain it's open game
A palce needed a space pleaded true internship
cool nay blue in shade a new class In the morning pass
Apaishin allusion amaishin a new relationship
With antiga in-found all rights atrine in fine
I see a need that is greater for the the common people

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Relief please!

When people ask me of my religion, I say I am atheist in a demand of tolerance
And in the case of much too many, they never fail to show me their intolerance.
They've been programmed; dogmatic ideas now dominate their existence.
But even through the immense negativity, I continue to channel persistence.
I feel the need to provoke thought, to encourage those programmed to ask questions.
But I am prone to grim defeat from the programmers.

Help me, help me!
I cannot conform to these beliefs that leave all in fearful devotion.
There is no free will; the consequences are to burn.
I don't want to fight, I want to liberate and show how much knowledge there is to learn.
But I am prone to grim defeat from the programmers.

I just want to live in a world of peace.
Relieved of ancient, negative teachings; a perfect release.
Someday I will, I do believe.  I'm waiting for the white light.
But I must fulfill my destiny, experience, and fight with all my might.
Mother God, Father God, watch me!
And don't let me be prone to grim defeat from the programmers.

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The Truth is in the Silence

Slowly I rise out of my dreams
As my loved one slumbers forth
so trusting, so peaceful in the night
I watch the rising of his breath
and delight in the closeness of his being
Here is the one, the man, the champion of my heart
Without this soul where are the boundaries of my heart -
where do they stop, where do they start?

This love, our love is endless
Like the summer breeze that cools you,
from the rising heat within
As you grasp the reality, the reason
The storm of the tempest that is passion
As he cares to glance my way
once again the fire in my heart soars madly
To think this is my love, this is real, this is true
The ferocity of my love moves like a storm
Ebbing and flowing like the tide
Always constant and vibrant, forever alive

As the stars in the sky shine and the
Moon glows with luminescence
So do the corners of my heart
When I feel the threads of your
outstretched love reach into my being
and stroke my inner soul with your unspoken touch
This silence of communication, this stillness
This is where the truth is....

How real and tender is that which is not said
That which is only felt, perceived as true
That emanates with a look for no-one else
but me and you
Within our silence we exist in our treasured truth
The truth of love, my blessed one,
The truth of life – and how I will always love you

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you gave to me kindness beyond compare
respectfully i was filled with gladness 
a certain gentleness with lot's of laughter
your rapture comforted me with
a considerate patient character why we were 
building love full of joyful fun an unconditional
excitement a tranquility a pardoning of flaws
a gathering of understanding balanced

with the gift of sharing even thou you were selfish 
we planned are hope's dreams and buried
disappointments with borrowed failings
oh how we grew and catered

 to the glow of a spiritual bond a completion
of familiar growth nestled between us
within a holsum bussom of goodness
calm raptures evolving around

the purity of self you in me and I in you dear

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Didiane Le Vie

I need to feed my hunger is never satisfied I need your attention please notice me My emotions are bare, so I crave yours 'Tis a painful obessesion that leaves me wanting more It goes on over and over Till I find my mark I'm synthetic and cold nothing inside Woe I am, is all I feel I'll try forever till im dead But I cannot be dead-- for only your blood will be shed Take away this horrid price But painful immortality doesn't fail I'm always on the hunt For a new host to feed You emotions are mine The sacred blood of life is all I need to survive I'm always in an enternal war To fill the painful obessesion Your attention and emotion is all I need Im the synthetic vampire I can't feel anymore I was made by a blood-thirsty whore Who wanted war and death All I wanted was to be real Only you are my mark I'll gain all your attention Capture your emotions Just love me even though I cant love A creature of the dark I was made to tear everything apart I'm always on the hunt For a new host to feed You emotions are mine The sacred blood of life is all I need to survive I'm always in an enternal war To fill the painful obessesion Your attention and emotion is all I need Im the synthetic vampire (love me and love me and love me and love me and love me and love me) I'm always on the hunt For a new host to feed You emotions are mine The sacred blood of life is all I need to survive I'm always in an enternal war To fill the painful obessesion Your attention and emotion is all I need Im the synthetic vampire

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A Real Friend

  A real friend is hard to find
someone who will speak their mind
concerning all your good points and your faults
I've known some pain when I couldn't tell
a real friend who meant me well
from someone who really wasn't a friend at all

but then a special someone came along
who took my heart and made it strong
and saw into the center of my eyes
Even though she could see
my childish need for sympathy
You were my Angel when I needed one
and I needed one

I'm not afraid to be weak in front of you
I don't have to explain the things I do
I can't describe the joy that your love brings
and there's no understudy waiting in the wings

You love me right straight in the eyes
So now it comes as no surprise
that I' have come to feel the way I do
and even when you can see 
some cracks in my integrity
you're love remains honest kind and true

So here I am and there you are
my angel and my shining star
There's no where that we can't go from here
Even though you can see
the little boy inside of me
You were my Angel when I needed one
and I needed one
  [ Poet' View: Another "Angel Song" ] 

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' By All That Is Holy ... ' (Medieval # 1)

By All That Is Holy… The Knight Rode Away
Yonder o’er the Borders and Hills
Away to a Kingdom… to be His One Day…
Bound by Pledge and Royal Seal…

… for Valor and Honor and a Deed Well-Done
He wast’ given the Titles Thereof…
Glory and Power of A Champion
Of The High-King, He Loyally Loves…

By All That Is Holy… We Speak of His Fame
By All That Is Holy… Comes Thru His Name
That Strong, Gentle Knight of Light and Love
By All That Is Holy… Be Blessed Above

By All ‘Tis Holy  -  Pure, Virtuous
He Vanquished all His King’s Foes
In Obedience and Boldness… So Beauteous
That Forevermore… Everyone Knows!...

By All That is Holy… He is Now, Lord of Lords
GOD’s Will, ‘tis His Shield… Justice ‘tis His Sword
Prince of Peace, Paid a Ransom… we could nay Afford
… an Eternal Crown… ‘Tis His Priceless Reward

By All That Is Holy… The Hero Rose Away
By All That Is Holy… He Will Return One Day
We wilt’ Herald and Cheer, as Sir Mercy passes through
By All That Is Holy… He can Save You Too!

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Darkness covered ever crevice,
When the angels of God betrayed the Lamb,
And the tongue of accuser, set us all down in the shame and guilt of self-
The sound of fury cursed our joy,
That we all bowed down and couldn’t stand,
And the pain of regret, set disease in all our arms and legs,
But there was one angel, an old black woman,
Who saw the light of day anyway,
And she took her cane and through it to the side,
And said, “Hey baby I’m a embrace this ride,”
No matter what, I’m a go to drive in movies,
And I’m a smile come what may,
And I’m a sing a song of roses, despite the darkest day,
And she began to flap her wings,
And the wind from her bosom spread across the cosmos,
And the world knew celebration.

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I’ll always remember 
Our nights in the city 
And the way your eyes shined 
Open wide 
With wonder every time 

And we’d talk about freedom 
Like kids always do 
And nicotine kisses 
On rain spattered faces 
Kept our loving alive 

Sing ‘its you that I want’ 
Its you that I want 
You make me smile inside 
I keep my arms open wide 
Its you that I want 

Sometimes you’re far off 
But I just keep singing 
Until I dance in your way 
And we’re together again 
We’re always ok 

With you I can ‘be’ 
Our silence is golden 
And just being still 
Nothing matters until 
The end of your stay 

Sing ‘its you that I want’ 
Its you that I want 
You make me smile inside 
I keep my arms open wide 
Its you that I want

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Rising from the Ashes.

I'm sitting here in this room
these four walls are closing in.
All i do is sit and think
about the things that might have been.
What could I've done,
what should I've done
to change the ending to this story?
what could i do,
what i should do
so this pain does not destroy?
i fall. 
I pray.
I beg forgiveness.
I stand. 
I rise. 
I feel God's presence.
I'm cleansed.
I'm free.
I am a new creation.
All these feelings rising inside, 
love, trust, happiness, pure elation.
The old me burns away,
the new me rises out.
Each and every step ordained by God Himself without a doubt.
He made me in His image of this I'm sure,
and I make a declaration today,
with a heart that's true and pure.
To do God's will and praise His name in everything I do,
and because of His love I will never be the same,
nor would I want to.
To continue on the path that i was following would be foolish and unwise,
so here i go one foot in front of the other,
and from these ashes I will rise.

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Piercing Eyes

The way that her eyes
Focus deep within
As if you're staring right into my soul
Knowing each and everything about me
Without having asked the questions

I want to freeze this moment in time
Just to keep it ours forever
We've achieved the ultimate endeavor
Now we are truly free

The way that you dance and you move
To the rhythm
The way that you close your eyes
When you're feeling the music
Oh, just to stand there and observe you being you
I get so completely lost in this moment

It must have been those piercing eyes

Everything that I do now
Is just an attempt to get the pure ecstasy
That I felt the first night we ever met 
The nervousness that I had that first night
Was almost unbearable

The way that you speak your mind
And you care what no one else thinks
You had a style all your own
Unlike anyone else that I've ever met
Could ever duplicate
We will work through the toughest of times together
No there's nothing
No nothing
That could ever stop us

Love will save our souls

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I belong to you by right,
because I indefinitely possess
your captured heart;
and I can't settle for anything less!

Your innocence and true smile,
quickly tempted me to do
the unthinkable and the impossible;
like a lightining out of the blue...
you led me all the way through,
and made miracles happen for two!

I belong to you by right,
believe it with all your might;
I can make big things happen...
make a rainy day shine brighter
than that unreachable star
and bring you closer to Heaven!

Love can make every heart come alive,
and we shouldn't let it slide;
but love that  incredible moment
with passion and sentiment!

I belong to you by right,
yes,let's become one tonight;
I belong to you by right...
let's believe in what feels right!

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The Divine

We built ourselves a universe We were the first cause The unmoved mover The grand architect We watched the people from a far As they dwelled in our world They always wonders "why" and "who am I" An answer we did not give Who are the mortal to know About the divine So they made their own Gods and prophets All right; and all are wrong Some stood the test of time But some just couldn't rhyme So they diminished thier delusions in time They fight and deny all other beliefs Why? It makes no sense to us Why all the big fuss? Cant they all be right? And all wrong? Why do they start discord When they worship the ones of concord Now, it is us the first cause The unmoved mover The grand architect Who are meant to ask "why" and "who are we" When all they do is fight more Far from the true truth

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With a Shout!

With a shout!
At the last trump
The archangel's
Voice shall be heard
For the Lord 
Himself shall come
So encourage
All with these words!  (Chorus)

If we believe that Jesus died
And in three days He rose again
Then we believe that God will bring
With Christ those who now sleep in Him

For if only in this life we have hope in Jesus Christ
We would be the most miserable of men 
But Jesus is the Resurrection and He's the Life
Being buried with Him we shall rise again


We who are alive and in Jesus still abides
Won't precede those who are asleep in Him 
So the dead in Christ first shall arise  
Then we who remain shall be caught up with them

For we all shall not sleep, but we all shall be changed
Into a being and a likeness of the Lord
When we meet Him face to face in the clouds in the air
We shall be with Him always and evermore


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We Stand Together

Who would have thought
We'd be standing here today
This road was hard fought
We made it anyway

Now we stand before God
And we start our new life
As we battle the odds
I'm glad to become your wife

I vow to love you
You vow to love me
To honor and cherish
And to love eternally

As man and woman 
We stand separate
As husband and wife
We stand together

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 Too tired, my legs please to rest.
 Sorrow message burden on my windpipe,
 Weary eyes find, knock at small nest.

