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These Acrostic Art poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Art. These are the best examples of Acrostic Art poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Open Sores

I am a coward with open sores. 
I write and wonder who it bores. 
I hear my heart and mind argue repeatedly. 
I see others carrying out my dreams; 
that’s what’s defeated me.
I am a coward with open sores. 
I pretend open doors are closed, and walk the other way. 
I touch base with the fear in my heart, tearing me apart,
leaving nothing to say... 
I worry the world will leave me. 
I cry because no one believes in me. 

I am a coward with open sores. 
I understand nothing comes easy. 
I say I’m happy, but even I don’t believe me. 
I dream I am healed and brave. 
I try to overcome my weaknesses before I’m in my grave. 
I hope you hear me.
I’m on all fours. 
I am a coward with open sores. 

©  2011  ~JSLaM    


* 1st PLACE in Contest "MARCH MADNESS" Sponsored by C. Devonshire 2011

* 1st PLACE in Contest "ONE OFF" Sponsored by Brian Strand 5/11/2011 

* 1st PLACE in Contest "BEST EVER" Sponsored by P.D. 2011

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My PoetrySoup

M y eyes see what your heart is feeling
Y our feelings you write out as poetry

P ain, love, joy, wonder, inspiration
O nly you can help me see, hear,and feel you
E ven though only words you have written they
T ouch my heart and mind deeply from within
R equiring me to write a poem so full of feeling as
Y ou become my poetry I write from my heart
S mile, laugh, cry, whisper, or shout
O pen your heart, mind, and soul
U tter your words on paper or screen
P oetry is where I see and feel your soul

Tons of comma fun!
contest of Russell Sivey

Written by: Carol Brown
3rd Place Winner

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Paint With Fire

Pen in hand, against the paper,
An artist must be left to bleed,
Inner thoughts become written words.
No better way has been found
To empty out a soul.

With growing eagerness,
I add fuel to the fire
To induce passion's flame,
Hoping the blaze never dies.

Forever and a day, and longer,
Inside my heart the fire burns.
Revealing to another soul
Every spark of my inspiration.

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Eye Candy

Double Acrostic

I just want to mention before you read this poem that "Oasis" by Charmaine Chircop
allowed me the inspiration to write this. Thoughts had been swirling through my mind 
for about 24 hours and I was having difficulty finding the form to express them. Those
of you that know me know that I favor difficult forms rather than plain Freestyle. 
Thank you Charma, It is good to be back!!

Eye Candy

Erratic, heart thrusting through my chest!
Yoga is in session, followers in succession! 
Edible delights without excess embellishment.

Core poses carve, define rippled mid-sections
Anxiety has subsided, muscles relaxed. Objective,
Nurture those curves! Endure tension, calm her nerves.
Durability, her gift is my defection. Connection, A fifteen
Year friendship and we are both free agents!

Jared Pickett

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Most wonderful woman God gave to me
You fill my heart with so much joy and glee

Everything I will drop just to heed your call
Together with you I can face it all
Enchanting lady to my heart you hold the key
Rightfully yours from the beginning till eternity
Never will I cheat or betray your trust
Always I promise this until I turn to dust
Loving you with a love that forever will last

Warming my nights and making my days bright
Inspiration you bring makes me want to write
Fulfilling my needs in every aspect
Eternally it is you I will love and respect

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why lie

Lies hurt the love and especially all the trust people put in you. 
Everyday You wake up saying to yourself,  It's ok to lie. 
No one's going to find out or bring it out in the open. 
I can hold on to a heart full of love and trust for another day.
Knowing it would cause pain and the all the love and trust they 
have would disapear instantly.

So why keep lying and filling her head and heart full of dreams 
that You know will never come true.  Only leaving her with nothing
Just the lies You told.

In the end is it really worth trying to hold on to her love. Being bound by 
the lies you told.  Now leaving her to deal with a broken heart.  And
watching her world crumble into pieces.  As the tears of pain slide down
her face.  

As you walk away. While saying nothing but I'm sorry.  I never meant to 
hurt you. Over and Over again.  Trying to figure out how to make a peaceful
exit out of her life.  

Your left thinking was it worth losing an angel's heart by lying. Now she's gone.

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Up in the sky I see God's handiwork
Not the same in my home
Love left so long ago 
Open wounds have healed
Velvet thread was used to sew
Every break in the heart but
Drops of blood leak around each stitch

Unfeeling now each time the hurts
Not the same as years ago
Lonely from years of manipulation
Open wounds want to reopen
Velvet thread is getting very old
Every new break pulls
Drops of blood still seep through

Unguarded the heart is exposed
Nothing has changed
Left is only pain that is composed
On top of the broken heart
Velvet thread is getting soaked
Every drop of blood spills onto it
Death from a broken heart  is near

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Repugnant Shrapnel

The flood of human remains plummeting downwards. Horizon blackened, jolted from the sky. Towering waves of obscure aftermath swarm to the heavens. With a slight endeavor, kingdoms turn to squander. 
Ravaging paths meet and become hordes of ailment. God’s hand has erected the retched bowels of man’s mass burials.
An avalanche of skulls,
Rain down the exhumed past of lost ancestry. Prophecies fulfilled to our graves of dispersed dead.

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Magnum Opus

Man of words, strange creature of fiery intention,
Amplifying pictures with that restless imagination,
Great are the images spurting forth from your pen,
Nothing holds you down, working alone in the den; 
Unto the night you toil, pushed by an alien power,
Mastering some inner demons, taming your fear.

Oh how you search for truths floating up in the air,
Producing tremors with the raging force they stir,
Until at last your labors come to a perfect ending, 
Shaking humanity with the hard lessons they bring.

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People who spend their time devoted to poetry
Optimistic people who can be pessimistic as well
Elegant writers throughout society waiting ever so slowly and patiently to be known
Those who utter their feelings in to a well thought out and admired poem
Spirits with a talent, and who are happy.

Pleasing to read, persuades others to write poems as well
Of all forms of literature poems seem the best
Eccentric writings that inspire, express, and inform
Modern society vs. ancient work
Supercilious poems that express thee

thank u for looking at this poem.
hope u enjoyed- WÖLF

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Blooming pure petals of love paint a newly found scape
Ever so delicate a passion longing for a love to complete
A graceful flight of a free bird flutters past a heart of pure
Unleashed temptations dance in the summer heat whispering words
Today I hold a hope tight to my heart of eyes that saturate an angelic song
Your festive freedom captivates this curious heart, only for you I long to dance....  

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Mother's Death

M  y mother died when I was fifteen months old
O  h how my heart hurt when I called her so bold
T  o heaven her soul did soar_ leaving her children
H  ere on this earth, with lives now so totally barren
E  each day I wonder why so young she had to go
R  easons I will never know in this life though
S  atan did his work in destroying family

D  evil stirred the father to drink, compulsorily
E  aten away was his heart from the loss; Granny
A  ttended five children's needs, extra for baby
T  o family members word was spread_ youngest given
H  ome by adoptive family; but this for child heaven

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Y earning for spiritual insight and tranquility
O verall control of body, mind and soul
G athering my thoughts to a central point
A lignment my ultimate goal


Contest: Yoga
10th Place

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A House Is Not A Home

Another day passes yet here I stand
Home is somewhere that my heart can land
Open your eyes and you shall see
Unleash your spirit and learn to be free.

Sometimes the world just beats me down
Everything vanishes and no one’s around
I don’t understand why this happens to me
Seeing then understanding seems to be key.

Now that my heart knows where to go
Only one thing I shall need to know
Today will pass regardless of what I do
Another step closer to understanding what’s true.

Home is a place where your heart feels safe
One step closer to reaching this place
Many words are spoken yet few are heard
Everyone knows home is more than a word.

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Happiness (acrostic)
Happiness is found within not in people and things

Acceptance of the present regardless of what fears/ inner demons you may be facing

Persistence in seeking love and happiness inside ourselves so we may experience the abundance of love and beauty that encompasses us

Patience with ourselves as we learn and grow through our personal trials and tribulations life often presents to us, unexpectedly

Inside ourselves are all the answers we seek, believe in yourself with a smile on your face

Never give up on yourself! Challenge your belief systems with an open heart and a positive mind set

Endless love & happiness awaits you, seek it consciously without delay

Spirit of love is the essence of our original form; happiness is our natural state of being

Smile in the face of adversity and feel your spirit soar to new heights experiencing love, peace and happiness from this moment forward.  Live as if there is no tomorrow, for you reap what you sow :) :) :)

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What's in a Name

R eady to give a hug and be caring to others
U nderneathe my heart I’m a true romantic
S imply adorable I am, many people have said
S o heartfelt are my feelings of compassion
E very beat of my heart brings a certain peace
L ovely words do I say to everyone I know
L ong will I remain truthful and loving to all

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Poet Destroyer A's "a poem' about you... it can be an ode' a self ballad, any poem about you.. THE POET" contest


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Easter EGG, Abecedarian: with egg shape-

                       April Aroma...
                     Beckons Beauty.
                   Come Children!!!....
                 Daisies Daffodil.........
                Fun Filled Freedom.......
                  Giddy Giggly Games...
                    How ya' Hangin'???
                       Just Jolly Joey!

              HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!

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Palettes mixed in shadow and night Absorbing brushstrokes of heart’s angst; Into the quiet comes starlight Nectar from oil drips on his hands To capture blinks of enamored scenes. Wild the contours pressed by each touch Igniting art, vivid as red Till pigments burst on moist paintbrush Heated tones marking final strokes. Flamed abstract spreads hues that collide If only to tint blaze of shades; Rage expressed for his deceased bride Eyes melting on a still portrait. Andrea Dietrich’s Contest 1 in 4: Choose your Acrostic Title

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Who Am I

Who am I?
Question indeed!

  W-eaned from tender 
age,in noble family of ten.
  H-urt by the demise of 
the tube that brought 
me into this theater of 
struggles and pains.
  O-rdered about by the 
whimps of this 
world,facing the hurdles 
of life daily from 
cradle,never giving up 
  A-fine young man of 28 
I am,who has the 
experience and wisdom 
of the aged.
  M-astering the arts of 
life-learning from lessons 
of life's victims and 
didactic poems 'cos man 
of fame I intend to be for 
I bear the name Bob.

  I-lost my poetic gift at a 
stage but recovered it in 
poetrysoup for invisible 
entities say a 
lesser being I shall be,but 
another encourages me 
to move on,for great is 
one who comes out of 
the shackles of life 
undeterred for this is who 
I am.

Name: Ifeanyi Bob 

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Where is thy heart supposed to go for healing, When all of world comes crashing down around you.  Leaving you with nothing but lost feelings.
 Wondering aimlessly around looking for some glimpse of happiness.  

Searching what's left of the heart for hope that love will live again.  Watching the love you have fade away slowly.  Leaving a trail of tears. 
 Waking up everyday trying to put on a smile while falling apart inside. 

Not knowing where to go or who to ask for help to save what's left of thy heart.  Only praying to God that your life will end soon.  So all the pain well be gone forever.  Finally leaving you in peace.

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Teaching a Young Lover

The first time witnessing the twain mountain peaks,
High above the echoes of our heart beat,
Erected I stood, in awe I stare, with eyes devouring nature’s beautiful souvenir.

Below the Twin crags fingers softly stroll along a sweat drenched path.
Inch by inch digits artfully tread around a shallow furrow.
Racing heart beats are like the wings of a thousand sparrows.
Down in yonder valley two fingers gently creep.
Skin shivers on the mound where the fescue freely grows. 

Along the cleft, in the distal knoll, a tributary streams.
Near the wet land is a cave, a place of fertile dreams.
Desire drives daring digits to dive deeper into the warm unknown.

Tell me lover, tell me more about the birds and the bees.
How did the stork bring mother a girl like me?
Every time you’re next to me, what is it that I feel?

Blazing like a fire is this tension in my blood.
Enthralled me with your touch
Engulf me in your love. 
Serinade me with these words: "I love you, oh so much."

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Tough Mudder

Today’s the day.
Our training is to be put on display.
Upon each is a test of the heart.
Guts to do it all from the start.
Here we go over the first wall, sublime.

Men and Women at the line.
Utter the words “HOO RAH” in time.
Determined to finish the challenge ahead.
Defined by how they react to others in dread.
Each of us who finish the course and stand.
Reach a new respect for those who sport the orange headband.

