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Abc Mother Poems | Abc Poems About Mother

These Abc Mother poems are examples of Abc poems about Mother. These are the best examples of Abc Mother poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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For the Love of Judith

Judith must be punished for her unborn sins, 
and haunted by her unborn fears.
She will beg her powerless mother for that 
which the Sun and the Moon cannot give.
A trusting child tells with a momentary stare,
that she cannot wait to live,
Yet she cries and bleeds, pure and aware,
as the ghost of a dying God appears.

The smoke and fog of joy, on the barren hills
of promise fade away to reveal,
A clearing where a Mother and Daughter can
find truth in this awkward chastity.
The young women wearing colourful masks of 
bliss and happiness have come to heal,
While the dark and jealous crones paint black
portraits of pain and lay beds of misery.

Their betraying love is not real but mere glass,
that by hand has the face of a jewel.   
Their offering of hope and trust mean nothing
as they nail Judith’s hands to the stake.
The black vultures of torment, circle,
as the faithful put fires to the fuel.
 And her mother’s screaming and lone cries 
of anguish, leave none innocent in their wake.

Yet her tortured Mother who gave Judith her life,
smiles exquisitely, as they start.
Together they begin their secret flight, that
lifts them high above this tragedy,
As love and hatred both rip and tear,
at the soul like arrows into a dead heart.
In this painful and mysterious world,
there is no greater form of alchemy,
Than the acceptance of clear blue eyes,
the disarming smile of the condemned in fear,
And the tender sounds of assent,
that are being whispered too soft for some to hear.
Judith will be born tonight , leaden hearts will be golden and doubt will 

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Job Well Done

Job Well Done

Momma, when you died I ask God 'Why'
He answered me quickly 'HER JOB IS DONE'
I started to cry pleading out to God
'That's my mother and I love her Dearly'.
God simply wispered close to my ear
'That's my child and I love her Dearer'.
I did'nt give up moma I CRIED out more 
'I want to make her happy in life
and give her things that's nice'.
I heard a strong voice right close
to My ear no wisper just clear.
I understood momma than and there
that there's nothing on earth 
good enough for you here.  By: Nedra Wilson {NOLA Poet}

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Mommy stopped being mommy

Mommy stopped hugging
And replaced it with hitting

Mommy stopped loving 
And replaced it with drinking

Mommy stopped cooking
And replaced it with sex

Mommy stopped being mommy
And I did instead

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I was there 
On my way to Laflin when the 55th and Garfield bus slowed down.
He should have been passed out from excitement like other 10 year olds playing 
football in vacant lots,basketball in streets, and baseball with wooden sticks.
Instead on his way to gas station 
collar bone caught bullet like a bleeding brown mitt.
He never made it to first base safe, he never made it home.

I sat there in blue and black CTA  seats 
and I wished he was struck by a
be-be, paint ball, or tranquilizer gun
but no they simply snatched back cocked metal and released.

He lied there surrounded
face had grazed grass
and when his mother saw him she wished she could resist what purples saw.
cross-fire whiplash
punctured neck
with a certificate to prove his end.

She pawed at his white outline 
pleading he would breath life, but when i didn't she wept.

I was restricted to step off bus and on to pavement,
so i had to let my eyes listen 
to how blue lights and smudged tears didn't compliment the tragedy.

I mean I was stuck to scene because of the caution tape 
and the ambulance
and the way his stretcher jumped as he was being taken to the morgue.

Pedestrians though it was over until they fled like that little boys mother when she 
heard her sons blood had been scrambled on the boulevard.
Police mans knees blasted to chest as they chased for blocks ones who failed to 

I kept riding past Halsted then on to Racine finally came to Laflin stepped off bus, 
looked at the bullet whole in the street sign then asked 
what is the purpose of you holding hand high and think u have the right to kill.

Rebecca Johnson

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Kylarr when I look at you I see me
I see you grownin up
I see you have my soul 
I see you want your Daddy
I see you have my childhood
I see your mother eyes 
I see your mother lips 
I see you happy when you and my soul bonds together four ever
I see you in my head 
I see you is Godchild
Antwan H Woodberry

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Mom I promised you I would do my best to help my brothers and sisters pass 
life's test to remember how you were before you were laid to rest.

Mom I`m finding it really hard to do, my brothers don`t talk to each other they`re 
playing a fool, my sisters can`t stop crying for you.
Mom I fill no matter what I do it`s not right, try finding peace in this family fight only 
to find I did nothing by the end of night.
Mom I remember our last talk, you said no matter what you would be by while I 
take this walk, mom I need your strength for my life they mock.

Mom I told you I`d be fine, that I was not blind, that at the end of this road peace I 
would find,

Mom I fill I`m not the one, all this stress I`m not having fun`m stepping up while 
the others run.

Mom I told you I promise, but it`s my family that suffers and it`s them I miss, so I 
ask you please help me through this.

Mom I am doing what I said I would, while the others fail to do what they should, 
Mom I did the best I could.

Mom,.... how come,.... you chose me to be the one?  

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The Strongest Women I Know

Grandma means so much more then what it says in the dictionary.
It should say wise, intelligent, strong women.
Amazing, loving, and very kind hearted women.
The go to girl in times of trouble, get great advise, and just vent for hours.
She will be proud of you as long as you try your best, and she will tell you what direction to go when you fall on you ass.
My grandma is the best, the best in the world. Ill love her forever, then a little more.
I just want to say thank you for all that you have done.
I have loved every part of it. even though sometimes I was wrong.
Happy mothers day, Mamaw.
We need a grandmas day too, so the entire day can be just about you. 
I hope you have a good day, full of smiles and happiness.
I Love You, Mamaw and You Are The Bestest.

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Mother, Grandmother, Guide and Friend

As a child, I didn't understand,
The love that fills my mother’s hand.

In a childhood world,
Everything is carefree,
Your eyes are wide open,
Yet you do not see.

In a motherhood world,
Things can get pretty insane,
Every day comes with joy and pain.

Teaching your child new things,
Dreaming of what tomorrow brings.

Leaving days of pig tales and nursery rhymes,
Loosing Seconds and minutes of these precious times.

Now, with children of my own,
Mother, your feelings are not alone.

Only now do I understand,
Feeling helpless to times demand.

Mother, I just didn't realize,
How I looked in your eyes.
33 years gone in a whirl,
Yet I know you still see your little girl.

I love you Mother.
More than you know.
I know it was hard letting me go.

My childhood life was wrapped up in you,
But my adult life holds something new.

Growing up so fast and free,
I felt your eyes always watching me,
I didn't have to worry,
Because I knew you'd be there.
Now my own children feel MY stare.

Never knowing that in my heart,
I feel the sadness awaiting their future depart.

For one day, I will have to say good bye,
Just as you did with my sisters and I.

But with this sadness, there is happiness too,
For they will always need me,
Just as I will always need you.

My childhood is over but my need for you will never end,
You are a Mother, Grandmother, Guide and Friend.

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My Daughter and Son

The world spins around so very fast;
Gone are the days of my past.

When I was young and free;
Nothing ever seemed to get ahold on me.

Then God placed 2 angels in my path;
My love for them covers my life like a hot bath.

Soaking my world in loves eternal flame;
With my 2 angels by my side,
Nothing will ever be the same.

The universe could cease to exist;
But my love for them will always persist.

There is no force that could ever undo;
The power of my love for the 2 of you.

I promise you, it cannot be done;
For nothing could ever come before a 
Mothers love for her Daughter and Son.

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Grandmother By Saiful Haq:
Skinny Skin Bloomed with Wrinkles,
Overshadowing her dimples,
Staring with Aghast Eyes,
Expressing herself in a fatuous Noise.

Credulous to lavish promises,
Melodramatic to laziness,
Pertinacious in her religious beliefs ,
Punctiliously attending her colleagues.

Torpidly trekking with a wooden stick,
Very Prone to being sick,
Showering her blessings diligently,
Is the patriotic head of Our family.

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Love for gramma

Love for gramma
True Love for Gramma
I said to my mother I want to go to Gramma's house.
She said, not today!
I was attempting to walk but with no luck.
I would ride my bike, but it's just a trick.
I can't drive a car it's too far.
I took a box and went inside to cry I want to see Gramma's house.
Momma heard the cry.
When she just opens the box, I said mail me to Gramma's house

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Nightly loosing sleep when you screamed,
yet the next day when you smiled, she beamed.
Watching you proudly as you grew,
patiently retrieving objects you threw.
Many times went hungry while you had enough,
’Cause most of the times things were rough.

Sacrificed and sent you to school,
even though sometimes you acted like a fool.
Watching over you when you were sick,
not believing others who thought it was a trick.
Instinctively guiding you to be right,  
to restrain yourself and not getting into a fight.

Worried when you were out late,
not knowing that you were with your date.
Defended you in the face of trouble,
also fathering you, acting as double.
Taken for granted repeatedly on mothers’ days,
yet, caring enough to mention you when she prays.

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please (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

love you
need you
love me
need me 

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you dont listen

you think I got listen to you, 
you just my kids father,
there noting between me and you,
it seem the words take you back to court is your favorite words,
get this Sheena Shenia Jackson isn't scare of no court system or even you,
its just a word that is there, 
so if you ask me you just things to make women scared im not scare of you like I use to,
I have became stronger and wiser, 
I have the Lord behind me, 
I believe in him very strong,
so if you want to bring me back to court lets do this now, 
you are just a man that God put on this earth, 
and I fear no man, no woman and no body, 
I am a King child forever,

by : Sheena Shenia Jackson 
May 23, 2013

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When a black woman love
she loves deeply.
She cares truly.
When she touch;
with tenderness.
Whenever she listen;
always filled with compassion.
Whom she respects;
that she adores!
She never judge;
she supports!
Will always have your back;
she is crazy loyal!
She never gives up on 'em;
she takes care of her own.
Whenever she is around
her presence is definitely felt.
It's the simple thing she does
and the way she does them;
her smile,
her gaze,
how she rolls her eyes,
play with her hair...
Not to mention how she effortlessly  transforms
a house to a home.
they say black don't cracK;that's true!
Is  bolD and beautifulL; definitely!
Absolutely phenomenaL;i concur!
But am here to declare
Black is royaltY,
so is a Black womaM!

