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Acrostic Religion Poems | Acrostic Poems About Religion

These Acrostic Religion poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Religion. These are the best examples of Acrostic Religion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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F orgive my sins for I KNOW I'm not perfect.
A s I come to you, I'm asking for assistance.
T ime has almost walked away from me.
H ave Mercy on me Dear Lord.
E verytime I try to do right; I end up doing wrong.
R elease the negativity from my Heart.

I want to thank you for making a way out of no way.

H elp as I'm on my journey witnessing.
A lways been there for me Lord.
V accinate my soul with your everlasting love.
E xtend to me; Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.

S hield me from all evil throughout my day.
I need you right now Lord.
N o one but you knows what I'm going through.
N o one but you knows my heart Dear Lord.
E very eye that's reading this, "Lead and guide them."

Pace, G


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Paid In Full

P ierced for our transgressions,
A crown of thorns upon His head.
I ndecent agony Jesus suffered,
D ying to give us life instead.

I niquities demanded payment.
N one of us worthy to pay the price.

F aithful Father provided ransom,
U nfailing love turned into sacrifice.
L aying down His life for sinners,
L isten: Jesus paid sin's full price.

2/20/12  for Brian Strand's up to 12 lines max. contest.

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S eek the Lord and you will find Him.
A sk Him to come into your heart.
L ove God with all your heart, soul and mind.
V ow to follow Him all of your life.
A cknowledge Jesus as your Savior and Lord.
T rust Him to forgive all of your sins.
I nvite the Lord to have His way in your life.
O bey the commands of His word.
N othing is impossible with God.

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Thanksgiving Day.

 Ten went off.
 He sent them.
 And one came back.
"None but this Samaritan?"
 Keep your faith.
 Salvation is yours.
 God is always
 In our lives.
 I say to you.
 Not a sparrow falls that
 God does not know about."

 Do we say: Thank You?"
 Always say: " Thank You, Lord."
 Yea, give thanks and praise.

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Out Of bitterness Came sweetness

Out of that ugly, cruel piece of wood
Ushered a sweet aroma, but by a sword
The Creator nailed by and on His creation

Offered a perfect sacrifice, for my perfection
From lands beyond afar, he descended

Boldly He came by divine steps of love and landed
In sublime compassion He stared at a lost soul
The whole world drenched in darkness since the fall
The devil stretching the blanket of wickedness
Entering the earth in love, animals congratulated
Room in the Inn could not be found, so congested
No religious people liked him even Priests of Pharisees
Even some of their own Rabbis and Sadducees
Sold for only 30 pieces of silver by the son of perdition
Suffered in the cruel hands’ that’s no Word contradiction

Carried the cross of my sins in deep agony
And drunk a bitter cup of my deadly iniquity
My saviour got an inflicting piercing pain of a head gear
Ended up with no vestures nhas they all wanted to wear

Sweetness sprung up out of that immense bitterness
Weaknesses swallowed and overcome by boldness
Eternity to win he enslaved death and took of its stinger
Entered hell and preached to souls in great torment
Then up with victory he arose like a real torrent
Now with keys of hades, he came up with him those saints
Eventually graves opened, triumph now reigns
Sweetness now floods my once troubled soul, he arose
Secure from all bluffs of the devil, his scream I oppose

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Fluff It Up

<                                  Fluff of billowy clouds
                                     Looking like they have Angelic faces
                                     Utterly smiling down on Mother Earth
                                     Forecasting peace for all mankind
                                     Foresakes for all sinners

Entry For
Carol Browns 
Fluff Contest
G.L. All

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Faith Is a Powerful Thing

 Faith Is a Powerful Thing, just like love.
Angelic blessings come from above
I believe this, the first step to all things.
Truth over lies will be the second step.
Heaven is faith and love that it brings.
Intelligence has no play, or is inept.
Sincerity of both is the real key.
Allegiance to self with giving others glee,
Prepares your soul for real faith and love,
Our hearts fragile, take beating without a glove.
With just faith mountains are shaken down.
Everyone has both, though hidden in frown.
Religions are the basis, though not the patron.
Forever has a destiny, honored with inspiration.
Universally we are all the same, no matter the score.
Listen to your souls goodness, evil ignore.
These words came to me, I deliver them to you.
Hearing is the first step, with actions so true.
I am no-one special, though I am special to one.
Never let love and faith, be lost from you way.
God is everywhere, and hears when you pray.

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My Lost Fear

Most of the time, I ‘m  coward,
You may ask my mom or my dad.

