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Alliteration Imagination Poems | Alliteration Poems About Imagination

These Alliteration Imagination poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Imagination. These are the best examples of Alliteration Imagination poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Magic Carpet Ride

Twisting and turning on tides of laughter,
we rise and roll with wild abandon.
Through sparkling sheens of summer rain,
those gentle gems of glistening, gleaming drops,
we fly freely upon this flamingo feathered carpet.
Happily we ride along the heights of heaven,
Gazing deep into galaxies that glow far beyond.
Saturn's seductive rings slowly pull us forward,
When suddenly we drop, diving low, dipping back into
the darling glow of our moon.
Then sweeping past the stars, smiling with delight,
we sail off in the distance, shouting our goodnight.
Now all the sights that we've seen shall swim within our dreams.
Come take my hand as I take yours and we'll fly off toward tomorrow.

Tanya Harrington   ©   07-30-2012
Inviting ~  Poet~Destroyer, Let's ride!         

For Skat's Magic Carpet Ride Contest

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A Poet's Thoughts

I try to be a poet, turning everything I feel
into the magic dusted fairy phrases that I steal
from scattered, peeling pages of a strybook within
the cluttered combination of my unforgotten sins.

I pen forsaken fallibles surrounded by a word
or sometimes sweet soliloquy the likes you've never heard
to transfer tiny twinkles of my heartbeat intertwined
unraveling vocabulay's voiceless valentine.

I write to make the parchment sing in choired harmony
between the soured notes that echo of a diff'rent me
I bang upon the beggar's door and scratch a little while
to softly offer spices to my peppered paper pile.

I scribble, tearing barriers belonging to us all
with scripted scenes cascading over turbid waterfalls
pouring metered movements in a liquid sea of motion
washing over thirsty souls who drink my clear emotion.

I try to be the treasured tome as written by my muse
expressing me uniquely through these hands she likes to use
composed in crying chords of sorrowed laughter's ecstasy,
I try to be a poet, but that choice is not for me.

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Morning Rain

No tears as we scoop up the moon,
zip up dirt statues that dance in the sky,
and pour out the sea of stars. 

We laugh as we boil to pull closer the sun, 
turn our night song into the whistle of a soothing wind, 
and blanket mountain tops with snow.

We sip blueberry flowers as we clip birds to trees,
turtles to seas, and playful dogs to shoes;
then we lean in and candle the dawn. 

No tears as we scoop up the moon,
snag the sun, and slice the sky.

No tears,
                  As morning rain they fall.

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Two Trees Shaped Like A Heart

Threw two trees a heart was seen
Two trees bent, shaped by time and wind
Threw these trees the truth can be gleaned
Hards times shape, make, and blend

(Threw in this instance means strategic place.)

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The Night Owl

Hoot! Hoot! Came the call
In silence I listened,heard
Suddenly, hoot! Hoot! 
Came the cry,tree 
Branches rustling,wings 
Seems the world was in 
Oblivion-the absolute 
Went I to the window 
and Looked into the 
empty Darkness. As I lay 
down,I Knew somewhere 
I would Hear that sound 

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Berty Beaver, he was quiet
He never said too much
Yet Molly, Berty’s little wife
She mouthed off just a touch
She’d always threw her weight around
And poor old Tiny Tim
 He got a slap most every day
And times his days felt grim

Molly, well she was his mum
And though she loved him so
She always had to nag someone
And give them a cuff or blow
Tim became a poor young man
And shrunk from every one
And as the bully’s hung around
More evil did get done

His mum she says ‘now that’s not on
They don’t do this to my son!’
And she goes running to the school
Oh, she’s an angry one
She glares the teacher up and down
And lets her know who’s boss
Teachers try hard to placate her
Though, they only suffer loss.

Then Tiny Tim, comes running in
And says right to his mum
[Frustration snatching fear away
No more his mouth hangs numb]
‘Look Mum, at what you always do!!!’
He says with voice stern
‘If you’re a bully too, then how
Will us kids ever learn.

28 June 2013 @ 1727hrs.

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Silly spring alliteration

A pig in peplum and pearls
under a pergola twirls.
Pendulous petunias sway
while percussion plays.
Whispering spring breezes,
a tickle in my nose, i sneezes.

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Kernels of kindness
Incandescent kindling
A climbing, curling
Conversation or
Creative cloud kisses
Expressive grins emerge
Like kites of curiosity
Candles of eloquence
Keeping us warm

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Welcome To Our Future

Welcome to our flawless future,
where everything is bright and beautiful.
This is our home- a priceless picture
of our world so wide and wonderful.

The day we met was a date with destiny
the skies sang and the Sun did smile.
My heart was placed on a special scrutiny,
your love made the waiting worthwhile.

Safety is having you always by my side,
peace is knowing that you will never leave.
Joy is a feel of your arms at eventide,
Love is the cord to which our soul cleave.

We count not day and hours but moments;
time melts on the platter of pure love.
We do not count errors but exquisite events,
knowing we both have a point to prove.

