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Acrostic Friendship Poems | Acrostic Poems About Friendship

These Acrostic Friendship poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Acrostic Friendship poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My PoetrySoup

M y eyes see what your heart is feeling
Y our feelings you write out as poetry

P ain, love, joy, wonder, inspiration
O nly you can help me see, hear,and feel you
E ven though only words you have written they
T ouch my heart and mind deeply from within
R equiring me to write a poem so full of feeling as
Y ou become my poetry I write from my heart
S mile, laugh, cry, whisper, or shout
O pen your heart, mind, and soul
U tter your words on paper or screen
P oetry is where I see and feel your soul

Tons of comma fun!
contest of Russell Sivey

Written by: Carol Brown
3rd Place Winner

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Happy Birthday Jan

Happy is the way I wish for you to be Another year has gone by, I hope it was a little care free Perhaps next year, the best will come to you Perhaps your smiles will be more than your tears You deserve the very best my friend, Birthday wishes are coming your way I hope they find you full of hope Real icing on the cake, is what I hope you receive True and tested friends and family at your side Honorary degree from the University Of Good Sport Diamonds and pearls at your front door A day at the Spa, for pampering and joy You deserve the very best my friend, Jan Another year has past by No more tears for you dear heart, only smiles today and ever. Happy Birthday, dear friend, xxx

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So You Want To Know Me?

So sensationally super; Sagittarius son of John Spence
Pleasantly personable, and matriarch Maud Spence’s son
Enabling, exquisite, eloquent, evolving and enterprising
Naturally nice, no nonsense, and a nutritionist nobleman
Carrot consumer, constant comrade and cold-war veteran
Equitably enlightened, and just an elegant eggnog taster

Jumping Jupiter, a jubilant sundae lover, and just a jewel
Oppresso de liber, optimistically captivating; oratorical
Saintly passionate, succulent salmon sampler; sweetheart!
Exquisitely enchanting, enchantingly amatorious; éclat!
Playful, painstakingly passionate, pajama wearer, patient 
Handsomely helpful handyman, harmonizer of happiness

Sweet as syrup, shining armor off the shelf; savoir-faire!
Red-blooded poetry connoisseur and radioactively lovable!


Won Seventh Place Position
"Tell Me About You Contest"
June 16, 2010
Sponsored by Amy Green


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Happy Holidays

H opes of great joy to all
A lways upon other families we call
P leased to share what we have with others
P laying children warm the hearts of all today
Y elling and laughter so happy what can we say

H appy thoughts as we remember days gone by
O ld folks telling others family stories oh my
L aughter ringing out thoughout the day
I' d have been a fool if I had not visited today
D eck The Halls one among the many songs being sung
A lways in the hearts of all today is baby Jesus
Y ou can feel the love for one another always
S inging praises to and about Jesus as we wish all "Happy Holidays"

Holiday Acrostic Challenge for Francine Roberts
Carol Ann Brown
1st Place Winner

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Seed Of Friendship-A dedication

L-iving in a world of vast 
souls formed from 
another voided world,
E-ntering thru portals 
from their world to earth.
O-ozing spetacular smell 
and wail when the chips 
are down.
N-urtured from cradle to 
entity with a new world 
to face.
O-rganizes oneself for the 
task ahead,passing thru 
hurdles of life unabased 
and unabashed.
R-eaps the fruit of labor 
with joy or heavy heart.
A-ge sets in,mission 
accomplished or not will 
dawn on the entity.

I-n retrospect,he thinks 
about his childhood and 
how life was to him.

L-iving in confidence or 
shame,he bows his head 
in victory or defeat.
O-nly the taste of time 
will tell the durability of 
his achievements.
V-oid of preference the 
aim result bears the 
foundation for his lineage.
E-njoyment or lack lies 
with the works of the 
man,for there is no food 
for the slothful.

Y-oung ones,a stitch in 
time saves nine,make 
haste while the sun 
O-iling your lamb always 
like the ten virgins is the 
key to success.
U-rging you to shun peer 
pressure and focus on 
the course marked out 
for you by fate,so a 
fulfilled life you shall live.

An acrostic for you 
Leonora Galinita.

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S hare your happiness and
M ake someone's day better
I nclude everyone around you in a 
L oving 
E mbrace
S ave someone from loneliness

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Blowing A Kiss To You

B een awhile..haven`t seen you much lately
L ovely should`ve been your name..
O nly you can write words making me speechless
W ith your unique writes,you make me feel your soul
I n deep as well as light poetry..
N o one can make such impact on me..
G ood would be a simple word,magnificent suits you better

A rild is my name,and am so glad to know you

K ind as a gentle Goddess you are
I ncluding must be your middle name
S hining brighter than the sun could ever match
S miling with so much life in your eyes

T ango with me this evening
O ver and over you deliver jaw dropping writes

Y ou are such a gift to this poetry site
O we you one for always being so kind
U nity in poetry,I wonder if you invented those words?

*Dedicated to Wilma Neels,hope the wind will blow southbound this evening:-)
  Miss Ya`!

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P-oetess, who is so GREAT and LOVELY
O-n  the pedestal, I look up at her with so much glee
E-verything she writes are splendid and they all inspire me
T-eaching  me unique writing styles, drawing me to pen more with piquancy.

D-estroyer is a nice name  giving me good impressions
E-ncouragement through her comments, destroy all my writing inhibitions
S-o grateful that heaven brings  her as one of my precious gems
T-ruly, I will forever treasure her in reality and in my dreams
R-ight here in my heart and mind, I sincerely admire her
O-h, what a great mother, grandmother and also a sweet friend and sister!
Y-earning to meet her someday,  I still wonder
E-nchanting names she has are giving me puzzles
R-esolve my doubts, who is  Skat and Linda who has the same name as her bf forever?

Written: Sept. 6, 2012

10th Place Winner
Contest: Curiosity Killed the Cat Harry Horsman and Mandy Tams
Judged: 10/3/2012
Poet Sponsor: Harry Horsman

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Mediterranean island, where one finds so much to do
Abundant days of sunshine and the sea is limpid blue
Lavender, thyme and laurel; history spreads in rich galore
The temples, feasts, devotion bring religion to the fore.
Acclaimed for fruit and honey and the fish that’s brought to shore.

This is a friendly nation; you’ll be welcomed by a toast
To the best of health intended to last long while she’s your host.

Contest: A poem you have not entered in a contest #5
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Placed: 6th

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Poet Destroyer A

Poetess she is, whose magic is cast with great ease
Opulent in words, charming to the utmost degrees, 
Engraving hisses, silhouettes, images of natures surreal
Trespassing horizons never stretched out to an ideal 

Destroyer as known for, although she's here to compose
Enchating poems and songs her beautiful soul bestows
Such a fusion encourages poets to hold their inks and quills
To write 'bout nymphs in seas or orchards filled with daffodils 
Rampantly defeated by her as what often happens, except
Of all practiced skilled writers she's definitely the most adept
Yielded in a words-battle having a single acknowledged end
Efficacious "She" is by far a star who can simply transcend,
Reproductions of literary stylistic forms in her magnificent way

A lady I know as Linda with a pseudonym Poet Destroyer A!  

© Guru Jad 2013

Dedicated with Admiration! :)

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I s a child to be heard?
N o one answers, as usual. The silence is slowly killing me.
S orrow, misunderstanding and these mourning memories,
I s this the way it is supposed to be? Since that fateful day, I have been a 
G irl, lost in a whirl of tragic past, calamitous present and the fear of having no future,
N ever have I known what "family", "friends" or "fiends" mean, for
I have never made or heard of any.
F or I am thirteen, just as inconsequential as a dwarf planet, amongst boundless galaxies.
I live in misery, why won't anyone listen to me? I may be young, but I
C an converse, listen and see, and I
A m as normal as you are. So why
N ot give me a chance to prove myself?
C an you ever give me a listening
E ar? Is a child to be heard?

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Petite Poetess

Petite she may be, but her words say otherwise Extremely intelligent, simply read through her writes Themes of mix, appropriates my eyes Inner thoughts of her peripheral, leaves me to sigh Testament to her faith Everlasting, it's in her eyes Poetry plays a part, massively in her life Outwardly there's that smile, wonderfully rife Emitting, oozing warmth, infectious she be Thermal is her heart, fusing you and me Exceptional she, and she will become She being the Petite Poetess Simply, she's the one .

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My Closet Poetry Soup Pals

C	lassy Carolyn, pretty and vibrant
A	mazing poet gifted, a joy
R	eachng with kindest heart
O	ver the top where friendship counts
L	oyal and gentle, always close by
Y	et, never imposing, overbearing or rude
N	on judgmental just as I

*To Carolyn Devonshire, my Poetry Soup Pal


L	Lovely Linda-Marie, full of class
I	ndependent girl with such pizzaz!
N	on judgemental just as I
D	evoted Mother, daring and youthful
A	mazing poet, my BBF 

* To "The Sweetheart of PS" 

P	al of mine ‘til the end of time
O	f all the guys you’re a “diamond in the rough”
N	ever bringing boredom, no monotony to my door 
C	atching each wave, we ride the highest surf
H	unk that you are, sexy hot, yet sweet like Jam

* To JAM my Poetry Soup Pal 

B	etter than most, in quiet ways
I	nsightful, inspiring, one hot, terrific “hunk” 
L	aughter he brings to lighten downhearted spirits
L	ooking always to find ways to ease others’ pain
Y	ou’re more than amazing, ‘though few may know

* For the Kidster, my Forever Friend

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Symphony of Truth

Filling minds with symphony of truth
Opening them with catalytic mystery of light
Living waters flowing like angels’ robes
Lifting inspirations into the depths of brilliance
Omitting your hopeful eyes to the skies
Without blemish and aching to purify

You are so talented and true
Outstanding words that cringe in harmonies
Under and over and back to the earth
Revealing an answer that was once nothing

Drenched and battered in sweets for a recipe
Rocking and popping in slivered ecstasy
Enveloping us all in the highest reverie
Aiming at the heavens where you ought to be
My heart pours out to all of you
Someone believes in you—I do 

And though the dark is soon to come
Never fear, for light will always fold it over
Dimming away into resonate and pure master-peace

No, you are free in this glistened life 
Everlasting like the holy beings in perfect-pitched song
Vindicating your cause and all others to follow
Emptied only to be filled yet again
Ransomed in unremitting constancy

Give into the beauty of recycled rhapsody 
Interlaced with supportive strands of genius
Veiled in humility and never lacking agility 
Enshrouded with the benevolent shine of generations

Understand that you will succeed in succulent growth
People will only fail you if you give them reason to

You are an incredible addition to a lively creation
Onward the music will lead you on 
Universally swirling and curling with mastered energy
Veering out and fluttering in perfect sight and sound
Eventually reaching out to the remaining shadows

Get up and look at the world around you
Obvious beauty surrounds every shady corner
Take what you may and create your renovating legacy

The symphony is playing for you 
Helping you along the smooth sands of life
Intertwined in fiery drive and sifting scents
Surrounded by the resonance—and a stranger’s global confidence 

-inspired by the one and only Anthony Snape-

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63ex PD

6 days till kings day, wise men visit the Jesus baby
3 kings are in a song but not in the word
Eternal life he brought with faith enough for all
X marks the spot don't miss your one shot!!

I took the challenge of the PD
Yes opinonated me!!

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To Emilie

Ever thoughtful and kind, you rejuvenate my days
Making me laugh and smile with your ever shining rays
In truth, you are amazing, so cheerful and so bright
Like a mind-boggling revelation, I can see a new light
I often find myself wondering why we never spoke before
Economics was rather boring, but we found an open door!

Dependently, I discovered one sun inside this darkened place
Invariably I understand that there is good within disgrace  
Caught inside the pains of life, your positivity has a power
Kept away from fear and sadness, you sweeten what is sour 
I cannot describe in mere words how much I appreciate you
Now I reach into the dark to find something so new
Somehow I will show the world what you have done for me
Onwards into friendship, our light they will surely see 
Never forget that you are awesomtastically brilliant, Emilie!

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Poetry Soup

Poets sharing their hearts and souls
Openly and honestly with each other
Expressing their deepest feelings
Truly understanding and caring
Rights of others shall be respected
Yearning to offer everything we can

So much variety, the spice of life
Opens many doors of knowledge
Understanding others views on life
Provides us with each others blessings

You know not a day goes by that I
don't feel like I should do more to
show you all how important you are
to me. I love you all and I'm not
ashamed to say when your poems
are sad I cry, when their happy I 
laugh and when they teach I learn.
"Provides us with each others blessings"
Thats what the soup is! Thank you
"Team Poetry Soup", Michael

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A New Pact

Pray, why should I write
About your word like some gang
Conspiring demise of love?
Totally wrong though -

Implying friendship;
Making believe we hold hands.
Pleasure is not social, dear,
Always it is self
Coming first to its climax,
Treating friends like property.

Can we make a pact
Overtly different now,
Meaning better than gang life?
Privacy hates crowds
Ambitious with their designs,
Craving its serfdom as love,
Tempting only lust.

Pacts are impersonal
A liitle too dry for me
Console not,  I love to risk
Times when I yield love.

