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Acrostic Dedication Poems | Acrostic Poems About Dedication

These Acrostic Dedication poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Dedication. These are the best examples of Acrostic Dedication poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Open Sores

I am a coward with open sores. 
I write and wonder who it bores. 
I hear my heart and mind argue repeatedly. 
I see others carrying out my dreams; 
that’s what’s defeated me.
I am a coward with open sores. 
I pretend open doors are closed, and walk the other way. 
I touch base with the fear in my heart, tearing me apart,
leaving nothing to say... 
I worry the world will leave me. 
I cry because no one believes in me. 

I am a coward with open sores. 
I understand nothing comes easy. 
I say I’m happy, but even I don’t believe me. 
I dream I am healed and brave. 
I try to overcome my weaknesses before I’m in my grave. 
I hope you hear me.
I’m on all fours. 
I am a coward with open sores. 

©  2011  ~JSLaM    


* 1st PLACE in Contest "MARCH MADNESS" Sponsored by C. Devonshire 2011

* 1st PLACE in Contest "ONE OFF" Sponsored by Brian Strand 5/11/2011 

* 1st PLACE in Contest "BEST EVER" Sponsored by P.D. 2011

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An angel gave wings to you so you can fly
Never will life pass you by
Toward the sky you will guide
Hovering above the world so high
On a cloud you sit as other's sigh
Never will you fall from the sky
Your angels taught you how to fly

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Blowing A Kiss To You

B een awhile..haven`t seen you much lately
L ovely should`ve been your name..
O nly you can write words making me speechless
W ith your unique writes,you make me feel your soul
I n deep as well as light poetry..
N o one can make such impact on me..
G ood would be a simple word,magnificent suits you better

A rild is my name,and am so glad to know you

K ind as a gentle Goddess you are
I ncluding must be your middle name
S hining brighter than the sun could ever match
S miling with so much life in your eyes

T ango with me this evening
O ver and over you deliver jaw dropping writes

Y ou are such a gift to this poetry site
O we you one for always being so kind
U nity in poetry,I wonder if you invented those words?

*Dedicated to Wilma Neels,hope the wind will blow southbound this evening:-)
  Miss Ya`!

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P-oetess, who is so GREAT and LOVELY
O-n  the pedestal, I look up at her with so much glee
E-verything she writes are splendid and they all inspire me
T-eaching  me unique writing styles, drawing me to pen more with piquancy.

D-estroyer is a nice name  giving me good impressions
E-ncouragement through her comments, destroy all my writing inhibitions
S-o grateful that heaven brings  her as one of my precious gems
T-ruly, I will forever treasure her in reality and in my dreams
R-ight here in my heart and mind, I sincerely admire her
O-h, what a great mother, grandmother and also a sweet friend and sister!
Y-earning to meet her someday,  I still wonder
E-nchanting names she has are giving me puzzles
R-esolve my doubts, who is  Skat and Linda who has the same name as her bf forever?

Written: Sept. 6, 2012

10th Place Winner
Contest: Curiosity Killed the Cat Harry Horsman and Mandy Tams
Judged: 10/3/2012
Poet Sponsor: Harry Horsman

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~His Name Is Wonderful~

Earned his name~
Suffered all the pain~
Under the hands of men~
Settled with hate against him~

Compassionately he forgave them still~
He loved us then and he always will~
Rising he gave us the right to survive~
Intoxicating he is to all of our lives~
Supplying our each and every need~
Thank you father, For blessing me~

Our king above kings~
Understanding he brings~
Radiant he is indeed~

Living for Christ is the greatest thing~
Only in him may you rest in peace~
Remember each day to trust and forgive~ 
Divided from him is no way to live~

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Andrea Dietrich

Andrea Dietrich    ( Acrostic )

A...A name carefully chosen.
N...Named for a reason.
D...Decitful - you are not.
R...Romance - is in your heart.
E...Elegance - you show.
A...A friend - you are to many.

D...Dedication for your family - you have.
I...Ignorant - you are not.
E...Everything you do - has a reason.
T...Take some time out for yourself.
R...Remember - we don't live forever.
I...Important - are the dessions, you make.
C...Come now and enjoy life.
H...Hope for tomorrow, but live for today.

04/12/2013  Written by
Lucilla M. Carrillo

Note: This is written for a special  Lady
That has touched many hearts and will
touch many more.

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My Closet Poetry Soup Pals

C	lassy Carolyn, pretty and vibrant
A	mazing poet gifted, a joy
R	eachng with kindest heart
O	ver the top where friendship counts
L	oyal and gentle, always close by
Y	et, never imposing, overbearing or rude
N	on judgmental just as I

*To Carolyn Devonshire, my Poetry Soup Pal


L	Lovely Linda-Marie, full of class
I	ndependent girl with such pizzaz!
N	on judgemental just as I
D	evoted Mother, daring and youthful
A	mazing poet, my BBF 

* To "The Sweetheart of PS" 

P	al of mine ‘til the end of time
O	f all the guys you’re a “diamond in the rough”
N	ever bringing boredom, no monotony to my door 
C	atching each wave, we ride the highest surf
H	unk that you are, sexy hot, yet sweet like Jam

* To JAM my Poetry Soup Pal 

B	etter than most, in quiet ways
I	nsightful, inspiring, one hot, terrific “hunk” 
L	aughter he brings to lighten downhearted spirits
L	ooking always to find ways to ease others’ pain
Y	ou’re more than amazing, ‘though few may know

* For the Kidster, my Forever Friend

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Great people are raised here;
Raul is the poet of his town,
And he's an uncle of mine.
Courageous with his pen;
Everyone knows his name.
Motionless by the tree,
On top of his famous hill.
Nothing stops the writing of,
The poet of Gracemont.

Dedicated to my uncle Raul Moreno          
for his undying love of Gracemont. 

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Poetry Soup

Poets sharing their hearts and souls
Openly and honestly with each other
Expressing their deepest feelings
Truly understanding and caring
Rights of others shall be respected
Yearning to offer everything we can

So much variety, the spice of life
Opens many doors of knowledge
Understanding others views on life
Provides us with each others blessings

You know not a day goes by that I
don't feel like I should do more to
show you all how important you are
to me. I love you all and I'm not
ashamed to say when your poems
are sad I cry, when their happy I 
laugh and when they teach I learn.
"Provides us with each others blessings"
Thats what the soup is! Thank you
"Team Poetry Soup", Michael

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God's Rich Garden

God’s Rich Garden

Gorgeous cascade falling blind
On evergreen slopes of pines
Down to silver lake gone quiet
Stealing into a river feeding country wide.

Rich fields of crops and orchards dance
Imploring cultivation to abundance
Caressed by the sun’s warm presence
Highlighted by the colorful flowers’ fragrance.

Garden planted on a beautiful spring morning
Anticipating the presence of inhabitants to fill
Resort like land that would inspire the shaping of His will
Dedicated to the happiness of His offspring
Endowed with His power to governing
None other than the Kingdom of Heaven, eternal spring.

By CarolineCécile,
Copyright © 10.26.09

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Tirzah Conway

Tirzah is talented, true and thoughtful
Intelligent, inspiring and insightful
Realistic, respectful and resourceful
Zealous, passionate and purposeful
Alluring, bold, bright and beautiful
Hearty, humble, helpful and hopeful

Creative, cool, cute, calm and colorful
Open-minded, optimistic and cheerful
Noble, nice, meek, mild and mindful
Wise, wholesome and wonderful
Amiable, ambitious and successful
Young, virtuous, vibrant and youthful

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A Tribute to Poetry Soup

A tribute to poetry soup

That's been coming for a while
Regardless of your age or group 
It always makes you smile
Beginners are made to feel at home
Understanding, they are poets too
Teaching or learning they're never alone
Even though they might be new

Taking time to hold their hand
Offering some great advice

Patiently, til they understand
Openly, and always nice
Even if you're a master poet
Teaching, may be your gift
Reaching those, who just don't know it
You can set their minds adrift

So thanks to all that help us write
Or who's keeping us in the loop
Until my fingers, no longer type
Praises, to all at the soup

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Longing to see you grow so vibrantly & majestically like a precious lily in the Kerfly Hills! Show off your green-blue, velvet wings as you soar in the current of the aqua-blue sky! I’m hoping you won’t pass me by! C-;
Inviting in positivity, naturally made by you! When you are feeling as low as the sand in the sea, think of me…think of me…remember our fantastic friendship…reflect on me…reflect on me… – our friendship will always be grand! Believe me – you’re a clever companion and I’m a brainless bard! We’re both busy bees, but our lucky link – friendship-wise – is intriguing! 
Look up to me & I will motivate you to shine on like the dawn ~ ; don’t be weighed down by the dismal nightfall…I will unchain you from your lonesome dorm…feel free to knock on my door anytime! I’m available to you 24/7, especially in the sun-shining, splendid summertime!
Love the way you are, shining bright like a luminous diamond (Rihanna reference <3)! Your passion-beaming personality sparkles & shimmers like stars that appear in the ebony skies – you’re a light in the world & you are the Merciful Rain that descends from bitter clouds! Don’t let anyone dampen your spirits! 
You Gottah keep trying to go the distance and let your passions flare with fervor flames, friend of mine! You are charming and striking! I know I can act outlandish and awkward sometimes, but you put up with me just fine! Let’s tread the narrow road of recovery & nirvana! When you approach your obstacles, I’ll be your Emerald Compass, guiding you to your Heavenly Haven and steering you away from the commotion of the ocean! I wish your light can shower upon this land of wonders & serenity, you appealing angel! You’re never dull…promise me you’ll dim no more! Sleep well in your Heavenly Haven and rest your soul on cotton-candy clouds! Now, I’m trying to find my tranquil dwelling place – I’ll help you fulfill your superb dreams! Soon, it will become a super incredible reality! Someday, it will become a dream of reality! 

-inspired by my special friendship with my school friend, Lilly.
(Also, inspired by the music I was listening to on - make your playlists on that website and listen to music/broadcast music! Sign up for it!) 
I met her in French class in my Junior year! 
She was a Freshman when she met me! 
Now, I'm gonna be a Senior and she's gonna be a Sophomore. 
Wow, how time flies!
Do comment on this poem and pen on, 
dear poets and poetesses. 
Be a light to this world, 
sweet bards 
(be not a brainless bard like I!! J/K :D).  

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Autism Acrostic Poem

A utism
U nderestimates
T he
I ndividual’s
S uccessful
M oments

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Cookies are addictive!
OoOoH! Here's one to snatch!
Okay...where's the chocolate chips?
Kraving too many of these treats
I want some now! But...I might get beeefy...
Every bite is mouthwatering, soft and crisp
Should I take another cookie?

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Love came down at Christmas

L Long ago travelled Kings
O Opened their minds to prophecies
V Visiting from afar they brought gifts of Gold, Fracincense and Myrrh
E Eastern Star guiding them lighting the way

C Company of Heavenly Host
A Allelujah! Angels appeared to Shepherds, telling Savior born
M Manger for bed wrapped in cloths in Town of David
E Evangelically proclaimed Christ the Lord

D December 25th designated day
O On which we recollect
W Why/way Christ entered our world
N Nativity only part of His story

A A new testament
T Tells of new covenant between God and His people

C Christ's coming to Earth
H Hailed as new born King, Holy
R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer, 
I Intercedes for us as
S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls
T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity
M Man's belief in God of Love,  
A As Father Son and Holy Spirit
S Shall be saved

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

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Michael J Falotico

M any of you soupers already knows this friendly New Yorker
I n writes and friendship he`s an outstanding and stand up guy
C entral Park,Strawberry Fields..could it be his invention?
H e inspires and has taught me to write from my heart and soul
A nother days goes by,another write is born right out of his Golden Pen
E ndless rivers of artistic ink,flowing like strong creeks after a long winter
L ive and let live should be tattooed on that dude`s forehead

J ourney has started there`s no stopping now..

F lying zigzag between rainbows,how many beside MJF has been inside a rainbow? 
A nchored in poetry his mind drifts all over the planet-searching to find friendly spirits
L ennons` soul visit his work from time to time..
O rdinary people here at the Soup has cherished his work over and over
T he timeless poems he produces displays a unique creativity
I n dream poetry and real life he strikes a nerve,the reader something to ponder
C entral Park..Strawberry that your poetry office,Mike?
O ver and over his Golden Pen delivers spectacular work..

* Take care MJF,have a peaceful and great NY week over there!

September 25th 2012

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Jimi Hendrix..Rock Star and Legend

J	imi, a talented guitarist
I	n the world of Rock
M	ade young girls cry 
I	n his world, how he shined!

H	ard wired to play
E	arly love for guitars
N	ever found Nirvana 
D	ying each day, endless pain
R	iding strings of his music	
I	n his mind, demons taunted	
X	iting  too soon, young legend!

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Your Eyes

 (Dedicated to Folake)

Your eyes, woman
are like twilight rainbow
amorously bearing aloft passions of mine
toward androcytic ecstacy.
They tell of endless lights.

Night skies clarion the warmth of you
keep me balled-up till
i am tilted to your adorned essence.