Sickness and death cannot do us part,
you are me and I am you; we are one.
Heaven is the hills of love, sweetheart,
we will meet there in the glorious morn.
(c) 2013
Adeleke Adeite

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Opening A Door

Enter, Exuberant, Exciting
Red, Royal, Rolling
Beautiful, Baby, Blues

Tight, Tan, Tempting
Straps, Safely, Stored
Magnetic, Mesmerizing, Masochistic

Liquid, Leaking, Legs
Pleasing, Pleasant, Plight
Contain, Control, Conceal

Never, No, Nah
Desire, Does, Draw
Okay, Opening, O

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I know an old Town.
Older than the River Nile,
Romantic like Rome,
Undeafetable like Israel ,
Fearless likr a Lioness, 
Rubust than a cotton tree, 
Enormous than an ocean,
I know that Town that i am talking about 
That has no Culture or tradition,
Which enable them to be  free-minded people.
I know that Town,
That people don't shed tears.
Sojust imaging how that Town will 
Look like in your imagination.

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Like You

pitter patter acid rain waxing hi-gloss
smoky sky-scratching monster coup
fearless hue self-out stabbing acrylic nails'
bond to black market sale-deal rape
indian tears too few to cleanse
the polluted hearts under the stitch-held
stars of a blood-whipped flag

in you is a flood after drought
in you is a pestle fitting crucible
somewhere in your rash, there's a place called sensible
our common meeting place coming out

ten-speed riding sunshine girl smiling
wide and high as her cheeky-powdered rock-washed
cellular towering, nerve-shock stroking man
dodge-wrecking his impersonal laptop-orgy
maverick hopping additive, lasso-steroid
from steak-rustling warrior pinning-the-tail-on-
a-steel-wheel-heart when picking up metal armor

in you is a flood after drought
in you is a pestle fitting crucible
somewhere in your rash, there's a place called sensible
our common meeting place coming out

toro, taxi-driver
toro, weightless astronaut
toro, steaming sailor
it's all in us   wear it's knot

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I am diaphanous, dappled
and dimpled in sunlight.

A lady of the lake waiting,
my spirit graced by vigor.

Smiling, romance tickles my nose.
I am giddy and dance in this oasis

of brightly colored blossoms,
veiled in the pollen of love.

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Cleaning Sandcastle

                                        Soft sighing of tall Georgia pines
                                       Simmering stew bubbles on stove
                                       Sounds_scents envelope combine
                                      Sabotaged sage while she so strove
                                        To complete cleaning sandcastle
                                   Built in sand, shuttle there now scantle

In honor of John Freeman's
Alliteration Poems Please

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black tar sweats, squabbles, shakes in the glare of the ocean of blue.
white light engulfs the sky. 
stealing the heat we grip the ground with our claws.
scan the black tar with our yellow eyes. 
our blood begins to warm.
her hair is melting to soft green scales and mine to black
blending into the ground.
we are lizards,
we laze in the sun,
it cannot scare us with its glare 
we are lizards, 
silent strong quick predators,
unnoticed yet still there. 

we stalk a flying bumble bee; shattered glass, yellow string 
buzzing it moves anxiously, falling, rising in the wind 

she moves too slowly to catch it 
it glides higher in the sky 
we watch as it soars to freedom 
we should have learnt to fly 

black tar engulfs my vision 
cradles and crushes my head 
white noise of harsh invasion 
her cry consumes my dread 
our scales snapped 
they tear from our skin 
without amour to shield the attack 
a stampede of torn and dirty shoes feast upon the remains 
they dig and dive into my stomach 
with intent to play their games 

teeth of bound dark leather 
snouts of practiced malice 
souls etched with childrens patterns 
dirt and gum 
now printed on our bodies 

with one more laugh and a jolt of pain 
they leave 

my eyes are blue now 
and hers are drowning 
the sky is blue 
the day pleasant 
the floor warm 
but the trance has gone 
our reality mangled 

we are no longer lizards 
we cannot pretend anymore 
we are children 
weak, shy, yet far too noticed 
labelled, bruised and saw.

by Jess Tizard

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Joyless Joseph

Wordless worries wander wearily working wayward,
    Towards thoughts transgressing truth’s textured tide.
As always acknowledging agnosticism’s appeal,
    Essence easily evaporates, exeunt Emile. 
Very virtuous violent vowels vociferously validate,
    Sanctimonious sessions some subtly sacrosanct.
Is it in incrementally immense ingenious imaginations,
    Or ontology’s omniscience overcoming oceanic oratory?
Roughly rallying rage’s recessive righteousness, 
    Quickly quartered queens quietly quiver qualities quoi.
Under unctuous undeniably Umbrian utterances, 
    An astute and acute awareness as always arose. 
Placing plausibly proverbial prevaricating predications, 
    Many morose morally myopic manly mighty men, 
Eulogize everlasting ephemerally entertaining evocations.
    Insinuating incredible implications, insomnia initiates,
Notably nullifying notoriously negligible nihilistic necessities. 
    Lies lay low, linking lofty linguistic lessons like laws,
Of optional opportunities oscillating on occult overtures 
    Until underlying unctions unify ubiquitous unknowns.
Joyless Joseph’s joyful Joy just jumped, just jumped!
     Killing killjoy knuckle kosher korma koranic krap.
And announce another anonymous anodyne appointment?
     (Empiricism’s emphatic emission, enter erotic Eloise).
Having Heidegger helps, hope’s homunculi hunting human. 
     Get gone ginger guesses, go grope Ginger’s grapes!
Immaculately ironic inquisitions instigate immediate impositions. 
    Once onto opaque ominous orbs, obey Oracles open orders.
Framing funny fractions, flaming far flung frivolous fictions,
    Death defies dollar damnations, deliciously done devaluations.
Usually uncle umpire understands useful underlying ululations,
    Also affirming apples avuncular altruistic assumptions.
Creeds crave caves, charms calm cause, come conquerors,
    Be belligerently bad, betray birth’s beginning, balance budgets.
Entreating entirely empty, emphatically elusive, existential entelechy,
    Is, importantly, incommensurably idiotic, inexplicably impractical indeed.

