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Abc Rose Poems | Abc Poems About Rose

These Abc Rose poems are examples of Abc poems about Rose. These are the best examples of Abc Rose poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Oh, my love is like a red, red rose

that's newly sprung in June.
O, my love is like the melody, 
that's sweetly played in tune

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass, 
So deep in love am I,
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry. 

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wit' the sun!
And I will love thee still, my dear, 
while the sands o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only love, 
And fare thee weel a while! 
And I will come again, my love, 
though' it were ten thousand mile! 

Copyright © saif khan

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The cloud

O, cloud, how you travel,
As slow as a thirsty camel,
And waft above morning breeze,
And above thirsty lands at ease
To watch cities drown in smog,
presents wrapped in yellow fog,
you migrate from wheels' squeals,
and strange music of morn and eve,
O, cloud that is migrating fast,
You are the first, the second and last,
To forsake the rice fields and valley,
With remorse, with urge to cry,
For a lone rose that wants to fly,
So spreads her aroma to your sky
To be consumed around gently,
To be left with her yellow dignity.
O, cloud the tutor of integrity;
The vying rose is eager to learn,
How wherever and whenever 
You fall, Satisfying all longed for rain, 
you glide to your mother
To the vast sea to reborn again,
Tell her, your mysteries are the same
To enjoy generous and eternal game.

Copyright © jamal Abboud

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Perfect Purple Rose

     Perfect Purple Rose
A Perfect Purple Rose stands 
still On the top of the hill.
She is the god's will
Blossoming like a true princess.
Wearing a white gown and a 
purple dress.
Shines like a rare pearl in the 
The ugly world cannot percieve  
her beauty even if it tries,
Yet she survived cold seasons, 
hurricanes, and wild winds and 
careless reasons of man that 
walked on earth with hate.
But none could break her 
perpetual rise
She will grow strong from the 
heavy dust
And open the eyes of the blind
Stirring the power of love in the 
dark mind. 
She stands  still 
On the top of the hill
The one and only 
Perfect  Purple Rose.

By Ernest Badounts

Copyright © Ernest Badounts

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Burning Rose

              Burning Rose
Oh rose! Each petal is unique,
You blossom from the dreams 
Thy raptured colors prime
With spark  of quick intrigue.
Pure and innocent yet deep 
and vulgar, 
Scent of your ambitious 
Dominates  the world of 
Thy modesty is like a sound of 
No lover's touch is worthy 
To caress Devine-like  petals,
That  parade with  innocent 
Ignite your flow of beauty!
Increase your faithful touch!
Awake us from our slumber!

Oh Rose, Oh Rose,
My gentle faithful Rose....

By Ernest Badounts

Copyright © Ernest Badounts

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Amagic rose

A beautiful magic rose
hypnotized my eyes
I can't move them or close...

Among the flowers so far
I'm smelling it now
but i want its nectar..

It's harder little bit
to reach my magic rose
than to observe it...

I dream to have just two wings
and i know most of people
are dreaming to be kings...

I wish i were a bee
I can fly to my rose
that's all what i hope to be...

Stay in its heart and live there
leave all for one day
or eternity , i don't care ... 

Copyright © Kadi Amine

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The Colored Roses

When I think of roses my mind reveals death
I see all the different colors around and it takes my breath,

Because I know the meaning behind all the flowers
It is like in the Mafia where a rose is a symbol of power,

This is likely the only time you will see such beauty
Due to when someone dies they feel it is their duty,

To buy a beautiful flower arrangement for all to see
I wonder if the soul in the casket wants to yell what about me,

We seem to forget that the roses will soon die
And yet everyone sits there an begins to cry,

For the body lying in the beautiful coffin
Then you ask yourself why didn't I visit more often,

No one seems to see beyond the beauty of all the colored flower arrangements
Maybe because we know one day that will us in this same confinement.

Written By: Unique Poetry....2012

Copyright © Michelle Born

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White Gentle Rose

           White Rose
Oh gentle  white rose! Rise 
Express the colors of your 
gifted soul,

Unexpectedly rise with the 
chants of affection.
You are the heartbeat of the 
world's perfection.

Oh gentle White Rose! Rise 
from the ashes,

Stand  strong in the madness.
Show, your true beauty in all 
the ugliness
Unwind  perfection with your 

Give fire to the darkness!
Give smile to the mankind!

