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Acrostic Dark Poems | Acrostic Poems About Dark

These Acrostic Dark poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Acrostic Dark poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I can't live like this

It still rains.

Coming down in heavy droplets.
Arrow like precision as they land on my shivering body.
Nails of coldness are hammered into me.
There is no escape under this concrete overpass.

Layers of clothing, a soaked second skin.
I huddle in a ball, begging for protection.
Victory is not a friend of mine as the thunder sounds.
Every muscles jolts from natures drum.

Life passes me by, one storm after another.
I cannot escape this harsh weather.
Killing me a million slashes a time.
End this now, torturous repetition of rain.

There is no sunshine, endless skies of darkness.
Hope has been swallowed by lightening.
I have been digested by the demons.
Still, in a ball I am cradled, waiting for the rain to stop.


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Time and time again,
broken heart and shattered dreams.
My eyes start to close and,
I hear all the retched screams.

I see the twisted faces, 
the hatred they hold inside.
The eyes as red as blood, 
all the anger they can't hide.

The sound of the screams turns my blood, 
curdled like sour milk.
The faces fall away, 
drifting like a scarf of silk.

I open my eyes once more 
to find it was all in my head.
These memories they torture me, 
they make feel...... dead.

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Angel vs Devil

Awaken my angel, adventure awaits. 
Navigate through nature, nirvana is near. 
Grant your growing grace the gift to shine. 
Endless emotions elate your soul 
Love lavishly for love will last forever

Destruction is the devil's dastardly deed
Evoking each and every emotion
Vaporizing my virgin values
Ironically intoxicating my insecurities
Love leaves and Lucifer's lies win

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I know you, you're godless like me, and to the natives We Are The Wandering dead. Headless in sunshine, blind in the wilderness. I know you, you're the sister of death that's true. Your red lips caress mine as I choke upon embers. I'm awaiting life to be stripped from these bones. I smoke the feathers from the angels round here, and laugh with the devil. She sleeps at my feet. I found a home down here. She's the one who'll burn down the temple. She's the one who shall coerce the swarms. I know she'll do anything and more.

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Could I not see such ugly drawn out choices.

Hollow I feel such nothing for people it is fear that feeds me.

Alone in this forsaken world with nothing to accept.

Order is such pain that it is nothing but chains.

Souls that bare nothing but lost cause to confusion is such utter mistakes.

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

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Wrinkle - Acrostic

Woven lines patterned like the black widow's silk. 
Resting upon the face and the hands.
Insidious, the crow perches on skin once like milk.
Nestled in laugh lines, the years' stark demands.
Kings and Queens reign, then they, too, grow old.
Looking back at all the scavengers stole.
Each wrinkle a regret, the grave dagger's dole.

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So much obscurity with no sign of light.                               
     Hope begs the question is there help in sight?         
Past, present, and future are mangled in time. 
     Enters the Captain - buckle-up for flight.
Across the universe, passage bought for a dime. 
     A countdown begins; it’s the end of the line… 
Cashing-in what is left of my mind, 
     Ready to reschedule this mission of mine.
Envy my trip but heed the sign: 
     The SPACE around his HEART is dark and sublime.

written:02/26/13 for SPACE Contest

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Reaching to the sky in terror, another helpless victim of an
Inconceivable crime cries out for mercy. Blood curdles as screams 
Pierce the night of London town. Who is the madman on the loose 
Preying on the defenseless? The answer comes from hell…
Evil is lurking in every shadow. Do not close your eyes. The nightmare is   . 
Real, sinister, maniacal…No one is safe from Jack.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, 10/16/13
For Russell Sivey's Everything Halloween Contest

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~~ Bleak and gloomy is this recurring dream Long and raven falls my ebony hair And dark and inky is the surreal unlit sky Can I find my way out of this murky gloom, and Keep the mournful, forlorn ghosts away _____________________________________ September 1, 2013 Acrostic Written for the contest, I love Five!, Andrea Dietrich

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Quicksand Vortex

Quivering on the surface
Underneath is chaos
Inching too close now
Cesspool of disaster
Known to be deadly
Sinking, swim desperately
Activate survivor mode
Never believe you are infallible
Death can be the result

Vision is clouded
Opportunity to save self drifting
Relax don`t panic
Try to tread sand like water
Examine your surroundings
X-treme survival tactics

Sept 15th, 2013
Rick zablocki
Build Your Own Sand Contest

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             On a stormy night I awoke from a dream
               to find that I wasn't there ,
              was I awake or still in my dream
                or should I even care !
               My thoughts were all gone for something was wrong
               for my room was upside down ,
              patterns of chaos infected my mind
                without making a sound .
             A hot hellish breeze blew through my house
               as devils danced in my head ,
              For something wicked came this way
                could it be under my bed  ?
              As sunlight poured into my room  
                I knew that I was alright ,
               or could it be that my mind was gone
                 taken during the night !