May I call up words to adore you,
agglomerate them into a panoply of worshippers
unsandalled before you
like Moses at the burning bush.
And now you seem to fall asleep
but you tell me it's the heavy night
bidding toward a sunny dawn
wherein our love is lighted.

Slowly I let you fall asleep
impatient with the long night
waiting to gaze once more
into the eyes of my lovely love.

Then a lip is placed on yours
and you rouse up wide-eyed
smiling at my romantic move.
We enjoyed the night, cruising on.

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My New Year's Wish For You

H ealth of abundance…I wish to you
A  lot of success…in whatever you do
P ride and distinction…may you gain
P romising suitors...may they be sane 
Y uletide debt…may it be paid off fast

N ever, I hope…will you be miscast
E verlasting luck…I truly hope for thee
W ishing you’ll never meet…a killer bee

Y our quest for life…may it be robust
E ach of your seams…may they never bust
A nd most of all, I wish you…in this year
R igs full of money…and lots of beer!

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The Message

I'm not the greatest of all-times, but when I'm done, I'll be an all time great in this lifetime of mine Like the late great who came before my time I will breed a new lifeline, that will breathe life like march of dimes My story lines, will bring truth life; like troops who fight Overseas, for rights of those who believe that death is life Now that ain't right! As the rich is getting richer, eating fillet me-non, while we barely feeding our appetite Night after night Survival has waged a war that gave us no choice but to battle and fight Although, we'll be all right They say we a dying breed, but that ain't right Instead we're the light to a lying greed That will enlighten life to a brand new seed A man of God indeed Freed from the Son that bleeds Like the summer breeze He's the sum that equals the amount of air I breathe The air that please A satisfaction like the birds and the bees My word's words are the keys That will fornicate with the mind and give birth to a seed A seed of social change, that'll change our social economy So shall our comradery That will bring comfort to a struggling society A synonym...similar to a civilization seeking for unity Unifying the physics of theory That seeks to explain the synopsis of a dying philosophy Similar to the Cosby X-cept my scrip-tic will speak more about our reality Like life's calamity And everything else in life that's destroying us systematically However, I've discovered a system That can mathematically destroy ignorancy And turn our state of mind intellectually I elect that He (God) selects me to be And be that man who may lead this community So that they (My Peoples) may commute with me En-route to a destination, destine towards our destiny Like we were destine to be We were meant to be "Great" like the late great that came before we. Because we are... The reflection where perfection gave birth to the definition of greatness Where great means Competent, Skilled, Well Informed, and Tremendous Our potentials are endless And only we not even the enemy can put an end to this So it's time we put a stop to this The biggest enemy of self And that's envy and jelousness Cause after this is Heaven or Hell and that's all there is A promised made sealed with a kiss Knowing this Is the next best thing since "In the beginning" In the first chapter of the first verse in Genesis!

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

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Richard   ( Acrostic )

R...Ricieve with joy what is given to you.
I...It is yours to enjoy.
C...Calm the storm, that's in your Soul.
H...Happiness is yet to come.
A...Always lend a helping hand.
R...Remember always your true friends.
D...Delight to others - you always bring.

Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

Note: I put a lot of thought to write
this poem, as there are two gentlemen
here with that name. This is for you.

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The Need for a Pot...

Poetic hunger made me starving one night
Opened laptop pretending I am taking a bite
Empty stomach and soul were not satisfied 
Transient beggar of mind -  didn't feel right!
Recipes great  from my Epulaeryu  site
Yielded spoonfuls of  rhythm  and humor so bright
So I fired up the stovetop,  asked friends for a light
Our fantasy soup  flooded steams of delight
Uniquely created  in a midsummer night
Patiently stirring talent by a secret White Knight...

for: Adeleke's  contest "Poetic Picture of POETRY SOUP"

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Feels like the world and destiny is testing you,
Assuming you can simply overlook things,
Irrespective of always being genuine ,and never giving up
Like all great moments are dim, ignored, and forgotten;
Unless the world and destiny simply has the pleasure of testing your patience,
Repeatingly, that now you have to make a decision and recognize it is a phase,
Empowering those positive thoughts to erupt to sustain a noble empire of compassion.

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I'm Still Coming

I can't believed I 
Missed all the

That You gave me!
I know now that I can't live my 
Life without you!
Living here knowing that I 

Can still have you in my heart is my
Only joy. I'm sorry I didn't believe in all your
Messengers until it was almost to late; but
I'll try to live the rest of my life for you 
God, be with me and help get through these last days!

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Though I did not want anyone to know

Helping people is what I try to do so I can grow

Even when it is tough I realize I help people not for show

Self involvement is a must a way to make things make sense

Eager to do things I become sometimes dense

Caring about the things I love is what really can help my choice

Revealing my secret to you I will keep my poise

Even when the time comes I will not be spoiled because of my heart

The secret to doing things is make it a great memory so it will not part

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Wish You Were Here Elaine George

E ver was there an amazing poet
L avishing us with your poetry
A nd
I ntriguing our minds
N ever will there be nearly
E nough of your poetry for me to read

G oing to all poetic places
E ver searching for more
O ver and over again
R ight on you are
G iving so freely of yourself
E very word coming straight from your heart

Thank you Lainie you are the main reason I am here today.
When I came here in 2006 you gave me the courage to keep writing.

Anyone who has not read any of Elaine George's poetry should check it out.

Written by: Carol Brown
Written on: 01/18/2012
Written for: Missing Souper, We Miss You ! 
Requested by: Cyndi MacMillan
1st Place Winner

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M ighty forces of concentration 
R eading the minds of those who
S uccumb, breathing realms of perplexity
N egative, positive their difference and sum
I s it only I in contemplation? 
S quare-rooted mysteries and more to come 
R eady to confront word-“problems”
E ager, I sometimes feel so dumb
E ndless solving of no cessation, yet with you
N othing but a piece of Pi….yum! 

                                         Ode to a great teacher

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Nelson Mandela

Many born will choose paths in search of glory and fame               

And after the dust has settled, not much value remains

Nelson “chose” with open eyes and a passion-filled heart        

Despite physical pain and degradation, love kept his soul apart

Evil, he shunned when it would've been easy to embrace

Love, he championed throughout the marathon race

And now at last, peacefully, touched the finish line!

Note: In Honor of Nelson Mandela 7/18/18 - 12/5/13 +RIP

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Pink Joy

P recious jewel that adorns Royal crown of lov E,
I nfinite happiness may you bring along with that pizza Z 
N ot a day would go by without you bringing smiles, so walt Z
K eenly into all the lucky hearts that you meet, just shin E
J ubilant was the day that you were born, bringing light to al L
O ceans of laughter and love will surround you, sweetest dol L
Y ou are heaven’s blessing, so dance and glow dear babe—just sparkl E!

for Royal's Pink Joy Contest
and of course, dedicated to sweet Ezzelle ^_^


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A real hero

                                                             A REAL HERO?
                                                          By: Synthia Miner

                  What does it take to be a hero?
  Being a single mother, keeping a family strong.
   or a single father, helping his daughter along.
  Maybe a soldier leaving his newly pregnant wife.
or making the ultimate sacrifice, to save only one life?

                  What makes a real hero?
      Knowing how to stop a drug lab or a bomb.
  or having the power to save a child gone wrong.
      Is it being able to help the hungry,
  or saving everything that’s been lonely.

                   How do we define a hero?
       Every way you look at it, people can say,
             heroes come naturally…. in a way,

       But; when you dig down deep,
          I see only one answer

           A real hero must have the will to live;
                 whether for him or her self,
      or everything and everyone one around them.
Heroes have the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

From this I say, that my Uncle Jason Mullholand is a real hero.
         He has fought for his life, not just to be alive,
                        but for raising his family.

                 So you see, heroes are hear everyday.
      It’s the soldier fighting for peace,
        and the mother battling cancer.
   And the kids you ignore hunting for food,
    Just to feed their always hungry siblings.

    A real hero values the life of everyone, 
     and charges with the courage of love.

To every hero out there 
Please keep up the fight for life!

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Earths people, it is time to wake up, the ‘Prince’ is alive! 
Ascension available, access through your heart 
Seek and you shall find! 
Time is short, personally unite, connect as one
Eternity given
Rise to the occasion, celebrate the gift of life, bond, with ‘our lord Jesus’ and ‘our Universal Father in heaven, building a bridge, experiencing kinship, between human and spirit

                     ***Happy Easter Everyone***

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The Swimmers

In the wake of its

Fighting spirit---with
Its gold and

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Poetry Soup Bowl

<                                    Pallets  profusely pulsating
                                      Over organic originals
                                      Emotions enormously emerge
                                      Through trident times
                                      Relic  rejoice recant
                                      Yes yearn yourself

                                      Solid structure's sanction
                                      Open  optional opinions
                                      Understudy understand unity's
                                      Poetry's passionate's pulse

                                      Because beauty bestows
                                      Over oversights objection
                                      Widespread whispers wanted
                                      Leaving lasting longevity

Entry For
Adeleke Adeite's
Poetic Picture Of Poetry Soup
G.L. All

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A Hearing Impaired Child

S-peak not the truth, pleasant or not,
I-n my mouth, silence resounds;
G-ive me your smile and not a frown,
N-od your head and I’ll understand.

L-ift up my spirit as I do the rest,
A-ccept me for what I am and my weaknesses,
N-eeding your special love, care and sweetness,
G-od rewards  you  a thousand folds if you can give.
U-pbeat so much of your capabilities,
A-ll of us have something to share;
G-uide me to make the stars not out of my reach,
E-nigma of my strength  is you, my God’s gift.

Sign language helps you to understand me,
          for I am a child who is a hearing impaired.

Aug. 11,2012

Note: I composed this poem lovingly dedicated to exceptional kids especially the HI. May God bless you all.

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Legend of Elvis Presley Final Part

E arly in his childhood,like an angel from above,he sang gospel and blues
L ooked like a movie star,even in high school,loved those blue suede shoes
V ernon and Gladys,there from the start,his ever-so-proud mom and dad
I n The Ghetto his voice was unique,poverty tuned it sad
S uspicious Minds,what a hit,got our temperatures risin`again

P resence had changed quite a bit since the 1950`s whirlwind
R ock n`Roll was here to stay and the female fans wouldn`t surrender
E lvis`voice matured even more as he serenaded us with Love Me Tender
S o intence and charismatic,hips a winding,spell-binding from the stage
L ived hard and fast in Hollywood`s limelight,sadly drugs made him age
E nd was near,his song cut short,on 16th August 1977
Y es,the King of Rock,a Jailhouse hunk,ascended as a star in the heavens

A.Ertsland & G.Rix
6th.February 2012

Banged my head with Gwendolen,and out came acrostic.Thanks for the collab,you
Graceland smoothie.

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Live Laugh Love

L ife
I ntroduces
V alues
E veryone

L oving
A nother
U nderstanding
G od's
H and

L ifts
O thers
V ictoriously
E verlasting

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I Am

Stop running from it
Pray and try
I think you might like it
I think you should try
Tomorrow is a new and your personal salvation is on the line

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Mystic Rose

Mystic Rose    ( Acostic )

M...Malice - is not in your heart.
Y...Young at heart - you are.
S...Silent - sometimes you have to be.
T...Teacher to many - you have been.
I...Imagine - all the good you can do.
C...Capricious - you are not.

R...Rose - a very dellecate flower - you are.
O...Observer - you always are.
S...Someone captured your heart.
E...Embrace life and be happy...

o4/10/2013 Written by
Lucilla M. Carrillo

Note: This is a dedication to
a very nice Lady here in Poetry Soup
One that you should know.

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Alzheimers Acrostic Poem

A lways
L iving
Z ealously
H oping
E very
I mportant
M emory
E ffortlessly 
R emains
S pecial

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Passions play on the pages of this sweet, super soup,
Opportunities are opened up in this great group.
Endearing entities; got no room for rift and rivalry, 
Talented poets preach... quoting their dictionary, Reality revived, illusion illuminated by Souper sages:
Youths and the young-at-art, priceless poets of 
all ages…

Sauced soup served hot, tempting, terrific and tasty,
Outstanding oration... terrific tank filled for the thirsty;
Unadulterated umbrella for poets with passion,
Powerful platform for all poets, a noble and nifty nation.

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He Is!

H is love is what made him send His Son to save the
E ntire world.

I t's in this precious 
S acrifice and gift of Jesus' birth that we have a day to celebrate!

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It's Just One Word

 Am I the only one who's feeling there is something very wrong with all of this ,
I can't seem to get anybody to listen not even when I raise  my fist.
    How can they not see what I see ,has everybody lost thier mind I say,
Why can't they see what it is that is making them act this way.
   Have you taken a look around to see  there's something that has changed,
When you look into peoples eyes Lord how you can see the rage.
   No compassion  for thier fellow man as if they have never ever cared,
For the future of mankind and how we all should be  aware.
    Saw a friend of mine the other day he was acting a little strange ,
I can't help but wonder just when , how , and who's the blame.
   This power and greed is consuming us all we just can't seem to stop
Stepping on our brothers & sisters as we  race to the top.
   Where's the love ,the kindness ,the hope and faith  we use to live by,
How we allowed ourselves to sink so low I' will never know why.
    Still I will contunue to spread the word which has always been,
Be good and love one another as you are learning not to sin.
    Please don't be another wreck that has been pushed to the side ,
If you' listen to the one and only word you will know why.
    We will all band together so we can stand  tall and free,
It is one simple word and that is love how could you nor see.