 "Oh! my sweet heart, don't cry, don't cry,
  Stars rushout and watch over you.
  Fairies come this and tell story for you.
  They give everything if you want.
  I wish your eyes go to dream.
  May you florish! May you florish!"
  I heared this lullaby, i trance in..

  One man out of this, unknown looks,
  I told an italian warrior.
  His face look like flash.
  He invited with his whole heart.
  He served poor food but delicious.
  I have only one son, grey man said,
  He has fond of military services.

  One day he has forsaken.
  That time my wife has become mad.
  Daily she sings a song to a stone doll..
  I know your arrival purpose,
   "my son was dead in the war"
  Middle in the sky the crescent shinning,
   My weeps burst out,

  Mother wake, in her sarie clean my tears.
  Her comfort words, my blood burning,
  My son sleeping just now, who's friend,
  Saying good-bye, but my conscience did not move,
  Sacred red powder fix on my forehead, mother smiled
  Father tether my hand with a holy thread.
  Worth seeing! painful departure,

  I think about this affection, when
  My memories dispersed,
  Fanfare announced the war begins,

  I arranged my weapons.
   In my path lullaby continuously......

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Diamond Flower

Goddess of the lover's garden,
save my heart; let not it harden.
Soften me with holy petals,
pure, like Noah's faithful dove.

Search throughout your bed, you tell me;
there I'll find a blossom lovely.
Crystal are her fragrant trimmings;
fervent is her floral love.

Eager, I begin my searching;
merrily the jays are chirping.
Am I getting closer to her?
Do they sing because they know?

On I walk, down twisting pathways;
still they sing, those red and blue jays,
happy with my deep frustration
and my ever growing woe.

Feathers fall from lively treetops,
plummeting like colored raindrops,
harboring their pecking laughter;
still they carol cheerful lies.

Damn those fowls and all their feathers!
Dare they mock this pleasant weather?
Still they stare from lofty branches,
waiting for my hope to die.

Goddess, free me from confusion;
break these shackles of illusion!
Let me bask in your white haven;
guide me on my journey now!

Soundly searching every hour
for my dearest diamond flower.
Wait for me my rooted ruby;
wait for my emphatic vow.

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Live Free

When you look deep into my eyes
Tell me what do you see
Am I the man that you claim is your destiny

Illustrate a picture for me in your mind
Of where you see us in five, ten, or even twenty years

Are you still with me

At long last an unsurpassed feeling must outlast
Thoughts of you put the mind at ease
Allowing me to live free

Blue-green waters
Sea so fierce
Distant winds whispering nonchalantly
Amongst the serene breeze
Waves becoming increasingly rapid
Clashing, Creating colossal waves

Gazing at the infinite horizon
Amazed by its spectacular openness
So vast and seemingly unending 

This right here is paradise

The sublime feeling of the cool sand beneath your feet
Take a deep breath
It smells like absolute freedom
Watching the skies turn from blue to orange
Colors shifting ever so slowly

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I gave you all of me
hoping you'd follow me
I told you my past
hoping healing would be fast
I shared dreams with you
hoping you dreamed them too
I let you see my tears
hoping you'd wipe them for years
I left behind people and things
hoping you'd be my everything
I shared my music with you
hoping you'd feel it too
I took steps backward for you
hoping wild life would be through
I became your wife
hoping you'd give me life
I gave you the world
hoping you'd cherish your lil girl

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My Colie

In the night i cannot slumber
staring at the wall i ponder
what's it like to be together
after the distance dies away.

In the morning babe my heart aches
at the thought of you so far
i can't wait till the day break
and our souls merge as we meet
face to face.

And if you were lost in the darkness
I would shine a light for you
know that i would do it all
just to prove that i love you.

In the evening i am screaming
sick and tired of bad dreams
but your face is just so gleaming
chasing all my inner demons away.

As you stare into my eyes
you could always read my mind
know that i would never lie because
in my heart, my love you'll always

And if you were lost in the darkness
I would shine a light for you
know that i would do it all
just to prove that i love you

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Ben Folds Five

unwindling deeds sweep through four man's cross
washing away the wrong i have done in tross
over the misty moutian tops i have walked stubbling over all rocks, the loss of 
balance knocks
walking in my shoes and gaze around in a look down
 i have found that i stand alone on this sacred ground 
all messages unpassed clown 
openly giving evreything i ever had in my possion
allthough all i have is blind intention
i seperate the emachatude of wisdom an intelect
i was born into toleration and inprisonment
i have strived too for the mercy that  was never given or shown
i will not return home for i have long been forgoten    
could i should i would i

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I don't know if you realize

but when I look straight in your eyes

I get a little scared because I love you

Don't know what's got into me

You can call it insecurity

but I'm afraid it would ruin everything

if you knew

You're the lady in the garden

so soft but somehow hard

I'm just a guy who buys your time with conversation

but the pain I feel is pleasure

for the times with you I treasure

in any given simple situation

but upon my life I swear

there is nothing for you to fear

no complications or storm clouds of emotion

though my heart's on overtime

I know it's no ones fault but mine

a little less burning a little more devotion

I can be somewhat cynical

because I've had a belly full

of being the only one in love

but It's not quite the same with you

I've done my time and paid my dues

I don't believe push always comes to shove

so should you rather walk alone

this world that we're walking on

it won't be all that much worse for the wear

I'll put my heart back on the shelf

and from time to time console myself

that I was the only one who ever cared

but upon my life I swear

there's nothing for you to fear

no complications or storm clouds of emotion

though my hearts working overtime

I know it's no ones fault but mine

a little less burning a little more devotion

I don't know if you realize

but when I look straight in your eyes

I get a little scared because I love you

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A Place That Means So Much

Here is where I've spent many days
I've made many memories in many ways
I've learned an aweful lot about life
How to get through trial and dodge strife

Here I have spent a lot of time alone
I've tied my shoes and took care of my own
I started to reason, I began to think
Word after word I scribbled in ink

Years came, they passed, and I grew
There were piles of things I'd muddled through
I've gained strength; I've been taught how to stand
Sometimes I sink, but I'm walking on land

My Father showed me the beauty of the stars
I learned to appriciate His scars
I pondered the meaning of the universe
Then I remembered that this world's cursed

Reality drifted to distant
Time spun, lost it's track for an instant
I'm a single grain of sand on the beach
But the hairs of my head, the Lord knows each

I spent countless night on my back wide awake
Wondering what in this life I would partake
Then I'd close my eyes, I'd be satisfied
My Father has a plan, He'd be my guide

Through the woods I took long quiet walks
But the Lord was there, we'd have silent talks
Creation stood strong, it was all elite
The warm, moist ground welcomed my bare feet

Other evenings I'd sit around the fire
The flames were livewires reaching higher
And the grand, old trees hovered above
Here is where my heart was taught to love

I learned how to live and discovered God's plan
The world is a harvest field filled with man
I am a laborer of the King
One day everything will worship and sing

Many days I hold close as great memories
Those days at the camp hold my life's stories
Here I became who I am and for here my heart burns
Time goes by, but I know I'll return

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Black Velvet

Black Velvet, That to which falls the shade of a moon come that of our hearts 
desire engraved from the inside. Is it love we feel or the dark side of our lives we 
hear? After all, isn’t that what we live is the love of the heart? Is it not that to which 
tears us apart is the fallen of a moon? It is that of my beloved that I store there in 
darkness. As my life I seek for that of righteous. It is there the velvet falls as it 
darkens the stage. It is there I have found true love that one day it will stay. It 
soars as high as a mountain breeze but lays low as a soul below. That in a 
cavern beyond some hill I find that of some things to be real. I find in life is to die 
but to live for Christ is a rise. That not only is that road hoed but it’s also rocked 
with love. That in one, I could ever be so bless to have. That he gave me you and 
my veil blew a peep, which in my heart there was a light of keep. It came of fine 
silk and love from end to end. That you blew the veil in the wind as it lay upon that 
of a pond fill hole. Only for you to cross and none other I told. That in my heart laid 
that of a sunlight untold as you reveal that of my deepest soul. You have pulled 
that veil that dried the rain as the darkness fell that to which reins. You have 
found that of a black velvet drape as my deepest soul yarn for that of love’s wake. 
As I know I have found one of heavens born because you have made my black 
velvet worn. That through it you can see that to which is torn. And that’s my soul 
and my love for you is torn. That in you I lay all my cards that one day that velvet is 
torn and I find that of love not torn. That in you I find that shade to be warm as you 
have draped your on velvet across that to which is worn. For this a moon comes 
shade that in you have made my day. As my black velvet gives that of a heart of 
shade as my heart loves that forever in the days. As I love you under the 
darkness of shades.

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Odious Guise

Sustainability needs guidance
with pesticides and terminator seeds:
disease on demand by death's command.
Their cabal must trample your needs
until all gets tangled
by souls already mangled.

The plight of this flight
shall serve as a blight
on all human imagination
until only consternation
prods fatal conservation
to cloak life's giving light
in the serpent curtain of night.

Such a game serves to blame
ages of prophets who came
to understand and enlighten
souls yearning to heighten
energies burning to brighten
with heaven's promising flame
lifeforces impossible to tame.

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My Baby Boy!

My Baby Boy!
Dedicated to my Grandson, Aidan

One evening in October I was introduce to a new
baby boy. To my dismay I fell in loved instantly
I really never knew love quite like this in my life
But in a breath of a moment he touch my heart
and it was a feeling that was out of sight.
My heart leaped with joy-My tears I could no longer hold back
for the sight of this new grandson
brought me back to life. This Adorable little
man is called my baby boy, the one I love, cherish,
and truly enjoy!
With is beautiful Blue Eyes, I grow weak
His powerful ooohhh's and cooo's
are like music to my ears.
His beautiful smile put me in a trance
He even know how to shift my gears
Knowing he has me twisted around his finger
He is still my little man, he is my Baby Boy!


Alberta J Terry

Copyright ©2008  Alberta J Terry

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Tell Me

Your blue eyes
They stand out amongst so many
Leading me down the path to your true self

Will you let me in

To search for the real you
Listen to the secrets that you dare not tell a soul

Would you let me in

Trying to figure you out
To really understand who you are
Learn all those little quirks and all
You know,
Those little things that everyone does
That we just keep to ourselves
Are you ready to expose
All these little untold covert experiences
Attempt to let me in

You have kept to yourself
For way too long
And now it's time
For you to unleash your feelings
And your thoughts
To someone that you know you can trust
What is said amongst two lovers
Should be universally known
Not to share with another
If they just wanted to tell anyone
Then there would not be
That connection
Or that satisfaction
When they finally tell you

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Something has got to change...
snap out of your foolish rage;
be honest with yourself,
and say," I don't want to be yours! "

Not long ago,
you adored me
like there's was 
no other man on earth;
a moment ago,
you refused to be touched;
and while I'm playing your song,
you look away...  

Something has got to change...
how come you can't breath
the same air that I breath,
and have the same needs that I have?
Why can't you,at least, feel the joy
of being loved so faithfully,
and why you hate my looks of sweetness;
don't I love you nevertheless?

