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Abc Peace Poems | Abc Poems About Peace

These Abc Peace poems are examples of Abc poems about Peace. These are the best examples of Abc Peace poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door light a old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

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Namagyan Beach

A beach captivating deprived eyes, Fascination, grandiose haven in July, Keeping lovely mountains nearby, Of Pacific, quixotic, refulgent sunset/sunrise. Tarry! Unwind! Vast waves eXtrudes Yuletide-like Zephyr.
Written: Aug. 16, 2012 This is a beautiful beach in Tamurong, Candon, I.S. It is located near my place or compound just a walking distance from my house. Its name was officially given by the people living in that area who are mostly relatives. The word "namagyan" means "relatives." Many visitors are going to this place and enjoy the nature, their moments and most especially the whole day of Sabado De Gloria (Black Saturday) and ecumenical services are held on this beautiful beach on the dawn/sunrise of Easter Sunday! It's a very fantastic place to visit! Come and see!

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Battle of the words

Bravery is the father of fears
Dreams are distant cousins of nightmares
Hope is the sister of prayers
Every night shame lays down and gets screwed by despair
Pollution abuses Mrs. atmosphere
It's a battle between personality and reality 
But obviously nobody cares
Maybe it's because big tough is the uncle of little scared
Planning is deeply in love with prepared
Procrastination is the biggest enemy of determination
Ignorance is jealous of realization
Sometimes strength can get sneak attacked by temptation
Silence can never defeat a great proclamation
When the brain disagrees with the heart
The body dies of complications

Love your self...

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King of sex,
the third gender
or hermaphrodite,
half male, half female,
existing on margin,
beheads the creator
to propitiate the deity of destruction,
starts a genocide
to create a new model,
new world, sexless, moonless

How could you remain normal
when you were being robbed of every myth,
every truth?
And you were walking under the guilty sky
unmindful of the pouncing, long legged tarentulas
to bite off your elements?
All of your tongue?
And the heat will give up the slaughtered spring
dried up in eternal shade?
Within the memory will lie the pain
of million years?


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(ABC) Devotion

All beliefs can defeat evil forces
Greatly healing individuals
Joining kindness, love
Many now owning passions
Quoting realistic sacrament
Taking ultimate victory
With Xanadu yielding zest

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Am from the backseats of mean streets
I got my eye aiming the Wall Street
They said education is the key
I wonder why they made it expensive for we,
Am sitting around hood rats,
Gangsters and Ex- prisoners
Sniffing, snatching, stuffing stuff
Mama expects a lawyer, a doctor, a mayor,
We are in the middle of a crisis
Am the original copy of a son-of-a-gun
I define the odds
I believe to break a law,
Is to make a road
You go east or west,
Home is still the best
But with a bullet in your chest
Don’t mess with these streets
They will give you a free ride to hell
Pot and crack do rounds all over,
It’s a mess,
I am needed, you are needed,
We are needy
We are in a man eat man generation
You either survive or succumb
There’s a billion ways to die,
Choose one,
It’s time for a change,
Change of perspectives,
Change of attitude,
Change of behavior
Let’s get out of our comfort zone,
Coz that’s what’s drowning us,
We need a change
Change for the better
It’s revolution time!!

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Sky weeps, I was collecting clouds
from stillness of the sea.
A snake again wants to kiss,
I am learning to die
in arms of spiral mirrors.

Cannot forgot the cheating of umbrellas.
The stings, the twists, the hollow breads.
Foams are submitting the  venoms
on golden plates.
I grieve for the dignity of a hangman.

The retreat leaves the blood
on the stones. My house was burning.
Will you marry me ? I ask the dew
sitting on the grass. Don’t go
back to the sun.

A relentless bucket fills up, again
I am  watching at  the moon.
The icy sand, the fire, the heat.
Flowers will hunt the thorns
at rooftops of sleep.


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Partly clad
full moon
was taking a bath on hills.
Trees were waiting
for the curtains to rise.

Scented stars would make
giant scars on the clouds,
I would make peace with the sky.
Lids of human greed were laden
with golden dust, I was hoisting the skull.

Of a virgin god who did not
want to live for the blotched up creation.
The decline was obvious. Truth 
had refused to climb
on the sky-blue, salted peaks of springs.

Body had arrived,
mourners quietly wailing.
Gouged eyes could not decipher
the script on the halved pyramid.
Sun was sucking the clay.


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My Silly Little Love.

My silly little Love,
Is not to far away,
I think about you day by day by day,
My silly little Love,
Your what makes this heart stay a beat,
Pounding, Pounding,
My silly little Love,
You fill in all my blanks,
With out silents without questioning,
My silly little Love,
You sing to me,
And hit all the right tunes,
Makes me giggle,
Oh, How I Love you,
My Silly little Love,
You pull my hair back when it's in my face,
To notice I'm here, For the World to see me,
My silly Little Love,
Tough and strong,
Shows little emotion,
But I know what's going on,
Silly Little love,
You are the One.

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Mom I promised you I would do my best to help my brothers and sisters pass 
life's test to remember how you were before you were laid to rest.

Mom I`m finding it really hard to do, my brothers don`t talk to each other they`re 
playing a fool, my sisters can`t stop crying for you.
Mom I fill no matter what I do it`s not right, try finding peace in this family fight only 
to find I did nothing by the end of night.
Mom I remember our last talk, you said no matter what you would be by while I 
take this walk, mom I need your strength for my life they mock.

Mom I told you I`d be fine, that I was not blind, that at the end of this road peace I 
would find,

Mom I fill I`m not the one, all this stress I`m not having fun`m stepping up while 
the others run.

Mom I told you I promise, but it`s my family that suffers and it`s them I miss, so I 
ask you please help me through this.

Mom I am doing what I said I would, while the others fail to do what they should, 
Mom I did the best I could.

Mom,.... how come,.... you chose me to be the one?  

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A Shady Tree

I know its the summer time because of how naturally 
Your beauty compliments the caress of a summer breeze
As I watch the world from beneath a shady tree
I take in the delightful comfort of everything I see
But in the same breath I am holding up my hands
Lord will you please give me back the things I no longer have
They are even more a part of me now that they are gone 
As the sun falls below where the horizon is still holding on
Somewhere between the falling light and a star lit night
Is a dream that last forever and will never say goodbye
As the wind gently blows through the brush and shakes the leaves
It begins to hum a melody that I want to sing
At that very moment I smile for all the joy I have
Its so uplifting for me to see melancholy dance
Soon the morning sun will rise and capture my eyes
As I watch the hand of God paint a brand new sky
With every stroke of color I swallow all my pride
And I find a new place to dream of endless times
If I should ever get to the place I left my broken heart
Only then will I believe this brand new day will start
Again Im reminded of why my heart beats so restlessly
Only the speed of thought and my soul beneath this tree

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Home is Where the Ocean Is

Summer is here once again.
The breeze is warm,
I smell salt on the wind.
The same sandy beach between my toes,
The same waters I learned to swim.
Sun burn on my nose,
To the Ocean I dive in.
I submerse myself in the waters of the Atlantic
Warmer than the West Coast Thankfully
Cold, I simply cannot handle it!
Further out I paddle faithfully,
For my mother ocean to keep me sane,
this is my therapy,
to soothe this migraine.
This place gives me energy,
a weakness with a name.
Pleasure Island, NC.
A place hidden with fortunes
and undiscovered fame.
Never could I stray from the ocean
my passions would never be fulfilled
and I would never be the same.

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

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My Love So Far

To my love that's far away
I think of you every night and day
And when i am alone
I watch the stars and wait for a sign
And when the brightest star appear
Then, I know you feel my lonely tears.

Days seem to be years
And minutes lead to hours
My love for you grows like a flowers
My heart keeps telling me 
That you're the one for me.

Remember those days
I feel so alive and happy
All my worries and problems disappear from inside 
To my love that is faraway
I'm so lost and don't know my way without you.

Will i remain a stray?
When i close my eyes to cry
Just then i hear you whisper my love
That moment everything is al right.

As i open the window and watching you from heaven above
So far from me...
In GOD's LOVE, I trully understand...
Chose us to be
Let us take this LOVE forever and ever....

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The ABC's of Intangible Gifts:

Appreciation - Helps us value the loved ones around us.
Balance - Bring beauty to our souls. 
Conceptualization - Characterizes our world of complexities and simplicities.   
Delightfulness - Delivers diverse sweetness to our world and dreams.
Ecstasy - Excites our inner beings.
Fantasy - Forms our dreams and follies.
Gratitude - Graciously acknowledges blessings from God and man.
Holiness - Brings a soul to happiness, eternally.
Imagination - Leads our dreams to discovery, inspiration, creativity, and success.
Joyfulness – Diminishes sorrows replacing them with merriment.
Kindness – Increases thoughtfulness, compassion and benevolence; improves humanity. 
Loveliness – Surrounds our souls with physical and spiritual beauty.
Majesty – Uplifts the soul to a state of awe.
Naivety – Enjoys innocence and teaches opposition.
Obedience – Disciplines id and ego while leading to personal strength.
Passion – Imparts intense feelings that lead to elevated emotions.
Quirks – Provide individuality and entertainment for mankind to enjoy.
Righteousness – Teaches a man to stand firm, practicing making right choices.
Serenity – Instills quiet calmness to a man’s mind.
Tolerance – Broadens man’s ability to love and live peacefully.
Understanding – Opens the doors to wisdom.
Values – Direct a man’s path to positive morality.
Wisdom – Lives from a heart of love and understanding.
X-perience – Prevents drastic mistakes.
Yearning – Drives a man to crossroad, choices, dreams, and triumph.
Zeal - Supplies enthusiasms for all things.

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the gym.

walking in I see I'm not the only one thinking,
    1,2,3,4, every rep every set the body pumping,
        rock in the speakers so no one starts screaming,
           from the treadmills to the dumbbells every ones pushing,
we go to the gym to get away,
     here we find our thoughts of the day,
           no one knows no one can sees it's our way,
                 all our troubles in millions of sets whats there to say.
with every calorie we burn every sweat that falls,
     bills are paid,all is forgiven,no longer crawling the walls,
           it's how we release how we let go it's our peace of mind that is all,
we walk in with so much on our minds,
     we walk out with the smile we couldn't find,
           we don't find it in abuse in a bottle or looking for signs,
                 we find our thoughts here in the gym that is how we unwind.  

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----------------------- Zenith's Blizzard------------------------