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ABC story

An apprehensive Amy
Births baby Bob
Carefully cradles cries
Dons dry diapers
Emanates endless emotions
Fraught frantic fears 
Grateful glad greetings  
Huge happy hugs
Innate intuition increases
Joyful jaded journey 
Key kind kin
Learner loving lavished 
Must make money 
Nurturing new needs
Oceans of options
Play pray plan
Quiet questioning queries
Restful rescue remedies 
Seeking soother solutions
Truly tired times 
Uncertain, unforgettable unity
Varied viral visits 
Warm winter woollens
Xylophones xeroderma, x-ray
Yesterday youthful years 
Zestful zoned zenith

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To My Mother RIP

We've had our differences, we've had our fights,
Now you're gone, yet I’m doin alright.
A month and ten days it'll be four years,
I miss you mom, and I wish you were here.
It was crazy times and a war,
But I still wish you were here and we'd party at the bar.
I think of you often and miss your voice,
But it's not like we had any other choice.
One day we shall meet again,
And who knows... Maybe next time we could be friends.

Love you. R.I.P. Teresa Marie Reese (8/13/1964-8/18/2009)

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Memaw said she would dance
dance at my wedding
and she did
she made it true
and memaw
swishin and swayin
made the place
that we were at
want to have her
and everyone
be someone like her

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The short walk home

Andrew Walker aged 8 years old,
Doing as he was told,
Will leave West Hoxton Primary School at 3.14 pm today.
He will kick a can along the path.. all the way.
He will walk towards his home in Hope Street,
Smiling his winning smile to anyone he might meet.
Preferring the joy of walking to the pain of bus travel.
He will laugh, the joy of a child, as he watches life unravel.
It is only a walk of 200 metres but he will not get there.
Life will rise from darkness and despair,
And as he approaches the West Hoxton Basketball gym,
a black Ford Falcon will pull up close to him. 
Leaving the car engine running,  Mr Williams will go up to him and play.
And the light in his eyes will slowly fade away. 
Mr Williams will offer him money to go into the toilets in the park.
Andrew will say no, explaining that his Mother will be worried if he’s out after dark.
At 5.12pm a local man John Ragen will go into the toilet,
And stop breathing for a moment.
He will quickly call the local Police.
And stare at Andrew  now as cold as ice.
The Police will find little Andrew’s blood-stained body on the cold
concrete of the toilet block...just as they were told.
They will not find his pants or underpants.
They will find barbed wire tied around his hands.
At 8.14pm Mrs Walker , Andrew’s mother will be asked to identify
her son’s broken body as it lies in the morgue without dignity.
She will bite down on her clenched fist until it bleeds.
She will  cease to feel anything as the time speeds.
She will weep tears of blood.
And fall upon the back lawn into the mud. 
At 3.30 am Mrs Walker will take a bottle of sleeping pills,
And sleep, preferring the safety of darkness to the horror of the light that kills.
Her last words in this dark world will be “I love you Andy Pandy.”

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Gramma's House

Gramma's house.
Gramma's is a large and brown.
With flowers all around.
Long green steps to the pouch.
With chairs three to spare.
As you enter you can smell 
All the nice things she do have.
She bakes in her kitchen. 
A sweet apple pie for you and I. 
It's nice to go to Gramma's house.
She lives at the end of the lane

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When I was a crying infant,
wanted to be in someone's hand,
the sudden relaxation was bright,
when you came in front of my eyes.
	A similar situation had happened,
	when you in the crowd wanted my hand,
	the sudden relaxation was bright,
	when I came in front of your eyes.
When my legs were not so strong, 
and I needed a support,
your fingers made me balanced,
and I walked ahead on road.
	A similar situation will arrive,
	and I promise in advance,
	of using stick instead of me ,
	you will never get a chance.
You are my strength,weakness and inspiration,
and I will always keep you high,
I will touch the sky with glory,
for one smile with sense of pride.

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Childrens of mother land!
Citizens of mother land!
I call upon you my fellow neighbours!
Hear my concern my fellow neighbours!

We heard reports about your Africans around the globe
Citizens of the world yell like monkeys when they see them
They are likened to mandrill and shown bananas
Africa you portrayed yourself as beggars and inept

Africa! Your children are scatted all over
In pursuit of greener pastures
My brothers let us turn Guns into plowshares 
Africa unite to fight against ailments and poverty  

Poverty is claiming lives of your people
AIDS is robbing lives of our brothers and sisters
Crime is stealing our dignity and our pride 
Citizens of the world have a distorted view of us

Why unite only when there is a feast	
Mother land is bigger than world cup
Mother land is bigger than Africa Day
Africa is a home to all who dwell in Africa

How long shall we blaze with anger against each other
How long it will take us to unite as one nation
How long before we combat prejudice
How long before we combat xenophobia

Who are we fighting people?
Who is our enemy?
Blood is not an ink to paint our mother land's portrait
Africa Unite! We are bigger than civil wars

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Never Thought It Would Happen

We began so little and young, 
Life beat us bad and twisted our tongue.
You and I walked a pretty rough road I can say
When you stumbled I was always there to make you stay.

Stay and not give up, I didn't give up on you than, so I wont give up on you now, 
We danced our life so brutally and softly, but this time you didn't look my way and bounced. 
I thought we would go on like this forever, but I guess like people say, 
Nothing lasts forever.

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my son (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

You're too much for me
Your smile, attitude
It's too beautiful
My sweet child
I am so glad
you are better than me
I miss you when you are away

being better than me 
or your father

I know you are a visionary
you are a professor
you will somehow
make it sing

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my lament on my mother's funeral


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What does a normal teen do? What does a normal teen think? 
I really do not no. yes I am a teen but when I was 15 ½  I thought about how to take care of my mom if she needed to be changed and when to feed her and when to give her medication. I worried about what would happen to my mom. I had to go shopping for toddler cloths for my little sister and brother. I am 17 now and I still go shopping for little children cloths. I worry about getting my homework done and getting my little brother and sister’s homework done. This year I have to take the kids to kinder garden and I will be in 12th grade. I always worry about what’s going to happen to my mom she is still sick but there’s nothing I can do just keep her in my heart and prayers. I worry about what I will do when its time for me to go to college I will still be taking care of my brother and sister. There’s a lot to do I worry all the time about money things being washed and cleaning and homework. My dad does a lot for me and my sisters and brothers I just wish my big sisters would have stepped up and helped my dad take care me and my little sister and brother but they didn’t now i am trying to do all the things my mom did. It is a lot of work mothers have to do. I thought it was easy but now that I have to do it all I can say mothers are what keeps a family in order. Thanks to all the moms out there. If you have moms don’t take her for granted because you never know what will happen to them. 

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Wet lips

Last night I stood in the rain in my underwear.
I allowed the rain to be.
I didn’t run as a child would, laughing and loving the moment. 
I didn’t shake myself and curse the wet weather as my Mother would.
Nor did I hurriedly open an umbrella in a vain effort to hide from it.
No...No...No...I let the rain be.

I stood there with gentle water dripping down my face.
I allowed the water to be.
I didn’t reach for a towel as my Mother always did.
I didn’t shake my head as a young girl might in the shower.
Nor did I quickly wipe the drops from my face with my hands.
No...No...No... I let the water be.
Something happened while I stood there soaking wet.
Some of the rain stopped at my mouth.
It was almost begging me to taste it.
I did not spit it out like an old woman might.
I did not wipe my mouth like young men do and cough.
Nor was I horrified by the rain on my lips.
No...No...No..The glorious rain allowed me to be.

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My childhood

My childhood was fun, 
tough and exciting.
My childhood was one 
where there wasn't much fighting.
This was my childhood.

My childhood was filled
with family and friends.
My childhood was filled 
with love that tied up loose ends.
This was my childhood.

My childhood came
with a grandmother that cared.
When she left me
I remembered all the times we shared.
This was my childhood.

My childhood was filled 
with classwork and homework.
My childhood was filled 
with parents who hated work.
This was my childhood.

My childhood was filled
with fun in the hood, 
and food that tasted like Campbell's, 
'Umm Umm Good! '
This was my childhood.

My childhood was filled
with tricycles and bicycles.
My childhood was filled 
with popsicles and Dill pickles.
This was my childhood.

My childhood was filled
with lots of happy holidays.
Holidays that aren't
just the same nowadays.
This was my childhood.

Now my childhood 
has become nothing but memories, 
But all the good times 
will live on within me.
This was my childhood.

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Lost Valentine

“She was mine” was all he thought
His spark was gone, forever had seemed so long
The gleam in his eye, dulled as days went by
He’d been trying hard to carry on, she was two months gone
He could no longer cry, all life was now, was a lie
His sadness growing deeper, as the world continued to fly by
His girl was gone now, his reason and purpose no longer around
For years he cared, he couldn’t show, but those actions spoke louder than any words 
she would’ve known
His poor tired soul began to appear on his face
His heart numb from losing the one love that who with, his life had begun
Now it was his time to start, for in his heart, he knew……
They wouldn’t be far apart.