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Charm comes from within
Her loving, open heart
And she is such an important
Real and true 
Member of our Soup Community
Always spreading joy
Inspiring our passions
Never losing sight of the power of friendship
Each of our lives is better because she is here

For our dear friend Charmaine.  She has extended her hand in friendship to everyone here 
and I want her to know how much she is loved.  The beauty of her words is only superceded 
by the beauty of her heart.  How lucky we are to have such a lovely woman on Poetry Soup!

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The garden Prince

Singing trills in delightfully through my window
Perched upon my garden wall sits the little brown jacketed culprit, who
Always greets me with cheerful news
Regaling me with stories resounding from deep within his
Ruffled little chest
Often I wonder, as the years pass on
Will I always leave my window open to welcome in your good tidings?

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Miss Devonshire: You're Tagged


Charmaine passed me the ball and I don't know what to do with iT Holy cow! Now, I should transfer the tag until John gets mad, sO Another tag, while James is still in The Somerset ZodiaC Restore the ball, erase those codes, don't trace the lines of NazcA Mysteries, enigmas, forget the Druids, the MinotauR All the pyramids, the Count, the King, and old RongorongO Icemen, Amazons and Vikings, leave the day the Sun Stood StilL Nothing about Mayans'rise and fall, catch the ball, bounce it, plaY Endorsed you are, my dear blonde, hit the ball, and play agaiN

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Tirzah Conway

Tirzah is talented, true and thoughtful
Intelligent, inspiring and insightful
Realistic, respectful and resourceful
Zealous, passionate and purposeful
Alluring, bold, bright and beautiful
Hearty, humble, helpful and hopeful

Creative, cool, cute, calm and colorful
Open-minded, optimistic and cheerful
Noble, nice, meek, mild and mindful
Wise, wholesome and wonderful
Amiable, ambitious and successful
Young, virtuous, vibrant and youthful

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Upon The Wind

Down inside I feel this draw
Inside, my heart beats, ragged, raw
Stepping into the wild unknown
To feel first hand, this power shown
Announcing self within these lines
Not always sure of what defines
The knowing, though, it always shines

Sensation beats upon my brow
Kept furrowed from the here and now
You draw me deeper, anyhow

Luring me, with beck'ning hand
Using words to help me stand
Reaching out with a loving heart
Expectancy plays such a part
Silent hope of a brand new start

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Rain Drops

A.little friend.
I.consider a baby sister.
N.ever too busy to lend her my hand!

D.edicated to her life through poetry.
R.are is her creativity and imagination.
O.verflowing with raw tallent.
P.rincess is her title.
S.mile Rain!

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From our first breath, from our first day
Reverberates a string in tune;
Inside us it sings and hums,
Each day to kindred spirits play.
Not out of place nor loud and bold,
Deep within it grows each day,
Singing so that those like us
Hear and join in harmony.
Inspired by our common song,
Perfecting as we go along.

April 20, 2013 for Becca's Friend Contest

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- Rest In Peace Lucilla Carrillo -


    Lonely with her illness but eyes full of care and passion 
    Until I could find a way to help you through the day 
    Cause this is heaven where you can always find a way 
    I'm thinking of you - I will remember you, be certain of that 
    Let's hope we're meeting again at the pearly gates 
    Lucilla catch the wind, and ride in on the white clouds 
    A rose so beautiful, I wish you have found your savior 

    Thank you for letting me be your friend Lucilla <3
    A-L Andresen :)

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Happy New Year (Acrostic and Alliteration)

This is an Acrostic with Alliteration in the body.....

H aving Heavenly Healing Help
A lways Apply Approving Attitude
P ray Past Problems Perrish
P reventing Presuring Perceptive People 
Y earning Yahweh Yuletide Yourself
N urture No Noxious Natives
E veryone Enjoy Each Event
W anting Winning Wellintentioned Wishes 
Y es Yell "Yuck" Yearend 
E nergy Eventually Exits Evenings 
A llow Appropriate  Active Attention 
R emember Rally Reasonable Recreation

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F orever friends
R epeat that I'm your friend
I care for you
E ternity
N obody but friends
D o homework
S ay sorry
H olding hands under the sky
I n class together
P eaceful

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Gypsy King

Glorious are the days we ride, my love.
You and I riding in the morning light.
Passions racing hearts are thundering.
Sunrise explodes pink and purple streaks across the sky.
You and I smiling, riding together in the first light.

Kindred spirits racing together chasing the morning star.
Intoxicated on the morning air.
Nowhere, but here in this moment.
Glorious is the day we ride.

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Love came down at Christmas

L Long ago travelled Kings
O Opened their minds to prophecies
V Visiting from afar they brought gifts of Gold, Fracincense and Myrrh
E Eastern Star guiding them lighting the way

C Company of Heavenly Host
A Allelujah! Angels appeared to Shepherds, telling Savior born
M Manger for bed wrapped in cloths in Town of David
E Evangelically proclaimed Christ the Lord

D December 25th designated day
O On which we recollect
W Why/way Christ entered our world
N Nativity only part of His story

A A new testament
T Tells of new covenant between God and His people

C Christ's coming to Earth
H Hailed as new born King, Holy
R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer, 
I Intercedes for us as
S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls
T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity
M Man's belief in God of Love,  
A As Father Son and Holy Spirit
S Shall be saved

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Friendship 1


F orget-me-nots start blooming in the vales
R oses, yellow,  grow  to withstand small gales
I dyllic is the  feel that it births in friends
E ncouragement and joy should be its ends
N ights turn serenely cool with friendship thoughts
D ays too  should become joyous and less hot
S ensuous  or even sensual could turn this bond
H appiness for all , its true sine-qua-non
I ntrospect often, navigating this ship
P eace , it engenders, during times of hardships.

@ 20 Apr 2013

For Becca's 'What a Friend really is'

Form: Acrostic/couplet

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To---Harry --- From---Carol

H onored I am to know you Harry
A favorite poet to me you are
R ight at the top of my poet family
R ise you do enter and win contests
Y orkshire man married and a father