Alignments Boldly Cultivating Dimensional Effervescence, Familiar Grey Highlights, Illuminating Joyful Kingdom, Luxurious Mecca, Nimbus Orbs Penetrating Quixotic, Revealing Snowflakes Tranquil, Universal Vantage, Winter Xanadu, Yielding  Zenith  

~~~Entry for Yasmin Khan
~~~~Contest Name: SNOW
~~~~~~ABC Form  (nature)

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Why don’t we go 
For a vacation to Mogadishu
This year
If you know where to find it on the map
You can raise vegetables 
In a minefield
Or attend the birthday party of a warlord
Machine gun fire for dessert
Half of Mogadishu is on the run
To a better life
Sometimes people return to their home
If they can find it 
In a crater
With a cluster bomb lawn

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of alienation
were increasing.
We were afraid
of reflections.

of landscapes
will hurt the river.
I was blinded
by blues.

becomes a speech
bonds start

I wanted
to call your name –
in solitude.
The echo
reaches the whole sky.


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Paint Me A Picture Please

<                       Artist Brushstroke Creating Decembers Elite Frost
                         God Handed Imagery Justication Keeping Longevity
                         Making Novelist Opt Painting Quest Really Strong
                         Taking Utmost Vigrous Wealthy Xanthochroi
                         Yearning Zest

Entry For
Yasmin Khan's
Snow ABC Contest
G.L. All

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Africa my Africa!
When shall you gasp air of peace?
Until all your children perish?
Tears, I will always shed for you
To God, still I will pray.

Africa my Africa!
When shall you stop starving?
Until millions are no more?
For you, I will bitterly cry
To God, still I will pray.

Africa my Africa!
When shall you stop haggling for power?
Until tribes are absorbed?
For you, deeply concerned I always am
To God, still I will pray.

Africa my Africa!
When shall you not be corrupt?
Until your economies are nothing?
For you, still worried I am
To God, Still I will pray.

Africa my Africa!
Fight for peace not power
Kill starvation not salvation 
Grind corruption not reaction.

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Flowers of peace are now magnificently blossoming
In the gardens of the battlefields of Khartoum and Kinshasa.
And roses of tranquillity and order slowly blooming 
In the flower pots of Kigali’s sorrowful genocide cites.

The smoke of dead gun-fire still flies
In the skies of the outskirts of Monrovia and Abidjan.
But live sporadic gunfire persistently lightens
In the troubled skies of Bunjumbula and Mogadishu.

Hot waters of hunger, starvation and suffering still pour
On the heads of Harare and Adisababa.
And the lines of untold poverty are still drawn
Across the villages of Lilongwe and Bamako.

The string of absolute monarchy is still tight
Around the political circles of Mbabane.
And the chains of an authoritarian state
Still hang around the neck of Innocent Tripoli.

Freedom then denied to free civilians
Is now freely enjoyed by freer people of Freetown.
But the rights of free civilians in Banju
Are tightly held in a knot of military dictatorship.

The barrels of guns of power hungry politicians
Are now silent in the roads of Brazzaville.
But northern villages and jungles of Kampala
Are still infested with the disease of rebel attack.

Maputo and Luanda are now being built
Out of the mud of the longest and brutal wars.
And the dirty white walls of the hated apartheid 
Are now being splendidly painted black in Johannesburg.

The smell of peace, progress, poverty and panic surely hangs
In the corners of my sincerely beloved fatherland.
And the wave of sickness, suffering and starvation still hits
The peoples of my dear beautiful Fatherland.

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Love Beneath Autumn Sky

We lay beneath autumn trees
And autumn leave gently falls.
Laying beside you I'm lost in your eyes,
I'm lost in the presence of you
And autumn leaves gently falls.

We lay there and autumn breeze blow.
Would I trade this moment, no, no.
The rose in your hair is white like winter snow,
beauty lies before my eyes and sparkles glow,
And autumn breeze gently blow.

We lay beneath autumn trees,
We lay in love of autumn breeze.
We lay together in each other eyes,
We lay beneath the season of autumn sky.

Autumn breeze blow and leaves of autumn trees fell,
Staring in your eyes I see the unspoken love for me it tells. 
Autumn leave, red, brown, yellow,
in autumn wind they rattle a love symphony of being hallow.

Small rays of sunlight,
between autumn trees had you glow.
And as we lay together beneath autumn trees,
softly in our love we watch a autumn day goes.

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you are!

you are all I think about 
you are all I see
you are the only one 
that means anything to me,
you are the wind 
that blows through my hair
you are the person
that is always there,
you are the one reason 
my heart keeps beating
the one reason
I can't wait for our next meeting,
you are the sun 
that shines on my face,
and when I'm with you
I'm always in a better place,

                                             By:Holly Davis

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The Wounded Underdog

All bourgeios crime disgusted Eddie, for geared-up hopefuls, interested juveniles, know learned mindful negotiators offering powerful quotations rectify suffering that underdogs valiantly weather: xanthoid yearly zings.

*I know this is more of a random sentence than a poem, but this is the hardest form I have ever come across, and I promise to write more of this type later and thus make them better.  The original version of the poem is below.  Which do you prefer?*

All beastly crime disgusted Eddie, for geared-up hopefuls, interested juveniles, know learned mindful negotiators offer peaceful queries resolving scrapes that uakari, victims, weathered xanthously, yearly, ziplipped.

*I personally think that it makes more sense now...*

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MidNight Wishes

Even though i did not hear your voice tonight i'm still ahit,
I will go on like this for ever, i wont go out without a fight. 
I'll fight till the end of this life to win your heart,
All you have to do is tell me when to start.

The music blarrin in my head phones at 1:52 AM and i'm lovin it, 
cause it helps me remember your gorgeous smile like it was meant to fit. 
Wanting to feel your touch and kisses all over me ignites the fire in me,
Wanting to take you by your hand and run wild in a big sea. 

There aint much i can say to express myself but this will have to do for tonight,
I think its just that i haven't reached height.
You no I love you and that's all that matters or will ever matter to me,
I will love you till i die, like I told you before, cant you see? 

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Spell Us Both

Betroth her to me,
If she will never stop amazing my spirit.
Bring her to me, 
If she will never stop beautifying my heart.
Hand her to me,
If she will never stop spoiling me with love.
Entrust her to me,
If she will never stop till she fight my war.
Leave her to me, 
If she will never wish for my death before the hour.
Send her to me,
Let our hands lock in wed.
Send her to me,
Let our oneness soul united.

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Hidden Treasure - Now Revealed

I lost my treasure, when I was betrayed
Was left with empty hand when I used to gaze
Life was dusty , misty and crusty,
Breaks were many , cracks went rusty

Treasure was lost by a man who was a fraud
I gave my life , my cares and my mind'
Like a serpent he lived and captured every byte
Lost my money , life and soul
Completely crushed and left with empty bowl

Lord received me then,when all left me in Hell
I looked to the cross , repented with pains & fast
How graciously LORD picked me
Embraced me and filled me
Though my treasure was lost 
Still LORD helped with no cost
He consoled me when I was elapsed

All my life's freckles were vanished
And I was left with no Blemish
Jesus died for me -- Cleansed me so I could see
Righteousness I learned , for JESUS love I earned
Transformed my life -- Be righteous what HE guides
I got my lost things back 
With money , fame and treasure full bag
With HIS love and blessings --He replaced my dead cracks

Revealed the meaning of Treasure ---
Meticulously HE blessed me with double measures
HIS wisdom, understanding and care
HIS blood , Eternal life and A name in Heaven
New creation , New Soul and New life HE gives
This is the treasure I see and I live

This is my treasure for rare can get
HIS blessings are awesome , For in heaven I'll rest
Seeing my treasure nothing can be measured

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the mirrors and glasses can't help but falling
the tough and the mindless can't help but brawling
when earth's soul gapes through the looking glass
only pure spirits can protect it.

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A Love Story in ABC format

All I will say is how I did my best ever day to say you are my love
Before I go to bed and before I wake up I pray above
Cluing you with the best of my affections that I hope you see
Did you know that everyday I look at you my day is pleasant and that is the key 
Everyone that knows me knows that you are the one for me
Friends and family love you as much as I expect to be
Going forward with all my heart I give you my love unexpectedly
Holding your hand while walking and whispering to your ear I love unconditionally
In my heart I expect in return is a smile of faith
Just when we look into each others eyes in love we bathe
Kindly we speak to each other with passion
Life we have together we love our every hug and kisses in occasions

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To search you
I am burning my wheels.

Put your hands
on my shoulders
for opening the book.
To read the message
between the words.

When the time comes
I want you
to smear my ashes
on the stones of footpath.
I want them
to walk on me
and dissolve their steps.

Stop looking
at me.
To reach you
I am burning my bridges.



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The valley holds on, to murder
of moon, behind the trees.
It is dark and clouds are meditating.

You think of a perfect horror
and a poisoned arrow flies straight
into heart of a blissful sun.

It is red, splattered on the wounded sky,
scrorched by shrill cries of crows.
It is dawn.

You feel intense penetration of separateness,
from the beauty of a drop,
reflecting the wholeness of an ocean.

The stress starts breaking you.
Can you take me to my home, into abeyance?
My wakefulness, reaching by silence?


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let me be

I'm through with living in these and shackles and chains,
erase me now, set me free from this world,
where blood pours and tears rain,
to a land of love, set me free from these chains,

I’m through with living a life of which i do not belong,
erase me now, let my life begin,
in a world thats just right, where there is no wrong,
let me for once feel that i finally belong,

I'm through with this life that carries on forever,
erase me now, show me my end,
let my soul and my body escape together,
no part of living says you'll live forever,

I’m through with living in the land of the blind,
erase me now, let me see where i lay,
forget who i was, my true soul i must find,
open up the world to which once i was blind,

I’m through with living I’m done with the hate,
erase me now, let my true love embrace,
let me not change my future, let me accept my fate,
show me how to be, teach me not of hate.

I'm through with living where i can not be me,
erase me now let me delve ever deeper,
let my mind dance let my heart run free,
where i think not of them, I proclaim of only me.

I'm through with living, my time is now,
erase me now, to never be forgotten,
to escape from this world, just show me how,
the end is finally here, my time is now.

darkness will fall, bring my eyes to rest, 
darkness will fall, no beat in my chest,
peace it will bring, to finally be me,
peace it will bring, to finally be free.

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From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were; I have not seen
As others saw; I could not bring
My passions from a common spring.
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow; I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone;
And all I loved, I loved alone.
Then- in my childhood, in the dawn
Of a most stormy life- was drawn
From every depth of good and ill
The mystery which binds me still:
From the torrent, or the fountain,
From the red cliff of the mountain,
From the sun that round me rolled
In its autumn tint of gold,
From the lightning in the sky
As it passed me flying by,
From the thunder and the storm,
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view.

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Walk with me, till moon rises
on the griefs of the dark,
and the tongue tastes the pain of centuries.

On the erected dome
when the golden leaves start a flame
which throws up an image of a prophet.

My nightingale was giving a call
of a very sad tune, on the death of peacocks -
but for the poisoned feed, they were dancing.

A green pride has no ambition now,
roses were wilting.
Fever was rising in the roots.

Do not give it to me, my award.
Could I have shut up like a fame
when my house was being ransacked?


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Your gifts, I do not want to keep.
Shapeless doves on the grass,
were ready to take a nascent flight.
My small hands prepare a daisy meal.

Dahlias will bloom when the sun climbs.
I pass the door, that moves like a
stranger, between the people,
looking out for black roses.

One by one the tribes are changing
the colors of flags.
Conversion into sleepless towers
watching the whistles blowing.

Do not throw dust on the graves
in the valley of golden stairs.
The voices are growing louder
after trampeling on the bones.


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                          BELLS  A RINGING EVERYWHERE.
                         PROCLAIMING EACH FAITH OF PEACE
                                   LIVING WITHOUT FEAR.
                                  CHILDREN LEANING ONE WAY TO
                             LOOK AT LIFE OR LIVE,CHIDREN SINGING
                                 THE WORD FEAR ANOTHER CHILD GONE
                               FAMILY'S  FILLED WITH TEARS NOT
                              KNOWING IF THEIR CHILD IS NEXT.
                               CHILDREN SEEING KILLING.
                              LOOKING AROUND THROUGH THE BLOODLY 
                              WINDOWS CANDLES ALL A GLOW
                                FOR THE HOPE WHEN BELLS PLAYING,
                                CHILDREN SINGING NOT THE ONLY PCTURE
                               ANOTHER CHILD GONE ONLY TO SPEAK,
                               CHANGE IS JUST NOT A WORD
                                IT IS A DIFFENCE FOR ALL
                                  TWO SEE HEARING THE SIGN'S
                                  STANDING UP WHICH
                                                 ONE WILL IT BE?


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Now Is Your Time

I sit here in question...

Why are those around me in depression?

I'm ready to go.
Look beside me, there state of mind is at a low.

I'm ready to grow.
They dwell on the past.

I've gave my advice with good intensions to inspire, because I am fortunate enough to have this fire; a burning flame.

They let the wind blow away their light, the dark is all they see.
They can't see; no sight into the present or the future.
Insanity at its finest.

Born to be anything in this wide universe.
This is what they choose; to lose.

Surround yourself with positive people.
Be auspicious, optimistic, and bold.
You will never be left in the dust!

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the wall is high

i jump to meet my mark,
it is met with arms out wide,
nothing, yet i expect a spark
so in little black book i confide.

what i ask of the masses, alot
admittedly ashamed i am not
to think, rejoice, connect the dots
to remember what we once forgot.

all i ask i that we don't assume,
they rely on ignorance to consume,
open your eyes and take full bloom,
never take an uninformed flume,

i see too much trouble ahead to ignore,
when i opened my eyes we had ten years,
i am still coming round and now we have four,
i see too much blood that will mix with my tears.

everything will mingle and change
it will all make sense once done
its just right now, its beyond our perceptive range
and to elaborate on the story no fun.

for certain synchronocities will take form
the knowledge unwraping in the implicate
it may not always be blatent, but hidden in the norm
some could term it karma, i make my own fate.

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round wars

pools of gold
fuels and worlds
teams of Pearls
a land made of dreams
a lone cold breeze
a sooner bloomer
a wittier Lunar
a frosty glow prop 
the worldly truce far
a sun beams new wars
waters creates doomed mars
the sky is new 'er
new worlds are duel'ers
storms are greener
one tree is free'er
a day and a stream
a pool made of love
the seas verses world's
eyes in a war
seeds and a chore

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More Than I Am

I pull my blinds down shut to end another day
An eerie silence fills the halls with lonesomeness and decay
I draw my sheets back and clear the thoughts inside my head
Because the quietness breaks my heart when im alone in bed