                                                    Dedicated to the memory of my Grandparents
                                                      William Lee Neeland Sr. 02/22/27 – 07/10/04
                                                     Pauline Sue Neeland         07/27/46 - 12/24/03
with all my love, #2

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Momma you're so lovely You're always there when am lazy You are a great cook The one who I always look When am not good You're there when the moon's down & when my face turns into frown And the times I become the clown You're there when I have no-one b'cause you're the special some1 No matter what time of day or night You're always right beside Oh my dear mom You so deserve to be loved We love you so much We don’t know how to express We love you mom You're truly the best-est of all the angels -mushy

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Lost in this wilderness. . I feel like a scared child... Everyone seems so raw n wild... No one to hear my cry in distress.. I search for your hand to hold.. To guide me to a place where I worry no more.. Am so scared, that a shiver runs down my body n soul. . As tears drop from my eyes.. All I hear is there laughter, n see them smile.. Lost in the wilderness... I feel scared like a small child....

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A mother

Not until i became a mother did i understand how much my mother had sacrificed for me.
Not until i became a mother did i feel how hurt my mother was when i disobeyed.
Not until i became a mother did i know how proud my mother was when i achieved.
Not until i became a mother did i realize how much my mother loves me.
Not until.

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Jesus is the answer

Born to reverend Stevens
On a cool Monday morning
It drizzled a little bit
Very beautiful weather
Jeff was the finest of all babies
In my neighborhood Jeff was an example
Example of good Christian character 
Until he became plagued
Plagued with the prodigal son syndrome
Jeff became sorrow to the mother
A disgrace to his family
The father was grief stricken
Jeff had abandoned the ways of the Lord
Jeff was on the highway to hell
Enjoyed the company of prostitutes
Even the bottles feared him
He was an alien at home
Jeff was uncontrollable
Very wild
Reverend Stevens prayed
Midnight prayers 
Often tossed and turned while sleeping
 Reverend Stevens often found
Seated in the front porch of his house
Staring into space
Its sorrow speaking voice of a broken heart
Jeff’s mother prayed
And often wept quietly
The musings of grief
The solemn prayer of a mother
She was in agony 
Like Virgin Mary
On the day Christ was crucified
Poor humans 
We can only pray 
But we can’t determine when the answer will come
Just like Saul on the way to Damascus
Jeff was as usual on his way
Again to a prostitute very drunk
The still small voice called out to Him
Jeff! Jeff! Jeff
Perplexed by the audibility of the voice
Jeff sobered up
He shouted who is it?
All of a sudden the urge for the strange woman became strange even the bottles died.
He turned and went home
That night Jeff wept
Just like a baby
He realized it was an encounter with Jesus
The answer to the prayers of 
The Reverend and Mrs.
Years had passed
But they were grateful
Every one noticed the change in Jeff
The reverend, mother and neighborhood
Jesus truly saves
  He is the way the truth and the life.
Forever faithful.
Praise be to God.

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a letter 2 my mom

	A letter to my mom if she could read it.

I am sorry for the times I would not listen to you and would talk back.
I loved all the times we spent together. We had so much fun together you were a great mom and you were my best friend. Some days I ask god why he let you get so sick but I realize its not gods fault that you’re sick it’s just life and some times bad things happen. Know one knows why it happened but it happened for a reason. Things happen and know one knows why it does we just have to deal with it. I miss you mom a lot some times I cry at night because I miss you so much. I just wish you could come home. It hurts to see you so sick I wish it could all go away. Hope one day you come home I all ways try to go see you at the hospital at least twice a week. Mom I am really sorry how I wouldn’t listen and I talked back. I wish we could turn back time and you wouldn’t be sick. I cry just by writing this letter to you. I just can’t believe you might not be able to ever come home. You won’t be able to see me go to prom or get married if I ever do. Mom I just want you home but that won’t happen you’re to sick and I hope a miracle happens and you get better and come home. Some days I feel like I cant make it through the day but I just remember your spirit and love will all ways be with me every day and you’re always in my heart. I all ways cry when I think about you. When you were sick I dyed my hair purple, blue, hot pink, red, and aqua. People still make fun of me and say I am weird but it’s ok. There is  so much things I want to say but I don’t know how to just know I am sorry for how I treated you. I MISS YOU MOM AND LOVE YOU!!

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M-erely carried for nine months.
O-ffered me a chance of a lifetime to visit the world.
T-ook good care of me from a tiny to a whole being.
H-ermetically sealed me so as to exclude bad company.
E-nhanced me to an innovative citizen in the society.
R-eady in trust to release me to the trials of the world.

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A helping hand

I was a child

who was shivering in the cold

I was alone crying and nobody know who was my mother and father

I was shouting for food in latin and nobody was there to bother

Dogs were licking me and eagles were crowding

I found no humanity in  human but in a mother dog

Who understood my hunger and fed me milk by thinking she has six children instead of five

I was just able to stand and walk as I turned three

I found a child who was crying under the tree

I took her in my arms

I went to each and every house  ( for food)

A day passed , she stopped crying

I got tired and stopped worrying

I was telling her I am her mother and father

she became everything for me

but that everything remained nothing

As she passed away few days before

I was foolish and I was not known She was no more

Like me thousands were survived with no hope

But like this child millions were giving up their lives

Please give us a helping hand.

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Family Commandments

Family Commandments

Thou shall not pull thy sisters hair. Thou you shall chew thy food.
Thou shall not stay out until Midnight. Thou shall be in a better mood.
Though shall not answer me back. Thou you shall brush thy hair.
Though shall not wear that in public. Thou you shall behave in here.
Thou shall not give me cheek and run as fast as thou art.
Though shall not rush thy homework. Though you shall begin from the start..
Thou shall not scream at every opportunity no mater  if thy lungs be strong.
Thou shall not dance in tantrum. Thou you shall stay home where you belong.
Thou shall not eat me out of house and home. Though you shall get a job.
Thou shall not sit round like a bum. Thou you shall turn into a slob.
Thou shall not fight with your sister. Thou you shall give her a cuddle.
Though you shall not bunk away from school. Or Thou shall be in a muddle.
Thou shall not make noise while soaps are on, if you know what's good for thy ears.
Thou shall not blame your brother, Thou you shall see his tears.
Thou shall not ever worry, Thou I am here for you.
Thou shall not ever be sad. Thou you shall be happy It's true.
Thou shall not ever fret, even though we shall have our fears.
Thou shall never be alone. Thou you shall know we care.
Thou shall always have a life, Though u shall be happy and care.
Thou shall not have a problem alone. Thou you will know we are near.
Thou shall not take for granted, That shall be full of pride.
Though shall never wish for more, with thou family by thou side

By Shirley Moody

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For My Mother

My dear sweet mother Kay,
Is so very special in every way
Her heart is really big and pure,
And never needs any cure
No matter what the time may be,
She has always been there for me
I was shown by her how to bake,
All the Christmas cookies that I make
She's also been a second mother,
To Kristen, my own daughter
Hardly ever selfish is she,
For the good things she likes to see
I'm so very blessed to have her here,
Because she really is such a dear

Written and dedicated for my mother Kay, on Mother's Day 2009.

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Please tell me why 
Everyone thinks perfection is
Forget that
Enter real reality where girls 
Cry tears of pain
Tears of shame 

Persevere to be perfect 
Except there's no such thing 
Remember real reality
Fight that painful sting
Enticing failures 
Can lead to true despair
Try and just be yourself 
         Cause perfection is unreal 


Please tell me why 
Everyone thinks perfection is
Forget that
Enter real reality where girls 
Cry tears of pain
Tears of shame 

Persevere to be perfect 
Except there's no such thing 
Remember real reality
Fight that painful sting
Enticing failures 
Can lead to true despair
Try and just be yourself 
         Cause perfection is unreal

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No Title

just want to start off by saying, we all know the dangers of drugs and alcohol, there is this one substance though, just one that you have to be 18 or older to buy. I am talking about “The Cancer Stick” better known as cigarettes. Most of the older people in my family and others also smoke cigarettes like its nothing at all, I never realized it caused cancer until older years, but when I found out it was too late, many of my family members developed lung cancer including my close grandmother. That woman would smoke a pack of cigarettes in the snap of a finger, but the thing is she has been doing it for over 20years I would assume. The day I found out she was dying of the disease I was not surprised, but yet she is my grandmother so I felt great sorrow. When she passed it shook my soul, but we know we must move on. The thing that boggles my mind is that the government regulates these substances knowing the dangers, and what do you get a large number of statistics on the deaths of those related to legal drugs, ex: alcohol, prescription drugs, cigarettes etc. But if it makes profit distribute it right? The death of my grandmother along with the death of my great aunt both due to that cancer stick, has changed my mindset drastically on the way things are set up in our system, I wish I was able to talk to my grandmother and aunt one last time, one last time to tell them to put that killer down and resist that mentality, but I couldn’t, why? Because they are addicts, it would take strong support, but see we didn’t have good family support. So unfortunately helping my grandmother mentally was a fail.

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Mothers Day Poem

Today's the day we take the time 
to let our mother's know,
that we appreciate they're role
in helping us to grow.
Although this day comes once a year
I think its safe to say,
that most of us cant wait that long,
we do it everyday.
Most people think they're moms the best
and in they're minds its true,
but one mom stands above the rest
and Rosie, that mom's you.
Thank you for your love, your strength,
your words of wisdom too,
but most of all I thank the Lord
for blessing me with you.

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Poem to My Mother

Mom you was never their for me
I would cry out in the middle of the out
From having a night mare
But you was never there
You was never there when I need my hair done for prom
You never was their to tech me how to shave me legs
You was never there to brad my hair 
I all ever wanted was you to be a mother to me
But I guess that was just to much too ask 
Mom do you  remember  when you run your finger threw my hair
When you did that I knew that when you was going to leave again
You weather have men and drugs
Instead of being a mother to me and my brother 
I always love you but you never loved me back
Happy Mothers Mom
I still love you Mom..