H umor is surely your forte' sir
O h how I wish to be so clever
R emember our years at PoetrySoup
S eems we became family overnight
M aking history year after year
A nd I hope for many more years to come
N ow I dedicate this poem to you as your Christmas gift

~~~Harry Horsman~~~

For:"Gift Exchange" contest of P.D.
Carol Brown ~ 2011
3rd Place Winner

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Easter EGG, Abecedarian: with egg shape-

                       April Aroma...
                     Beckons Beauty.
                   Come Children!!!....
                 Daisies Daffodil.........
                Fun Filled Freedom.......
                  Giddy Giggly Games...
                    How ya' Hangin'???
                       Just Jolly Joey!

              HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!

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Take Time Out

L one(ly) days need not be gray
O ffer yourself time away 
V isit the ocean blue
I ntrigue yourself with a sunset hue
N ature in her beauty can cure
G iving the soul a lavation, to make pure

T ake away the strain of stress filled days
H eavenly beach, spend time in sun's rays 
E levate yourself to where Angels play

L augh, twirl and spin
A ct like a child again
U rgency is pretend
G rant yourself time with a friend
H ave more than one week a year
T o make your life happy to bear
E nough relaxation and rest
R epent your dying, tired being to zest

O ften we ignore the signs
F or when it is our time

L isten to your body, your brain and heart
I promise you will not regret this part
F or there I have been, many a time
E venings filled with loving the laughter of life - so fine.

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Friendship you offered me freely
Ready always to help and advice
Each comment structured and balanced
Delightful were the words you wrote
Drawing pictures and visions in the mind
Invoking thoughts that inspired
Each phrase and verse chosen well

I read the last poem he wrote before changing his id
to poet aggressor and to me it seemed he knew what
lay ahead. Maybe even welcomed it, I think he had,
had enough for who knows what he was going through
we all wear public faces keep the pain and torment
hidden. Freddie dear Freddie already I miss you so
much I will leave you with his own moving words.

Spoken Words

richness of the heart
the tongue will speak graciously
a bounty of words
spoken tenaciously well
incanting ones included

Mea Culpa

I'm the accuser
blaming myself directly
a sign of my guilt
pointless justification
without any allowance


at the funeral
unsuccessful burying
mourners in plenty
grave devoid of a body
instead thrown in a furnace


courage is with me
just as long I keep breathing
once I die I'm dead
apprehensively of course
don't know where I'm going yet

A few of Freddie's short poems

his websites (blog) 

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Insane Rose

I'd like to dedicate this Acrostic to you.
Now you I appreciate, but here's a clue.
So journey with me to a place of pure bliss.
Answer my poetry, and I'll give you a poetic kiss!
Notice my creativity comes from mi corazon.
Enter heaven with me, and I'll never leave you alone!

Remember, love is the ultimate truth, all else is a lie.
Ordinarily it would take more that a woman's words to satisfy.
So unselfishly I give you a nice piece of me.
Eternally we will be, if you just follow the words in my poetry!

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

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Giving Thanks to Friends

T o all the friends who
H ave supported me,
A day is dedicated.
N ot only were you
K eeping me in your prayers, but
S ending uplifting thoughts my way,
G iving me hope when
I could find none within, during
V ery stressful times.
I toast your friendship
N ow and always ,
G rateful for your loving ways.

D o you know how much it meant
A s you stood by my side?
Y our support, my friends, I will never forget.

*For Dane Ann's Thanksgiving Day Acrostic contest

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Friendship  ( Acrostic )

F...Friendship should be forever.
R...Rain, or shine - they should be there.
I...Ignore not a good friend.
E...Expect always NOTHING.
N...Never lie to a good friend.
D...Do for them what you want others to do for you.
S...Safeguard your friendship well.
H...Help always if you can.
I...Imagine life without friends.
P...Peace between friends is golden.


To have friends is beautiful. Friendship is 
very special. Without friends - we would
be very lonely. Finding a good friend is,
like finding a treasure. If you don't protect
it - you will lose it... 

By Lucilla M. Carrillo

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  Kindness is what makes the world a better place
  It can make people that are sad happy
  No one can deny the power of kindness
  Dark days can seem bright if someone is nice to you
  Night can turn to day when someone shows that they care
  Everything can seem alright just because someone did you a good turn
  Sighing can turn to happiness because of a simple act of kindness
  Sometimes kindness can even change someone's life forever

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Soul Stirring Hugs

H ow you flow into my thoughts, for no reason, at times
U ninvited, yet, most welcome where warm smiles begin
G ood days or bad, near or far, we’ll share
S weet moments of embrace whenever our souls stir

For S.K.A.T.'s "HUGS" Contest

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Though I did not want anyone to know

Helping people is what I try to do so I can grow

Even when it is tough I realize I help people not for show

Self involvement is a must a way to make things make sense

Eager to do things I become sometimes dense

Caring about the things I love is what really can help my choice

Revealing my secret to you I will keep my poise

Even when the time comes I will not be spoiled because of my heart

The secret to doing things is make it a great memory so it will not part

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Linda Marie, Sweetheart of PS


		Love flows continually from your pen
		In countless praise for others
		None are exempt from your encouragement
		Doing this comes natural for you
		Always putting others first

		Making them feel worthy
		Asking nothing in return
		Reminding them how much you care
		Including everyone – no one is left out
		Everybody is touched by your love

		Seeking to help struggling poets
		Willing to give advice
		Extolling their efforts
		Entreating them to never give up
		Telling them they can excel
		Helping them to press toward the mark
		Encouragement is your gift
		Applauding the winners of contests
		Remembering to thank others for their comments
		Teaching others to respect fellow poets

		Open minded
		Friendly beyond measure

		Precious to all “Soupers”
		Sweetheart, indeed

	Curtis Moorman
	7 January 2012

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October 20, 2012

Hidden within 
Every crowd is a person who is
Lonely and wanting to
Leave, but step up and say "hello" and maybe you'll meet an
Outstanding, amazing new friend

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I caress you in my arms
and your beauty alarms me...
your soft skin disarms me
and your musical voice charms me...
I lose myself within you
everytime our lovemaking begins a new...
And I knew in that moment
that I had to vent my sentiments
I love you and my essence would plead too
that I drink you, I eat you, and I breath you
...I need you!...

By Soul's Floetry 

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Y ou 
E ntered my life
S owing seeds of freedom
T earing down all my walls
E nticing me to become me - 
R eal in a sense
D rawing me out 
A ssisting me to embrace all that is me without 
Y earning to be the person the world think I should be


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If you don't eat, you're anorexic if you do eat, you're a fat ass.
If you don't wear makeup, you're ugly. If you wear makeup, you're a fake.
If you're loud, you're annoying; if you're quiet, you're weird.
If you're good in school, you're smart; if you say something wrong, you're stupid.
If you take pictures, you're an attention-whore; if you don't stalk your friends you're not cool.
If you wear sweats, you're underdressed; if you wear a dress, you're overdressed.
If you don't have boobs, no guys like you; if you have boobs, they're fake.
If you don't have a boyfriend, you're a loser; if you have one, he's cheating on you.
You tell us to be who we are but then you go and judge us about it. So now, do you see how hard it is for us to just be ourselves?

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Friendly Memories

Friend that listens and cares
Real  communication and conversation
I know there are many good memories
Eternally there guiding and keeping us safe
New liasons that enhance our lives
Divine guidance from God
Liking that person because there are very special
Yesterday the memories linger on

Mention the excellence
Everyday friends guide us and nurture us
My wish to always have friends
Occaisionally visiting and blessing us
Reality of kindness and love
I appreciate friendship
Evergreen and new and refreshing
Sophisticated all the while humble

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Light upon Light

F or it is what lies beyond
A ffair and matter
R endering the soul with Light
A ttaining value in heart and mind
H umbling one’s core to succumb

A glow with faith in word, in action
L ife of lore, wisdom, and thought

B ringing succor in days of anger
R esting peace in days of fear
A betting in need, in dismay, in grief
I now shall endeavor to remit, to pray
K eep my promise to Thee, Allah,
I shall live…I shall strive... I shall be…

                                     Dedicated to an inspiration, a friend,
                                                                                     Farah Al-Braiki

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Does Henrietta know

how every new roaming is ever true to adventurers?

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To Daver From Andrea

D enver, Colorado was the place that Dave called home.
A fterward, he headed east and learned to write a poem!
V iolins he loved to play and did professionally,
E njoying his years in many a symphony.
R etired, now in Michigan, he thrives on poetry.

A mong the many poets here, Dave’s one of a kind.
U tter fun and introspection in his work you’ll find.
S upport of fellow poets, Daver likes to lend.
T hanks to him I give for being a good friend.
I njustice I have done you, Dave, with these lines so few.
N ine cats you shelter know there’s no one else as sweet as you!

*Daver is the name that Dave Austin goes by. He was among the
first poets here to greet me and become a very good friend of mine,
even doing book exchanges with me and later buying my most recently
sold chapbook online. Daver, I appreciate your support and am very
glad to have met you here at Soup! (also, he loves mythology and
has written numerous poems based on myths.) One of the outstanding poems
of his that I love is called “Brother - Billy.” Just type it in with his name
and check it out! It’s on one of those last pages that few people visit
past our regular 200 poems that are easier to see.

For the Gift Exchange Contest of P.D.

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Wish You Were Here Elaine George

E ver was there an amazing poet
L avishing us with your poetry
A nd
I ntriguing our minds
N ever will there be nearly
E nough of your poetry for me to read

G oing to all poetic places
E ver searching for more
O ver and over again
R ight on you are
G iving so freely of yourself
E very word coming straight from your heart

Thank you Lainie you are the main reason I am here today.
When I came here in 2006 you gave me the courage to keep writing.

Anyone who has not read any of Elaine George's poetry should check it out.

Written by: Carol Brown
Written on: 01/18/2012
Written for: Missing Souper, We Miss You ! 
Requested by: Cyndi MacMillan
1st Place Winner

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Earths people, it is time to wake up, the ‘Prince’ is alive! 
Ascension available, access through your heart 
Seek and you shall find! 
Time is short, personally unite, connect as one
Eternity given
Rise to the occasion, celebrate the gift of life, bond, with ‘our lord Jesus’ and ‘our Universal Father in heaven, building a bridge, experiencing kinship, between human and spirit

                     ***Happy Easter Everyone***

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At Christmas And New Year

Altogether gathered
Table full of food

Choir sings a carol
Happy is the mood
Rooftop covered in snow
Icicles hang to
Santa’s brought the prezzies
Two or three for you
Massive turkey in the stove
Absent friends we toast
Soupers all are writing

Although they hate to boast
Nothing like an angel
Decorates the tree

Now is the Xmas season
Everyone can see
Wishing peace upon the earth 

Yuletides greetings 
Everlasting mirth
As we drift on another year
Regards I send you and all those you hold dear

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Poetry Soup Bowl

<                                    Pallets  profusely pulsating
                                      Over organic originals
                                      Emotions enormously emerge
                                      Through trident times
                                      Relic  rejoice recant
                                      Yes yearn yourself

                                      Solid structure's sanction
                                      Open  optional opinions
                                      Understudy understand unity's
                                      Poetry's passionate's pulse

                                      Because beauty bestows
                                      Over oversights objection
                                      Widespread whispers wanted
                                      Leaving lasting longevity

Entry For
Adeleke Adeite's
Poetic Picture Of Poetry Soup
G.L. All

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Ciggy’s day out this is just another normal walk but where shall I go to the haberdashery or to the local library on this wonderful February day. I think I will start at the library and look for a book on an auto harp or maybe a book about a calliope. So I can use them in my collaboration latter today. I am a little thirsty I think I will get a soda in an aluminum can of course with no algae. Now back to my condominium I will go cuz it’s time to start my live web show.

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the parlour of my heart was empty, no wheels in my cart,
sweet friends, you filled the gap~you filled the heart!
lifeless was my life ~no rain no breeze,
sweet friends, you painted it with memories!
you've struggled for words when my verses didnt rhyme,
you've given me an hour when you had no spare time!
when my life turns challenging and misfortunes seem to crush,
the memories come to light of the daes spent together by us!
days we have spent together~ together we spent the hours,
we have played with the dust ~ have played with the flowers!
when that the tears of sorrow have kissed your cheeks,
friends i've cried at heart, have cried for weeks!
long years of togetherness will shortly fade away,
the sun will soon set and end our golden day!
but i treasure you in my heart wrapped in love,
no failure ~ no success, MY FRIENDS ABOVE...........

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Face value is not! while one fails he shall look over quite true face on
Right time! Real help and love
Ignores not you but your faults
Exalts not your downs but your success 
Never deceives you with vain hopes
Daddy deed in need.

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A Damsel in Distress

Curled in the womb, a dreamless summer night
Hark the coming of a baby snow-white
Eternal beauty and grace, a cuddly delight
Twinkle in her eye, there is never any respite
Nimbly she walks on, roguery she incites
Alice in wonderland, hiding away from the light

Mocking at men, when she came of age
It was all pretence of a teeny tiny phase
Riddle she became, which men strove to work out
Candle light dinners, yet lingered ever a doubt.
How did innocence, turn out so ravishing?
A nymph in disguise, her life is confusing.
Nasty or just hasty; she can’t herself surmise
Do I dare to find out, am I wise to analyze
Am I able to suppress my own prejudice? 
Nourishing a sentiment, have concealed it so well
Is she the one for me, should I go and ring the bell?

PS The first letter in each line spells the name of the damsel - 'Chetna 

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If I Need a Friend Maybe Run Acrostic

(from Simon & Garfunkle's "Bridge Over Troubled Water)

If is such a weak word, it branches, crackling under foot.
You know it, but you use it to sing me into sleep, never suspecting
need dangles down upon my head, tickling and wrapping
a comforting hand upon my qualms. If lets you back out
friend, but you wait more patient than the coming of snow.

I'm me, its enough. My ifs and ands are more numerous than leaves
sailing as I kick them about. Leaves don't crackle, they weep
right into the concrete meaning of our existence. Uncertain moment
behind a closed door.  Certain moment under a bed of dirt
like hugs from relatives you've never met before.

A friend though eclipses the daylight, becomes lightning to
bridge over or explode into laughter, where do I put them?
Over one shoulder like cast spilled salts? That seems sly,
troubled. Can I weave them together and have life?