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Banana Boat Bob

<                        Banana ~ boat ~ Bob ~ is ~ a ~ slippery..... Boob
                          Thought ~ that ~  this ~ town ~ lost ~ it's .... groove
                          No ~ spice  ~  no ~  life ~ no  .... nothing
                          Little ~ lost ~ boy ~ now ~ looks ~ for ~ his ~ Lucy's ....  ring

                          When ~ where ~ what ~ or ~ even ......  why
                          I'll ~ inquire ~ insist ~ innovate ~ or ~ even  ..... lie
                          His ~ history ~ of ~ having ~ such ~ big ....... hamstrings
                          Maybe ~ even ~ mighty ~ magical ~ musical ~ fruits ~ and .... greens

                         Or ~ having ~ big ~ over-sized ~ onions ~ olives  ~ and ..... Kiwi
                         screw ~ this ~ he's ~ scum  ~ skewered ~ tossed ~ back ~ to ... sea
                         Poor ~ precious ~ pretty ~  Lucy ~  got .......    pranked
                         Cause ~ curious ~ Bob ~ couldn't ~ control ~ love ~ so ~ he ....  sank


                        All ~ alone ~ and ~ now ~ very .... angry
                        Drowing ~ deep ~ in ~ own ~ do-do  ~ droppings .... whopie 
                        Luscious ~ Lucy ~ now ~ can ~ look ~ long ~ and ...... hard
                        For ~ another ~ fast ~ floating ~ free ~ salemens ~ not ~ selling.... lard

Entry For
Linda Marie's
Luscious Love Lingers Contest
G.L. All

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Alliteration Fun

The top of the terrace trembles With worshiping warlocks sit wondering So stupendous the sky seems surreal I inquire intelligently inside Thinking that time throws what troubles Colorful chrysalis shines and climbs courageously Lovely light lays on lowered layer Perfect and powerful portrayal presents pleasure Of outrageousness opened only so often Never kneeling now or noticeably feel Sky’s superiority spits my soul’s special sight I enjoy every encased enlightenment Full of fascinating floating essence finally Enveloped within enigmatic enlisted joy The sky spreads its light superiorly shared Remembering recreation watching the real sky
Russell Sivey Entered into Nathan A.'s "alliteration alliteration, nothing but sweet alliteration (must have alliteration in the title)" contest 3/12/2013

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The Magic of Garden Glen

Fireflies flicker and flutter beneath dancing trees exotic breezes whisk and whisper through limbs and leaves The Golden Goddess of Garden Glen breaths evergreen Her elfish essence is magic and Her spirit gleens for it's merely a moment at the wonder She whiles She wiggles and giggles and then She snickers and smiles. She's not really a Goddess nor is She a Princess She's more of a mystical, magical Enchantress She is The Garden's gleaming, glistening Governess a caldron song singer, a spell casting Sorceress She starts with Her essence then stirs Her spirit divine She adds dragon teardrops, then mixes with sweet sunshine. Simple solution of spellbound myth and mystery secretly sublime not found, hidden in history not mountain high, valley low nor places in between is the glowing gleen of The Garden Glen's evergreen it is just East of the sun and Southwest of the moon in a place where clouds and castles float and stars are strewn

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  Winsome Wendy walked in winter's white
  Wondering when her window box wisteria would grow.
  Wintry wisps followed by winter's windstorm
  Wiped out her wonderful window work.

   Winsome Wendy wanted to whine
   "Without the wisteria, could winter be fine"?
    While still walking, Wendy happened upon Woeful Will
    Who worked without reward.

   Winsome Wendy withstood the wisecracks that
   Woeful Will had witlessly worded to her.
   Wendy's withdrawal, spurned the wishy-washy Will
   Which was witnessed by Watchful Ward.

   Winsome Wendy went to the windbreak
   Which Watchful Ward had wrought.
   Wincing in the wind of winter's weight
   Watchful Ward worded a simple warning to Wendy...

    "Watch out for the windchill".

