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Alliteration Angst Poems | Alliteration Poems About Angst

These Alliteration Angst poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Angst. These are the best examples of Alliteration Angst poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Liquor Lips

If I were the bottle 
You would press your lips to my neck nightly.
If I were the liquid
 You would consume me multiple.
But I am just a woman
Who needs your attention always. 
If only you could
Liquor lips.

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The whole house was dim
Only the oven flames burning
We couldn't find you
Our blood began  churning

We scoured each room
Our heartbeats are yelling
To find you alone
Deranged and  repelling

You stink of poison 
It seeps through your skin
An odor so potent 
So easy to pin

I smell the resin
Of two day old sweat
Your eyes somehow open
With no signs of regret

A vision of a junkie
No more and no less
To weak to confront it
Just claim duress

Your cheeks sunken deeply
Thinned to the bone
Straggly haired
A look made of stone

Lips dried to crust
Feverishly dehydrated
Spoke like a child
Eyes blank and dilated

The sirens grew closer 
You resisted the aid
I promised you solace
But you can’t be afraid

A few hours later
You were awake
I begged of you
To know what’s at stake

You created two angels 
That will surely turn sour
Blame it all on yourself
Its their souls you’ll devour

When the urges arise 
Remember the day 
We found you alone 

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Berty Beaver, he was quiet
He never said too much
Yet Molly, Berty’s little wife
She mouthed off just a touch
She’d always threw her weight around
And poor old Tiny Tim
 He got a slap most every day
And times his days felt grim

Molly, well she was his mum
And though she loved him so
She always had to nag someone
And give them a cuff or blow
Tim became a poor young man
And shrunk from every one
And as the bully’s hung around
More evil did get done

His mum she says ‘now that’s not on
They don’t do this to my son!’
And she goes running to the school
Oh, she’s an angry one
She glares the teacher up and down
And lets her know who’s boss
Teachers try hard to placate her
Though, they only suffer loss.

Then Tiny Tim, comes running in
And says right to his mum
[Frustration snatching fear away
No more his mouth hangs numb]
‘Look Mum, at what you always do!!!’
He says with voice stern
‘If you’re a bully too, then how
Will us kids ever learn.

28 June 2013 @ 1727hrs.

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Charm courts calm cheer
Romp ruffles rear
Ask and appear
Zoom zesty zeal
Youth yelling yield

Mind mourning mate
Airing apt ape
Discern debate

Dice dewy drop
Offer opts ops
Glimpse gracious gob

Best blooming blot
Aim and allot
Ripe rich report
Kind keeper knows
Sanguine song shows

Note not never
Options over
Worst woes wiser

Hoist hip heavy
Engrave empty
Rich rowdy roar
Encroach explore

Leon Enriquez
13 Apr 2014

(Note: This is an Acrostic poem with Alliteration.)

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That Passenger

Like the best part of a dubstep song
I feel the slip slip and drop then it's gone
Like when we got it on with a double magnum on my dong
But that was a virgin page
And with that tight cage unlocked the rat was free to rage
And you know theres no way to gauge magnitude of the ensuing sexplosion

But at the epicenter of all the mental corrosion
Is that hooded figure, that master of commotion
And as the gas ball sets across the ocean he rises
From cracks and gashes, from shadows and ashes
No target in mind
No friends or enemies
Just hell bent on injecting the entropy
And it is just painfully oh-so-clear to see the swiftness and efficiency at which he commits atrocities
Over the screams and pleas the question hangs;
What can sooth this beast? 

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Wasteland of Shame

Bound by blame, broken by blight,
Scarred by a stolen satire,
nuzzling necrophiliacs within the night.

Tangled in torment, tied untamed,
blemished by the blasphemy,
of never speaking your name.

Shackled in sin, shredded sovereignty,
dealing death’s doses,
murdering you and me.

Cuffed with candor, calling our crimes,
to an impetuous enslavement,
tortured through time.

Set me free, to flee this fool’s game,
where we're always left wandering,
in this wasteland of shame.

