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Alliteration Work Poems | Alliteration Poems About Work

These Alliteration Work poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Work. These are the best examples of Alliteration Work poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Click of the Clock

Running at the right rhythm 
no nonsense needing attention;
Doing a dance though the day 
ferociously fast It's flying!
Built to be a busy bee,  
waking wanting to be working;
Perfectly productive
taking advantage of the time;
Running at the right rhythm  
Coveting each click of the clock

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No Title

My bed is anxious,waiting for my snores Today's going to bed, tomorrow's a few steps ahead I wonder why I took "the" pen I feel like putting them down What? My thoughts What am I inking? Nothing! Exactly! Just wanna scratch my itchy paper with my juicy ink Singers? Go sing... Comedians? Go do comedy... Others? What's your "itchy paper?" Have you applied your "ink?" Be good at what you do Love what you do Practice... Go scratch it!

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I sold my soul to the bottom of the beer bottle. So what if I want to wallow around 
with this low self mentality . A sip here a sip there, why not sip everywhere 
You see, you really don't care when you have the mentality to wallow in the hallow 
of a bottle.
I sold my soul to the bottom of the beer bottle;burning out the aching pain that 
causes me to be insane with so much shame.

Boy,the bottom of the beer bottle isn't where I really want to be?You see the 
bottom of the beer bottle did not bother me; but now ,it's really affecting me.

Ican't eat sometimes I can't even sleep,because the bottom of the beer bottle is 
calling me.It's really beating my body.How can I ever benefit when the bottom of 
the beer bottle is calling me?How could this ever happen to me?

When I used to win and grin, beating the bottle;what I once to beat is now beating 
me and my body.The bottom of the beer bottle is calling me.

Idrink it waking up and drink it lying down.The bottom of the beer bottle has a tight 
hold on me.The bottom of the beer bottle is calling me.

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Sweep Soft Snowflakes

She said: ‘Sweep soft snowflakes this sunny Sunday -
Synthetic sleet, you see, from Slava’s Snow Show!’

My wife and mother managed to read it slowly.

(About my day at work for Gwendolen's contest)

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Team Work

It's like theater,
Every one has a part.
And every one has to work together.

It's like art,
Every one has to work together.
And make the picture come to life.

It's like music,
Every one has to sing.
And make the song sound good.

It's like writing,
Every one has to write the words.
And make the words tell the story.

It's like band,
Every one has to play an instrument.
To make the music touch hearts.

It's like dance,
Every one has to do the steps.
To make the steps right.

It's like a puzzle,
All the pieces have to fit.
Not just one or five. But all.

It's like chess,
Every one has to put their skills together.
Like a team work.

It's just like soccer,
Every one has to work together to get the ball in.
Like team work.

It's just like a Christians,
Every one has to work together.
Not just one or five.

We all need to work together.
We all need to help each other.
We all need to witness to each other.

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La capitale est Dakar. deux millions de gens habitent en Dakar. Dakar est su pour musuems.
Il est su aussi pour faire les courses. 

St. Louis est à la bouche de la Rivière de Sénégal. Ceci est une île avec beaucoup
d'histoires. Cette belle île a aussi le Djoudj le parc national d'oiseaux. 

visiter le parc national. vous pouvez trouver beaucoup d'animaux différents comme les
lions, les singes, et les hippopotames

Les seneglais boivent le thé et le café souvent. ils boivent aussi une boisson appelé
Toufam. C'est un yogourt mince avec l'eau. ils mangent beaucoup de riz et de poisson

•	la langue officielle est française. 
•	94% de gens pratique la religion d'Islam. Il y a des églises catholiques et des églises
protestantes aussi
•	la population de Sénégal est 12.521.851
•	La monnaie officielle de Sénégal est le franc cfa (Communaut Financiaire Africaine). La
monnaie est utilisée 14 états d'Africain d'ouest, africains et Centraux aussi. 

Le climat dans Sénégal est juste. C'est d'habitude sec de septembre à juin et quelque
pluie pendant la nuit en juillet et août. Les températures sont dans les quatre-vingts mai
à septembre. Ils sont dans les soixante-dix  décembre à avril. Pendant que voyageant au
Sénégal pendant l'hiver, un veston est recommandé. Amener le vêtement pour le temps
pluvieux. Pendant que voyageant au Sénégal pendant l'été, le l'un doit amener des short et
des tee-shirts. Le pays est tolérant à toutes religions. Il n'y a pas le vêtement

Le seneglais ont beaucoup de festivals et de carnavals. ils aiment chanter et danser. le
seneglais sont des gens artistiques. 

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We Run

I don’t know where I’m going 
I only know where I’ve been
I know what I was taught
I know that we have sinned 

Don’t get caught up in this masquerade
They will take ‘til you can’t give
They will look you straight in the eye
And tell you how to live 

This place that we call honest
Is the place we can’t forget
They teach to live forgiveness
Yet they persecute to the end 

We look down on others
For their restrictive ways
What good is that developing land
Yet we sell our soul to get paid 

We look down on others
Can’t they figure it out
But  we sit here under dictator
Only we can’t throw him out 

We should all run
We should all hide
We can save ourselves from this time 
Why can’t we all run
A place that they can’t find
So our dreams are truly ours tonight