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What Are Mom's Made of

They say that little boys are made of shells and snails and puppy dog tails.
They say that little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.
Moms are made of thunder. As her voice booms to say,"Stay out of the cookie 
Moms are stronger than superman. When you want that peanut butter jar open.
    But most of all moms are soft and full of tears.
When you hand her flowers and say," I LOVE YOU MOM!!"

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The Love of a Step-Mother

I did not expect to take another Mother's child
but I did it with concern and a smile
I did not expect to see hurt, neglect, and rebellion
but I did it with love, guidance and nurturing
I did not expect to worry about room or space
but I took them all and taught them togetherness and grace
I did not expect the long hours of time and care
but I did it with little rest and slept away my tears
This is not a Cinderella story for that is make believe
This is the story that came from the heart and love of a step-mother
I now call Mom.

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A Black Queen

A black queen knows how to handle her castle, her kingdom
Miss queen of the mile beautiful as she walks down the isle
A queen of the mere year coming and going
A black queen knows nothing of any slavery
A black queen of the wheather 
A queen like no other
There are no rainy days in her world
A queen so great she is the sun, moon , stars, night, and day
I'm proud to say that queen is my MOM

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school  can  be  boring or  fun.most  kids  don't  like  school.but  some   kids  may  get  frustrayted  or  even  sad  and  get  day you will  get  never  give  up  and  always  go to  school. Me i love to go to school! Everybody should 
have fun and enjoy school because there's lots to learn about and have a great education!!

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My Little Angel

I Losed A Huge Part Of Me Thee Other Day, Heard The Heartbeat, He Said Everthing Was Okay, As We Waited There, Time Began To Pass, I Was Getting Scared, He Walked In The Room, And The Words So Insercer Entered My Mind, Just One Word, And The Whole Room Went black, People Stared Like What Were You expespting, My Baby With His Arms Around Me, I Felt A Tear Roll Down My Cheek, And I Didnt Care Who Saw, All I Knew Was A Huge Part Of Me Wasnt there, Emptyness, Felt So Lonely, But Everyone Was There, Mommys and Daddys Little Angel Was No Longer There:"( So Heartbreaking: But True... R.I.P Jamie Mom And Dad Will Keep You In Our Prayers

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A mother's love

A mother's love is

A mothers love is
always there

A mother's love 
will never die

A mother's love is
always comfort

A mother's love is

A mother's love is 
one of a kind

these are the things of what a mother's love can be!

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You Can't Be Like This

I know you're still doing dope
Just by the way you mope
You went to get clean
You got really mean
I've talked to Rick
And now you make me sick
You lied
I cried
You assume i can't tell
I feel like you're trying to put me under your spell
I'm done pretending
It's time to come clean

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best friend

there  here  till  the  end  and  when  you  need a   helping  hand  they   are  most 
likely   to   help.they   will   always  be  there  when  your  sad  or  happy  or  
maybe  even  angry and  scared.

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A Starry Night

Among those twinkling stars,
One just finds me and stares.
Among the many crowded people,
I look at the star through the water ripple.

As the night goes on and on,
The star uses its shine to don,
In order to hide from me,
As I disappear into the sea.

I wander how we will ever,
Again come to see each other,
By the night of this very river.

In a single star, I find memories.
In a single star, I find love.
In a single star, I find loneliness.
In a single star, I find respect.
In a single star, I find poetry.
In a single star, I find my mother, my only mother.

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Give me a day
and let me go away
Let me find my way
Let me go astray
and learn my lessons

Let us part our ways
Let me leave your embrace
and feel the coldness of the world
Let me get lost 
And recapture my footings back

Don't hold my hand
Let me topple and fall
Let me rise and gain my strength
Just like a cow lets its calf
I wanna stand on my own

Let me feel the cruelty of people
Let me learn to absorb their jealousy
Let me learn to make them smile
They will love me though it may take a while

Mother,am no longer a child
i can now tame the wild
Just pretend you no more care
And let me fight free and fair

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Dear Grandma

Theres no one in this world who can compare to you or can even come close
Your the best grandmother anyone could ever ask for i love you most
I know I dont always show you how much you mean to me
Im sorry for all the times I was a brat and how I would be
No matter what I say without you I wouldnt have anything and you mean more to me than you know
Im sorry from the bottom of my heart and the good I will try to show
To you Grandma I wrote this for you with all my love
Everyday your in my heart and in my head your always thought of

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the things i do 
the things i think 
i just wish you could come home
i miss you so much 
i wish you were here 
why did this happen to you 
mom i just wish you could come home 
i hope you wont die 
i just want to go back in time and be a little girl again to just be in your arms again 
MOM i miss you 
i hope one day you will be home again 
but that wont happen

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Oh, how I’d like to forget, walkin in with you on the bed.
You appeared to me as though you were asleep,
But little did I know you were already deceased.
Never seen you the night before, was scared I’d get beat,
to avoid you yelling at me, and trying to keep the peace.
I wish I could forget those memories,
They're burned in my brain and still in my dreams.
If I could have just one wish for me,
I'd wish for just one day that you could be here with me.
Even though according to you I was a disappointment,
I wonder if I was also your regret.
I always let you down, everything was my fault,
I said and meant that I was sorry, and yet it never stopped.
If only... If only... I could rewire my brain,
And forget all the memories that cause me pain.
Because of you I have this fear,
I want to be angry but I end up scared.
Apart of me always wanted to say “F-off,”
Even though I love you and miss you a lot.
When you died I never had the chance to stand up to you to say things I needed to say,
I still have a lot of pent up anger and pain.
And this bottle inside me is about to break.
How dare you leave us when you did!
Did you know that it was going to happen?
Why did you keep so many secrets from dad and me?
Why this way, did it have to be?
I want to be angry.... but I just cant,
You made me stronger, yet gave me half a chance.
No more.... Fore I'll get carried away,
So at peace... I hope you are and will stay.

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A is for apple her favourite food.
N is for nelly fortado her favourite singer.
G is for green her favourite colour.
E is for easter her favourite holiday.
L is for lilly her  favourite flower.

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Dear Mama

Worm hands hold me close to your chest, It's because of you i never had to wear a vest to protect me from all the bullets and violence i put my self in, and when i did your arms reached in and always pulled me out of sin. Your Big loving heart always showed me love, but not since im packing up my bags, it all turns really rough. So rough that my bones shake and shatter, but it doesn't matter cause i keep going on farther and farther. All i want to say is im sorry, im sorry for the way i used to be and the things you used to do for me. I know that it was not how it was supposed to be, but i promise that by the end of this poem, ill make sure that you'll feel free. So here is my last goodbye, i wish i could kiss your lips and your eyes. but this dark house is quiet and asleep, so i think ill just take my leap. Standing here by the big tree that's right by your window, i decide to climb it, just to take one last peak at the mother who brought to this world this peace of shit. I'm sorry for making this way to hung, so here i go again getting ready to say my so long.

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Dance City Street Lights

A baby's basket
bounced two-times two.
Circled chimed towers ring
downtown beep-bop to the rhythm.
Enjoy the music; birds
fly over docks. It's the busy bouncing
great city street lights that 
hit the road, shimmer in the dark.
I enjoy watching you dance to the music,
June. The jungle summer parties
kaput from hard rain last summer and were
laden with children screaming
"Mommy, I can't find you."
Nothing stops your dancing. You're
oblivious unless the music stops. I 
pace the streets of the city's heart and
quadruple the center of the streets core, two-times-ten
ready to run, run when I know it's your 
sassy sway from side to side 'till you 
turn in his arms, a fall light as yogurt. It's
undeniable that this baby's basket can bounce, bounce, bounce, so
vulnerable to the splitting of the wood and the crying of the child's
watery mucus clogs her throat and all you hear is wah, wah, wah when
Xenon cries, like cheese cloth dipped in chocolate; hard to hear the
yelling when all you comprehend are feet tapping and music moving all around like
zig, zag, zook until you collapse, cause all you knew was dance, dance, dance.

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Who can this woman be in my life, some one who is so sweet loving and caring always there when i need a helping hand and always giving me the right direction who can this woman be who supports me when i am right but if I am wrong she would sit me down and talk to me She is strong and virtuous in her ways a strong arm to lean on Who is this woman who always has a cook meal and the house clean and keep all of your things in order who is this woman who mends our clothes and be by ourside when we are sick, Gives us advice even if we dont want it, and always tells us to keep our head to the sky and nver once does she try to make us look small or forsake us, she gives us our rules and tell us that its up to us to listen always in our corner and always has us in her heart at all times no matter the situation you will always know that she is praying for you who is this woman who gives so much love aand go beyond the call of duty, there with open arms and a happy smile and creates joy in our mind this most outstanding woman in our life is our MOTHER one we will never ever forget and one we will love until the end of time, no matter how far we may go our mother is always there and she never stops loving you, Mother is our everything , she that rock that mighty ship that can sail around the world by itself, She that cover of protection that is with us at all times, and we cannot walk away for if we do we will return with open arms and a open heart, becasue she is the best and she deserve a lot when God created Mothers he knew the world would need them more than anything, but i want to say if you ever experince being a mother you will know and understand the nature of this word Mother

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You have always been the 
best friend to me, 
teaching and showing me 
what others could not see.
Blessing me with 
everything you do, 
even when other showed 
me hatred with their boo.
You are the greatest gift to 
and without you there will 
be no human community.
Your love can never be 
compared to none, 
even in times of sadness 
you always bring fun.
Each time i think of the 
pains you went through for 
my sake,
helps to bring me bad 
memories that i can't take.
Especially the tears you 
shield at the time of my 
makes me wish that you 
alone should be free from 
I can't imagine the pain of 
carrying me for 270 days, 
that is why i feel like 
thanking you in a million 
Thanks for the time you 
had sleepless night, 
and thanks for every dream 
you made right.
Thanks for all the love and 
and also thanks for wiping 
away all of my tears.
Thanks for believing in me 
when others didn't, 
and thanks for blessing me 
with your love when others 
Thanks for all of your moral 
and thanks for all of your 
maternal blessings.
Thanks for always watching 
my back, 
and thanks for being the 
light in my dark.
Thanks for all of your 
delicious food, 
and thanks for making me 
the best in the hood.
Thanks for bearing all of my 
and thanks for sharing all of 
my sufferings.
Thanks for the gift of life, 
and thanks for being part of 
my life.
Thanks for being part of my 
success story, 
and thanks for being part of 
my tale alleglory.
Thanks for being the best 
treasure i could ever find, 
and thanks for your support 
when am lagging behind.
I just can't thank you 
enough for every thing you 
have done, 
right from the moment i 
was born.
Thanks once more for 
making me a human, 
because all of your love and 
care made me a super-
I value you more than silver 
and gold, 
because you are the 
sweetest mum in the world.