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Battling Addiction

She sits in the room across from me
Mocking my sanity
As I try to will her to go away
But we live in a room that has no door
She sits there smug and awfully sure
That she’s in my life now to stay

She grows bigger as I get small
I don’t recognize myself at all
Her desires dictate my every move
I see her through my family’s tears
She has separated us for years
Making rough times from a life that was smooth

I cannot leave her tight embrace
Her influence distorts my once clean face
Everyone else but myself is to blame
I give into her constant plea
To get again inside of me
I loathe this gal with Addiction as her name

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Death must be old fashioned way up in the future. Nobody's gonna die.  Tell me when. Should I solicit from the reaper?  Must I decide with my keeper? Must I still try to be alive? QUIET now must I pretend? Quit now, must I defend?
And be rewarded for my rage time and time again.
Revision of decisions long past due. Collector's come a calling, where
I choose. 

I refuse to be used as a doorstop refugee ANGRILY laughing as I bandage my open wounds.  Tough crowd. No self pity ALLOWED.  I'm not delusional. If only please.
I'm nocturnal operating without options, ease
NEVER leave a man behind ENEMY lines.  All who volunteer to follow fall behind,
And on my lead.  All things HOT HAVE HAPPENED with my breed.

I know one day i'll be going HOME with my brain HOT WIRED and my broad buff
Bubonic body, introducing my new self to my adoring affectionate family.
But for now the fight is on the might IS STRONG.  We APPROACHED the enemy 
Camp on clever phantom Fox FEET. Thinking. Waiting.
These DEATH BOUND SOULS are all alone with me and my army.  All who volunteer to follow fall in line.   .....Waiting, ready we pounce 25 down no PRISONERS, no COMPROMISE.
NOW hear this, can't promise you BLUE INDIGO ROSE GARDENS AND SUNSHINE in paradise.
JUST know one thing: Stay the COURSE. We will win. We've never Lost.

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Burning down all around EVERY LIVING SOUL.
YOU BROKE? The flames you stoked. UP IN SMOKE.
Not a living soul has an ABODE to call their own. No
HUT NOR HOME.  Be stronger than strong sang the playing
SOUL HEARD THE WORD.  "WELL, on the brink of the brim
Of a empty bottle of rum"  grunted the sober bum.

Up in smoke, cursed the soaring bird. Quenching, down CAME
The crushing DELUGE FROM HOSES, SEEMING to be every 
Where in mediocre DOSES.
"THE END OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT " said my fine feathered
Friend first to fly.
The end of life as we know it, repeated I, and I AM ON  HIGH.

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Delicious Dishes

Tonight, tables took teapots
"Lumiere Lights" lit
Pleasantly, people pondered 
Plates placed
Across appetites awaiting anxiously
To try the Top Ten
Delicious Dishes

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Alliteration Allowed

Beautiful babies blowing bubbles,
Terrible teens tempting troubles.
Parent's plaguing problems perplexing
Viewing various values vexing.

Doctors diagnose diseases.
Potent potion prescription pleases.
Debating difficult diagnosis,
Desperately diluting doses. 

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Thrill touching teach
Heap healthy hitch
Yell yielding yes
Mind moulds mess
Empty ends each

Trust treasures truth
Hurl hounding hoofs
Youth yielding yore
Maze motions more
Etch earns explore

Time travel trip
Hoist heavy heaps
Yield yonder yeast
Meet myriad mist
Enjoy each ease

Text timely tome
Hidden hope homes
Your youth yielding
Move marks meeting
Etch end etchings

Leon Enriquez
11 Apr 2014

(Note: This is an Acrostic poem with Alliteration.)

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An Envied State

Envy eats at my eager overtone.
Airing aspirations of me alone.
Resenting ruse, requiring need.
Festering famine, for you I feed.

Covet creation, I crave carelessly.
Desiring deeply, damn fearlessly.
Greedily grasping for others gain
Invidious intrusion, idly insane.

Spitefully starving, stalking prey.
Jealously jaunting, without delay.
Longing lust, loathing your term.
Craving prosperity, cash I affirm.