Something has got to change...
our moments together
can't turn into memories:
they must live inside of us!
Something has got to change...
I laid everything at your feet,
hoping you'd keep this secret;
I offered you more than love,
and you shouldn't kick it  and step on it...
like it was a worthless stone! 
Something has got to change today...
search for kindness and pity,
and be willing to care!

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I plucked your stem not for your taste,
but for the way you looked at me
when I strolled by on harvest day,
as you hung from flourished citric tree.


I wouldn't dream of hurting you.
Why must one peel such wholesome love
to know if what they've picked taste true?


The dawn approaches on swift wings
with morning's lively kiss in tow.
Such warmth is worthy of our praise.
Will you come with me to grace its glow?


I'll lift you up towards open sky.
Please promise me that you will keep
the fragrance that you hold alive.

Let's bask in caramel rays of heat,


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The room grew dark and silent
Inner peace
You could see far in to the night
Worlds too
On a page turned ..
By you

A woven tapestry
A book of stars
Worlds too
The red... of Mars..

The speck of you,
in the vastness
Coloured blue

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America God Is Asking You To Call

America, God is asking you. to call before 
into the hands of the hated one you will fall.
Yes America please look to God as He wants 
us just to pray even if we are walking in a mall.
0 America, it makes no difference where we are 
In the field or with our mends having a ball.
My goodness we can be in a small place of worship 
or in a. in a great cathedrals very spacious hall..
We just need to remember that we have a loving 
God and unto His name He just want us to call.

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My Peace

oh wow the first time I kissed you
I envisioned myself on some island
wrapped up in your love blanket
we cuddled til the sun came up
the whole time we held hands and touched
told each other
how we wanted it to be forever
neither one had ever felt such bliss
that happened one night with a kiss
as you tuned into me looking in my eyes 
I knew it was the answer to my woes and cries
finally we it is a bond that is mended with our hearts
distance of love in our dreams we never part
from the true meaning of how it all started 
as we take deep breaths of this sandy air
we await the exhale cause you and I care
as the remnants of us ride in the waves of the ocean
taking our thoughts to a place unreachable
few have been there most tend stay
as we reach our favorite destination
it's no doubt were in love

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Because You Touched Me

LORD, I am weak but not unable to perceive I am nothing.
      I have no strength beside thee, I burden myself with heavier loads 
and everyday it seems I fall further and further from thy Grace, but, 
You carry me through. All I need is You everyday,
                                 Because You touched me!

LORD, I have failed thee, I follow my heart and fall real deep.
      My heart alone is fragile, deceitful, and weak and I cannot trust it,
it seems I can't find my way around in this valley of fog, but,
You stand always with me and together we walk hand in hand,
                                  Because You touched me!

LORD, You rescued and saved my dyeing heart that I could not save.
      You are my only source of light, You open my eyes to see the truth before me.
You've given me Your steady heart to trust while my world churns on this
pilgrim journey. You shed Your light on every path, right and left,
                                   Because You touched me!

LORD, I look within as if to hide me, but see only darkness inside me.
      I have nothing to offer thee, for all I have is thine, today is another day,
clouds will block my view but Your Grace and Love shines right through.
Just one more day and I shall enter into Your rest,
                                  Because You touched me!

(c) April 8, 2006                                            Rosemarie Schrock

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Memories Of You

                            Not a touch,  just warmth  
 	                       From your hand next to mine.

	                    Not a smile,  just a
 	                       Glimmer in your eyes.

	                    Not a kiss,  just a 
 	                       Playful wink in passing.

	                    Not an aroma,  just the
	                       Wind whispering your name.

	                    Not an embrace,  just a
	                       Light brush against me.
	                    Not an image,  just a 
	                       Fleeting reminiscence of you.

                            Memories of you,  though fading
	                       Will never disappear.

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He was with God before the world came to be,
and He created with Him our breath-taking Universe;
His name was Jesus,the Redeemer of the Human Race:
and to change and save us was His destiny...

He preached in the Temple, and all Jerusalem listened carefully,
but some didn't like to hear how He spoke against evil so openly;
and they weren't the Romans,the conquerors,
but those hypocrites in high places...

Jesus drew huge crowds by lakes and mountains,
by the country roads and in small towns;
they all came to hear the Gospel with gladness,
and Joseph was one of the priests who heeded those words...

On the lake of Genesaret, Jesus performed another miracle,
telling Peter to lower the net for a catch, but he was skeptical: 
until he saw the boat was about to sink with the heavy load,
and he came to realize the bounty of God... 

As Jesus became popular and all heard Him preach,
the priests and scribes became jealous of Him,
and planned to capture Him and found Him guilty of blasphemy:
by the very hands of Pontius Pilate who feared to condemn Him...  

But the crowd cried out, " Release Barabbas! ",
and those who called out the name, "Jesus,Jesus! "
were beaten and silenced by a mob who had no mercy;
Pontius Pilate had no choice but to deny His liberty...   

The Roman soldiers grabbed Jesus
and took Him to governor's place,
and they stripped and whipped Him 'till he bled;
and worst of all : a crown of thorns they put on His head... 

Along the Via Dolorosa Jesus carried the cross to His death 
as the women wept and men mocked Him with laughs,
never a commotion,so great, was felt in all Jerusalem;
a follower gave Him water, but he was restrained by swords...

The merciless soldiers placed the cross upon Jesus's shoulders,
and Simon from Cyrene finished bearing it behind Jesus;
he really felt the same pain and agony;
and from Jesus's smile, he knew He was relieved...

From the cross at Golgotha, Jesus asked His father
to forgive them as John stood by his mother;
to one of the evildoers He promised Paradise at no cost:
and to all who would believe and follow:  redemption by the cross....

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The very attractions the eyes perceive...
are probably those impassive inclinations we pursue;
extravagant possessions
and unnecessary cravings:
disquiet our very short existence
and disintegrate our modest values!

I delight in my blessed modesty,
the Omnipotent Lord,through His truthful Word,
teaches me rewarding honesty;
my worst obsession was 
and still is to preserve it
in a derisive world!

Life doesn't have an eternity here...
and why should I be dominated by fear?...
When I am too spiritually fulfilled
to revere superflous things,
because my necessities of life 
shouldn't be greater than others'!

I delight in my blessed modesty,
and as Jesus did, I praise it highly...
to stir Satan's anger toward me:
how clever can He Be?...
Can a vague and sinful life be lived to its extremity?

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Your hidden treasure,
deep inside
I want to find,
what you hide
Deep inside,
your mind

Your hidden treasure
I want to find
I want your pleasure,
your mind,
your hidden treasure

New things to explore,
every talk
A new door
Deep inside
You cannot hide

Your hidden treasure
I want to find
Your pleasure
Your mind

Your treasure
Physical pleasure
Your mind,
greatest treasure
I want to find

A new door,
the things to find
The treasure of your mind
I want it more

Hidden treasure,
new door
Physical pleasure
I cannot ignore
Me, to find.........
The treasure of your mind

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Heavens Portal

I enter walking upon a golden hue
An odor of bouquets enter my nostrils
A fire of a love i have never known
Overwhelms me 
Tightening upon my  every being
Casting even the strongest to their knees
A glorious golden light brightens every shadow
And peace ,silence and awe  overcome my  soul
I hear the voices of millions singing
Voices barely heard
Yet they thunder forth
Singing, thanking God I'm free!
Suddenly my memory erases as I too become one
Oh how now I thank God
Praise God that I too am free
For frailty of words do lack
To really reveal the glory that awaits
For those who wish to  praise God
Thank God that you too can be free

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Me and this old truck,is hauling our last load.
Down this long and bumpy road.
It bounces me up and down as it sways from side to side.
Now me and this old truck is on our last ride.
I can remember my dad and I would work in the fields.
We work in the fields from early morn to setting sun.
We work and work until all the work was done.
My dad on his big red tractor,mowing grass,plowing fields,cutting hay.
Then me and my old truck would haul it all away.
I can remember when this old truck was brand new.
I was so full of pride.Now me and this old truck is on our last ride.
We were always seen together ,thru all kinds of weather.
Rain,sleet sun snow.
This old truck would take me where ever I wanted to go.
This old truck would purr like a kitten,run like a deer.
Never once did this old truck ever get us stuck.
Lord how I love and will miss this old truck.
Well we finally come to our journy end.
All there is left to say is good-by my old friend.

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Sloppy, Jo

For the at hand,
So that I'll understand,
He makes me a sloppy jo.
... ug. So over I rolled.

She nibbles at JO,
waves g’morning to MO…

A tasty treat, made so sweet,
I’m glad, one of us can cook…
First it was Sweez, now it’s Swowz…
I politely, normally don’t eat cows.

Having said that, while I pet my cat,
I’ve bitten in anyway.
Was like the day, the corn turned grey,
Was that by chance, in May?

!! Eleven elevens !! cried those sevens,
While being tossed into the pan!!!!
Who is the cook with spatula hand,
Who is the chef, and Who, this man?

. . . . .

Little salt my dear?
Little taste on the fix?
Was that May?
Or did you say May-trix?

. . . . .

With the morning JO,
He makes Sloppy MO!
How can I show him, to understand….?
My friend the chef, reads to the left,
So Who, is the spatula’s hand?

They want a plan.
Four corners are on…
and the Dan said ‘when’.

. . . . .

Don’t assume, my cutest Jew,
That spelling is all for not.
My dog is a Rot, but a Rot she’s knot,
And the language She barks is new.
Did you want that clue?

Bye and bye, for now I must fly,
My belly has quite the mix.
Did he say JO, or was that MO?
I know, SHE said May-tricks.

. . . . .

Hey Jo…?
Little Do,
Rayed me,
but falls hope?
Know,... T. Dear?
Satire is queer.
Hugs you love,
The morning calls,
From Above.

. . . . .

Makes note: keeping, that's me and you.
~I'm such a muse.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

~wow and meow the Catz say, how,
!~! did he fix you, a sloppy JO?
Does he not know,
That you never show,
Your face, in the drive and go?
~except maybe four treats,
that have no feet...
Like the splits, and
the camels, pistachio...
~and why aren't cow,
a treat you say?
~they have square feet,
and it's knot my way.

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Each evening I sit alone in deep thought,
and stare in wonderment 
at constellations without a name;
how many suns, like ours,
are invisible to these stupefied eyes...
how far are they from where I am?

To own a corner of that sky, 
I should be much closer to them to shine;
and I must find me a  place in this Universe,
become a star so insignificant and unashamed... 
beginning to exist among their magnificence!
To go further, where astronauts are guided by stars, 
I must have the indomitable spirit of  Columbus
and the bold courage of David!  

Each morning the resplendent sunrise
awakens me to end my imagined journey...
with consternation and demise;
my pursuit was to inevitably conquer
my fear and not relinquish any possibility...
to penetrate the depths of space
with nothing more than grace...
for a design that I was eager to declare!

To own a corner of that sky,  
I must have an insuperable and indisputable faith...
with a determined purpose in mind: 
so that doubts wouldn't abound and end my quest!