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N-   Naturally Gorgeous
A-   Ajar with beauty
T-   Tuned for my eyes
U-   Utterly breathtaking
R-   ricochet  beauty
E-   Eternity's description

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No hands to cover her modesty, in marble she was bold Underneath the dust, stone-cold, ... opposed to wearing clothes Discovered, then, by Grecian men, disclosing beauty's charm Exposed, she poses quite composed, yet, still without her arms !
_________________________________________________________________ Inspired by Venus de Milo, ancient statue of Aphrodite, For Andrea Dietrich's contest: Acrostic Four Letter Words 8/25/13

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If you don't eat, you're anorexic if you do eat, you're a fat ass.
If you don't wear makeup, you're ugly. If you wear makeup, you're a fake.
If you're loud, you're annoying; if you're quiet, you're weird.
If you're good in school, you're smart; if you say something wrong, you're stupid.
If you take pictures, you're an attention-whore; if you don't stalk your friends you're not cool.
If you wear sweats, you're underdressed; if you wear a dress, you're overdressed.
If you don't have boobs, no guys like you; if you have boobs, they're fake.
If you don't have a boyfriend, you're a loser; if you have one, he's cheating on you.
You tell us to be who we are but then you go and judge us about it. So now, do you see how hard it is for us to just be ourselves?

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I'm Falling For You

<                             Signs of the time
                               Enriched vibrant colors 
                               Painted on minds eye canvass
                               To inscribe it's beauty to another
                               Eventually leaving one in awe
                               Marching in it's parade of showings
                               Begining to end
                               Each and every year
                               Requesting for it's safe return

Entry For Carol Brown's 
Fall Is Around The Corner Contest
I Chose September
G.L. All

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Moment and time pass
Yet there is still struggle and task
Quicken by what I see and feel
Uniquely I want to away flee
Intent of my heart is to me a gentle breeze
Engraved in my heart in a world-tragic
Total quietness and sacred serenity
Peaceful like as it is in Zion the mount of ruby
Lost in it and never do I wish to found
Archaic it may seem but listen to the sound 
Caption of it as it flow in your heart it is your thought
Eternal would I want to be in my thought but staring at me is reality

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Haste great messenger to mirth's tribes and throngs
Announce the old year's ending like our epic songs
Properly written poorly told, poorly written in translation
Purge each heart and prime each purposed hope again
Youth and wisdom will meet matured in one refrain

Nature reminds us, everything true a second chance is given
Emancipate all dreams, break the chain on every heart
Welcome the new beginning and a vision of heaven

Yield neither courage nor faith when life falls apart
Endeavor to rearrange the pieces into a fresh vision
Appraise it, build value in it, share it, grow it
Reach beyond the self, and invest it with the Master's spirit. 

                                  Trumpeting desires the new year calls
                                  Onward to your purpose for time still swiftly runs

                                  All men dream, but few follow its course
                                  Let it ring of heart and soul, its happy source
                                  Loudly then: happy new year to all, my friends!  

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T houghtfully open heart in thankfulness
H onoring God for graciousness, unlimited access

A nd remeber all things in appreciativeness
N ot forgetting air we breath, blue sky we have in excess

K nights and princesses; children of the Living God
S ing a joyful song praising Him don't put on grand facade

G ive of yourself in thanks and rejoice in His love
I nvite the Holy Spirit to dwell within your heart dove

V ictory can be yours each step of the way my friend
I f time in God's presence in praise and worship daily spend

N ow is the time in His presence and purpose to remain
G ratitude said for all of life's pleasures even life's pain.

S tillness and quiet each day spend time thank God for each and everyone

This is a combination Acrostic and couplets..
My understanding that Acrostics do not rhyme but mine is actually couplets written in poulter's measure..A person who sold eggs would sometimes give a dozen eggs for a price and sometimes if the hens were laying extra good a person would get 14 eggs of the same price..Lucky them..So 12/14 in rhyming couplets..

Sponsor: Kim Merryman
Contest: Count Your Blessings
Date Written: Monday, November 19, 2012


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Ciggy’s day out this is just another normal walk but where shall I go to the haberdashery or to the local library on this wonderful February day. I think I will start at the library and look for a book on an auto harp or maybe a book about a calliope. So I can use them in my collaboration latter today. I am a little thirsty I think I will get a soda in an aluminum can of course with no algae. Now back to my condominium I will go cuz it’s time to start my live web show.

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                                                         a miNd 
                                                    that driftS
                                                       In a picAsso
                          a surf                                  That         shifts
     into "escherian"                                   realitY

All the letters are meant to be small case letters.
But with the small font it is hard to align the letters properly 
For that reason am I capitalizing the acrostic.

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Full of surprises yet bearing no secrets. Never predictable or boring not a worry or care to burden him.Breath taking and dependable. Like the ocean's he's strong yet gentle. Stormy yet peaceful sometimes wild and free and invigorating. Romantically playing his melodic tunes like a breath of fresh air. Wisely and patiently awaiting the perfect moment to ease his way into the hearts of his intended. Ever changing and timeless but forever insync with the ways of the world.

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Not Good in a Bed but Fine up Against a Wall/ E.Roosevelt

O rigin, the beginning, the mostest, bestest, most beauteous
H ave you ever been so very full of the symbolic

M essage of the flower kingdom
Y ou just can’t stand to see, or smell, another

G od forsaken picker pushing
O range, red, white, pink
D andy, handy, trite ,

A nalog for the joy and pain;

D ripping from the plucked
A nd pieced heart of
M an and his foil woman.
N ever again will I accept a 

R ose as anything thing
O f consequence 
S ince even an
E vil heart can buy a rose.

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Dear John

Loneliness is a fear that sometimes cease life 
Cutting through my heart carving its way like a knife 
Holding me at a place where I feel for someone I need 
To make me feel appreciated, loved and wanted indeed 
You asked what is in my heart I once held you second to none 
But now here is the truth of my now Dear John 
Dear John you made feel like you will always be there 
You told me you there was no one else who can care 
You claimed to love me and promised me your all 
But you busy pleasuring life every-time I call 
How could you have held me in your heart when you had none 
I gave you my all, blindly believed you now its all gone 
You took everything from me you left me with nothing 
You said I was yours and so I kept giving 
All I have lost and you are no where to be found 
Remember you stepped on me when I was on the ground 
After that You said love was just a word only fools believed in 
You laughed at me when you saw me crippled and bleeding 
You said I will never be loved you told me to just hate 
I had nothing else but those words so to me they were great 
John I have a confession that will change things forever 
There was more than you to life but did I see it? Never 
I only knew this after you left there was a stranger 
He gave me all you took and in my life he became the arranger 
John you have nothing here any more 
So I give you up and close that door 
You will never come back because there is no cause 
He told me the truth and loved even my flaws 
Something you could have never done 
John you lost me now be gone 
When I met Him and he was my heart's desire 
John for the first time in my life I saw you were a liar

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the parlour of my heart was empty, no wheels in my cart,
sweet friends, you filled the gap~you filled the heart!
lifeless was my life ~no rain no breeze,
sweet friends, you painted it with memories!
you've struggled for words when my verses didnt rhyme,
you've given me an hour when you had no spare time!
when my life turns challenging and misfortunes seem to crush,
the memories come to light of the daes spent together by us!
days we have spent together~ together we spent the hours,
we have played with the dust ~ have played with the flowers!
when that the tears of sorrow have kissed your cheeks,
friends i've cried at heart, have cried for weeks!
long years of togetherness will shortly fade away,
the sun will soon set and end our golden day!
but i treasure you in my heart wrapped in love,
no failure ~ no success, MY FRIENDS ABOVE...........

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Passions play on the pages of this sweet, super soup,
Opportunities are opened up in this great group.
Endearing entities; got no room for rift and rivalry, 
Talented poets preach... quoting their dictionary, Reality revived, illusion illuminated by Souper sages:
Youths and the young-at-art, priceless poets of 
all ages…

Sauced soup served hot, tempting, terrific and tasty,
Outstanding oration... terrific tank filled for the thirsty;
Unadulterated umbrella for poets with passion,
Powerful platform for all poets, a noble and nifty nation.

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 S-  Silent
 N-  Nostolgic
 O-  Opalesent
 W-  Winter's harvest
 F-   Fabulous
 L-   Lumminesent
 A-  Arksending
 K-  Kraftingly coledged
 E-  Earth things
 S-  Snowfall

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A Life Lost

 Angel of mine, where are you now? Hours drift away like seconds as I

Lift my somber heart and head to the heavens asking, "why, oh why?"
In one moment, your tired eyes held my gaze; then, with one kiss goodbye, 
Frozen in time, forever you were gone; a failing heart will surely die,
Existing in flesh no more; yet our love surpasses death and the tears I cry.

Losing you again tonight in fragments of dreams, a heart shatters. I rely
On the memory of your smile at dawn, the scent of your pillow, your sigh
Swept softly across my ear lobe in whispers of love. I know, my tears will dry
Tomorrow under blue sky when I see you twinkle in our little boy's eye.

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Losing Him

Buried secrets…pulled out of dank soil and shoved into the light
Unjustified accusations, exhausting and expensive to fight
Tainted and tattered relationships flutter in and endless wind

Impossible to undo or explain, especially to a young mind, closed within

Wistful memories of easy smiles and open affection
Innocence gone; hatred coaxed by lies and deception
Love too strong and proud to let go, perceived as little more than a show
Lost for words as his disrespect slowly smolders and grows

Lingering awkward anger, followed by confusion and sighs
Each hateful word and hostile look, thrown like daggers from eyes I don’t recognize
Torn between a mother’s hope and helpless frustration

He is resolute; seeing only black and white…allowing no gray in this situation
I have given up explaining, reasoning, and rationale that falls on deaf ears
My heart breaking with each failed attempt; desperately fighting back tears

Gone forever is the boy I knew only months ago
Oblivious to my intent and resolute to his own; my heart tells me to say no,
…But I will let him go

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M-Maker of our perfect home
O-Offering all till we were grown
T-Thoughts of us night and day
H-How you cared so many ways
E-Every touch helped us to see
R-Real love in a cherished family 

*Happy Mother's Day to all of you incredible moms.  
Your sacrificial love and tireless efforts on behalf of your families is just amazing.  
I pray that today you are cherished and appreciated for all that you are,
and all that you mean to your families.  
Sweet blessings!

Date: Mother's Day

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Angel of my life, only woman I adore
Never will there be anyone that I could ever love more
Goddess of the earth, your beauty is timeless
Eternal flame of my heart, true love for you I profess
Lady so magnificent, please spare me some time
I promise to love you with a love that's sublime
Nefertiti is nothing compared to thee
Aphrodite is what you really are to me

True love from my heart I offer to you
Radiant beauty that makes my heart feel brand new
Immaculate angel, woman that I desire
No one else can put my soul on fire
In love with you I will forever stay
Darling even if you are millions of miles away
Angel I know you already answered another man's call
Death would be sweeter now because I can't have you at all

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The bluest skies

The bluest skies, don't seem so blue. And the stars seem a little dimmer too. Now that your around , you put 'em all to shame. Let me break it down 'cause what I'm tryin to say is, no one gets me, like you when you kiss me. Girl, you rock me harder than some downtown band. I thought I knew what love was, but I didn't have a clue. I've never found anything that makes me feel like I do about you. You know i love u with all my heart and we got the realest relationship ever and im happy ! And i see that some girl is goin to call out my name all because you wont talk to her because of me lmao she can fall back for real ! haha but i guess we gotta get to sleep and i get to be so lucky to wake up in the mornin laying right next to you love you baby and I always will.

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For my Sister

A baby through her infancy searching for her life’s path, the next stop childhood but this would be her last, never to reach adulthood or to even have a past, my innocent little sister stolen by the stars.

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Treacherous, scandalous jezebel trying to cast her spell, an 
Egregious rascal trying to sink her teeth into my skin 
Mischievous, I can smell her fragrance, sweet  
Pheromones, her sexual desires like poetry  
Tempting my 
Animal urges to do something irredeemable, disagreeable. 
Temptress of forbidden temptations, I am already given the
Invitation, testing me, I will dispel this jezebel but I am 
Overcome, intrigued in mysterious rapture, I
Need to recapture my senses.

Jared Pickett

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A conception

Perhaps just ILLUSION
Or a mirage,
Each blink of the eye-
Then an ephemeral
Reality before me

An INFUSION of ideas
An INEVITABLE berthing-
CREATIVITY ever my liege
EVENTUALLY I will conceive

Brian Strand for Poetry Palace contest

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The Place to Be

One or no other 

Place can
Reach into your heart as a writer and take you seriously.
Expressing yourself through poetry can
Sometimes be
Seen as not being a real writer or "too artistic."
Understanding fellow poets giving you critique as well as praise
Reminds you of how much you love poetry and you can 
Except that the written word can be a prosperous future for you.

written: 01/09/2012
written by: Brandee Augustus

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salt and spice

salt and spice,
I love her smiles,
each time i gaze at her sight,
i feel high in style.