Rendition of riches, reasons resent.
In umbrage euthanizing my consent.  
Tilling your toils, for me you taste – 
Conceding to my monetary embrace.

Eagerly empowering an envied state.
Devouring dignity, a diligent debate.
Victoriously vigor, voicelessly vim.  
Gluttony so gracious, greedily grim.

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black and white photos
 with no black
  they're blank
	i blinked
  and banked
my book
      would not
     be a 
  blanc album
  of a full life
    we never lived

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Slit slice open
cut carve enter
rip rape start
pull power enter
unfold unveil reveal
secrete spilled shaken 
explode embroider envelope
grope grip fondle
pull pry panic
stab stun bomb
decapitate dunk drown
shove sharp fall
skin slink spray
steam stream stumble
jeopardize jump jilt
cream crumple capture

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Sullen Sylvia

Sullen Sylvia sadly 
Departed deeply devestated by 
Her husband's heartless 
Departure for a deadly damsel

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Storm Within, Storm Without

                                                                     These eyes,
                                   bleary behind a blurred bifocal,
      stare unseeing through wet windshield wipers.

                                                                  These hands,
on the steering wheel, cold, calloused and cowed,
                  grip tightening, loosening now and then.

                                                                     These toes,
                        now cruelly cramped in soggy socks,
       numb in my shoes, soaked in sidewalk slush.

                                                                      This storm,
   smears the night scene through the car window
           with watery grays and smudged neon lights.

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Frothing, frigid fjords
Fling forth fine stippled
Salmon, streaking upstream.
Roe-rich fish, flashing
Fat and fulgent:
Spurred to spawn, to spurt
Then sputter -- spasmodic.
Spectral. Unspared.

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I stand my ground and white is what is me
as fair a man as there could ever be
I'll not apologize to anyone
for what the world's dependent on
but love my own, for that's the way I see.

Excuses come from those who ever fail
or educated by their time in jail
and racist it may be
but it's the side of me
who stands by justice, in its final wail;

the die's been cast; and juries set the stage
and let out are the crazies from their cage;
while whites proclaim all guilt from high
and blacks can only live the lie
expecting things to change because of rage;

whose knife has cut the thread that's meant to bind
depriving all the love there is to find?
the greatest tragedy of all
is when our backs are to the wall
that's when our hate clouds every mind.
     ron wilson

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Apart, Apart, in Ever-Dream

I come from Dawn to Night's long mile
Whose boyhood heard the songs of brooks
And mourned the sparrow's falling,
And Hope, those days did lift my wings
As lone I strode the gardened fields 
Of honied labyrinth...
Apart, apart! In Ever-Dream,
My bliss found full at giants feet-
Enthralled, bewitched at Sky's orations
Or what forests deep did tell...
And now the Day's long-bearded trek
But to endless shade proceeds...

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Hindemith hindered her hibernation hopes.
How hansome harmonies hurt.
They hint at her lonliness, her homelyness.
She hunts her heart, hankering for a humdinger to hold her here.
Honour? Him? 
Her hand hits a howitzer.
She hears him.
It's heady to hold.

But perhaps better to let go.

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Tower of Babel

belfrey and the bats therein
   risen high on heady winds
as if a quirk as if a whim
   the bats like rats within  my soul
they sat like cats within my skull
   beneath this skin inside was sin
this world will fail for lack of men
   and bats full of rabid ilk
spilled my brain with spider silk
   i quaffed the gall and rancid milk
to binge i cringe outside the fringe
   and cinder singe my heart a twinge
O belfrey and the bats therein
   i've hurt my friends my love my kin
the world will fall because of men
   as ashes fall from burning oil
demand the bats be damned to toil
   be dimmed to gnats and brought to boil
the world will fall as well as men

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Cold empty island
Waste of not wants
Quiet and dead

Grey and cold
Older and old
Smelly, like the road
Annoying, yes I am told

Water on either side 
And up and down
Cold beaches
Nasty teaches
The way to be English

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Propaganda Machine

A time when money rules
We can only watch
We dream of what we could have been
While just burning the clock

Don’t take life lightly
It’s never too late 
You can have a second chance
Don’t make the mistake 