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Strong Tower (A Song for Caleb)

In the time-
That I'm afraid-
I will call-
Upon His Name
For in the times-
I have been brave-
I have called-
Upon His Name  (Chorus)

The name of the Lord, the name of the Lord
The name of the Lord's Strength and Power
The name of the Lord, the name of the Lord
The name of the Lord's a Strong Tower

And the righteous will run in it and be safe
The righteous will run in it and be saved

In the time-
That I'm afraid-
I will call-
Upon His Name
For in the times-
I have been brave-
I have called-
Upon His Name  (Chorus)

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This Week's Fairy Tale

"Rude-Pun-Zel, Rude-Pun-Zel, Let Down Your Glass Eye!"

Rude-Pun-Zel had always been rude,
Sometimes boarderline crude,
But her own blue eyes she prized,
And she told no lies,
When she declared she was the
fairest of maids,
To sour some people '
like unsweetened lemonaids

One day she was too rude,
To a Sociopath Druid,
And in vengence, he
plucked out one eye...
Well she did not then die,
But, oh, oh, oh my, my, my...
She did long cry...
But at only 50% capacity,
Cause she had only one eye,
You see?

Well her Sorceror dad,
His temper was bad,
And this made him real mad
So he fitted her with, 
her one glass eye...
But he was color-blind
And didn't know what kind,
So he got one very brown,
Figuring if off, she would not mind...

Well Rue-Pun-Zel did
keep it anyway,
And everyday she'd
tie it in,
With a long eye-lash,
Of which she kept
a hefty stash

But now banished to
a tall tower blue,
She wanted for someone to her, save,
One day he came,
A plodding young knave,
Not too bright,
And not too brave,
He'd heard the tale,
Then one night,
after too much ale,
Seeked her out, from
the base of her tower...

Let down your glass eye,
I'll climb your lashes,
So no more will you cry!!
I'll even take you, 
to the local fish fry!!

Sadly, as poor
Rude-Pun-Zel attempted
this feat,
Her glass eye did slip,
And shatter when it hit

Goes to show you,
Always keep an eye on an eye!!


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Gabriel's Cry

I heard the voice of an angel cry aloud
Not in sweet tones that fill heaven's clouds
Within the habitation of God's ark
Christ dethroned from a carved bark.

Why criest thou o might one?
See what Christ's words declared had done
Men with mirth and merriment rejoice
Given great and many a choice.

Ah, the messenger, the messenger, Christ he shrouded
With gesture and language heavens message he clouded
Flesh revealed and spirit hidden
The sons of men still bed ridden.

King divine and Lord of glory
Lisps the man in entertaining story
Christ unpreached his word unsung
Vain babbling comes through unsanctified tongue.

Preach the Word was His command
Repentance, forgiveness heaven's demand
Ashamed said he of the gospel tune
The way, the truth buried under the dune.

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Night Time Prayer:Based on Psalms 4:8

Thank you father for another day that has passed
Thank you for the life,health,and strength
That you've blessed me with.
Thank you for all of your great love and forgiveness
help me to be the person you planned for me to be
when you created me.
I will both lay me down in peace and sleep
for thou lord only make me sleep and dwell
in safety.
Thank you for my family and friends,thank for all of the days or years
you've appointed for me.
Thank you for you constant guidance and ordering my steps
even when I mess things up for myself too often.
thank you for all the doors  that you have opened for me and my whole family
the ones i know and the ones I've never met thank you for protection in known and
unknown dangers in the land of the living.


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A knight.... 
Head bowed 
The sword sheathed 
Glittering blade......... 
Will never fade 

Knights of St John 
Knights Templar........ 
Have come far 
Battles, far from won 

Will be lost......... 
We are the few......... 
What can we do? 
The final cost........ 

Our numbers have been reduced 
Jewels and gold............ 
They have been seduced 
So many bought and sold.... 

Gather,ye men.......... 
The ideals hold true 
We cannot rest 
Find the path 
What can we do? 
In to the lions den 
The true test 

The armour that we wear..... 
Shaped metal 
The knight.......... 
Scores to settle 
The forged sword............ 
By Englands finest smiths 
Enemies laid bare 

But is all lost? 
Our enemies are at the gate 
We are the few.............. 
Can we defeat Saladin's horde? 
We place our trust in the lord 

Knights of St John 
Gather ye round 
Knights of old 
Knights bold 
Before it is all gone.............. 

Saladin's men at the gate 
Relentless horde 
We cannot abate 
This is not the time for dying 
Or listening to the enemies' lying 

They have not cared........ 
Only what they want done 
Our lives, 
Never to be spared............... 
Jerusalem is lost 
The knights, 
will come 

The old order of things............ 
To be sacrificed 
The Knights........... 
To die for Christ 
The knights........... 
Cannot crumble to dust 
The swords must never rust 

They are needed........... 
The teachings ,seeded 
The Cross of St George 
The values, to forge 

The Knights betrayed............ 
The memories............ 
Swords rust 
crumble to dust 

The values taught.......... 
The enemy cannot kill 
The battles always fought 
But still............... 
They come 
The war ,far from won 

The knights weep 
The rot, beginning to seep........ 
The true ways 
Compromised by political plays 
Swords rust........ 
Knights fade........ 
Needs must 
Knights betrayed.......... 
The final cost 

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First Lady America

Every Mother, wants to be remenber for her children
transference the mirror of our minds the blood that runs
through our viens the two or many hearts in our viens.
the nourshment of pardise the Mothers of all is all
not one but all and yes now America is the Mother of
all and first stands in New york the Lady yes Lady Liberty
is the creators Lady his daughter his Love his baby that
cried in his mind his Baby. Father of all. In Wars of World
In year of 1900 ////AD now CG the creator good Well Good

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Come Up Here!

Rise up!  Rise up and Come up here
Because Jesus Christ is ready to appear
The Day of Judgment is drawing near
So rise up!  Before He says come up here  (Chorus)

A time will come, and now it is
When those who are dead
Will hear the Son of God's voice
And those who hear, they shall live
For the Life in Christ quickens
Those who make Him their choice

   Because the life the Father has to make the dead arise
   He has granted to his Son to give unto them
   Who are pleased to cross over from death unto life
   But you must believe in Christ and live your life for him

A time will come, so marvel not
When those who are in their graves
Will hear the Lord's voice
And everyone of them shall come out
To receive judgment or reward
 According to their own choice

   Those who have done good shall resurrect unto God's life
   But those who have done evil shall only rise to be condemned
   So to enter in the Gate and walk the Way you must strive
   Remember this, if he doesn't come first, he may call you to Him
Rise up!  Rise up and Come up here
Because Jesus Christ is ready to appear
The Day of Judgment is drawing near
So rise up!  Before He says come up here  (Chorus)

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No riches to be accumulated by me,
and no cathedrals to be built and penetrate
the vagrant clouds giving the resemblance
of a reachable Heaven so fuzzy,
because this mind is guided by faith...
and is not controlled by a limited furtherance!

I made big with God, not following the madness
which seeps into our imprudent soul,
and makes us see a false greatness...
forgetting that Man and God cannot be equal!

I've found no joy more thrilling and genuine
than that of our merciful and powerful God:
asking us to choose right and good,
and live without being inflicted by a single pain;
He opens our mind, fraught with danger, to awareness...
not to be obscured by a fiendish influence!

I made big with God, not being fanciful,
frivolous and inconsiderate of others;
offensive, hard-hearted and formidable ...
never incurring perils or losses!  

No violent storm swept me aside,
no intruder attempted to cut short my invaluable life;
I was always shielded by a massive rock,
unable to pierce my body and cause me harm!

I made big with God, unaware that 
He was always present in my thoughts 
deeds and words...controlling every single emotion,
every small step down the path of redemption! 

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The Brothers, Jo

Standing there before the air,

A brother stood on high.

I remember the day,

When he couldn’t play,

And they forced him,

to say Good-bye.

Sold was He, to captivity,

And seeding the deed,

brother Jealousy.

But brothers know and

Those Brothers, Jo..?

They chose, just not to sea.

Looking now, two forgive,

Seeing how, they wish to live,

Knowing now, of what they did.

And standing there, seeing care,

A Brother stood on High.

I remember the day,

He forgave their way,

And loved them, under the sky.

It took a while, a test, a trial,

But Brothers once again.

From up on High, up near the Sky,

The Sun-shine in just then…

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Loud Cries and Tears

Jesus offered up prayers and petitions
And He was heard for His reverent submission
But His quiet times were not so quiet in His years
He made His requests known with loud cries and tears
	Unto God who would save Him from premature death
	And for those who needed grace and life Jesus wept
	Unto God who gave Him power and love to cast out fears
	Jesus supplicated with strong crying and tears  [Chorus]

Stir up your spirit like an eagle, get unsettled
Get alone with God all night like the time when Jacob wrestled
He groaned until the morning, He held on and overcame
All his struggles, he was blessed and given a better name

Men ought to pray always and never faint
Being alert and praying for all the saints
On every occasion giving God no rest
With all kinds of prayers and requests


Raise your voices like Apostles until the place is shaken
Pray til something happens for the cause undertaken
Like Elijah prayed seven times for the dry land
The abundant rain poured from a cloud like a hand

Jesus offered up prayers and petitions
And He was heard for His reverent submission
But His quiet times were not so quiet in His years
He made His requests known with loud cries and tears
	Unto God who would save Him from premature death
	And for those who needed grace and life Jesus wept
	Unto God who gave Him power and love to cast out fears
	Jesus supplicated with strong crying and tears  [Chorus]

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As daytime runs out, I will feel
the absence of Lucille,
who's going with the leaves
 blown away by the winter's breeze!

Loneliness bring me more tears,
because her distance already hurts,
and when the next evening comes...
it won't have a surprise!

The absence of Lucille is
one of my greatest and worst lossess;
her first dream was stronger  than
the true love I gave her then!

As daytime runs out, I will feel 
the absence of Lucille
who looks for security,
not for sincerity;
I believed she loved
me without pretention,
what has become of her honesty?
Pretty eyes and tender lips,how easily
I fell for your temptation;
beautiful Lucille,why couldn't you stay?

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Ain't Nothing Too Hard

There ain't nothing too hard for God  

He made the heaven and he made the earth
He did it all by sending forth His Word
Now all creation sing His worth
Til everyone in this whole world has heard

There ain't nothing too hard for God

He came to save and heal all of the earth
He did it all by sending forth His Word
Now all creation sing His worth
Til everyone in this whole world has heard

There ain't nothing too hard for God

He'll make a new heaven and new earth
He'll do it all by sending forth His Word
Now all creation sing His worth
Til everyone in this whole world has heard

There ain't nothing too hard for God

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This is a breezy and starry night,
with no strange sounds to induce its mystery;
lingering with sadness is the loneliest heart
opening the pages of an unfinished diary...
as I sit alone drinking my bitter wine,
but it should be sweet to make me feel fine!

Has anyone seen me swelling with pride,
wrapping my arms around her hips
and pressing on her soft and scented lips...
until my wild kisses would make my sweetheart fall:
wasting not a minute to convince her how I felt inside?
How could her jealousy have been the cause of imagination?  
I couldn't help being noticed by ladies of indiscretion...
if I resembled an Adonis standing on a pedestal!

Should I find anyone to explain this rage with easiness?
Would anyone be willing to stand by me
and allow me to be the kind of lover I try to be,
or let me die without ever knowing the feeling of fullness?
I still wait by the doogwood tree
where that pretty star stood still...
giving us another reason to stay longer
by the glimmering waters of the river!  