Water offers that but slips away, how then bugs? Ducks?

I slip into water as easily as ifs are thrown into the winds.
Will my hair blow like an arrow toward fate or does chance
ease into icicles. They're weapons, ifs, ands, buts, maybes.
Your friendship is such, dressing and undressing like fashion
minds the sales racks. Still though, I'm glad that you and ifs are here.

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It's Just One Word

 Am I the only one who's feeling there is something very wrong with all of this ,
I can't seem to get anybody to listen not even when I raise  my fist.
    How can they not see what I see ,has everybody lost thier mind I say,
Why can't they see what it is that is making them act this way.
   Have you taken a look around to see  there's something that has changed,
When you look into peoples eyes Lord how you can see the rage.
   No compassion  for thier fellow man as if they have never ever cared,
For the future of mankind and how we all should be  aware.
    Saw a friend of mine the other day he was acting a little strange ,
I can't help but wonder just when , how , and who's the blame.
   This power and greed is consuming us all we just can't seem to stop
Stepping on our brothers & sisters as we  race to the top.
   Where's the love ,the kindness ,the hope and faith  we use to live by,
How we allowed ourselves to sink so low I' will never know why.
    Still I will contunue to spread the word which has always been,
Be good and love one another as you are learning not to sin.
    Please don't be another wreck that has been pushed to the side ,
If you' listen to the one and only word you will know why.
    We will all band together so we can stand  tall and free,
It is one simple word and that is love how could you nor see.

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When Doubt Enters

If you struggle to understand me
You are not alone with this thought
Need a moment to confirm and agree
A questioned mind steals what can't be bought

Friend is the name for those you always trust
I'm not saying that you do or you don't
Sailing on winds of relationship of rust
Right behind an old sinking ship of won't

Behind such reasons, the answers you seek 
Like two rivers once branched to the sea
A current we travel both believe weak
Bridge the gaps between doubt or breaks free

Over the years we have decided our fate
Troubled not by the decisions we've made
Water flows freely when feelings stagnate
I came to the conclusion emotions fade

Will we ever know if truth was found
Ease pain from a continued troubled past
Your life and mine soon buried in the ground
Mind that our lives were always miscast

Bridge over Troubled Water Word Acrostic contest
sponsored by Roy Jerden

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My Poetry

M y eyes see what your heart is feeling
Y our feeling are written into poetry

P ain, love, wonder, inspiration
O nly you can make me see, hear, feel you
E ven though only words you have written
T hey touch my heart and mind deeply
R equiring me to write a poem so full of feeling as
Y ou are my poetry

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Snap Shots

Yesterday, the snow fell, laced lazily 
all across the frozen field; grace fell down.
My heart raced, apace in a minor key
troubles fled erased from me, was my frown. 

Seemed semblances filled my life-weary head 
so God's beauty nudged my heart-weary soul;
far off, hills became instilled white purebred 
away from mad machines joy milled bold.

Now, black is white, fresh and new, clean and pure 
it takes a hold of blight and sings ... out;
looks at frowns ignite, giggles light, demure.
As, the day brites sledders scream "Watch out!"

Though winter's gray days we'll recall this sight.
They're our days, our nights, dressed in Winter white. 

Here we dawdle, coats, scarfs and boots in Winter white. 
to freeze as frames of memory, joy's root in Winter white.

Stay with me, dream awhile, we could build an igloo?
Oh, won't you make snow angels, beauts, in Winter white. 

I could put snow down your coat, toss a ball or two
believe  me, " I could, I could catch YOU toots in Winter white!"

In frozen splendor, we will still, "Isn't he so cute!" 
Yesterday  is forever captured now SHOOT! in Winter white.

Sonnet with a Ghazal Chaser ;)
see about the poem
dedicated to Chan [nuff rhyme for you hon?]

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Just Tug

IF the answers fail to come.
YOU should never fear.
NEED is not just for the young.
A hand is always near.
FRIEND, just call, I'll be right here.

I'M only a reflective glance.
SAILING by your side.
RIGHT or left it doesn't matter.
BEHIND the shadow, you decide.

LIKE afternoons basking in sun.
A warmth is never far.
BRIDGE the gap deep in your heart.
OVER come the past that doesn't part.
TROUBLED time's don't need to win.
WATER can cool the heated sin.

I have time as God allows.
WILL be here when you need me.
EASE your pain as best I can.
YOUR only lonely out to sea.
MIND the helm and you'll be free.

For the acrostic contest

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New Years Day

Now we join and celebrate with family and friends
Every moment of renewal,joy that never ends.
Wishes upon wishes that the new year will be great.
Yearly resolutions that are sometimes tempting fate!
Each and every loved one is so welcome in this place.
And we feel elation as we gaze upon each face.
Really couldn't ask for more than having them all here
Such a glorious day this is for spreading hope and cheer.
Down we sit to feast upon our good luck New Years meal.
As we gather 'round and tell each loved one how we feel.
Years go out and years come in,we greet the new with zeal!

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Friends Acrostic a special poem for Darren Watson

Funny comments on our poems got us working together
Really love receiving your mail
I laugh every time we collaborate
Even though we’re both male* (JOKE)
Never dreamed of a friendship so strong
Don’t know if we will ever meet
Soul mate on Poetry Soup

Jan Allison
16th April 2014

* This refers to our collaboration poem 'Our first meeting in the Isle of Man' where I started off as JAN BUT had Previously been STAN 


Darren has written me a poem so I felt I had to reciprocate

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Way To Be a Friend

When the road is much too toilsome
And I feel I can't go on
You've always been there beside me
To help me walk along

On the days when I felt like dying
Beautiful thoughts where sent my way
Every one of those beautiful thoughts
Assisted me in all of my day to day

For this I can't repay you
Righteousness I don't deserve
In all of your infinite love for me
Evermore will it be
Now I have found my peace
Days of my life have been complete

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Unexpected Peers (An acrostic ode to Poetry Soup and it's members)

Unexpected Peers (An acrostic ode to Poetry Soup and it's members)	






            I haven't been on this site long, but many of you have already made me feel
welcome, and, moreover, like I belong.  I'm finding myself as inspired as I have ever been
to keep writing, and to keep growing as a writer, thanks to your support, your contests,
and your own original posts.  This is, truly, a special community.  
            Thanks for allowing me to become a part of it.

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New Year New Hope

N ew Year is the time for new resolutions and hope renewed
E very year our old ones we fail on, and then we do brood
W hen we make them on the first day of the first month of the year
Y early we believe we have our minds in the right gear.
E ach resolution, each wish on the first day of the New Year
A rms us with an energy to make plans without fear
R esolutions in the hope of wishes granted to come true
N ever forgetting old mistakes, but them we don’t want to renew
E ach of us trying to make sure mistakes we don’t repeat
W e promise ourselves it’s hope we want to greet
H ope is the thing that we can all have so clear
O pening our arms and hearts to those we love and keep near
P romising we will do better and raise a glass with a cheer
E very body I know I wish to you A HAPPY NEW YEAR

© 30/12/2012 ~GG~

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My First Acrostic

T-ake my hand sweet doll,
R-un with me,till we are
O-n our way to love spot.
U-ntill the sun goes down
B-enders of time we be
L-oving eachoda without
E-nd till we turned to mist

Iwas moved by different 
attempts some wonderful 
poets made. It spurred 
me into action.
Hope It was well penned.

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Hands holding champagne
Allowing all wishes to sparkle
People dancing under Mylar balloons
Pop corn with sweet caramel
Yankees caps with silver trim
Nobody dislikes silly buffoons
Everyone can be one of them
With the New Year's party colorful hats 
Yell and be extravagantly festive
Ears deafened by loud music
America celebrates in Times Square
Rome calls for peace everywhere

Entered in Carol Brown's Happy New Year Poetry Contest

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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A Sure Hand Neath My Head

If this night you suddenly find
you have lost all faith in mankind,
need I say anymore, I care.
A resourceful comrade, I’ll be -a
friend in your dreadful green se-a.  

I'm willing to help guide your boat;
sailing wild, can we keep her afloat?
Right now, waves seem brutal, unfair,
behind us spite-filled ships bear down
like dead weights leaving us to drown.

A  quick look to heaven reveals
bridge of mercy for such ordeals.
Overwhelmed, I found when despair
troubled me, then I learned to tread
water - a sure hand ‘neath my head.

I know the pardon He can endow;
will faith in mankind help you now?
Ease into this slowly and share
your forgiveness with stormy souls.
Mind, you must give God the controls.

written for Roy Jerden's word acrostic contest
by Reason A. Poteet, 2/13/14

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The Angel I Knew

The Angel I Knew

Skin so fair like snow as no comparison
With hair so wild and eyes which shows,
somewhat sad and yet fear-ish glow. 
How long do you plan to keep me
by your side?
Under you spell by sound of voice,I fall 
to my knees for you.Batter,broken and scared
Yet even betrayed I'll stay by your side loyal
and proud foremost happy. As I stand by your
Side I look into your eyes.
The turning leaves rain upon your head.
The worse be I captivated by you.With your 
Snowy white skin
Wild hair and twilighted eyes
You spread your angelica wings,you took off leaving me
But with beautiful memories,So that I never forget
Well see each other again.
But for now 
Your The Angel I once Knew

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Aurea And Ronnie

A couple of friends from way back when
Unique people who I really liked even then
Rare jewels that are very hard to find
Even through the years they stayed on my mind
A couple of people who made me smile

Angels they were who made life worthwhile
Now they are back to make me smile again
Dear friends who I treasure since way back when

Ronnie and Aurea I thank you both
Outstanding friends to you I make this oath
Never will I forget good friends like you
Not even when you are not in view
I will always share with both of you
Everlasting friendship that is only shared by few

For my dearest friends from high school
absence and the passing of years bears no bearing to true friendship...

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A special acrostic for Anne-Marie

Animated awe dances amongst life’s glorious
New blossoms, as they gracefully bloom at the touch of your beautiful heart,
Nourished by the lively, passionate spirit within you,  
Eternally radiating through your
Magical smile, colouring the world as you transform the shadowed hearts around you by 
Angelically painting God’s glittering 
Rainbow of hope and masterfully composing a symphony of inspiration, igniting the world with
    a passion for life
Imperceptible tears our evermore act of gratitude for the incredible blessing it is to have the
    invisibly winged,
Éxtraordinary you in our midst

(Written for Anne-Marié Wepener)

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Soup Family

 P eople bring me to the site time and time again
 O f all the people I meet over the years we have a special bond
 E ach and everyone of us have a love for poetry
 T eaching each other forms of poetry
 R especting each others views
 Y ou  are never short on help when needed.

S oup yes, for we are like a mixture of soup
O urs is a sweet  liquid blended together
U niting poets with the love of words
 P ositive site for poetry world.

Phyl Babcock

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Great community,Happy People and One Family

I wonder helplessly like a gored Ox, My Head so light, like an empty Box, I needed even the slightest protection even if it comes from a pair of socks, but finding help in a foreign place is so unorthodox not until I found your sheltering Hut. Mutualism shared so wonderfully, exciting and comforting like the lilly, Love and Compatibility making each day lively, then I realize "actually!" this place is really a Family. Transmitting the passion to members like an antenna, raising our spirits and touching our hearts like an entertainer, giving Hope and encouragement like my sister, Aiyanna so selfless to ensure it is all about You spreading like an epidemic to affect others too and if you still struggle like I do, it will aid you up the ladder for a breakthrough to the point it may seem not true. Wanna improve on your virtues? It shall making you patient and meek like a fisher blessing your hard work by reaching the top like Usher and even making you a mentor like the real Aiyanna-Anisha. What are you waiting for? no restrictions from the Law Join the family and share in the atmosphere of Love.

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Honestly my gorgeous little shawty
Absolutely mine!
No one disses her without coming to me first
No one messes her without going through me
Absolutely one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world
High all the time

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Happy Thanksgiving

Having family and turkey is the sauce for the dressing.
All together giving warm wishes and especially blessing.
Prayers are the dearest thing to share even if apart.
Prayers whether said out loud or quietly in your heart.
Your spirit shared with others is a great gracious start.

Take heed of what you have been given each day that you live.
Heaven hears every word and thought that your soul does give.
Answers don’t always come the way we desire them too.
Never underestimate that they are heard above the blue.
Kingdoms of glory have no monetary goal to claim.
Spirits blessed in honor and true love has no shame.
God is here, he hears, yes he is alive though many doubt.
Insincerity of your inner peace will have no known clout.
Victory of all that will be given comes from your heartfelt soul.
Insecurity of your spirit shall defeat and buries your life’s’ goal.
Now warm your essences with peace and love for humanity.
God has set forth a plan for his glory and our life-forces eternally.

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An Angel of Truth

Haunting, they came to me
Eating away all the joy I see
Amid laughter so free
Lingering, I thought it’ll be 
Inside a soul of bliss and glee…
Nabbing away the rest of me
Gladly smiling, they invaded me 

Many hours I cried for thee 
Each day I hoped you’d rescue me

Why and how I did not know 
In such a huge world you’ll find me 
Try did I to let hope flow 
Here, inside this thirsty sea

Kneel did I but didn’t know why
Is it that you’re an angel from up high
Never seeing such beauty such grace
Depart not said I with a mournful cry 
Never please I need u so much  
Endless let your love to me
Stay with me oh I need you 
Smile for me my angel of truth

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~<3~ Sweet ~<3~

S unshine is the color of fair Linda’s hair
W hen the world is dark her smile is
E ver there, to comfort,
E ach and every one, she does defend;
T eacher, Mother, Lover
H ealer, girl friend.
E nfolding champion of poets pen
A rtist freed our Linda-Marie 
R are, oh rare is the
T rusty gift of she.

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Traits of a Mother

M. Mature
O. Obsessive
T. Truthful
H. Helpful
E. Earnest
R. Respectful
S. Self sufficient 

L. Loveable 
O. Outstanding
V. Virtuous 
E. Efficient

I. Irreplaceable 
S. Spontaneous

N. Nurturing
E. Economical
V. Virtuoso
E. Eager 
R. Reliable 

E. Entertaining 
N. Nice
D. Dedicated
I.  Industrious 
N. Not appreciated enough
G. Good Nature

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Connecting with loved ones will help you 
Overcome obstacles and experience happiness. 
Nothing is more powerful than love.
Take the time, slow down
Enjoy those smiles, giggles, practical jokes
Noises the dogs make when they play
Thankful for life every second, of every day, in every way

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A Hug

Across the ocean blue I reach out for you

Hold you in my arms and embrace you
Understand the needs of another and take away their pain
Given freely and with love

Written for a very special lady who has recently left Poetry Soup

Jan Allison
9th June 2014

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Tell me my love, against the rain, against the dark
If always inside your heart
True love has been truly marked
And it will never sink no matter what
Never will it fade, never will it banish
I will never leave you even in darkness
Can't you see my love for you is endless!