Salt and spice,
my heart and my mind,
my love my life,
spice up my heart.

Salt and spice,
we will always live together,
never leaving each other,
we will go further.

To the great beyonders,
where love is called sweetness,
and not undue swiftness,
caress my heart with the flavor that is sweetest.

I'm the prince,
you are the princess,
my salt on lovely spices,
my all my only mindset so priceless.

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Captcha acrostic

Y oung man, a poet of some form
U nderneath the stars he sits
J otting down sweet words this morn
V ery much enjoying it.

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Leaves A Handiwork

Leaves on the trees in my yard
Even now some are falling hard.
All of them have their own distinct look.
Very often we keep them in a book.
Everyone of them is beautiful and so grand.
Seeing that they were made by God's great hand!

For Carol Brown's contest "Leaves"

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written 4th Feb 2005

D  is for your "delightful smiles
A  is for your "all or nothing attitude
K  is for the "kindness in your eyes
O  is for the "overwhelming feeling you give
D  is for all the "Dora you watch, continiously 
A  is for the "abundance of energy you have
H  is for all the "heartbreaks you will cause

                     "Mummy's Thoughts"

                        So tiny and cute
                With a personality to boot
                     So loving and caring
           Your love is almost, overbearing

                                  with love

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missing you my lover

Morning thaws into feverous noon, dusk fluxes and night dimly fades away, Into a lonesome diurnal, nocturnal rhythm all woozy and gray. Softly and silently you begot my heart’s love hope when there was none, Securely you glided into my laxly life when destiny had me indolently undone. Into my life you filled love when my fate on a platter offered me bliss trifling, Niftly you surreptitiously left my antedated heart airless and stifling, Gusts of malevolence vent out with arcane sprite, oh! these esoteric rifling. Your comely face now seems to me an abhorrative visage, Our bonds of love bleed venom from the punctured heart, painful seepage. Urns of sorrow, my eyes grieve tormented, wailing tears toil to turn a new page. Moan for you ever, my throbbing heart and forlorn soul, Youth of my life spent with blood shot eyes akin burning charcoal. Lost in fond love without you beside me, now and hear, Over and over again teeming with your thoughts I shed many a tear. Volcanic emotions erupt, as evoke memories of making scalding love, Ecstatic desires drive me insane, but I live on like a lonesome mourning dove, Reminisce your fond caress….very much… love ………..I miss you………….

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SUMMON the deity of love to become visible
HEAR the cry…of a man’s lost soul!
ASCEND and occupy the throne of my wishes
KEEP all the stars together to fulfill my dreams
EVICT the forces of loneliness and heartache
SUPPRESS the strength of sorrow and grief
PERNICIOUS intentions must be cancelled
EVEN our self-serving and selfish motives must be deleted
ACQUIRE all the divine power inside your wholeness
REAP all the feelings of a good harvest
EXTRACT the juice of a good heart and pureness
	“let our heart and soul be nourished!”

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K ind words expressed with a sure loving heart
S imply stated it brings peace filled with art
Y ou must find gentle romance where there’s none
A lways you will hold your heartfelt loved one

Russell Sivey

Contest: Captcha Acrostic
Sponsor: Adam Hapworth


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I Heard an Angel Speak

"I heard an angel speak last night and he said "write"

Hearing this made my heart sing and my soul contrite,
Each time I visit the resting place of so many bones.
Angelic statues look upon me, those of granite stones.
Recalling the words they said to me was so intense.
Dreaming was not a factor, for I was indeed awake.

Angels spoke to me and said write a poem from hence.
Now I pour my soul and spirit into words without forsake.

Angels, the army of God, guard the Heavens above us all.
Nearer to God, we all know they are, answering his call.
Graves are the resting place we visit our loved ones on earth.
Even though we know their souls traveled with loving worth.
Listen in the quietness and your ears will hear them speak.

Seek behind the shadows, be not afraid, and do not be weak.
Prepare to listen to beauty of nature that visits each day.
Every flower and tree holds the power of eternity’s way.
All your saddened heartaches will disappear, upon your listening.
Know the fervency I have found, in Angels eyes glistening.

Written by
Cecil Hickman


written for
Sponsor Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~  
Contest Name Angels In Cemeteries 

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~*~ " I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming . . . " Born to crawl at the ground nestled with grass and stones Under-estimated to be just a simple legged-insect To be at veneer, an engrossed delightful ala will come and appear from my side Taught to possess allured chromatic colour - enrapturing fragrant pigments Enchanting being came from within - from nowhere inside Real captivating metamorphosis took place - wholly changed for the best Fascinating dreams, daydreams and reality flow with the ticking of the clock Living - giving its elegant splendid paint for the very last fall of petals in her home Yelling...shouting - now an entrancing butterfly dreaming to be a HUMAN OF CHANGE " Nothing's permanent except CHANGES...Practice makes not perfect but the permanence of CHANGES. . . "

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Justice must see day in all situations

Universe is calling to those with ears

Society must listen and understand

Too many times, much is said no one hearing

Invisible attention in action

Creating and promoting hypocrisy

Enough is Enough, Justice must Reign!

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Teddy is my name;
Everyday I write poetry
Describing my day to day life, and
Decisions that I critically make, to make my
Yesterday a history worth remembrance.

By: Teddy Kimathi

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Sun warmed the noon air, as
Umbrellas gave a shade to girls in bikinis.
Marvel of nature was visible with ocean waves
Made, as they moved with vigor. 
Everyone around the scene had something worth
Remembering, for the rest of their lives!

Date: 29/09/2014

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L o v e

L- Lost in you, and lost in nothing but youre eyes.
O- outside, and inside i can see through youre soul.
V- Validateing and breathing in youre heartbeat as it sinks into the rythum of mine.
E- Elivateting the sound, and the rythum of youre love, and i put my patterns at youres, 
becoming all but one. This Exciting  love that now what i can never forget the Envirormental 
and Eprehensive Expermental love, that is now mine.

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Smoldering look

V enus arrives on shore graciously in a shell
E asily carried by breadth the sun gods expel
N ymphs greet her with a rich purple cloak
U ndulating roses their seed heads shook
S he covers her modesty with a smoldering look

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Age ain't nothing but a number.
Aerial ruby-red
Lithe liana and
Impulsive night-black jaguar,
Young, playful, wild, 
Amusing in chime... 
Hues of metal and blood flood.

Axes make crosses.
Aluminium nonchalant moon
Licking leaves of the purple willows.
I discern a vague amber face
Yelling through winds, smokes and ashes.
Anchors and chains, arms and boats and oars -
Heavy sands hide them all.

Ancient abyss opens wide.
Absolutes of January ask for immediate answers.
Lines of the black flaming eyes -
I still seek for the signs of dead love through the
Years of Siberian snows.
Apples of January -
Heavy are they, hold them tight, hold them high.

Age ain't nothing but a number. 
Arial ruby-red
Lithe liana and
Impulsive night-black jaguar,
Young and playful and wild. 
Are you artless enough in the art of ascending to love?
Here comes hush after rush.


Aaliyah Dana Haughton - the Princess of R&B
(January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001)
Revised on Jan 10, 2013
Initial version written on Jan 11, 2010

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Gardening is planting the seed in hope that it will grow and blossom 
All things will blossom with time and sunshine
Roads can get bumpy when it rains but you can weather the storm
Don't let to much water fall from you can it can ruin the roots
Even if you don't mean to you still can neglect you plant
Never give up on your plant even when it looks like it's dying
I will give it plenty of time and attention and I will talk to it too
Need to give it plenty of space when transplanted so as not to anger
Grow with all my heart till it will burst open

The Sweetest Touch Contest
Tricia Bernard 

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~*~ =========== " this disguise is my final revenge for myself ... " Mimicry of visage Authentic effigy? Superb tangible facade? Kaleidoscope icon ? Contrived through lofty scrupulous gilt scraps of aesthetic means Overlaid with fragments of embellishments given birth by fervency Nestled wholly with comely stokes and chromes depicting secrecy Camouflaged behind this handmade MASK Every single " skeleton in the cupboard " still the same - incognito Ample emotions,heartstrings - not converted...not seen by the eyes Living - existing in this alluring visor Secret - this is my " FALSE FACE ", my revenge ... my FINAL ace ~~~ Mimicry of my own image Entity discrepant from my genuine ME... ========================================

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changing direction

Where do you go when there's nothing left of yourself to give to love someone who is always changing directions? Leaving you picking up the pieces over and over again. While you wait for them to give you all of their heart. Is it fair that every night you go to bed alone? Crying and Praying for them to be there with you. Holding you in their arms and hearing them say I love you and everything will be ok. I'm here to love and help you. Only to find out the next morning their gone again. leaving you think its time to change direction in your life that you deserve better.  While they never saw it coming to an end.  You did by putting your heart back together again for the last time and getting over them.  For the last time Your changing direction in your own life by taking back control of your heart .  Never letting them know they could have had the best of you. If they would have just realized you needed them to be there for you.

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P eacock, the bird of love as it signifies,
E nthralls with its charm and delightful plumage,
A s it rains my heart ecstatically beats,
C adence  to the swinging hues,
O ver and over my heart beats go,
C raving for my beloved,
K nows not my heart is swayed away by him

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Many may have forgotten to notice the beauty of
Infinite existences except for, in poetry.
Rewind time and recall the emotions behind words.
An epic event, turned dummies to nerds or
Child at heart, allowed to become a child again,
Lackluster - less, shining from within.
Ever stop and say,'oh what a beautiful sight ',
So many miracles go without light.

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Million of psalms-poems are dedicated to my favorite artist
Year by year, admirers and followers are on spiral increase

From formless void, He created one earth of which we live 
Abundantly wonderful nirvana to grow and be productive
Vegete to give - breathe life to His ultimate art: man
Orderly according to His likeness and His image stand
Richness from talents and intelligence to him He span
Invisible He may seem to be but everywhere one can see
Ten thousand more reasons to thank Him, don't you agree?
Enthroned majestically above He holds our life's' key

Incredibly awesome with His deep rooted love, His only
Son: Jesus Christ, He endearingly send and ransomed

Gracefully even above all our rudeness and inequities
Obsolete  He disregards to His eyes all are specialties
Dear, concur with me our God is the greatest artist.

2:35 PM
APRIL 16, 2014

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My favorite color

You fill me with happiness that i can see
Everyday i look at you I'm thinking positively
Laughters come when i draw with your color a smiley
Let your bright color glow on them and me
Over the night i see your reflection on the sea
What a magical color yellow could be

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P alette of blue and gold,
A swirl of stars that hold 
I  llusions of unrest, but 
N ow seem to protect
T he sleeping town below,
I  mmersed in Vincent's glow.
N obody could invoke the
G enius of his stroke.

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Since the first time I lay my heart's eyes on you,
Oration of my love story began; we became the main characters
United together in warm, obsessing passion. Energy we create can
Light a city; ahhh.....yes, an energy created by pulsation of our heart-beats.
My mind always thinks about you; every
Atom that makes who you are is like a star in the night sky. As a hobby, sky-gazing
Transformed to gazing in your eyes, to get a glimpse of the stars of
Every character, beauty, and charm that defines you.

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written 22nd March 2001

D  is for the delightful child you are
A  is for the angels that light up your way
M  is for the manner you hold inside
I   is for the independent gentleman I've raised
O  is for the overwhelming warmth you bring me
N  is for the loving nature within your heart

    "Mummy's thought's"
So delicate and precious
Touching my palms so sensuous
All you need to remember
Is mummy will be here, for ever and ever
                        with love

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our Lord is  
 Awesome our Lord is


with out Jesus there is no CHRISTmas, no hope no future, thank you Lord for the gift of life and salvation Amen. and thank you for the gift of acrostics and for touching my heart every single day Amen..
with out Jesus there is no CHRISTmas, no hope no future, thank you Lord for the gift of life and salvation Amen. and thank you for the gift of acrostics and for touching my heart every single day Amen.. hapy christmas every one xx

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Above all reason,
Statistics more favourable,
Ticking time bomb in your head
Radiant sight,
Acrylics could suffice,
Combinations/mixed media,
Talented timeless classics.

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The Sundress

Take me to summer of dress that is cool, sensual, and demure.
Having such memories, takes me into a realm where I was immature.
Evenings that awoke me with views of such softness, nothing obscure.