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Twin Towers

T wo buildings once stood tall
W hen one day they would fall.
I n the sky the planes flew
N ot knowing what they'd do.

T oo many people died
O n that day we all cried.
W hat happened no one knew
E xtreme anger just grew.
R emembering the fear
S o keep your families near.

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  Mother nature's




  The time
  Rules the world.

*Happy Mother's Day To All Mothers Around The World*

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A Cowboy Is


A Cowboy Is





There once was a cowboy name Joe.
Who took his girlfriend to a show.
The lights were turned low.
Her lips he did blow.
It just goes to show Joe did go!!!!

*For Tirzah Conway's "A Cowboy Is" contest

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For every morning with coffee
As she brings me her sunlight
It's another start by running
To leave and make Dean's List
Her life has my heart jogging

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To Sara Kendrick from Harry Horsman

S ara is an
A ries girl
R ural Red Rose
A egis of peace.

K ind heartfelt comments
E ncourage one and all
N umerous poems to ponder
D efender of nature’s call,
R ich in rhyme and rhythm
I ncensed at needless war
C reations against injustice
K een to even the score.

with love from harry horsman
from the yorkshire dales to the state of Georgia
23 dec 2011.  
for p.d's gift exchange contest. 

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Unexpected Peers (An acrostic ode to Poetry Soup and it's members)

Unexpected Peers (An acrostic ode to Poetry Soup and it's members)	






            I haven't been on this site long, but many of you have already made me feel
welcome, and, moreover, like I belong.  I'm finding myself as inspired as I have ever been
to keep writing, and to keep growing as a writer, thanks to your support, your contests,
and your own original posts.  This is, truly, a special community.  
            Thanks for allowing me to become a part of it.

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The Place to Be

One or no other 

Place can
Reach into your heart as a writer and take you seriously.
Expressing yourself through poetry can
Sometimes be
Seen as not being a real writer or "too artistic."
Understanding fellow poets giving you critique as well as praise
Reminds you of how much you love poetry and you can 
Except that the written word can be a prosperous future for you.

written: 01/09/2012
written by: Brandee Augustus

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Fluff It Up

<                                  Fluff of billowy clouds
                                     Looking like they have Angelic faces
                                     Utterly smiling down on Mother Earth
                                     Forecasting peace for all mankind
                                     Foresakes for all sinners

Entry For
Carol Browns 
Fluff Contest
G.L. All

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A writer, who also loves dance,
Life, good music, and making friends;
Eagerly setting her own trends,
Xeroxing sweetness in advance.
Inspired, a creative trance
Sparks a creative ode, that blends

Favorable phrases, that send
A nice message that takes a stance.
Not all girls deserve such an ode,
That takes such an effort to write.
Rarely, does my creative code
Offer me the chance to shed light.
Yet, I walk this creative road,
So that I can climb a new height.

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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday you're growing up fast.
A beautiful and amazing young woman
Pretty Cool and Funny
Pure in the heart
You just gotta keep on keeping on
Beautiful and Rad
Including that i will by sad that you are moving
Really just sweet and caring
The Best Girl in town
Happy Birthday to you
Delete all the bad memories and put yesterday in as a good one
Amazing funny and pretty
You just gotta Keep on Keeping on.

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~To Be A Mother Is A Gift~

There are times when I feel I don't have all the answers and I 
Often have to ask God to give me the wisdom and understanding

Because being a mother, I don't always know what to do
Every day is a learning process, But I am eager and


Motivated to be the best mother I can be, I am
Overwhelmed at times but still so very
Thankful to God for blessing me with such a gift
Honored to be not only a mother but a friend
Ecstatic in watching my daughter grow and 
Realizing that I was chosen to guide and nurture her

Is truly an amazing and overwhelming feeling
Since I had lost my first child, I'm still haunted

At the thought of who she or he would have been but

God has given me a second chance and I am so grateful
I get to wake up each day staring into her beautiful face
Fighting back the tears of happiness she has graced me with 
Thinking to myself, I love her more than anything

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Chaste and chased dedicated to Eileen Ghali

Chaste and Chased – dedicated to Eileen Ghali 

Coy sideways glances at the man of your dreams 
Holding hands in secret so nobody sees 
Amazed more girls don’t act the way you do 
Sex before marriage – no you want to remain pure 
Total commitment to one man in your life 
Even when you’re dating you remain so demure 

Always ready to see some bedroom action 
Never turning sex down its like some fatal attraction 
Devotedly he now pursues 

Chase begins with eager anticipation 
His heart pounding and heavy respiration 
Ardour inflamed by her beauty 
She’s sublime and sexy, such a cutie 
Eureka is his final thought 
Dames sure are naughty when they’re caught 

Written by JaDazzle (Jan Allison & Darren Watson) 
14th April 2014

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Great community,Happy People and One Family

I wonder helplessly like a gored Ox, My Head so light, like an empty Box, I needed even the slightest protection even if it comes from a pair of socks, but finding help in a foreign place is so unorthodox not until I found your sheltering Hut. Mutualism shared so wonderfully, exciting and comforting like the lilly, Love and Compatibility making each day lively, then I realize "actually!" this place is really a Family. Transmitting the passion to members like an antenna, raising our spirits and touching our hearts like an entertainer, giving Hope and encouragement like my sister, Aiyanna so selfless to ensure it is all about You spreading like an epidemic to affect others too and if you still struggle like I do, it will aid you up the ladder for a breakthrough to the point it may seem not true. Wanna improve on your virtues? It shall making you patient and meek like a fisher blessing your hard work by reaching the top like Usher and even making you a mentor like the real Aiyanna-Anisha. What are you waiting for? no restrictions from the Law Join the family and share in the atmosphere of Love.

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E  ven 
V  illiains understand
L  ive

                                    E. V. I. L. 

                      (Even Villains understand I Live) 


Eric (and sometimes not)

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The Life of a Land Lover

The journey of perilous seas-
a vessel so grand-
plunging into the darkest abyss-
eagerly searching as the house upon a rock-

Steering true through mutinies,
teetering on the brink of tipping!

Rallying, never to waver again!

Yet another voyage just dawning-forevermore!

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Angels gave you wings so you can fly
Never will they allow you to fall
God gave you to me to always love
Everyday with you is a gift from above
Loving you is always a pleasure
Always will your angels guide you as you fly

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James Chance

James Chance  ( Acrostic )

J... Judge not your sister, or brother.
A...Always be fair in your decisions.
M...Make memories now, for years to come.
E...Encourage the good and not the bad.
S...Save always for a rainy day.

C...Change your life for the better.
H...Happiness is not in money.
A... Acomplish your goals in life.
N...Never say - I can not do it.
C...Concentrate in your priorities.
E...Everyday is a new expirence. 

Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

This is in honor to a friend's husband,
that passed away to a much better place.
He was a preacher. His wife asked me to
write something for him. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Therese Bacha

Therese Bacha  ( Acrostic )

T... Thoughtful of others - you always are.
H...Helpful to many - you have been.
E...Enemies - I don't think - you have.
R...Reserved - you have always been.
E... Envious of others - you are not.
S... Special - you will always be.
E... Everyday is a new beginning for you.

B...Bitterness - is not in you.
A...A good writer - you came to be.
C...Carefully - you choose your friends.
H... Happiness - is waiting for you.
A... Always smile and absorb - the good things in life...

04/13/2013  Written by
Lucilla M. Carrillo

Note: A dedication to to a great Lady
That through her poetry, I have come 
to know. I hope you know her too.

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I Heard an Angel Speak

"I heard an angel speak last night and he said "write"

Hearing this made my heart sing and my soul contrite,
Each time I visit the resting place of so many bones.
Angelic statues look upon me, those of granite stones.
Recalling the words they said to me was so intense.
Dreaming was not a factor, for I was indeed awake.

Angels spoke to me and said write a poem from hence.
Now I pour my soul and spirit into words without forsake.

Angels, the army of God, guard the Heavens above us all.
Nearer to God, we all know they are, answering his call.
Graves are the resting place we visit our loved ones on earth.
Even though we know their souls traveled with loving worth.
Listen in the quietness and your ears will hear them speak.

Seek behind the shadows, be not afraid, and do not be weak.
Prepare to listen to beauty of nature that visits each day.
Every flower and tree holds the power of eternity’s way.
All your saddened heartaches will disappear, upon your listening.
Know the fervency I have found, in Angels eyes glistening.

Written by
Cecil Hickman


written for
Sponsor Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~  
Contest Name Angels In Cemeteries 

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There is little special about my life, no gift from the gods,
All mostly a perspiring struggle with adverse odds.
Perhaps the best part of it is my wife:
Easily the biggest help to me in my life.
She  is a constant source of  inspiring ideas and thought
To keep me sane  and on the track I ought.
Roll on the day when I can reward her properly  - and how!
Yet . . . . she always reckons that day is now.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .

Written for  Carol Brown’s  Contest     TAPESTRY |

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Angels wish that they had her smile,
So they could inspire the words
Heard coming from the heart that spurred
Lovely forms of poetic style.
Each angel would stay for a while,
Yielding their heavens to the birds,
Waiting for a chance to be stirred
Instantly, with poetic files.
Left to right her smile moved this pen;
Left to right her smile wrote these rhymes,
Inciting both angels and men.
Angels, until the end of time,
Must remain content with their grins,
Since stealing hers would be a crime.

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Justice must see day in all situations

Universe is calling to those with ears

Society must listen and understand

Too many times, much is said no one hearing

Invisible attention in action

Creating and promoting hypocrisy

Enough is Enough, Justice must Reign!

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written 22nd March 2001

H  is for the many "hearts you will break
A  is for the "appreciation you feel for love
N  is for the "never endless laughs we'll have
N  is for the loving "nature that radiates from you
A  is for "all the happiness you bring to my life
B  is for your "bubbly smiles
E  is for our "endless memories
L  is for all the "love you give
L  is for a "lifetime we have together
E  is for the "eternal freedom I give to you

         "Mummy's Thought's"

           So bubbly and bright
        You alway's have to be right
        Compassionate and sweet
          To everyone you meet 
           But never comparing
  To the mum, you are forever sharing

                                          with love

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ASHLEY WILLIAMS english sonnet

Ashley William has become my new muse,
Since she has inspired me with her charm,
Her beauty, and her wit, which help me use
Lustfull images that could do no harm.
Eventually, I will warm her heart,
Yearning for her to approve my advance
With one of her own, thus playing her part,
In a game we are playing at a glance.
Let us dance this dance, until we are weak,
Leaving all that energy on the floor,
Instead of saving it for those who seek
Attention, with unworthy words that bore.
My new muse has earned nothing but the best,
Since she touched the heart beating in my chest.

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G  iven unconditionally, a

R  ansom has been paid

A  nti-Semitic ignorance could not stop his way

C  rucified and he rose , his gift abound today

E  ntrust all you have ,  his love shall heal thy pain

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Giving thanks to the almighty Father and creator,
In Him I trust for HE is my great mentor,
Void of infections and diseases which makes me healthy,
I live among loved and benevolent ones making me wealthy,
New and progressive things keep happening in my life,
Glory and honour be unto HIM for making me to survive,
Though the evil ones fought me to my marrow,
Heaven came to my rescue and save me with a divine arrow,
Attacked and afflicted with plenty pains and sorrows;
Nonetheless;I overcome them all with celestial fellows,
Knowledge and wisdom HE bestowed upon me in manifold,
Sonorous songs and sonnets will I render to HIM in tenfold.

CONTEST:"Counting your Blessings" sponsored by Kim Merryman.

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Shoeless Wanderers of Heaven

N ever again will the Tribes of Israel be the sacrificial lamb of man.
A nnealed in furnaces of man, not in Olam HaEmet by the Almighty in "the World of Truth."
Z ealots rose from the ashes of the ovens and now defend like Sicarii of old.
I srael blooms and grows in the desert, returned by Allied Forces to the cauldron.
H ome to the Holy Land, they were sent, shipped, caste surrounded by Arab foe, isolated. 
O vens melted their hearts, striped their forms for their souls held no intrinsic value.
L ampshades and shoes were made from their skin, jewelry from the gold in their teeth.
O rders given by The Third Reich were obeyed without conscious. The herd was culled.
C hrist-killer the Christian mind said, devil worshiper, their deaths were acceptable.
A nti-Semitism always has been and always will be a threat to Jews everywhere.
U nited, Jews must form a majority population in Israel so Jews everywhere feel safe.
S anctuary will never again being denied Israel will be safe haven from religious persecution.
T o a future where all men have intrinsic worth regardless of race, creed or religion, pray.

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A-cross the land an winter sun
S-ome place place was a born
O-chestras gave us that song
R-oycing we headed to England
O-pera showed our happy face
C-aptives no more we are free
k-night of the rock lets all arise


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H ome is where we hang our hat
O thers come and sit and chat
M emories are made and families too
E nd up back home we often do. 