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Spudly Love

Mashed potatoes are a drug
each bite tastes better than than the first
ladled in hot pork gravy 
puddled in the middle of the dollop
and dripping slowly down the sides

soft and warm they slide down my throat
a little salt a little pepper
every bite I feel the pleasure 
everything is simple when I eat mashed potatoes
I am in the NOW when I eat them... 

I'm nurtured by the texture and the creamy warmth and flavor
of that fat spud who I think loves me as much as I love it.

Food is love and  "love is a drug"

I heard that love is a drug in a song by the New York Dolls.

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CHILD ABUSE(not about me)

my mother screams and shouts,
while i hide under my bed
she comes in my room and finds me, 
and angrily beats me in the head.
she says im always bad
and i never do my chores
and she says when im dead shell be glad
cause she wont have to worry about me anymore
i see the anger in her eyes
as she beats me, and tells me she wished i would die
when i think about all these bad memories
it only makes me cry
im always scared to talk to her
cause i know i will get hurt
but, i wasnt sure how...stab, hit, or burnt?
but, thankfully my teachers care,
and turned my mother in
so now my new life can begin.
sometimes i think my mother cared,
but then i wake up and realize that the love was never there.
now im all grown up
and i lived through it all.
but i still dont understand
why she put me through it all.

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This Mother's Day

On this Mother's Day,
I really want to say
How much I love you,
For everything that you do
You've always been here for me,
No matter what the day may be
So thanks Mom, for having a big heart,
And loving me from the start

Dedicated to my Mom-Kay.  Love, Janice
Mother's Day May 13, 2012

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Sacrificial Mother

Sacrificial Mother

I gave birth to you,
I sheaded blood and tears for you,
Nearly died trying to keep you from harms reach.
I gave you a warm home,
 on those cold winter nights.
I showed love and sympathy when others wouldn’t,
Don’t you soon forget child, 
Who was always there for you.
Love your Sacrificial Mother.

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You are a much loved mother

        You are a much loved mother
        Who is missed each passing day
        You were always there to listen, to guide us on our way.
        You possessed the greatest gift, the kind that can`t be bought,
        That is what made you special, the love you gave us all.
        You had so much to give, such a caring heart,
        A nature that was so gentle,
        A smile that shon so bright.

        For today we stand here thinking of how time has slipped away,
        Of all that we have shared, with the passing of each day.
        We recall all the happiness,
        The mountains you have climbed
        And the beautiful memories that are there,
        That you have left behind.

        So walk amongst the bluebells, be free to say farewell,
        We are proud you are our mother,
        You`ll never be far away.

        Never to be forgotten, your memory will live on,
        For life with you continues with generations still to come.
        For they have a little gift they inherited from you.
        To be a person to be proud of, as we are of you.

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she  is  the  best.they  can  get  angrey.but  she  always  will  be their  for 
you.when  you  have  a   have  a  problem she  will always  help.thats  what  
mothers  are  for

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I’m lost without you in my life,
My heart aches for the love of my mother,
You should be here for me,
I know the words that I spoke, 
Were not right before you passed,
I never got a chance to make things right,
Although you were my aunt,
You were the closest thing,
I had to a mother, and I couldn’t have asked for more,
Two years since I last talked to you,
And word comes that you have passed,
So young, so very young,
You had a good life before you,
That you will never know,
I pray that you found God before you passed,
So that I can see you when I get to heaven,
At twenty-eight and so much to live for,
I want to say that you are still alive,
But I know the truth,
I wish things were different,
I will be lost without you Tia. 
RIP Meghan Marie Galaviz

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A mother and child bond from birth
She loves you for your own true worth 
When we enter the earth she’s who feds
You first with her gentle breast and during
tough time she lends her arms for you to rest. 

A mother’s love is like no other bond 
On earth who comes forth to calm all 
your fears and wipe away all your tears 
Through her love she sets you free.

A mother is not only a friend but an angel
that delivers strength, who is in nature pure 
with a precious cure. When there is pain we
can’t endure a mother is always there to bring
something to cheer. God bless all the mothers
for loving us like no other and for caring through 
the years. 

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In her face, 
There is hope.
In her smile, 
There is kindness.
In her food, 
There is satisfaction.
In her movement, 
There is grace.
In her lips, 
There is an amazing smile.
In her eyes, 
There is respect.
In her touch, 
There is tenderness.
In her breast milk, 
There is nourishment.
In her words, 
There is truth.
In her open hands, 
There are palms of care.
In her back, 
There is comfort.
In her heart, 
There is love.
In her thought, 
There is a dream.
In her voice, 
There is peace.
In her maternal teaching, 
There is an heavenly lesson.
Inside her womb, 
Feels just like heaven.
Behold she's the hand 
made of the lord, 
Created right from the 
depth of God's heart.
She's an angel, 
With an invisible wings.
She's God's creation, 
With all perfection.
Guess who she is? , 
She's my mother

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Sort to Abort

A child of mine was not to be, because of sinful deeds;
A life of fun & frolic too, I missed the lines between the two;
For mother & child is brilliant news, as long as none was between fun;
I caught the tear with the fear that mother and child were hapless few.

Conniving me, planned my plea just to see the little child flee;
Folks did talk me in, about the sinful act;
heads I win, tales I lose was always something of impact;
Playing around was total fun & bothered me the least when down;
Then came a time when I was fined by voices from above;
Broken down with issues flare;
The guilt was on my head,blind and unconcerned;
Surrender was my only bender when heavens gate opened but closed the moment I was near;
And from that far I look around and saw that hell was staring down at me.

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broken promises

you   said  you  were  gonna  take  me   to  the  movie's 
you  said  you were   gonna   take  me out  for  dinner
you    said you  were  gonna  take  me  to  the  mall
but   you     broke  your  word.

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life's insight

I had to be strong and not falter
Remember our wedding day?
You ran from the alter
Didn’t want to talk to anyone wanted to be alone
Remember our conversation on the cellphones?
You expressed your doubts
And began to shout
Recalling a fight from moths ago
When friends and us all went out

I embraced you with words
And foiled your concerns
We both couldn’t ignore
What our hearts yearned 

We shed our tear
And shared a cry
Look at us now 
We’re doing fine
2 years later a beautiful lady
Hugs, kissed, and endless smiles
Expecting our first baby

What a good mother
 You never scold
Lilly Ann we hoard like treasure
That’s our precious gold

We shed tears
And shared a cry
Look at us now
We are a family with our own house 
And we are doing fine

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thank you

thank you  for the  nice things you  say   about  me.
thank you  for the  nice thing's you  bought  me
thank you  for  doing  good  things  with  me.
thank you  for  helping me when i   needed  a  helping  hand.
now  what's  all  left  to  say  is...................................
thank  you  thank  you  thank  you  thank you

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lost and found

Im lost in this darkness this 
world of destruction my brother 
is not my brother and our 
mother loves us not running 
with many only a few with 
flashlights who will make it to 
the light as the night grows 
stronger I feel as if I'm weaker  
laughing with those who laugh 
at me and not with me we can 
not be friends because no one 
knows what that is anymore I 
can not love because I haven't 
felt it before I can not give you 
truth because no one showed 
me how, I can not care for you 
because Im careless for self i 
am running alone in this 
darkness with many running too 
some have flashlights but while 
running i open my eyes realizing 
it was never dark eyes wide 
shut is what my grandmother 
says find love in yourself child 
let pain and anger go i feel like 
I've been alone for a long time 
all the while god was with me 
the whole time, i gave my mind 
to the streets my body to those 
not deserving my heart to those 
who didn't need it, they came 
and gone ripping me into pieces 
i found comfort in sin with all 
the sinners but he saved me 
because I'm worth it to him 
GOD came into my room while i 
laid in the dark drugged up and 
drunk and he kissed me and 
said my child NO PAIN, I LOVE 
COULD HANDLE, my mother 
killed herself, my husband was 
murdered in front of me what 
do i have to live for why not run 
threw darkness no one cares 
how i feel inside they take i 
USE IT, but it was a dream or 
was it i have opened my eyes 
wide open i feel i am loved i am 
worth it i am blessed!!!!!!

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I appreciate you,
With all my heart.
For every act of kindness,
From the moment you first held and fed me,
Through every tiny gesture of affection and each great sacrifice,
To the supreme effort it must have taken in letting me fall flat on my face-
When i could learn no other way,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
For you are the best mother anyone could ever ask for!!!