Soft wispy movements that turn all gentlemen’s heads to watch closely,
Undeniably noticing the curves that have inspired many creations,
Now, from out of our past creativity flows from silhouettes seen freely.
Daring but ever so subtle this dress, worn in leisure along in vacations,
Reveling the season it was designed and named after in natural grace.
Each time I see this attire, many emotions flow upon mind and face.
Summer warmth and subtle winds allow this to be worn at any place.
Secures power of sun, for our ladies, each dignifies femininities case.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor ~ Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ ~ 
Contest Name 'The Sundress' 

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A lways there for me when I need you
N ever stop to think of yourself
G uiding me thru the dark towards the light
E ndeavoring all just to be there for me
L iving life by my side

this is Acrostic try it it's fun

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They Never Knew

The truth of her was never told to many 
She was to be a hidden mystery to even the old
To understand her there will not be any 
For there is a secret in her heart and soul
She came here with a passion
She will not leave till its done
Her hands are blessed with every mission
She will look different to none
They will never know the truth 
I gave her more than they even thought 
She comes from my very roots
With greatness of many sorts
I know her inside out
And I know they will never see
There will be great power in her mouth 
She is Him that was nailed to a tree
They were always blind to her ways
They never thought she was worth
In her is a number of days
That is crucial to this earth
She will go out and seek 
She will bring to Me the lost
Her humble being will be meek
She is the mystery of the Cross
Her wealth is not of the flesh
I wrote her story before she came
She is a remover of stress
On her will be no blame
I gave her more wealth than all your cities
I know her heart indeed
She will take My name to many countries
It is for her that I have Bleed
They prayed to me for the answer
She held me high above
I sent her so they will know forever
It is because of my love
They underestimated her wrongly 
I told her to see them through
I gave her power strongly 
Yet still They Never Knew
She is here with purpose of Mine
She will do it with a great speed
She will show to even the blind 
This is my child with whom I am well Pleased

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Morning thaws into feverous noon, dusk fluxes and night dimly fades away, Into a lonesome diurnal, nocturnal rhythm all woozy and gray. Softly and silently you begot my heart’s love hope when there was none, Securely you glided into my laxly life when destiny had me indolently undone. Into my life you filled love when my fate on a platter offered me bliss trifling, Niftly you surreptitiously left my antedated heart airless and stifling, Gusts of malevolence vent out with arcane sprite, oh! these esoteric rifling. Your comely face now seems to me an abhorrative visage, Our bonds of love bleed venom from the punctured heart, painful seepage. Urns of sorrow, my eyes grieve tormented, wailing tears toil to turn a new page. Moan for you ever, my throbbing heart and forlorn soul, Youth of my life spent with blood shot eyes akin burning charcoal. Lost in fond love without you beside me, now and hear, Over and over again teeming with your thoughts I shed many a tear. Volcanic emotions erupt, as evoke memories of making scalding love, Ecstatic desires drive me insane, but I live on like a lonesome mourning dove.>

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Tattooed Heart

My life is better because of you 
I may never find another as true 
My life has purpose again for I know now what to do 
I loved you from before the start 
just know woman that you have tattoo'd my heart.

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P	ersistent , aching, gnawing, throbbing each with its measured degree

A	ll these are effortless words describing a state of being

I	ndescribable though is pain from personal grief when heart and spirit lay broken

N	o beating heart escapes, 'less its doors be sealed, shut and bolted

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The bottled up pain turned into bliss...your heart begins to flutter. When you and him kiss you wanna know why he got you feeling like this. He's in control of your body you begin to get tense. so much you want to say, you need to say, you wanna know... But you cant let it go... he all in your mix. He gaze in your eyes, he kiss you on your lips, he's laying between your thighs, your body belongs to him. But your heart he cannot have for he have hurted you a time in the are now in his world and he runs the show all he do is watch you come and never see you go. when yall is done you think he's the absolute best then you begin to cry because your realize you just had SEX WITH YAH EX

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Lisa Ndlovu

L-Love only exists when I'm around you,
I-Inside my heart is the rhythm of love, the rhythm of your name,
S-Saving me is exactly what you did when you kissed me back at the park,
A-Although they say love is blind, when I looked into your brown eyes I knew my love for you makes me see,

N-Never will I let you go,
D-Death wont even be able to stop my love for you,
L-Lisa I love you with my life,heart and soul,
O-One day you did walk into my life, the day I knew God was real, as real as my love for you,
V-Vows are words, but touch my heart and hear my heart vow to you through beats that beat out love, love I pursue for you,
U-Understatment is when I say you are amazing, you are way beyond that, there isnt a word created to describe you, you surpass them all.

Dedicated to the love of my life, may Our love grow even through the hardest times. I love you.

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What Easter Means To Me

When I saw him upon the cross my heart and mind did ache.
How I could allow this to happen, I must do something, I thought.
An Angel came into my soul, saying he would be reborn.
Three days, then he will rise up into heaven, not to forsake.

Easter day will be remembered for the day he rose to be sought.
Angels will rejoice his rise into his father’s kingdom newly born.
Stories of healings, miracles performed; journeys he did make.
Telling of his sacrifice for all humankind, our salvation bought.
Evil finally destroyed as the earthly waters and mountains are torn.
Revelations tells of his ultimate glorious return, for our soul’s sake.

My soul embraced promises the Angels sang and continually taught.
Every hour, minute, I watched my heart sank into painful scorn.
Another Angel came to me, said do not falter his word, or break.
Never forget the love and companionship, all the happiness he brought.
Sincerity and remembrance is what our lord desires with blessings to adorn.

Take these words and sights to the future; tell them it was no mistake.
Our Lord in Heaven, Gods Son, will return; when final battle is fought.

My children are forgiven all sins; listen closely for the sound of Gabriel’s horn.
Every believer with true love, will live forever, there will be no way, for to fake.

written for
Sponsor Gwendolen Rix 
Contest Name What Easter Means to Me 

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In the Mix

When Slippery Susie starts to stare

Everson Everly is happy to share

Entices Everson yes she can

Does as she likes as she leads her man

So it seems Susie is the one

Mistake it may be or can this be done

Ordinary question where is the answer

Kicking purple heels on the floor a dancer

Enjoying the Music that they create; regardless...

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Soft pastels

Outstanding quality,
Another perfect art form,
Terrific results,
Long future,

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Compliment acrostic

Chiseled face from Cliffs of Moher
On Keyboard slender fingers prance
Mastery, knowledge daily Growing
Lonely for so many years
Inner world you do embrace

Meticulous diary for keep
Enya Brennan;s eyes enriched with glow
Noting if those are worth
Through numerous heaps

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Strong Heart

Sensibility defined by loving emotions,

Thy love blossoms between two souls,

Rewarding both with a red hot hue,

Over the years, the magic begins to fade,

Neither's heart is in the right space,

Growing apart after thy love etiolated,

Hurtful feelings burn in the lover's mindful place,

Emotion enflames them with a life of waste,

Always hurt and stabbed, thy strength of love fades,

Removing their pain with anothers embrace,

The heart is always stronger after love has been displaced.

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Just getting by

Ever wonder why the world says your just getting by with life. When your heart is full of love and your life is empty. How do you get a flame of desire started? Even when its not right. Knowing your heart wants someone so badly and your burning with desire to just have their touch. No matter how small. Everyday you sit frozen with fear. Never taking a chance to even see if there's a chance for love to happen. Always listening to the voices inside your head telling you that there's no chance of ever having any kind of connection. When all you have to do is Shut off those voices and take a chance. Walk up and say here I am world. I'm not prefect but I deserve to be loved and cherished. I'm not afraid of getting burned by love. Life is more then just getting by. Life is always standing up for what you believe in and showing that you care about what the future has to offer. Telling the past to go to hell and Your a better person for going though everything and You have learned form your mistakes. Telling the World Your happy being you.

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~~~~~~   ^_^   *_*  ~~~~~~

                     " I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming . . . "

Born to crawl at the ground nestled with grass and stones
Under-estimated to be just a simple legged-insect
To be at veneer, an engrossed delightful ala will come and appear from my side
Taught to possess allured chromatic colour - enrapturing fragrant pigments
Enchanting being came from within - from nowhere inside
Real captivating metamorphosis took place - wholly changed for the best
Fascinating dreams, daydreams and reality flow with the ticking of the clock
Living - giving its elegant splendid paint for the very last fall of petals in her home
Yelling...shouting - now an entrancing BUTTERFLY dreaming to be a HUMAN OF CHANGE

" Nothing's permanent except CHANGES...Practice makes not perfect but the 
permanence of CHANGES. . . "

                                                                                               ~~~~~  ^_^  *_*  ~~~~~

Jun-jun Villanueva
Daydreams and dreams and dreams CONTEST
July 9,2011

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Poetic Soul

Paradise of beautiful thoughts via heart
Ornamented with pure and serene art
Enlightening postings on varied themes
Teaching various paradigms supreme!
Intellectual writers love to spend days
Creations of delight coined in selfless ways 
Sharing of common passion gets rear    
Offers new chance to entrants in its sphere
Umbrella for world wide authors in one group
Long live the heaven with name Poetry Soup!  

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baby shoes

im not writing a poem here im expressing the power of words.
there was once a compotition called short stories of 6 words or less.
the winning entry was:

"Baby shoes for sale,never worn."

thats the most powerfull 6 words i think that has ever effected me in the way 6 words ever have.
thanks for reading now analize those 6 words in your world and see how much they affect you x deano x

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A Seeker´s Seeking

A man is sleeping in a bed
Sleeping , when he should be awake
Evolving a body in coldness, when he wakes up
Emotions of a curious mind
Kind thoughts of a distant happiness
Ears stretching to the childrens laughing outside
Rules of eternity struggles with his lonely mind
Sanity´s sanctuary is the longing of his heart
Swimming in oceans of philosofies
Embracing the Hope, when he´s looking at the sky
Enough faith to let the hope grow
Killing old selfpity of the past
Irresistable in his affection on humble hearts
Nagging novice noise is far away
Glad, when he finally found the right ways at last

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Paint With Fire

Posing flames dance with delight.
Among the pale canvas.
Inspired by the lack of light.
Now not quite flat as Kansas.
Thrashing through the dimming night.

Who can be so uninspired?
In amidst the embers glowing.
To think that nature so conspired.
Hell fire's profound showing.

Free handedly the picture form's.
It wander's cross the frame.
Reminding us of nature's norm's.
Enchanting with it's flame.

For Andrea's Acrostic Contest

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L.abour and mystery abound within against man
I. nappropriate conditions for the common man
F. alse religious against the holy plans of the marker
E. ndurance fight them all and brings hope to man

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Creative mind and body,
Rummaging through time and space,
Aghast at the very thought,
Yonder space,
Only monochrome colour's,
No nonsense approach,
Singing as you sketch. 

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F-  Feelings deep no longer there
L-  Love once aflame, now just rare
A- Adoration once consumed
T- Taste of passion now is doomed	
L-  Laughter, a sweet memory
I-  “Irresistible”….history
N-  Newness gone stale ….to no avail…
E-  Excitement not found in bed
R-  Reality dawns: LOVE IS d….e…..a…..d…………………………….

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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I am acrostic
A poetry form quite out of norm
Majestically i walk 

Across in lines
Carefully weaving words 
Rightly to form words and more
On my vertical path 
So be vigilant
The next time we meet
If you want to see
Creativity across my stick

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His life is moving, he wants it to rest,
His thoughts are open, his bare breast!

He is alone seated at his desk – his thoughts fly,
He smiles alone to himself as her images flash by,

Then suddenly he turns pale as he hears a cry,
Nobody around believes him, they tell, “it’s a lie.”
He tries to avoid but a cry had filled the air,
Again he remembers his girl-so lively and fair!

Now he found out, his broken heart led that cry,
There was no joy in his life- he wanted to die,
He could not, he was also a son, the poor boy!
But he was brave, not ignorant and not shy,
Yet his heart was groaning in pain, why?

His heart told him a truth, this time not a lie,
It cried, “I love her………..she is my”,
And the poor boy held his neck and wished to die.

The rings of fire- he could see around him,
He sat alone while all were staring at a film.
And now as I watch him staring lifelessly at the ceiling above,
I curse and thank god for giving this feeling called “love.”
My friend I pity you for the tears that came like rain,
But when will you laugh and sing and jump again?
There are many like you who face the same fate,
You are trying to forget her but dwells on your breath.

I tell this for you and all those for your passion,
Let your love be sincere and true  in its action,
She may hate you but she will love you in your imagination,
And if you are happy, remember – thats your destination!

Do not let her fall for you affect your love for her,
And some day she will realize-you were true not an actor,
And if not, yet you didn’t condem, cheat or betray,
You will be called a fighter and for your joy- I pray! 

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Under this mental umbrella, anything you
Think of, is possible; travelling to 
Other worlds can be one of your favorite
Possibilities that you would always be talking about; sometimes
Intermingling with imaginary captains and princesses from
Across the galaxies.