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With what I have to work with is all I need

Or do I? as I choose to write this with speed

Rule of thumb I have to emphasize the words I use

Do you think so? or should I just choose?

Portrait is a fascinating word it has so many meaning

Overview of this word is this I say; accent, highlight, illuminate, and stressing

Revealing more words to use is what I will do

The meaning of Portrait is what I will view

Random words that make the word Portrait now I will say

A word that means the same yet makes it more pleasant to overlay

I will now say some words or two; accentuate, feature, punctuate

These words can either be used or can be put on debate

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(Dedication: A tribute for Demetrios Trifiatis,
my Greek friend, a gentleman. Thank you. 
We will sorely miss your company here at the
PoetrySoup haven. Do come visit whenever
you can indulge our rhymes and reasons.)


Discern and see, discern and tell;
Ending feels sad, ending floods pain;
Mind now sets free, mind words that dwell;
Embrace the glad, embrace the rain.
Touch of sure rhymes, touch of true friends;
Rich recall stays, rich gestures live;
Invite old times, invite fond blends;
Opt to delay, opt to retrieve;
Such special chimes, such poetry grand.

Trust has a name, trust has a friend;
Reap what you sow, reap what you earn;
Indulge fine blame, indulge fond trends;
Free voice we know, free poise we yearn.
Inspire and sing, inspire and match;
Active your tact, active your will;
Thoughts that you bring, thoughts that you catch;
In simple acts, in subtle fill;
See you in spring, see you detached.

Rest well my friend, rest in grand light;
Empty this site, empty this soup;
That Grecian blend, that Grecian flight;
Ink now recites, ink PoetrySoup;
Reach out to hurl, reach out to swing;
Echoes we write, echoes now droop;
Sad speeding twirl, sad sorry sling.

Next movement here, next stormy feel;
Open hearts dear, open minds still;
We wait on cheer, we wait your fill.

Go sail your way, go find your niche;
Offer your zest, offer your zeal;
Note your fond days, note your fine reach;
Ever the best, ever the feel.

Leon Enriquez
20 Apr 2014 (on Easter Sunday)

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You Snooze You Loose

<                                        Artist searching for a muse
                                          Creativity is the key
                                          Recant those memories 
                                          Open your heart and soul
                                          Start spreading the news
                                          There's poetry to be found
                                          Inside each and everyone of us
                                          Can't you hear the music

                                          To the beaten drum
                                          Whistle while you work
                                          Or you'll snooze and lose

Entry For
Jared Pickett's Contest
Acrostic 2
G.L. All

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C ome,colour my canvas mind again with your white ink,
O pen up those horizons for another flight~~
N ostalgic,melancholic and sublime,
S ing again those pleasant serenades
T ranquilizing my mind with soft words,
A nd let me see the world through those eyes
N esting a bird called sorrow,
C arelessly leaving its impression in my mind
E verlasting and almost eternal.


By:kashinath karmakar (10th January, 2012)

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Dearest Grandpa

Drops of rain, splash at my feet
Every time I see them I'm reminded of you
Always working so hard and true
Realizing that I held your heartbeat
Every now and then your smile would creep
Showing me the love that I knew
Truest form of compassion as I cooed
Growing up through the years
Rain would suddenly give me a fright
And this saddened me for many a day and night
Never had I experienced these type of fears
Don't you remember holding me and loving away my tears
Paw Paw I miss you so much now; you making those delicious hash brown bites
And although you're gone, I'll see you soon in Heavenly Sunlight

For the "Sonnet Man's Acrostic Challenge" 
Written By R.M. Hunt
a.k.a Robert Matthew Hunt

Also I dedicate this poem to both my Grandparents
A.W. Hunt-"Buddy"
Howard Davis

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Headstrong, headlong, headfirst, head on, Glory HallelujaH
Endure, engage, enforce, eradicate, exclusive, Delta  ForcE
Reliant rescuer raider redeemer rapier razor, Army RangeR
Outfit outwit outlast outlive outright outdo USMC-ANGLICO

Protector of  life, liberty, freedom, democracy, citizenshiP
Always stand in defense of The United States Of AmericA
True blue loud and proud defender of the American SpiriT
Respects the flag & supports The Constitution with honoR
I believe it is my duty to defend borders &  Island HawaiI
Owning a firearm is a legal right  under Amendment  twO
This testimony represents that I am an  American PatrioT

Champion and  protector  of  our  Democratic  RepubliC
Officer and Peace Keeper,  preventing what evil men dO
Unafraid against any challenger defending  me and  yoU
Resolute to the greater good with valor pride and honoR
American Soldiers paying the high cost  for free AmericA
Gracefully protecting justice and liberty let freedom rinG
Extraordinary moral fiber and unequalled focus andhopE

All men created equal, Life, Liberty and Happiness quotA
Marines pledging pride, powerful protectors of patriotisM
Equal justice One Nation Under God Faith IndependencE
Respect the flag responsibility legal accountability honoR
Independence Declaration of  people by  people  you & I
Constitutional contract for citizenship Capitalism acrostiC
Allegiance to the red, white and blue, God bless AmericA

A tribute to America's Special Forces

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To Nette Onclaud From S Jagathsimhan Nair

Never ceasing to amaze is your write, Nette,
Ever burgeoning after a torrent , pretty
Tides after tides of it sweep one off one’s feet
Time and space it serves in its delectable treat
Each line of it is a poem so effusive
Only you could capture its magic  elusive
Never in dearth of phrases silken and sensitive
Caressing or casual, caring or combative
Like a sudden lightning at times it does blind
Allegory  and the abstract it tends to bind
Unarguably off the top shelf it gently flows
Dominating like nothing else in us it grows.

For P.D's Gift exchange contest, Dec 24, 2011

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Lexi is our neice and is 3 years old her sister is Trinity, They have been a joy in our lives.

Little mama, love
Emulates her surroundings
X-the barrenness
Interested in life, loves daddy

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Great, powerful and mighty
Oh so forgiving, and uplifting	
During good times and bad, he is always by your side

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Always perfect, she is, from head to toe,
Showing me that she has a unique glow.
Head to toe, she is perfectly pictured,
Like the picture of the perfect mixture.
Eyes and lips perfect, like her thighs and hips;
Yes, between her hips are her perfect lips.
With looks that can kill, she has killer looks.
In her, I can not wait to get my hooks;
Left hook! Right hook! This knockout knocked me out,
Long enough to erase all of my doubts.
Instantly, she became an instant hit,
Again and again, since the label fits.
My new muse infused me with desire,
Since, within me, she just lit the fire.

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You have been a pillar to my life; 
I have really lived my entire life to please people
You have made me the happiest man;
I even at some point forgot what was the purpose of me been here 

You showed me that with love everything is possible 
I now look back at the challenges we once had
They were big that time but now it’s seems as 
The smallest things to ever happen

But if I was to take something with me; that will 
Be the moments I spent with you
I remember the things like it all happened yesterday
Your smile showed me the directions because your 
Teeth were as white as snow.

If I was your maker than I would have love to always
See your smile as it can turn winter into summer
All darkness vanished in your present; surely you brought
Light to me when I see your face glow like gold; I get scared
As I never thought that luck really exist in this generation.
When the light shines for me today; 
I will take you along hope the master understand.

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Tattooed Heart

My life is better because of you 
I may never find another as true 
My life has purpose again for I know now what to do 
I loved you from before the start 
just know woman that you have tattoo'd my heart.

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Denise Mother's Poem


(D)evoted daugther, mother, wife, grandmother.
(E)goistic not in your description. 
(N)ice caring loving person.
(I)ntelligent educated beautiful woman you are.
(S)uccessful. So many ways you been blessed.
(E)ver lasting phenomenal woman. my mother.

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Mind full of wisdom, strength, hope and encouragement
Always gave inspirational talks and speeches 
Yielding a transformed generation
And we shall forever treasure her contribution

A poet, actress, author, dancer, and singer
Never gave up on her dreams and ambitions
Getting through with her desire and aspire 
Eternity In heaven
Like all others who left a mark on this earth
Oh God grant her
Ultimately for a life well lived 

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Over the civil right movement,

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Love's Reverence, a cover of ''A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky''

Chivalrist of pure intent
Honoured by the ears that lent
A tale recounted to content

Resplendant wonders brought to ear
Laments that draw an unseen tear
Evasion of the heart's deep fear

Soft young mind and placid eyes
Lucid to the tale's disguise
Unseeing the truth behind the lies

There upon the golden water
Wimsically listening to the lauder
Inclines the middle Liddell daughter

Days have come and years have passed
Golden evenings couldn't last
Erosionary time has swept too fast

Dreary dawns and bitter nights
Overcame the muse's might
Dead and gone, that fragile light

Greiving when his heart was tore
Secreted to land of lore
On through Wonderland he'll soar

Now to dream forevermore

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Will I See You Tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day
Outstretch your wings and fly
Milestones can be reached
Only if you beleive in thy self
Relic in the thought
Relax your mind and soul
Or it just won't happen
Will be put off and forgotten
Instead of achieving set goals
So bask under the sun
Ask for a little help from above
Never doubt  miracles from God
Or question His motives
To make things happen
Hunger will disapate
Every plate shall be filled
Rejoice and sing aloud
Dance to your hearts content
Another sunrise is coming
You're going to just love to see

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Angel Eyes Are True

Angel Eyes Are True

A cross this world life loves and beams,
N obody sleeps and never ever dreams.
G one are years that were so very bad, 
E ach day spent missing my loving Dad!
L ingering memories sail my hopeful ship,
E veryday brings such a very joyous trip. 
Y our love is sweetly sent each happy day,
E ternal love binds our hearts every way! 
S ent back were promises in my dreams,
A wealth of love in such gentle streams.
R emembering Dad's solemnly sworn vow, 
E very word rings so important even now!
T he vow was to always safely guide me,
R eturning fruit from Heaven's finest tree.
U nder family's loving and hopeful view, 
E yes watching me very wise and true!


Dedicated to my dad......

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M...Messiah knew that impostors would occur- -

E...Even to fool the very elect;

S...Some declare  Jesus has come in secret,

S...Second coming is as clearly and visibly--`lightning flashes`

I...Indeed Jesus will come in the clouds of heaven;

A...At the last trump- -

H...He comes back again- -and we will meet HIM in the air.

chipepo lwele
*Dedicated to world adventists

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Poetic Soul

Paradise of beautiful thoughts via heart
Ornamented with pure and serene art
Enlightening postings on varied themes
Teaching various paradigms supreme!
Intellectual writers love to spend days
Creations of delight coined in selfless ways 
Sharing of common passion gets rear    
Offers new chance to entrants in its sphere
Umbrella for world wide authors in one group
Long live the heaven with name Poetry Soup!  

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A Passerby's Dedication

Just and true; unafraid to make a stand
Understanding and true—you are a true man
So lucky am I to be in your presence
Though I know you not—I am filled with reverence
Interesting and unique you are to me
Never change; and be whatever your heart wants to be!

Can I ever have the honor of being your friend?
Observing you with people—your kindness never ends
Never have I seen someone quite like you
Never will I find a person so devoted and true
Often I wonder if you could ever...
Remember me...probably never. 

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Dedicated to You

D o all what you wanted to do,
Explore me on anything new,
D rive me even crazier,
I nfluence me to become lazier,
C riticize the whole me,
A ct violently,
Treat me like your enemy,
Erase my name,
D rag me to pain.

Think that you don’t know me,
O rder me to die.

Y ou are now free,
O ver any rules and control from me,
U nloved me now.

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Joy Is By Far The Way To Be Good

Journey across
Oblivion's gate
Your soul is what lies in wait.

If you accept my challenge you must
Succeed in traveling through Oblivion completely.

But if you fail it is
Your wife's soul I will take.

Far past the entrance to the
Afterlife must you go.
Rely on nothing-trust no one. All here is meant to keep you here.

The halfway point has come and gone. From
Here on out your journey gets

Wind your way past this last obstacle
You'll have reached the end.

To journey your way through
Oblivion complete has not yet been done...

Bring yourself to me, clever man, and
Everything I have done with be undone.

Goodbye, Traveler. May your journey through
Oblivion have strengthened your soul, and taught you what most men
Often cannot learn.
Death did not touch you here, and you leave here with my blessing.

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I think of the years between us and 
Little snippets of our journey floods my mind.
Life and all it's roads at times difficult

Allowing us the chance to change, to be remade for the
Last of all our tales shall be of our triumphs- 
Ways we conquered our self doubt, our impulses
Always giving way to that better me, better you
Yet you walk these roads with a heavy heart
Soul weary and feet blistered and I say to you

Be not afraid of what s to come
Everyone is given only what he or she can bear

Yes I say to it all - the pain, our tears, the laughter
Our fears,  - the joy and all these years between us
Underneath it all there lies our blessing and 
Redemption in the form of this friendship

For the mistakes, the errs are not erased but" Our Father In Heaven"
Remember is the sweetest prayer
In it we find the mercy he tempers our punishment
Even as we are wrong, we are in his light
No man can take your soul, so walk
Don't run to the end of your life, when it is done, he is there.