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Fruit Of Seduction


Soul-mates Sara and Steve share
Times of titillation, while tasting
Sweet scarlet shaded smiles.
Their reaching fingers find fruit,
As aroma arouses their appetite.
They’re helpless against a hearty hunger,
Yet, yearning is part of the yielding.
Planted for pleasurable picking,
The stem, still pliant secures temptation.
Softly, Sara squeezes juicy secretion 
While sensations slowly spiral. 
Steve licks lightly at the edge of her lips,
Sampling and savoring freckled spots.
Then, he drops downward to devour
What was offered to him without restraint.
The mouthwatering morsels make him eager,
But, patiently he puts Sara’s preferences first.
This is the way it should be, taking their time,
Lingering; as two lovebirds share lunch
Of strawberries, sweet and succulent.

Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 

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He swifts on by like a moon lighted night. 
He shines bright for a moment in time. 
His arm's always open with warmth. 
His smile always bigger then everyone elses. 
His heart of rage and fire. 
He swifts on by, he swifts on by. 
Who will know the true man within. 
The man thats full of sin. 
No one can, no one can, for we are all just man...

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More Bounce Per Ounce

<            Betty Boop bought boyfriend Bimbo some basketballs to bounce 
              But being blind her boyfriend Bimbo bounced Betty Boop 
              Boy Betty Boop did boldly bounce bad

This Little Lady Is After My Own Heart
For No matter What She Does Wrong
Her Eyes Seem To Capture The One She Loves LOL
And Also One Of My Favorite Cartoons

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Not for the finicky or fainthearted

My mind is experiencing a fastidious flatulence; slightly fiendish, and not for the
finicky or fainthearted. 
I fidget amidst it's fanatical far-fetched farce yet stand fearless, watching it's face
flounder in a foolhardy feeble-minded foible. 
With fervor I say farewell forever to it's festering, feverish fetish, as it's frantic
fiasco foams, flails and finally fails.

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Beautiful Bella

Beautiful baby Bella
Grew into a  greatly gifted girl.
She sang songs solely for soldiers,
Homesick for hugs from their honeys.
But Bella fell fast for a friendly fella,
So now she sings solos solely for him.

 For Alliteration contest 9/7/11

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Delicious Dishes

Tonight, tables took teapots
"Lumiere Lights" lit
Pleasantly, people pondered 
Plates placed
Across appetites awaiting anxiously
To try the Top Ten
Delicious Dishes

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Sweetest Starling

Sweetest starling, stand astounding.
Sleeping soundly, seasons passing,
Stay the startling sounds. Outstanding
Music sung, silence surpassing.

Sweetest starling, sight is sparkling.
Saturn stunned and Venus spiteful!
Scarify the sinful darklings,
Stillness of your style insightful.

Sweetest starling, swift as sunlight.
Sprawling, spreading luminousness.
Scraping stratosphere and space height,
Sponsoring salubriousness.

Sweetest starling, swaying sadness.
Stripèd sails, they soar sublimely,
Seizing sovranty with broadness,
Sealing it so secretively.

Sweetest starling, seeming stronger,
Kiss me soft and set out flying.
Though supposed to strive for longer,
Sweetest starling's slowly dying. 

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Odd Shaped Love


Livid love
Light lanky lucky girl

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A worrying Flower's Wisdom

Whether I will wither in the warmth
Or wilt with the weather,
I worry wildly!

For I'd rather,
    Weep with wounds when wrapped into a wreath
     Get wrenched (plucked) away worthlessly!

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Firecrackers (Alliterations)

In a pick pack boom a wonderful light in the sky
Beaming gleaming screaming people out in the street
Watching the parade of light danced, glanced tranced
Happy sappy snappy to watch the firecrackers so beautifully
Amazing as it make the sky lively sparkly wonderfully
It shone in the dark out in the park making the mark
A sign of celebration in a cloud nine look so divine
Graces in the space a part of beauty to embrace


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Gosh I Love to Garden with My Guy

Sweltering sun on your tea stained skin
such a sensual aphrodisiac,
pungent wafts of fresh worked soil
scorching my sandy soles,

brackish trickle between ample breasts
now heavy bellied with desire, 
brooding for but a single kiss 
bestowed by burnished brow. 

Let loose your laborious implement, 
languidly lie with me my love,
where last autumn’s littering lingers still,
liberate my lustful lips.

Carelessly where the cornflowers crown,
cast all caution to the wind, 
as coppery caresses wantonly crave, a  
covering of common nakedness.

Deny me not this delicious deluge
of self indulgence, as I dare,
to demand away the doldrums, by
day dreaming in the dirt.

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~*~ ============== queen's countless quoted queries - revealed...remains real raw waiting while worrying - weird so sick,seeking,seizing nothingness - no knocks birth bleeds, life's lost ~ =================================

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A mariners alms and a sirens song

A mariners alms and a sirens song

A siren sings of solace in solitude
Sighing, a sailor steadies the sail
Certain resolve tested in a song
Swayed by a sense of homesickness 
Tears of loss stream, alms paid
Seagulls soar as a fish jumps
Simplicity rests in the waves of the sea
A sweet disposition whispers balms
Ancient mariners passed this way
Always wistful of the sirens serenity song

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On this pavement walking in the cold,dark night.. In my mind theres a man edging on a fight, but when I come back to life its just a battle withen myself..... As I walk on this pavement everyday and night, thinking theres a man edging on a fight...