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Netherworld eclipsing the land of the living,
Invading the space not owned by the dead;
Grim hues take the land with force unforgiving,
Happily forcing the living to bed.
The living sleep 'til the horizon turns red.

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Embracing this low and calm fumes
Adopting these reserved maneuvering skills
Rehearsing my lines daily…hoping to perfection
I wish to be the extra prototype when the curtain rises up
I will majestically bow to the jury…doubting their frown
Here with me…will compose the best speech
With my specs; you will see an intelligent poet
Yet with my hands you will lay an author of the future
Now we are a little far away from the spotlight…
On the road we are pedestrians…of course Christians
Now we weep, now we creep out with terror
Last night I saw the fellow; he was a sad veteran
Weirdly he seemed killed already only that he wasn’t berried
Poor soldier; dead already just a moving corpse waiting for
An open grave…
So much I had wanted to tell him…when I stared at him wobbling
Zonked, I couldn’t help a tear from falling
The war had consumed so much of his good smiles and the blissful memos
When he embraced me…he whispered to my left ear and said;
‘Do you know how to pull a trigger aah!?’
I answered no…you should learn son as he sighed with discomfort
The was ache in his left leg…I loved him much he died the next evening
It’s always like that for me…
I am rehearsing my agony…so hurting

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The Pitch Dark Night Sky

Laying in my bed
There is nothing in my head
The night is growing mysterious
Time is going crawling by
I can see the pitch black sky
It’s silent every where
But I can feel the cool of the night air
I’m listening to the annoying tick tock sound of this wall clock
This still night made me realize, how lonesome we are
Just left in the lurch…In the middle of the night

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Bathed in darkness thick as cream
Linen-soft shadows fostering dreams
As dark cloudy swaths block out the light
Covering the moon in the midst of the night
Kids cower deeper under their sheets.

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Solving Insomnia

Dogs barking loudly at night,
Even when you tell them to stop?
After midnight or early hours,
Despite you having called the cops?

Don't you worry, I've been there too,
Open-eyed and out of my mind.
Good thing I acted; now I can sleep;
So maybe the next pooch will be more kind.

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Dark thoughts

All these thoughts run threw my mind question is do I run or do I hide?
I get tired of doing the right thing , I just wish people would have seen.
You were a sheep in wolf clothing, You had me backed in a corner my weakness you used.
I showed you my fears my mistake, Nothing ever seems as it is I cried my tears and let go.
Yet I hear your voice haunt me in my sleep, Flash backs run all I keep repeating "Leave" "Leave me be".
Feel empowered but you hold no power over me. 
As I stand , I stand tall and strong just as I will remain strong as a statue.
Nothing can prosper I've mad it threw hell I've won the war. 
You see you hold nothing over my head anymore!

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Who ever saw the fires of hell would be able to attest
It’s burning from the centre to the peak; 
All the mountains are covered with the heavens blanket
Where will i ever see a mountain this high?
Our buildings look so small; 
How did this splendid art form
The olds call it the work of god
The pagan say it the power of nature

The face is wrinkle not of age but,
The burning tears of sorrow
I see swallows flying motionless
I look at the flowers that give its beauty
It’s beyond those plains where they walk tirelessly

Even the scorching sun has no effect
Evenings covered by strife in families
Nothing looks to be affecting the lilies 
Neither the awls cannot complain
But to I it’s burning like scorching furnace

The tears that have made the face a playing ground
This is favour they are giving to the grief
These are tears of salts mix with despair.

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Stay True to Love

Stay true to love ‘though ebbs and flows may come;
Take hold of joy and treasures it may hold.
Allow not sin or sorrow find a home,
Invest your heart in beauty, peace untold.
Resist death’s grip, remember pain will pass;
Wake filled with hope, embrace the new-lit morn.
As night gloom falls, dark spirits may hold fast
Yet dark will fade into a day fresh-born.
Trust memory to keep you safe from harm,
On its sweet wings find peace in times of strain;
Trust each refrain to sweep you in its arms.
Have faith in friends, let family ordain
Each stumbling step will finish in a dance.
Stay true to love, its promises are dear;
Take hold of joy, give life its proper chance
And let no man invest you with his fear.
Raise up your eyes, in heaven stake your dream;
Stay true to love and life you will redeem.

By Deb Radke for Linda-Marie's contest 'Stairway to the Stars'

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A is for Absently staring at you,
D is for Dazed thorough and true,
A is for Agony coming undone,
M is for Maybe you might be the one.