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A special acrostic for Tish

Psychedelic array of brilliant colours animatedly dance

Across our darkened world, in the graceful wake of your inspirational

Touch, masterfully capturing the pure, artistic

Rapture of spring, the new hope filled blossoms portraying fragile,

Impassioned beauty, yet determinedly echoing your incredibly

Courageous strength, as you solely conquer every desolate winter

Imperceptible tears, the eternal, preserving shower of humbling gratitude of those truly
  privileged to be blessed with your

Awe-inspiring flowers, forever flourishing in our lives

(Written for Patricia Downs)	

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K-aren you are a sweet gentle loving person
A--true friend for all the years we shared on the soup
R--emember we love you and will truly miss your presence 
E--ven when you are gone remember we still want to hear from you
N-o matter where life's road leads may we always share a special  bond

O--f  love and friendship established over time
L--ife takes us on a journey of discovery
E--very day we live is a true blessing
A--s we travel life's rewarding path
R--emember  these words
Y--ou are  a fantastic poetess and I am blessed to have meet you.

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Welcome - Croeso is what my people say
As they greet you to the beautiful sites to peruse each day
Literally a dozen or more castles, hills rolling to the sea
Everything shouts welcome, stay awhile with me
Singing in the valleys, small chapels, with sheep roaming free

Ddraig goch is the red dragon on the flag of Wales
Bringing warmth to your soul along with the smiles

Penned 2 April 2014

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Kissed by the waking sun, the rain of the night becomes undone,
I dream of you, my daily day dream; and the day has just begun
Riding up to Dahisar, I reach yonwards on my bike
Adieux I've bid to bachelorhood, looking forward to our petty fights
No other can fill my life, only you my wife; my lovely snow-white. 

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One Week To Do As You Please

O n the first day, I would jump on a plane
N ot to some
E xotic destination but to a friend

W hose life have been turned upside down by cancer
E ven just to sit in his company
E njoy the madness, the laughter of our amity
K indred spirits, is what we are

T wine together by some special kind of love  
O verly protective he will always be

D onning the cape of my personal hero 
O ptimistic and feisty 

A s days goes on we would talk, plot and 
S cheme

Y esterday’s fears a distant memory 
O ur friendship might have changed
U ntimely it might seem

P rojected and grown, new 
L ease on life is all it needs
E ven if I have to drive a thousand miles
A nd remain quiet 
S ometimes in life
E ven that fulfills dreams 

2nd place
Sponsored by: CAROL BROWN

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It is just my nature

Always finding friends and neighbors
Married, single, widow, young and old	

Forever it will be my trademark
Respect is what  I give to you
In all you do and think
Every time you speak, I listen 

Never did I impose my will
Dear you are to me like others
Lie is what I hate
You should remember that, my dear friend.

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Like a bridge

If there was ever any doubt in your mind
You know that I would be the last person to leave you behind
Need or require anything,  if I have it, I would give it to you, you know I would
A trouble halved is a trouble shared, sometimes problems are misunderstood
Friend or foe, you know I would treat each the same, in a time of desperation
I'm there for you if need a helping hand to save you from salvation
Sailing towards you like a lifeboat my friend
Right towards your heart and soul, this ship of friendship I send  
Behind all problems an answer can be found to alleviate pain
Like the proverbial pot of gold under a rainbow, is it really there or then again
A problem may sometimes not be what it seems, 
Bridge that gap between the two, you will see, they may just be dreams 
Over anxiety, tiredness, they can all be thrown into the simmering pot
Troubled waters have to settle at some point, would you agree or would you not
Water is water, sometimes you drift on a calm, other times, you have to swim against the tide
I hope that my words make sense my friend, I hope that you invite them inside
Will you call around for a coffee and a chat,  just us two alone
Ease the latch from your door my friend and call or pick up the telephone 
Your friend,  John, hopefully together, your problems we will overcome 
Mind over matter is what Mum used to say and she always managed to get through her day

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Peace On Earth

P eople everywhere can learn to love.
E ven as the babe sent from above.
A s we thrive so must we pass it on.
C an't we make sure bigotry is gone?
E ach of us from this day duly sworn
O n this planet we will mend what's torn.
N eed we monger war and selfish pride?
E verybody can live side by side.
A ppreciate the diversity of the world.
R each out to each other,fists uncurled.
T ake a chance on peace,not retribution.
H ope and faith just might be the solution.

for "Holiday Acrostic Challenge"
sponsored by Francine Roberts

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Are you Jasmine?

Pathos - I feel - people feel for me, prior failure for the world to see.
Only you can see, only you can save; myself from the world and me.
Obtuse days, fills my dull life, fleeting by like a winter sun.
Natal phase it no longer is, our alliance had too far in the past begun.
Abide my time, no longer shall I; shall seek what true heart has always cared -
'Magic carpet of Alladin' to fly away with my Jasmine; and host a toast to us in air. 

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To my betrothed

New seed is sown, a baby born; one and twenty years ago.
I felt the moment, I felt the day, and became a man to grow.
You blossomed, the petals emerged; the seed became a radiant flower.
Angel darling, two months ago, I surrendered myself to your power.
Together betrothed, together we will stay, until time ceases to exist
I make this pledge on your birthday, and seal it with my faithful kiss. 

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ringing bells at midnight

Hold up your wine glass,
Appreciate your friends,
Prpose your reselotions,
Primp up your spirit,
Your new year awaits

Never agin the same year,so,
Everybody blow your whistel,
When the cock hits twelve.

You and I,
Engadged in excitment as we awaits,
At the exact moment,
Ringing our bells at midnight.

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The Sound of Life

Saturated in sounds
Too intense to ignore
And of them you hear
It's raining cats and dogs
Right outside your window
Wondering if it'll ever let up
Aching echoes pound inside you
Yet it isn't enough, more is needed

The goal is to hear and understand more
Overcoming the mundane human limitations

Tough, but you'll try and manage the harsh burden
Heaving the unsure thoughts out of mind and ascending
Even the birds, the moon, the sun isn't as high as you feel

Still you are hoping to help those who reach out for a hand
That is your only way to know for sure it is really happening
And it isn't all in your head, I feel it too, it's excruciatingly sweet
Ready to burst forth and envelop you in it's beautiful horrific light
Suddenly, the sound comes to a complete stop and you're living again

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Riding across the country with my best friend,
Off road trails then back on pavement again.
Always loving the wind blowing through our hair,
Doing as we wish without a worry or a care.

The sun comes up and then quickly goes down,
Rarely finding the time to even look around.
If we should blink our eyes for a tad too long,
Perhaps... tis a delightful case of directions gone wrong.

Contest~Kim Merryman~ROAD TRIP

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Dearest Grandpa

Drops of rain, splash at my feet
Every time I see them I'm reminded of you
Always working so hard and true
Realizing that I held your heartbeat
Every now and then your smile would creep
Showing me the love that I knew
Truest form of compassion as I cooed
Growing up through the years
Rain would suddenly give me a fright
And this saddened me for many a day and night
Never had I experienced these type of fears
Don't you remember holding me and loving away my tears
Paw Paw I miss you so much now; you making those delicious hash brown bites
And although you're gone, I'll see you soon in Heavenly Sunlight

For the "Sonnet Man's Acrostic Challenge" 
Written By R.M. Hunt
a.k.a Robert Matthew Hunt

Also I dedicate this poem to both my Grandparents
A.W. Hunt-"Buddy"
Howard Davis

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I used to observe every movement you made but you never notice
 I was there too but you never saw
 Shall I tell how you reacted when they forced you to do it
 I was there looking at making fool of yourself
 Shall I show you how much I have cared for you

 I also wanted to join in when you were having fun
 While I observe your move I happen to see the inner you
 When they left you I saw an empty soul
 I saw a person that was so shy

 How I thought you notice my cry 
Who said I was strong to handle it alone
 When I tried to reach you 
But I was so afraid to spoil what you called good times
 They change you and you were changed
 The pact we made was so quickly washed

 Silent in this world we live in
 Seeking for what can please the soul 
Looking with the eyes of a child
 Love written in the face
 Smiling warmly as if things are flying

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A new bond

A new bond is formed, a stranger becomes a friend
Nestling inside your kitchen, where the tea is left to blend
Goofing around, having the nicest time; clicking videos and snaps
It was so amusing to see you do the ‘eminem’ rap
Eager to meet again; like the ocean, wanting to touch the sand.

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Troubled waters

If           If you need the love and guidance
you        you only need to ask
need      need, the breeding ground of love
a            a hand shake says it all
friend     friend the word is written
I'm         I'm the strengh behind support
Sailing    Sailing into problems  
right       right between the masks of fate
behind    behind the words of freedom  
like         like the cousins on a lake
over       over-coming life delussions 
trouble   trouble rears it's deadly face
water     Water like the tears of life
I             I become the burdan king
Will        Will the problems not defeat us
Ease      Ease your troubles and your woes
your       your dreams become our focus
mind      Mind your manors as we grow

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Romance on Dubain Sands

Random thoughts on a roulette grid, softly sifts on Dubain sands
Edge of heaven I cannot see, yet see you, I do, my bestest friend.
Keystone of bliss, you carry along; strumming softly its guitar strands
Hand in hand, cheek to cheek, glued together by Aphrodite's command
Abstracting on a distant dream, together should our family expand. 

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My Dearest Friend (A Collaboration with Audrey Carey)

M	y best friend is the one who brings out the best in me!
Y	esterday, I was in the dark, now I see things more clearly!

D	elighted in the comfort that only you seem to provide
E	agerly, I bask in your presence allowing you to guide
A	lways encouraging, lifting so high
R	eaching for my goals as time goes by
E	asy to talk to everything we share
S	unshine or rain, I will still care
T	oday into forever, my dearest friend you will be

F	aithful and true is one dear friend like you!
R	eady to lend a hand in the good things I do
I	nch by inch, you’ve torn down the walls
E	njoying encounters when hearts call
N	ow and again, there’s a collision of wills, 
D	enying you would be to deny myself, still

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Happy New Year

H-ave a very Happy New Year 
A-nd I just want to wish you a wonderful one with 
P-rosperity and good health sent from me to you,may 
P-leasure,joy and love be in your heart now that 
Y-ou are embarking in this brand-new one. 

N-ew year is almost here again and 
E-nd of the old one, it may be hard to say good-bye to, but with God's help, 
W-onder and look forward to new one now that 
Y-ou know it's almost here, with many hopes and dreams,and with 
E-xpectations so many,O yes, that's right! Now that you are 
About to see that big ball at midnigth fall at the count of one,so go ahead, and 
Relax and enjoy this most wonderful journey into this brand- new one. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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' Wires-Acrostic or Misunderstandings ... '

'  Wires - Acrostic ... '

S	incere,  Specific

O	mit Object

S	ad Subject - Suspect

O	pen, Optimistic

R	egret - Realistic

R	Reflect, Request Revisit 

Y	ou, Yet …

   ' Misunderstandings ... '

I Did Not Mean To Offend You
I Say This With Regret
I Have The Highest Regard For You
… Admire With Deep Respect

I Would Never Insult You
Or Belittle, Or Upset
Not Knowingly, Nor Callously
My Affection and You … Have Met

So, If Our Paths Cross, or Get Lost
Please Forgive, If You Can’t Forget
For The Words Of Your Soul ( Now Silent and Cold )
Still Haunt Me … Even Yet …

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Will I See You Tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day
Outstretch your wings and fly
Milestones can be reached
Only if you beleive in thy self
Relic in the thought
Relax your mind and soul
Or it just won't happen
Will be put off and forgotten
Instead of achieving set goals
So bask under the sun
Ask for a little help from above
Never doubt  miracles from God
Or question His motives
To make things happen
Hunger will disapate
Every plate shall be filled
Rejoice and sing aloud
Dance to your hearts content
Another sunrise is coming
You're going to just love to see

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R eady to serve
O pen to kindness and understanding
T otally dedicated and devoted
T olerating only one true master
W illing to learn
E ver faithful
I mmense heart filled with love
L onging only to be loved as he loves you
L oyal and accepting to the end of his days
E xacting in his duties giving what he thinks is expected from him
R ottweiller - A good dog but not for everyone.

The Rottweiller is probably descended from the Italian Mastiff during the Middle Ages
and was originally used as a herding dog. 
It was bred in the German town of Rottweill.
It has a massive, powerful body, powerful scissors type bite and dark brown eyes 
with an expression of quiet good will and loyalty.
His personality is nervous around others but tranquil, brave and obedient with his 
family. He is easily trained with someone who knows what they're doing and has 
great desire to please. If he knows what is expected of him that's exactly what you 
will get. HE IS A NO NONSENSE DOG and becomes vicious if he thinks he or his master 
is in danger. He will give his life in the protection of his master or his master's property.
He is used as a herd dog, in police work, and as a watch dog and body guard.
Extremely affectionate but NOT the dog for everyone.
He needs a master with common sense, not some idiot who wants to beat him into 
submission. NO DOG NEEDS THAT!!
                                                                                          Judy Ball

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My Acrostic

Christopher, a name i know so well
He, the person, claimed i knew him well
Really it was nothing more than a girly fantasy
Intentionally being stubborn, masking our affection
So in love was i, one could call it an ecstasy
True friends were we, love was an infection
Opposition came, we stood strong
Prosperity followed, but not once did we stand down
He knew me well, knew how to make me smile or frown
Experience is the best to teach man the meaning of love
Reality remains, it is best to lose a love than never to have one to lose.

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Summer's Bliss

Summer's bliss, the flutter of an exqusite butterfly fleeting past

Universal days of  bright sunshine and delight

Miracles from God, a destiny well-visited

Memories of nature and walks with relatives, reflective and generous

Excellent days and nights with the Lord

Real and beautiful trees and ponds with the sound of ducks and geese

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Soon You Will See You Are Loved

Simplicity…I have always been an advocate of simplicity.
Of telling people to stop and smell the calla lilies.
Of telling people the heart should always be followed, and to
Never listen to those who would bring you down.

You, my friend, are simply the best thing I have.
Of all the things that make life hell and hard, you are a heaven, and are never

Well? You know who you are. Hearthfire. Bullfrog. Beloved dumbass.
Incidentally, you are also rather brilliant.
Long have you been the only thing that truly makes me smile, and I truly
Love how easy, how simply easy, laughter is with you.

Stay true to you, Hearthfire. You are
Extraordinary, and precious, and if
Even one in one hundred people were like

You, this would be a better world.
Of course, with that much awesomeness, who knows if the world could
Undertake such a venture?

And, regardless if the world could or not, the fact
Remains that as far as I’m concerned,
Every fifth shot of alcohol I ever take will be to you.