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(Dedication: For my son Michael Zachary)

Aid your appeal with easy wit;
Welcome the pun that comes to heal;
Air sure reveal in worthwhile fit;
Raise cheery fun to fund goodwill;
Enter each feel with loving bits.

Seize moment's prime to dwell right now;
Embrace all things that happen here;
Love beyond crime what love endows;
Faith ever sings with sanguine cheer.

Trust in your heart to wear firm mind;
Ask to be free to sing and play;
Live love you art with happy finds;
Keep joy you see through night and day.

Sing sacred psalms that inspire heart;
Live your passion in lovely work;
Enjoin and come to know soul parts;
Enjoy fine action in fling and jerk;
Prize feisty sums that fashion art.

Weave sheer magic in path sans hate;
Align your tears with pain that strains;
Live dynamic beyond mere fate;
Keep faith not fear through loss and gain.

Ask for clear quest to shine a light;
Walk to the edge to venture far;
Apply pure zest to guide your sight;
Keep count dear sage of blazing stars;
Endow your best to sparkle flight.

Leon Enriquez
06 May 2014

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P-------Production of deep 
           thoughts is my job!
R-------Right in front
O-------Of my old desk; I
U-------Uncover things; Things 
O-------Operational progress of 
           other things!
B-------Being blessed by God;      
          who has
E-------Easily made poets to be! 
           To be nothing but
A-------A lover of His mighty 
O-------Otherwise; no other 
E-------Effort, would have 
T-------Taught a 
meaningful                  deep 

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Fiends and hobbies
Unlimited games, chats and time
Never wanted to end

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The climate has change
The species have evolved
Change is the word that eludes me
Change is what I want for me

I seek to change my behaviour
I so want to be a tree
A tree that lose leaves
A tree that gives shade
A tree that provide fruits

I need a change 
I want to change for them
Be the change they wants
Be their hero for lifetime

Time pass fast now
Times has come now
The time to make a change
The change for my children

It is a wish my staggering body need
It is the change my lungs seek
The change of new air filled with sweet smell
The change my brain approves
Oh hail my stubborn heart
Please let me change

Let me change for my father’s sake
Let me change for that fragile soul
Make me the hope for all
Make me lead the way for all

Change me!
Show me where to start
Show me ways of being smart
I only see shades of my figure
I see clouds engulfing my small figure

Change me now
I wanna see the light
I want to see it tonight
This is the right time
This is time for bright things

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Clean Up Time

Clear the table
Line the books along the shelves
Everyone join in
Arrange the chairs so none can fall
Naughty children don’t pitch in

Under chairs and under tables check we haven’t missed a toy
Paints and brushes put away

Toys are all picked up for today
I read a story as we wait
Mom’s or Dad’s are on their way
Everyone its time to go…..I hope you had a real fun day

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un Grateful
    sElfish ness  

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It’s around me, on me, in me, out of me
Power to rise above any storm
Power to use storm to my advantage
Power to use my enemies for diner
Power to be me, me to be the best me
All I need is within me-all want are around me
Born as eagles, we eat as eagles-we fly as eagles

It’s around me, on me, in me, out of me
My power is in my purpose, living for a purpose
My power is in my potential; the best is yet to come
My power is in my position not possession, absolutely
My power is in my projection, vividly vision with faith
All I need is within me-all I want is around me
Born as caterpillar eggs-yet born to fly as butterfly

It’s around me, on me, in me, out of me
Waiting for men’s approve for who I am
Waiting for men’s favor for what I possess
Waiting for men’s acceptance for where to settle
Waiting for men’s approval for what I should wear
Why wait when all I need is within me-all my wants are around me
Born to with position, born to possess, born as man to run the earth

It’s around me, on me, in me, out of me
Strength to build or break walls of limitation
Strength to fit or fill the walls of limitation
Strength to wait, watch or work for destiny
Strength to see, speaks, or sows the seed of destiny
Why wait when all I need is within me-all my wants are around me
Born to with position, born to possess, born as man to run the earth

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Posing a question, a thought, an ideal
Opening eyes to worlds that were clouded;
Emotions and daydreams and feelings made real
Tied up in metrical mazes unbounded.
Remembering moments that symbolize bliss;
Your poetry succeeds if it can do this.

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I'm Lethal When I Write

My ink bleeds 
upon the pages 
of life...

Like I've cut a vein.

I feel no shame 
in whatever I write,
it's how I feel at the 

For those who 
don't know me...

Come and discover
my poetry.

Let it move you...

Witness the gift 
bestowed upon 
me by the most 

I'm lethal 
when I write.

The pen 
a gun.

The bullets 
my words...

Watch as I 
cock back,
and explode 
for you.

Written by: Poet Shi

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I ndecisive love
N ever losing touch

T wice is a deadly game.
H ope is always there
E ven when love is indecisive.

M y life is attached to yours.
O pen up.
O pen up.
D o not let go.

F or I am in the mood for love.
O ur total eclipse of the heart
R eal time we will spend together.

L ies have ended.
O ur minds are at ease.
V eracity we promise.
E ffervescent is our vitality.

A gony is not our thing.
G iving each other happiness
A ll we want is bliss.
I n this game of kisses
N ear is our dynasty.

I am in the mood for love once again.
      Our destiny is sealed and we are best friends.
Penned on May 10, 2014!
For In the Mood for Love Again Contest!

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You promised me 
that you'll love me in away know one else could 
that I'd be your only one 
Promised me 
I;d always be yours no matter what would go down 
You'll stand with me forever 
I told you all my secrets 
I opened my heart to you 
Put aside all you did, the Ly's, the hurt 
forgot it all for you 
I Promised you 
I'd hold you down 
Kept you close to me 
You told me things i dreamed someone could tell me 
Never thought i was enough, You told me to  
"keep your head up"
That you love me 
You saw me in the way i wish they all could see me
All i wanted was to be with you 
You promised me 
That you'd all ways be their 
That you were never far enough not to love me 
and i believed you!! 
Even when you broke my heart and didn't wipe away my tears 
When you put yourself above everyone
i remembered i promised id hold you down and always love you 
and now look who will always be here 
Why, because i promised you 
And unlike you i keep the promises i make make to those i love

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A Dream, After Reading Dante's Episode Of Paolo And Francesca

As Hermes once took to his feathers light,
When lulled Argus, baffled, swooned and slept,
So on a Delphic reed, my idle spright
So played, so charmed, so conquered, so bereft
The dragon-world of all its hundred eyes;
And seeing it asleep, so fled away,
Not to pure Ida with its snow-cold skies,
Nor unto Tempe, where Jove grieved a day;
But to that second circle of sad Hell,
Where in the gust, the whirlwind, and the flaw
Of rain and hail-stones, lovers need not tell
Their sorrows. Pale were the sweet lips I saw,
Pale were the lips I kissed, and fair the form
I floated with, about that melancholy storm.

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An American Diva (about Paula Abdul)

                 for Paula Abdul
P-assionate dancer and choreographer,
A-n amazing singer and fashion designer
U-ses her unique talent everywhere.
L-oves her fans, how they love her.
A-n American diva and beauty she is.

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Every layer amassed vertically on the previous

Quintessentially abdicated from the next’s cornerstone

Upward from yet another illuminated chlorophyll-filled vascular vessel

Inspiring the growth of the next generation

Seemingly taxed at consecutive intervals

Each layer recedes like roman pilasters.

Tolling delicately to not topple the tower 

Umbilical to existence,

Mother of creation is left on top.

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Poetry contest

Poetry allows for the soul to fly free,
Opening one’s eyes to capture more then what they see,
EVENTUALLY saturating the core of one’s heart,
Tying together whatever has fallen apart,
Reinventing words with intense INFUSION,
Yearning desires are rekindled with a hint of ILLUSION,
Placing pieces together like a puzzle in your mind,
Accepting one for what they say as your ears become inclined,
Letting go of yesterday becomes INEVITABLE to embrace today,
Awaking emotions in such a powerful way,	
CREATIVITY becomes the potter’s clay,
Enlightenment dismembers any form of disarray.


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(Dedication: For my niece, Joan Chong)

Art as you see in ideas grand;
Reach for the moon as stars align;
Trust in beauty in your own blend;
Ink your own noon in tints that sign.
See with sure style a certain flair;
Touch a new thrill that fosters feel;
Indulge fond smiles that fronts sure airs;
Charm stakes fine will to touch and heal.

Truth has a say in tale and tact;
Allow your soul to create stuff;
Love comes to stay in art and pact;
Emote one whole that feels enough;
Note inspired play in thoughts that act;
Touch reveals pole as change now puffs.

Joy has a name in glimpse and sight;
Opt to bring cheer in visions spawned;
Allow the same to show fine light;
Now let thought steer grandeur that dawns.

Choose your own say in art and grace;
Hone your fine skills as image sings;
Own line art play as colours trace;
Niche fond goodwill with pictured flings;
Greet each array in time and space.

Hope wears a smile with easy feel;
Urge knows a touch that creates thought;
Reap a bold style that comes to heal;
Live more and much in each new plot;
See art worthwhile that now reveals.

Leon Enriquez
08 May 2014

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Admirable ability.
Rhythmically rendered.
Terrific talent. 
Intense individuals. 
Steadfastly studying.
Tangential thinkers.
Seeking serendipity. 

© May16, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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...MY DARLING ....

My Darling
I could not stand the thought of your touch to another
I have missed you like the summer misses the rain on the hotest day
My heart has the sadness of lonelyness
I can't confess enough I miss your tenderous kiss
I wait and I wait for the mail man to arrive
Its like the holding of life I can not breathe without your lines
I long for that embrace my dearest you talk of
I love you with all my praying you will return safe
I still see your smile as you left our gate
I will be waiting for your loving return my darling man
Keep my kiss close by seeing my eyes in the starslit skies
Tonight I will lay upon your letter beside my pillow
Just the words and your loving scent on the paper you wrote on
My Darling I must go now but Know I love with all my heart and soul 
Just for you 
My darling 

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Take The Walk

Many don’t know were to go
What road to take 
What direction’s to make 
Few find there way
Other’s just go around confused 
Empty with a void 
Leaving the heart without joy 
When the answer’s are so close 
Free for all who ask seek
And knock and are ready to receive 
Open your heart to the promise 
Of everlasting life of joy 
For who would give there only son
To die for our sin’s 
So who are we to deny him 
That forgives and washes’ our garments clean

Born again cloth in white pure and true
Baptized in the spirit 
Walking in faith keeping the word 
That feed’s the soul 
Against the arrows of the evil one 

The First step is the hardest 
But he is there to see that we 
don’t fall short of his glory 
Take up the cross don’t’ be lost 

Take the walk of faith 

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"The way in which you put your hands on me
 Has my heart beating at a rapid pace.
 Each and every time you touch my face,
 I feel as if you are setting me free.
 Those powerful lips are all that I can see,
 And I begin to long for you to place
 Lips and hands on me, in the proper space,
 Insisting whatever will be will be!
 Also, within your embrace is my soul,
 Next to the beating heart that completes it.
 Giving this part of me had been my goal.
 I told you that my love would never quit.
 Right in your embrace is where I feel whole,
 Loving the fact that you are the right fit.

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Poetry Haunting

I manifest into 
poetry, haunting 
the alphabet like 
a poltergeist.

Words become 
possessed, with 
a flick of my pen.

What comes out 
depends in the 
mood that I'm in.

Written by: Poet Shi

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The Lighter

The Lighter

When the passage of life seem so dark
Filled with agony, regrets and mistakes
Nowhere to turn to, crying for help
Voices end up brown by the whirlwind without response
Ears have been brooked by the cacophony that comes 
From within the society
Poverty, violence and drug abuse seems to be an inheritance 
From Ancestors or forefathers 
Norms and Values of our tradition have become invalid
Please! Please! Can someone light my path?

What a mysterious journey
The journey that has imprecise destination 
Every mile that passes by, Hope is fading away
Due to inscrutable ways of life
Phobia is now invading the hearts of men
It really looks so squalid to my eyes 
The journey is too long and too dark to be certain of the future
Men now kill and drink their own blood to survive
Deviant behavior is now acceptable in our society
Lives are now in shambles and dismantled
Where are those day of serene in our country
Mama, Oh mama light our path

Talk about the incurable and irreversible curse
The curse which no one knows its genesis
Whether from God, Devil or our Ancestors 
It has claimed many lives of our brothers, Sisters, parents and friends 
To dust and ashes
As human beings become careless, it increases its 
Power and speed in destroying lives of our loved ones
Who shall redeem our generation, when even the obvious we not escape from it
Mama, Oh mama light our path

Oh yes there is a light, I can now see clearly, the dead and buried hope has resurrected 
Dry Dreams have now tasted flesh waters. Better and prosperous future is now certain 
In this dark and cruel world, I never thought I could find a Mother as loving and caring as you
When I was rejected and abandoned, you have taken me as your own son
Treated me equal with your children
When everyone misunderstood me, you listened to my simple and sad story
Each day wishing that you could see the tears of joy and hope 
Being shed within my heart.