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I remember seeing a concrete pillar that dwarfed me,
I remember my eyes hurt because the sun was so bright,
I remember feeling the heat from the pavement reach my face,
I remember scribbling loads of woollen balls on my copybook in the classroom,
I remember my mother say to the nun “Well he is four now”,
I remember playing with a red and cream plastic toy in bed because I was sick,
I remember the nun wrapping my brother’s faeces in newspaper 
                  and sending me home with it to give to my mother,
I remember kicking my legs under the bedclothes because it was Christmas Eve,
I remember seeing a ghost outside my bedroom door,
I remember waking up in agony seconds after I was run over by a car on the street,
I remember first falling in love with the young nurse in the hospital; I was nine,
I remember loving going to the dentist because it meant a day off school,
I remember believing that Indians were going to attack my uncle’s farmhouse,
I remember thinking cows were my aunts,
I remember seeing my mother naked,
I remember the way my father looked at me as he entered the room,
I remember crying because my mother said no,
I remember being lost in Galway,
I remember being found by my mother and she laughed and stroked my hair,
I remember my granny going into town and coming back with a silver gun for me,
I remember my father hitting me,
I remember serving mass and feeling important,
I remember the granny nun, who used to let me sit on her knee,
I remember being afraid of my teacher,
I remember my first lie,
I remember the lie was about sins I never committed but I admitted them to satisfy the 
I remember my real sins, like stealing money from my mothers jar,
I remember feeling that I was a bad person,
I remember feeling ugly,
I remember feeling dirty,
I remember feeling hope secretly,
I remember planning to run away with my brother,
I remember promising to myself that I will never forget,

Memories matter.

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Wanting The Old Mom Back

How can you keep this up,when all you do is keep messing up.
Promise after promise you make,but they all seem to break.
You want me to believe you but how can I when everything you say is fake.
Take another drink or another pill,just so you can get the fill,forget your kids and how they feel.
Crying every night asking where you are tonight
I don't like what you keep doing,it's
hurting my feelings.
I want the old mom back, the one that didn't have to put on an act.
The one that didn't have to tell a lie every time.
The one that didn't make the twins cry every time you'd say goodbye.
All I'm asking is for the old mom back ,is that asking to much from me?
I just want you to see your not only hurting me.
I love you mom but I'm taking a stand,I'm tired of all the misunderstands.
I just want the old mom back, I hope you understand.

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to Emma

You look at me with my eyes in wonderment and hope of this bright new world you’ve come into.
 Learning with every sound and movement you make. Ah, how beautiful you are to me. 
As you grow, you know not of stress and the addiction of money and material things. You find happiness  
in dancing and running about for no reason other than to just feel the wind in your curls. My arms are 
your comfort and to you my kisses have healing powers.  You believe in magic and make me believe. 
You drink tea made of air, and your spirit kindred to all living things.  Your smile is my drug, and nobody 
has ever looked prettier with missing teeth.  You’ve taught me more in your short presence than I could 
learn from a thousand books.  You have kept my heart young. I’ve never been given a greater gift. I just 
wanted to thank you for choosing me because no matter what I have done for you, I will forever be 
indebted for what you have opened my eyes to.  Life. Realization. Purpose. Love. Thank You.  

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Raised by a woman

Raised by a woman 
Daily I am amazed to be human 
she kept me from ruin 
protect me when i am assuming 
fumming trying to pay her back 
Fact, never again will i feel love like that 
she planted me like a seed, 
in rich soil obtaining all the things i need 
I watched her bleed emotions, 
as i grew I kept assuming.. 
Had no other choice, I was raised by a woman!!!! 

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Dear Mother (change the e to a u)

Dear mother, can you remember me
here a clue my name begins with d
the one you left so you could be free

Try to explain, you’ll be told

Thou in life I have failed
at least I tried, you fecking bailed

Dear Cathy, do you like to joke?
I do allot, but it’s a cloak
cover all feelings, emotions broke

Try to explain, you’ll be told

Thou in life I have failed
at least I tried, you fecking bailed

Dear miss Scott, I’m not unreasonable
I’m sure you were unstable
i always deal with what on my table

Try to explain, you’ll be told

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A Ture Poem about my mother

She looks up and down her arm,
All cut up and blooded,
Each time she looks at the cut's,
She see what's  (Used  to be) 
and wishes she was dead,
As she touches and looks at each scar,
She memebers how sad she was,
And that near each meant something of her horrblie past...

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"Mother, My Mother"

There is but one Mother, My Mother
So Pure, so Perfect, there could be no other
I cannot bear the thought of ever losing you
For all, and I mean All, that you do

You are so Essential to my life
Stand by to Calm all my Strife
To this End, you make every Sacrifice
There is no one else So Beautiful, So Nice

All the Archangels will Never reach your Height
For here on earth, all the Battles you do Fight
You are always, I repeat Always at my side
You are forever present as my guide

The Rose is only a Beauty, just a Glimmer
Of the Magnificence of your inner Core
The thorns on your otherwise fragile Stalk
Represent the Hurt that you so often Balk

You are my Mom You gave me the World
And as the Years go by, I too grow old
I know your Sacrifices, to Assure that I am well
My Love and Appreciation No words could ever tell

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looking thru children eyes

I always wonder if I look thru a child eyes what would I see. Seeing there parents arguing and fighting for nothing.
Figuring out if it there fault for them fighting. Seeing there mother crying and wonder if they should go and comfort her.
Seeing if there brother or sister see the pain mommy going thru. Hoping mommy and daddy kiss and make up.

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Millions of dewdrops greet the dawn,
As hungry of bees buzz the clover,
Dazzling butterflies flutter about,
As moms give love the world over.

Lessons learned at our mother’s knee,
Last a lifetime till we grow older,
Popping up when troubles accrue,
Like a whispering angel on our shoulder.

Gods gives us friends that mean so much,
Children, fathers, sisters and brothers,
Though far, far above all the rest,
No one loves us more than our mothers.

In and out of friendships, jobs and partners,
Our mothers always remain our evening star.
Those who where born to a selfish mom,
Make the rest us realize how lucky we are.

How great life is to have a good mom,
Who reads what we feel but can’t say.
Nothing means as much as her tender touch,
And for all who are without one, “we pray.”

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i went to the park

you  were there  i  turned  around  and  tryed  to   walk  away.
the  littlle   boy  i  was   babysitting  wanted to  go on  the  swings.
so  i  covered  my   face  when  when  we   got  there  you  noticed me
you  walked  over to  me  and  said  i  know  you  from   work.i  tryed  to tell  him  i   
only  said   you'r  ugly  because  I  was  tricked   by  the  girl  that  does  not  like  
me. dressed  up  as  me  and  walked  over  to  you  and  said  you  were  ugly.

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mother earth

> chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (verse) Golden light shine down on me. Let the lion roar and the
> eagle sing, Golden light look upon this day and rejoice in the name
> of the lord!
> (chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (verse) Mother earth I gaze upon your beauty I look to the tree's and
> see you within them. Golden light sing of the virtues and be free!
> (chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (Verse) Oh rainbow the colors of the world shine down upon us! Let
there be a day where we can rejoice within our souls. And that you
rejoice within the world sing from the mountain tops all the way to
the valley's.
(chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.

copyrighted by penny lapsley 2008

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I wish I had you back

I wish I could tell you so many things that you did that hurted me
I wish one day you will realize that you need me and not him
I wish we can get back together
I wish you can understand, I wish you could be here for me
I wish I could lay my head on your shoulder and your chest to listen to your heart 
I wish we could start the day over all the way back to the day you named me KIM
I wish I could be by your side threw the stormy weather
I wish.....
I wish you could be a real mother again..................

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my first pet

I    got  a  first  pet   it    was  different  from  everybody's  first  pet  i  had  a  half  
cat  half  dog.i  named it  cado.but i  thought he  was  cool.everyone  kept  making  
fun  of  him.but  i  loved  him  dearly.

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Over any man who feels lost without love
God gives women divine powers.
They can break our hearts or deflate our ego
And cause us to buy diamonds and flowers.

They have compelled kings and presidents to beg
Wild singles to commit to change their way.
Loving us with pleasures problematic to replace
With flashbacks of their passion night and day.

Women mother our babies who we love till death
For us to raise, protect and provide for.
They contribute revenue, affection and direction
With love, companionship and more.

They insist we never abuse or disgrace them
Cheat, lie or take their love for granted.
Which helps us to become more than we are
In love and totally enchanted.

By Tom Zart

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love mom

I had the oddest experience 
my son, was not my kind
And I kinda didn't know what to do
my son was being you
but he doesn't know you
and you don't deserve a mention
So forget that I did
I'm at odds
so nothing matters?
Everything I taught him
is nothing?
My sweet Son
I can't accept this DNA crap
I won't
allow you to be asshole to the mother of your child
I am so sorry, my sweet, I don't take your side

love mom

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A Poem for my mom

Mommy I'm sorry,
For never listing to you,
I'm sorry for not helping out much,
And also for making you shout a lot,
I never meant to hurt you
or make you cry.

I never meant to doubt you or even scream and fight with you,
I tired so hart to be good,
but never really achieved
because I didn't think I could
Please don't regent bringing me into this world
because I'm so geld it was you 
and some old cow
I never meant to take your love for granted 
and chuck the biggest tantrums
I love you so much.

Even though I don't show it 
but I'm writing this poem to let you it 
please know it's true
because I really do love you....

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The Endeavor of Ennobling

People believe:

To change something forever,

It always starts with the Man in The Mirror.


 On this Earth, long we have all been,

both aged and teen,

And I believe of all our goals,

The most important should be to ennoble our souls.