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P-------Production of deep 
           thoughts is my job!
R-------Right in front
O-------Of my old desk; I
U-------Uncover things; Things 
O-------Operational progress of 
           other things!
B-------Being blessed by God;      
          who has
E-------Easily made poets to be! 
           To be nothing but
A-------A lover of His mighty 
O-------Otherwise; no other 
E-------Effort, would have 
T-------Taught a 
meaningful                  deep 

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The voice UK

Tremendous energy,
Heart warming soul,
Eager to impress,
Voluptuous, vibrant, sisters,
Optimistic futures,
Ingenious solutions,
Cryptic score,
Enormous roar,
United front they stand,
Kingdom adored.

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the last muse

Certainty waits in caves, lost and found, in modern sites,
Where chaos helms the deep layers of dimensional light;
Far, in May's cool autumnal nights,—her footsteps trek
A prism of thought,—constellations tracing her back.
I was studying the key that she left me in dreams.
Shape the stars; by her vague, distant words, all what it seems.

These visitations, we've shared, give of a bluish flame
Burning now! Crude demons quake before an honest name!
No loss, in air or shallow waters, can try defer,
Or now declaim! of the hidden world we now prefer.
Written in a destiny I found searching her eyes'
Brown sand, the truth of a shared dream never fades or dies!

Last night! We saw the old stars die and fade to nothing.
Only tarnished nickel and broken gold were touching
The throne of my beauty's soul, from the base of her neck
To the white, heated slope of her breast, till my lips met,
With my warm silver water of stars at last reborn,
This Muse's softly beating heart,—and new life was formed.

So come again! and never leave now, my bed of yours.
Smooth as this world we'd always been destined to create,
In you,—I have seen the eyes of this new child of ours.

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Richness of Trees

Superfluous Whispering, Night time Fell Fast,
In Chance, the Most Sullen of Wires Drinks Last,
Liquid Which Douses the most Vital of Elements
Vigour so Perfect, he calls it Her Elegance.
Effervescent Intoxication...  F**k,
Rekindle the Fervour of Dying Luck.
Lucidly the Memories of Her Replay,
Ever lasting, Like Gods of the Moulded Clay.
After it's Faded, and there she remained,
For The Ambassador of Nothing, has Everything Contained.

 - To The Girl Who Thinks of Herself Nothing -
          - But is Filled With Everything -

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Relax and Kick Back

Relax your mind from any troubles that come your way
Easier said than done…but it’s required of us to have leisure time once in a great while! I have no problem with that whatsoever!
Laze around and put your mind at ease please? Hang out with your friend and have a cup of tea or coffee or any alcoholic beverage! There’s plenty to choose from! There are soft drinks in the refrigerator! There’s orange juice? Milk? Water with ice or without ice perhaps? Please, tell me or I’ll drive you and myself nuts! 
And…simply…kick back! Chillax! Everything’s gonna work out in the end for a purpose that’s beyond brilliant! Just let it be…for now!
XOXO’s will be sent to you by a mystery girl (Your secret admirer sends you XOXO’s to you in other wacko words)! Oooh…I wonder who’s that lucky person! Do you have the hearts for her, young man? Whisper ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in my ears and I won’t tell a single soul, I swear from the bottom of my heart!

Allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone and explore the Joyous Island – surely you’ll know where the wind blows!~~~
Never lose touch of wisdom and wise sayings from the elder you’ve met somewhere in your past…use your time wisely, good sir, and don’t forget to be carefree!
Danger might come our way! But, be happy – that’s what it’s s’posed to be, pal! Dangers are but for a moment, so have no fear, dear boy!

Kick back and let yourself unwind for a time! Let everything solve on its own – take a break from the job and God will finish our job in no time if we place it in his hands, we’ll witness his mesmerizing miracles
I’m sorry! I’m so sorry to hear that you’re currently unemployed! I wish you luck in your future findings and your search for jobs of course!
Chit chat with your companion and speak your mind to him…oh buddy – make sure to spend time with each other and do some rather epic activities 
Kill the fears and reign over your phobias and be brave instead! Everything will be OK! No need to feel this overwhelming amount of dread!

Believe me – I’m not a pro at being worry-free, but I am able to give you tips about how to decrease your anxiety (I hope you take them into consideration and I hope it proves to be helpful in your daily life)
Ah…right! The title is redundant – silly me...I should’ve caught that before writing this composition, but it’s too late now – this verse is about to be done and it would be another chore to change it up! Funny, I just noticed the title and its “accident” – that, my friend, is heelarious! 
Chilly- the weather is… you should’ve worn a sweater or something of that type of clothing! 
Kangaroos spend their leisure time, hopping happily – will you do the same or get all worked up all over again? 

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September Eleven


N*ever forget this day 
I*n our hearts forever lives 
N*ever forget this day 
E*nemy took many lives 

E*motions running still deep 
L*et's remember nine-eleven 
E*mbraced our brave heroes 
V*iewed it all on tv screen 
E*ntired world was in shock 
N*ever forget nine-eleven 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

September 2, 2009 

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Chaste and Chased: Dedicated To Our Friend Eileen Ghali

Coy sideways glances at the man of your dreams
Holding hands in secret so nobody sees
Amazed more girls don’t act the way you do
Sex before marriage – no you want to remain pure
Total commitment to one man in your life
Even when you’re dating you remain so demure

Always ready to see some bedroom action
Never turning sex down its like some fatal attraction
Devotedly he now pursues

Chase begins with eager anticipation
His heart pounding and heavy respiration
Ardour inflamed by her beauty
She’s sublime and sexy, such a cutie
Eureka is his final thought
Dames sure are naughty when they’re caught

Written by 'JaDazzle' 
Collaboration between Jan Allison & Darren Watson
14th April 2014

The poem is not written about Eileen Ghali but simply dedicated to her. She has been inspirational in encouraging us to continue our collaborative writing after she read our poem 'Bronte Inspiration'.

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About Me Noelle

About Me Noelle		

Always try to love people and stay positive. 
Begin each day with prayer.
One man woman.. when I find him.
Up instead of down most of the time.
Time is precious... I try to make the most of it.

Music is very important ...Tre Songs__Gentleman's Club.
Everyone is important and worth hearing out.

Now is the time to live your life and so I am.
Outside is where I can really feel alive.
Ebony nights with a full moon and my lover would be wonderful.
Love with the right man is what I'm longing to find.
Little is a lot when you have God in your life.
Everything from beginning to end is about staying positive.

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Embracing Earth

     Early on in my privileged life, 
    My parents gave wise advice to me:
   Be all you can be, but reckon strife.
  Relish every opportunity
Aware that strains and stress may be rife.
 Count it all joy that earth is your home
  Instead of starting out in Eden.
   Never give in to suffering like some,
    Give in to God and look for reasons.  

       Embrace the earth as His creation,
   Appreciate it as less than ideal.
 Realize this old world’s aggravation
   Tries our allegiance, patience to reveal.
       Heaven will reward our dedication.

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  G oing to the store the other day
  O n a bright morning I listened as
  D rums pounded a slow cadence by a military escort.

  B efore I knew, I was watching the cortege, 
  L eaving behind a dumbfounded crowd.
  E verything I had ever known of war was
  S ummed up in this parade for 
  S omeone unknown to me.

  T ears misted in the air as he passed,
  H eavy footsteps of the soldier's parade...
  E verything precise for this farewell.

  U nder a bright sun and blue sky
  S olemnly they took him to his final rest.
  A merica, the country he lovingly died to protect.

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Poetry Soup

Poetry that flows from different souls,
Opening their heart and minds deeply,
Each one unfolding for different goals,
Talented ones who write honorably,
Revealing love, dreams, and sadness,
Yes, even showing life’s gladness,

Sharing words with each other bold,
Ones passion; another’s indifference sold.
Universally bound, lyrical lines, so told,
Providing ranges of forms, lined in gold. 

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Glenn Miller

G-len Miller, his music is so wonderfully enchanting. 
L-istening to his "Moonlight Serenade" makes me think of love so tender. 
E-ndless joy, in my heart,his music always brings to me.His given 
N-ame was,Alton Glenn Miller.He was born in Clarinda,Iowa,U.S. 
N-otoriously,performed the trombone.His Glenn Miller Orchestra is divine! 

M-usician arranger,composer,and great band leader in the swing era. 
I-n The Mood",is onother one of my favorite music pieces of his to this day. 
L-ittle Brown Jug" "American Patrol" "Tuxedo Junction" and so many more,his 
L-egacy is filled of  so much dancing and romance under a moonlit and stars. 
E-ntertaining the troops was something very close to his heart.Glenn Miller, 
R-emains one of the most famous and recognizable names of the big band era. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

October, 7,2014

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A Christmas Love Story

Cherish the new born king
Hark the herald and
Ring the toll bells
It's Christmas time again and
Santa is on his way as the
Tinsel is strewn and mistletoes are hung
Mama got caught once again 
Alone kissing a guy dressed in red
So I dashed to my window and through open the shutters
Looking upon the roof
Over and over again I somehow now
Vow to remain true in
Even believing in this little Christmas tale of a hymn 

Merry Christmas To All Soupers And Staff
Love Kathy And Jenny

Also Entry For Brian Strand's
Christmas Love Acrostic Contest

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Joy is mine
Agony too
Can’t stand how I love you
Baby brother

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Poesy lives here, poesy now tints;
Observe the range, observe the feel;
Echoes draw near, echoes bring hints;
Trust in sure change, trust in vast will;
Read works that steer, read brand new mint;
Yes wild and strange, yes words and deals.

Sign your best work, sign your fond child;
Options that farm, options that show;
Urge flings bold jerk, urge hurls things wild;
Pulse frees sure sums, pulse floods prime flow.

Come take a look, come read a bit;
Opt for a style, opt for a taste;
Meet a verse cook, meet a new hit;
Melt with clear smile, melt with fond haste.
Use verse that spark, use norms that swirl;
Now start your feel, now find your way;
Indulge your mark, inspire your twirl;
Trust words to heal, trust touch to sway;
Yield to verse will, yield to word play.

Come here and sing, come here and share;
A precious write, a certain slant;
Love words you bring, love voice you bare;
Make poetry cite, make verses chant!

(Note: An anniversary poem to celebrate my 1st month with the PoetrySoup Community. I like the Spirit of this website and you can feel this in my daily writes. A special "Thank You" to everyone who made me feel welcome here and especially for the kind comments. This poem is my simple gratitude offering for all the support from PoetrySoupers. Leon)

Leon Enriquez
09 Feb 2014

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~A~ Alive and well thank you very much…check my heartbeats if you aren’t certain…pound to the ryhtm of my heart, long lost lover of lavender light {L} Live life to the fullest…the cup is half full instead of half empty! =I= I enjoy the thrills of the up and down ride, momma! XOXO! /V/ Vivid, yellow sun shines on me all along the road of paradise (E) Everytime I hear gross things slip out of my brother’s mouth, I cover my ears and say “ewww!” childishly, but him and I’s friendship’s bond is totally alive!

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Never feel sorry

A man shed his tears like; 

A tree shedding its leaves

He today shall leave the lake of sorrow

Today his soul will move to heavens

He looks at his former love with shame

Looking back to all the moments they shared

He quiver with sorrow and despair

Now death is lingering like a hungry snake

Neither the surroundings can help soothe the pain

All is gone like words eluding those wet behind ear

Thou they share the same breath now

They can never share the same thought now

He tell her never feel sorry and he die with a smile.

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A Poet's Life in Tapestry

Two lives
Are interwoven, like the threads of a
Perfect tapestry.
Each day I wake knowing my 
Spirit is filled with 
The artistry of words and not 
Really knowing how to express it;
Yet with the kind words of others and His Word I have the strength to live as a poet.

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Linda-Marie Bariana (The sweetheart)

Linda is lively, lovely and laudable
Intelligent, interesting and incredible
Nice, nifty, neighborly and noble
Darling, decent, and desirable
Amusing, alluring and admirable

Marie is meek, mild and memorable
Active, ambitious, aspiring and affable 
Resourceful, responsible, and reliable
Inspiring, indelible and indefatigable
Experienced, exemplary and educable

Bright, beautiful and un-believable
Accommodating and amenable
Reasonable, rich and respectable
Incomparable, intriguing and invaluable
Accountable and amiable
Neat, noteworthy, and nimble
Apprehensible and appreciable

~All the above words are not enough to describe the “sweetheart souper!”
Please don’t quote any on the words out of context; I used the words based on the positive
meanings they have~ just playing with words!

