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Tree Alliteration Poems | Alliteration Poems About Tree

These Tree Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Tree. These are the best examples of Tree Alliteration poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Leaves on Leave

Sometimes trees’ green fingers
Stand still like reposing harbingers
Of hope and despair; they meditate
On our ignorance of them who medicate
Us when diseases burgle into our souls
Taking us unawares like April fools.

At times tree branches and leaves
Come to a halt and fold up their sleeves.
Like parentless kids, they stand still,
Holding Ozone Crisis Meetings until
God’s silent servants come and sway
Them from angle to angle, wiping away

The spells of fear that cloud our faces
Each time leaves go on leave leaving no traces
Of further existence for Man who digs
His graves whenever he murders figs—
The figs that link us to the Unseen Being
Who reveals His presence in Man’s wellbeing.

But when God’s blowing sons and daughters
Sweep across Earth, letting twigs leave their fathers,
Falling twigs and dried leaves clatter
And produce celestial music to flatter
Man while lizards play basses with tails
And flying fowls chant solos and tales.

Then Man joins this universal worship,
Going down on knees to supplicate God’s fellowship,
Feeding his doubting heart with conviction
As Christ’s promises come to completion
Revealing the active hands of a Father Invisible
Who marvels His creatures with things invincible.

When these invisible but active servants of God gather
More momentum in synergy with Sun, leaves wither,
Tree trunks go epileptic while roofs migrate
And mortal Man gets to concentrate
On these leaves and stems which go on retirement
To remind him of his own imminent retirement.

(Between Carriere and Mbankolo, Sunday 02 December 2012)

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The Environment, My Home

My Environment is my only homely home
That I know. Plants and animals alike love this lovely home.
I love to sit and marvel at the beauties of our beautiful E nvironment,
To see rivers flow freely in the democracy of the environment,
Grass green and as fresh as a fish in untouched natural free waters,
Births singing and ringing like universal timekeepers in all matters.
This wonderful Environment is the handwork of our ever-caring Father
And when it is well looked after, it could be next to our Father.
My health and my wealth all come from this cherished home.
How I wish foolish humans do not tarnish the harmony of this dear home!

I hate to see toxic smoke from industries go up carelessly and invited to Ozone
Because when Ozone shall have died, Sun will cease to be our friend.
I hate to see fishermen throw away a young fish
Just as I hate to see my neighbour dumping refuse into running waters.
A disorderly forester cannot be a friendly friend to me.
And why not he or she who farms into a river valley, bed and source?
I am sick when farmers burn bushes and
I cannot marry she who cooks just any kind of meat and kills the viper.
Pollution and anything harmful should not be in my Environment, our Environment,
Because I too will be harmful to those who tolerate such things
For I hate to live a brief life.

(Published in CHAINING FREEDOM, 2012)

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The Tree Of Life

Life is like 
Planting a seed
It grows strong roots 
so that it firmly stands
It branches spreads
Through the skys
It takes time to grow
And bears fruits 
Which satisfies many hanger 
Even from generation to generation 
But a good seed
Planted on a bad soil
Fails to germinate
A seed planted needs
The air, water, light 
Time, care and protection 
Before it can be cultivated 
for nothing comes 
Out of the blue moon 
You don't plant olive tree
And reap grapes 
You shall surely
Reap what you sow

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I am a tree

I am a tree that is bright

I wander when i get to see the day that some body climbs on the branches

I hear little kids playing 

I see the day I will be cut down

I want to live forever

I am a tree that is bright

I pretend to be a little tree

I feel the beautiful sunlight on my leaves

I touch the soggy cool ground

I worry that I will never be played around

I cry when I don't see any little kids playing 

I am a tree that is bright

I understand that I will not live forever

I say that I am happy being a tree every day of my life

I dream that one day I will grow again

I try to be as pretty as I can with my leaves changing colors every season

I hope I will be around for a really long time, but I know I can't

I am a tree that is bright

 By: Stormi Skaggs