Let God guides you and in Him, put your trust,
Over all your troubles and doubts.
Sing praises to Him to pacify yourself and relax,
Those are all things they give me as pieces of advice.

For He is always there and He never forsake,
Everyday be strong and hold on to your faith;
And they added: be a good person always,
Rest  assured that He will take all your fears away.

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Oh,Holy Night

     ~~~~~  Oh, Holy Night  ~~~~~

Oh, the voices ring on high.
Holiday music is playing.
Hymns are sung while moon is nigh.
Our prayers, to God, we're saying.
Love and laughter everywhere.
Yet underlying it all
Neath the happy banter we share
Is the solemn event we recall.
God gave his son for us all.
Hold your heads up high and sing.
This is the day to praise our King.

   ~~~~~ oh, holy night
                       .... the stars are brightly shining   ~~~~~

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Faith is a powerful thing
A source of help in times of trouble
It can lift up the soul to new heights
Toward the expanse of the heavens
How blessed are those who find it.

I was lost and alone in the world
Suffering silently and without hope.

Adrift in a sea of people.

Plagued and tossed about by stormy seas
Oppressed and burdened by a myriad of sins
Weighed down and hoping to be rescued
Even then, God's love broke through my dark heart
Rescuing me with His Mighty Spirit
Filling my mind with promises from His Word
Unwavering in His Love, He saved me
Lifting me out of the depths of the darkness.

To live securely held by God's everlasting Arms
His great Love and Holy Spirit have comforted me
I have been transformed by the blood of Christ
Now I am a new creation and changed forever
Gone are my burdens and sorrows. He has given me life.

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The Transformation

Shed the clay that strives to be an anchor
Tarnishing, but for awhile, the dreams of man
Addled hopes can rise in the morning’s mist
Instead of languishing beneath despair
Replenished strength awakens the spirit
With a simple drink from the Milky Way
And flirtations with Perseus opens up
Yielding beauty in heaven’s realm
The grave that holds yet, a soul to Earth,
Owns the judgment of defeat
There is none, but one, that must decide
How to build on wishes made
Even when the faltering of darkness
Shadows well the light of faith
There is a spark that burns the night
As gravity shows force, to mark a trail
Rise! Rise, you fallen man!
Strive to be among the stars

-Virginia Mitchell

Contest- STAIRWAY TO THE STARS (Acrostic)
Sponsor- Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 

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New fallen snow – winter's first
Over the river and through the woods
Very soon, we'll celebrate Thanksgiving
Everyone anticipates turkey and apple pie
Mom's already baking Christmas cookies
Better make out your Christmas list
Enjoy making winters first snow village
Remember to thank  God for all His Blessings

	Curtis Moorman
	1 September 2011

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Giving thanks to the almighty Father and creator,
In Him I trust for HE is my great mentor,
Void of infections and diseases which makes me healthy,
I live among loved and benevolent ones making me wealthy,
New and progressive things keep happening in my life,
Glory and honour be unto HIM for making me to survive,
Though the evil ones fought me to my marrow,
Heaven came to my rescue and save me with a divine arrow,
Attacked and afflicted with plenty pains and sorrows;
Nonetheless;I overcome them all with celestial fellows,
Knowledge and wisdom HE bestowed upon me in manifold,
Sonorous songs and sonnets will I render to HIM in tenfold.

CONTEST:"Counting your Blessings" sponsored by Kim Merryman.

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The Agnostic Acrostic

Such a silly concept is this,
killing men they know exist.
everyone all the while,
put their faith in denial.
till all the people with the power,
insist their faiths will be devoured.
can truly someone say they know,
if everybody wants to show.
something unseen that's truly there,
my guess is as good as theirs.

readily I do believe,
everything I can percieve.
in that I know I put my trust,
given truths one knows they must.
never say fire's not hot,
simply prove to me it's not.

so now I sit on my high horse,
under God cannot be forced.
put your faith in what YOU know,
really I can't tell you though.
enter in to your belief,
make me not religions theif.
everything says that though we dream,

Robert Dixon
*Last line is the Acrostic
Thank you

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H  anuka is the festival of light
A host of candles meant to dedicate
N ight time just one candle is lit
U ntil all eight in their holders are alight
K now your  path light the way
A men.  Dec 8th is the start of Hanuka Day

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A Soul Called Soul

I’m trapped in the American struggle/ 
Surrounded in the alcoholic drug addicted jungle/ 
In my soul called soul I seem to unknowingly look for trouble/ 
Yeah am I the only one to truly see our invisible chaotic bubble? / 
Am I the only one to truly live in while I realize the hidden pains in our own ghetto living rubble? /