A is Arousal my body's on fire,
D is my deepest most hidden Desire,
A is Allured, enamored to sin,
M is Magnetic pulling me in.

A, I'm Angry you cheated you lied,
D, i'm Dead feel nothing inside,
A, i'm Addled don't know what to do,
M i'm Madly in love with you.

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Now the winter has arrived,
Our breath suspended in the cold winter air.
Very soon the snow will blanket the ground.
Early sunsets are no longer rare.
Morning's dark when we arise.
By the time work's done, its dark again.
Every glimpse of sun is a prize.
Rain is upon us now....snow and rain.

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Abduction for Matt Caliri's "Poems to Movies" contest

"You here?"


"Never on" "He's going to 

win this case just because of these pictures"...He begins to look through the photos.

The private eye cracks a smile and begins to hum the Killers

"Of all the songs to get stuck in my head while waiting"

"The stupid song's been stuck in my head for what feels like a 

year." (stands up and appears to be getting apprehensive) "I should win a freaking 

award for the amount of work i'm putting into this case"

"I can't take the waiting anymore."  (He begins to pace and dials his phone)

"Will? ugh, voicemail"

"So, where are you? I can't take waiting here much more, GET HERE!"(hangs up the phone)

"You tell people to be on time and they 

haven't the respect for how busy I really am."

The setting is a bleak dark alley, a place where 

love is replaced by pain, where the light 

of day barely penetrates.

Humanity is replaced by brutality in these cold, dark alleys of the city.

For a moment our character looks to the sky between the buildings and sees a strange light.

It seems to stop flying for a moment, 

"Get outta here, is that??"

Off in the distance the light (which was small at first), begins to be getting brighter and closer.

"My GOD, is that a 

spaceship?" A blinding beam suddenly brightens the alley way and our character is gone.

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Ganjain Heady trips

by Sashi.Prabhu

Shrouded and festooned with quaintness i try to elucidate the trips of mystery, T’was dark and it was then I realized that the morn and noon was history. A smooth trip on mother nature’s bounties rolled on neatly into a joint, It felt all day as me and the bard within went on a trip from reality the shackle disjoint. Rendezvous point was at the foothills of the zeauoxian Milky Way Way beyond my mind can comprehend I see myself move fast and dwindle away. Away, away and far away through starry paths, the galactic colonies and black holes Yesterday seemed like tomorrow and today like the near future, written on ash scrolls Tornados, galactial storms, raining meteorite, planets, and stars I beyond them travel, Oh my body is the ship and my mind the deck console for the paths to ravel. There at a distance I see us approaching Venus, Hovering above hostile mutant colonies with mammals, moth worms and flora genus, Earth behind seemed afar & beautiful and I every moment growing creative and ticinus. Ship trips and galaxial flips, Tardy nites and the dark nicotine stained finger tips, Annular eclipse occurring in my mind’s eye as the white light zips, Rummaging my mindly scripts for notes of melancholy strains as the notes dance on, Slammed by the downer, my trips are done& for another, on ganjain I count upon.

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Sun and Moon

Today, I have finished.
Tonight, your hunger is diminished.

Now, your anguish has been eradicated.
Your way of life is completed,
Your way of strife is defeated,

Like the rising sun, I shined down on your world,
A life of ignorance, a life you so quickly hurled,
And like the sun, I had exposed your vices,

I have shown you that charity suffices
Loving, worshiping, and making sacrifices
Lasting throughout the ages, His message is now complete
And His promise fulfilled
Has He ever sent you a message leading you to deceit?
And His promise was never killed

I am leaving you shortly,
Lost, you will never be, but rather quite courtly
Leaving you with the Book of signs and wonders
A fiery law to shake your enemies like thunder

Lastly I leave behind my successor
A wise young man, a Master
He will be your example and a mercy in the upcoming disaster

Men of the world, he will succeed me as the moon succeeds the Sun
Under a starless night, when darkness has begun
He will be shine down on you with my light
A night, where the only light will be his
Managing the dark world with a light so dim
Ending this period of day is a period of night
Death in the air, a fire about to ignite

Resting amongst you, he will be a man of peace
A man of courage, whose eloquence will only increase
Stopping only when his time is at cease
Underneath the dagger, he will decease
Loved by the Lord and so pleased

And in that dark night my light will never disappear
Lost in the clouds the moon will only reappear
Light in the sky, it will forever help the community
All has been promised in His book of Immunity
His message forever complete, forever in purity

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Beautiful Burn

Who am I, is who you are, confused, forever,
life is a bigger project, don't hold my hand cause I am clueless.