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A Child's Desire

We desire your prayer, a responsive heart and a gentle touch as Parent
We long after your attention, your affection and acceptance of our Attitude
We wish you accept our childlikeness and encourage us by Reciprocating
We need you to appreciate our looks and applaud our skills by Education
We want your time and your play time, a way of caring and Nurturing
We feel like holding you, loving you, trusting you and you Talking
We crave for your friendship as your presence is an Inspiration
We believe you will be there for us and help us identify our Needs
As we learn to love you and as you learn to trust us Genuinely

Provide for him your compassionate heart and your Care
Give him a hand and a brighter tomorrow with Hope
Be interested in his intentions and seek his Interests
Teach him to love himself and respect others Love
Let him be diligent with his skills and talents as he Develops
Encourage him to believe in his hand work and be Humble
Allow him to strive for the best at every Opportunity
Help him to accept his person and assist him to be Original
Everything he perceive and sense let it be the basis of his Development

Let him be taught and be trained to be Trustworthy
Let him have expectation and provide for him an Education
Let him be exposed to positive values within his Environment
Build him to become a teen in deed as he solves others Needs
Let him aspire and set goals and guide him to Achieve it
Become his friend since he need you as a Guardian angel
Let him experience your love like never before so that he will Express it
Let him know he have choice to everything and a Right to choose

There is a stage in human development termed Adolescence
The phase of life when teens make critical decision we call Destiny
A period of discovery and the realization of individual Originality
A time when teens should learn to listen and love Life
A season of acquiring social skills and of seeking knowledge and Education
An era of great creative opportunity and interpersonal and relational Synergy
An age of learning effective communication skill and acquiring an attitude of Care
An episode in human lifespan and a time of great enthusiasm and Exploration 
A period when teens learn how to be independent and responsible for their Needs
A time when teens remember God with their heart and follow their Conscience
A time teens sow and experience the manifestation of their great Expectation

A Child's Desire

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Road Trip

Reading the pointing map
Oozing sweet fumes 
Amazing natural landscape
Driving on oil and gas.

Trails of accidents
Rims here and there. 
Inscriptions old and new
'Pure Town' is just few metres..

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LoVe HuRtS

Love could be pure beauty... Love could be a temporary high with an awful hangover...I can't deny that I loved you to the extreme - that changed so suddenly 
Opting out on love affairs, I don't need another heart break...I don't wanna damage my self-esteem again...I don't wanna waste away...fade away, negativity - vanish from my sight for good! 
Vivid images bleed through my cranium achingly and repeats like a broken record, playing out of the blue at the dead of's projecting horror on another level...stop haunting me - there's a demon, chanting curses in my me a load of dread! I toil in my anguish! Remorseful tragedy taints my heart with blistering blasphemy! 
Elevate me with your awesome Works and Wonders...oh Lord! Why does this burn burn on like a wild imagination is blazin' aflame & I'm hurting with distasteful shame brewing inside of my woeful, hopeless heart! Things will never be the same again!!

Hang me up like a hanger in the cell-like closet in your bedroom... It feels so cold in this chamber of solitude and mystifying abyss - don't forget me in the clusters of the hangers; I wouldn't mind holding on to your beloved attires/garments with pensive patience...I wait keenly for your return!
Up and away, I float like a rainbow air balloon...I ascend like the airplane, taking a fantastic flight! I'm feeling this terrific, natural, good-vibes-down-my-spine high...I'm a shade of orange and gold! No longer a shade of blue and gray! Do I belong somewhere sacred...somewhere special...somewhere surreal in your heart? Let's make a love oath & promise me you will stay faithful to our vitality-vibrant vow
Risking my life for my loved ones... Love hurts - please fall in love when you feel ready and when you feel mature enough to handle a bittersweet may be a box of chocolates at first, but then it can ruin you like a monsoon! Be vigilant and let your heart be in vain at all!! Love hurts especially when someone rejects your affection towards them - it makes me feel rather jaded and distressed - you sink fast and collapse on the ocean floor like the Titanic; my heart breaks like that once triumphant, robust ship 
Thank you for all the miracles you've bestowed upon the Earth and I of course! I give it my best to express my gratefulness towards Your divine, glorious character! Thanks a billion for allowing me to have gifts and talents - I like to show it off with Humility & confidence all the same! 
Sure... Go ahead and call me an insane moron, a dense fool or whatever you wanna call me! Don't make me have hurt feelings or don't insult me too much - in a sensitive guy with an innocent heart crafted by God's healing felt good at dome point in my life! I was young and free back then, but I took love lightly and I'm a ludicrous boy...a naughty man in love with a crazy, jubilant woman! That's quite odd - I thought love hurts, however, my opinion have been turned down by young couples all around the world (their relationship worked out perfectly) and I haven't looked on the brighter side of love...I was destined to be single and alone for life! I've lost all of my chances & my time was wasted on plastic, envious love! Ugh!

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Demons win

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Thanksgiving Day

Today and everyday is worth being thankful.
Having warmth and love given is always thoughtful.
All of us should carry this feeling throughout year.
Not being thankful is just selfish, shows your fear.
Kindness should be showed to all each and everyday.
Sure, it may be tough at first, for your heart to sway.
God gave everyone a mind, heart and soul the same.
Individually we must all prepare and play the game.
Victory shall be the joy and happiness, you bring.
Inventory your heart; let your spirit free to sing.
Never let a sour soul, spoil your delightful song.
God is alive, great, awesome, he is never wrong.

Discover loving essence; make it your quarry.
Allow his honor to grace your existence and story.
You and you alone are the keeper of our Lords glory.

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You are a magnet and I am steel

Yesterday became today and then it just went 
Only to realize that all the money was spent
Unrelenting the past shall reveal
As you are a magnet and I am steel.
Regardless of anything my heart still beats
Emotions are created by those I meet
Another day with another chance to set it right
My eyes see the moon as I head into the night.
Always the first to say just what I feel
Going full circle and wondering what is real
No one can see yet the cards shall reveal
Even when i close my eyes my fate isn't sealed
Today you are a magnet and I am steel.
Another day passes the sunset shall conceal
Nothing can change what my heart will feel
Don’t be afraid the new day shall arise
I’m just the one that falls for all I try
Anything goes yet another day goes by
Me by myself I sit and wonder why.
Someone calls out and I return from the dream
Today becomes easy like drifting downstream 
Even I don’t always get it but I should just  know
Eventually love is the key as the gentle summer wind blows
Leave it alone because it’s  just the way it goes.

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As the sun shines so brightly 
    I am always playing cheerfully 

Makes me realize that I have grown into 
    An energetic personality I can call my own; 

Excited about being close to Mommy & Daddy 
    They're so special! 
        Playing with my sister 
            And even looking for a seashell. 

Listening to my heart and soul 
    When expressing my feelings in art 
         Or whatever I like to do; 

I live in a world of happiness and joy, 
    Of confidence & determination 
        That special glow; 

Always surrounded by the love 
    That I have come to know. 

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More Roses For PD

      Roses, may she collect them
      Once in time and time again
      So she gets them on a whim
      Ever present rose on a limb
      So hope her roses don’t dim

      Fresh dozen just for my friend
      Of my heart which never ends
      Red roses to show I tend

      Precious friendship for all time
      Don’t forget the flowers find
      !Their heart true, one of a kind

Russell Sivey

This poem is also dedicated to PD (already submitted previous entry to contest)


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An eternal source of pain you always cause my heart to break

Never ending warmth that glows from your heart 

Stressed till you give me a  head ache

Ever together never apart 

Love that knows only true beauty 

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Some times….
People who are near to our heart and lives
Will hurt us in such a way….
We feel that there is no necessary of this life….
And some times…..
They make us feel so happy
That heart wishes to stay close to them…
But once the heart is broken
Cannot be fixed again
So I feel fear that my broken
Heart will be breaked again
Tooo many small pieces
Cannot be fixed…
If we try to do so..
We may also loose some pieces…….

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"There is no doubt in my mind that you care!
 How could any person question this fact?
 Even if they knew nothing of your acts,
 I could prove that we are a perfect pair.
 Trust me when I say that I want to share
 Any part of my heart that you have packed.
 Let me count the ways your love has been stacked,
 In a way that proves that you will be there.
 Allow me to store you within my heart,
 Next to the place where I keep my passion.
 Go deep within my heart and claim your part,
 Instead of waiting to get your ration.
 Right here and right now this must be the start.
 Love must become this season's new fashion.

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Rubber Power

I can’t try
Danger ahead
Cut the silence
Switch off the lights
The name comes

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The Dance of the Ocean

The ocean seems so relaxing when you hear the wave 
Healing sounds that can clean a soul and save
Even when the waves brings in an unknown 

Dodging the sadness can be shown
And the things become more easy
None will dance with balance so steady
Can a person by the ocean feel free of fright
Embarking conquest with passion that last in the day and night

Out on the beach on the sand we dance on a spot
For we hold our friends and an family a lot

Tricky the waves move with a trance each day
Hardly understandable to what I have to say
Even when the wind pushes the water most

Onto the sand by the ocean cost
Cites that people love to see and use as a passionate source
Even when it the wind blows the ocean waves set a different course
And finely the wave pulls back and forth in a lash
Notes that make music in every ones ear with a splash

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Down the Aisle

Holding on tightly- 
open to the dreams, 
pondering produces pain- 
enduring engages entitlement. 

Along the way- walls, 
novels not yet written- 
dying in the corner. 

Calligraphy conserving life- 
holding on dearly, 
a frame for future fragrance- 
neither scars nor wounds- 
grandeur grants greatness, 
especially once hope is found.

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To thee I sing a dirge,
As I behold the mangled sight,
Pity, I couldn't turn back the hand of clock, or
Edit the disfigured pattern,
So grotesque as I watch, the
Time-worn piece in my front,
Reminding me of those far away years,
You came to be by my skilful hands.

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Savior Conductor

Ensembles of 
Venomous thoughts invade
Reasonable emotion I hold.
Your touch keeps my 
Hidden. Your kiss keeps these monsters
Inside at bay. There is 
No other way to catch. No other
Guide for my 
No other
Safety net. My
Inner heart, you balance.
Destroying disturbing
Of cracked instruments playing in
Fortissississimo inside 
Every haunted hope. 

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you thought you knew what's best
so you cut a sore in my chest 
the choice was mine to make 
instead you put my heart through a stake
it's too late to reverse it now
you asked for shame I asked you how?
how could you block my heart from someone already worlds apart?
how can you decide what's best for me 
when I live in another reality
they say that sores will heal with time
but that may not be true for everyone
the sword you pierced my heart with soaked in poison 
only blackens my heart of mine
you asked me how I feel 
I only questioned how this could be real
you wanted my apology
but all you got from me
is a heart black and cold
ripped by you for being bold
and all I'm left with now are fragments of a heart 
and the question how?

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Naked all to me
Unlease the bound of secrets
Desires you have sworn to keep
Enrol me in your life stripped.

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God's poiemA-
created foR
works of arT
in poems and pictureS

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The Ndaba Acrostic

News in English, nice sounds in your language!
Dancing with words on a dizzy floor of literature,
Adding an arty dimension to the voice of reason,
Brought to the floor to breathe life into words,
Anxious and addicted to how words really dance.

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"Thoughtful is the first word that comes to mind.
 Honorable would be the other word.
 Encouraging would have to be the third
 Illustration that you have left behind.
 There are so many words that I could find,
 And use, to describe you and how you stirred
 Lasting feelings that deserve to be heard.
 I have to thank you for being so kind.
 Always and forever will I love you,
 Never forgetting any of these things,
 Giving you credit for all that you do.
 I love the way that you make my heart sing.
 Repeat those words that make me feel brand new;
 Loving words, upon which my heart still clings.