-Ernest Badounts-

Copyright © Ernest Badounts

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                        CHRIS NWIGWE

Copyright © CHRIS NWIGWE

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White Rose

           White Rose
Oh gentle  white rose! Rise 
Express the colors of your 
gifted soul,

Unexpectedly rise with the 
chants of affection.
You are the heartbeat of the 
world's perfection.

Oh gentle White Rose! Rise 
from the ashes,

Stand  strong in the madness.
Show, your true beauty in all 
the ugliness
Unwind  perfection with your 

Give fire to the darkness!
Give smile to the mankind!

-Ernest Badounts-

Copyright © Ernest Badounts

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the rose

The rose
if i had to go to my class
through  garden i had to pass.
i saw many roses smiling at me,
red yellow white with a golden bee.
between them stood a baby bud,
like a precious crown raised from the mud.
i waited it ti burst open,
to see the color it had wipen.
the next morning when i saw,
it was neither red nor yellow or white.
but it had all these three shades,
in the morning magic,it was looking very bright.
it was the same for the next few days,
and the other day it said something to me-
that it is going to qiut as it played its role 
to make me bliss in whole.
we have to learn every thing from the rose
i will tell it to you of course.
we are sent here to make people bliss,
and it is what we shall not miss.........

Copyright © sravya chowdary

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Rose For Rose

Rose to a rose
I pick up a flower one day on a walk.
It stood there all a lone.
A pretty flower indeed.
A rose in was red in color.
Then I was thinking about any other flower she too was a rose.
Hair is so red that you would think the sky sets it a fire.
A rose for a rose I did consider. What a pretty way to say
I love you my rose.

Copyright © Harold Hunt sr

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Looking all around my garden,
seeing all my beautiful roses 
opening up.
if i had one one wish it would be that
i would wish to be rose so that one day
i could open up and accept you...

Copyright © ngozika peter

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Damaged Rose

If we never speak again sorry I forgot to mention that this pain I contain is deeper than you can Imagine that's why I feel being with you just couldn't happen. Letting blood sucking leeches suck all the self love I needed left feeling weak scared to speak shivering in the darkness where I remain,like a snail in it's shell I stay but secretly I want to get away but to insecure and afraid you want to come to my rescue fix me but I won't let you because now the pain is seeping back through the creases all the hurt from the past has me truly believing that I'm not worthy of your attention and affection. Sorry to push you away to many bad recollections have become so guarded it's my protection I know you wonder why? about these tears I cry and all you want to do is dry my eyes help me kill the pain inside make me realize all that I am but I just won't let you, just can't Evan though your the perfect man I hope you understand. I know nobody's perfect but because I'm hurting I don't feel worth it, how could it be true if i don't feel beautiful enough for you? How could there be a happy future for us tomorrow if I am so full of sorrow? Behind the heavily guarded door that stays closed lies a damaged rose and the pain I contain is deeper than I imagined giving you a damaged rose couldn't happen.

Copyright © Mila dash

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Easter is way more than just some earthly thing
It’s about the victory of our Savior and King
It marks for us a whole new beginning
Where we don’t have to worry about our constant sinning
For he destroyed our sin once and for all
Now we don’t have to worry when we fall
For when we do he will catch us for sure
He is always there, his love for us will always endure
Because he died and rose we are free
It’s all because how he suffered for us on that tree
But that’s not the end, there’s more to the story
On the third day he rose and he showed all of his glory
He conquered sin, Jesus is risen
And because of this our sins can be forgiven
Now in Him we have new life
And we can leave behind all our pain and strife
Because Jesus came and took that all away
And he threw it into hell where it’s going to stay
Sin is no longer our master, by Jesus it was defeated
And with that Jesus’ mission is finally completed

Copyright © Evan Perkins

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A rose for you

I look out of the window and see the first buds of bloom; 
the tears start to flow as I sit in this dark and empty room,

As I sit I remember your beautiful face, 
you dressed so fine, and walked with such grace,

Every morning I sit and stare, 
as the buds grow bigger and I feel that your there,

Then one morning, as I took a glance, 
I knew then that I had a chance,

I had a chance to get through the days without you, 
the most beautiful rose with tears of dew,

I knew it was for me, it was sent by you.