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dream on

I see myself first class relaxing in my own plane
Having my own estate walking with pride down my own lane
With fields and servants working on my plantation of sugarcane
Then all will bow to me even that silly boy in my class....Lexy Kane
My siblings are at it again, they just shouted "dream on!"
I wish i was a Sheiks first son
No siblings at all...OK to play with maybe just one
With maids and bodyguards till even after the sunlight is gone
Again they said it! "dream on!" 
That i will definitely do
At some point,some place, possibly the zoo
I'll figure out a way
To ensure come what may
My dreams are realized
And my company will be prized
Important things discussed and spoken on
Instead of my sisters irritating "dream on!"

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The Perfect Day

Peace performs paradise Living loving never leaving Singing soothing speaking Happy hopeful harmony Collectives circumvent corruption Zealously zippy zesty

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A News Report

In France, on Friday the fourteenth of February a famous French family flamed fires in a faulty fireplace causing a frightening fire.  Fresco street friends fretfully watched as fifty fabulous firemen fought furiously the ferocious flashing flames.  Finally, at four o'clock in the afternoon the fatigued firemen finished fighting the frightening flames and the filthy firetrucks fled off to the fire station.

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Strolling southern seashore in mists of September
searching for something set to stay,
her mind that meanders,
remarkable meters,
perplexing the phantoms at play.

Voices validating vague vagrant vocations
of poetry placed in parade,
with words waged in warring,
warning of the wheighman,
who knew you had dues left unpaid.

Before the seashore became her domain,
she’d wandered the wayside of pain,
locked in psychotic box
Doctor’s ticking clocks,
saying drain her poor brain once again.

Prefer sleep on the street keep her beat from defeat
she found sound vocation once more,
tourist response sterling,
shape sand to her seeing,
she sells sea shells, by the sea shore.

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Calliope ( in Ae Freislighe form )

The form is not in the list. This form is  Ae Freislighe 

Calliope tutelage
“There be tales from times not told,
brought back through your lineage,
dreams dredged from dark days of old”

Animate lost Anima
place a new thinking cap on
hang up hero’s panama
parlay phrases till past dawn

Here sit I, laptop clicking
chickens chiding privilege
wrapped in writing, clock ticking
Calliope tutelage.

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bound beautifully in blossoms bossom
bend backwards in in time 
the blissful nature nutures the negative
turning on the glow positive energy endeavoring everyone
and goodhearted gladness gathering goodness from within
the kiss planted on your heart heals all hurts
the blessed kiss from an angel
angles the blessing to heal all from within
the time to spread such joy is everyday of the year
the hope abound from a common cause
causes all good cheer from year to year

caressed carefully in caual curiosity
the candles glow brightens away the shadows
the goodness in us all shines thoroughly thru
the bliss of life is overwhelming
and leaves us giddy with hope eternal
and brings spring early into our lives
to liven up the spirits the have darkened over the years
our days shall always have a halo of hope
we just need a little bliss to illuminate it

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Walk In Divine

Walk In Divine

Where ever I am is heaven
Heaven is within me
And the support of heaven

Walking in divine

I am heaven
Where ever I am

Within me
I am heaven
Where ever I am

Walked in divine

Heaven supports me
I am supported by heaven

Where ever I am
Heaven supports me
Within me
Heaven supports me
Where ever I am

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Island Illusion

Interconnected insight I see clear,
Intimate in illiteration so pure.
I'm on an illusion island of passion,
Learning lengths limb on the curve as fashion.
Listening as I lean close, lighting as I go,
Mysterious make money; shot far out of a bow.

Mind mingling master mistakes given afar,
Noise never needing to glance at a star.
Nestled numbers nicely set out,
Outstanding oranges; our tree starts to sprout.

Out on the ocean with no special needs,
Perfect poition pulls as the cave man feeds.
Prime parts piece as the destiny can wait,
Nothing matters; not even the date.
Keep the beauty close, for not always near,
As for the rest will come with faith alone; and appear.

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Galactic Messages

Personal purification propels people producing prestigious positive perspective…
Embrace emotions energetically engineering equilibrium entering earth’s 
Compassion cleanses criticism creating caring communities constructing centers…
Feeding famine frenzied families flowing fortune fluidly…
Helping humanity have harmony harnessing happiness…
Love lasts limitations liberate low level living lending luminous light… 

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Drunk Boy and the Hungry Cat

A boy named Bill began boiling the blood of a black cat
A cat called Claudia who came for his food
Fiesty and ferocious was the feline that was famished
And generous and glorious was a girl named Greta
Who gave good guidance, and made good feta
For the family, and the feast, and the feline she fed
But behold, Bill, her brother became belligerent and beastly
Who wallowed in his whiskey, and went as wild as western warriors
Went for the knife, and knew that he could kill the kitty
Who meowed and mourned for the milk in his mother's oh my
To tell the truth, Tommy the tiny toddler took a tormenting turn from Bill and 
begged him to stop
Stop the staggering stunt of a stupid man
A man who mainly managed to make a mistake with the putty tat
Who purred and persuaded poor people to provide its dinner daily
Devilish and demanding and greedy was the glistening ghoul
With evil eyes and ebony fur that fluttered up when frightened for
Bill blacked out, and butchered the bad stray
Startled were his sisters, and sobbing were their sons
Bad Bill became bluntly crazy and crashed the cozy party
Partly for the poison he pumped in his brain
A bottle of brandy, and a bottle of whiskey
Willing to worship the wit of a worm
Shameful and shattered was his share

To be continued....... 