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Just the Two of US

Heaven's sunlight shine bright above beam of light you smiled, Angels sing night, Wings of 
heaven doves brings love,
 just the Two of Us sing. Beautiful morning touched heart grace, tears, light gave hope, 
faith find strength another day.
 Not knowning Angels singing peace spirit be ease, love so much believe you received 
heaven's sunlight, Sacrificed loved held ,eyes above skies  little love heart beat, tiny 
feets kicks inside me. 
Son of light gave life, love within souls you forever know, 
always be, 
always fell memories flow, heart made me heal. Felt love always stay apart me, Life
up ,gave little heart,stars, brought me joy, tears Just the Two of Us always sing together 
as one. Angels sang to both of Us 
it was Just the Two of Us cried. Just the Two of Us looked over rainbow of love. 
Carried me work many seen dream our heart beat as one. 
Angels sang to both of Us it was just the Two of Us brighten day. Turned world up side 
down, made me smiled, pray.
Always be forever stay apart life. Lord sent Angels heal feelings, gave, strength another 
day, sunrise please don't cry be in mind all times , Angels sing to me be happy for me, 
hear voice  always it wss Just the Two of Us as you held me. 

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Mesmerizingly she captivates hearts, as she paints the world with
Artistic beauty, masterfully molding the
Depths of raw emotion into the reflections of poetic grace
Echoing from the talented touch of her extraordinary heart
Lighting a darkened world with the flaming hope filled
Everlasting blossoms of spring, artistically colouring lives with the
Inspirational magic flowing from her fingertips, a portrayal of mystical meanings so powerful
Never to be forgotten by those so privileged to have the divine blessing of walking 
   alongside her on the
Eternally breathtaking, enchanting path she paints through life

(Written for Madeleine Sieberhagen)

To an amazing friend, Madeleine	
Words cannot describe the priveleged blessing it is to have you as a friend!
You are incredibly special to me!
Love Always, Amz xoxo  								   	

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Acrostic Symbols

Lunar observation  -  vehement eclipse
Insolvable notions suffocate ideas. Dead ends.
Naked  - onerous  - torrent
Dilute obviate
Silent torment inside lost lacuna
Energize vexation   -   every rationalization
Yourself -  odious   -  unquiet

Friday December 5th 2014 

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Typewriting On The Beach

T houghtfully I write and the keys
Y elp as puppy dogs with every stroke,
P assionatly filling my heart while the
E nd of the line brings a bell that, as a
W riter, is my lover.
R ays of sun shining as
I ntense as my joy,
T hat comes from such bells,
I nevitably creating a smile.
N ow, I am unstoppable. Such a passionate letter
G rowing as steadfastly as my young heart flows.

O nly now may I feel the ambience,
N othing can sadden these eyes.

T ogether, we type and all is well.
H eat to liven my pulse and light to my
E yes, the art acrostics.

B elieving in the things unseen,
E asy to young hearts not these,
A s the faith in my heart flutters,
C reating a light for my path.
H ow new all feels, typewriting on the beach.

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How Time Flies

Here today yet gone tomorrow
Open your heart and be willing to follow
Why is all I shall need to know
Time will come and then shall go.

I often wonder where I fit
My legs grow tired I have to sit
Eventually I see how it will be
From where I’m seated I clearly see.

Life seems to have a life of its’ own
Inside my heart the answers are shown
Even though there’s so much I still don’t know
Somehow this new life continues to grow.

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Keep art form crisp, keep shades of grey;
Offer to bare, offer to show;
Sense strokes made brisk, sense lines that sway;
Take wear and tear, take tint and glow;
Art lines propose, art sparks appeal;
Bring profound fare, bring passion's flow;
Indulge fond dose, indulge stark feel.

Surreal form flings, surreal art hurls;
Urge moves the dice, urge mulls the case;
Rich purpose rings, rich motive swirls;
Roaring shades spice, roaring tones trace;
Entice wild pain, entice mad touch;
Angst beyond price, angst between space;
Loiter with gain, loiter with much.

Picture the touch, picture the face;
Look beyond shades, look between tints;
Align bold nudge, align stern pace;
Yield image made, yield textured mint;
Blaze blooming bust, blaze brazen boom;
Open mind floods, open heart knows;
Offer sharp thrust, offer pulse room;
Kinder full blood, kinder prime show.

Ideas and plots, ideas and thoughts;
Do grand surprise, do great display;
Etch surreal thought, etch pregnant lot;
Aim blunt reprise, aim canvas stray;
Sign fragrant spot, sign searing slot!

Leon Enriquez
18 Mar 2014

(Note: Kostabi is a contemporary modern 
avant garde artist who creates surreal impressions
on canvas in oil paintings. Ideas and images are
somewhat haunting and taunting in texture.)

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I have emerged from elughu Nkporo to take my place
My life depends on you while yours on me
When the left hand washes the right hand
The right hand in turns washes the left
Have we not but only one world and time
John chizoba Vincent cares about your love
Painted white and green in your snowing heart
Hold not your peace until I become the hero
Until the world recognizes my voice
Then I would write about your love
Though it may seems far, wait
Though it may look difficult, wait
Though the dog might watch our back, I care
Beat the drum louder because I won’t let you down
I would watch over your head brother, and mother you
Sister, I would father you and give you hope
John chizoba Vincent, cares about you mother
My erudite biro can write about you
I remained in the class room but not the perfect teacher
Come with me I will show you what words can do
War of words wars in the faculty of my heart
From my humble heart are good thought for you
My students tested my words and were awarded
 I would water your soul to rest when due
Sound the beat of life and dance with one leg up
I cares about your life and future, mother.
That is my last will long after I live
The birds hadn’t begun to chirp when
I was born because I met them without a song
Though my voice is still young to glow
But my love will overshadow soon
Vincent cares mother, Vincent knows your worth
The forbidden pains of motherhood is not erased in 
My mind, Vincent cares 

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Sometimes you can't make it on your own

Sometimes you can’t make it on your own
Open your heart yet you feel so alone
Many things happen that are beyond my reach
Eventually the wave shall crash on the beach.
Today I thought that I could see
 Inside, my heart still beats free
Many times I just can’t do it alone
Eventually someone comes to take me back home
Sometimes you can’t make it on your own.
You feel like the player yet not in the cast
Only with some help can I complete the task
Unfamiliar isn’t easy yet I see I must ask.
Common is the thread that binds it together
Accepting what is seen seems to take forever
No one can see what you envision
 Too many mistakes are due to lack of vision.
My mind is racing but I am too proud
All of a sudden the words are spoken out loud
Knowing all along I may have taken too long
Even the sun has set and is gone.
I don’t always make it from beginning to end
Tomorrows’ problems are right around the bend
Open your eyes and learn how to see
Nothing can keep you from what you must be.
Yesterday becomes but another memory
Open your heart to receive what is free
Unless you are content with everything gone
Relentless is time you must have been wrong
Open you mind it has been way too long.
Winning and losing are but part of the game
Nothing ever seems to remain quite the same.

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What if tomorrow never come anyway
Would the spring remains dark in my heart?
Would the string of the bass in your heart sound more?
Would my children be safe in your hand?
Would the door of your heart remain shut?
Do not leave me behind osinnachi, 
I was not born to be weird and desperation
Thousand pain have I passed through
Yet I was made to pass through this line
Beat the drum of your heart harder for 
Tomorrow may not come for me but in you 
I have a perfect hope on,

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P.oor men suffer all the injustices in pains
O.rders never fit in with their plans
L. abour day and night but ea like ant
I. nappropriate weather conditions, bombing and restlessness
T. otal bondage for the common man in the street
I.mportant riches of the economy to the rich
C.orruptions a blessing in disguise among the looters
S. ave our soul we all pray and watch

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Quotation Mark.....

There is no limit
to what you can dream....
or reach~
she used to say.....
and until she was gone....
I never forgot....
the wisdom....
between the words......

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Monsoon Storms

Morning deprived of fresh visions upon the break
Only the rising sun peers out of darkened wake.
Natures deserted ones stand tall, alone, forsaken,
Seemingly, sagely awaiting, moisture that’s taken,
Overtures of mystical dancers float in sky.
Opaque, grayish, clouds approach seeming to sigh,
Now building up with winds, which feel the cry,

Standing before the glorious power before me now,
Tends to overwhelm but fascinates me as I, bow.
Omnipotent view sends shivers up my spine.
Rendering my mind as well, calming it like wine.
My spirit warms as sounding rain begins to fall.
Such accumulation of mist, these things I saw.

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Angelic Statues

Amidst the shadows of loved ones past, there is something.
Nearer to humankind then we would ever really know.
Great and small works of stone stand watch and quietly sing.
Each one piece of art, a tribute of what heavens bestow,
Light from morning star embraces what the new day will bring.
I have seen the gracious glimmer from above as statues glow.
Carefully they watch, greeting, allowing visitors hearts forego.

Stone is their form, though love and compassion their creation.
Treasure to be found in each different Angel that you will see,
Angels guide, while guarding till the end of times duration.
Trace their feelings, embrace their love, and seek it for thee.
Unknown wonders to many stand quiet, serving salvation.
Everyone can view the power of these in a new found decree.
Sculptures by man, Gods images of faith, they give regeneration.

inspired by contest Angels In Cemeteries

by Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~

not for contest.

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C ompiling drops of coated beauty,
L ightly crooning simplicity among
E arly blossoms of blooming colors,
A rdent sensations chant along…
N umerous droplets of tender rain, 
S hall sluice upon ebony pain, and shall
E ternally sway among the ivory of skies,

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Taking chances with life
Having hatred in your heart
Intimate relationships that'll hurt you
Really focusing on decieving others
Staying away from the right paths
Trying to hurt yourself

Thirst isn't good for anyone...
Thirst comes with bad consequences
Thirst can direct your life into the hands of your enemies........

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my love

I Love you booby 

 My heart is filled with happiness 

When youre lips were made to kiss

Passing day I long for thee

Here's a flower for you to keep

A Hummingbird you are to me 

 Show me love and let me see

I cried today and sob for soy

Let this day be made of joy

My heart to you is yours to keep

Love so true don't let me weep

by stanley jean jacques

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Right Curve Road

Her mood isn't like the weather
Eastern and western style  
A wise person with big heart 
Light mind often not little
In figuring out
Northern star and
Going on the right curve road.

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My heart and eyes

My heart and my eyes are really just one
Yearning to find yet another connection done
Here before me lies a blank page
Evaporating thoughts released from the cage
Always another connection to be making
Returning to give instead of taking
Today I see clearly the life together
And thoughts drift off as light as a feather
Now my heart tells me what was felt
Dropping some cards in the hand I was dealt
Everything seems to have its own special place
You look to the sky and encounter all of space
Even the stars and the moon start to shine
Sunset approaches as the day unwinds

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D. oes it really matter where we meet?
A, fter all the venue is chipping in beautifully
T. ouch of red and white will match beauty of the day
E. ctasy of my heart will adore the bliss of your emotions

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Thats me

i'm a mechanic for money.
i'm a poet for love.
i dont love money,
i hate it with passion.
i'm a poet writing love so
i am but a poem.

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What's in a Craft

Can't you see the
Riches that
Amass when you put thoughts to 
Find the meaning in your
True craft?

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Be Still My Heart

Be still my heart for you are all right.
this love you have is worth the fight,
these shadows will pass
you will see light.
don't be troubled anymore then you are,
you have already made it this far,
so you have hope for tommrow,
and live for today,
still think about him and say it's okay.
let him live his dreams and you as well.
even though your heart is going through hell,
sing those songs of happyness,
just scream it out,
don't let your confidence have self dought.
for the future will come and there he will be,
even though he said he cares
lets just hope he don't give up on thee,
say he will come back no matter what,
please don't let your lonely heart shut.
one day he will see,
in the end your the one to be.

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I saw a shooting star tonight,
i made i wish hoping that everything will be al right,
still wondering if he wants me as i wait,
trying to stay still but all i do is hesitate,
as i held his hand trying not to let go,
i felt that love that only him and i know,
are eyes met as we say goodbye,
hoping that he really wants me and it's not a lie,
when we kissed i felt it was right,
as we held each other e sparks flew in the night,
i sit here hoping this will work out,
trying to think good and not have self-dought,
As we got to know each other e even more,
i figured out he just wanted to use me and make my heart sore,
He said we would be together but he made it into a lie,
when will this endless heart not get hurt and want to die?

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Swim With Me Tonight

Slip into the pool of season
Lose yourself in indecision
I'll shake your hand for this very reason
Purity sparks ignite...

For as much as you dissolve me
Abalone shine to guide me
Love the wind through your words tonight
Love the fall and gauge...

Swim like mad through the raging waters
Wishes liquid spiral daughter
I tread soft in the silky shallows
Moon shine - we're all star dust...

Choose my moment,  lose my spirit
Reasoning you'll tread to hear it
Every gulp of salty water
Amounts to my own birth
Tip of your tongue lights the night's blue eye
Each of your words a heaving star bite

Match me in stride and we'll swim 'till sunlight
Enter the current and ride...