I turn the T.V. on to turn the emptiness down
I hear the voices speaking, but I can't make out the sounds
I look at my bible filled with guilt and shame inside
I havent picked it up to read for quite some time
And with hell I look up to my ceiling and cry
Have You abandoned me too for ever leaving Your side
Lord just light the way and I will come back home
Lead me back to that place I was once before
I know I havent prayed, because I have been afraid
I know I let You down and I was scared of what You might say
Forgive me for ever thinking I could do this on my own
Please give me strength so that I can carry on
And help me turn these pages once again
So that I may be all I'm meant to be in the end
A better friend, a better son, and a better brother
A better uncle, nephew, cousin, and a better lover
Teach me to be a father who leads his child with strong hands
Because I know that You made me to be more than I am


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Once upon a time there was a girl
who dreamed of a fancy houses and a peaceful world
Blue, purple , and pink flowers along the street 
Right where night and day meet
The spray of fluffy white seeds from
dandelions sprinkle the air
Sweet spring breeze blowing through my hair
The soft touch of the sun against my face warms my nose
The unmistakable smell of a rose
I feel myself drifting to a daze
Daydreaming it'll be my turn someday
to go to the big city
Where the flashing lights and action show no pity
Or maybe the  islands
Drink pi na~colada until my body and relaxation make mends
Melting as a fine brother caresses  my hand
And takes me down the beach
As far as the sunshine will reach
Daydreams, night dreams
Let's wake up to see what my dreams will redeem

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Take your hand and put it out forward,
Than swing out out to the side, c'mon don't be a coward. 
This is fun, now swing your hips from side to side,
Remember all the times you couldnt express yourself and you cried.

But now your can swing your legs and feet any way you want,
Look for that new move that you looked for your whole life like a hunt. 
Grab someone by the hand and let them join you in that awesome moment,
I promise you, you will love this feeling you are about to feel.

Turn up the music and dance your heart out,
Move to the beat and go wild and feel like your out of sight. 
This is your moment, don't let anyone take that away for you,
This is not happening too slow and i tell you that that's the truth.

Put some head phones on and go to your own world of greatness,
Bust a move like you never did before, I promise it's harmless.
Make your heart feel what I am feling right now and take my hand,
I promise that I will make you smile and scream with joy and stand.

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Sun Down

A bird cascades during every Fall gambling
hopeful idle journeys knowing long migrations
navigating over peacefully quiet reddened sunsets 
towering under very windy xanadu
yawning zest..

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if you only knew

when you lose sight of what really counts
its easy to focus on only whats shallow
am i too fat is my nose too big
do i walk or talk weird whats wrong with me
when we forget the depth that is here in this world
and focus on things that are just absurd
so maybe im not a supermodel and my bums a tad on the thick side
and maybe im no a genius thats getting a scholorship on my side
but does that mean im nothing that i dont count
this world is getting sickening count me OUT
im ashamed of myself for even thinking like this
and obsessing to tears over shallow petty shit
i am praying that god hears my pleas for help
because i cant conquer this all by myself
i used to not care didnt care at all
but like any other i rise and fall
i am of the opinion that your body is a shell
and youll leave it behind when you go to heaven or hell
it will rot in the ground and count for nothing
and when i meet my maker he wont care how big my bum is
some women ONLY care about their looks and they dont get it
they dont see the big picture 
and i fear theyll regret it 
and other women dont care even at all 
about their looks because their depth is so massive and raw
but then theres me in the middle with so much depth and spirituality
why do i waste time wondering what are all the things wrong with me
im sick of crying over it ive done it for too long
im sick of getting angry when i cant crawl out of my bod
its a thought that i had reguarding a cacoon
like how catapielers go into them and out comes a butterfly zoom
if i could just crawl out my mouth my soul free for just a moment
and be allowed to have a different shell to live and own it
i wonder what its like to feel just for a second
not arrogance but a sweet compliment from someone who MEANT IT
my desperate pleas go out to you and anyone else who will listen
i hate my body im sick of my face and my voice is just ridiculous
so lets just drop it in the ocean let it sail away
cuz me im going to better places where i dont have to cry all day
where i know that my body is just a little shell a vehicle if you will
its our car or truck or limo or bus to use while we use our free will
and ive always said when you go you don't take your money your lambergini
or your watch expensive jewlery its all staying beind
and you should think about what YOUR world is while im trying desperatley to fix mine

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The Revival by Michael Byron Dale Hamilton

I have felt the love
I have felt the hate
I have felt the life leave my heart

I have felt the ones I loved betray me
I have felt ones care from afar
I have always wanted a few besides me
Without them I am nothing

Whether you are there from afar
Or walking by my side
Whether patting my back
Or giving me a tender kiss of life

I have been mocked with riches
And I tore myself down 
"Life is going to hell" I said
As i crossed on to a dangerous path of life

But after today
Things have went my way
And nothing now feels wrong

The past is gone now
These times anew
But at least these times
I'll spend time with you

I was the voice of which could not be heard
I was the song which couldn't be sung
I was the one that went unnoticed
I was the bell that was un-rung

I was one of the lucky ones
I had my friends there all the way
To revive me from my aches and sorrows
Bringing back my true life

I noticed life was passing by
As life soared right by my side
I gathered all my strength and spread my wings
And now with life I fly

The Revival by Michael Byron Dale Hamilton

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Struggles, a moment of strife.
Where we fight for life
Forgetting it’s all a lie.
A moment we forget what life really means.
We toil and soil not remembering we’ll leave
And then it becomes too late to live.
Even through our struggles,
We try to stay humble,
Though there are times we’ll stumble,
And then we’re troubled,
Which makes the struggle begin to fumble.
Even in life when we struggle,
We tend to worry,
Which then makes the struggle double.
Family is first they say,
But most times, we go astray,
Trying to get our gains,
Through pain.
We slay that bond of family,
By there being no peace and love, cause it was destroyed by we when pursuing success.
And then we forget life always comes once.

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Hate From The Sky

Paper rain falling dark gray sky
Many tears falling disaster on the rise
Many eyes searching for the love lost 
From the hate that fell from the sky 
So much life gone so hard for those 
Who had to survive 
Searching for answers for what could 
Have gone wrong 
Trying to stay strong as they try to explain 
To the young at heart how one day 
Hate came to devastate and take 
The peace bring a storm of pain 
And lost love to never be found 
On sacred grounds we mourn and pray
For those we lost on a September day 
Who is to say we build from old to new 
So few knew those lost but on that day
The world held hands to pray 
For the fate of those we lost from hate 
Now we wont ever forget the date 
The world stud  still and came together 
Hand in hand together we stand 
To remember that warm September  
Flowers will lay words will be said 
Tears will fall  memories relived 
The world will hold hands once again
To pray for peace and love for those who remain    

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The past escape

When silence fills the air, with no one around and time to spare
I escape to the memory of an old life
The love that made everything worth the fight 
My eyes are closed, And this reality slips away 
I hear your voice as if it was still that day 
A love that can't be
But the world didn't matter when it was just you and me 
This even for moments is my reality 
The one time we were both free 
In the darkness where prying eyes could never see 
You still could find me 
Words where never spoken that could explain our love 
Yet, our eyes betrayed us all the time 
Every second was spent like our last 
Knowing that soon these times would be locked in the past 
As we touched, our darken souls merged 
No matter how hard we fought, it was felt as we must
True love, with an evil lust 
Destiny is how you said you knew we were meant to be 
We knew with each parting day, that our silent love will destroy us 
But it wasn't enough time, and this was an addicting crime 
The warmth of your love is the only thing that restarts my heart
As my face circles in your mind even with years apart 
The pain, in my escape is worth it every moment 
To relive the past, that seemed to end all to fast 
Our song that you wrote, reminds me of the hell we knew we would go through
It was too late then to care, we jumped leaving nothing to spare
Your words still hold true, I love you too 
Nothing will ever replace me or you, And the cruelty of this world we knew 
But I do it all over again, Knowing that it would end
Because your the best escape, now and then

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dear deepest lover

                                     Take my hand for it all i have to offer.
                                We will go on this adventure one day together
                                             Dear my sleeping beauty 
                           This is not the end for all this is a temporary good  bye.
                                      Close your eyes for i wish for life.
                                          For this is all you wanted. 
                                            Dear your truest lover 
    I know you can make her happy for she has not been sense you left that dark day.
                   Dear weeping heart dear soul that is stained by which you once held.
                              I will morn and grieve my weeping heart  will never heal.
                                         I loved you tell my dying day.
                  Because you touched my heart in such a special so i always pray.
                            Dear deepest lover dear my sweetish mother.
                                                         RIP  NAN

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Ode To Everything We Take For Granted

We all know what living is
We all had our lives given to us.
On a silver platter, a road for life mapped out for us,
but we aren't always serious
about the people near and dear to us,
because we're usually delirious about the life we take for granted.

When we have roofs over our heads
and sheets on our bed 
then how come on the streets people
are frozen with defeat and have to compete for some food.

How can we watch people's lives fall when they stand against a wall with a sign?
No use at all, praying to god as their pride crumbles.

We watch them stumble with their heads down low and nowhere to go and I think,
Where is the kindness planted?
Why do we take our lives for granted?

How could we stoop so low while we live in houses they have nowhere to go
- couldn't we lend them something...
Oh no, one person could make a difference if they spoke out loud
show their faces to the crowd.
A difference could be made
all of us could be of aid.

So dear reader I hope you see
the message that coming from me
and as I've gone on and almost ranted
Why do we take our lives for granted?!

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My Little Angel

I Losed A Huge Part Of Me Thee Other Day, Heard The Heartbeat, He Said Everthing Was Okay, As We Waited There, Time Began To Pass, I Was Getting Scared, He Walked In The Room, And The Words So Insercer Entered My Mind, Just One Word, And The Whole Room Went black, People Stared Like What Were You expespting, My Baby With His Arms Around Me, I Felt A Tear Roll Down My Cheek, And I Didnt Care Who Saw, All I Knew Was A Huge Part Of Me Wasnt there, Emptyness, Felt So Lonely, But Everyone Was There, Mommys and Daddys Little Angel Was No Longer There:"( So Heartbreaking: But True... R.I.P Jamie Mom And Dad Will Keep You In Our Prayers

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Until It Does

Deep in silence I focus on my pain
I've kept it buried below and softly away
Disabling all of my false and insecure pride
Filtering through the faces I keep disguised
Its been well overdue for me to make a change
While my words become like rotting fruit and falls away
Searching for something to mend a shattered heart
Insearch of inspiration, but instead I fell apart
Give me a pair of wings and watch me fly
Then watch me crash and burn out of the sky
I know that my plate is made warm for me on the table
As I begin to wonder if I will change at all
Honestly I'm not sure that I can
Behind a box of excuses you will find a man
With a heart so big and wants to save the world
But yet so selfish that my punishment is well deserved
I'm so tired of defending what I'm not and have become
And still I keep pretending that nothing is wrong
Throw me the obvious and I will wear it on my back
As the summer night illuminates memories I can't have
I know that my dinner is getting cold as I grow unstable
Uncertainty has become all but a poetic fable
But I will keep on digging until the whole is dug
As the hole keeps getting bigger with every plunge 
Tomorrow doesnt exsist until it comes
So tonight I light a candle for hope until it does


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Just A Dream

 I wake up every morning
 Feeling like life is nothing but a dream
 I'm seeing in my imagination
 To keep from realization
 An breaking into a million pieces
 That are shattered an obliterated
 By my high pitched screaming
 I'm bleeding with zombies
 Eating me in the land of the dead
 I'm fed up with all the ish
 That just wont quit
 The lies an betrayal
 I can no longer trace all the hate
 People think I'm quiet
 Because i don't bother socializing
 They don't know why i'd rather day dream
 Then live in reality
 I wanna dream of being
 Who i want to be
 Not what people make me out to be
 An truthfully i feel sorry for you
 Because you have no spirituality
 I'm not talking the holy ghost
 Or god killing the earth
 I am saying you should take a second
 Go ahead close your eyes
 Forget the real world an fall into a dream world
 Where your biggest fears come alive
 An your imagination thrives
 There you'll find surprises
 That will last you a life time

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My Truth

My Truth

I am an original
My body, my diary,
my totem temple,
a living portrait
frozen in time.

Black ink flows as fluidly
as the lineage in my vein.
Every line, every curve
roams my ivory plane.

I cannot bow down
nor demur, I have
bared my soul indelibly.
My poetry in flesh.

Needled into skin
__love-erotic therapy.
Pain is my sacrifice
and I will bleed for
my truth.

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When terror strikes,
fear inside you
makes a hissing sound,
breaks the vessel.
Pain spurts out.

Your limbs swell like sapphires
in a naked suffering.
You were searching the face
of your dead brother on burning ghat.

And then on, it pours.
Babies were burning in incubators.
Blasts devouring the eyes,
ears and noses.

But the dredging will continue.
Irrespective of ocean of death
leaping to fragile shores
till the waves send back the relics.

Whom shall I call for condolence
in the thick of fog?
I was closing the weeping chapter.


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Better Place

Your in the better place now but I want you here
But in the better place you cry no tears you have no fears
But I just want you here
Without any pain
But when your here everyday's a day without rain
Just like the better place
I'd love to again just see your face 
But times ticking fastly for us to re-unite
And times ticking more for the day too I will see the light
But your in the better place which is beyond high
so me being human can not touch the sky
But I wish I had wings like like those in the better place 
Because I would start elevating and leave no trace
So I can see you again and feel your warm embrace
but im not coming back for heaven is beautiful and great
I'm forever gone Out of state, I'm onto the better place

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Time keeps going, the world turns too,
With life, death, choices we make or even what we do.
What's the point of  life and death?
When all we feel is regret.
Repopulate the world with idiots,
make dumb choices and fill life with IGNORANCE.
It matters not what we do or say,
only to the very flawed humans, that bring us up and teach us this "way."
Life has it's occasional joyous moments,
but all that matters, I guess, is dumbass comments.
We live, we breathe, we die,
in the end it's apart of life.
Whether or not we live or die young,
why must we try to end it before our time is up?