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Appalling Alliteration

Shadow-stalking, skulking scourge
Deadly demons divide, diverge
Boiling, bubbling, broken brine
Making muddy my morbid mind

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What'll I Write... he
Muses, surveilles the nil 
Wind, windowy visage, 

& gateswayed key-pad, 
like a cyber abacus
to touch & stroke, counted-

on to reveal it's 
whilom Mysterlex, vener-
able... Sunday, a 

small gaggle of Ibis, like a 
short-stack @ the Pamcake House,
gather to beak the 

night-sogged sand & soil - 
Yes, it is Raining, & what'll 
I Write onto this 

Sky heavy with no 
sound, Divemy - to Alpha-Bet- 
souper-bowl-Day to score 

& yield 1st-touch-Words, 
off-costume, aplenty like 
Muskmelonseeds al 

centro, resplendent 
like an occasion, of the 
Yes-twoDay's a mazed 

Prosetrycopia!, huh! - 
What shall I Write, In-
Deed!?, but Linnear... 

and Quantumescent,
A Sirge in Time to the
Muse of Rhyme, I Am...   


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Dining Dames

Dandy daffodils delight
Dainty Dames dining
Complimenting the crispy crossiants
Making their meal magnificent

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They say Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. ur beauty is a magnificent bright.A strong sight. & yet it gets bolder. Each glance of ur extravagant beauty. I shudder wit an uncalled duty. An uncontrollable effect of prescence & assets,I squirm into the pits,into the depts. I appreciate a beauty as fine as urs,its above the rest,its of an Eagle,it soars. I can't compare thou beauty,with anything less great, a lesser beauty shall not participate. Its damn near unapproachable,but extremely noticeable. A blind woman can see ur beauty.Without eyes,u can't mistake the beauty of the Earth's sunrise. Oh its no surprise,wats in thy eyes,a one of a kind beauty,that never dries. Ur beauty is pure,wit no additives. Rare is ur beauty, its hard 2 find. Its way beyond the surface,its ur heart,its ur mind.


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Always about art
Imaginative ideas
Creative content
Exhibits effect end

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Time for Tea

Tea time on Tuesday
Consumed in a chic cafe
in crimson colored cups
Tasty tradition for Townspeople

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Mystical Magna Mater

Tectonic tango tantalizes towering
Mountainous mosques many miles making
Valley veins, voluptuous vegetation vacations
Seasonally sending succulent seeds stretching skyward soaking sun
Nurturing nature’s natural nomads
Why waste what’s willed willingly? Watch waters wisdom
Learning loyal love lavishly leaps luminosity
Gracious gratitude grand guide Gaia
Absolutely awaken admiring angelic
Planetary perfection presented proudly protecting people…

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Movie Anyone

Zesty zippy zombie sat checking out the Yummy yuppie Yankee that was wiggly 
wishy washy but wealthy as he could be. And even so vary vainly vaguely unfree. 
Till one day, a Tuesday I believe, the tiny twiggy twenty year old named Tracy Tori 
Tory was watching the toothy toughie trickster zombie sitting under the thistly 
thorny thickly ugly tree, watching our Yankee. Now strangely she was a strongly 
sturdy sweetie, and sweetly but swiftly suavely went to see the Yankee to let him 
know of the scummy squirmy spooky zombie checking him out under the seedy 
shaggy shabby little tree. Now to show his appreciation he was really ready to 
rarely ask this queenly quirky quaintly lady to promptly go purely proudly puddle 
popping on their way to a preppy peachy pearly pastry bar with oddly the only 
oldie oozy pastries in the nutty nightly nearly neatly town of Nietzsche where 
monthly a mystery mushy movie played. Since they were both loony lofty lefty 
laddie and lady and lastly the lengthy lively lovely movie was about to play, he 
keenly kindly knightly ask her in a jolly jiggly juicy way if she was iffy itchy 
interested in this imaginatively happy haughty history movie. Well in her giggly 
giddy goofy funny funky flirty easy earthy earthly duly dizzy ducky cutely cuddly crazy 
bubbly briskly bravely aussie arty amply way, said …….. NO!