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The Jimmy I Know

J	ust like a kid, at times, he’s, playful, mischievous, hilarious, too
I	ntelligent, charismatic, sexy, and yes, street smart; he speaks his mind directly, 
M	aking friends, writing poems is his joy, causing ladies to swoon, fantasize,
		curiosity aroused
M	y best friend for all time, guardian angels to each other
Y	our love and friendship I will keep, for in you, so far, I have found no deceit


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The return

I return to birth place which I left in times of pain
I can smell the scents of soil stuck in roots so deep
All looks new to my vivid eyes trapped in the past
Today I shall see my carrier who is still standing
She is so fragile now but can cover long walks
I return with nothing on my hands not even a stain of dirt
My hands are so clean and soft that you can wipe your tongue
I am returning from where labour is only endure by the mind 
Mama I too wanted to come with something like my peers
But I return with nothing on my hands for now
The pain that I left you with still linger my empty dreams
Thou I am unlike the others what I bring to you is love
What I have is crafted in my mind and encrypt with codes 
But I have the key to open everything now
What I will open will change everything that seems blur
Today I return exhausted with guilt of not fulfilling your expectations
But I am glad that this world has kept space for both of us

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Caring, compassionate and considerate
Here for me and I will always be there for you
Reliable, reassuring in times of crisis
I am so blessed to have you in my life
Simply the best friend anyone could have

Jan Allison
14th August 2014

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(Dedication: For Robert Spadinger, a fabulous writer.)

Endow firm choice, endow sure style;
Value you cite, value you make;
Etch with clear voice, etch with warm smile;
Reap what you write, reap what you take;
Yes you can see, yes you can be;
Thought starts the flow, thought brings all good;
Health funds plenty, health works surely;
Insight now shows, insight strings mood;
New ideas come, new ideas spring;
Grand feel now sums, grand poise now sings!

Incline your heart, incline your soul;
See what you start, see what feels whole.

Wise is the man wise is the way;
Intuit and play, intuit and sense;
Trust that you can, trust that you stay;
Hurl your own say, hurl voice intensed;
Image you see, image now shows;
Now let things be, now let love glow.

Leon Enriquez
Written 09 Oct 2013

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Spirit Torch

Souls are guided by interior circumstances infatuated.
Persons are accountable for own actions devaluated.
Internal guidance is always there in some kind of form.
Reading the right or wrong is what will break a storm.
Indirect words may help with any decisions that inform.

Torch within your spirit will always guide you true.
Our hearts and minds will deliver a softer clue.
Recycle the tribulations that you have lived thru.
Carefully make the right choice in what pursues.
Heal mistakes; forgive yourself, before darkness ensues.

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Thanksgiving Day

Today and everyday is worth being thankful.
Having warmth and love given is always thoughtful.
All of us should carry this feeling throughout year.
Not being thankful is just selfish, shows your fear.
Kindness should be showed to all each and everyday.
Sure, it may be tough at first, for your heart to sway.
God gave everyone a mind, heart and soul the same.
Individually we must all prepare and play the game.
Victory shall be the joy and happiness, you bring.
Inventory your heart; let your spirit free to sing.
Never let a sour soul, spoil your delightful song.
God is alive, great, awesome, he is never wrong.

Discover loving essence; make it your quarry.
Allow his honor to grace your existence and story.
You and you alone are the keeper of our Lords glory.

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Wait A Minute

Pause a moment for Jesus
Asked not why
Solance is golden
Solidarity is the key 
Obscurity becomes nil
Victory shall be ours
Eternal flame flickers
Relic in thy body of Christ our Lord


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My poem is dedicated to a very special friend,
" Linda-Marie "

Fate was very cruel to her
On her face hope always shines
Roses for her indomitable courage
Love for her defined grace
Inside she'll hurt sometime
Names of friends will comfort her
Darling of everyone's heart
Always there to give laud
Myself so honored and thankful
Another friend to cherish
Reminiscing words of kindness 
Immense love given myself and all 
Ending this poem with hugs and kisses

Written by Andrew Crisci

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(Dedication: For Ann)

Man makes gods here to quench desire;
Urge and surge flood the pathway sight;
Sense hint and cheer in burning pyre;
Embrace warm blood in glimpse of light;
See phantoms near that play with fire.

Meet your true soul in vibrant feel;
Endow your passage with lines and rhymes;
Leap as one whole the charms that thrill;
Etch your message in space and time;
Touch warm and cold in hot and chill;
Exult this age with sanguine chimes.

Preach in good acts the way you live;
Reach with fond zest the love that grows;
Ask for wise tact to bless and give;
Choice sculpts your best as wonder shows;
Truth is the way that nature funds;
Ignite passion with faithful play;
Charm frees sure say with wit and pun;
Express action as insight stays.

Meet your self here with ample cheer;
Note that free will lives like a hint;
Expose faith dear with heart sincere;
Move with goodwill with fragrant tints;
Evolve swift steer as fun appears.

Mould your aspect as dreams fulfill;
Erase the pain of mistakes made;
Mix spirit's tact with precious till;
Observe wise gain in inner trade;
Rise to soul pact as heaven thrills;
Yield to refrains that never fade.

Ample love lives in soul that sings;
Outline the scope of living dreams;
Indulge and give joy that you fling;
Discern that hope can fund all schemes;
Empty of ifs, let action sling.

Sing sacred hymns that spur your heart;
Opt to be clear with mind that feels;
Now sense the lymph flirt with sure art;
Glimpse love draw near to touch and heal.

Meet all you meet with lovely cheer;
Yield to the heart the way of soul;
Trust truth to greet beauty right here;
Host a fine start that spreads the whole.

Time follows time in space you pace;
Allow your code to make a mark;
Love spins each rhyme in place you trace;
Etch your abode as soul fire sparks;
See beyond chimes love's wondrous face.

Wise is the man who understands;
Observe the flaws of malice sown;
Reap from sure plan what spirit can;
Doubt man-made laws corrupt and known;
Sense a sure scan that light attends.

Leon Enriquez
05 May 2014

(Notes: The Roman scholar Varro relates 
that there are only three Muses: 
one who is born from the movement of water, 
another who makes sound by striking the air, 
and a third who is embodied only in the human voice. 
The three Muses are:
1.    Melete (Practice),
2.    Mneme (Memory), and
3.    Aoide (Song).

The Muses play in this Acrostic poem.)

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P O E m 2011


Paulette knew he'd love the present and
Excitedly watched as he carefully took the box
And opened the lid to reveal, her heart inside
Crepe paper surrounded it, gently holding an
Echocardiogram of her love for him

Only last month, she was wheeled into the E.R.
Now, the doctors said her prognosis was good

Edward pulled the strip from the crepe nest
And, alternated between it, and Paulette's smile
Realizing that many years of her love lay ahead
To wrap him, full, in life's greatest gift
How could he adequately express his happiness?


People oft lose their lighted sight
Each winter solstice that annums around
As days shrink some benevolence cooled
Credit given where credit should not be found
Economy trumps our brotherhood's cards

On the holiday morning, when all is spread
Near tree, menorah, prayer rug, symbol iconic 

Equal time, regarding the desolate neighbor
As joys of family and friends ring the room
Reaching inside ourselves can we reach
To express the love our God implores
Helping to remember, peace on Earth


Pomegranates and oranges sluice sweet tang
Even as members gather and sleepily greet
Adults sit, small children excitedly flit about
Carefully examining tags, boxes and stockings
Eagerly they plead with eyes for permission

Once you were that young too...that magical
Now you point and sip tea or coffee, and smile

Every generation brings its own traditions
As a talisman to the next's memories to come
Rife with sentiment, are day's mellow memories
To ancient minds in some far future times
Hardly believing that all those years transpired

© Goode Guy 2011-12-10

"God bless us, everyone" - Tiny Tim

for those unfamiliar...

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The Dance of the Ocean

The ocean seems so relaxing when you hear the wave 
Healing sounds that can clean a soul and save
Even when the waves brings in an unknown 

Dodging the sadness can be shown
And the things become more easy
None will dance with balance so steady
Can a person by the ocean feel free of fright
Embarking conquest with passion that last in the day and night

Out on the beach on the sand we dance on a spot
For we hold our friends and an family a lot

Tricky the waves move with a trance each day
Hardly understandable to what I have to say
Even when the wind pushes the water most

Onto the sand by the ocean cost
Cites that people love to see and use as a passionate source
Even when it the wind blows the ocean waves set a different course
And finely the wave pulls back and forth in a lash
Notes that make music in every ones ear with a splash

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So I write a poem for a dear friend 
On account of many happy days
Not to poke fun or offend
Intended to build up and praise
Angel, your awesomeness has no end!

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Smile ,smile my seanie bonnie smile .

why must i smile ?, whilst i carry all these luggages to my soul

my soul , my poor soul !

with all the miserable happenings bringing intense suffering to my soul

why must i suffer ?

reconciliation mustn't be taken as a priority .

just because

the rivers ,the seas and the oceans are all full of nothing .

nothing but the blood ,the blood of innocent civilians

sons and daughters of Africa

our ancestors, who perished through slavery

and us the offspring still perishing in poverty

so why must i smile ?

i walked all the way from my poor past

and came all the way to my well equipped

i went deep down the mines ,in search for minerals

instead of my finding the gold ,the silver and the bronze

i met lions ,zebras ,kudus even lizards ,men !!!

instead of them devouring me , they said

" leave this poor african soul, he's looking for a better life

a life that will make him smile "

smile, smile my seanie bonnie smile !!!

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Death Of A Poet { In Loving Memory Of Karen Feist }

Kinder spirit is now resting
Angels keep you safeguarded
Remain still my dear friend
Eternity is ones destiny
No pain is allowed in Heaven

Fondest memories of you linger on
Everyone has one or two
Inspiration to fight was yours
Sympathy from my heart pours out
To your family and close friends

Tribute To 
Karen Feist's 
Family And Friends

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Destiny of Love So Divine

Drive me to the brink of madness, with kisses so fine.
Ecstasy is not a drug for us, but life’s superior line.
Sensuality, takes us on the road of temptations desire.
Treasures of the heart bless us and start the fire.
I am blind by the affection; you give so willingly.
Now and forever, our lives bonded, delicately.
Yes, it seems to true and so unreal, we have this thing.

Our lives as well bound by the blessing of this ring.
Favored by the heavens, I know, we are until the end.

Listen to the pledge; I give to thee this day, I send.
Only you my love can sweep my desire to pleasure.
Visions of you came to me, dreams of measure.
Every look, which you give to me, shows love divine.

Sincere words that you say each day, makes me pine.
Our passion is roaring with such answers, that quake.

Driving us to the brink of madness, which we make,
I await your presence, each night, as we prepare to sleep.
Violent fevers of ardor set my body to quiver and weep.
Individuality of ours does not exist, while together.
Nature has flooded our souls, with both lace and leather.
Excitedly, we both win, with destiny of love so divine.

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If given the chance

If given the chance to
Make up for what I've done
Some would say 
One thousand things and
Run through fire to try to fix my 
Rongs but...
You know I can't...
And try as I might
My mind is clear
Empty for the
Right words to apologize...
Do as you must to forget me
And forget all 
We were...
Now I sit, truly alone in my head
Clear as day but, the nights are silent...
Out I go, into the world,
Understanding but blind...I still
Remember and will never forget
The good...the
End still hurts but, I will always
Remember you, the always beautiful and kind

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Out with the stars

Oh beautiful earth that never stop moving
On earth is where I find rest and comfort
Earth where my body shall lay to rest
Beautiful earth that gives birth to flourishing flowers
Wonderful flowers that can do wonders
Flowers that grows from special soil with pleasant smell
Roses that light love with sweet fragrance 
Sun set red as scarlet metal that make ground flourish 
Out with the stars light glow over the ocean
Ocean that relief to envious souls
The ocean that talk with the most elite individuals
Mountains so humble yet aging gradually
Far beyond the horizons sun set like burning furnace
It leaves earth with darkness to conquer
But moon gives its faint light like a dying candle
The night is called and stars glow brightly
Blowing winds accompany my fragile body
Trees let go of eloquent oxygen that dwells in me 
I also give back my all that I have to my precious earth.

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Swamming Sea Turltles - Inspiring beauty

#### Swamming Sea Turtles ~ Inspiring beauty!! ####

Solacing the land,Coast to coast,
Love, fire and Toast to toast,
Erotic Love ~ The god's gift resulted into Young baby chap!!

Sea bracing golden sand,
Sun blossomed with the early dawn,
Carapace shell ~ Turtle mingled with the outside world easily!!

With the early day spring,
Rose to fame on the Sea shore,
Peck on cheeks ~ Baby turtles ejecting out of the shell!!

Moonlighting the world of parents,
Holding the fragile soft feet,making insane,
Blessed armour ~ In its peer way, removing the blues down the lane!!

Twinge of guilt, Parents pays,
Moving slowly and steadily blinking the rays,
Finding hard, trying to hold them,
Thatcher moment ~ To act in a sensible way!!

Dainty delicated tender arms,
Ohh my sweet little lucky charm,
Fueled up energy,triggered my heart,
Chyming Heart ~ You Resolved the riddle of my life!!

In an autumn, 
Prairie grass lying at the base of elevated mountains,
The words melted in my mouth,
Pleasant sheathe ~ Enrapturing attention seeker, You flared my cotton sky!!

Oh my rabbit eyes,
You changed my world!!
Luminous asteroid ~ Miraculously, You changed the stars of my planet!!

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I n growing up I was always proud

L incoln spent so much of his life here

L eaving us only for a higher calling.

I nto the fray of national division he strode

N ow convicted of the certainty of the cause.