This is a peaceful and wonderful night
hearing the invisible crickets share their delight;
I lie beneath the shadows of tall trees,
and make my wish for more dreams:
hoping to never feel this cold,
being fully loved and understood...
Consumed by incomprehension,
somehow swelling with pride,
and yet I rest amid the dreams of incompletion;
my restless spirit has wings to soar high,
but it needs the strongest wind to lift it up...
and make it float 'till it can't stop!

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Suzie and Mikey

They are sister and brother,
Yet not quite the norm,
Suzie wants her doll, 
And she'll keep ranting
 long and loud,   
Sometimes flying off the track,
Violence can erupt,
No way tp figure out, how and when,
She's a terror to handle,
This autistic child,
Seems only Rosie can do that,
the woman I love..
Tender words she does use.
Only my Rosie can calm her,
This poor lost troubled child,

Then there's Mikey,
Perhaps more peacful is he,
Just rocking back and forth,
Rocking so endlessly....
Maybe he's happy, in his own world,
At other times he can become more active,
And then the pain shows for all to see.

There are many others, in this clan, so seemingly cursed,
Deep, dark secrets of childhood sexual abuse,
By peripherial relatives dealing with their own phsychotic demons,

And, as almost always the case, Mama doesn't want to hear it,
The abusers Masquaraides too clever,
And all the others, all effected, insane brother,
Oft in jail,
troubled,pill dependent sister...
Another sister expecting to be poisoned daily,
So many people molded in pain, and in a disfunctional confusion.
The one Pillar of Strength is my Rosie...
From the sad day of her mother's death,
She has to ruled this insane mess.
As close to a "Mother Teresa'
That we'll ever see.

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In a Flash!

In a flash-! Before you can blink an eye
In a flash-! Before you can say good-bye
With a blast-!  Of his horn at the Midnight Cry
He will catch-! Us away up in the sky   (Chorus)

When the saints are all caught away
For some it will dawn, for some, midday
For others it will be evening, for some, night
But for all of us who are walking in the Light
It should not be a terrible great surprise
Like those who will mourn with open eyes
Since we expect Him, we must watch and pray
And haste Christ's great and glorious Day


Some of us who are Heaven bound
Will be above and some underground
Some will be in the sky, some in the sea
And who knows where others may or may not be
But one thing's for sure, make Christ your choice
For all of us who will hear His voice
Shall be changed, first, the sleep shall awaken
They shall fly, then we who are ready shall be taken

In a flash-! Before you can blink an eye
In a flash-! Before you can say good-bye
With a blast-!  Of his horn at the Midnight Cry
He will catch-! Us away up in the sky   (Chorus)

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At my surprise,I've discovered
that in the depth
of this doubt:
there's an intense liking
that keeps me wondering
whether or not
to bring it out
with an incredible shout!

I wouldn't turn
a good thing down
and proclaim this lover
is not a quitter:
when an honest face
strikes me with joy and excitement,
I don't have the simplest 
reason to pretend or not
to have heard that mysterious name
in some other place!

Anxious to find out
how many words or sounds
make up that memorable sentence
that can't hold down my obstinence
from the purest desire pounding inside
this fearful chest...
hiding the most truthful heart!

Would I deny myself the joy
of being indulgent
and disclaim that this lover
is not a quitter
to those who have more doubts
than an ounce of pity?
Envious eyes laid on me...
can't change or threat anything
I offer with honesty;
nothing can destroy this ego,
it is my glorious destiny to give love
and make a woman's heart sing! 

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Blonde is her hair
It will just make one stare
Green are her eyes
Just by the sight will make one high
Yet her personality is her profile
Her beauty is stunning
And advance is her cunning
She is as sweet
As a bees honey
Smart is the girl
Who may have the whole world
And athletic is the girl
Who could leave ones eyes in a swirl

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Who is Our Life

When Christ, who is our Life, shall appear
We'll be caught up~! To meet Him in the air
And our glory hid in God with Jesus Christ
Shall be revealed when we appear 
With Him in Eternal Life  (Chorus)

Some people say they got the life
And they think they have a better way
But the truth about their lusts and pride
Is with the using they all pass away

Yet they think it's strange that we don't run
To do the same excess they consider fun
And when ridiculed for the sake of His Name
Compared to Glory, it's nothing- take the shame


The world tells us to get a life
And that we live a narrow-minded way
But the truth we know will cause such strife
Because they're blind & deaf to what we say

But the Gospel won't be hid or overcome
For then it would be concealed from the lost ones
But if we suffer insults for the name of Christ
Remember in Him are all the meanings of Life


And when the sign of the Son appears in the sky
Then all the nations of the earth will begin to cry
For they will see Him come with power and glory from above
And see us in the clouds with Him they've spoken evil of


When Christ, who is our Life, shall appear
We'll be caught up~! To meet Him in the air
And our glory hid in God with Jesus Christ
Shall be revealed when we appear 
With Him in Eternal Life  (Chorus)

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I rest my hand, 
upon golden sand 

My glittering sword 
In faith, it has been forged 
for the cross of St George 

Jewelled  rapier and soft silk, 
the men I fight, 
is of that ilk 
They do not see the light 

This battle of idealogical will 
I have had my fill 
For, the paths ,so wide, 
a bitter divide 

For one side must fall, 
to end it all 
But the enemy never does rest, 
spreading it's poison, 
far in to the West 

For this crusade 
for St George 
We cannot fade, 
weapons to forge 
For we must rise, 
defend the faith and the wise 
Go to meet, 
sit at our gods feet 

Now this winged sword I fly 
deep in to the night 
Puts the enemy to flight 
They never give up the fight, 
for they try and try 

I sometimes wonder why 
when I rest my hand 
on soft golden sand 
I hear my heart cry 
That I have seen this all before 
in another time 
another war 

Our lessons never learned 
Our enemy never turned 
Our houses burned 
Our entreaties never returned 

For, if we must, 
send our ideological enemies, 
back to sand and dust 
This is not the only way 
but our enemies are eager for the fray 

My chain mail 
has become chain gun 
This battle,far from won 
We must not fail, 
for our time is not yet done 

I sometimes wonder why 
as I rest my hand , 
upon golden sand 
at this idealogical blunder 

For there are no winners, 
only the dead 
at the battle for the sinners 
Only war, 
No peace,no law 
The enemy will never be enticed 
in to the world of Christ 

I sometimes wonder why 
as I lay my hand 
on this golden sand 
Stifle a cry, 
Is this why we cannot rest 
in the battle between East and West 

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We have finally made it
Through this last year
Now we must face
Our deepest fear
On our own we must go
This wheel of life we must steer
Life is yet to come
It has finally just begun
Our lives now depend
On choices of thy own
Now one can’t afford
To sit around ad get stoned
We must make choices
That are very difficult
Yet the right one will reveal
Awards as a result
Your future is what
Only you make
Everyone makes
Colossal mistakes
Yet as y you grow older,
If you can believe in your ability
And not think the world is on your shoulders
You will lead
A life filled with joy
And rewards, yet this only happens
When one is employed
You choices from today,
And onward into the years
Will undoubtedly reveal
How your life will be
Just so long as you don’t
Piss it away, and you just wait and see
For you’re the one
Who may change the world
Just lead a straight line
Don’t follow your horde
Prevail you may
Yet if you shall fail
Pull yourself back up,, for that job you dream of
Is not unreachable
You shall find, after you get that job
That your check has always
Been in the mail

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God is Good All the Time

God is good
All the time
When we're faithful- 
Or unkind-
Cause God is good
Loving all the time-
For he's a true friend
Of yours and mine-  (Chorus)

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Autumn leaves swept away
The snow fell steadily
The whispering trees, quiet so
A world of white
A castle,
wrapped in snow

Darkest night,
illuminated by streams of light
From Castle Heartstone
The Winter Queen...
Not alone

King of Fire,
filled the room
banished the gloom
The Winter Queen..
His desire

Such is the seasons
The nature of things
Precious times
Stars burning fire
Winter night
Burning bright

A King and a Queen
Such forces of nature,
wield such passion
Beauty of snow
The flames,
flicker so

This is Castle Heartstone
Love, in the deepest way
Even in winter snow
you can feel its' glow

These immense stone walls,
radiated warmth
From turrets to stairs,
you can feel within
The fire, flares

Winters' night
with a King
Warm and bright
Winters' day,
with a Queen
Such beautiful light,
where the snow lay

Autumn leaves
Gold and red flame,
swept away
A Queen,
to return...
on a winters' day

A King...
must let go...
A Queen
The ending of winter snow

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Lover of My Soul

I have found
The Lover of My Soul
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus loves my soul  

I have found
The One who makes me whole
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus makes me whole

I have found
The Lord is in control
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus take full control

I have found
The Lover of My Soul
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus loves my soul  

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Solomon's Song

I have found the one
           my soul does love
           bearing gifts from above;
My darling, my fair one,
Come away, turtle dove,
After whom I run...
     I search to this end,
     To find my perfect one
And my best friend,
Majestic as the stars
          and moonbeams on lawn;
          upon the seas my beloved
Appears like the dawn,
Whom now I hold;
     I will not let go
     Of my concerned lover,
Whom alone does know,
Protects my heart,
          cares for me in whole;
          I have found the one
Who loves my soul
With vehement flames
     And coals of fire,
     By whom I am roused,
For whom is my desire
Unquenched and sealed,
          strong and unyielding,
          undrowned and guarded
With a blazing sword weilding;
My heavenly angel
     Hasted, and beheld me,
     Received me, embraced me;
Though refuge failed me,
I am strong belonging,
          and my beloved is mine;
          the shadows all vanish...
Day break does shine
As bright as the sun
     With the singing of birds;
     Unique and most lovely,
Voicing sweet words,
My flawless one is 
          my beautiful dove;
          giving gifts from above,
I am my beloved's...
I have found the one
     My soul does love.

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The Lord is My Shepherd

O Lord You're my Shepherd
I shall lack no good thing
You make me to lie down
In pastures of green
Beside the still waters
Is how You lead me
In paths of righteousness 
Is where You guide me

For the sake of Your Holy Name
You restore my soul the same

O Lord You're my Shepherd
And I will fear no evil
Even though I walk through shadows
Of the darkest valley
For You are with me
You're my Saviour and my God
And You comfort me
With Your staff and rod

For the sake of Your Holy Name
You restore my soul the same

O Lord You're my Shepherd
You prepare a table before me
A feast in the presence
Of my enemies
You anoint my head with oil
My cup overflows
All the days of my life
Goodness and love shall follow

For the sake of Your Holy Name
You restore my soul the same

And I will dwell in your house 
I will dwell in your house
I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever 

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Once again I am standing
All by myself
For my friends have deceived
And stole in the night with stealth

Yet no matter
How much trust is given
There was no possible motivation
No reason to why they were driven
To the betrayal a friend

Never were they wrong
It seems like a story
Written down in a song
This is a lesson for the future
No doubt about it
I need time to myself
To contemplate a little bit

Trust must be earned
Not just given away
It is written in stone
And is there to stay
Or at least that’s 
What some people say

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There are names
Of which
People know by fame

Also there are names
Shouted out in shame

Yet one should realize
That ones name
Only with their decisions
Will be known in fame
Living throughout the ages
Through generations with different stages
Only when one discovers the secret
Then they shall be fame treated

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Where Is He?