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Gentle you were, in your smile
Involuntarily shaking limbs, until your
Tiny frame, into my hands, it slipped
Amusing me with gorgeous amusements
Negating in me those moments of meaninglessness
Joyfully, with tiny fingers
Affecting more life into my faltering being
Like the season of spring
Invigorating the shuddering mother earth

Vanished with your birth were
Ills that crippled us for fourteen years
Causing us to sing those songs
That makes God leap and dance!
Overwhelmed by a sudden birth, and
Remembering Tagore, we named you Gitanjali

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I Love You

I completely love you, mi amore!

L ook inside the chambers of my heart and you'll see
O bserve these emotions that radiate from me
V isions of our future pictured in my mind's eye
E ach day my heart breathes, relieved, a sigh

Y ears from now we pray, together we'll still be
O ur flaws, secondary, our love will see
U ndeniably, unconditional, pure love indeed

Co-written w/#0459587 Jimmy M. Anderson

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Wire Giraffe

When I made this piece of art 
I realize it was to test my creative skill
Reviewing what I can do with wire part
Even when the part does not stay still

The swerving of wire
Hard to bend the way I wanted
Ended up hurting my hand and setting it on fire

Grinding my teeth to hide my pain that was what I intended
I realize how hard it is to bend things to make a shape
Removing ins and outs that is in consistent
After all the debate in my head I had a headache
For some reason I created an animal shape I felt content
Feelings ran in my mind that I was satisfied with my Art
Even when I felt tired and in dismay i did not part

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P oetic freedom to express what your heart really feels.

O pen the door of your heart wide enough that 

E veryone will accept or reject what you feel.

T ho' they nod but cannot understand..continue to

R eveal the truth that is deep within your very soul for

Y ou are poetry in motion.

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sun shine

s- is for sunday a day of the week
u-is for union that you have with your family
n-is for nagative when the rain poors from the sky

s-is for snowcone all frozen and cold
h-is for hunny that the beez like to eat
i-is for icecream that you eat everyday of the year
n-is for naughy or nice its almost that time of year
e-is for exacellent what a great poem i wrote!

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Shared Love

Single love by only one will be superficial.
Hearing of infidelity breaks ones heart.
Anyone can love sex and feel it is crucial.
Real love is caring and giving from the start.
Each of us has lusted over another mate.
Dealing with lust over love can be just a state.

Listen to your deep inner heart for true notions.
Open your heart to touching and all senses.
Victory will be yours for all love’s motions.
Experience all when your new love commences.

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devils eyes

Can you remember the first kiss
That stole your heart with a twist 
Can you remember our hopes and dreams
I never dreamed it would end like this

The devils heart is unspoken words
How her evil has in golfed my world
Hacking away replacing love with fear
Taking away our first kiss replaced by tears  

Fiery pits, flames on high 
Red as rubies, like the devils eyes
Rocks and larva ,symbols of life
Bow down never, ill not die

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Unction from heavens
Mitigating crown
Ballasting nature and nurture
Ritualistic canopy
Ecological shield
Leased providence
Licensed convenience
Amended space

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April My Love

Assured to find a muse
Penmenship must be at its best
Relaxation and motivation is needed
Inspirations will be its bounty
Let the world discover its tale

Tribute To All Poets

Remember April Is 
Poetry Month 
May You All Find That Muse

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Mother of the sky
Older than the sun
Opposing the shadow of the night
Never forgotten or unnoticed

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Just the Two of US

Heaven's sunlight shine bright above beam of light you smiled, Angels sing night, Wings of 
heaven doves brings love,
 just the Two of Us sing. Beautiful morning touched heart grace, tears, light gave hope, 
faith find strength another day.
 Not knowning Angels singing peace spirit be ease, love so much believe you received 
heaven's sunlight, Sacrificed loved held ,eyes above skies  little love heart beat, tiny 
feets kicks inside me. 
Son of light gave life, love within souls you forever know, 
always be, 
always fell memories flow, heart made me heal. Felt love always stay apart me, Life
up ,gave little heart,stars, brought me joy, tears Just the Two of Us always sing together 
as one. Angels sang to both of Us 
it was Just the Two of Us cried. Just the Two of Us looked over rainbow of love. 
Carried me work many seen dream our heart beat as one. 
Angels sang to both of Us it was just the Two of Us brighten day. Turned world up side 
down, made me smiled, pray.
Always be forever stay apart life. Lord sent Angels heal feelings, gave, strength another 
day, sunrise please don't cry be in mind all times , Angels sing to me be happy for me, 
hear voice  always it wss Just the Two of Us as you held me. 

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D earest heart I incense your kindness,
E ternally shimmering beyond skies,
A live within the beauty that lies
R ambling beneath cobalt oceans,
E merging, as words surmise your eyes…
S weet zephyr sway along
T he shores of my thankfulness,   and
J ustify my simple gratitude to an
O pulent heart of kindness,
E ternally shimmering beyond skies…

                                Dedicated to Joe Doria

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Clear, dark
Hand of
Illusion, from the
Artists' dramatic
Rendition with its
Obscure depth and
Secret dark
Corners in the paintings'
Ultimate expression of
Repellant terror
Out from her mind.

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D edicated to her smile, to her love
A rt he speaks for her, to show his passion for her
R espect to his very step, speaking in love
K nowing of her smile, her dream; he dreams along her side
P aula my dear love
O xygen draws to his heart as it peaks in poetry
E ndless love dwells in his heart for her
T ime itself speaks of their love, as one para siempre

For my babybear, Paula

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E ncrusted amidst sensation,
L ust, and temptation,
U rged towards frustration,
S uddenly back to elation,
I ntangible desperation, hence
V eneering mystification...
E nticing words of vocation,

                                         Pen with motivation…
                                         Pen with relaxation…

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Theatre of Dreams

Leading actors, outer casings, all the world’s a stage
Invoking mere sporadic thoughts, floating on brainwaves
Venting anger hanging on the lips of stories told
Envision entertaining masses, breaking legs so old

Yielding to pretentious living, shining star so bright
Owning moments, guest appearing each heavenly night
Usurping and embracing almost everything you see
Re-enacting scenes as you become all you can be

Dying and betraying what defines your inner core
Ridiculing newbies while you search for something more
Exploring other options with a similar result
A satisfying outcome dawns for you and your dear cult
Move the crowd with encores; I’m sure you’ll know just how
Satisfy their need and yours, then exit with a bow

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Armenian Triumph

Ages have past, but the past never forgotten ever.
Remembering the pain and agony will remain forever.
Men, women, and children destroyed for no cause.
Energy from their souls lives on without pause.
Never forgetting, possibly forgiving in a future time.
Individuals once but now belonging to a horrid crime,
Angels now caress their souls and sing their praise.
Now we must in our hearts a monument raise.

Tears of woe will pass growing triumph from now on.
Realistic dreams of a future without pain will come upon.
Individuals, couples, and all that suffered in the past.
Unanimously we pray that our future will truly cast.
Many everlasting triumphs of love and peace in our land,
Preparing every soul for the glory upon us will stand.
Here and forever with faith and love our souls ever so grand.

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What God give me

God gave my eyas so i can see how beaultifull you are
God gave my a nose so i can smell your sent. 
God gave me a mouth so i can say how much every day
and God gave elife that i livr each day.

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Love and Forgiveness

Listen you can allow hatred and anger to imbed itself into your life.
Only it will grind your heart into a chaotic sword that will rip apart.
Vengeance will eat at your soul developing torment in every way.
Eventually there will be no joy that enters or spreads from your heart.

All things that happen are usually not set out to hurt anyone at all.
No one has that much evil within them to plan for these attacks.
Doom and gloom are things we fear and they could inherit your call.

Forgetting happens with time, or at least lessons as years fade.
Our way of thinking upon each passing day brings either joy or hate.
Realizing this we can learn to forgive others misgivings made.
Greatness is not measured by relentless abhorrence forever.
Individuals make bad judgments, since before the age of times.
“Vengeance is mine said the Lord” not yours to endeavor.
Each of us now has the charge to love and not hate in crimes.
Now better than anytime before we need to learn this straight away.
Each person has the capability to choose the path they have to take.
Serving to bring happiness and love until their last and dieing day.
Securing forgiveness in our mind and heart upon each day, we wake.

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My Poet

My life, oh my life, is graced by
you, who taught and inspired me to look at the

past to construct my future; letting me sail, with you 
on the warm river of your heart that 
each day I learn to ignore rejection. Ah,
this is why I love you!

from my heart to y’all, who made me what I am now.

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 A- April's National Poetry Month
 P- Part of every year
 R- Ready for it's heart felt punches
 I-  It's rarely not held dear
 L- Love is what it brings to me
           "April" is my favorite month out of the year

My name is Ruth Courtney and my first poem on Poetrysoup was APRIL, I wrote it in April my second poem posted GOODLUCK was honored as a highlighted poem right after.  I enjoy Poetry Soup contests, mail and conversing with fellow soupers.

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The long spiral of life, accepting the burden of greed. Shadows of a drifter coveting the 
morning sun. The warmth of childhood securities, always fearful of the descent, the naming 
itch of want. The loneliness of man's fortune, saddens my heart but still it hungers. Who does 
not desire more of the other? Demons sprinkle the eyes with greed, refusal bring sorrow, the 
tangebell web the dance of desire lies deep in my being, the soul need to escape its fleshly 
prison, haunts my dreams of nightmarish slumbers of death. The minds eye twists the will of 
its master, wettening the lips with lust, need, and want. Greed, the perfumed hips of women 
wickedness, maddens the desire for greed, look but don't touch the playful cousins of greed, 
the voluptuous bodies of the sin brings carries the poison of lust and the money hungry 
needs of wealth summons the heart pounding migraines of greed.

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M anifesting me,
E choes of its beautiful sound,
S eeping under my flesh,
M esmerizing, captivating,
E nrapturing me,
R eflecting my soul’s beauty,
 I swayed as it played,
Z igzag lines I made, as I 
E nergetically moved my body,
D ancing on the charisma of it…Music

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I dance in the day﷯﷯
I dance in the evening﷯﷯
I dance to feel﷯﷯
I dance to fight﷯﷯
﷯﷯Dancing makes me love﷯﷯
Dancing makes me cry﷯﷯
Dancing fills my heart﷯﷯
Dancing fills my soul﷯﷯
﷯﷯Dance is true﷯﷯
Dance is everything﷯﷯
Dance is life﷯﷯
Dance is me

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Always trying to fit in, where even water is a stranger
Poetry, my sweet remedy
Reading, writting my joy in which to escape
In my own little world I see Paula kissing me
Loving her with such passion, and devotion

Enter fear not my screaming soul
Leave all, let yourself in my shoes
Even the happiest heart will mourn
Vacant are the halld of my heart, for she is a jelous artist
Equally I too wish to hang her art upon my heart
Nevermind the passing of time
Timid is the soul that lives with in
Hear my words, hear my heart speak unto you

Nothing can change his past
Invoke my inner poet and love will speak "Paula"
Never looking back for a path revised is a change in whom you are
Elevating a step higher always having her in mind
Time itself can be held to a pause, as he speaks
Escape into my vision, see not the globe for greean, but for beauty
Erase, delete my past, but a witness can never forget
Night falls into his poetic verses, yet he goes on

Elastic are are ways of seeing his path
Insight, always looking into his future
Generous to his kin
Humble to praise his King
Tone, a voice of an angel, persuasive and smooth
Young and strong, leaping is his scene
Ending all his work in her name
Invisible yet full of color is his passionate imagery
Giving all of his heart he fights to retain his soul mate
Honorable verses for they draw many breaths
Time again paused to his choice, he lives for her

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Most beautiful thing in the world
Uniqueness in audio form
Synthesized or guitar driven
Intelligent or dance worthy
Cd's, eight tracks, tapes, and now DVDs
Acoustic or piano
Leveling enemies to a common likeness
Love songs or hate anthems
You know you love it 

Enthusiastic but not
Crazy admirer
Love for all types
Even guilty pop pleasures
Connecting with different people
Informing others of a message
Crazy about everything music

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The last day.........
To fulfill
No tears to spill
Be it as it may

When you give all.........
All that you can
But it begins to fall..........
The failure of a good man

To see it through.........
The heart begins to bleed
No end in sight too..........
Can I find..........
The things you need...........
The things you pay no mind

The last day..........
So many things fail
but only fail
blaming others
The final nail..........
The final day

The last day...........
All I have to give..........
To give all I can
The failings of a good man
The words he wanted to say

Small kind things............
crushed underfoot
The hurt it brings
The heart to bleed..............
The small kind things you need

To see it through.........
To the last day...........
They do not see the way
They cannot see........
What is true

The last day.............
The head held high
I did try
Tried to find another way
On the final day