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OF Herald Hermit

Herald Hermit is a man
Who for see's the future fast
As his eyes are envelopes
Diaries of distant past
As a Hermit he is this
As a Hermit loneliness

In a dark descriptive room
Watching the decay of day
Talking to his thoughts in time
Married moon-and he the groom
As a hermit loneliness
As a Herald Hermit is

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Of Clowns and Mourners

All clowns do have a trick to give a laugh although their hearts are sick,
Upon their faces gleaming grins are glued with miles of smiles all hued,
And lofty laughter's just their frozen forte from books of circus' sort.

And mourners whimper, wail and weep although their tears are fast asleep,
And when the tears are found, the mourning mob gives its so-called sob,
While others cry, the rest just sigh, no chance to try to question why.

And on the stage of life they act with every grace and care and tact,
While limelight streams across the stage as fingers flip a book's first page,
The music starts, the voices fade and soon begins the pride parade.

The clowns do stunts and show some tricks with great delight, with clever flicks,
But one of them laughs much too loud, much more than what is just allowed,
His laughter chokes him till he dies with pools of tears that flood his eyes.

The mourners' chance to steal the show has come, it's crying time they know
They soak the dead clown with their tears and hope their wails the audience 
But then their weeping drones too much, the viewers frown, their scalps they 

And now the clowns they dance no more, their brother's corpse still on the floor
Down on their knees they make no sound, they feel they're lost, they look around
And whent they weep and wailed at last, the crying clowns disband their cast.

And so the mourners get the right to own the stage, to make the sight,
They sing and cheer, their faces bright, they tease the clowns with much delight,
And there upon the stage they dance the merry-making mourners' dance.

Well, what a sight, and such a scoop, while mourners prance, the clowns just 
The audience laughs at such a joke, they say the chick swallows the hawk
A change of roles, a change of souls, the lights go out, down crash the walls!

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Ok I have never heard of alliterations…….. And was wondering if words like 
abbey, acme, and acne would go along with alliterations …  and just maybe the 
meaty mossy messy mold at the mucky muddy murky waters of the slightly 
slippery sloppy backwaters were on the right track of this choicely choosy classy 
way of expressing earthlings eating elephants in the early evening with a 
beautiful sunset easily edging ending a really nice time and how do they all 
come together and not torture the toddler that is tougher than the trader tracking 
the tractor up the tower with the trainer  trotting with the trooper right behind 
looking for the treasure and the traitor trekking with the trucker loosing his 
trousers while trolling in the backwater. , I thought even if it isn't it is different.

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Read This Fast!

So we’re going on a picnic with the pygmy, Pixie Poggly, being the quirky queenly 
quaintly quickly person she is and her friend a raunchy rascal reverently named 
Andy Bailey. As you remember he was in the Aussie army association, barely 
battling the banshee that were bawdy blackly bloody in the boggy boundary briefly 
in the outback, and lets not forget pixie’s perky prominent pal that is a bossy, 
bluntly, brainy, bookie, breathing brashly, balmy, bits of boogie bookie chatter to 
all the cheery, choicely, chunky crowd around his choosey, cheesy, cheaply 
choice of chummy spots, and in his coarsely cocky way, he coyly clamors crafty 
creepy words that really don’t say what they needs to say, but confuses even the 
gentle, ghostly, gaudy, gawky, gabby, gypsy genie down in the gaily, gabby, 
ghastly valley town called Gatsby. I hear even Fatty Fannie the fancy, fleecy, 
flimsy, flowery, and foxy maiden that has her doggie, “Dotty” watching her dreamy, 
dressy, downy, dowry. And to make things easier Pixie’s dumpy daffy deafly, dinky 
donkey named Dixie is going to carry all the supplies, and we are going to the 
daffy damply dainty little dairy where the daisies  grow daily in the deeply densely 
droopy grasses next to the hay, and it sounds like it will be a giddy, giggly, goodly, 
goofy, goosey, grabby good grammar in all its Grammy award wining grandeur 
Parts of this poem were copied from another poem that I cannot display here, but 
that I did write, it is called “The Picnic” and I thought this would be some fun 
reading for all here.

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New condition for DSM III

Tomorrow they tell tales
Bring back bright boyhood
Dumped deeply in dales
Forest fled for fickle food

Could you clamour clean
Till tomorrow throw them
Last lingering lines lean
We wont wait to weft them

Around ancient anxieties
Ego esconced, embattling
Dull days dead drunk deities
Some senses seared still screaming.

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The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

I look into the mirror,but it's a looking glass instead.
Visions start to grow,from inside of my head.
I seem to break free,from my hold with the past.
Uncetainty grows,wonder how long will it last?
The reflection,becomes the mirror to my soul,
I seem to find a ladder,to climb up from this hole.
The day starts to slow,yet continues to grow,
Then things just disappear,wonder where they go?
Sailing off,to some distant shore,
Seeing the other side,because I wanted it more.
Although I feel like a stranger,in a strange land,
I  feel quite at peace,I can see who I am........
Sometimes the visions begin to sour,
The sky turns gray,it looks like a shower?
The rain starts to fall,I'm getting rather wet,
There's seems to be so much,just riding on a bet.
But the sun soon returns,to bring hope back to the day.
The things I saw before,I see a different way.
I look back at the mirror,but there's just me.
When you look in the mirror,you never know what you'll see..........