In the book of Matthew for everyone to see
It asks a very clear question, Where Is He?
Who are they talking about? Who could they mean?
They're referring to Jesus Christ, the new born king

There were  three men from far away kingdoms 
known as The Magi
They had come to acknowledge The Son of Man
thus fulfilling the prophecy
Guided by a bright star
on the eastern horizon
They travelled far to see the One that God
said to keep their eyes on
Born in a manger to the carpenter Joseph and the Virgin Mary
The Holy Spirit in the flesh,God's prodigy 
Laying in a bed of hay
He was sent  to show us The Way

We've forgotten what the day Christmas truly represents
It's not about gadgets, new clothes nor expensive presents
It's not about I-pods, plasma TVs or the new X-box toy
It's the day to celebrate the birth of our Savior the Deliverer of our Joy
We can't seem to remember that Jesus was sent by God from above
To deliver us and redeem us with the sacrifice of His blood
That was on the crown and the cross for all the people to see
But the one unanswered question remains
Where Is He?

The Jews betrayed Him, the Romans flayed Him
they kicked Him to the curb
They could not discern that He was God in the flesh
and His flesh was the Word
They tried to corrupt Him, then interrupt Him 
when all He wanted was to show them God's Kind
But the passion in Him had subsided because of their closed minds

Where Is He, the one we now need the most?
Where Is He, that manifestation of the Holy Ghost?
He's not at Macy's, He's not at Target, 
you can't reach Him on a Chocolate cell phone
Would you greet Him or mistreat Him
the heir to the heavenly throne?
If you were to see Him, could you perceive Him
as being the most important gift
that God had sent to us,
so our hope and spirits would lift? 

Where Is He, God's only begotten Son,
the child in the manger, the new born king, the Anointed One?
Many now believe Him, many now receive Him
that miracle maker from long ago
Our Messiah, Our Salvation the One we all should know

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the old oak

Verse 1 
There’s a house on a hill with an old oak at the side 
There’s a bridge down the way crossing a river that’s wide 
And the green hills roll forever, it’s a beautiful sight 
With a backdrop of mountains their tips covered white 

Verse 2 
There’s a house on a hill with an old oak at the side 
Where I carved out our names with a small pocket knife 
And the letters we etched in a timeless old tree 
Say that I’ll always love you long past eternity 

I’ll soon be with you angel, this body grows tired 
I’ll soon be with you angel for soon I’ll expire 
I’ll soon be with you angel never then will we part 
I’ll soon be with you angel be still my beating heart 

Verse 3 
There’s a house on a hill with an old oak at the side 
And a single headstone marks the place where you lie 
A chair by the side of your last resting place 
Which I sit in for hours and just stare into space 

Verse 4 
There’s a house on a hill with an old oak at the side 
Tended by a lost soul who hasn’t much time 
It won’t be long now and we’ll be one again 
There’s been so much pain since I lost you my friend 

I’ll soon be with you angel, this body grows tired 
I’ll soon be with you angel for soon I’ll expire 
I’ll soon be with you angel never then will we part 
I’ll soon be with you angel be still my beating heart

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Good Samaritan

As you go
Where God will send
Be a neighbor; be a friend
Don't pass by
On the other side
When you see the hurting ones
Be merciful
And pity them
Who somehow have become victims
Help and love them
As you do yourself
Be like the Good Samaritan  

Find the hurt
Pour oil and wine
To cleanse their wounds you bind
Lift and warm 
Them in your arms
Let love be their inheritance
Carry them
With gentle prayer
To where they will get more care 
At your expense
Follow up on them
Like the Good Samaritan

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The Dark King

"All blades perish that pierce the Dark King" - J.R.R. Tolkien "The Return of the 

    Ringwraith - Morgul lord
    Veiled in shadow
    riding on a dark black steed
    Prisoner of his own desire for power
    He has become a slave of 
    Once proud leaders of 
    mortal men     
    The nine drew them 
    all to the Necromancer
    Now they must do his 
    The most powerful of the nine rides forth
    Seeking the one
    which their shadowy master
    is searching for
    Nine walkers set out 
    against the Nine Riders
    The leader of the Dark Riders is a wraith twisted
    by lust for power
    The nine walkers 
    have one who
    has resisted temptaion
    and who will soon be
    dressed in white
   The darkness versus the light
   Thus it is now
   Thus it shall ever be  

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O Lord, You are our Father
We are the clay; You are the Potter
We are the work of Your hand
So mold us and shape us 
In Your perfect plan 	   (Chorus)

In the middle of Your wheel
We're yielded and still
To be vessels of mercy
Lord You make us worthy
In Your blaze of fiery wind
Purge us free from sin
To be vessels of honor
Filled with your living water


Make the broken new again
Sanctify and bring them in
To be vessels in His church
Prepared for every good work
And meet for the Master's use
Vessels bring Him forth much fruit
Prepare for His glory
Make known Your riches of glory - !

O Lord, You are our Father
We are the clay; You are the Potter
We are the work of Your hand
So mold us and shape us 
In Your perfect plan 	   (Chorus)

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In our splendid universe,
there's more than diversity...
undiscovered planets:
like the warm beats of the heart;
huge skies of blue where anyone's
eyes cannot reach their infinity!

There can never be dark days,
and the pure joys of two loyal souls
will only lead to other unknown desires;
what keeps others from reaching this height,
and free themselves from what makes them writhe...   
without having to give up anything?
That secret lies mainly with us,
 jealously protected, but if curiousity overwhelms them:
we're holding the magic key...
to unlock this amazing mystery!

In our splendid universe,
all the stars take refuge in myriads,
and keep us safe from shadows,
so that we will not know sorrows;
and if the warmest sun shimmers
and breaks trough the darkest clouds,
when  another storm threatens its peace,
we'll be assured to behold its magnificence!

Unworthy  hearts search for an unreachable God,
but can't find Him where they wish...
until their wait becomes desperation;
why do they fail and turn back to the starting point?
We have that answer with an assurance:
turn away from all those dreadful
things that cause unnecessary pain,
and have a sudden change of heart !

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According to the Scriptures

Jesus died for my sins
(According to the Scriptures)
He was laid in a tomb
(According to the Scriptures)
But He rose to life again
(According to the Scriptures)
Now He's coming real soon
(According to the Scriptures)     [Chorus]

Jesus died for my sins, He was laid in a tomb
But He rose to life again, now  He's coming real soon
According to the Scriptures and believed by the saints
Yet if Christ be not raised then our faith is in vain
BUT!  Jesus is alive and He rose from the dead
We're the Body of Christ and Christ is the head
Who's become the firstfruit of those who've slept
Afterward at His Coming, those who have been kept
From the pollution of the world, the solution is faith
Being sealed with His Spirit until we see Christ's day
When all things are subdued and the mountains will fall
The son is subject to the father, God is all and in all
Every knee will surely bow and tongue confess that
Jesus is Lord while secrets of the hearts manifest
Some on the right hand, others on the left
As he separates the wheat from the chaff with his breath


It's according to the Word, now it's time for you to level
You can't drink of Jesus cup and the cup of the devil
Awake to righteousness and sin not!
And it's ashame if you don't have the knowledge of God
Watch ye, stand fast in the faith be strong
Submit yourself to Jesus flee away from all wrong
For evil companionships corrupt good manners
So stay with holy ones lifting up the Lord's banner
As Christ increases, we decrease daily dying
Maximizing with the People Of War Ever Rising
While awaiting the redemption of our bodies we're victors
And we'll go up in the Rapture according to the Scriptures


{A rap I wrote while in college in celebration of Easter-  I Cor. 15:3,4}

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Tell Me The Story Of Jesus

O come tell me the story of Jesus on Jordan's stormy bank
Come let's us break bread together down by the old rugged cross
Lift  Lift every voice and sing Joyful Joyful We adorn Thee
Let's come and crown Him with many crowns for the beauty of the earth
For the Lord is my Shepard Pass me not O gentel Saviour
Keep me leaning on the everlasting arm and take the name of Jesus with you
For He is purer and whiter than snow So let me come face to face
With my Christ my Lord amidst the lily of the valley 
For I love to tell the story that there is a foundation 
Since Jesus came into my heart  For this is my Father's World
Which He leadeth me down the path When the morning comes
Come join just a closer walk with Thee 
For the church's are our foundations Of O God our hope in ages past

Tribute To Christ Our Lord

Gospel Song
Working On Too  LOL

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Showing Off

We're not showing off
And we won't put it off-
We're just praising the name of Jesus
But if we're showing off
Still we won't put it off-
We'll keep praising the name of Jesus   (Chorus)

There are those who think the Lord requires a solemn face
And there are those who quench His Spirit in this place
But there are those who sing and shout with hands and hearts to raise
And they are those who're free to give God all their praise

And if we're getting on your nerve-
And if we don't fit your format-
Well we've got a God to serve-
And we know it's going to take all that
He's pleased with that-	  (Bridge)


There are those who feel they know just how much it takes
And there are those who say we're going through a phase
So there are those who clap and dance with hands and hearts to raise
And they are those who're free to give God all their praise

(Bridge)    (Chorus)

Praise Him for his goodness, praise Him for his love
Praise Him with your voices, praise Him all ye lands
Praise Him with the timbrel and all your instruments
Praise Him with a loud noise, sing and clap your hands  (Repeat)

(Bridge)  (Chorus)

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Breathlessly taken by a sweet sadness
drifting away with the splendid sunset,
you are still dreaming of him,
whose green eyes remind you with joy
of this lovely spring day;
so dream,beautiful Mary,dream...

Prittier than a soft rose so lonesome,
you wait for his warm hands
to hold it to his faithful heart!
you stay up late,stare at the moon and wait,
now the lights in your empty room are out;
so dream,beautiful Mary,dream...

The valley is getting dark indeed,
and the low hills are hidden by shadows,
gleamig owls gather where the moon glows        
as the eastern wind brings
the mellow aroma of jasmines;
so dream,beautiful Mary, dream...

The evening is peaceful and bright,
by the open window you stare out to a lonely star,
hoping it always be there at night
to confide your deepest feelings to,
when there's nobody to turn to;
so dream,beautiful Mary, dream... 

If your small hand stretches out to take
the loveliest star from the jealous sky,
promising yourself not to reveal...
until you'll have no other wishes to make,
only then you'll have a reason to cry;
so dream, beautiful Mary,dream... 

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He Stooped Down

He stooped down
And made me
He stooped down
And raised me
He stooped down 
And helped me along, along-

He stooped down
And saved me
He stooped down
And raised me
He stooped down 
And helped me be strong, be strong- (Chorus)

He stooped down...