What's the point of  life and death?
When all we feel is regret.
Repopulate the world with idiots,
make dumb choices and fill life with IGNORANCE.
Time keeps going, the world turns too,
With life, death, choices we make or even what we do.

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The RED White and Blue Angel

There in summer the hot hot summer of lives, why good
and evil or wick or mad or bad, why good weather or 
bad weather why does the moons go to quarters and
full why is a posions why pine why do some trees grow
in the snow and other done it spring why are the 
leave red white and blue, why do some people see
red, and some see nothing why are right hand people
and some left hand because thats life and why do we
fight back and why aren 't some door mates in th e
pain of life why is there love and hate why is the 
sun yellow and hell red why is there snow and hot
ice and cold rain, who knew all I know if is was'nt 
suppose to be here i wouldn't and that in its self
give be the right to fight back

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Sometimes I will interplay
the secrets:
faded rose in a book,
a distant star spelling out
your name.

When I go, will you come
to my home?
Hold my eyes wide open
and become my iris?
I wanted to see the innocence of a sin.

Black stone on a white belly
petrifies the womb.
Maniacs were dancing on the petals
of marigolds.
A mauve revenge

Petit mal holds the sanity
of defeat.
Pheromones will decide the gender
of a flat chested angel.
Each thorn was crying.


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Long day did finally pass;
toiled along vexing its morass.
Arrived back home to rest and retire;
energy and inspirations soon to expire.
Debrief my conceptions and thoughts;
queery my moves and those aught nots.
Lay at ease to stargazes and dreams;
job well done for me it seems.

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First Time

You see me i see you
It's just us two
As we begin to kiss
Our bodies turn into a twisted bliss
Moving slowly but steady
Until I say  I'm ready
First time 
First time I'm feeling this 
First time I wanted this 
Nothing like the first time

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Haunt Of The Past

Forget the past and move on
My soul keeps craving to press on
But the spirit of the past 
Still haunts me
Can't i wait to ask
What it wants?
The dim light of the night
Taking along the shadows of delight
Weeping across the brim of relieve
Feasting ahead the tip to reveal
Hold tight the neck of hope
To quest from it why it haunts
Maybe the answer to the present
The question for the future

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Point Not A Finger

point not a finger,
when a dark cloud roves around us,
wild thoughts linger,
evil hearts waiting to throw a bomb on us.

take charge as your own,
for several still smile back at you,
your right as your responsibility,
... and goodness will sail back to you.

a healthy world is me and you,
a green breathe surrounding you,
for long we'll starve in poverty,
unless your care is beyond the possibility.

point not a finger,
when able is your second name,
generations await in the docket,
we fail to act we are to blame.

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A luminous sun steadily glaring
Becomes a phenomenal scene
Can blind the observer's eyes
Diffusing its light very quickly
Effulgent as a winter's moon
Fascinating as the calmest sea
Grand illusion of the unreachable Paradise
Herald of the unconquerable skies
Image of the painter's mind
Jocular clouds turning gold
Key West resembles a desert
Lambent dense buckwheat
Masterpiece of His handiwork
Nascent serenity exalted by bells
October's imminent farewell
Piercing the peace of a perfect morning
Quotidian prayer recited by the fisherman
Ravishing his sincere soul
Satisfying the unwavering belief
Tending to instill more faith
Unimpeachable as integrity
Veracious as Christ himself
Wayward as untamed wind
xenon turning to sweet aroma
Yellow bay guarded by black rocks
Zenith's color is tangerine not blue

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friday cheers, saturday fears
machine gun gears, poor parents tears,
blood is all i see, silence is all i hear,
why go so soon, or is the end times near?

hungry for education, the kids go to school,
lack of humanity,makes blood flow in polls,
who do we blame, the gun or the man?
why go so soon, or is the end times near?

preach peace not pieces
God bless america and the rest of the world

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A soldier for the people
Who’s been up and who's been down
Though while on his journey
He has never turned around.

Facing more than flesh and blood
With Worthington’s two-faced hoard.
Opposing all who test his soul
With integrity as his sword.

The wicked casts their dark net
Over any they may charm. 
Plotting to mislead the flock,
While pretending to do no harm.

He’ll expose the devious daily
As he works for you and me.
We're not alone in our struggle
To preserve America the free.

His personal goals of well being
Will never stand in the way 
Of doing his public duty
No matter what others may say.

His devotion shall prove contagious
It's the brilliance of his kind 
What you find within him 
Is great character of mind.

With faith and courage, he must live
For his life to be complete 
With good morals and family life
He’ll triumph, even in defeat.

He was raised to participate
Within his community
With his fellow men and women
He’ll enrich life, hope and liberty.

Tom Zart

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love is not just a thing which we give for others.
but its also a thing which we get from others.
so the day with a lovely message in mobile.
lovely smile in a face, which attracts others towards us.
love yourself a lot.

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what is home they ask
where does it exist
is it a place in your mind or heart
or is it just a myth
home is not a place that houses expensive 
toys and treats
home is a place inside your mind that 
exists only when you please
home is where the people are who truly 
count in life
and how do you know which ones they 
are,i ask this every night
you try and figure who builds you up,who 
makes you a better person
and who tears you down,throws you 
around and helps you not to learn
god's lessons are in a deep disguise that 
we know nothing about
until the time comes that we get there and 
are ALLOWED to figure it out
where is home,with 
friends,family,laughs,good food,good times
or is it where you feel at peace in your own 
heart and your own mind
or is it both?????

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dark room,no light
not day,at night
soft kisses on my neck
gentle leg caress
quiet whispers in the dark
melting my heart
skin on skin
chest to chest
making love to you
is the best
i've never felt so beautiful
ive never felt so alive
everything feels so good
i think i might die
a noise squeeks out of my mouth
a noise ive never heard
any other time im silent
not a whisper,a whimper,a word
but you,you set me free
you let me be me
chest to chest
cheek to cheek
all the passion is starting to leak
i hold you tight,there's no-one above you
whispers both ways softly
"i love you"
creating a life
half of you half of me
how in the world can this be?
so amazing,so truthful
so wonderful and bright
i close my eyes
remember this night
lock it away in my head
save it for myself
ive never loved so much
never ever felt
so perfect,so alive
so beautiful,i cry
and you,just you
are all i need
all i need is you,just you
my chest to your back
a kiss on the cheek
close my eyes and remember all the things around me
how you smell,how you taste
how do people cheapen such a beautiful thing?
to have something feel this good,this right
creating our child,you turn on the light
and the last thing you say when i ask you not to
is im leaving it on..i need to see you

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My first heart break 'Excuse my french'

My body
you wrecked it.
My honor
you disrespected.
When I told you I loved you 
I meant it.
You. Didnt. Give. A. F**k.
I guess you could say I was down on my luck.
Was I suppose to swollow the pain?
and stay stuck in the same position again?
No. F**K THAT.
I dont want you back.
I Hope you enjoyed your times inside me.
Because now all the memories of us I push behind me.
And in time you will see
the best place you could ever be was beside me.

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my dream

dreaming makes me happy I got no worries, I got no sadness, skies are oceans and oceans are skies, it's my imagination that takes over my mind, sometimes I wish forever I sleep, and never return to that world with no peace

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Irish Woman

Where are you now, 
Irish woman? 
Which universe
Did  you choose for home? 
Which universe
Did you choose for your tropical adventure? 
Which one is your garden? 
Which universe has your favorite stars and moons

Which universe is welcoming you? 
Which one is fearful
From your eyes, 
Your hair, and your lips.
Which universe
Will be your next destiny.
Which universe your love could possibly 
And I still have time 
To reach
And exist?

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If freedom is attained by sacrificing lives,
even those of the youngest age,
then what makes these men so brave:
to hold up their flag and make it wave in each challenging battle?
A spirit that is undefeatable...
to give this honorable flag all they have!  
If protecting and defending their Country
has that voracity and ambiguity:
to up-hold their values so rooted in fairness,
what other scope could sway them from their perseverance?  

True as it , reality can be very scary:
the Romans used the cornu and the tuba, the American colonists 
used the fife; others used the trumpets and drums, 
or just beating their shields with swords to panic the enemy,
and be ready to attack and knowing they would die...
made them the warriors that death called to a great destiny!
But today it takes more willingness
and strength for a soldier to fight!   

I'm not a soldier, but a poet extending his heart-felt sympathy
by writing this ode to praise and exalt this wonderful liberty
we often take for granted by lessening its worth;
see the wounded soldiers grieving for others and hiding their hurt!
Go and greet them as they get off the battleships;
shake their hands and hug them to show your appreciation and solace:
their wounds won't heal...if nothing is said with a thankful and grateful voice!
Make them really proud and up-lift their troubled thoughts
by giving them this honorable flag, stained by blood and sanctified by sacrifice:
only then their anger and bitterness can dissolve in kindness! 

Welcome home, soldiers... welcome to your humble palace,
that can certainly be the most serene place;
put away your weapons, display your pictures
and admire your memorabilia evoking memories...
undying as love and so admirable and patriotic!
Remember the splendor and glory of your star-spangled flag,
and envision other ages when men won't have to fight anymore!
Kiss and hold your wives and children...the jewels you have never lost!  
This honorable flag is the distinguishable symbol of your dedication,
and your incomparable courage when the hardest choice confirmed your intention!  

Dedicated to the brave American soldiers defending freedom

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Clearer Skies

My eyes immersed in the mourning as i set my spirit aflame
with the fire of regret and anguish,none can extinguish the crave
for the things once passed,the wants longed for,the end of the day
why did you go so soon?
when you kissed me,it used to be warm like a a roomful of flowers
on a warm sunday afternoon
I still remember your taste,your life,your antics and semantics..
so vital and vivid,vivacious and outrageous
laughter of joy was so contagious...
now a flower has grown and no one has known it died
every day a petal gets blown away
all forget,then remember......
You always told me why you couldnt be alone...and i know it couldnt be just another pose
people who have be hurt alot have to be a thorny rose
defending and deflecting ,all those who want to be loving and protecting
you used to be so neglecting
of anger,of hate,of lies, and of greed
except when you were taking all of me...
but now the months and years go..
and the well spring of tears flow slows...
gone is my angel...
and though others minds spirit knows..
climbing the mountain of acceptance ,to get to the peak of peace
Clearer skies,
are what we all should seek,at least.

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embrace you

feel with your heart 
think with your head 
block out with the walls 
turn off when it becomes to much
smile with your eyes 
scream out with your lungs 
cry out with your scars
punch with your words 
hug with your arms
walk with the souls of your feet
run into walls and turn around 
stand your ground 
your here for a reason
just need to find it 
good luck ?

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Freedom is here

I look and see nothing
I`m hurt and don’t feel it
I grow up and do not understand 
But freedom is here.

My fellow man is smiling
My enemy is crying
My life goes on just the same
But freedom is here.

I`ll try to keep it
I`ll try to destroy it 
I`ll try to embrace it
But freedom is here.

A child without food
A heart without love
A soul without morale
But Freedam is here.

Freedom Come 
Freedom Stay
Freedom is here
But are we free?

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Thank God for this precious freedom,
something too invaluable to be lost;
and with all the liberties to choose ready to toast!
America has always opened her arms to all who mourn,
and will certainly continue to do so;
does her kind and lovable heart ever let go?

When night comes, look over the dark ocean...and see
how many stars God sends out to make her beautiful and grand:
that sheer splendor is yours indefinitely;
and what do the brave soldiers think of their distant homeland?
America is indomitable and triumphant... 
the hope-deliverer and the strength-giver of every destiny! 

Thank God for this precious freedom,
it was given as a token of generosity,
abiding by the wisdom of the Holy Bible;
America was a Christian Nation, faithful and simple,
and will certainly continue to be...
and right now is the cradle of Christendom! 

Make her shine with your faith,
and be one of those stars, immortal and great,
and could anyone put that devotion out?
Protect, honor and obey her just laws,
and peace, with another era of prosperity, will be yours;
persist in your fortitude and richness will abound! 

Thank God for this precious freedom,
He gives it freely to anyone putting down the sharp sword;
observe the humble and obedient heart rejoicing in the Lord:
it only feels the purest joy love can express!
So proclaim it with your joyful song...
of justice, equality and fairness!   

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Small things were
witness to genes
of freak mutation.
Tooth in eye
becoming boat in blindness.

Witch hazel
fails to stop leakage.
Thumb with beads of lymph
stung high in stillness,
wants to peel off
the concept of injury.

A brace
stops the smile.
Blue-chips have nothing to offer.
A king had hemophilia.
Timbers drip the blood
from heartwood
drop by drop.


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realest i ever wrote



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Remember That We Are Beautiful

Remember That We Are BEAUTIFUL

As humans, we actively help others…ALTRUISTICALLY.
Benevolently relieving burdens pleasing…BIG-HEARTEDLY.
Celestial hoping rewards souls with inner strength's…CALM!
Divine inspirations amaze; its wonder delivers mountains of DELIGHTS.
Extraordinary and ordinary folks co-exist intrinsically…EQUAL.
Faithful followers of the inner voice, solve conflicts with…FAIRNESS.  
Generous gifts of which the Creator deems us worthy generates…GOODNESS
Happily, we comfort our friends and show compassion, healing…HEARTS
Individual industriousness provides direction…INDELIBLY.
Justice, when hearing the errant, seeks not revenge… JOYOUSLY.
Karma, led by spiritual energy, directs paths through life…KISMET.
Long-suffering and persistence charm leads sinners to heaven's …LOVES!
Mysteries uncovered feed curiosity, making man smarter…MARVELS
Notwithstanding sacrifice, we do favors for friends…NECESSARILY.
Offering our allegiances, we defend our homelands…OBEDIENTLY.
People inspired, promulgate principals to live by…PEACEFULLY. 
Questioning selves and reality in order to improve…(getting better) QUARELLESSING.
Remembering and respecting other's feelings and beliefs…REVERENCING
Steadfastly selecting supreme humility as a goodly option…SELFLESSLY!
Trusting many to choose right, we exemplify faith in mankind…TIRELESSLY.
Utopia as a goal, defended to the death, bravely seeks the right…UNENDINGLY.
Voices reaching out with good examples, void of hatred, overcome…VICTORIOUSLY.
We, the beautiful, care about the well being of others…WILLFULLY.
X-tra hopes, copious kindness, generous goodness, finds loves…XOXOX 
Yearning for self-improvement through soul searching surrenders…YESTERDAYS.
Zealous living shines from within and befits us, beautiful mankind's ZENITH.

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
May 24, 2010
Poetic Form: Double ABC ...a touch of End Rhyme!  (FUN!)

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Depression sucks so bad i know,
It effects me deep to the core and bones.
'Tis abusive therefore it treats me wrong,
mine feels as deep and wide, from here to Hong Kong.