O nly in the quiet moments alone could he bear the grief

I n the need to calm the nation by bathing it in blood

S o that all men could here be free.

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If feelings were a glass mine would have been broken
As I have felt many pain not just pain of hurt
But pain of been looked down
But I am holding back

I hold in my heart things that are way too big
I hold words that can destroy another soul
The soul that live by hope
But I am holding back

Back in the days of joy where nothing was beyond reach
I was paralysed with happiness back in the days
The days that were so short
But now they are long as years
As I am holding back

Holding back to the hope that things will change
Holding back to words that have nurtured me
With the hope that I too could be the words
That everyone wants to hold on to.

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Memory Loss
Urinary problems
Losing vision
Thinking difficulties
Individual weakness
Painful moments
Losing balance
Extreme fatigue

Stress induced
Coordination problems
Life altering
Emotional rollercoaster
Reduced strength
Over reacting
Smell sensitivity
Irritable feelings
Suffering daily

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Evil, Wicked & Demented

Enjoys her new found roles in her life
Visions of dastardly deeds dance in her head
Irate when people are rude and show disrespect
Loves to know what she is capable of 

Wishes some things were different
Is nervous about sons going off on their own
Cool mom she is to them
Knows they Love her no matter what
Enjoys her more morbid thoughts
Does enjoy to make a person squirm


Definitely not your average beauty
Enjoys the inner workings of her mind
Makes no issue over who she is
Enriches your life just by being there
Needs love and support not condemnation
Takes charge when no one else will
Each day she shines no matter what
Deliciously twisted and still a friend

This is dedicated to my other 2 sisters. This is ALL 3 of us in various forms. I love you
2 and I hope I you make proud. I am proud to have you as my sisters and hope you 2 know you
are loved. We are all 3 together Evil Wicked & Demented.

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Ascending on my own
Lamenting positively while no one's around
Orbiting and subsiding
Negotiating with my imaginary ghosts
Eager to reach my goals

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Wild, wild marksman
Always caring, meticulous, artist
Yearns for recognition
Needs guns, encourager, energetic
Ending to be determined

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Dear wife I dedicate love for you in more than one word.
Excitedly you call me your dear husband with sincere love.
Delivering laughter and passion, that we share every day,
I adore every part of you, even words that seem unheard.
Cause my dear wife; I have selective hearing they talk of.
Actually, even when I don’t admit, I hear all that you say.
Telling you each day, I love you; seems not enough to me.
I have love and respect, for the love that comes from thee.
Only the Angels in heaven know my true feelings in esprit.
Now I display eternal love, placing it upon Heavens marquee.

To my wife who is glorious beyond the stars.
She blesses my spirit wiping away my scars.
My love I would embed upon the planet mars

written for

Sponsor Constance La France ` A Rambling Poet ~ 
Contest Name A Short Poem, Please

written by
Cecil Hickman

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Shes an angels

She looked at me with her eyes
Healing everything even my lies
Even when I am descending
She never gives me an ending

All becomes peaceful with no pain
Not pushing her away I gain

Acting if she is my own 
Never she is harder than stone
Generating pure spirit is a cure
Evening lights shine so pure
Love of all things she holds
Some love stands in time so bold

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Long for arms that truly love
Inside them find everlasting happiness
Vehemently pray for blessings
Endure any battle which seems endless
Love-sickness is a harsh test
Avoid being alone and if it saddens you
Use widsom to guide your steps
Go beyond all expectations
Heighten your passion for life
Love kindly and be compassionate
Offer sincere, honest advice 
Valuate what's precious and fair
Empty yourself of rancor and live longer

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Offering yielded, yield back to the sovereign king
Devoted to duty, rise in the morning of its flame
Intellect's child, imprinted on Yahweh's soaring wing
Nurturer. natured with heaven's milk, sweet you came
Kindness kindled in hibiscus fire, passion against defeat
Wisdom that shall not from the incongruous retreat
Ambitious heart, panting at the throne for armory of grace

Kingly, in my visions, I yielded you to lead my void
Imaginatively, so imaginations tower may rise aloft
Young, youthful, fresh to hold the course against doubts slide
Organized and organizing the voyage of culture's craft
Sacred ship, through bulrush castling a kingdom's name
Honest to the core of soul, humble to life's bright esteem
Innocent of vice, I wanted a cornerstone of unscaffold dream 

Son of shrewdness, Smalling brimming to honeyed core
Motivated and motivating the journey abandoned at the door
Ask now the art to feel, and from your feelings yield
Learned lessons where the learned mind may drink again
Lead, listen, what winds the sails of your people keel
Inspirer of them, feel you not the mettle masking in your grain
Native of the civilized past, nest not now in silence down
Gallantry calls the gallant, and God his grace the gracious has shown.

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In this dream...

Scream -- the figment of a dream, but so much more
Confusion rakes my brain, closes each door
Right from the start, he has meandered through my visions
Empty and cold, I find him making my decisions
Adding painful secrets that stain my real life...and there's
Much more to come...with the force of a knife...

In this dream of reality...

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Just when dawn dust the dimpled skies
And aromas last fragrance kiss the light
My eye through an open window spies
Ancestral hills curved upward with delight
Infinite emotions sweeping me like a sea
Cradle the luscious form, suckle her breast
Ask not for more but to drink of morning glee

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Tall                            Structures
Offering                     Shelter
Withstanding              Blows
Evaporating               Lives
Raping                      Families
Security                    Needed

An acrostic poem about the twin towers of 911.

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Rotting in the dark regions of toiling life
Engulfed in tragedy and unremitting strife
Beauty pours forth and floods your green eyes
Empty, you fill the voids of my madness
Crumpled, you hold me up and decrease my sadness
Catching each fall and laughing at my stupidity
And filling my life with happiness and humility 

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Wandering…waiting, I find myself back to you
In search forever, never meaning to be blue
Never wanting to want you, but wanting anyway
Chastising myself and despairing everyday
How can you be so wonderful to me?
Even the thought of seeing you again makes me want to flee
Surrendering into your beautiful eyes I love
Telling myself to never give up
Ever longing, I will still wait to see you again
Rendering my love to you…far to distant England

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O could I hear your voice like dew dropping sweetly
Inflamed all night by hot dreams, my lips would cool
Languishing no more to drink your milk so slowly
Oozing from the fountain peak of nipples clear pool
Vertically exuding, I should satiated subside in delight
Eternal grateful that you came to me in morning light
You are my hibiscus, my jasmine bejewelled and bright
O I love you, my sweet adorable native land. My wight, 
Utopia of the new world, Jamaica, sweet star of our night.

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Memorable every day and night Exceedingly, teasingly bright! Girded with kaleidoscopic light Artful in words and forever kind Never gone from my sight!

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Angelic Statues

Amidst the shadows of loved ones past, there is something.
Nearer to humankind then we would ever really know.
Great and small works of stone stand watch and quietly sing.
Each one piece of art, a tribute of what heavens bestow,
Light from morning star embraces what the new day will bring.
I have seen the gracious glimmer from above as statues glow.
Carefully they watch, greeting, allowing visitors hearts forego.

Stone is their form, though love and compassion their creation.
Treasure to be found in each different Angel that you will see,
Angels guide, while guarding till the end of times duration.
Trace their feelings, embrace their love, and seek it for thee.
Unknown wonders to many stand quiet, serving salvation.
Everyone can view the power of these in a new found decree.
Sculptures by man, Gods images of faith, they give regeneration.

inspired by contest Angels In Cemeteries

by Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~

not for contest.

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Freedom to Choose

For everyone there is freedom of choice
Remember that everyone has a voice.
Each person has liberty forever more.
Exemplary words will always be the score.
Do not hesitate to say what’s on you mind.
Only remember the goal, be careful and kind.
Make every effort to not block out and be blind.

Take your respect and share with all humankind.
Our freedom managed, on what others find.

Choose to impart your words, on others you see.
Have enough will power for theirs to remain free.
Our freedoms are shared with everyone in agree.
Our freedoms always gave, in total degree.
Since the statue in the bay, so given us to be,
Each person’s guardian, receptor, she’s lady liberty.

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A Tribute

Quintessence of radiance in the days of utter dark,
Unparallel among the guides, fairly upto the mark,
An advocate with plenteous, bounteous sincerity,
Invincible, feared neither wolf’s howl nor dog’s bark.

Decent in manners, humble and modest in being,
Efficacious in thinking, alert and vigilant in seeing,  
Adhesive to the mission, incarnated embodied truth, 
Zeal and zest packed rider on the steed galloping.

An aspiring figure, to the secured harbour he rowed
Majestically steering the lobbing ship, never bowed,
Malicious he was to none but clang to the just cause,
Undaunted he was and accomplished what he vowed.

Harmonious and integral he was in saying and deed,
Adroit and perfect guide he was in faith and creed,
Manly, steadfast, sagacious he was in his dealings,
Meticulous model he was on the hazy road to lead.

Adept he was who outwitted rivals with great skills,
Dignified who led safely through mounds and hills,
Admonished he the nation about the hidden traps,
Laudable whom pay homage, respect rivers and rills.

Incorruptible, whom from the hearts we all adore, 
Jeopardizing his comforts, he brought us all ashore,
Indulgent, who never beguiled the trusting people,
Nullified he the opponents who succeeded no more.

Navigated, ransacked he the seas at an early age,
Apostle of faith, truth who broke the confining cage,
Humane, humble he was yet he won the homeland,
Muhammad Ali Jinnah written on history’s each page.

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Forever is what will happen
At times ridiculous, and others tragic
Taking a step closer to it everyday 
Egregious sometimes too

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Hear the Roar

H ow do memories retain the brilliancy of star’s vanes?
A nother time another place, would memories have such grace?
P erhaps, it’s simply distance, that works this mystery this mischance.
P oor substitute for touch this distance metaphoric rush.
Y oungsters apple cheeked blush, Gran’s lovingly shush.
N otice only the brightest twinkle in a baby eye or a mother’s guise.
E very fused image stays crisp and lovely for all days.
W orry need not intrude on the sentinels of solitude.
Y our heart’s delight will outshine any simple test of time.
E ndlessly remaining new, bright, young and warm.
A rriving at the end of even nights most darkened morn.
R oaring with star fire and flame ‘till all who’ve lived….live again.

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Jagged, hunting
knife in hand…I chop
up chunks of meat
for my pet jaguar…he
fires me up with
painful passion – he
hands me one of his
9 lives with his
handy, giant paw . .
. I'm shocked - I
didn't expect this
at all . . . he
caught me before I
was gonna make an
embarrassing fall -
thank you, fuzzy
friend for helping
me stand tall and
Ahh! Look at his
talons…his claws rip
through human flesh
and animal
flesh…bird flesh
also! This
particular jaguar,
by the name of Spy
Jaggerswag, has a
desire to hunt down
anything that moves;
he even chews up
outrageously massive
roaches when he sees
them, crawling about
on the forest floor
or on a forest tree
Giving Spy his meal
with boldness by
throwing it into his
big bowl, he runs
hungrily towards his
bowl and devours it
in seconds with one
bite literally – I
hesitate with sudden
fear…ooh…at least it
wasn’t a chunk of
me, right? He won’t
eat me up – I’m his
outlandish owner
anyhow…though he’s
vicious and spiteful
at times - run with
your might - let me
race you to see who
wins - this will be
totally tight! We're
taking fearless
flight, despite our
lack of light, but
we're not succumbed
to fright, alright?
xD You're something
else - we sit on the
bricked wall,
sparkling anew in a
moon-drenched night
Unpredictable nature
is how I describe
his nature…with
wildness I must add!
His coat is as black
as midnight and his
eyes penetrate my
soul – green and
yellow with twisted,
breathtaking beauty
and blazing angst 
Ah yes, he has a
good side of him
nevertheless – he’s
as harmless as a
kitten and I massage
his velvet-like,
ebony fur with
blissful admiration
and I have no fear
when he’s near my
side – he saves me
from upcoming
trouble and he’s not
a foe, but he’s a
remarkable friend,
though at first I
was ahh!-frightened
of him – he doesn’t
intimidate me, but
still catches me off
guard and I tease
him back…we do play
pretty rough no
doubt about that!
RAWRZ! He sneaks
right behind me,
scaring me out of my
wits – that silly,
gigantic cat! He’s
ferocious obviously,
but he does have a
bit of spunk and
awesomeness in him!
I thank Spy for not
having me for his
feast – he’s burly,
brave and beast!

~inspired and
dedicated to my
trustworthy, furry
buddy/big black cat
by the name of Spy.
He's one of my
favorite pets of all
time. No joke! 

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Affects so many people’s

Lives, that we try hard being

Zealous, by offering them

Help and support for all those

Effected by this disease.

Involved in their care, and to

Maintain pride and dignity

Every day, so that we can

Remember them, and just how

Special they have always been.