For without guilt, we use our world as a fence,

And show it our assumption of reverence,

 But what makes the difference,

Is our rigid preference. 


 Now to save the world from the end of its tether,

The masses of millions must come together.

Because even though we claim it as the Mother of all,

We, each, look to erase it from History’s scroll.

For while we cut trees and burn fuel here,

The Earth blinds back tear after tear.

To respect this fact:

To give our evils a strong border,

I believe an endeavour  to heal the world, is in order.


And to give the healing process a direction,

 I suggest a bit of introspection,

This way, every man, woman and child,

Would, on “Mother” Earth, stop being so wild.

Long enough has been postponed a juncture,

Where we think about the future.

For why should the Earth, on us, show pity,

When, to save it, are ready, neither foolish nor witty?


So let us leave a little behind for our kith and kin,

And deprive ego of its biggest win.

For only those are believed human,

Who live and let live. :) :)

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Mother's Day

I seen the child sit on her lap.
I seen him smile with a laugh.
For she is a mother but not his.
But she is a grandmother.
Of all of these kids.

She is funny, she is more,
for she is an angel sent here.
Her talk is to great
she is so wonderfully bright,
like the sun's rays shining on the Earth.

Such an influance to me,
she took me and embrached me in her arms.
Mother's Day is on its way.
So say something special and do a favor!!!

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Where Did They Go

The girl with the lustful eyes and the mini skirts, where did she go?
I see her physically but for some reason the wondering eyes and mini skirts no longer show.
The guy who would drink every night until his eyes closed, he is no longer here.
I see him physically but for some reason the drunken nights with Vodka, Whiskey and Rum have disappeared. 
Where did they go?
Where is the girl with the piercings and tattoos that were placed at the small of her back?
I see her physically but for some reason now piercings and tattoos are what she lacks.
Where is the guy who danced in the club Sunday through Saturday with no day to rest?
I see him physically but for some reason he will not step foot in the club anymore, he confessed. 
Where did they go?
Where is the girl who treated every man like her husband and gave him lust on another degree?
I see her physically but for some reason she now does not have sex before marriage no matter how much he pleas. 
Where is the guy that hit and curse women like his mother and sister since the age of fifteen?
I see him physically but for some reason now he treats his mother and sister like queens.
Where did they go?
Where is the girl who was so depressed that she cut her wrist just to get attention when she felt alone?
I see her physically but for some reason the cutting has cease and now she is getting help to make her secret problems known.
Where is the guy who had sex with girls night after night just to prove to his friends who was on top?
I see him physically but for some reason the random sex acts with random girls have stopped. 
Where did they go?
They were tired of the life they lived and decided to kill what held them back the most,
They stopped feeding their flesh, until the flesh became ghost.
Giving up the ways of the world, and started living like the ways of Christ they were born again, 
No longer wanting to stray away from GOD and live their life through sin. 
So where did they go?
They went in the direction where there is everlasting life,
Living for GOD, now saved, now a husband, and now finally a wife. 

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Ode to the mother who is so kind
who’s beauty and gospel light always shine.
The mother that I love so dear always does the wash
The mother that I love so dears loves the kitchen store called Bosch.
Mother, I don’t know if you remember the time you once told me, 
that I would always be your baby as long as you were taller;
Believe me Mom that is not quiet fair you always knew I would be smaller.
I never told you how brave and strong you are to me.
Mother I first noticed your strength when grandma left this earth
I know how much it hurt you,
I know how much you cried.
The sorrow that burdened your heart always burdened mine
But the thing that I remember most was how I felt inside
I’d thought that I had lost her forever,
Mom, I thought life would never be the same. 
But then I looked into your eyes and that’s were I lost my pain.
I knew she wasn’t lost because her and you are the same, as long
as you’re my Mommy and forever with me you remain.
I hope one day Mother that I shine the way you do,
with the glory of God inside you and a little bit of grandma too.
Your beauty is more than outward appearance, it’s what’s on the inside I love.
You always put up with me, 
you always seem to care,
So Mother I know I’m not perfect 
and I can be a grouch,
But I know that you love me, and that’s what really counts.
I don’t know why you chose me, but I know why I chose you
Because God believed that you would lead me back to him and would keep me 
close to you.
I could not be more proud of the mother you are to me.
So thank you Mom for being the mother I want to be, I hope one day you will know
how much you will always mean to me.

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Shag haircuts and music
Memaw teaching me how to make a bed
Marilyn, sharin a cookie and a secret
and books so eagerly read

Sittin in trees, a hot breeze
pickin  the scabs off my skinned knees

Skulkin and wantin to know
what said around the kitchen table
"whats goin on?!!"
hearin pieces but not quite able

playin in the woods
had my first kiss
now I'm sneakin out the window
caught, grounded for life
sneakin but not not able
to fool my mom

was always knowin what I was up to
was always saving me
was always talking to me like I had sense
was always loving me

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for mum

since pregnancy taking care of me
taking me through childhood and adolescence
against all odds 
then into adulthood
she is always there for me
through thick and thin guiding me
not letting go of her love for me
some times i don't deserve her love
some times of course our opinions differ
but in all these we still agree
because she is me
and i am her
she is me!
teaching me to walk and talk........she is my mother!

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About Mom and Dad

Sometimes I began to forget how life use to be,
and have to go through the box that holds  our memories,
Memories of when you and mom didn't fight,
and all of us lived under one roof,
when there wasn't two of every holiday,
and step moms or step dads,
Even though I was young I still remember the day you left,
and mom didn't cry cause she knew it was coming,
I can't help but to think of how things could have been different,
and how it would feel to still love you dad...

My life with my mom and dad was never good nor was my life cause
I am now a single mother of two girls and my oldest is Austin but it's lies bumps I 
over come and the only way  i can deal with life and everything is to wrote 
poems....So thank you all for enjoy reading my poems

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Mama, you crazy
but crazy makes your arms so strong
they're enough for me
hold me up, when I weigh 106 pounds
slap me upside the head 
when I look at things I don't have to see 
your arms are always there
thru my smoke and my alterations
my stupid poems
forcing me to know
you love me


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to my dear freands son

his thoughts gone like a dream his mind it cries and wants to scream.his mind belongs to
the devil now his caring parents don't know how. suddenly light shines the room as
adrenalin starts to zoom . he wakes ,he shakes he looks around his pumping eardrums he
hears a sound.he then imbraces his mothers love as she prays thank you to the one above.

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My Son

What happened to my little one,
Who's small hand fit in mine?
What happened to the quiet time,
That we would always find?

He's growing up so fast now,
And soon he'll be a man.
I hope I've given him guidance, 
I think I've done the best I can.

He gives me reason to smile,
With each and every passing day.
And I believe he has grown to be,
A good man in every way.

Of course he is not perfect,
I expect that he'll make mistakes.
As long as he takes responsibility,
And always does what it takes.

I have always tried to teach him one thing,
I really hope that he has taken heed.
To always be kind to other people,
And try to help those who are in need.

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Misbegotten Mistress


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Virgin Mary, I

Call upon me the day the Virgin Mary had an abortion
I carried out my sentence as the birth of the apocalypse
death to a savior, save me, Lord forgive, troubled times
but no reason for reason within the sanctuary of a sinner
begin in the mind, be blind and lead others, It doesn't 
matter if you land in Hell, just don't abandon your brother
it becomes sacrifice of me and mine for a temporary smile 
on a childs face, so I don't waste time and take that leap of faith
and tell God to call upon me the day
the Virgin Mary had an abortion, as I am born to a saint
daughter of Mari, looked over by a fallen angel
holding tight to life, floating on destiny, I call out to the Lord
                                to call upon me

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Separation among childhood

As my heart weeps for love,
I began to feel blank, 
As my eyes began to glow,
My body wants to vacate.
Childhood went by too fast,
For the young years are through,
As I lay in a dreary dungeon,
I now have to start new.
Childhood was sweet,
There was a bound between two,
For now we have departed,
I have to decide what to do.

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I think I am good
I'm like you
love is very...
sometimes something very difficult to discribe
I know you know what I mean
this is not really a peom
this is 
an apology
this is a 40 year old CHILD
for everything

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Love you
always so forgiving
i smoke
I think
I am my own person
Dad... he tried
But he didn't try like you
Mom, i'm gettin old
I'm gettin like you
I AM you
So, I'll make it.

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Little Willow-Ode to an MS Patient

Little Willow dancing free
in fields of flowers like a sea,
Indian Paintbrush, yellow and red,
Bluebonnets wave their cobalt heads.

Graceful as a ballet dancer,
little Willow's found the answer,
long ago her soul escaped
from her body's twisted shape.

Arms and legs drawn up and stiff,
drooling through her slackened lips,
corpse-like in her sterile bed,
sightless eyes roll in her head.

Beside her bed, always there,
her mother knows she's unaware,
thirteen years of endless rue,
with this child she never knew.

Her mother lives an endless Hell,
caring for an empty shell,
while Willow's in her field of dreams,
her mother swallows silent screams.

©Danielle White

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Who am I to know 
the abstract silence
when you drink the moonlight all alone ? 
The black toes of a dying woman 
haunt me in a stream 
of white shrouds. A night
of shattering perceptions, 
defaults and ignorance. 
Time bomb was ticking.

It had been troubling me 
the betrayals in night
mothering a vegetable past. 
A single finger defines 
the authority of future.
I traced the proud shadows of a god for, 
a useless reference of illegible wisdom,
untold misery of green waves mirrored in sky.

For extracting death 
from life at every step
I knew the answer. 
Dying was not a private thing. 
The truth and the path would die.
How you dreaded the closed doors? 
The explicit fear of drowning 
in beliefs with brothers of 
sorrow and feet of clay. 