You have your solid job
That doesn’t what makes you tick
You move through your life
Pretending for the next

But you fake the things 
that really you should mean
It’s cover for this outside world
Just so you don’t have to face them 

You are not forgotten 
You’re not left behind
You have the contents
And you make your move

This life is what you make it
Do you want to leave it alone
Don’t run away from it
That’s a journey we all know 

Take what you have
Throw all else away
There’s hope for all others
No matter what they say

If one could define evil
I think one thing we can agree
Not performing to your potential
Is killing like a mercenary 
The world keeps us in front of the tube
Scared of what might happen
How can we view their ads
If we’re always on the move 

The world’s not strong enough
To make these things happen
We don’t have bad luck
It’s the propaganda machine 

Don’t let it keep you down
You don’t have to take it 
This all cause and affect
So be what your meant to be 

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Mad Minstrel

medieval monsters 
mischievously meander 
in the mind of the mad minstrel
like maggots in mazes 
his mysterious muse
masterfully mining for misery
melting in molten memories
of macabre mirrors
ministering malicious mistakes
morbity mottled 
with the maniacal matchmaker
who masquerades with malevolence 
masticating the meat 
milking the marrow
the minstrel's music 
a maddening march
motioning to the murder 
of mental mortar
mashing morals
his mouth moving
malignant music
marked by madness

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' Worse Than Lonely '

There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
There’s A Hundred Things More, That Hurt
There’s A Million – Murder – Moments
And A Billion More Bubbles Bursts

But, There’s Nothing Here To Tell
And No Soul Here To See
Yet, There’s A Thousand Things More Tragic
Worse Than Being Lonely

There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
A Hundred Hammers Can Hit The Heart
There’s A Million Movies Watched Melancholy
And A Billion Bacalls and Bogarts

There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
 A Hundred Hollers That Can’t Be Hushed
There’s A Million – Messed-Up – Madnesses
And A Billion More Backstabs To Brush

There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
A Hundred Holes of UnHappiness
There’s A Million – Merciless Moments
Like A Billion Bags Of Bitterness

There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
Hundreds Harmed, More Than I Am
A Million – Misery Memories
Buts Like A Billion – Bloody – Battering Rams

Yes,  There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
Under The Setting Sun…
But When A Solitary Soul Misses Love
… Well …    I Can’t Think Of One …

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Another avenue

Lonely lovers lay

Prone pondering the pages

Of others offerings

While wealthy women

Cashing company cheques

Purchase those priceless pooches

All the while, angry adolesents

Sewing sad smiles

Filling furrowed frowns

Beauty borrowed, now broken

On swiftly shifting sands

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The Best Cigarette

In a darker part of morning, 
or a lighter shade of night,
with his paying for hereafter, 
to be rid of all his blight,
was a lunetic in waiting, 
she was something of a tease,
she would spread her legs at dropping 
of a man onto his knees.

Never faking her orgasim, 
she would always let him know,
she could sense about his coming, 
and was first to let it go.
With the sweating of her body 
and the beating of her time,
she would take him to hereafter, 
but to stay would be a crime.

In a little bit of wiping.
if he paid a little more,
she'd remind him of the reason
he'd come back again for more.
But the best part of hereafter, 
in his smoking just a bit,
wasn't part of what he paid for, 
so he left forgetting it.

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American Inheritance

Dear child, we lost for you, America,
that apple pie, sprout from a tiny seed.
If you could find the hope of common need,
perhaps you'd save what was America,
from what's become a world of common greed.

Dear child, we lost for you, the dream of dreams,
we thought would always be; 'twould never end;
by now you've guessed, not everyone's your friend,
your apple pie's not always what it seems,
and hope is not what's just around the bend.

Dear child, we lost for you, the right to be,
the right to fly, the right to come and go;
the love of reaching out, to let it show,
your touching of a friend, in all you see,
this was America, the one you'll never know.

Sorry Dear one, we spent it all.
It is gone.