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You've Been Warned

Holy Crap
Another year slips away
Put on like 30 pounds
Pertty hard to take off
You see I like sea food I see it and eat it

Now with muse in hand
Even Jenny Crank has stepped up to the plate
With how to shed 14 inches off waistline in 1 week

You first have to eat 2 bars of exlax chocolate of course
Even choke down some of grannys castrol oil
Ass will be sore for a little while
Remember though the box and bottle does say warning 

Little Pun For The New Me

Happy New Year's All

Also Entry For Carol Brown's 
Acrostic Happy New Year Contest GL ALL

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Mother Made Me Do It

Mother made me do it
Open books minds hearts and souls
Teach others along the beaten path
Help those who can't help themself's
Erase past and start anew And to alway's
Remember her on Mother's Day

In Loving Memory
Mom   { 1934-2005 }
      Luv Ya

Happy Mother's Day
To All Moms This
Mother's Day

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“And life goes on,”
Screamed Laura to you
Have you any idea what we have built upon?
Laura was your weirdo friend, a friend still true
Yeah, where the hell has the time gone? 

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All the things I fear you have heard
Loving me anyway despite my oddities
Laughter exceeds every word
Emptying the worries I carry with me
Justifying me though I may be wrong
And helping me through in goodness
Never expecting me to be strong
Despite the immolating darkness 
Remembered and never once forgotten,
Alejandra, my friend, the begotten

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Love, Love, Love

Love is God and God alone who died
Offering himself, cross gifted, self denied
Vow paying esteemer, making low high
Eternal giver, repenting no gift, you I glorify.

Love has no meaning in dictionaries, no place
Oystered in feelings like princely pearls
Valued in the market of the common race
Each man in himself alone defines his content by grace

Love is not the feeling we feel when desire peels
Only God in man recovers the power of love
Vessels are we filled where the spirit keels
Emotions in the heart. Only God is love.

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Preferring to accomplish one’s goal instead of listening to the pessimistic angel play
      her harp.
Assertively attracted by the adrenaline rush one feels whenever he has
      accomplished one of the many of his goals in a life’s area.
Salaciously entranced by anything that brings bewilderment to oneself through
       performing repetitive rituals.
Sagaciously knowledgeable in merging time and creativity in order to fulfill one’s
Inflating one’s mind with muscle memory through performing repetitive acts, while
       he inquiries the yogi.
Obliging to one’s self-control to help him maintain continuous endeavors of extreme
       challenges, however still somersaulting in the pools of pleasures that comes
       from being a wino.
Nagging oneself to digest all hindrances that cross his path and to laugh at
       everyone that believes him to be rather plain.
Associating oneself with people that share the same joy as himself when viewing a
       painting of a chimera.
Tremendously full of a vigorous amount of self-motivation that pushes oneself over
       every extreme and limit. 
Engaging in several festivities in order to celebrate his achievements and hopes for
       a progressive future.

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Manger, Soupers sing, with your Christ child glowing
Eternal, long ago, become now our gladsome hearts
Ring with the good news of King Jesus sharing
Rejoicing and ransom of sinners humble hearts
Ye poetry soup family worldwide this love proclaim

Christ is come and coming again, to every island
Hamlet, cold manor, and castles of continent
Rustling papers and packaging mystery present
Inspire your thoughts by time's quick falling sand
Sweet are the moments gone we shared, same
Today, let it forever be, love, fellowship, peace
Merry Christmas then to all of you, thanks too
Angelic thoughts and souls of sweet compassion
Sing your hearts with joy the season through
Serenading still family, friends, all with sacred passion. 

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Wire Giraffe

When I made this piece of art 
I realize it was to test my creative skill
Reviewing what I can do with wire part
Even when the part does not stay still

The swerving of wire
Hard to bend the way I wanted
Ended up hurting my hand and setting it on fire

Grinding my teeth to hide my pain that was what I intended
I realize how hard it is to bend things to make a shape
Removing ins and outs that is in consistent
After all the debate in my head I had a headache
For some reason I created an animal shape I felt content
Feelings ran in my mind that I was satisfied with my Art
Even when I felt tired and in dismay i did not part

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Nay Sayers Deny Greatest Fear

Charity to others means giving to you
Helping all fellow (wo)man is part of the plan 
Righteousness existing in you be the clue
Integrity to self above everything else
Spiritual intent must be in cement
This will save the earth giving new birth
Jesus Christ what more must I say?
Earthly bound fear is nothing to steer
Sex is used to keep hold of you
Utterly lustful desire leads to fire
Suffering this state tough one to equate

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Jubilance is key to living a good and happy life! Live life to the fullest with me! Man, I can relate to you! We all go through our ups and downs! I wish you good luck and fortune in this life. Umm…I’m speechless – you make me smile all the way! You make my day, buddy! Can you help me stay on track? I'm thankful that you got my back and got rid of the debt stack! And…I’d like to ask you – Can you sprinkle your salt and pepper upon my distasteful flavor? In other words, can you inspire me to run the extra mile? Can you set my passion aflame and help me to stay strong till the end? You are the light on the surface of the chaotic ocean… Never stop believing and trying with all of your might – run and take flight until you reach the finish line! We will both thrive if we just strive…I can see you’re running fast and hard just by the sweat of your brow! Wow, you amaze me by your talents…WOW! (Hope you liked my somewhat weird poem!)

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Cat Nap

Crawling, furry pet 
Aggressive, yet so lovable
Trying to get any sign of attention and winning it 

No worries planted in their feeble brains 
Attractive and a clever animal
Pleasurable extra family member, always keeping me busy!

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devils eyes

Can you remember the first kiss
That stole your heart with a twist 
Can you remember our hopes and dreams
I never dreamed it would end like this

The devils heart is unspoken words
How her evil has in golfed my world
Hacking away replacing love with fear
Taking away our first kiss replaced by tears  

Fiery pits, flames on high 
Red as rubies, like the devils eyes
Rocks and larva ,symbols of life
Bow down never, ill not die

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               Going to the ballpark with someone you met...
               Or just planning to watch on TV?

               Can't seem to make up your mind yet...
               Under this sky, so blue?
               Bet you will make the right choice though
               Seemly, as it will be true.

               Giving a look at the TV Guide's version...
               Out of town is where they'll be.

               Casting difficulty on going to see them in person...
               Under that domeless roof at Wrigley.
               But, think not of that now as your team will
               Soon be home for you to watch in the breeze.

               Guess which team I like the best...
               Or are you still in denial?

               Cubbie blue in my veins will not rest...
               Up until the day I die.
               Because I am one of those die hard fans
               So often remarked about and criticized.

               Groaning sometimes, they give me the joys of those...
               Of watching the team where my memories grew.
               Curses I never have wished for the Pale Hose...
               Unusual yes, but it's true.
               Both teams play for Chicago you see
               So I say, "Hey...Hey; Holy Cow; and Go...Go!!"

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April My Love

Assured to find a muse
Penmenship must be at its best
Relaxation and motivation is needed
Inspirations will be its bounty
Let the world discover its tale

Tribute To All Poets

Remember April Is 
Poetry Month 
May You All Find That Muse

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' Carol Brown ... (In Acrostic Form) '

C	omfort, Caring

A	lways Answering

R	eflective, Refreshing

O	pen, Only-Offering

L	aughter, Loving

B	ringing Beauty, Bonding

R	eaching, Reasoning

O	riginal, Observing

W	rought Worthy Writings

N	arrates Nobly, Noticing …

      … Really Makes For A Good-Evening:
           Carol Brown’s Poem-Readings

       (and I Mean Every Word of Each Line)

                 Your Poet-Sis ... MoonBee

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Carol Brown

Crowned the queen of creativity: she is
Always adding aroma to art with alacrity,
Rhyming rhapsodies…and raising red roses.
Oh oasis of outstanding opera! you are
Leading a lively, lovely, lady-like life.

Brown… bold, bright and beautiful! She is my
Red-hot favorite: a rare gem in my roll of honor; always
Opening our minds to overwhelming oration.
Wisdom wanders in her wealthy wells... she
Never niggles at the novice in her noble nursery.

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Memories Of Youth

Musing for memories
Etched in back of mind
Mom I remember
Overbearing news
Reguarding brothers drowning
Inquiry stated caused by flashbacks from meth and herion
Eleven and didn't quite still understand 
So I just prayed to God to forgive his lost soul

Memories Was My Topic

Tribute To My Brother Gary

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Happy Mother's Day Soupers -- dedicated to all mothers here

Heart can candle no sweeter flame of memory
Among the vintage moments of our love
Pray you now, let me praise your blessed history
Providence wanted tenderness and sent a dove
Yoke within a mother's breast is God's map of grace.

Mother means the world to me, I salute you all
Ovaries liberating the world's future through pain
Temples of our carnal joys, drinkers of his gall
Heaven's gift of comfort in loneliness first domain
Eternal are memories and love we bring to honor
Respecting you healer, culture maker, and donor
Sovereign of our happy heart, we adore you all.

Deny not then this cup of praise to frugal lips
Always grooming us with rules to obey. I call
Ye women of the soup to share a little sip where the honey drips.

Service to one is love to all, all mothers deserve
Ovations for the discontent from which they milk
Untold patience as we grow, and so I preserve
Palaces of praise for soup' mothers, and bring silk
Emissaries of songs to dance delighted in your dream
Rose bloom of caresses for your tears, O taste
Some honey for past bitter days - great mothers of the realm.

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To My Brother..A Letter Poem

H ow can I tell you, how amazing you are?
A little brother, a brat, a
N uisance, who has a heart of gold.
S oft and mushy under a

G ruff exterior...not at all
U nlike his father.
S trong, faithful, devoted to family,
T rusting to a fault
A lways quick to smile, to share a laugh, your
V ivacious spirit is infectious,

L eaving laughter, warmth, compassion, and
L ove where ever you go. Even when you’re being
O bnoxious,
Y ou still steal my heart. It 
D rives me crazy when you’re not happy.

M emories of you playing Cheetah
E ver the caretaker, devoted and loving in
Y outh to adulthood. You’ve grown before my
E yes into an astounding man’
R eminiscent of the men whose names you bear.

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Gemini {Acrostic}

Gemini is the third astrological sign traits show they are
Extrovertly masculine and positive
Mercury is their ruling planet And they are
Imaginative to say the least
Norse Gods Loki Freyr and Freyja is associated with 
Inquisitive intellectual and mentally oriented minds 

             Tribute       To 

 G E M I N I      T H E        T W I N S

         May 21st  - June 21st

My Influnces

Gemini      Sun
Cancer      Rising
Aries         Moon

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Diamond in the Rough

Dear heart the love of my life and more,
I adore your eyes that shine when you smile.
After I look deep within I know the score.
My arms long to hold you in loving style.
Our past lives, guided, always intertwined.
Now we have rekindled our affections true.
Diamond in the rough, I could always find.

I pledge my life, light, laughter and love to you 
Now and forever, I request to taste your lips of wine.

Tell the spirit of love, what we plan to do.
Hearing every note of our song-playing fine,
Each day of our life together, just us two,

Reveal of our passion, never needed for anyone.
Our adoration flies from our faces upon this earth.
Universes watch in awe, our devotion won.
Graciously we have bonded in a lifetime of worth.
Having our souls blessed by treasures by the ton.

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Shout Life

shout shout shout it on out
heavenly Father whats it about
open hearts and praise Him without any doubt
utter His name on high and do not stand and pout
thank you O Lord for touching us with Your mighty clout

lift lift us again so we can stand and shout
In our hearts Lord love will never be stomped out
for You have given us directions to follow from Your routes
eternity awaits for all through your heavenly sprouts

Tribute To The 
Holy Spirit


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Authentic my words

















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My Daughter

Pretty as a painting
Amusing in her way
Young in her heart
Tenacious every day
Only child did I bear
Never to be replaced
Jocular at every chance
Eventually she got displaced
An angel she is from above
Never thought I was capable of such love

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Holy Sabbath Day

Highest God from high Sinai thundering
Offering and sacrifice suddenly suspended
Light and lightening in heaven flashing
Yahweh the breach of earth has mended

Sabbath from creation's seventh day given
Adam first of man by its presence blest
Bringing body and spirit in line with heaven
Blessed to share in the glad Creator's rest
Apostles everywhere celebrate this sign
Tabernacling the mind that only God creates
Holy the rest we share shows the divine

Destiny for man is in the image of this giver
Almighty life bringer, lover and restorer 
Yahweh it's your celebration manifested power.

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L avender Lilacs' aroma waft through the wind
A ccentuating the air
T ogether the earth and sky smile
I lluminating the night moon
K aleidoscopic moonbeams
A ttending Mother Nature's earthly floor

Dedicated as a Welcome to POETRYSOUP
For Latika Carley

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Authentic my words

















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True Friends

Two as one.
Respectful of each other.
Unselfish in our Love.
Every Kindness shared.

Faithful and gentle to each other.
Real Honesty between two.
In all troubles, supportive.
Even generous at times.
Never loosing Patience
Discreet, Peaceful; and Loving
Someone caring forever 
 ~as only true friends can~

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I Miss Yo"u"

I reached up to the sky,

M y hands stretched so high
I nto your hands I tried to reach
S tretching as far as I can, 
S lippery fingers touched your soft hand

Y et, I couldn't hang on to you, and
O ut into the wide open sea I fell; remembering the 
"U s" moments we spent together....