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Dire Serpent

A mulking it's agaluk
It sits high in proud symbolic
The wandleing caps men
Swindiling down it's ivenya branch
A dull move for it's majected lanch
A walking man sees ten
It boldly sweeks bien
A watch from the gavens eye
Speack anogon boutful surprise
A meek wandanla shooting star
sweeps at the moving speech
A nudeful sound so nar
squins it's passage

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Arise, My Love

Arise, my love, and come away with me
The season for singing has come
The winter has passed and the rain's moved along
My darling, my beautiful one
See, the tender figs spiced upon the tree
The vines are fragrant with blossoms
The flowers appear, the dove voices its song
Arise now, my beautiful one  (Chorus)

In the darkness of the sky
Your face is the fairest moon
Majestic as stars in flight
For my coming to you is soon

And you'll shine as the dawn of day
As clear as the sun above
And your beauty I will parade
Like the hosts with their banners of love

For you are my perfect one
How pleasing you are in my eyes
There is no flaw in you
I say unto you, my bride, Arise


And the foxes, catch for us
Little foxes that spoil the vine
Its tender grapes are for our cups
But our love is better than wine

It burns like a mighty flame
Its jealousy will not yield
And rivers can't wash love away
For upon my heart you have been sealed

Undefiled, unique and choice
You overwhelm me with your eyes
You have stolen my heart
I say unto you, my bride, Arise

For there are delicacies at our door
Old and new unseen to your eyes
Now from the secret place of the stairs
I say unto you, my bride, Arise


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Ballard Of Maggie Rose


           Now,Maggie ran a boarding
               house,or so the story goes;
           And all those that knew her,
                called her Maggie Rose;
            Some say she was a widow,
                 others a woman who;
             Gave away her favors to,
                   whom ever caught her
                    roving eye;
              But the truth of the matter,
                     a secret  life she led;
               And if the house,where
                      cattlemen and drummers;
                Slept in cozy comfy beds,
                        could speak of;
                 Secret passage ways,
                        and doors that kept;
                  This secret of a woman,
                        who  loved  with all
                         her heart;
                  But none would ever
                         know,it died along
                          with Maggie Rose.

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Starting Over Again

Whatever happened to the time we used to spend
Whatever happened to my long and faithful friend
And not matter how my heart will seem to mend
I'm tired of starting all over and over again
Whatever happened to the love that we were in 
Whatever happened to the dreams that we'd begin
And no matter how my life will seem to mend
I'm tired of starting all over and over again	(Chorus)

I see the signs of yesterday yet I won't assume
Because I know what that will make of me and you
But I see the same old patterns every week and weekend
There's not a change so I have a hard time believin'
Yet I don't want to judge the future looking at our past
But if I can't depend on you then how can we ever last
I just can't deal with going through the same old thing
And your actions speak so loud you've left me wondering 


If you're dedicated to me give me more of your time
Than you give to any other, let them know that you're mine
If you're committed to me, be faithful, kind and true
And remember you said you love me the way I love you
So history won't repeat itself you'll do whatever it takes
By always saying what you mean, doing all that you say
To make us work, keep our dreams, here's one last chance
For you to put your love in action and give a little romance


Cause every man will proclaim his unfailing love
But what girl can find a faithful man she can trust
She just can't deal with going through the same old thing
And your actions speak so loud you've left her wondering 

Whatever happened to the time we used to spend
Whatever happened to my long and faithful friend
And not matter how my heart will seem to mend
I'm tired of starting all over and over again
Whatever happened to the love that we were in 
Whatever happened to the dreams that we'd begin
And no matter how my life will seem to mend
I'm tired of starting all over and over again	(Chorus)

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Do You Love Me?

Know that I love you, but do you love me
Lord you know I do, well then feed my sheep
Know that I love you, but do you love me
Lord you know I do, well then tend my sheep		(Chorus)

And once there was a time when you were young and on you own
You did the things you wanted to but now that you have grown
You shall stretch forth your hands and another will dress you
He shall lead you in the will that I have for you to do

So come follow me, remember what you've heard and seen
And show forth My love over land and over sea
So come follow me, Remember what you've heard and seen
And show forth the love that you have for Me  		(Bridge)


And don't be anxious just to know what I have for someone else
The work that I have given you is sufficient of itself
You're here to do the Father's will that's what I've given you
Obey my voice, I will direct you in all you have to do

So come follow me, remember what you've heard and seen
And show forth My love over land and over sea
So come follow me, Remember what you've heard and seen
And show forth the love that you have for Me  		(Bridge)

Know that I love you, but do you love me
Lord you know I do, well then feed my sheep
Know that I love you, but do you love me
Lord you know I do, well then tend my sheep		(Chorus)

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Jesus is the Way

Jesus is the Way-
The Truth and the Life-
No one comes to God, the Father
Except through Jesus Christ, His Son

                   to be continued...

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These thoughts will follow
wherever the soldiers go...
to be with them in the battlefield;
reciting the shortest prayer
to protect them like a shield...
in moments of trouble and fear!

This heart,penetrated by deep sorrow,
shares their belief humanly;
there will be many conflicts
appearing on their undistracted
and unyielding faces...
so that they must never relent or show
weakness when their lives are theatened
by the unmerciful enemy!

This mind,parvaded by sympathy and grief,
struggles with the thought of death...
why one must give up one's life
and free those oppressed by tyrants?
And would this life be enough to relieve
some of their desperation and frustation
by knowing that there's someone
out there willing to join them in their fight,
despite the horrible pounding in his chest?

This soul,obscured by unhappy news,
is not stripped of all hopes and visions; 
the unwavering war may last longer
and time causes its memory to linger...
to prove the dissenters that nothing
is more satisfying that the victory 
won in a distant  and different land;
is there anyone who disagrees? 

These footsteps will follow
wherever the soldiers go...
to make them stronger and proud,
fighting beside them to defend freedom!

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When your Down!

When your down and no one is around.
Just bow your head and pray.
His is always there & listen to you.
So Raise you head & sing.

When I'm sad you make me happy
When I'm lonely you send me a friend
When I'm down & out, you pick me up
Yes, I know I have you as my friend.

When you feel you can't take anymore, you make things work out.
When life gets complicated, you bring me ease.
When your friends up & leave you for no apparent reason, you always provide
            me with someone new

When I'm sad you make me happy
When I'm lonely you send me a friend
When I'm down & out, you pick me up
Yes, I know I have you as my friend.

Your a Father of Love, Joy, Happiness, & Peace
Without you we would all just cease.

When I am down, I feel your love 
Yes, I know I have you as My friend!
Alberta   03/09/08

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If he turned away from you,
what are you going to do;
you promised yourself to be his only,
but your closed eyes dreamed for too long
before they opened up to face reality...
in a way that could only bring the saddest word!

What will ever happened to that dream
you helped him build:  hope by hope,
joy by joy and tear by tear... believing
it all would be soon realized and nothing
could ever go wrong,because it looked so perfect;  
isn't it the most horrible awakening?

If he turned away from you,
what are you goind to do;
will he ever forget your beautiful face
with those pretty eyes unafraid of darkness... 
honest eyes that never lied,
but faithfully loved and cried!

Spring or summer
fall or winter...
there's was no favorite season,
because love found ,by luck,
the right heart to grow into...
the most lovable heart
to start a passion a woman 
could never undo!

If he ever turned away from you,
what are you going to do;
will you stop loving him
as you always did,
walk away like he never was yours,       
meant anything or even existed!?
Will you throw away all his pictures
and look for someone you can love?

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Remembering the days
when I was loved by friends
while memories are vividly seen,
as if they are woven into reality...

Living in the past,like a dreamer,
won't change a thing;
In spite of distance,
I still find delight
in their joyous faces;
deep wrinkle and gray hair
are the enemies I can't fight!
I'm getting older by the day,
as an awareness 
and earnest warning
not to dispose of this age,
but to learn daily from it! 

Trustworthy and reliable friends,
I would like to possess
your strenght to cope
with an unspeakable tragedy,
a loss or a doleful defeat;
are you like me:   twisted by dissent,
judged and treated unfairly
or completely misunderstood?
One can't be too demure or innocent
to let those facts control your destiny;
if confidence and self-descipline
aren't instilled within the adolescent years,
hurt,rejection and impelling sorrow:
lift up hurdles you can't bring down
with the speed and force of an arrow! 

Remembering the days
we conquered life's joys
with the zest of warriors;
remembering the days
when the enthusiasm
made us high-spirited
and indulge in pleausures
that cannot be described...
to go beyond the unforbidden limits,
to know what laid ahead of us...
raptured by an ingenous realism!

Admired and missed friends,
it should be joyful to remember you all,
good friends always offer solace...
when words seem not to flow
and thoughts are locked up in deep silence;
here,with lively and subliminal visions,
I cross the void between
absence and distance...
to be a part of you again!

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Blessed is the Man

Blessed is the man
      Who does not walk in advice of the wicked
Blessed is the man
      Who does not stand in the way of the sinners
Blessed is the man
      Who does not sit in the seat of the scornful
Blessed is the man
      And only he will stand	(Chorus)

For in the law of the Lord is his delight
And in His law he meditates day and night
Therefore, he shall be - planted like a tree
By the rivers of water and his green leaf
Shall not wither, but in season he yields his fruit
And God shall prosper whatever he will do

      In His righteous way hearing all God has to say
      He will shine more and more unto the perfect day (because)


But the wicked are not so, they're like the chaff
Blown away by the wind and that's not the half
The ungodly shall not stand in the judgment
Nor will sinners congregate with the righteous
For the way of the ungodly shall perish
But God watches over everyone who'll cherish

      His righteous way and all that they hear Him say
      And they will shine more and more unto the perfect day (because)


Psalm 1

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Let us Learn

Past structures of the city streets
   Down paths of light
where angels meet
   You'll walk near the golden flame
Watch dancers 
  as they taste the rain
And as you'll know  -  as you'll soon see
Llght from above will ease your 

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Hill of the Lord

Who shall ascend into the Hill of the Lord?
Who shall dwell with Him there face to face?
Who shall abide in Your sanctuary Lord?
Who shall stand up in Your holy place?  (Chorus)

He whose walk is blameless
And he does what is right
He speaks the truth from his heart
But with his tongue will not backbite
He does his neighbor no wrong
Against him he speaks no slur
Honoring the God-fearing
He keeps a promise to his own hurt

He shall receive the blessing of the Lord
And righteousness from the God of his salvation
And of those who seek the Lord, who seek his face
Despising what's vile, this is that generation


He who has clean hands and pure heart
And to idols of vanity and conceit
He has not lifted up his soul
He has not sworn falsely with deceit
He does not lend his money with interest
And by him a bribe is never taken
For He who does these things
He shall never be shaken

{channel 2}
He who walks righteously and speaks what's right
The gain of extortion and bribery he hates
He stops his ears against plots of murder
And seeing evil his eyes will not contemplate

For he shall dwell on high
The mountain fortress will be his defence
His bread shall be supplied 
And water will never fail him

But even more than this, if this person is who you are
You shall see the king in all his beauty
And behold the land, the city that is afar


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Before Leaving....

The time has
  We must now 
   for distant lands 
Only a few minutes 
   for gentle words and farewells
     There are no words
         which can express
    what is in my soul
       The hour of 
       parting has 
       Don't cry 
           we'll see
each other again
   In a better land
Under a sun, moon and stars
    which will glow 
brightly above
  No need to shed tears
    If we keep ourselves 
     We will be well 
prepared for the 
  time when we must part company    
The ship will arrive soon 
   let yourself 
   see the truth 
    in my words
   Our eyes meet 
   Our hands clasp
   We will "keep the faith" - I'm sure of it
    In the distance 
lies our destination
    The safe harbor 
from the storm
      We'll meet there in the 
But for now 
   "Good - Bye"

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Love Me for Me

{the woman}
If my charm proves deceitful,
If beauty will flee-
Will you still love me for me?
If my health becomes sickness,
If worse things you'd see-
Would you still love me for me?

And I am convinced, though the future presents
Any creature that ever will be
In the heights or the depths, none can separate us~
If you will still love me for me.