You dig your own tunnel and escape or stay locked with me forever, 
suffer, cherish and let the cloud of our breath guide,
and make the world as beautiful as the strangers that we were once.

What caused heartburn was never a heartburn anymore, 
on those dried lips, faint smiles & smell of the dust.
those winds of our memory healed the darkest.

Tales were told and retold, locking arms, 
kisses, moans, & hair-pulling hugs,
ticked the clock of the midnight, 
lovers melted in the glory.

Jealous daylight tried to spoil the madness,
but lovers fell asleep, 
holding pictures of the past in their hearts—eternally.

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If feelings were a glass mine would have been broken
As I have felt many pain not just pain of hurt
But pain of been looked down
But I am holding back

I hold in my heart things that are way too big
I hold words that can destroy another soul
The soul that live by hope
But I am holding back

Back in the days of joy where nothing was beyond reach
I was paralysed with happiness back in the days
The days that were so short
But now they are long as years
As I am holding back

Holding back to the hope that things will change
Holding back to words that have nurtured me
With the hope that I too could be the words
That everyone wants to hold on to.

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Joy to the world! Vengeance will take its toll soon! Be aware!! Negativity has arrived at the front door, knocking obnoxiously! Don’t answer it or you’ll be inviting bad company full of bad luck and demonic zeal…illuminating with greed and selfish ambitions! Don’t try to get her attention or she’ll erupt like a violent, vicious volcano. . . . . . .
Oh, wait! Are you joking? Here comes that pessimistic, sadistic, rage-indulging woman again, watching that TV 24/7 with cruel envy, shattering the bones of the innocent…observing the wickedness of the world with malice painted in her brownie-like and plum-purple eyes – avarice growing in her like cancer, inflicting pain and depression upon others without a trace of guilt – that ignorant WITCH! That insidious fallen angel, wishing upon remorse and morbid luck on others and doing it tactlessly – she has no heart…her heart’s tainted with malevolent, ill will determination and makes her sister, hope, weep in vain – she watches her sorrow just like she gazes at a television screen, thrilled by fantasies of good and evil… love and hate… ice and fire… bliss and grief… the living and dead… etc. – GOOD GRIEF!
Yep – a typical witch she is – casting evil spells on people with the way she presents herself to others and how she starts riots and quarrels, dragging people on her level and putting them under a bittersweet, wretched spell! She’s infuriated and will take revenge in her hands…joy to the world!

(Ch.2 of the series)

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Nightmares (An Acrostic)
Nocturnal spirits do intrude
Invading peaceful solitude
Ghostly demons devour sleep
Horrid thoughts in your mind creep
To leave you trembling in your bed
Morbid thoughts swirl in your head
An ambiance that makes you tense
Repulsive visions make no sense.
Every night dozing, dreaming
Suddenly awakening, screaming
Liz Reilly

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E - first part of EXPENSE series

E is the beginning of EXPENSE, the acrostic series.......

Expensive…Imagination caught my eye…I couldn’t afford losing you badly, 
even if you’re worth is worth a pair of decent-looking shoes, but what are 
really made of in the inside? Slip your feet inside my shoes for one moment in 
your life…for all my life, I was left with a mystery with absolutely no clues…do 
I have to find my way out of my solitary dorm? The ghosts are jeering at me 
and intimidating me again and again and again and again… scaring me out of 
my boots! No one gives any hoots! Untangle me from the comforting shell of 
fatality – a story let to tell! You’re only a phony fool, in other words, a 
worthless, inadequate tool! I’m climbing the Mountain of Gracious Glory, 
gaining back my alienated  ambition – I know where the wicked wind flows – 
it flows in the land of milk and honey…it sweeps something grand into my 
brain and seeps inside of my wobbly body altogether…it marinates in my brain 
signals and I receive thoughts of endless sensations and luminous notions! 
Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees 
out of their honey dens or hives! My noggin is runnin’ wild in circles and my 
mind is whirling like a seething storm that’s body-quaking me…controlling me 
like a steel-made robot…these particular pangs of regrets makes my guilty 
conscience overflow with low self-esteem and anguish…lamentation has fallen 
upon us all! We all must stand tall…remember to brave & hop over our 
obstacles optimistically and assertively like a horse during his training for the 
biggest race he has ever trampled into! Do you have any clue what I’ve been 
through? My notions that are spinning around in my brain is like the 
vegetables, water & the spices, mixing well & swell into a stew, restoring 
peace to my verse…Is my life a gift or a curse? Deplorable Reality’s strategic 
tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or 
hives! I’m climbing the Mountain of Gracious Glory, gaining back my alienated  
ambition – I know where the wicked wind flows – it flows in the land of milk 
and honey…that’s where you and I will flee!