It feels as though it lasts as long, as the length of the Great Wall.
Drastically effects emotions it does, You cant help but be pissy and cry,
And for no reason at all, you just want to die.
you breakdown and fall apart,
Ripped to pieces, and belonging to the dark.
Depression sucks so bad i know,
It effects me deep to the core and bones.
Finally at peace i shall be, as i kiss my hatered and my pain goodbye,
Im at peace now that it's time to die.
So i say this with my last breath for one,
good night my love, I'll be with you forever... Even when i am gone.
So at peace i shall be as i kiss my pain and my sorrows goodbye,
I am finally at peace and it is now time for that part of me to die.

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peaceful soul

Sitting alone on a green grass
Is what gives me peace, 
Watching the birds in a shady clear sky
Is what gives me peace.

Walking slow in pearly raindrops
Is what gives me peace, 
Tuning low under the reddish sunset
Is what gives me peace .

Feeding the hungry helping the blind
Is in what I find the innermost peace
Gifting a smile snatching a teary pain
Is in what I find the innermost peace

Peace is in walking in twilight on the riverside
It is in feeling the most eternal reality of life!

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E aster

it's  a  little  holiday.the  children love's a time you  sit  with your  family and  
friends and  have  some  fun.some  people  stay  home and  others  go  
can  paint  hard  boiled  eggs  and  have  so  much  fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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virgin bloody vajohn

There the hornets and black widows and vajohn in the village and
all ask favors to goto heaven well, if you are going to heaven you
can't break the law no even for virgin yes there is a right and wrong
in everything if you feel its a ghost and its wrong don't do it because
you won't go to heaven anyway, the bite or sting from the hornets Queen
is to must and the bible says its not by works or favors may be God
is trying to said don't do that have a nice life and a angel just blink
and wink and said good bye enjoy your life and obey the law.

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One day you will arrive.
Night will enter in your pores,
in your bones,
like a baby trapped in a borewell,
crying, striking,

On each table, salt moaned
for a classical taste.
A pink moon was smothered
in a virgin bed.
Death walked in a sensual style.

A black discharge continued
from the areolae.
Botox failed to uplift
the sagging breasts.
A thallium capsule broke on tongue.

There was no suicide note.


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Why did not you
cross the black river
and remained innocent ?
Unhealed, failed inside, broken and honest ?

You won the race,
the space, the heaven.
Moving away to the farthest blackness.
Your god sits crosslegged, clotting.

Brown hands on white shoulders, boneless
move in circle. Deportation
of words opens the green wounds.
Birds carry the snow on the wings.

I was confused, wanted to love
my broken vowels, for absolute you and me.
The baby face pops up again
in my perfection, speechless.


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One final leap
from high solitude
into city of dusk,
takes you to presence
of charred remains
of a fallen god.

A housewife moves in the kitchen
to prepare a farewell dinner
for the encounter of fatal descent.

A paranormal parting
to comeback to body of truth,
as you pick up your words.

Space odyssey in eyes,
palms folding,
to receive the punishment.

No complaints, no grieving
conclusion of foregone stopping.
A line will start from a dot.


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GOD is my greatest PASSION
whose name is in all my EMOTIONS,
In and out I love you THROUGHOUT
Hold your hand and Cry out LOUD.

LORD, will you be my friend ?
Cause people have betrayed me to an Extent
World is harsh, Their Cares never LASTS,
My destiny is now YOU---New PASSION TO Grow.

Its useless to confide people, They leave and GO
LOVE you deeply , will bring A Real GLOW
So, why Fear, When GOD is near
No one will now hurt,YOUR mercies are here.

Heading now to LORD, to cover my PAST,
Present will SHINE, Future itself will be DIvine
LIFE will be nourished, HE'LL make me Flourished

Deadends won't be there, Your LOVE has taken over
Tears are wiped, Angels are at my side
SEARCH of FRIEND is ended......
GOD IS MY PASSION, the last Place now where I
                                                                                        LANDED !!!!!

    Continue..... to love GOD, with great PASSION in my heart,
    Priorities now changed, GLORY in his Name
    Nothing will be in VAIN , Now JESUS IS MY FAME.

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The Ultimate Makeover

A woman one day had a total makeover 
she completely altered her body and face
But only one week after all the surgery she had 
she found herself standing before God's pearly gates
She said Lord, "what's going on around here 
You told me I had twenty more years?"
The Lord replied," I didn't even recognize you 
and that could be the reason why you are now here"

What is the ultimate makeover? What is it that we feel we must change?
What are we really reaching for? What do we hope to attain?
Botox injections, breast augmentations, changes that require a surgical team
We sometimes take an extreme approach to obtain the  American dream
Pimped out, tricked out the ultimate fantasy car
But without God in your life you won't get very far
The ultimate makeover what you really need in your life
Is to accept as your Savior the Lord Jesus Christ

We all have a God shaped hole in our hearts that only He can fulfill
And no makeover of your fleshly self can completely satisfy that bill
To live your life to the fullest extent you must makeover your inner being
For your soul is the essence of who you are the core that God will be seeing
Neither bulking up nor becoming slim and trim will to God make much of a difference
It's the grace, peace and serenity inside you that will change your outward appearance

So confess that Jesus is your Lord and Savior
and believe His Father raised Him from the dead
For your faith in the Lord Christ should not occur only inside your head
It's not just the consciousness of your thoughts It's how your soul accepts God
So drink of the blood of the new covenant of Christ a makeover transforming your heart
For true belief involves your whole being it's not just cerebral and intellectual perceptions
It's the heart , mind and Spirit of God that should be your personal inceptions

The ultimate makeover the ultimate transformation
Will occur when you accept Jesus Christ's resurrection and salvation
So be recreated with a clean heart renewed and born again
the ultimate makeover that comes from within
But if you continue to hold sin in your heart there's not much that God can do
And you'll have a harder time finding forgivingness if your heart's not contrite and true
So ask the Lord for peace and grace and let the Holy Spirit inside you take over
Be revived, renewed and born again the ultimate Godly makeover

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In the service of flesh
new vision was perfecting a cult;
silence was going home.

It was not there 
freedom of defense for bread, but
I must pay the price of hunger.

The oblique afterthought
compelled by nocturnal infidelity
picks up the black threads,
minute by minute.
Death was very genial.

Comes silently behind the cacti -
across the intelligent green.
One has to pay for touching greatness.

The thoughts will never go
from the unwinking eyes.
I was listening to the footsteps.



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You put up a price on all
the gifted items.
I was not ready to pay back in dreams.
Wanted to tell you
without telling.
Lips to lips we talk of a stillborn
space which does not crack.
Betraying the anger, words feel sick.

I was trying to decipher the moist
corners of eyes.
I will wait till sunset, when
I will call for the night and take off
my shadows and drop petals
one by one and come out
in hot sun to receive the
burns of hatred.

It was not easy. Tulips were in full bloom
and my tracks were warm.
There were false shades
all around the garden.


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A pink rose was set to strip
letting the leaves fall.

The roots were jealous of a thorn
for stealing the blood from heart.

It was the last page of a book,
no more commas, no full stop.

The dead tongue now  seeks syntax
of the lips that smell like enemies.

Two hard little breasts start a dance
like geraniums on bush.

Between the shadows of thighs
slept the pride.


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I'm gettin it God

i'm saved
God, by you
you take away the razor
you take away the selfish
God, I have called on you
You always show up
But, you know, you are
never what I expect
You are in my face
you, YOU are in my face
illuminating my haste
and I, I don't sometimes get it 
i don't see, don't understand
real, real, real pain
or your other lands, your plans
I like too much feelin, too much falling
and THEN I'm getting it
you forgive my walls
needing me to break 
help break the those walls down
walls that keep me from my brother
you wish to give me voice
you wish to love me
wish that we Love each other
I get it

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My life fell apart 
Pockets empty
Cloths old and torn 
Time in normality is over
Do i really want this 
Times come to find a little bliss

Everyone against the grain
Your closing in
Never had the chance to win
I hear what is wished to be said
Its time to be free

Free to move
Free to run
Free to go where we like
Free to slip out of site
Free to die ! .

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Bouquet of PRAISES

LORD your name is exalted
LORD your name is divine
LORD you have sent your Son
So, we could shine

LORD you are full of Glory
LORD you are soo Holy
LORD you have saved us from sins
cause you want us to live

Marvelous are your works
Where kindness and goodness dwells
Sacrifices you don't like
our Righteousness makes you delight

You call us name by name
empowered us with divine fame
strengthen our feeble knees
so we bent and ask for peace

LORD I feel like praising you throughout
Grateful to you for you took me out,
LORD I love you soo much
for you were their whenever I was crushed

You took me out of a Slimy pit
So my lamp should never diminish
You presented Your Holy Spirit to me
Therefore my lamp is shinning within me

Trying to share the love you gave
For that's the fruits I desired and craved
Bless me so I can come up to the best
Renew me so I shall never will rust

LORD you have made me complete
When I was just so Obsolete
In YOU I had finally reached
Thankyou LORD for am no more weak.


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They manipulated the words
to cross the corridors of essence.
Crib was empty, child was stolen.
At blood stained altar
there was no clue to mystical death.

The contents now matter. Time
displays tools of murder,
snaps the sheet from the bed,
kills the neophyte at water hole,
unsucked breast swells, weeps endlessly.

Apes are coming.
Duplicates look brilliant like novae.
It was becoming crowded. Becoming
was destroying the matter. Fear
moves in water, on the earth.

Faraway a cuckoo sings
a saddest song.
Come, belong to my tears, drops
of my soul’s vessel, kiss the eyes
of planet earth.


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Beautiful Fields

I lay here sleeping with the smell of jasmines in the air. One brushes against me 
lips and I enjoy every minute of this. The clouds dance about my head, peacefully 
enchanting my mind. A black cat comes and lay's on my chest I awake to 
knowing everything's just fine. I capture the smell of the ocean, I stand before it 
with my white dress flowing flowing in the air. I think why be anywhere but here in 
these wide, open, beautiful field?

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I Always Knew

I always knew there was a person for me
I always knew that the person wouldn't just come 
I always knew it would take time
I always knew my life was damaged
I always knew my heart could talk but I wouldn't listen
I always knew I made a big mistake
I always knew there was no one to take his place 
I always knew that he loved me for me 
I always knew he was a good person
I always knew that the other boy wasn't really worth it
I always knew but I never stop to think

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we are strong

times are hard 
but we are strong 
we will survive 
we will thrive 
it wont be this way for very long 
we are strong

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I Need To Move On..

I just Need to move on with
my life,even tho i will miss him.

I needed some space
thats what i said n the phone. 
one time i was one the phon for 4 hours
and is he worth the hight phone bill i dont 
think so....

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Regrets misunderstood

Do you understand why?
Why you are here?
A purpose to serve,
or a waste?

Chioces you make
hearts that break,
a life that's left
with emptyness in your eyes.

A choice that can effect many 
lives,a touch that is kind.And 
understands horrid minds.

Decisions that create
or destroys many lives.

Who's running you?
Are you running from yourself.
Or chasing that confused person,
that you call me?

Worries,doubts,pain,anger and happiness.
Glad or remotely mad.

Change that sinks deep,
that can alter a life you touch.
It may help a man build
a better shelter.

Starving,weak,body,mind,and soul.
Turns scare you.What you have to face,

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The dazzling star
went through me.
I was undemanding
from dusk to dusk
hurting myself, not anybody.

Time to meet my twin,
to set he black on orange.
My guilt, my fear, my foreboding.
Let go off, my sap in the twigs,
fruits were coming down.

Under the guise of innocence
eruptiness entered into non-thought.
One by one snakes unrolled
with black eyes, under the succulent breasts,
the black poison clapping the pink lips.

The dirt was spreading
on the hands of unborn children.
Their eyes searching the seeds.
On dark beads of mother.
Father had been killed in a cave.


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The waves will come to you
2006 is in the past
Create yourself ever day
It takes time to move on in life
The Name tells it’s all it life
Ned Corkery 9/18/14

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The Camouflage
is my allegience pledged to the flag.

It is my loyalty to my country.
It is my duty to dedicated and proficient
in my tasks to maintaining world's peace.

The Camouflage is my respect
to our daily lives and the diverse cultures
amongst which we find ourselves.
It is my selfless service to always place
the mission first.

The Camouflage is my honor
to all of our fallen comrades.
It is my integrity to you and me.

The Camouflage is my personal courage
which enables me to move without fear, 
because I'm the obstacle against
every weapon and threats formed against us.

The camouflage is my life, because
I am An American Soldier....

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This is the flag that shall never fall,
a flag woven with as the widest ocean,
and red as the blood sustaining my heartbeat evermore;
empires rise and fall, this one will endure furthermore,
and under the watchful eyes of the Almighty,
I foresee a renewed prosperity, not calamity! 

They tried to tear it down and strip it of all its glory,
the mighty towers crumbled down and turned into toxic dust,
and still that flag was raised on the piles of debris
by the brazen firefighters of the greatest city;
and while this city breathed death everywhere...imagining the worst, 
the Good Samatarians pulled many out of the infernal ruins!

Be proud, Americans for your bravery is long remembered,
and you, hard-working folks, who came from other countries to lead a better life,
loyalty and fortitude are the virtues to fight the dismayed and arrogant enemy;
all join in to sing liberty's anthem...God, our Lord, is listening!
Be assured that your flag shall never fall, hold it up with all your audacity;
and nobody can ever take it down or defile it by burning it with fire!

Wave, O brave Americans, the flag that shall never fall,
I am the foreigner who has praised its peaceful quest from the very beginning,
and will for endless ages through my poetic voice, which will never be silenced or die!
Let me sing with you, O fellow Americans, and share your fervent pride;   
I will pray for those blessings that are a joy to be received, 
so that your country remains safe and your flag shall never fall! 

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the September 11 attack on America

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Between the yellow moon
and black stones
pours the river of mourning
in maze of silent night.

At the top of the world –
blue eyes were buried live,
under the incense of palaces.
They stood, unmoved in the corridors of metal tracks.

Mowed down with concrete,
lights had gone from the windows.
Unlit walls returned the legends.
Dictators deferred the hanging -

Of truth. Decided to live in glass house
for sometime. Lilies were growing between the graves.
A green dagger was splitting open the wounds
of mirrors in shame and fear.


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A Pool of Burning Fire

As I look into
the pool of burning fire,
I can hear
the hiss of the motionless creature inside.
I can see
the swollen embers
scortch the dark starry sky,
the miniature blazing flames