Long live our friendship, sweet love! May it ever be
Obscenely strong, and know that I treasure how I can be
Vulnerable with you. May you have
Everything that is good in life, my friend. Sincerely,

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"African asset" Poetry Pal

Rick is receptive and reflective
In everything he writes, he is not only
Charming, but very comfortable in my heart.
Kind-hearted always through and through….

Peaceful and plucky, Ricks got that
Adorable, alluring smile that makes me melt into his words
Righteous and romantic there is no other way to describe him.....
Illusive and incorrigible those are words I forgot 
Sensitive, seductive he is always writing with passion . I get
Excited, when he is so encouraging and enthusiastic

Youthful friend

Always makes my day
Lifted with joy and love! 

Dedicated to my friend Rick Parise Love you! 

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a constent battle

At the point of no return,
Beyond all hope,
Can't turn back if i tried,
Don't love this anymore,
Everyone stares,
Forever with dread,
Got to leave here,
Happiness is out of the picture,
Innocence left behind to die,
Judging eyes,
Keep moving on,
Lost without a soul,
Mother is gone,
Nowhere to be found,
Open doors close,
People stop and stare
Quiet screams follow, 
Resisting a constant battle,
Seduction is trying to pull me in,
Trying to resist,
Unable without your help,
Verge of tears,
Wanting hope,
X-ed out of life,
You have the same battle,
Zooming past your head.

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F- Friends are like flowers in bloom
R-Rejuvenating fragrance at all times
I-Invigorating an aura always 
E-Ever so sweet, full of charm
N-Never cease to be pleasant
D-Deserving love, care and attention
S-So vibrant, nice to behold

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                    Dan Cwiak -  Dedicated to *** Constance ***
                    The Rambling Poet's work titled: Throbbing With Life

                     In thinking of a contest poem with ~~~ RULES ~~~

                     Consideration must be given to them,

                     Or the poetry written will not fit

                     Under their *** UMBRELLA ***

                     Lonely, the poet feels encumbered by

                     Doing his work for such a ~~~ CONTEST ~~~

                     Nothing else can upset the delicate balance

                     Of words, rhyme, and *** METER ***

                     To enter a contest is a challenge

                     For any poet to attempt ~~~ YET ~~~

                     In so far as subscribing to the rules

                     Necessary, he must make the effort with

                     Devotion, thought, and ***STRONG WILL ***

                     This is the strength of the poet's 

                     Heart as a writer and wordsmith,
                     Endeavoring to complete his ~~~ TASK ~~~

                     When I try to write something clever

                     Or get on with my writing as a  *** QUEST ***

                     Rigid are the thoughts that cross my mind,

                     Descriptive are those that only ~~~ ESCAPE ~~~

                     Such that I am mindful of the burden laid upon me.
                     To some, it may come easily to their *** BEING ***

                     Others, like me, have a more difficult task as the 

                     Disharmony of thoughts, words, and feelings

                     Evolve into an imperfect type of ~~~ PERFECTION ~~~

                     Very often, the expressions are only those 

                     Of the emotional guilt I may have for the subject.

                     Too often, however, I begin to use *** Poetic License ***

                     Even though, I should not take that liberty.

                     To those who can claim the poet's glib words,

                     Or the gift that they have,  often proceed to ~~~ GIVE ~~~
                     Yet, such is my life as poet.  Such is the ~~~ CONSCIENCE ~~~

                     Of my soul.  Oh, but to shed myself of these thoughts,

                     Under the banner of the poetry that I *** WRITE ***

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His life is moving, he wants it to rest,
His thoughts are open, his bare breast!

He is alone seated at his desk – his thoughts fly,
He smiles alone to himself as her images flash by,

Then suddenly he turns pale as he hears a cry,
Nobody around believes him, they tell, “it’s a lie.”
He tries to avoid but a cry had filled the air,
Again he remembers his girl-so lively and fair!

Now he found out, his broken heart led that cry,
There was no joy in his life- he wanted to die,
He could not, he was also a son, the poor boy!
But he was brave, not ignorant and not shy,
Yet his heart was groaning in pain, why?

His heart told him a truth, this time not a lie,
It cried, “I love her………..she is my”,
And the poor boy held his neck and wished to die.

The rings of fire- he could see around him,
He sat alone while all were staring at a film.
And now as I watch him staring lifelessly at the ceiling above,
I curse and thank god for giving this feeling called “love.”
My friend I pity you for the tears that came like rain,
But when will you laugh and sing and jump again?
There are many like you who face the same fate,
You are trying to forget her but dwells on your breath.

I tell this for you and all those for your passion,
Let your love be sincere and true  in its action,
She may hate you but she will love you in your imagination,
And if you are happy, remember – thats your destination!

Do not let her fall for you affect your love for her,
And some day she will realize-you were true not an actor,
And if not, yet you didn’t condem, cheat or betray,
You will be called a fighter and for your joy- I pray! 

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A Moment In Time

Taken aback by a moment in time
His full lips pressed against mine
Over and over, drenched in ecstacy
My way was his way
and that made it easy
Say what you will, this trip is to tease me

Adrienne L. Gresham

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Compassionate beauty of her courageous spirit chases away blackened clouds, setting the world

Ablaze with a kaleidoscopic array of the fireworks of happiness-the graceful, awe-inspiring

Reflection of her extraordinarily passionate heart-her gentle presence the angelic colouring of magic in our greyed

Lonely world, the warmth of her touch healing the scarred, opening eyes to hope filled dreams and making hearts smile 

Alive with laughter yet eternally humbled at the immeasurable blessing of having her inspiring footprints in our lives

Written for Carla Nortje, 
One of the most beautiful people in our word
and a truly amazing friend.	
Love Always

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Like a Boss

LOL (Laugh out loud) xD
I love your effort
Kangaroo hops 
Easy and hard hits 

A little better than before

BAM (Be a man) o.o
Owning the Hockey Game
sssssslither like a snake
Sam! You're like a boss - Ooh! Like a boss
(hey man...sorry for my loss)

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I think of the years between us and 
Little snippets of our journey floods my mind.
Life and all it's roads at times difficult

Allowing us the chance to change, to be remade for the
Last of all our tales shall be of our triumphs- 
Ways we conquered our self doubt, our impulses
Always giving way to that better me, better you
Yet you walk these roads with a heavy heart
Soul weary and feet blistered and I say to you

Be not afraid of what s to come
Everyone is given only what he or she can bear

Yes I say to it all - the pain, our tears, the laughter
Our fears,  - the joy and all these years between us
Underneath it all there lies our blessing and 
Redemption in the form of this friendship

For the mistakes, the errs are not erased but" Our Father In Heaven"
Remember is the sweetest prayer
In it we find the mercy he tempers our punishment
Even as we are wrong, we are in his light
No man can take your soul, so walk
Don't run to the end of your life, when it is done, he is there.

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P.oppin droppin to the floor,
O.verdo it dance somemore.
P.lay around with peoples minds,
T.alk around see what you find.
A.lways perfect, beautiful,
R.eality is such a fool.
T.ry to touch the stars above, with my poem I send yew love;)

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From a poor old poet: to a Superb Laureate.
Regards: to the best poets, I ever met.
I will introduce myself:: HGarvey.
Emit Your poetic ability to me.
Never stop writing Poems from Your Heart.
Defend with the Pen: " Til Death do you Part " .
Someday Poetry will be, an introduction to Society.

Inspired by Jill Martin. Dedicated to the Staff and Poets of Poetrysoup.

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Angels and Demons

Friends who;
     Always please you,
     Never forsake you 
     Goes with you
     Even to heaven or hell..!!
     Loves and cares for you
     Surely are positive
I call them ANGELS, and hang out with them...

Friends who;
     Doesn't love you,
     Even tend to cheat you
     May someday betray you
     Or treat you like garbage..!!
     Negative and foolish,
     Sometimes annoying
I call them DEMONS, and surely stay away....

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Romance Miracle

Really romantic days and knights
Osentacious representations of a divine component
Miracles of friendship and valour
Accurate representatives of God
New and exciting quests of humanity
Comprehensive days at university
Excellence and learning leading to a future kingdom

Now evolving slowly and platonically
Ouvert signs of companionship
Versed with complexity and warmth
Editing passages with God's knowledge
Love intangible and confidential

Author:Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Don't Blink

Imagine my 
Real view 
Inside of you.
Stop and see too. 

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To all wo crave turkey...good appetite and good health!
Utilize your skills in creating charm in a bright dining room. 
Round up the best ideas for success, ask if you need help.
Kidding yourself is absurd, get all the help from friends.
Enamor yourself with dinnerware and silverware that match.
Yearn for an athmosphere so warm, cheerful and elegant.
Allow kindness when dealing with kids who spill apple cider.
Nobody should be privileged to say Grace but the host. 
Dance afterward with everyone in the decorated living room.
Papa can smoke his cigar, if it doesn't bother the guests.
Unity should be stronger on this day when all thank the Lord.
Major issues about noises, caused by children, should be ignored.
Pretend that Thanksgiving Day is the last one they'll ever see.
Keyboard should play Hymns of thanks, not songs they all like.
Inside the fireplace, the red log crackles reminiscing Thansgivings past.
Nag not when the dog chases the cat under the table...laugh!
Parents should be soft, not harsh...let Thansksgiving be a fun day!
Inside the fireplace the log crackles...reminishing of Thanksgivings past.
Endure the screams and the fights a little child is an angel.
Say the final prayer of gratitude as everyone bows their heads.

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Joy is mine
Agony too
Can’t stand how I love you
Baby brother

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What Is Love

Worldly care and friendship
House of happiness and hope
Acting friendships complex and diversified
Teachers of patience and virtue

Invincible and awe inspiring
Songs of praise and worship

Love that parents and children share guided by God
Open and shut books of excellence and philosophy
Visible signs of caring for your neighbour and good friends
Experiences of excellence personified by God

Author : Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Marty And Audrey (No Hesitations)

M arty came into my life when I had no one.
A n act of love and compassion like a father does a son.
R eally was surprised when he took a chance on an inmate.
T rusting me, understanding me and he didn't even hesitate.
Y esterday I was a part of no group, now thanks to Marty I have Poetry Soup!

A lot of people find out I'm in prison and run the other way.
N ot my friends Marty and Audrey, they are here to stay!
D efinitely not the type of people to give up easily - they are family!

A udrey found me right here on this beautiful site.
U nderstanding I needed a friend to cure my lonely nights.
D oing things for me no one else would do.
R eaching out to help me regardless what I was going through!
E veryone just don't open their heart from the start for an inmate.
Y esterday I was in hell, now I'm well, all because she did not hesitate!

*Wrote 4 Dane Ann's contest "Kindheartedness: What it means to me"....

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The Jimmy I Know

J	ust like a kid, at times, he’s, playful, mischievous, hilarious, too
I	ntelligent, charismatic, sexy, and yes, street smart; he speaks his mind directly, 
M	aking friends, writing poems is his joy, causing ladies to swoon, fantasize,
		curiosity aroused
M	y best friend for all time, guardian angels to each other
Y	our love and friendship I will keep, for in you, so far, I have found no deceit


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Caring, compassionate and considerate
Here for me and I will always be there for you
Reliable, reassuring in times of crisis
I am so blessed to have you in my life
Simply the best friend anyone could have

Jan Allison
14th August 2014

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Hanging Onto the Stars

Emeralds fall from your tears.
Various decisions I face.
Eternal wonder I will
Relive any choice
You make
Tonight under these stars.
Intensely I watch you,
Mirrored I am in your
Eyes. My faceless expression
Locked in your gaze.
Only tonight matters.
Only your next sentence can
Keep me safe.
Inside I cry but
Not outwardly.
Your decision, not mine.
Object I will not.
Urgently though, I pray.
Remember my
Eyes and see me whole.
Youthful and always
Embracing you tender. Look at my lost
Strength. Carefully  
Immersed in this 
Stone face. Can’t you see my 
Endurance? I hold on to this 
Everlastingly. I apologize.
State your opinion,
Truthfully now. Just 
Always see, feel, taste, and
Remember the
Stars we watched long ago. 

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Twenty -- Ten

 H ealth A nd P rosperity P ursue Y ou   N ow E verlasting W isdom  
A lways                                                    Y earlong E ver A lmighty Reigns
P ure
 P oets
Y our 

N ow  
E ntwined

Y earning
E levation
A bove
 R edemption

Inspired by Carol Brown's Contest "Happy New Year"
Dedicated to my Poetry Family on the SOUP 

Author's note : Check this Poem out next Year                                                    

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Love IS real .

L ove is life ,with give and take .
O pinion split on how to share 
V endetta's venom will always break
E fforts made, in goodwill-care .
I dols that we venerate
S oon lost, with time's uncaring chase ,
R eveal their medicore state
E arly , in their fall from grace .
A ll things come to those who feel
L ife's warm call... yes.. love IS real .

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Thanksgiving Day

Today and everyday is worth being thankful.
Having warmth and love given is always thoughtful.
All of us should carry this feeling throughout year.
Not being thankful is just selfish, shows your fear.
Kindness should be showed to all each and everyday.
Sure, it may be tough at first, for your heart to sway.
God gave everyone a mind, heart and soul the same.
Individually we must all prepare and play the game.
Victory shall be the joy and happiness, you bring.
Inventory your heart; let your spirit free to sing.
Never let a sour soul, spoil your delightful song.
God is alive, great, awesome, he is never wrong.

Discover loving essence; make it your quarry.
Allow his honor to grace your existence and story.
You and you alone are the keeper of our Lords glory.

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F inding someone you can	
R elate to who is			
I mportant and special in	
E very way when you
N eed help making a
D ecision or just a			
S houlder to cry on 				
H elps you realize their
I nspiration and love is
P ure, true and extremely 
S acred, treasure it always!

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More Roses For PD

      Roses, may she collect them
      Once in time and time again
      So she gets them on a whim
      Ever present rose on a limb
      So hope her roses don’t dim

      Fresh dozen just for my friend
      Of my heart which never ends
      Red roses to show I tend

      Precious friendship for all time
      Don’t forget the flowers find
      !Their heart true, one of a kind

Russell Sivey

This poem is also dedicated to PD (already submitted previous entry to contest)


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My poem is dedicated to a very special friend,
" Linda-Marie "

Fate was very cruel to her
On her face hope always shines
Roses for her indomitable courage
Love for her defined grace
Inside she'll hurt sometime
Names of friends will comfort her
Darling of everyone's heart
Always there to give laud
Myself so honored and thankful
Another friend to cherish
Reminiscing words of kindness 
Immense love given myself and all 
Ending this poem with hugs and kisses

Written by Andrew Crisci

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love fell apart on the same continent

'the sun has ascendant between us,