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Love in the Hallway

So I'm slithering along the hallway
and all the lights are out
I come upon Mom and Friend
ignoring the man that shouts
He bangs upon the door
he begs, he implores
we stiflle our laughter
he hears, he begs more
I'm certain I shouldn't be a witness to these events
as a child nearly adult, I'm hard to convince
Hell no, I'm not going back to bed
I need to know why he's out of his head
Mama and Friend can barely contain
their fear and glee for this man's pain
I am breathless, enthralled at  "Their " power
to rob a man of what he thinks of "His" power
then Friend departs with Mr. Pain on his plane, so regal
she soon calls to report he's illegal
finally she returns to her kids, to us, her dogs
I was skulking around when she told mom 
"Thank God".

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How do I say good-bye

How do you go on knowing you just lost,
  to know you can't do what another can,
  and if you could/did you would be striking your own hand,
you hung on as long as you could and paid a cost,

You stepped in to pick them up dry there tears and helped them believe,
   but the ending is just days away and you have to let them go,
   you knew this day was going to come and what you taught them shows,
she lost her kids and into the system they'll go and you can't give them what they need,

How dose a mother lose her kids, how can I say good bye,
   I watch her tears fall for they are here kids no more she has no rights,
   my nephew  and nieces with love I stepped in to help you  fight ,
  18 months while here I told,showed, displayed love, and helped them cry. 

A mother who knew and chose to let them go is my sister no more,
  you chose over your own, abused your own you, you let him.....,
  who would of thought as we played as kids that this light would dim,
we stood by each other fought for one another, and to your own you closed the door,

I know I'll forgive you, and God may too but you hurt these kids and they wont,
  in foster homes away from family they will grow and I hope I can be in their life's,
  they didn't deserve this, nor did you deserve them you really don't,
I hope and pray they take nothing you taught them as a husband and wifes,

May the rest of their life be filled with love hope and understanding ,
  my Gods test for them reach it's end 
  they had enough bad in their life's and I hope their hearts mend,
but how do I say good-bye as my heart meets this crash landing.  

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A mother is someone who loves
us somuch that we sometimes 
can't understand it.
A mother is someone who makes
us realize how good we are
there is no one better then us.
Her happiness is in our laughter
and sorrow in our sorrow.
She is someone we can't live without
she is everything.
A mother is someone no matter
how old we get, to her, you are still
her baby.
A mother is someone who will pray
for us in the midnight hour.
She loves and care for her children.
The loness in the jungle is the one
who cabs.
She refuse to allow anyone to 
harm her cubs.

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For you
I am walking on rocks
holding unburnt match sticks,
you want me to throw them
behind me.

To step down in lake
for washing sins
from the snuffed out
Between green and blue I climb on leaves.

Remained pygmies
till end,
in frail human relationships.
All that we saw, was only for ourselves
in questions and replies.

Wasting shine of titles,
followed by empty looks.
Nothing remained to be said.
Food was left on the plate


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Dear mom

Dear mom,

 I'm sorry about the letter I'm writing you, but I've done all I can and there is no more
I can do,
 You see it's your daughter she lost her kids, or should I say she chose another over them
thats what she did,
 Mom I'm sad for the way this all turned out, these kids are so messed up because of her 
you know what  I'm talking about,
 There's no family members to take them all in, and I think it's so sad that they pay for
there mom's sins,
  Mom I believed she would get better, do the right thing, but you know her she wants to
do it her way that sad old song she sings,
 I'm glad your not here to see them go, mom as bad as they are where ever they wined up
I'm sure a better life they will know.
 It just hurts to say goodbye, all eight of them didn't deserve the life she gave them are
deserve the tears they cry,
 I just hope and pray you watch over them, they will need all the love you can send,
You know I did all I could right , and you know and see how  my own kids are doing in this
  Mom like you did her whole life, watch over your daughter and try to help her the rest
of her life,
 for a mother without her kids is what she'll be, and just like them the bright side she
will not see,
 they will all be better off, a home, hope, and a chance just to be, some thing she never
gave them that something you gave me,
 So in closing I'm sad to say, mom I'm sorry it ended this way,

                                                               Love your son,

 p.s. I hope up there you get this letter, and your having fun.

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I was very restless today
somebody had overplayed the hand
to grab the absolute.
Light was searching the earth
and earth was moving inside me.

I wanted to pack up and go
to meet the truth.
The lips had left their print
on the empty cups.
The ragpicker was waiting.

My toes had met the brutal stones
of godhood. I was puzzled by new
methodology to make man free.
As the grass grows through the carcass
a cataract is trumpeting blind.

I was afraid of the huge web.
The spider was nowhere in sight. 


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Happy Mother's Day

This is a special time 
When we celebrate a miracle that always falls in line
It is of course the wonderful world of the Mother
She is the one who sacrifices more than any other
The sleepless nights spent taking care of the newborn
Still manages to be happy to see her baby even tough tired and worn
The house stays clean and dinner is on the table
Feeding, rocking and burping the baby, catching a few minutes of peace when 
she is able
This is my way of trying to understand and maybe giving back some gratefulness 
in my own way
To my wonderful wife, an extraordinary mother and the rest of you who can relate, 
Happy Mother's Day

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mother i love you
i know you love me
like i love you 
as you can see

you taught me how to talk
you taught me how to dance
you spoiled me
you give me 2nd chances

as i was saying
there are no others
because there is one great
and that is my mother

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My tree nevers blooms any more

When we first started out our love was new
we planted a tree in our yard 
our tree bloomed that summer 
cindy, our neighbor wonder why
I told her it bloomed off of love 
she said no wonder my tree doesn't bloom,
 I have no one to love
I told her she'd find love soon
two years passed my tree stopped blooming
my husband?Where is he? At cindy "fixing" something
her tree's in bloom, but she doesn't have a man
oh now I know wonder why my tree is never in bloom

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next time I laugh I will laugh out loud,
 next time I want to scream I will do it with out a sound,
next time we hold hands I will see it as the last,
 next time I see you I will know what to ask,
next time I'll listen to all that you have to say,
 till next time have a nice day.

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Forgotten Son

Forgotten Son

Waiting for you in the darkness
Concealed within your womb, I waited
Not knowing which way is up and which is down
I reach out into the darkness hoping to be found....

But as always you were not there,
Not there or anywhere I needed you.
Not ever, no never were you there
Never did you care.

Now my eyes are open, I see you
Not much to look at, I see you
Hiding behind your lies, I see you
Now that I don’t need you, I see you
With open eyes and a closed fist, I see you!

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Moms Memories

I can clearly see its a beatiful day.
The sun is giving me all its rays.
The sky is blue and the grass is green.
Enjoying all nature has to bring.
Now I know why mom sit here so much.
To be close to nature to feel its touch.
I notice there is a breeze blowing the leaves in the trees.
I can feel moms presence here with me.
I feel such peace and content.
 And a afternoon could not be better spent.
Sitting here withe moms memories.
In the swing,with nature all I see.

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"Story of Old"

I arose to the sun beating on my face
Stretching out all the aches and pains
Rubbing out the old stale tears from all the yesterdays
Whipping the sweat of all the left over strength from my pale brow
Sitting up, ignoring the pits that bellow beneath my stomach blue
Lazily peeling the strand of hair that seemed to hug the side of my lip
My lips chapped with defeat and thirsty for just a splash of elegant water
Standing up, fighting off the sleepy tingles that creep up the center of my spine
Wishing for those few and far between extra minutes that bend my dreams in half
A brand new day, awake and still dreaming
Walking desperately to the room that hides my flaws
Until I glance effortlessly and unwillingly in the mirror that stares back at me
Almost stalking me with its lustful glare
It is I whom eyeballs that once folded smile
I am beautiful in fact-beautiful in part-beautiful instead of dead wonder and 
To the cracking sound of the rays pushing through the clouds
Like thunder that breaks my heart in two
That secret warm wind finds its way to dance in and out of my hair, and my life.
A long deep breath, oh that somber crispness that invades all privacy
Again peering back at…me. Yellow my teeth have aged and stained
For one brief second remembering that piercing pain of my very first and young 
Adolescence lost
I am old with love, old with hate, and old with excellence.
Aged to a fine wine, and bitter with the taste of passion
My skin, like leather; Tough to break, but has the snap of a whip
Thoughts fade in and out, like a wave meeting the shore, it slithers back lost in 
Lost in time, an hour has past and still not dressed
Those lingering hints of cheap perfume mixed with 20 years of sex that sleeps 
within my sheets, with me, under me, and over.
I smile at the creases and pruned wrinkles that have invaded my once virgin 
Only if I could peel this shell, this facade that I've hidden behind,or have grown 
That silver, shinny and brilliant with the essence of once a deep chocolate brown
Heavy are those lids that seem to hang beneath my once glamorous lashes, and 
accented with a miserable gray tint
It’s ok…I've grown, with that tree outside my door; my leaves too are wilting.
Falling with only the beauty of a million laughs and tears
Throughout those years I've left behind, but reminisce and savor.

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Mom, I can’t compare you
With Sun, moon or stars 
Because I didn’t touch it

Mom, I can’t compare you
With any God
Because I didn’t see them

Mom, I can’t compare you
With any colors 
Because I can’t make it

Mom, I can't compare you
With hell and heaven 
Because I didn't see it

Mom, I can't compare you
With the nature 
Because nature also take revenge 

Some people tell 
Your heart like a sky
Your love like an ocean 
But I tell 
You are like soils 
Where we are rooted 
Without soil we can’t imagine life
We are rooted in soil
You just you; my mom
We can’t compare anything with you.