churn the face of the earth.
You can feel the weep of Mother-Nature,
as the burning coals scar her skin.
The blistering warmth catches your body.
There is no hope,
but the scar to get bigger.

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the struggle

i see people dying in the streets families have no food to eat while rich are living high of the 
dog there are people struggling trying to find decent jobs i see people going out there 
commiting crimes young children dying before there time i mean what did we do to deserve 
this seeing are people die for no perpose i mean let me speek the the truth at times is there 
is no some hope for to days youth i say this because there are kids out there saling drugs 
smoking bud and it bugs me how they are trying to be like these images you see on tv when 
all they need is a dose of reality actuality this is not the way its sopose to be its no good for 
me its pathetic to see how this could ever be so much poverty and animosity possibly not 
just effecting us localy in our own community but also nationaly.

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long ass poem about cool

But I still afford cigarettes
still got the roof
I keep my IT Clean

MaYBE they won't know
i need 4 shots to deal
sEE MY damn fOOl hands
i cain'T keeP EM STILL

sister, baby, brother
aunt like was my MOTHER


i've not talked to my dad
I'm bad
Wish I could taKE IT BACK
IS TOmorrow ANOTHER day?
I am so sick of myself. 
Poor me. WhATEVER

Here, standin
Lovin me

Still gotta get rid of this snake, it's bAD, IT'S GOT ME, got me....

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Last night
moon was following me
skirting behind the trees.

A white splendor
like a dropped coin
on poor’s hand.

Did you see the blood
on roses?
The petals were wounded
in rain.

Casual violence
spreads in the streets.
I write a very hurt


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forget you not (back side)

can i slip you a note and slip out of these clothes better yet i`ll just change 
clothes. change clothes change me with a pocket of change and a pocket of 
dust, beware the dust my friend`s the sand man. hey you could you pass this on 
to myfriend, oops she touched it i think she passed right out, quick pass me a jar 
in this i`ll keep my friend if not she`ll pass outta my world and outta my hands. no 
longer in my world she`s outta my hands, so now i stand up to be seen or fall to 
stand down. i`m going down when it`s all over so i`m going to stand tall now and 
slip into a world of a god greater than i. here i am love you can take my hand or 
stay in the one you are in, but here`s a small tale believe it or not either hand you 
choose are both hand in hand there is a new contender on the field in the battle 
of good and evil take my hand and we`ll ignore them both. good and evil angelic 
spies tell on me, they`ll give me a break but i won`t clam down. i`m on the path of 
destruction and thats not a tall tale, if i asked you to choose would you hop on or 
bail. it`s real LOVE no matter the choice you choose because we all have a fear 
of dyin too soon.

"Just a thought"

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He Doesn't Even know

~He doesn't even know~

It's impossible,
To not feel this hurt,
Can't you notice these sad eyes,
But you dont,
You'd rather pass them by,

Every minture without you,
It's hard,
But I hold on to thoughts,
Every hour,
I stuggle knowing,
It's not me,
And I wait sitting here lonely,

 I'm sickend by,
The fact I can't say a word,
I'm so scared,
To tell you,
I don't want the reaction I always get,
Where they never talk back to me agian,

It's impossible to focus,
when my body tingles,
And i get that dry feeling in my throat,
Trying to say something right,
But for some reason I just stare,
Why Can't you notice these sad eye's,
I want to grab your hand,
when you pass me by.

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The Power Within

The power within to show people your not afraid.

The power within to prove you care.

The power within to have the courage.

The power within to stand up for what's right.

The power within to embrace yourself.

The Power within to express yourself.

The power within to show your smarts.

The power within to leave the ones behind who really don't encourage you.

The power within to use your mind and soul.

The power within to look beyond this world.

The power within to help others in need.

The power within to take Chances.

The power within to start a new beginning.

The power within to lift up your heart and see a brighter day and not people's 
wretched ways.

The power within to grow strong and move along.
And The power within to one day come together as one nation.

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the angels are in the sky today second one

The angels are in the sky today


There's something in the sky today
Holding me in its loving embrace
It Keeps my heart, my body and my soul safe
Yes the angels give me the strength

Take life as it comes, day by day 
Through joy and pain, grief and happiness
The sweetest miracles that god ever made
Filling my life with total love

The angels are in the sky today
They bring such a smile of joy to my face
And I know that I’ll always be safe 
Guided by his ever lasting love


There's something in the sky today
angels watching o'er us from way up
In sweet heaven above, God's special gift of love
Is heard through many wings and voices 

To each and everyone of us
When we're worried about what is to come
Let our faith in the lord above be our grace
And save our souls for the Last Day

copyrighted 2007 penny lapsley

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peaceful ending

her last tear falls
the blood drips 
the silent crying 
has reached it ending 
she no longer hurts 
she no longer weaps 
her last breath is so peaceful

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Everything that has a begining has an end, some day the war will end. But intill i'll 
have to wait and live my life the wat im living it rate now.

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What makes the word a good place, is that you have lots of freedond.Freedom is 
great you can walk out of you own frount door whit out i soldure shooting at you 
know one trying to take you own land. I repect the freedom that I have. 

God gave us lots of freedom in this world. i have respect in that.

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In unthinkable death how do you carry
yourself ?
An intimate dialogue with death
Fearless, undaunted .
I admire your grit.

One thin blade, one silken noose
but you want to face the bullet
straight in your heart.
The death should come instantly, because you
want to be witness, your head falling with

Why did you chase death
whistling on the beach,
taunting the eccentric sky
like muted revenge.

The grave will be too small for you
Your legs sticking out.
Lime burning your eyes.
Turning back the grave diggers may
not like to face your moved earth !

Satish Verma

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time of death

CA dence
SUD den LY
time of death: 1:47

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Strange it looks,
some one crying on winning a race.
He was o loser and a victor.

After such a long fight,
what is left on a banished field ?
broken skulls and roaring laughter,
Everything was crushed under falling snow
of ruthlessness.

And over the fire hangs a skeleton
of past.
The real truth again hides in the
Survivor’s eyes.
There is no witness of any crime.

The court adjournd and the symbolists
Justice has come for a sale.
The highest bidder will get the chair
Now will begin the layered aches
in heart.


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Leaving the faint traces,
of some diluted thoughts
You empty yourself completely.
Poverty and shame without an arithmetic, 
is the poetry of life. 
Using the body instead of words. 
Always needing currency,
to open the doors of clarity.

Naked without skin,
we survive on crumbs of charity.
Lending our organs to develop,
an order of mortality. 
I refuse to taste the bitterness, 
preserve my sanctity, 
go for another version of god, 
thinking, how to think.

For the inward freedom,
I forsake safety pins,
walking, bleeding on the jagged stones. 
Pain of realization is deeper,
than the hurt. 
Cry silently in the veins 
pure resistance will not  work now. 
I will try the fiction path.

Satish Verma

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Don’t go brutal in the veins 
blood is diluted
life has become complex. 
Barefoot truth walks,
in the sun without shadows.
We are beaten by lies.
The caste aside had a carnal thrust,
and the stars were weeping.

I will die of a primordial death one day.
What is the central theme, of present life ?
It has no nuances, only the numerical strength of passions. 
Question marks are leaving,
an omnipresent stink everywhere.

An awakening without,
a flame does not inspire
a hidden defeat of haloed touchstone.
I will go for a swim,
in the dead sea to taste,
the salt of all the white moons. 
How would our forefathers
know the masks?

Satish Verma

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Trance of Angels

The helping hands
Of God’s greatest plans
Save the day
More than I can say

Trance of Angels 
Healing the pain
Wafting the Wind
And gliding through Sin

Many fill the Heavens 
In clusters of seven
Shedding some light 
On every soul fight

Trance of Angels 
Sing to me 
Take me through the day
And show me the way

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1 week

Tonite, I told my Moma
what I won't tell anyone else
what I would never admit
but to only myself
I'm tired of makin these words fit
I'm just gonna lay it out to the world
but not, I just can't, not where I sit
see, I'ma gonna take a little time off
smoke cigerettes, sweat, cry
maybe go tanning
watch movies
Don't nobody else need to know why
I will be ok 
I got some splainin to do
got get it right again
sew my thoughts together
the way I used to do
OK honey
Gotta be me again
Gonna go thru my bootcamp
gonna get it my own face

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I missed the heartbeats for a vessel of stars, 
while death was always near, 
circling the house.

The network of sorrow, 
beams to world.
Can symmetry of pain 
provide a plank for the sinking mind?
I cannot hold the curling smoke of a tainted fact. 
The fear, the anxiety, 
empowers the animal look.

An uncovered seed sprouting into 
tiny root on my hand
starts a conspiracy. 
People talk about the meditation,
and senile body shrinks. 
There is a song above the sorrow and
freedom from the assassination of ideologies. 
Hold my arm !


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She Feels Too

there goes that one girl,
she looks so shy,
and she looks so stiff,
as if she had pain coming over her,
she walks,
she runs,
she sees a ton,
i see her mixing,
mixing love,
mixing time,
this is her prime,
her dignity,
probaly means alot,
alot of respect,
the colors on her clothing,
can tell what she does in life,
much of reading,
doing alot of breathing,
and always can be dreaming,
what do i say for all this,
she feels too;

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Long night will start the pincer movement;
pyrexia is rising.
Something like an extraterrestrial hand
digs deep in the mind to open the tomb
to unravel the tragedy of nuts and bolts
which could not fix
the mutation of the hour of death.

Dark blinking lashes of soul
measures the cliffs of silence
and then pours the hot red 
vermilion in parted wisdom of sky.

The clang of bones again penetrates
the liver. The green flaming jelly of
innocent bellies.
The hyacinth is choking the village pond
hiding the corpses of precious flowers
with green blood.

One day foundation of skeletons will build a 
temple of hope.


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-- Distant Shores

Twilight song of a cuckoo
taps the window softly.
Gothic tree and drooping sky
humble my thoughts.
Past was me.
I will know then
why your hills turned away my clouds
by shifting sands.

Was it a colossal guilt of tomorrow?
Which never wanted to become present
and enter my house.
But my memory was sharp
and days were numbered.

I wanted to invite the death discreetly
while praising the life and listening to birds
without dropping the history
from my crooked fingers.

Between yourself and myself
a sea was surreptitiously raging.
The waves were dividing the shores.


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Night was descending
on the tonsured heads,
terracotta robes,
clasping the palms, hiding the seeds
of earth.

Against a ban on lips
for belonging truly.
Blissful. The squids settle in the weeds
of overbrimming sea of arms.

Blood was red, brown and pale.
oozing from the slit eyes,
soaking the green voices, herbs and sad kisses.
In the death, your name will be engraved on your shoes.

The steps were small 
but shadows were very long on the ice.
The stings unflawed, did their job.
Suddenly you go
in anaphylactic shock.


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He was asking for, at least,
a passive euthanasia.

Rage or hostility
was giving pain to phantom limbs.
Race puts forth,
a trembling version
of ethnic choice.
A piped dream
which never took off.

On middle of the road
a dragon rumbles,
hissing flames.
Something not on the left
not on the right.
Cannot keep the sky open.
Nothing moves now,
not even leaves of a lone tree.

There was a random cry
unheard in the aloneness of fire.


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The Life I Left Behind

Today I pray with peace in mind. I pray today that I will find a way to leave my life 
behind so I can find a way to heaven. When I climb those steps up high into the 
stary sky I'll pray with peace in mind about the life I left behind.

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The template had the fault,
I was buried alive.
Brick by brick they erected the cell
around me.
I could see only the reflection
of a moon at night
in my glass of water.

During the day sun peeped through the cracks,
was hurting and very disturbing,
forming a skull and crossed bones
on the walls.

I watched a piece of sky
as a hub of pallisades.
I planted a word in that hole.

After one seed, there were many
echoes. Starting in the distant hills.
I was rising in red fog.


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As if my inner sound was demanding
take me for
meiosis ;
I want to break into many daughter things.

Half my genes
half my color
partly male
partly female
disowning the boundaries,
my lasting pain of grief and anguish
becomes an androgynous god.

I hear the voices in brain
I see the nebulous thoughts dancing
I touch the fallen tears
from faceless eyes.

All my thoughts are leading to void
coming from nowhere
going to nowhere,
I am water and I am sand !


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The Flag

I see stars and stripes I tilt my head up high I see the flag that saved my life and I 
and thankful for my mind because i love the world and all the people who live 
here and love everyone else have a happy life with your American flag.Lets stop 
the wars.

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Why do you run away 
from the primordial fear?
Of tight emptiness?
A shapeless entity of drifting psyche?
This was your home 
where carcasses of cliches 
hang from the doors of wisdom. 
Unplanted seeds 
of vacant connotations.

Inch by inch you were eating 
your prophetic pauses
salt had become tasteless. 
Counting the kisses of 
moths on the screen 
a candle burned furiously. 
I never picked the colors of cloud, of rain, of blood.

What becomes of happening, 
of being, of reaching?
The stones of truth are very sharp. 
The roads were conspiring 
insects collecting, under the surface. 
Circling winds had 
a heavy stench of death 
but words were very intelligent.


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Trapped in your body
a city starts

The master has broken off
a huge iceberg.

An Antarctica is burning
like hermitage
from the spark of a red robe.

Lips are riddled
with lies.
No face is left
to smile.

Ruthless with the words
and meanings,
they have manipulated the winds.

The puppets
have come to stop
in complete silence.


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 Life is so delicate dont let it go to waste live it to the highest point your life is ticking away. 
Think before you make a move you might just change it all, the foolish things you do in life 
make your biggest falls. So think is it all worth while to throw your life away it dont take 
hours it dont take minutes in seconds it all can change.

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Symbols are true, because they are there.
Your solemn ache
proud of failure
traces a circle.
Dark and eternal, in all its purity
punishment becomes an award for life.

It is not difficult to know
whether a god exists.
You commit suicide to become a god.

Inoculating falsehood
dying daily unto death was not my pitch.

Your mind breaks the moon in dark,
into hundred bright crumbs.
Each bit becomes a metaphor
To shock the garden.


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Homeless wanderer
my bohemian moon.
I continue my journey
till the clouds manipulate.

Crisp sky favours the stars
in dark night of gloom
of your failed promises,
and my goddess of ruin.
self-deception was a great relief !

Golden praise can do no harm.
You were targeting the great sentences,
and easy flows the river under sun,
there was nothing left in the desert
and slowly burns the cauldron of craft.

That sudden spurt of rage and tears,
strangle of dreams, roses and hopes.
My empty hands, white skin, leafy eyes