 I see in what I still saw of the pains at the same time I hear the alcoholic mumbles/
 Like a burnt cracker over a uncooked cookie I still see the culture crumble/ 
I see the staggering, I see the swerving and I see thy own stumbles/ 
Still yet I am crawling out the dirt like an ant spreading my wings in the sky like the bees bumble/
 It’s when I knew I was a soul called soul/ 
In my soul called soul I am in the super bowl/ 
Seven hundred seventy-seven now I can’t let thy football fumble/ 
I am not going to let thy ring leader lead me in the circus no more, I am no longer an elephant Dumbo/ I’m here to stay not to go/ I been down that same road too many times before/
 I know what it’s like at the bottom, I hit it straight rock ,yeah I been that low/
 now pains of my life I outgrow/it’s when I knew I was a soul called soul 
In my soul called soul/ I hang on not to my enemies nor my friends but my own inner foes/
 I got no true friends, I got no true bros/ I got no true women, I got no hoes/ 
I don’t even know if I will even make it to be thirty-four/ 
I worry about alcoholic danger in the hood every time I walk out my front door/ 
I thank God I’m not rich and thank him for the experience of being dirt poor/ 
I thank him for the fact that I no longer have to steal from the local store/ 
I thank him for the simple fact that I can do simple everyday chores/ 
I remember a time when I was in a prison cell where even death itself felt like a bore/
 until one day something great pick me up off the prison floor……..that was a time when I know I was a soul called SOUL/
 I know my truck of life was ready to take it’s damage when it can still pull its own toll/
 I knew my boat of life was ready to go against high winds with a broken bow/ 
I knew I was ready when I can go against waves 100 feet high go under and still row/
 if not then I make the surf board roll/ The storms comes like shadow hidden in the skies undergrowth/ I’m not only floating I’m also flying through them both/
 I am no longer empty with darkness I am filled with light shone/ 
I am no longer alone, I am force of many through word flow/ 
I am a prophet among my own/ words put together like no other only I condone/ 
I say it in a unique tone/ 
I’m going to make it past the internet and cell phones/ 
I am the one, I am by a higher power chose/ 
These problems in life I will outgrow/ 
I will overcome being just another SOUL CALLED SOUL….

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There but for the grace of God

"There but for the grace of God go I",I heard them say,then they passed an addict begging on the streets and walked away,
They call themselves God's children and through Gods lands they roam,but the homeless don't get charity,cause charity begins at home,
There but for the grace of God go I and don't ya know,don't bother asking for thier help they'll only turn and go,
So much for christian values leave them stacked up in the shelf,they'll tell you God will only help the man who helps himself,
There but for the grace of God go I it's just a farce,so take your Christian values now and shove them up your arse,
It's nothing but hypocrisy it's flagrant and it's rife,ther quick enough to pass remarks on someone elses life,
So ther but for the grace of God go I 'n' aint it true,don't think that you're above it friend,one day it could be you.

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Treading Sins Away

Sensing each step I persuade my body onward and up.
Trekking up toward the light that adorns a precious cup,
Angels around sing gentle sounds, I never heard before.
Imagining the beauty that awaits me past that golden door,
Reality sets in that I am rising upward to Heaven’s gate.
Why oh why, have I been chosen to be given this fate.
Again I see the Angels floating past my mortal soul.
Yelling praises to him, our Lord, I met a mortal goal.

Truth is what they said, even though I had sinned many ways.
Only the living truth will deliver you upward, glorious praise.

These steps I take I see all my sins on each tread that I take.
Hearing forgiven, forgiven, my soul gets lighter upon the wake.
Evangelical songs being sung, I pray, in his name, for my sake.

Stairway brightens as I reach the top, hearing a question, I stop.
Tell me, your saviors name, He who died upon the hilltop.
Angels await my answer, tis a simple question that he does say.
Reveling, Jesus I say, he took our sins, saving all upon that day.
Seeing in my heart, I believed, he said come forth, cross over this way.

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J is for the Jews and gents
E is for the Egyptian rebellion
S is for the sinners as saints
U is for Utopian a word that will never exist on this earth
S is for the sacrifices our conscience makes

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A Baby's Plight

A life just beginning, and so unaware;
Born he will not be--it just isn’t fair!
Oh, can’t you just see him as he struggles so,
Resisting the chemicals as inward they go?
Too bad, for his mom didn’t want him to live,
Instead to abortion this body did give.
Oh, listen to this voice and heed to this cry:
Now’s time to stop this ere more babies die!
Abortion is murder, that can’t be denied,