Set me as a seal upon your heart
Lover of my soul, my deepest part, 
Just the way I am without one plea
I love you for you; love me for me

With the most vehement flames of fire
Waters cannot quench true love's desire
Or wash it far away into the sea
I love you for you; love me for me  (Chorus)

{the man}
If my glory of strength fades,
If fame will decrease-
Will you still love me for me?
If my talents should be lost,
If all gifts should cease-
Would you still love me for me?

But I am persuaded through all tribulations,
Though famine and peril may be,
That no hardship or nakedness shall separate us
If you will still love me for me.


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Jesus is Coming

In an eye's twinkle
Jesus is coming
For a church without wrinkle 
Or any such thing
So be holy and blameless
Jesus is coming
For a church without blemish
Or any such thing  (Chorus)

If judgment will begin in the Lord's on house
By the cleansing of the Word for a radiant spouse,
Then what will be the end of those whose ways are broad
Who do not obey the very Word of God?

While people are saying, "Safety and peace,"
Destruction will come upon them suddenly
But for you who are walking as children of Light
That Day should not surprise as a thief in the night


And if God's righteous people are scarcely saved,
If God's holy people just barely escapes
The Judgment to come with great terror and fear
Then where shall the ungodly and sinner appear?

[channel 2]
When the heavens pass away with a shrill sound,
The earth with everything will burn to the ground.
Now since the elements will melt with fervent heat,
What manner of godly people should we be?
In an eye's twinkle
Jesus is coming
For a church without wrinkle 
Or any such thing
So be holy and blameless
Jesus is coming
For a church without blemish
Or any such thing  (Chorus)

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Pray About It

Are you Okay about it?
Are you in disarray about it?
Then I have another question-
Have you prayed about it?

If you feel swayed about it,
If you feel delayed about it,
Then answer my question-
Have you prayed about it?

Did you get upstaged about it?
Have you been betrayed about it?
Well, even through your testin'-
Did you pray about it?

When you're outweighed about it,
When you're enslaved about it
Tell me, during the lesson-
Do you pray about it?

If you feel crazed about it?
If you feel dazed about it?
Then answer my question-
Have you prayed about it?

Are you enraged about it?
Even if you're Okay about it?
Then I have another question-
Have you prayed about it?

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Love the true God,
and let him fight your many
battles for you when you're weary;
love Him and seek His favor...
He is the truest friend
to run to in times of fear!

Ever wonder why most people don't find
a complete and genuine happiness,
if all their energy is wasted on vain things?
And if they ever find it in their lifetime...
it will be unfelt and shallow;
be like the simple friars
who dedicate their lives to the Lord,
and pray earnestly for all sinners!
Love the true God 
with a will so bold...
love the One who's forgiving and patient,
but don't mock Him
with your unkept promises;
let Him teach you His kind ways...
trust Him and be assured that
He will spare you from the approaching storm!

The confusion that religion has created,
has driven Mankind to irrationality:
they declare war for their great god, 
kill their brothers with hatred inside;
amidst fire,smoke,cries and blood,
be the judge of this human madness:
don't partake in their insanity...
look to Him with calm and gladness!

Love the true God,
be a glorious warrior
without swaying your sword...
to clash with the enemy 
standing and waiting afar;
prove you unshakable integrity
by renouncing your belligerency!

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Irresistible charmer,
keep up your wit and humor;
the unchangeble smiles of
kindness and friendship
attract me unawarely,
but so tenderly...

While you started a desire,
so full and uncontrollable,
no,irresistible charmer...
don't step back and tremble;
I don't delude or abuse anyone,
take everything from them and run!

Irresistible charmer,
in the mist of confusion
and unfelt delusion...
you bring a renovation;
oh,it's a consolation
to feel loved with care!

Irresistible charmer,
stop running wildly;
you complicate things 
with your silence,  
fear nothing from this admirer!
Irresistible charmer,
stop doubting me;
I've shown you more
affection than love,
and the least you can do is dare! 

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The Firemen

The alarm goes off, you are called away

To save lives is instinct to you from day to day

It is sad to see such losses

But you as the fireman insists it is about the caring and its causes

So you don your equipment and man the hose

This is something you love, not something you chose

What a selfless act to give your life

As you leave for your shift, you say a possible final goodbye  to your children and 
your husband or wife

A tight knit group, the closeness as it should be

At the station you are his or her's extended family

From the brand new rookie to the experienced Chief

You feel the same hurt and loss, face the same grief

You are true brothers and sisters in arms, sharing the same pact

Don't worry you say to your fellow fireman in front of you, I got your back

Every one of you in my eyes are heroes as each shift ends

Such selflessness, infinite bravery, lives and breathes in all firemen 

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Death's Inspire

as I sit bye the fire 
I am intrigued bye death's inspire
Skeleton's move in organinized fashion
Filling the room with quarrled passion
Will join us now that u are the newborn
Do u reconize your own reflection 
Do u see your skin complextion
For u were stillborn
Raged from your ricies in a dire form of mislead conduct
Your kingdom once filled with flourishing material product
A striken life was promised with the vison of the world to come
Here u will bw washed in no blame
can u even remember your own name
u only lack this in my house
Mingle around and do try to find yourself a spouse
My attention drawn towards these sympathetic words
I am disturbed bye this walls are misshaped and deranged 
Captured souls in dysfunction while there bones are interchanged
The halls are filled with a shamful air full of evil deeds
I stand here out if existence and hormone

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Every heart belongs a Country...
big or small,  with or without prosperity;
a beloved and cherished Country
has its precious name
on each heart loving freedom!

It may have a beautiful ocean or sea,
breathtaking mountains so misty,
or a desert that can never flourish;
it may have raging rivers,
wild forests with sparkling waterfalls...
wealthy or unwealthy it is still a bliss!

Every heart belongs to a Country,
my Country is no different from others...
with a sky ever blue, like the calm sea
hiding islands with a striking beauty;
I walked its flowery and rocky paths,
plunged my looks to the clear deep
to discover what others seek...
nothing She withheld from me!

A foreigner among native inhabitants,
abiding and hard-working,  
thriving in this prosperous Country...
where all are given an opportunity;
and if  everyone starts out
with the simplest dream,
it can bring them financial security...
anything is at their command through incentive!

Every heart belongs to a Country,
it may be mine, yours or theirs;
it may be depraved of liberty or free,
have green forests, open meadows
or barren soil without streams...
but the people's creed 
is sacred and holy!
Loalty and bravery always endure
in every heart that belongs to that Country...
that can inflame their ardor!

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An Open Heart

Let's have an open heart
That's when our love will start
To reach the people-
And it will lead them
To Jesus Christ

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Gunesin atesi

Gunesin atesi soldu
Yarim yandi kul oldu 
Umutlarinda dogan ates
kul oldu kullugunda sevginin 
Isindikca nefesim kavruldu
Kayboldu  kayboldu  
Mahserin kuru gurulusunde

Yarim yandim renlerin duslerine
Nefesim ejdarhanin  kan kirmizi topuzu
Oldumde dirildim basucunda
Dogacak cocuklarin mutlu duslerine

Gunesin atesi yakacak yarim ayriligimi (vatanimdan)
Diriltecek yagmurlar desem bir omur boyu dus
Sevgiye asik sahrayi kim bulmus ki  Seyhan  
Yagiz Ceyhan  dirilse de  yagiti   yarlar cok uzak

Gunesin atesi yuzumde rengi mor  hare hare 
Yurudum de geldim divane yollari pare pare
Saklarken kendimden aynasi cocuk yaslanmis yuzum 
Duslerimin bahcivani cocuklarim  umidin atesi

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I'm not a gullable guy
who settles for less;
and I like to see
more women like yourself!

If freedom is what you choose,
it's long as it 
won't defeat my purpose,
and keep my ego intact!

Be as patient
as you can be,
men must protect
and love their women...
in ways to amaze them;
and it still holds true today!

I'm not looking for heart-breaks,
to watch tears fall down a woman's face;
I'll break the rules and compromise
when the need arises!

Men,love your women a lot,
give them true affection
and ignite in them more passion
with the quickest spark:
to feel what most men are afraid to show...
for the fear of losing their adored pride!  

The quickest spart
is a surest way to an eager heart;
the quickes spark
can give bring light where it was awfully dark!

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Mary gave us a Redeemer...
a gift of salvation,
because God chose her among
the purest  ones of her time;
Mary obeyed the angel's message,
and saved us from damnation!

Mary gave us a Redeemer...
a Holy baby full of joy that
captures the imagination
of the children all over the Earth!
Mary gave us A Redeemer..
He sacrificed Himself
upon the cross for all
the sins made on this earth
to big to be forgiven;
and Jesus died to open that closed door...
He'll lead the chosen to Paradise:
there He'll guide the poor!

Mary gave us a Redeemer...
so holy,so kind,so poor;
Mary gave us a Redeemer...
a holy baby
so full of joy;
Mary gave us a Redeemer!

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Speak louder, don't hush...
let the words flow freely;
we've come here to hide
from intruders's eyes and find
a secretive place for our passion
to be consumed so sweetly!

Where does love come from...
if not from the warmest feeling
set ablaze by a fervent desire?
Mistaking it for unjustified lust...
can only leave footsteps in the dust,
to be erased by an up-coming storm;
will anyone hear the crickets' song,
or see the long branches brush our hair?

Dream by the shadowy moonlight...
relish this dream so inescapable,
these hours will slowly pass
to let us explore the incredible;
cling to me, and be inseparable...
no harm will come from this darkness!
Breath through me with delight,
and rumble through this silent soul!      

Where does love come from...
does it ever make us wonder
how our joy is forever told?
Inside, we overjoy and shamelessly
take it to the extremes and beyond compare,
but abandon it when it treats us unfairly!


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It may come as a surprise to you...
what made this big change in me,
I'm all smiles for you
since I won your sympathy;
but where will this lead me...
and will you be there to up-lift me?

As long as I can remember,
I was a wretch and a loner;
nobody lent a hand to me,
"You've got to help yourself
or you'll be worthless!"...
that's what my folks told me!

I'm all smiles
and you know the real reason for this;
and if turns into lasting love,loneliness
will be gone from me!
I'm all smiles
and I should thank you kindly...

The sweetest words 
were the hardest to say,
and most of them went unspoken;
I held on yesterday,
and it seems
so strange today,
because they were always there
unfolding a story to be read... 

I can only thank this much
for sharing your joy with me;
I have gotten my wish now... 
to find love where it should be!
I'm all smiles,I'm all smiles
to go another thousands miles!

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Fornication is
another detestful
sin of the soul,
and I resist it because
of someone's else
deserved happiness...

They call me handsome,
and that compliment
doesn't flatter me,
despite its sincerity; 
I could be the guy they seek
and long to hold ...
my looks don't deceive anyone,
because I'm pretty outspoken!

They all call me handsome,
the real man of their dreams...
if only one could convince me;
my intentions are clear,
and I don't intend to interfere,
or cause anybody 
a single heartbreak...
'till reality  forces them to forsake!

I'd rather stay faithful to my darling,
trust her when I'm out-at-sea sailing;
and I find more pleasure in one,
worthy of being loved...than
making up exscuses and lies
and pay the ultimate prize!

The victory will be mine...
fidelity will win me a crown;
and passion will  be something wild:
a flame declaring the truest love around!