Why ? Am I tremendous, expanding like sea ?


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Have not asked much,
still attached to you with subtleties,
I wanted freedom from you,
For removing stings from the flesh.

Anxiety was the darkest color
of floating buds on lake.
Sitting on the edge of panic,
I started counting the waves.

Mixed emotions always subtract a smile
Just lonely, I went for the swim in rimless agony.
Have not heard much of you in ages.
Still memories crop up for a while.
I wanted nemesis from you.

Talking of blue and white clouds
love has many moods.
Devastated by a burning moon
I was wishing a watery burial.


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Thank you for your songs

To all  the wonderful folks on this site, the real poets:

When you sing your words
you seem to get me right
placing words into a sentence just so 
a sentence that  would take me all nite

I read and I'm not alone
I talk too much, alot
trying maybe too hard 
to get myself across

How do you do it?
putting to paper your thoughts, so near?
pain, love, redemption, contentment
every emotion, every tear?

You make words lovely for my eyes
Secret somethings to hold close
words I think about while driving
words from friends that I don't know 

Thank you sweet friends
I don't express enough
but I believe I really see you
and your words make me loved 

Some of you are truly brilliant
Some of you are plainly true
But like me, I think, you are all calling
I hear you


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Who am I to know 
the abstract silence
when you drink the moonlight all alone ? 
The black toes of a dying woman 
haunt me in a stream 
of white shrouds. A night
of shattering perceptions, 
defaults and ignorance. 
Time bomb was ticking.

It had been troubling me 
the betrayals in night
mothering a vegetable past. 
A single finger defines 
the authority of future.
I traced the proud shadows of a god for, 
a useless reference of illegible wisdom,
untold misery of green waves mirrored in sky.

For extracting death 
from life at every step
I knew the answer. 
Dying was not a private thing. 
The truth and the path would die.
How you dreaded the closed doors? 
The explicit fear of drowning 
in beliefs with brothers of 
sorrow and feet of clay. 


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In the shell lies the eye of a dark sea
I call for a boat in delirium.
Waves drown the hunger of a climax.
I do not know where all the gulls have gone?

Time slips like flesh between the knuckles
and an extra pain of your separation.
I am shipwrecked on the slopes of whispers
and don’t want to have a second death.

Looking back at the years
as a sentence in exile,
I never reached the home.
Ultimately you need the hunchback to
climb the stairs.


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For the fusion of minds
let the long vigil of night begin
for a cultural shock.

Prayer wheels were whirring
The Buddha was going to weep.

Imperial march of hundred
thousand boots in fever
wakens the darkness under the milk.

Famished ghost of a town
can foresee the rumbling of
a dark moon behind the trees.

Bullet for bullet
in inner empire.
Gold lips cry at every reason.

Burnt-out shrine will tell a tale.
They were diluting silence of walls,
blood stained by the crash of towers.


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Planet earth,
they have stopped moving with me like clouds,
like trees.
Sap frozen, inertia overtaking
tongues clipped
mouth after mouth black shut.
Toads are croaking.

Incence of hate wafting
from scrolling suicides.
The terrorist is on move
from valley to valley
shrine to shrine
river to river.
Bulls in veils bellowing in dark.

Self-seeking or sensing the history ?
Intentness of kill or empathy of pain ?
Who were the masters hiding behind hills ?
Let me choose my scratchings from unknown pen.
My paper should remain unwritten,
nobody will draw the line
nobody will put the signatures.


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Hydrangia was in full bloom
when I left.
Machine had failed me,
when I was looking at the 
third eye of the sun
in crimson sky of west.

I was running away from myself
keys were chasing unbroken latches
the moon was yet to be born
in blackness.

The foetus turns
strikes the womb with violent kicks
who was the father of unknown child?

Let’s go and meet in dementia.
Three cheers for the wedding boot
turns the man into a snail.

Death now enters
to cross the threshold of tears
and listen to soulful


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Could not hold it, put it down.
The words forget you, pass by.
You remain standing on the brink.
Now, now, where to go?

Time avenges, walks on you
and you cannot catch the breath,
to fill the space between life and death
life will not move, death will not stop.
If not ready to live, death will not look like you
you will not look like death.

World changes every thing,
when seeing stops, listening begins
losing threads of me, between you and me
between me and you.
Something grows out of the mud
a new star.

Begins from end, the ending
of beginning. No ending, no beginning.
Timeless, faceless, nameless
groping in void, to catch the alphabets
Peaks are very frightening
Then where is the end ? No end.
This is the end.


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Ambling on beach in dark
when the lake  laps the feet.

Sometimes I wish to walk away
on the water like a dragonfly.


Trying to figure out
what happened ?
Lake Huron went
into flames!


Up, above
a white ship was sailing.
On water,
thousands of boats.


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Who am I?

I guess this question always crosses my mind
I know I am really thoughful and kind
I can be confident when I want to
And sometimes I don't know what to do
Sometimes I can be a little insane
because my life is going down some mystery lane
I know I will go to college
Because I am young and full of knowledge
i hate to see people die
Because that means I've really said good-bye
I plan to be successful one day
So I wont let anyone stand in my way
So next time i get asked this question I will nod
Yes I am a child of of God

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Life invades the truth.
Who cares?
The night was thin,
my eyes will search for stars. 
Now pain travels,
backward from a smile? 
A myth unfolds the terror,
of infinite tomorrows,
an escape from the eternity? 

We will die,
only in our separate truths,
united by untruths. 
Picking our poisonous arrows,
worshipping our griefs,
an invisible hand unclothes our past. 
I ask myself was it the spectre, 
fear of extinction?

Death will not shout,
it comes quietly.
Death by cancer or cirrhosis,
it comes sailing. 
We were already dying,
without our clones
like a deserted wasteland,
with lethal seeds.


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Now me, now not, 
a thought is always there. 
My genes navigate on collapsing walls, 
words, dark mind, broken dreams. 
But thought is always there. 
I hold on firmly to sounds, 
voices, tongues, 
the thought is always there.

Brain goes into a nameless friction, 
of aimless voyage
I rediscover the myth and abandon the zone of thoughts. 
Distance becomes a wailing music. 
Sitting between the flesh and bones
I recognise the relic of a window.

Let us drop the years, 
become timeless, empty and hollow.
Egocentric wind violates the lungs. 
We cannot sing in praise of earth. 
I walk through the body, 
stripping to the bones, to find the seeds. 
I refuse to pluck the flowers.


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It was dull green
under the weather,
foliage of a tall weeping Ashoka.

All day the sun had beaten down mercilessly
At night, under the shimmering shade of stars
somebody left a body of a  child
wrapped in  a red rag at the foot of the giant, 
where the roots were jutting out from earth like a basket
to receive a birthday present.

A gift from a veiled shame.
Shutting out the breath,
a purple death by asphyxiation
A pink doll: mist draped in dew and flower.
Death was no stranger
among the saints and beasts.

Stone to stone,
stunned me.
I was discovering the life.


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am so special
won't suck you dry
need to be someone
have such anger
am a stranger
to myself, myself

I promise to me
to let myself be free
I WILL do better

I WILL forget
the things said
be better, no regret

I will be better 
than you
I already am

Originally written on the Janetta Harrington site by me. Thankyou Mama, love 

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Faceless fear leaps from the book
I close the chapter.
My ancestors start hovering about my
What did I achieve?
Glorified stones and shining plaques
adorn the garden,
round and round my spirit soars. Are
You listening?
Two things always haunted me. Space
and voices. I searched
my atlas and traced my home which
never was.
Nothing will alter my hurt. I am
afraid to lose my soft eye,
roving smell and final judgement.


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Sometimes death lives for eternity,
a captive of silence,
or in hidden journey to flesh;
unless the body betrays the falling stars from eyes.

Dying was an appropriate thing
a festival of freedom for veils,
to leave you alone with your morality.

This terrible life ejects you
on the gravel to become a stone.
The fall from the beautiful height
was meant for charity.

No body wants to die for a toss-up 
with life,
for a secret game of tears and smile.
The true thing of despair generates
a darkness, whom I owe my light.


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To become or not to become a renegade,
or to die or not to die for a semi-god ?
These were some of the questions
thrown at an incomplete script.

What elevated you to a celebrity ?
Your hump or deep wrinkled groans ?
Age is abating, abattoir is empty.
Exile from the past is over.
When you intend to comeback to childhood
and become a simple star ?

Behind the mask lies the embrace of death
I am afraid the flames will engulf,
the genius of pathways.
Everything into turn with obsolete gossip.
A patch of sunlight becomes a costly exposure
Bones are entwined in eternal cuddle.


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Time within the earth hour
was lengthening.
The other god was sleeping.

Becoming was inviting the death
while climbing.
Frostbite amputates the memory.

Ending without beginning,
I was asking the seeker to stop
searching the answers.

The houses were burning on the road,
silence, had a vertical sound,
no words, no tongue.

Death had tears of blood
riding on the horseback
it was charging on the wandering incense.


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I wished
a solitary temptation,
to write off karma
and become responsible for the spattered blood.
You were generating hatred, Asia,
in the land of Buddha.
I can hear the glaciers receding.

Answerable to belonging,
the change of generations,
makes me free to become deaf and dumb.
Only I wanted to see, and see through
burning walls,
the hands, who lighted the torch
to burn the transparent shame.

Rejecting the original script
of fighting a god, in the midst of
non-truths, how far the time will decide
the destiny of man ? I break off
from the cliches, wait for the leaves to fall
and its drifting darkness on the open land
of wounded whispers.


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Silent go the dead
on the moon,
to know the secret of its smile.

Did we know the ending of leads?
The dream within the thoughts?
Silent moves the trembling hand
to print its signature on the heart.

what is so tragic about life?
The memory of bruises or attachment?
We always talked about cleanliness
of language, of lending beauty to words,
when hate and anger brought on the
ugly nuances.

Somebody revises the text,
Tongue tastes the skin,
I start counting my failures
and my books.

Silent stands the mother
for the wayward son.


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The insult to sober conviction
unsettles the saints.
Give me your hand, 
to solve this problem.
An abstract idea joins
the postures of different conflicts,
the worship of crumpled illusions. 
After great sufferings
only proverbs give a soothing effect.

Images blur, misspent energy 
distorts the palisade  of love.
Perhaps history repeats itself. 
Moon cries at midnight
looking beneath the soft clouds, 
to follow eternity.
Past & present are losers. 
The trustworthy future 
does not hold any promise.

Again questioning brings 
the numbness on surface.
The agony of realization, 
moves away from just mistakes.
It is hard to smash
the strong beliefs.
A self-denial brings 
the death of truth.
 I am alone in the heat 
of an argument, pathless, rising, sinking.


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Aura begins from tongue
to spit fire and frozen rain
in the epileptic rage of insanity.

Excruciating charm of august mind
is fading.
Life wants to humiliate the sunshine
and hate desires to meet its rival in disguise.
Hope’s termination had a beginning somewhere.
I search the inky sky for a star.

The void did’t have a center
A collection of tears becomes an art.

A bit of sin here,
a grain of guilt there.
The ending of dark stairs
depends on the black walls.


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I was very restless today
somebody had overplayed the hand
to grab the absolute.
Light was searching the earth
and earth was moving inside me.

I wanted to pack up and go
to meet the truth.
The lips had left their print
on the empty cups.
The ragpicker was waiting.

My toes had met the brutal stones
of godhood. I was puzzled by new
methodology to make man free.
As the grass grows through the carcass
a cataract is trumpeting blind.

I was afraid of the huge web.
The spider was nowhere in sight. 


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It was always painful to remember the suicide
of a painter,
who was drawing the landscape
of hunger.
Polishing his art of pretention.
The time whistled past his window
without punctuation.

The terrain was tough, deepened by
requiem, the tears dried up
on the cheeks of chastity.

Script without drum and hue 
of glowing eyes,
cracked lips
of us and our instruments of tragedy.


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What shall I write
from the empty, desolate heart,
when every word is being scraped ?

You want to clean the mess
of a lifetime,
yet labour brings loneliness
and  you inherit
the depth of a problem.

A thought which has no ending.
A constant battle with yourself
in the bleak winter of age.

One by one they have died,
Your invisible  gods.
The vast landscape
of knowing the truth
still remains unconquered.

Pursue you must for the sake of moment
a flame which has no heat !

Satish Verma

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Some one once told me 
     "you can be what ever you want to be."
              I didn't think that meant being happy.

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Recalling memories was difficult.
I presume, today was not my day.
Theme uprooted, I stood for the branches,
the spirit, the truth, the roots.
Do I see more than what was needed?

Only eyes to eyes speak without words, sound,
vision or reality.
All the flowers have shed their petals. Now 
seeds are shining. I feel liberated. The 
faultline has defiled me. Bilingual insult.
Time leaves the questions in air, suspended.
You have to find the answers, yourself, in the
debris of arguments.

Bell’s palsy. Face, lips distorted, lids drooping,
speech slurred, you clog
the brain with help of anti-depressants,
how many endings you have seen?

I have not lit my dark cell,
moonlight, mauls the window,
jostles to enter
hurts in my face!


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Heart’s ache is getting worse everyday.
May be I go out in this brutal world
Of scuttling lies to seek the one
who left the body to trace the wound.

A red hibiscus enters my room from the window
and smiles at me.
Outside clumsy blasts are ripping apart
the tranquil day.
I wrench the emotions out of the poem
for the big mouthed kindness
which sprays the bullets.

Terror strikes suddenly on the swollen ankles
We do not know the cure.
No foreign hand will help,
No foreign face will smile.
I have to go for inward journey
My lips will kiss the condemned.


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For death of conflicts,
and conflicts of death,
the coming of cessation, I was waiting.
Tomorrow must come
before eternity,
that inness, I will come to terms with one day.

The absoluteness of certainties
creates a danger of half-truths.
An intelligent mind suffers _
in ther era of hoaxes and contradictions.
The happenings of existence
continue without dignity.

Hand-picked rainbow is dumped
face down in shallow creek,
drugged, raped and abandoned
to lose colours in water.
When the sky hangs on the shore
the blue sea sends the condolence.

The sharp cleavage of silicon breasts
weeps for a failed performance.


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Stark naked reality was a,
thorn in flesh,
for my collective innocence. 
A brutal reminder 
of war with truth. 
Light that does not spread 
in my dark eyes. 
Time for me to act for the sake of smile.

Into the dark I move 
with premonitions staggering in solitude.
To break the silence,
affinities with lights are gone. 
Black clouds hang on the moon. 
Need to know the unfathomable grief.

Again my thoughts travel,
to unravel the mystry.
Why lights form
the snarled shadows of fear? 
The winds do not agree.
Tranquility will be writ on the face of,
a drowned man,
if he comes on the surface.