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Twenty-seven Nightmares

Twenty-seven nightmares rolling
through the caverns of my mind,
dark and gruesome creatures crawling,
aged faces deeply lined.

When the waxing moon has settled,
sunk into the southern swamp,
thirteen demons manifesting,
I can hear their black hooves stomp.

Howling hounds of Hell are mating,
devil dogs inflicting pain,
sixteen banshees spinning, swirling,
blood is falling like the rain.

Broken brethren banned from Heaven,
six and six and six are they,
slyly shifting shapes to fool me,
begging me to come and play.

Heed the wizard's words of warning,
look not into the evil eye,
when the bell tolls one times three now,
ask questions not, nor wonder why.

Watch the ill wind toss the treetops,
lashing limbs with lethal rage,
feel the cold rain sharp as needles,
pine cones nature's hand grenades.

Cherry-red eyed Chupacabra,
hissing hot breath on my nape,
phantom footfalls far behind me,
nineteen omens taking shape.

Twenty-seven nightmares rolling,
you wonder why I work at night?
Sleep for some is much more mellow
when the room is filled with light.

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Prostitute plea

Angel wings 
dominated -
prostitute plutocracy 
posterity predicament

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Sadam No More { Alliteration}

                                      Bombs bursting bunkers beds
                                       Sadam suddenly soils shorts
                                       Army Airforce Alies Allegence
                                    Condem Country's Crooked Coward

Send Our Troops Home

           Go U.S.A.
              Hu Ra

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Cranbery Float (part3)

Can you feel the awe in the air
caressing all with it's range
catering to the joys of this earthly paradise
created in the mind of it's author
care free children frolicking to and fro
capturing the sun in a tall glass of juice to sweeten it more
cranbery floats are best on these days

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Dark Storm

Distant thunder rolling over and over
causing all within range to shudder.
Shaking the very air itself
a prominent entity entitled to eternity
evolving the neighbors in this fray.
Churning the skies from dawn to dusk
black and protruding with prowess 
of a dark storm.
Swallowing whole its prey of innoncents
rolling them in pain over and over,
raining on them forever and a night.
A weaking seam in a seamless sky
drenching the trenches of all who fight it.
The dark storm of evermore
with its thunder rolling over and over,
ripping the armor of honor,
and forever degrading the hordes of minions
and spitting down utterances of filth
forever more with its deep pounding voice
rolling over and over forevermore.

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Annound Fortress

for an anound fortress I burn with words that acrill
around the trees in the seas above the sky below the eye
from the song to the speaking rythum
in wintery sky under the savering sighs
for an anound fortress I burn with words that acrill
with windiling given lies that seek there silnte cries
distant memory calling it's grimus reverbed prototcall
workful manic deppression awkened in my center
near from the sound far from the passion 
for an anound fortress I burn with words that acrill
forsaken in the deepest plennor
 quite from the storm falling for a brutal action
remebered for the one choosen forgotten for the places sholven
placed out of faith marked from the waking face
walking through pasts disertion proud of minds adovlen
seeking felt impression destorying my senitive interspace
for an anound fortress i burn with words of acrill
set in fate of mercy feel no pain atureee
a watchful eye aproches my welten deeds
slipping from fortold longer i lash intreee
wellspoken whith the last of almighty scrifting heeds
for an anound fortress i burn with words of  acrill 
formitalbly calling, unheard will, of an undying spirit
 shackled for theift of my innocents lying teerit

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Proses and poems
Pictured prevail
Emotions emancipated 
Feelings of frail

Stances and stanzas
Words weaponry
Therapeutic tensions
Designated decree

Odes of oration 
Verses verily victorious 
Whimsical writes
Grandeur of glorious

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Black is the sky in big sky country.
Black is the charred boar,
with blackberry jam.
Black is the flavor of choice,
the speaker of colors the one with voice.
Black is the tea and the liqour to apease.
Black is the current 
that washes away the moment.
Black is the priest,
that the congregation elects.
Black is the tide and the ties that bind.

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Yellow Fellar

Poor beautiful yellow snail just enjoying sitting on the railroad rail
So sleek in God's design
Moving so slowly just sliding, slipping along
Here comes the morning train
Well, it won't be very long

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Our Dream

You’re the god send,
You’re often lost in your own thoughts, 
For something bigger.  
Don’t have to be the leader, 
but your often the one that’s sought
more often than not 

you ask the question, what if it were true?
The appropriateness that truly, truly defines you
You long to get out of the darkness
And into the light 
God of your dreams
God of your domain
the truth will set you free
Hope is all that remains 

It's not literal movement
Only a state of mind
Subtle of the myth
The gods stood looking at the light
But not from the window 

It’s the brightness of the night
To find that one inside 
It’s a gift that you can’t buy
This is what belongs to me
This is where I fit in
We’re right they’re wrong 
That’s the way it’s got to be 
Make the most of the dream
Make the most of the night
Just because there’s darkness
Doesn’t mean there’s no light
It’s the ever changing longing 
From here to where we go