between two pinched,
that bow to each other;
love with the sun ascendant,
has red on our orgasmic ally
we are now like a shadow, thy
set, in the same continent;
but kiss the air husbandry.

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Friendship Lost

 T ogether
 W e were always stronger and the
 O nly two

 P eople in the world that knew how we felt 
 E very second of the day;
 A nd I have yet to find another friend I can 
 S hare all my 

 I nner thoughts with.
 N othing is worse than having to leave the 

 P eople you love behind
 O nly in your mind and heart
 D o they have the chance to live on and
"S pread" their wings.

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So I write a poem for a dear friend 
On account of many happy days
Not to poke fun or offend
Intended to build up and praise
Angel, your awesomeness has no end!

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S= Surprising


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Savior Conductor

Ensembles of 
Venomous thoughts invade
Reasonable emotion I hold.
Your touch keeps my 
Hidden. Your kiss keeps these monsters
Inside at bay. There is 
No other way to catch. No other
Guide for my 
No other
Safety net. My
Inner heart, you balance.
Destroying disturbing
Of cracked instruments playing in
Fortissississimo inside 
Every haunted hope. 

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Happy New Year to all in 2010

Hours into minutes
As the New Year arrives
Partying, singing " Auld Lang Syne "
People toast to 2010
Young and old unite

New births will grace our world
Endlessly, full of delight
We enter into this New Year

Yonder months ahead
Enjoying life to the full
Remembering, resolutions said

My entry into Carol's contest " Happy New Year "

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Future Dreams

Future dreams revealed day by day
University a memory and resource
Treasures so refined and unique
Us daring to dream
Realistic and powerful
Excellence personified by simplicity

Dreams to live the good memories
Reality a welcome communication
A thesaurus of good deeds and friendship
Miracles blessed by the Lord
Sounds of future accomplishments

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Happy New Year

Hail hail the gang's all here!
Auld Lang Syne and singing toasts,
Pretty well shnockered with all that cheer,
Pitching me, the designated driver host.
Y'all ishz djusht the mosht!

Never seen it from this side,
Everybody's lookin' kinda fried.
Wishishin you da bestest buddy!

You know, I'm pretty glad I'm here,
Every one of these trusted, trusting friends is very dear.
Actually this shady deal was pretty danged raw.....
Roasted buddies fixed me with the short straw!!

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Mesmerizingly she captivates hearts, as she paints the world with
Artistic beauty, masterfully molding the
Depths of raw emotion into the reflections of poetic grace
Echoing from the talented touch of her extraordinary heart
Lighting a darkened world with the flaming hope filled
Everlasting blossoms of spring, artistically colouring lives with the
Inspirational magic flowing from her fingertips, a portrayal of mystical meanings so powerful
Never to be forgotten by those so privileged to have the divine blessing of walking 
   alongside her on the
Eternally breathtaking, enchanting path she paints through life

(Written for Madeleine Sieberhagen)

To an amazing friend, Madeleine	
Words cannot describe the priveleged blessing it is to have you as a friend!
You are incredibly special to me!
Love Always, Amz xoxo  								   	

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I sit by a window.......

i sit by a window,
waiting for the sun to shine.
life is usually sunny,
full of laughs and smiles.
but now i just don't know.
i'm just so confused
about so many things.
what should i do?
i know that if i hold out,
things will get better.
sometimes i am in a tunnel.
and theres always a light at the end.
its always my friends and family.
they are always there for me.
i will always and forever love them.
i sit by a window,
my sun is shining through.
i know that i have made it
through the darkness and the pain
i guess what i am trying to say is that,
i love my friends and family with my whole heart.
i hope that they know this.
cause i know that they love me.
ill survive another day.
thanks to my friends and family.

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Just us two, yet
Only you, and
Never me, but
Eternally, I wage in

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My dearest brother,
Over the past few years we've grown strong, i remember when we didn't get along.
Oh I miss the days we would spend together, we would make each other feel better.
Since iv moved away it’s been lonely, I feel like we're drifting away slowly.
Even though ill be back, I dearly still miss you.
You probably already know, but I love you too.

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(Dedicated to Brandi)

Many nights
You came to my room. 

Only I know your
Needs. You give up when you 
Lay wake at night.
You have cried in the dark 

Wanting my presence 
Inside of your mind. 
Still I protect you. Please don’t forget
How long ago, I promised my ear.  

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Saint Patrick's Day

Sounds of spring
Appreciated and everywhere
Islands of green
New shamrocks wishing us good luck
Tea so delicious with croissants

Patrick a favoured name
Always a march holiday
Time so precious
Real four leaf clovers
Isles of the british
Crumpets so delectable
King and queen so regal

Daylight savings
Attitude so cheerful
You know when St. Patrick's Day is here

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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a friend

ay friend.. a true friend knows when there pal is down...
a true friend.. always make you smile 
a true friend says forget a inch i'm walking a mile.. 
a true  friend don't put you down,... 
a true friend.. ask and don't assume
a true friend is like spring.. can't wait to see you bloom... 
it's just us in this cold world.. peace becomes loves as love becomes peace..

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H.E.A.T.H.E.R. S.T.R.A.N.D

T=Tough- love

T=Tolerating patience

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In this dream...

Scream -- the figment of a dream, but so much more
Confusion rakes my brain, closes each door
Right from the start, he has meandered through my visions
Empty and cold, I find him making my decisions
Adding painful secrets that stain my real life...and there's
Much more to come...with the force of a knife...

In this dream of reality...

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once there was an old man on a lane
he always had many cats
then he took a train
and went down another lane

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-a collaberation with my friend who wishes to remain anonymous -


Separated by the emotion barrier
Pierced by your absence of words
Anguished by annoyance and abnormalities
Calling out your name
Emptiness is your reply

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Rotting in the dark regions of toiling life
Engulfed in tragedy and unremitting strife
Beauty pours forth and floods your green eyes
Empty, you fill the voids of my madness
Crumpled, you hold me up and decrease my sadness
Catching each fall and laughing at my stupidity
And filling my life with happiness and humility 

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Wandering…waiting, I find myself back to you
In search forever, never meaning to be blue
Never wanting to want you, but wanting anyway
Chastising myself and despairing everyday
How can you be so wonderful to me?
Even the thought of seeing you again makes me want to flee
Surrendering into your beautiful eyes I love
Telling myself to never give up
Ever longing, I will still wait to see you again
Rendering my love to you…far to distant England

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Memorable every day and night Exceedingly, teasingly bright! Girded with kaleidoscopic light Artful in words and forever kind Never gone from my sight!

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Freedom to Choose

For everyone there is freedom of choice
Remember that everyone has a voice.
Each person has liberty forever more.
Exemplary words will always be the score.
Do not hesitate to say what’s on you mind.
Only remember the goal, be careful and kind.
Make every effort to not block out and be blind.

Take your respect and share with all humankind.
Our freedom managed, on what others find.

Choose to impart your words, on others you see.
Have enough will power for theirs to remain free.
Our freedoms are shared with everyone in agree.
Our freedoms always gave, in total degree.
Since the statue in the bay, so given us to be,
Each person’s guardian, receptor, she’s lady liberty.

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Behaving one way in front of the eyes of another and behaving 
in a complete different manner in front of the eyes of others.

Evil intentions acted out towards a confidant for the good of 
one’s self and for the defeat of your confidant.

Twisting of the knife in the back of another,
bringing death to the trust of that relationship.

Returning to a relationship as if nothing significant 
happened while you were away, knowing that hell will 
come when they finally discover what you did when 
their back was turned.

Acting out fantasies that you’ve played in your head over and over, 
knowing that those actions will cause you to pay a big price.

You choose to satisfy your own cravings and desires, 
without any caution to the feelings and consequences 
they will have on others.

Asking one to forgive the unforgiveable and smile when doing it.

Lying to your trusted loved one to please your 
own self serving desires or needs.

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L.ovely lady with a heart of gold. "Luv" 
I.ntelligent, kind, and thoughtful
N.o flaws that I see, a true Christian
D.edicated to her beautiful poetry
A.n exceptional writer, "Sweetheart"

M.elodies flow from her writing pad.
A.rticulate and very creative...she is!
R.omantic, passionate, remains humble
I.rresistible, irreplaceable, important
E.xtraordinaire, yes poetess extrordinaire, Poetry Soup Princess

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L-Loving, Life living

E- Enticing, Eccentric, 

A- Always there, Artistic

H- Hero, Heart

A Girl of mass appeal 
A Person that beats no other
A Friend that listens and gets the point
A Twin that is believing
A Cow...Don't ask! 
A Poet that knows how to write.

She is my Friend, Twin, Cow and poet that I hear. 

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I=Interesting times
E=Excellent people
D=Dangerously goofy

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Right Curve Road

Her mood isn't like the weather
Eastern and western style  
A wise person with big heart 
Light mind often not little
In figuring out
Northern star and
Going on the right curve road.

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“And life goes on,”
Screamed Laura to you
Have you any idea what we have built upon?
Laura was your weirdo friend, a friend still true
Yeah, where the hell has the time gone? 

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Value my soul, to always have you.
Always share the love that you have for me too.
Let me see your face,
Enought o just trace your 
Now and forever
Tell me that you can understand me, by when I say
I love you so much.
Now, take this love not, and never devote

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I saw a shooting star tonight,
i made i wish hoping that everything will be al right,
still wondering if he wants me as i wait,
trying to stay still but all i do is hesitate,
as i held his hand trying not to let go,
i felt that love that only him and i know,
are eyes met as we say goodbye,
hoping that he really wants me and it's not a lie,
when we kissed i felt it was right,
as we held each other e sparks flew in the night,
i sit here hoping this will work out,
trying to think good and not have self-dought,
As we got to know each other e even more,
i figured out he just wanted to use me and make my heart sore,
He said we would be together but he made it into a lie,
when will this endless heart not get hurt and want to die?

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All the things I fear you have heard
Loving me anyway despite my oddities
Laughter exceeds every word
Emptying the worries I carry with me
Justifying me though I may be wrong
And helping me through in goodness
Never expecting me to be strong
Despite the immolating darkness 
Remembered and never once forgotten,
Alejandra, my friend, the begotten

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Graciously receiving anything that may be given by another,
Realizing that whatever you lack it could have been worse.
Accepting what you have been given and share with a brother.
Telling at least someone once a day to stay their steady course,
Involving someone new in something they have never done before.
Telling your savior that you are thankful for what he has given.
Unifying any couple back on a track with a heartfelt score,
Dealing with your inner self, showing others they are forgiven.
Each of us should do these things, without making it a chore.

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Manger, Soupers sing, with your Christ child glowing
Eternal, long ago, become now our gladsome hearts
Ring with the good news of King Jesus sharing
Rejoicing and ransom of sinners humble hearts
Ye poetry soup family worldwide this love proclaim

Christ is come and coming again, to every island
Hamlet, cold manor, and castles of continent
Rustling papers and packaging mystery present
Inspire your thoughts by time's quick falling sand
Sweet are the moments gone we shared, same
Today, let it forever be, love, fellowship, peace
Merry Christmas then to all of you, thanks too
Angelic thoughts and souls of sweet compassion
Sing your hearts with joy the season through
Serenading still family, friends, all with sacred passion. 

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Snow (Zimmer's Acrostic)

Showering new flakes over the land
Now opening sites of white blankets
Over wide lands and valleys to ski
Winter’s snow is ever falling for me

Dedicated to the memory of my poet friend Ralph Zimmer who was a member of 
this site.

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Cat Nap

Crawling, furry pet 
Aggressive, yet so lovable
Trying to get any sign of attention and winning it 

No worries planted in their feeble brains 
Attractive and a clever animal
Pleasurable extra family member, always keeping me busy!

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Right On

C an you see my heart on my sleeve
O r my feeling know by the shade of my skin?
L ittle is known of what's inside by the colors therein.
O r do you imply from the color of my eyes that I am bright or dull?
R arely it seems do the colors of beings do more than show the hull. 

B right minded minions formed from light
L inger and fight for a colorful night
I n countries scattered all over the world
N uance is cherished and evil dispelled.
D own with hatred and prejudice we're all the same!
N o right minded person can make lesser claim.
E qualize, equate, energize light
S o all of us can dwell in a 
S afe colorful  right!

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Because Of You

Blazing temptations are true destiny,
Erotic desires created, from the start
Caressing our bodies, we are free.
Awakened bliss beyond creative art.
Undulating heartfelt completeness,
Sensational lasting addictedness,
Exuberance full of much sweetness,

Overcome and captured all of me.
Facilely, you will sanctify me.

Yet with no venal between each soul,
Opalescent victory from our control,
Unbelievably, he guides our role.

For contest by Matt Caliri

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April My Love

Assured to find a muse
Penmenship must be at its best
Relaxation and motivation is needed
Inspirations will be its bounty
Let the world discover its tale

Tribute To All Poets

Remember April Is 
Poetry Month 
May You All Find That Muse

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' Carol Brown ... (In Acrostic Form) '

C	omfort, Caring

A	lways Answering

R	eflective, Refreshing

O	pen, Only-Offering

L	aughter, Loving

B	ringing Beauty, Bonding

R	eaching, Reasoning

O	riginal, Observing

W	rought Worthy Writings

N	arrates Nobly, Noticing …

      … Really Makes For A Good-Evening:
           Carol Brown’s Poem-Readings

       (and I Mean Every Word of Each Line)

                 Your Poet-Sis ... MoonBee

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Ali Raye you real? me feel you.
I.llusions of longing is killing me.

R.eally what must I do?
A.llow me the chance to love you.
Y.ou will never meet a more sincere passionate man such as I!
E.cstacy from the slightest touch while looking into my eye!

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D earest heart I incense your kindness,
E ternally shimmering beyond skies,
A live within the beauty that lies
R ambling beneath cobalt oceans,
E merging, as words surmise your eyes…
S weet zephyr sway along
T he shores of my thankfulness,   and
J ustify my simple gratitude to an
O pulent heart of kindness,
E ternally shimmering beyond skies…

                                Dedicated to Joe Doria

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Prior to my first glance, I had no destined direction.
Reality set in after your touching warm embrace.
Each new cuddle touched off a new infection.
Darling, I shall always remember your placid face.