Copyright © kathleen gallagher

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My Roses

                 My Roses

I love roses for they are so beautiful
At a wee time I was a rose 
I have a rose that always blooms 
I have two as a matter of fact
They are my world never dies in my heart never abandons me
I couldn't live without them for they are my roses

Her smile could light up the world if it ever crashed 
In my moms heart there would be no hurt no poverty nothing that goes on in this world
She always protected me always shielded away which I grew to love 
I would want my wee rose to see that as well
For my roses will always bloom in my heart in my mind in my soul they will never abandon 
They will stay with my spirit and we will be three roses that always will bloom
Every season every second of the day and night

Copyright © Barbara Villegas

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Red Rose Rise - Tales Of The Fallen

Linear, by the way you think, smells the breath, tasteless, by the way you talk. Blood brings not only life, but closer to the steps into death, behind my back is fitted, your beloved knife. Surrounded I am, excluded by division, I multiply my suicide without sincere attractions. Black is my night, blacker to my grey of day, the ones I hate, the ones added to the sum of all my fears, none ends with any happy tears. I see no rainbow in the skies, burn only the dragon with the fiery eyes, I am committed to my addiction, why be the spy that shies. I believe what you believe to whatever you believe, do you here me cry, before my lies I have said my farewell, that does mean goodbye. What waits for eye, is not the sight I will sell a bat, the broken gates to hell. Punishment will be, punishment will learn to see, if by chance the thought of giving, broken I will be, damaged I will heal,I will feel, I will bleed. Indirectly, your worst maiden to a mistake, let me rise immortal on any land, understand, my hate will not be painted black. I am a bleeder, I will walk in blood, and forever, will never be long enough. Red Rose Rise, I will wake alone, prepared, on the land of the Slayer. Death will feel the anatomy of my breath, north to south and east to west, killing is after fall, what I do best. Fear, is my only quest, and yes, I 2, have failed the test.

Copyright © uniC CJonr

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Love's Rose

I had a dream about a lady,a precious little rose
with soft blue eyes that sparkles and a smile so warm it glows
With her I foud the universe complete with moon and stars
then all the rest of heaven,beyond the planet Mars
Where I tasted pure sunlight,saw sounds I never heard
and held onto a moonbeam,felt the meaning of a word
I had a rainbow wrap around me as I held this tender rose
inside a starlight's twinkle where love forever grows
My prayers I knew were answered,when I saw you in the light
all I had ever dreamed about was there in flowing white
As we soared across the universe,you set my world aflame
and from now until forever,I will never be the same
I have never held such tenderness,felt a heart so warm and kind
the seed you planted in my soul,now blossoms in my mind!
                                                                                        Diesel Dan

Copyright © Dan Blake

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White Rose

i walk with my head held high 
smile unusually wide 
eyes too bright 
bt inside all i du z cry 

flyin wit the winds 
oh hw i wish icud 
i even attemptd 2 jump 
pity...i swooped down lik a 
fallen angel 

i hav non left 
pride-courage- hope? all that 
nd more withered away - 
numb i dd stay. 

i ask not 4 much 4rm u 
i'll finali b at peace--all i need 
is just a white rose 

Copyright © susan benjamin

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My Rose

Solely, I posses a rose
though one,out of the window
I see it as drastic orchards
in a clay pot at the corridor.

The bee lands on its petals
in search of sweet nectar
to make honey at the hives.

The red serpent passes by
just to feel its awesome aroma
before it engage in a hunt;daily.

Daisy,  the girl from the river
she's mad on its lavished beauty
she honestly comes to have its picture.

Copyright © Fate McFate

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The Priceless Rose

The presence of a rose 
makes the
world to be at peace with me.
In her absence,
Birds seize to sing
Night fails to fall
Anarchy is set loose upon 
my world
Imagination of her motion 
brings to
the memory of my heart the
togetherness l long for
That my
sorrow may have an end
Eyes can see it,
Mouth can voice it out
Nose can perceive it
Skin feel that
Tongue can prove its reality
The unspeakable love I have 
rose is far above coins, paper 
This l must not fail to say- l 


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the black rose

When I see a rose I see love and pain. When a rose blossom I see what beauty we have in this world. 
when a rose petal fallen I see what have fallen in this world. When I prick my finger on a thorn I see the pain in this world.
When I see the blood from my finger I see the blood we shed in this world. When the rose dies I see all the death in this world.