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Pungent sounds sullen, sullying,
Feelings stark, severe, stressful,
Aflame, singed, searing, smoldering,
Thoughts surging, seeping, slinking,

Placid…As my eyes awaken…

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Supposed Sinners

Forgiven - But a ludicrous loophole.
One method, one shaky support system for so many souls.
Murderer - Malicious, Morbid Murderer hears of this system and conveniently conforms.
Peacemaker - Passive, Patient, Placatory Peacemaker, but beliefs of different form.
Awful atrocities, Loathsome lies, Demanding dictators - forgiven?
Perfect parents, Humble husbands, Wondrous wives - forgotten?
But such ambiguous claims of cruel, coercive leaders to be believed?
And to be overlooked every problem a non-conformist relieved?
Because you concoct a corrupt campaign you call yourself a winner?
Run with your religion, I'll run with the supposed sinners.

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Hell's Bell

Got no themes to write on,
Got no poems to sell.
I think my clergy has arrived,
With the tolling of hell's bell.

Random thoughts like shells fall,
As I stand here like a broken wall.
Brick by brick and inch by inch,
Covered with moss and sooty stench.

Such thoughts I cannot bind,
In cages of words like a poet blind.
Nobody sees the aching head,
Bursting with agony of thoughts unread.

A verdict as this is seldom passed,
To a shooting star which burns to dust.
Pages like blots rot in my head,
Sleeping still as if comfortably dead.

Thought I was the chosen one,
To taste the mist and the morning sun.
Cosmic fun is but so brute,
Played by Gods with existence crude.

Like a man, whom the distant Bedlam calls,
Housing lost prophets and pierced dolls,
I am lost between the paper  and the head
Reading scribblings of prophets at sinful sheds.

Wanders thus, my third eye blind,
Touching the walls of a pitch-dark mind.
If a thought like a firefly does fly by,
Dies the fire before the gaping third eye.

Pierce my body with a thousand nails,
And hang me on the cross of the grail.
My brain still would be numb to pain,
As it hangs impailed by the barren grain.

Give me a touch, a smell or a tear,
Give me the death of someone dear.
Just pay the price which I'll hold as debt
Taken to save a poet from death.

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This struggle

Sometimes it seems hard
So hard to articulate
Why God should care
For some dirty folks around

When every thought is rotten
Every speech wicked
Every act disloyal
Yet he still cared.

Every new day his love I received
Yet each new day new evil we devised
He refused to look the other way
But his way we refused to look.

In our hearts he left his voice
With our strength and might we suppress it
Every of our will we desire independence
Independent of the one who holds life

When shall this fight be over?
Who will adjudicate on our behalf?

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Shallow sands spill,
Sharp like silver.
Several strong soldiers stand
Sequentially like steel.
Suffer so short like strangers.
So soon , so shallow, so still.
Sorry standards slyly stroke;
Send six, seven sterling swans,
Seamless, storied, swallowed.
Seas sail sanctimoniously
Severed like the war itself.

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Strangle my senses
So frank and relentless
Fierce less from fierce fists
I’m fighting my senses 
To get back to what this is
Twisted and tasteless
Bitter and wasteful 
I crave for 
The flavor
To savor the fervor   
Of forever
I’m clever
In thought but insistent
To persist in this growth 
Of yesterday
And tomorrow
A favor
For whether
I’m able
To resist this…
I’m frozen in moment
But running in thought
For I cant see
The pain
These stains
That I smear
I cant hear
Nor can I feel
The plight 
I must will my way through these
Few to be easy
And more to be hell
I can’t smell 
Failure a choice
I can taste it
I’m wasting
The time
I am getting 
So I’m guessing
I’m obsessing
Over nothing
But forcing
The world
To strangle or mangle
These senses
Since this is
Just a figment pressing
The crevices of my persistence

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Peasants et Roaches

Pitter patter on with perfect ambiguity 
Knowing only the knolls of the knave
Brave, brave sir, mam, beware
Aristotle to Aristocracy, I dare
Peasants pair and say thou prayers
The dusk-walker approaches
You are now, the forgotten little roaches

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Drip, drip, drip.................

Distance separates our closeness. 
Disconnectedness, disparity, 
niggling annoyances creep 
stealthily into the unity that was. 