I was alone and withering until your first hold.
Love was not a word that I have ever known.
Eagerly your contact, reveled me from the cold.
Caring ways that you possess, so closely shown,
Taking me back to my youth of hopeful desires,
I have been awarded now more than I deserve.
Our personal alliance has been enriched by fires.
Now and forever, our friendship shall us both serve. 

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Inner strength

If you find what your looking for
Need some advise on some amour,
Never thing that you're the blame
Even if you're not the same.
Rely on only you.

Soon you will find that someone
Remembering just who you are,
Even if you're too far.
Now listen girl,
Got to find your inner strength.
Throwing your life away
Hasn't made your life the same.

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Joy Is Believing In Us

   Jealousy consumes and destroys the insecure 
   Over-riding love with pain in the fantasy of the brain
   Yelling wolf, while the wolf waits till everyone feels secure

   I am not sure the world can be saved again, for trust 
   So rare now, defines the sense of equality that make some believe

   Believe we are all alike, when they seek escape from their past
   Endeavoring to be born again in somebody's else's worship 
   Littered with themselves as cannot be. You must come mature
   Irrepressible with confidence to this relationship to find
   Embodiments of love in what I do more than what I say 
   Vouching for what is consistent in my character by continuity of actions
   Instead of this blatant backlsiding of words. I am 
   Naturally prone to silence as a man, but I will shriek with delight
   Glad for your attention, your confidence, and your total praise.

   Infer nothing from what I say to others for I cannot speak the same to you
   None is like you, difference demands different meaning that is love

   Undulating memories are always of the better things, the bonds we did not break
   Selfless in affection that we are committed for life to this cause of love.

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Spirited heart Beats Freely




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I will always love you

Like a bird, you send my heart aflutter,
Over and over, it melts like butter,
Very quickly, I fell head over heels,
Even now, you can't know how it feels

You are my very best friend,
Over every single bend,
Until the very end
         I will always love you.

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Home Improvement ... (acrostic)

Here I am

Pals to
May be
Not just
This temporary accomodation.

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Never to Late

Nothing is always the answer.
Everything is sometimes an enhancer.
Value the most important things.
Raise your voice, and say something not too vengeance.

Talk to seomeone who's enough to trust.
Often say things that densest.

Love just enough to be the greatest.
Amaze the surroundings and be the smartest.
Tuition for this world.
Easy as can be.

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The Wonder of Your Love

Take my emotions from me and I shall forever be lifeless.
Hearing your heartbeat fills my loneliness, stays my fright.
Emotional venues are in my spirit, a true wonder of my life.

We have shared friendship, tenderness, passion, and heartache.
Only time will develop the envelope, of our intimacy combined.
Never take for granted our love and indifferences in our lives.
Death may take our mortal fervor our bond will remain evermore.
Excitements we share are beyond the sensual feelings we adore.
Relishing each second, and minutes of the years, months, days,

Only my heart can show the true devotion that you give so free.
From my touch, kisses, words I write you each year, you will know.

Yearning to hold and caress every part of your fundamental nature.
Our mature embodiment will guide us through true devotion.
Unanswered emotions will drive us to compete for satisfaction.
Reveling outwardly, securing the wonder of your love for me.

Let your soul know that I shall completely design my life for you.
Our love shall not be overthrown by any jury or court in this land.
Victory is yours, for the attorney of conviction, is unobjectionable.
Each year of my confinement to your love will be truly a wonder.

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Is it you

Is it you that I want?
Is it you that I already have?
Is it you that makes me laugh?
Is it you that holds my hand?
Is it you that cares for me?
Is it you that has feelings for me?
Is it you that I want?
Is it you that I see?
Is it you that sets me free?
A emotion of life, a feeling of embrace.
Is it you that makes the sunshine warm upon my face?
Is it you that makes me take a chance?
Or who is it? 

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Hope and happiness are key!
Each person has a place in your heart!
Always remember you can be a kid at heart!
Remember you can always find your way home!
The key to your heart is you!

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Simple muscle movements; so everyone sayS
Many hearts are brightened by their happy beaM
I love to see one light the eyes;  as the mouth says HI
Listening to a child's laughter always makes mine swelL
Everyone looks beautiful when they wear a smilE!

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A.gorgeous face of delicious smooth brown skin.
U.nable to control my raging hormones!
D.reaming of the day I taste her very essence.
R.elishing her every curve in my mind.
E.cstacy is discovered in a kiss from behind!
Y.earning, waiting till that day I come home.

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All It Takes

Could all it take is 
A single person to 
Realize a twinkling star
Over the Milky Way, near the 
Little Dipper or Orion's
Belt to become
Recognized by some
Others who gaze in a 
World and sky
Near my own?  Thanks for looking.

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I think about us often and how perfectly we blend,
And share the simple joys of having a dear friend.
I think about tomorrow and how nice it's going to be,
Always knowing that you'll be there to stand beside me.
Do you think about us and the way we love to share things?
But being there for one another and seeing all the happiness that it brings,
It's all the joy to me wowing what we have seen.
Do you stop every now and then, and say ,Oh how very lucky I've been to find a 
dear friend like you!

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Meetings that seem so few and far between,
Indefinite dates, incomplete plans.
Lost and broken promises, where the truth is never what it seems. 
Endless conversations that are merely keyboards and hands. 
Soulless hollow smiles in pictures that will never seem complete.

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My Poet

My life, oh my life, is graced by
you, who taught and inspired me to look at the

past to construct my future; letting me sail, with you 
on the warm river of your heart that 
each day I learn to ignore rejection. Ah,
this is why I love you!

from my heart to y’all, who made me what I am now.

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Carol Brown

Charming, like her name
Against all odds, her spirits never wane
Ready to laugh…and to cry, to give and to share…
Of little things she has, with everyone ‘cos she really care
Like diamond, bright and precious…for love is in her blood

Beauty beyond compare, knowing her I am truly glad
Rare creation, like her writings without flaws, so pure and true
One, two or three…and there you see…she’s always free, just for you
What I learned, from her, is to be humble, for not to stumble in search of fame
Now and forever, she will always be Miss Carol Brown… charming, like her name

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Maybe you're looking for a long lost friend.
You wonder where he or she has been.
So you search looking for that person who once touched your heart.
Possibly he or she is now single looking for a fresh start.
Acrostic poem so you can see friendship can be found in me!
Care to visit myspace and say hey?
Embark on a journey with me - my heart is the gateway.....

*visit me on myspace "Jimmy M. Anderson"

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Value my soul; take my heart.
Angelic love, share the art.
Listen to my eyes glow.
Envelop my arms to know.
Now and forever more,
Tell my mind the score.
I love you so very much.
Never break my crutch.
Embrace my forever touch.

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Merry Christmas

My friends and enemies, I send best wishes of cheer.
Especially my poetic friends, I send joy next year.
Rich talent of words I wish, to all those who read.
Rhythmic flow in all poetic lines, expressed indeed.
Your lines of poetry, blessed with joy so sincere.

Christmas time has joy and happiness for all.
Having peace and love, shared broad and tall,
Reaching out to others, giving with true feelings,
I send out to poetry soup family, great dealings.
Secret blessings from the spirit of this season,
True passion of faith, my heart sends in reason.
Merry Christmas, to all the poets on the earth,
Allowing their freedom of words with worth,
Sincerely, I wish superb and joyous mirth.

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Anybody hear my cry
Lonely have I been for so long
One friend would have been nice
Never have I felt so betrayed
Even the closest of my friends have departed

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Beautiful deep blue eyes that
  you can't help but stare into

As always you can make 
   me laugh no matter what 
   the situation

Beautifully luscious lips that 
  could carry me through the night

Year and three monthes have
  gone, were still here and i'm
  loving you more with each passing 

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To Rhoda

                                       Remarkable wisdom
                                       Honorable leader
                                       Often explicit
                                       Delightful to read
                                       Always friendly

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car mechanic and obessor

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I have a friend whom you might know as Paige
Her scent of lavender and sage
Her voice of laughter and joy
And though she may sometimes annoy
She is a great friend
And I hope that our friendship will never end

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My dearest cousin



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My Valentine

May I take this time and forever more to say I love you?
Your tenderness is that to which no one knows except I.

Victory was mine the day that you came into my heart true.
Always my feelings will grow as the sun rises to the sky.
Letting me share your life and love until beyond the end of time,
Expressing my love for you is always a tremendous celebration.
Now that we have wed and taken words that were so sublime.
To share a life forever thru hard times and good in this creation,
Individuals, we are bound together with love and devotion.
Nearer and nearer we will grow with ever flowing emotion.
Each other bound as one, beyond unnatural or natural commotion.

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True Friends

Two as one.
Respectful of each other.
Unselfish in our Love.
Every Kindness shared.

Faithful and gentle to each other.
Real Honesty between two.
In all troubles, supportive.
Even generous at times.
Never loosing Patience
Discreet, Peaceful; and Loving
Someone caring forever 
 ~as only true friends can~

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Crapy talker
Odd manners
You always say the samething

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Christmas Praises

Chocolate with whip cream steaming
Holiday spirit beaming with each sip
Radiating with His love and joy for all
Ice cream with a cherry on my apple pie
Santa and his sleigh is coming tonight
Tomorrow the stockings will be graced
Moving and singing with love and delight
Alas, the angels send praises from heaven
Surrounding us with His grace and tidings

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Sweet is the
Heart that revels in
And lives to
Ripen and encourage
In an individuals
Nurturing and

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Your friend.


                                      You can depend on me.
                                      On all days.
                                      Until the end of time.
                                      Remember you have got a friend in me.
                                      For ever more.
                                      Remember you can call.
                                      I am never far away.
                                      Every day I am there for you.
                                      Never doubt me.
                                      Don't hesitate I am here to stay.

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The Music Box

The only thing that seems to bring me joy what some might consider a toy
i sit for hours and just stare hoping this beautiful music will transport my 
imagenation in to thin air. This music box tells a story of days long been told 
history both new and old generations this music box has been past almost like 
eyes that have seen the world change. My treasure which will some day bring my 
children and their children pleasure, from what i've been told there use to be a  
key hidden deep inside this music box which is what makes it so unique. My 
great grand mother explain to me that the precious key was used to hide 
members of my family and family friends in a secret room when for sure they 
would face doom if found by the Gestpo that cold day in June. And when the 
coast was clear to calm the fears of the children hiding in the room my great 
grand mother would play that music box that i hold dear today. The music box of 
mistery tears of centeries hold a special place in my heart what great object the 
music box which secrets are forever unlocked.

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Consider everything everyone else wants and needs
Afterwards, you can then spend time worrying about you
Remember to not be selfish, selfless is what to be
Invite all into your heart, by everything that you do
Neglecting others is not the way to show you care
Give fully of yourself and in return, they will care for you.

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Forever and always a shoulder to cry on
Rendering self consciousness
Igniting hope and love
Enabling strength and will
Never letting you fall 
Dependent on each other
Staying by each other's side when times get tough

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Makes The World Go Round

L: living lovable, letting incense of love
O: overcome the heart’s desires while 
V: vibrant lovable vapors capture the soul 
E: exquisitely, for everlasting, with love

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Always There

F orever there for me come what may
R eading my mind and brightening my day
I nstead of leaving me alone you sense my seclusion
E ver helpful always bringing me out of my delusion
N ot a day goes by when I forget your assertion
D ear friend of mine of forever you can be certain!

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S- incere attempts to understand.
I- mediate love and care.
S- hares pain and fear.
T- ells the truth and sacrifices lies.
E- ncourages in everyway possible.
R- eaches out to share many a tear.

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Flag of two, side by side, of red, white and blue
In thirsting heart of thine, let God’s words shine
Let not this symbol of two, suddenly, be in blue
In the land of apples, dwell peace-loving people
Pearl of the Orient, with a pure and natural scent
It’s blended, in your blood, be happy and be glad
No one can take; keep it safe, for your own sake
Of all good things you gained, use it, not in vain

Arm with courage and wisdom, from native Juan
Molded and taken care, by hospitable Uncle Sam
Ever be grateful of life, and defend it against strife
Run not from trouble, but, mend it by being noble
In the eyes of all, we can stand tall, being humble
Color of skin, white or brown, never forget our kin
Ah! My brother and sister, live in the spirit of two
No Fil-Am, without the grace of our Sam and Juan 

For poet J.B, my Fil-Am brother 

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My Poets, My Friends

Many here are known by me as gentle, kind and sweet
Yes, my poet friends that are here, they make my life complete

Poets, yes, they all possess, the way to express their thoughts
Offering themselves, through their words, everything they’re taught
Even those, I don’t know well, I hope I will one day
Together, we will write our words, as children set at play
Singing of the words we write, for everyone to share

My poet friends are those with heart, the ones that show they care
Yellow sun and the brightest moon inspire many writes

Friends they are, they are there, morning, noon and night
Releasing feelings deep within, they always give the most
Inviting all the many who read, to share in a Poet’s toast
Eagerly consuming the food of words that we all prepare
Never giving up on the craft, constantly they share
Decent individuals, all deserving and wanting respect
So for them now, sweet friends of mine, this poem I select

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H- e became as unto man,
O- ur sin he did bear.
N- o doubt had he within, for
E- ternity he gave.
S- in no more hath dominion,
T- rust and love he's given.
Y- es! He arose supreme.