Copyright © colleen jones

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Winter's solace

Cold sent shivers down his spine 
His soul aching to be complete 
Quenching his thirst with blood he calls wine 
Thuds of his heart on the street
Just for tonight his mask no longer worn
Winter sympathizing his state
For he was pricked by a thorn
A thorn that belonged to his dearest rose
A rose he no longer held 
Mind wandering to the time he found solace
In the arms of his rose he lays 
Her  porcelain face still lingers in mind 
Flashing eyes in anger as he betrayed 
Eyes of eternity will never leave him 
His solitary ground no longer steadied him 
Forever wandering with no comfort
With no hope, no tears left to dry 
Heavens above heard his cries
Finally joining in sadness
Wind blew sending shivers through him
Surrendering he waits for winters solace

Copyright © tala hamadeh

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Black Rose of Love

       The dread black rose has such  dark meaning to it.
       It can never find a way to a heart .
       The Thorns are deadly t all who touch and hold .
        The Black pedals on that on the rose show pain and suffering and loss .  
        A Creation of such darkness such Agony and Despite  in it .
        How  does a person turn such a creation a Black Rose into a Red  Rose .
        The Black Rose of Love is  heart ache , pain , hatred  for your love of people and things .
 For that is the Black rose of love  

                      Stay away from the Black Rose of Love.

Copyright © douglas hurst jr

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Bad guy and a rose

I remember the way it felt
with my head on your chest
I could feel your heart beating
through my body
The way you moved
I moved
One day it stopped
it just went away 
You were the bad guy
and I was the rose
All I had to say was good
Even tho you was the bad guy
and I was the rose
If the liquor that you're 
drinking on 
Makes you start to think
You want what we had before
and you change your mind 
And come to my front door
ill be waiting at the peep hole
You got the kee to my heart 
and soul
Cause I can't stop loving you
I was ment for you 
I keep all the memories
The good and the bad
Just keeps the hope alive 
For the bad guy and the rose 
Why don't you want me to love
you anymore
Remains a mystery 
Like why you and me are 
Can't believe you don't miss me
It destroys me
Can't believe the bad guy is 
and the rose dies

Copyright © Raven Sneed

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Response from the First Rose of Spring

Why is it that an angel
is made to suffer too
and feel the pains of heartache
like only humans do
To sacrifice the future
for a chance to see a smile
when moments shared between 
dont begin to compare to the 
Lies of written conversation
keep this heart from growing 
of waiting for the presence
of a face fondly admired
So take my heart not lightly
and tell that heart no lies
and perhaps when you wake 
each morning
you can look into these eyes
and when heaven should miss 
the only angel ever to
take the heart of a stray
and make the old feel new
the only thing I ask
is that you let me down gentle, 
but fast
and think of me sometime
the spring rose who bloomed 
with your last.

Copyright © Evonne Van Gundy

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Pete Rose

Pete Rose great baseball player but banned from the Hall of Fame
It does matter if weigh 150 pounds or 350 Pounds we are still the same
USA the Most power county helps other counties 
Lance Armstrong fell of and neither got back to the top
The State you live is your State no can take away from you
Ned Corkery 9/17/14

Copyright © ned corkery

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Red Rose

Like this single red rose,
our hearts are but one.
The tears that flow,
are like rivers,
never really ending.
The prayers keep going,
because I know you can hear.
The bond we once shared,
has yet to be taken.
Your lost soul,
has yet to be found.
When this ends,
like your life,
I will still be here,
but yet you will not.

Copyright © Nicole deGroot

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I am that red rose

I am that red rose
thats what every one say,
I am that red rose
long,bright,and pretty in the face.
I am that red rose
every one wants to feel,
I am that red rose
yes i am that red rose.

Copyright © cocoa guiton

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Omwana ow'essanyu,
ye mwana awulira,
atya bazadde be,
n'abo abamusinga.

Jenifer Rose,
ye mwana gw'emanyi,
ey 'eyisa ng'omuntu,
omwana ow'empisa atya bazadde be.

Simuwana buwanyi,
mubutufu w'ampisa,
mukubo n'awaka.
Jenifer Rose nze mw'ewunya!

Gwe buza maama we,
akubulire  ky 'amanyi
ku mwana ow'essanyu,
asanyusa nabalara.
Jenifer Rose mubutufu y 'asinga!

Katherine  Stella yakola nyo omulimu,
okuyamba omwana we,
okuba ng'omuntu.
Naye ate ffe?


The child of joy,
she's having a humble life,
she respects her  parents,
and those above her.

Jenifer Rose,
she's the child i know,
behave like a human,
a disciplined child respects her parents
at her young age.

I don't just praise her,
but really a humble girl,
on the road and home.
Jenifer Rose i wonder about her!

You ask her mum,
she will tell you the truth,
about a child of joy,
who makes others happy.
Jenifer Rose really she's great!

Katherine  Stella,
she did a good job,
to help her child  to grow at peace.
What about us?

Copyright © sekitto kisakye