But they call it “birth control,” and they have just lied,
Or “family planning” or some other name;
Regardless, it’s taking life and it is insane.
To call it one’s freedom or call it pro-choice
Is forgetting one person and his right to a voice.
One person, that baby, that life that’s been thwarted,
No choice has he had, for he was aborted!
And now his blood cries from his heavenly home
Because Jesus took him so he’d not be alone.
On high he now dwelleth, and in his new place
Rests forever from those who’d bring him disgrace.
Torn from his mom’s body in violent haste,
In fire he was thrown there along with the waste.
Only now his torn body has been all glorified,
Never more to be butchered through man’s greedy pride.
Americans, please listen to the babies’ dire plight
Because abortion is murder; it’s wrong and not right!
Our God up in heaven will surely repay
Returning this violence on our heads some sad day.
Today is the day to reverse the decision
Inscribed by the court through man’s faulty vision.
Oh, listen to this voice, and heed to this cry:
Now’s time to stop this ere more babies die!

This poem is written with an acrostic of ABORTION.

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Calumny is a sin which consists in maliciously attributing to another faults
detects which he did not posses
A person commits the sin of calumny or
slander when by lying he injures the good name of another
Laity is a member of the Church that does not belong to the clerical
religious state
Unity is what all people of God is supposed to be in His only Catholic
Roman Catholic Church.
Mass is given from Jesus Christ only  Roman Catholic Church
New Covenant is the law and dispensation of Jesus Christ
opposed to the Old Covenant of Moses which it   infinitely surpassed
Yahweh refers to the proper name of God


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Tenaciously clinging to hope
Resting assured
Surrendered to His will
Timeless endurance

has no place here
On the bridge
Prayer and desire…


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Good Friday

G od's grace and mercy were surely revealed,
O n the cruel cross on which His Son was killed.
O bedience to His Father's plan of redemption,
D emanded Christ die to procure our salvation.

F reely Jesus laid down His life,
R evealing a love so pure, so rife.
I ndescribable the pain He endured,
D ying our death, our salvation secured.
A ll hell danced with glee as it seemed they had won,
Y et Sunday was coming with a Risen Son!

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Unseen Presence

When I look for something real I almost always find everything fake in what I see,
 yet I feel something out there waiting to come within me. 
When I do not seek what I really need or want I am not upon those ordinary people doing extraordinary things that are sought,
 yet in a normally crazy kind of way I know from somewhere I am to seek the unknown so that it may be known like it or not.
 It's not here, it's not there, because in a way I know it's everwhere, 
So when look at what I seen or what I saw, I know it doesn't mean Presence's Unseen can't be seen when you blindly stare at nothingness looking for somethingness up in the air.
 Its that forever Unseen Presence that got this cold heart to once again care.

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The Sabbath

Temple in time, memorial of creation
Heaven's sign of Jehovah's awesome love
Earth's covenant of proof, divine condition

Sweet Sabbath, prophetic before the curse
Altar of peace, and worn flesh restoration
Brighten the shrivelled heart and disperse
Blessings for praise, for faith hope's exaltation
Anchor of Yahweh to the divine identity
Tenderly permit His healing of our soul
Hallelujah eternal day, passport of the fold

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Spirit Torch

Souls are guided by interior circumstances infatuated.
Persons are accountable for own actions devaluated.
Internal guidance is always there in some kind of form.
Reading the right or wrong is what will break a storm.
Indirect words may help with any decisions that inform.

Torch within your spirit will always guide you true.
Our hearts and minds will deliver a softer clue.
Recycle the tribulations that you have lived thru.
Carefully make the right choice in what pursues.
Heal mistakes; forgive yourself, before darkness ensues.

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Demons win

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Thanksgiving Day

Today and everyday is worth being thankful.
Having warmth and love given is always thoughtful.
All of us should carry this feeling throughout year.
Not being thankful is just selfish, shows your fear.
Kindness should be showed to all each and everyday.
Sure, it may be tough at first, for your heart to sway.
God gave everyone a mind, heart and soul the same.
Individually we must all prepare and play the game.
Victory shall be the joy and happiness, you bring.
Inventory your heart; let your spirit free to sing.
Never let a sour soul, spoil your delightful song.
God is alive, great, awesome, he is never wrong.

Discover loving essence; make it your quarry.
Allow his honor to grace your existence and story.
You and you alone are the keeper of our Lords glory.