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Abc Beauty Poems | Abc Poems About Beauty

These Abc Beauty poems are examples of Abc poems about Beauty. These are the best examples of Abc Beauty poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door light a old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

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Z is for Zaria

A-Z Latin and Common names of plants.

A is for Acanthus Mollis the Latin name but this does teach us
B is for the common name we know it as bears Breaches.

C is for Campanula some are short and some of them tower
D is for the common name the pretty blue Dalmatian Bellflower

E is for Erigeron a daisy like flower not keen on the rain
F is for its common name, a strange sounding Fleabane.

G is for Galtonia its nodding head like a bowing nymph
H is for the common name the snowdrop or summer Hyacinth.

I is for Imperata Ruba not so hardy let me tell you alas
J is for the common name It’s known as Japanese Blood Grass.

K is for Kniphoria Triangularis a tall flower when unfurled
L is for the common name the pretty Light of the World.

M is for Morus nigia a stately tree with hearts shaped leaves 
N is not for the common name but NEEDS care when pruning as it bleeds 

Oenothera biennis is for an ephemeral beauty a perfume delicate on the nose 
P is for the common name, and we know it as the Evening Primrose.

Q is for Quercus Ruba a fast growing plant that looks tremendous against a wall
R is for the red leaves that this plant displays when in the fall

S is for Salvia greggii you will of heard of this I’ll will wage
T is for its common name we know it as a Texas Sage.

U is for Ugni a fruiting tree with leathery leaves that is second to none
V is for variety in fact in this tree there is only one.

W is for Wisteria that loves to ramble up wires and twist
X is for Xeranthemum the flowers are straw like and crisp

Y is for the Yucca plant a flowering beauty that last for weeks
Z is for Zantedeschia a lily, a variety of colours for you to seek.

© 27/03/2013 

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Rainbows In My Clouds

My mother an angel
Light shines upon her,
Brilliant and bright
Never ending source of might
Paving the way for her daughter,
Yes me
So thankful I am able to see
Endless endless endless love
God sent her from up above
Has my best interest at heart
How did she become so smart
Full of wisdom 
Unable to pin point exactly how
My mom has that umpth pow
Powerful woman
Always puts rainbows in my clouds
My mom one in a million
The day I became yours is the day you became mine

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if time heals all wounds,?
my cure lies in patience,?
if sadness makes us stronger,?
sorrow lives as my acquaintance,
the sun rises slowly but has to set again too soon,
the sun brings us the light but is only shadowed by the moon,
the sun shows our imperfections, and the moon leaves them transparent,
but if i speak truth let me be a declarant,
true beauty shines through when under darkness, moon or sun,
your beauty stay true, equalled by none,
time will heal not being by your side,
and the sorrow will give me strength to be proud that i tried,
one day you will find a love much greater than I,
i just long for the chance to say that your mine.

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Home is Where the Ocean Is

Summer is here once again.
The breeze is warm,
I smell salt on the wind.
The same sandy beach between my toes,
The same waters I learned to swim.
Sun burn on my nose,
To the Ocean I dive in.
I submerse myself in the waters of the Atlantic
Warmer than the West Coast Thankfully
Cold, I simply cannot handle it!
Further out I paddle faithfully,
For my mother ocean to keep me sane,
this is my therapy,
to soothe this migraine.
This place gives me energy,
a weakness with a name.
Pleasure Island, NC.
A place hidden with fortunes
and undiscovered fame.
Never could I stray from the ocean
my passions would never be fulfilled
and I would never be the same.

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

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Bitter by ; being mentally bruised and battered most of my life,
shaken with fright without a single soul to help me
through the troubles unseen horrors of the night, 
from an evil source that I fear to strike. 
But as the evil forces, who limited my choices 
that when I found my stallion horses. 
Swiftly it came to my head I can run and I cannot hide, 
feeling the Beast closing in on every time I decide to hide. 
Tired of running and tired of alluding this
relentless creep as my red bolt eyes weep 
feeling rest-less, likes a lonely defeated warrior from his home in retreat 
that is when I knew it time to rest, to release my Beast. 
But in a fight, I may not win however as I cast out my dirty words sin
I made sure it felt my impact, to the bloody end.