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Must we go beyond 
the black holes of burned books ?
The flight from the edge of circles
leaves the dust behind.
Inside our wings are embedded 
the years. In the sky 
we must part. The parallax is here.
I will pursue the centuries 
circling over the memories.

A single page flutters, 
rest of the book is silent
not skillful technicality,
only a smuggled simplicity.
I fall into the stillness 
of a ceaseless motion, 
fall into yesterday. 
The feeling to put out
the bright candle is very strong. 
A burning solitude.

Face to face with motionless dream
the wide space between letters unfold a meaning.
The absence of central thought
was the essence.
Refusing to  churn the evidence,
we forgot that our territories could,
not hold the bliss of another self,
of another relay.


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In troubled times
he just walked away
carrying the antiquity in briefcase….

The new man.
Ending the anonymity of stubbornness,
rejects the yesterday
but I wanted not to be a participant
of terrible decay.

Who will understand? Enough was 
the midnight ecstasy,
for in the hour of loneliness
the sentence will be stretched for eternity.

This young history
may try to build a new order
by dirty hands.
Life will give its verdict on death
understand it, when it was not there.

Reason becomes the law if you don’t
alter the purity and a face has a meaning.
The experience never ends
as for as the voice reached micropains.


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just do

Here's some water
Let me hold your head
help things be smooth
baby, just stay in our bed

Here's the remote
push it wherever you need
Here's some more water
help you pick up speed

I'm maybe sorry
helpin you be this way
makin myself feel better
gettin you thru the day

I keep not lettin go
your'e still breathin
I blast the stereo
I'll keep needin

I keep lovin you
and not cause 
I have to
I just do

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I must not go beyond sunset
to discover the consciousness of night,
Standing alone on a cliff
I was ready to jump for salvation
atoning for guilt of survival

My regret was time
and timeless suffering,
Where was the maturity of age ?
Mind must go for the beloved ones
for a virginal touch of flawless blaze.

They should have come to join the prayer
not for me, but for the dying sun,
and white valley of fears.
Half my tongue sings for the shade
and half I  cry mutely.


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There were two shades of truth. 
All the facts were true
and all the facts were wrong. 
Reality was always drowning in a shapeless pit, 
confusion reigned between two statements, because
import was nil and walking
amidst ruins was painful.

Worthless conflicts hover in the night.
Exchanging the dialogues with death start in vain.
I go back to my fire and burn my thoughts. 
The world around me is adjourned,
sine die for the sake of peace. 
I became what I am.

You wait for a whole life to tell the truth,
and then die for it.
My god was crazy. 
He did’t ask me for a prayer because he was me, 
and there lies the absolute. 
For umpteen times I felt the need of, 
resurrection from the dead lies.

Satish Verma

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He was worried about the thumbs,
so that he could not write
or fire a gun.

The last convulsion was a drag
every pain was going to be memorable,
he etched on translucent arms.

Between the shouts a silent sob
scatters the rainbow.
The writing on the lips becomes invisible.

Sweetheart, don’t go into the rain.
Clouds are wounded and sky is dark.
Shadow of talking tree is becoming longer.


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The space was widening. Opacity was
Being. Antimatter in. You were scared.
Why this disintegration? Unthinkable hunger,
Incompleteness. Antithesis of universality. My
smallness. His greatness. The heat sucks the
blooms. Celestial dance of the destroyer begins.

The body makes I. Soul is me. The death
was climbing up the stairs. Hiding
in attic you were singing, refusing to see
the visitor, Dismissal of blast. Was a global
failure. How many bodies you are going to
count? Not enough graves. Mass burial?
or descent in tower of silence?

The sludge. Delta is disappearing. Nystagmus.
No land to build a home. Withdrawal. Poachers
are killing the tigers. Claws for power, killer’s
strength. A tall tree stands on ridge, meditating.
Peacocks are watching. Will be their turn
now? Eyes on the plumage. For clarity,
vision and wisdom.


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A heap of voices hails you, when you stop
in the tract. 
The silence migrates to new depths 
where silhouettes are created,
on the veil of solitude. 
It was the flame of pride.
Only there was being, 
Of non – being.

A load is lifted. a tender death smiles
I walk in the deep woods,
to collect my mother’s ashes. 
She had a scented presence in the sunset.
I will weave a pattern,
of shooting stars in the black sky.

I may not go back 
to the epitaph, for a goddess of first
and last war with my conscience. 
The full text of infinite pain,
will remain a secret. 
I never wanted to remain blameless. 
The sneaking time will tell the truth.

Satish Verma

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Multiple tongues followed
some strangers to see the
trafficking of images between space
and promises. Somewhere
adjectives were being cheated.

A tumor was growing in brain
locked, enhancing, malignant :
condemned destiny. Implicity of incest
in same gene pool. Where
the evolution has stopped ?

A missile has intercepted and smashed
the moon into ten thousand
sins. Palpable wreckage.
We were shoved into dustbin
A pile of starving skulls.

Clotted stone blood. Mountains
were wounded. My mentor
had a paranoia. Delusion
Of falling snow
from burning sky.


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Slicing thoughts, destiny
timeness of present, trying to watch
inside. The inverted question. Mask

Your own progeny spying on you,
disowning the moon bears. Beyond
truth was a huge wall. Ensnarement.
Whispers silenced.

A vast void. Interpretation of disguised
Voilence. Hostilities in elliptic orbit. Moon
slaughtered. Death was quick, spurting
the blood. Smearing the intelligence.

Paper weight. Surface tension. Shrinking
supreme. Parthenogenesis. Breaking
the square. Ending of scrolls. Cosmic
disorder. What brains were thinking?

Long speeches. Verbatim fuel. Nubile
bombers. Circus of mediocre legends.
Failed epidurals. History is squinting.
Select values are outworn. I am watching
a very red sunset.


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I wish it would rain
I wish.........
It smells so good

the rain

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Remember it not.
Let it slide into cave.
The annual rings of old wood are
Tree of life burning inside.

It cannot happen
it can happen.
There is no certainty.
this is certainty.

Bread with hoofs
no butter, no udder
no milk.

A spider in the bottle
slumbers on gaint legs
watches with red eyes.
Time to feed.

The aroma of sea.
Pungent smell of brown algae
the bathing moon,
a lone boat.

Did you know why I admire defeat,
retreat :
Perfect  solitude,
featureless calm.


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Distance was increasing
in spewing rage.
I yearned for a solitude of desert
sand and rocks
away from musty tongues
and eros.

Counting my failed attempts
to reconcile with exits
and slant hopes.

Like an eclipsed moon
plying over the hill
to investigate a shorn lamb.
Plucking the hair from a beautiful scalp
to become a nun.

Arthritic  river brings back the waves.
Unreachable was the  crest.
Today standing alone on the summit
I watch the drop with grief.


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In despair,
beyond-pain, I will watch my dreams
in rimless eyes of wet faces.

The lake had been sending back
the white and black shrouds

They were jumping one by one
old and young,
from the twisted planks
holding geraniums.

A warm prayer on the lips,
what was left worth enduring ?
The innocence, the guilt, the shame ?

Clinging to bloody lumps of happiness
who is going to have a last laugh ?
Time is breathing gloom,
body is attached to a pole.


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Love was fond

As my eyes close,
My heart is content,
I begin to feel blessed,
knowing my true love has been sent.
As the dark clouds withdraw,
The clear sky began to shine,
I feel like a princess,
Knowing that the prince became mine.
A piece of me was gone,
But not anymore,
I found my missing half,
What else could I ask for?
My heart is radiant,
Whle I am with my love,
We can soar into the sky,
Just like the beautiful doves.
As I think of my love,
I know my dreams have come true,
You will always have me by your side,
My sweet, sweet baby -  I Love You!

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Pardon my mask
I will put you on pedestal to torment me,
because you were necessary
for my existence.
When I prepare finally my death wish
you can smile.

Your eyes are looking through my head,
I know,
you were hurt from my moon face.
I will wash your feet with my tears now.

Exhausted, nameless in a crowd
I was counting my see-through triumphs
all piled up as burned out bones.

To live without meaning is very painful.
Everything is abused for self gratification.
Over a black sky, against the mountains
the old silence becomes teeth of a dead faith.


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windows down

Don't I love drivin with my windows down
I saw you see me yesterday
I think you thought you knew me
I was singing at the top of my lungs

Maybe I looked familiar
like you looked yesterday
maybe you thought you knew me
maybe you thought I looked fun

It gets old trying to act my age
so I drive with my windows down

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Again you made friends, words
wanted to leave the paper blank
for the parched lips,
crying eyes,
trembling hands.

Missing stanzas,
flowing river,
rootless floats.
You did not feel like-
time filled you every minute,
you were empty, poor.

When you read the end
you understood beginning.
Will to die was not sufficient
you had not completed the script.
Alone in crowd you wanted words
to commit suicide.

Democracy was a funny name.
Everybody was sad, except the lead
who did not know where to go.

One day you found your voice
and were surprised
you were everybody
when you were hurt, you bled inside
and your blood then mixed with 
the blood of everybody. Then everybody cried
and you became separated from you and did not say anything!


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I was not ready
when the gift arrived.
Today I cannot share my laugh,
my tears 
with you.

The debt of ashes
was climbing up.
Clouds outside,
clouds inside.
My room was full of friends.
Wind was coming in,
wind was going out.
And I was trying to convince them
about euthanasia.

What was I dreaming ? Mutation versus creation ?
Botox ? Somebody removing the wrinkles ?
Augmenting the breasts with implants ?
Black insanity ?
Death was another name of birth ?

Now I was transfixed :
Love birds were feeding their kids !


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The things which did not brother you,
like crossing the crowd unspoken.
Long pauses between the questions,
halting silences between frenzied wails.

Flesh stayed untouched by hand,
center of controversies.
I still speak noiselessly, for urgent whispers,
time for exit has come.

The fog now deepens in eyes
and then a cloud bursts.
Trickling, when you bend backward
to wet the floor of grass,
which stiches the earth.

Winds will not expose the naked skeleton
consciousness now hiccupps
crumbs fall from the table.
It was not me
It was not me.


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I was not capable of
contradicting the quietness.
A silent emotion was  insulting me.
Forgetting the self-denial
I went for choosing the impossible.

Am I sick of myself ?
The agony overwhelms me with mystic relief.
Here and now I feel the human spirit              
outsmarting the gifts of revenge
in the eyes of past.

No hope of breeze. It is hot inside,
the spirit burning. False peers
were scoring with debts of darkness.

Tiny ideas crowd the mind
flying straight through the mist of anguish
I elect to be nothing.


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Sleep me, conceive me like sphagnum;
propel me to essence of death.
Seeing has put me behind the truth,
Like centipede, fear crawls in deep blind cave
throwing the feelers.
The gene has faltered. No red lights.
A paw, a blackboard, white lines
message is not clear.
My absent candles are freaking in wormy
darkness, noiselessly. The solitude
trying to gather the words.
Listen to time clock. Past and future.
Present has held the lantern to see
the hands moving. Sound comes out
clearly from the prophets of galaxies.
I want to catch the winds
in my legs to blast the horror of life,
underside of the gnarled credibility.
The rains are coming.


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Unlived death, that was me
waking in exile from the bones.
He said I remember your verse
a split open bloom!

Given away your gems to sea
ready to become ash, green blood, 
you have killed a white cloud
now go for a floral burial.

He said I remained unpacked
like an open wound.
How far space will hang on the shoulders,
how far the sky will remain blue?

Snow will not melt I presume
I will burn my shirt with stain.
Life will not stop but conceive
the proud burning pain.

I stand today without complaints
grieve for my silence, ignorance.
There was a home I could not save
miles from water like bright dome.


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A Different Turn

     Looking back, I wish I could change things that I have done wrong, Then if I 
did, I'd open my eyes in the morning to the sound of a different song,                        
Sometimes  I wish I could have tooken a different turn, Then If I did, I'd wish it 
was the other way around, Though if I took no turn at all, I'd be headed back to 
town, Sometimes I wish I could take back the things that I have said, Through my 
mistakes I have learned to repent, For I have done my share of crimes, Though if 
I did not learn from my mistakes, two nickels would not equal a dime,                      
When all is said, When all is done we can not change the past, Though we can 
set our minds to remember good memories that come to pass, Without 
memories we are not able to tie notts in a rope, That help us pull in the ryes of 
love that feel us full of 
hope                                                                                                              Lana

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In the triumph of flesh,
when fame of the world was your thing,
a sequence of defeats piled up
and time became stronger than the symbols.

Was it not easier
to abandon the consciousness ?
Living a dog’s life was more comfortable
without a qualm.
How painful it was to know the reality unclothed !

You had achieved nothing in life
and were readying up now
to receive thoughts of death.
Time had no beginning
and time had no end.

Do you think all will be well at last ?
Will we be happy without you ?
Or you will be remembered as a hero
without a name !


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The metastatic figure.
He was seeking truth without thought,
being in and out, he was sleepwalking in
dream. I am the absolute, he said. Skeletons
are popping up everywhere. Poor beasts.
And there was the tired flame who
burned all night in vain.

The body was aching after the discovery
of a super terrain. Another earth? or
a conventional aberration? The planet
was heaving with hot clouds. Reason
for a substitute. Right perception of
life was difficult. Everybody was running
in opposite direction for a message.

He dives to pull up the corpse of liberty
locked deep in water. A noble idea to 
free the corrupt world from the bondage
of decaying foundations. Half-truths and
half-lies must live together for the human
survival. Quest of the self ultimately
begs for forgiveness.


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Why Can't This Stop?

The fighing,the yelling

The cheating of the hurting

Of the poeple that cares?

Why can't this stop?

When We say we're sorry yet it's

only going to fly right back in

Our faces as you don't care.

Why can't this stop?

Why is there drama when

We don't need it,yet it's there why?

Why can't this stop?

Why is there war in our

Life,as we don't need it in our lifes

Why can't this stop?

The pain that we get from

sadness from the scars of

our pain from drama in our lifes

Why can't this stop?

why is there to much in our life

as we don't need it.

Why can't we only have peace in our


Why can't this stop?

With the turning of the world

as we change.

copy right


Amber strong-gilreath

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Why Can't This Stop?

The fighing,the yelling

The cheating of the hurting

Of the poeple that cares?

Why can't this stop?

When We say we're sorry yet it's

only going to fly right back in

Our faces as you don't care.

Why can't this stop?

Why is there drama when

We don't need it,yet it's there why?

Why can't this stop?

Why is there war in our

Life,as we don't need it in our lifes

Why can't this stop?

The pain that we get from

sadness from the scars of

our pain from drama in our lifes

Why can't this stop?

why is there to much in our life

as we don't need it.

Why can't we only have peace in our


Why can't this stop?

With the turning of the world

as we change.

copy right


Amber strong-gilreath