Drip, drip, drip of destruction. 
Tarnishing tenaciously...... 
tick tick tock the calamitous clock 
concocting poisonous concoction. 

Angry words thrown like venomous arrows 
piercing a once beguiled heart. 
Plans of permanence placed in temporary 
abeyance ........romance gone. 

You captivated and entranced me. 
You wooed and lured me into false security. 
You rocked and stroked my eager enthusiasm, 
then cast it mercilessly aside. 

Drip, drip, drip of destruction 
tarnishing tenaciously - 
pools of passion dispersed in disparity. 
Save water.  Save us.  Turn off the tap. 

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What I feel is nothing less than rage
I feel like an animal locked in a cage
enslaved and put on display on a stage
every story starts some where like on a page
I want savour life full of robust scents like sage
I want to be free at least one day before my old age

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Soothe The Soul

Somber sonnet, slumbering of soul
So tired of being tired, 
Seems nobody knows…
Soul of slumbering sonata, 
Somber, screams of the heart,
Superficial strokes soon to depart,
So tired of being tired,
Seems nobody knows…
Searching sweet solace,
Stir o’ slumbering sonata
Stimulating serenity of soul…
Surrogate the somber sonnet
Serendipitously, so …‘til, it’s no longer tired, but 
Soothing balm of stamina   
Strengthening survival of the soul… 

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Painted in Rain - Smiles

Stirring in its skyward station a storm bows
its heavy head. How lowly it hangs its grey
eyes. calm and cool it comes combing over lives.

Thought, torn free in torrents of flashing light. Forced
a voice booms, bringing blustery breath as it
moans. In its passive might, it reaches my door.

Out in this obstacle overhead, I soon
collapse. Confronting this conundrum of
emotion - a smile emerges, enchanted.

Here, below hardship, beguiled to hurt, pretend
oh how I pretend. Painted smile, purchased guise
reflecting rapture despite the roar within.

A walk, wet tresses, in the weeping water.
Falling free from fountains of sky. No one knows
as I stride with smile, rain streams among tears.

For there are fools that feel that they are wise.
And gowned in gaudy grin, I lie through sadness.
Walking in this storm, rain hides the tears I cry.

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Fleeting Unease

                  stranger's sharp, 

                   seeping sense 

                   of unexplainable 


                        tinged truth, 

                     subtly strange, 

                      faintly familiar 

                         as it flees.

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gretchen smith

you know how people are and how things go in life you need to prepare and be 
stern and happy through out life and just know things that you need to know and 
do something about them.....sometimes god says things to you that go right to 
the core of your heart and you are one again with yourself.

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We Run

I don’t know where I’m going 
I only know where I’ve been
I know what I was taught
I know that we have sinned 

Don’t get caught up in this masquerade
They will take ‘til you can’t give
They will look you straight in the eye
And tell you how to live 

This place that we call honest
Is the place we can’t forget
They teach to live forgiveness
Yet they persecute to the end 

We look down on others
For their restrictive ways
What good is that developing land
Yet we sell our soul to get paid 

We look down on others
Can’t they figure it out
But  we sit here under dictator
Only we can’t throw him out 

We should all run
We should all hide
We can save ourselves from this time 
Why can’t we all run
A place that they can’t find
So our dreams are truly ours tonight

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Faithful Phone

you sat  and  stared 
   at  your faithful 

       you sighed and sought 
          some silent 

               your mind wandering, 

                       such solitude was 
                           all there was, 
                               now is.

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Dying Embers

I shudder at the thought 
I dare not think it true
the visions I have of you are haunting me
all that's left is to flee
past the woods and through the hills
where life knows no bounds
where wits and a knife are all you need in life

I shudder to think
I dare not look at you
the visitors of yesterday all gave clues
all that's left are the bones
from your carnivorous ways
where you know no bounds
where wits and knife are you need in life

I shudder at the thought
that for a pound you could be bought
if not for the drought
I might have lived
if not for tears I would thrist
where the dying embers know no bounds
where the the dying flames has consumed all that's left