by Keith Kadell

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The Vent

im livin in a world, where all eyes on me.
trying to curve my own route.
but route 66 keeps finding its way to me.
ive been plenty sick, in all the events layed before me.
even when i reflect to my lowest points
i dont regret any of the choices
That I’ve deployed in my era
A lot of it by error, but hey
We live in hell conditions and there ain’t no air condition 
Or any guidelines when life throws you in the sidelines
But when hindsight twenty twenty hits
You’ll begin to understand life’s a bunch of equations and you in the mix of it
An you’ll have to think twice, before running into a situation and becoming the best of it
it’s what got me here, it’s what got us here
Ran with my thoughts blazing up to her place and
Guess what happened next
She opened up heaven’s gate
And just before late I slipped out
Simply put 
I’m a Grown ass man
Doin his thing, waitin to blow up like an old land mine
In doin what he drools over
But time after time 
Something decides to creep up and cover the light
Lost my way
Then I revoked to ever know, I ever thought that way
But in the in between time, that in the mean time 
Spent a lot of time
Gettin pissed off just to medicate and lift off
Don’t need Don Perion to sip off
Already had my way with the bottle
Even thought to get back with the trouble and rejoin the hustle
That’s just what happens to a man who really knows his old ways
Whos tired of making ends meet and ponders getting back to the streets.
Memory sets in and he remembers an O.G. saying
No matter how tall your pockets stand when you ball
Eventually times gonna make you fall
And I as I pull myself together 
I don’t wanna end up like the twin towers rubble
I mean no offence to nine eleven but at that time I probably could have used a reverend
But all that’s irrelevant now
because i live with a different perspective now

there you go you made it to the end :-) comment if you like, constructive criticism wanted as well.

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Push Up

i could sit here. day in and day out
thinking of the most proper way
to let the ink in the pen spill out
but as of late im feeling prehistoric 
so much weight on my shoulders 
and i dont know where to go
resuscitate my soul
look back up and head to the goal

so much evil around. i feel like the devils workin double shifts just to bring me down.
on the road to redemption
you can take a seat up in the front section
just so you can feel the emotions
in this electric notion

i've done a lot of things that hide the halo
let it all collaborate when i medicate 
now look at me, mind workin like plato
formulate a new path to take so i can
maneuver through all the mistakes 
we all know we cant change what we've already made
but we can change the next thing we create
startin to sound like a serenity prayer
5 steps till im thirty
and the twenty four before i was never a player
found out when the lights came back on im strictly a lover
its the strongest drink for your soul, when its thirsty
so careful how much you intake or be left hungover
even worse be the one she ran over

i dont mean to come off like im too deep
but the obstacles made there way through just to scrape through
and leave me suffocating
just for me to re-invent a new way to breathe, re-decorating

is your life so complicated 
you rather wet up your pillows and revoke from the life you live
just think of your kids mourning 
theyll never see that pretty face in the morning any more
cheer your self up
you got a lot to live for
your a gem and im that friend
trynna appraise the value 
that you dont see inside of you

just another day for him
goin about
searchin wonderin what his purpose is
running in circles 
till he found a way through all the turbulence

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Glimpses of epiphany

Glimpses of epiphany

Once, a long, long time ago
I was filled with cares and woe
I thought that I was going to die
And the fear of it, it made me cry
As life became a misery
Self-pity came enfolding me.

And then one day amidst the trees
Something did take on over me
The trees lit up like Christmas lights
Glistened silver, sparkling bright
And I fell beneath the mystery
My heart all filled with untold glee

A whisper seemed to fill my soul
The world seemed pure, and sweet, and whole
And I knew, I had no doubt at all
That everything is wonderful
And since that day a peace has been
Making my world so serene

20 July 2013 @ 1725hrs.

For the Glimpses of epiphany epiphany contest

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what is beauty

I often ponder as I lay awake and let my mind wonder, what beauty realy is.
If it is truly only in the eye of the beholder? am I then blind when I hold her? 
Embrace her and see infinate possibilities like trillion probabilities of us creating
Our own galaxies with the simple serinty of jst the sound of her voice.

If beauty does exists then surely it must be more than visual, like a complex 
Machanical sphere that governs all that is tangible. What manner of beauty then 
Lies in the air above us or ground below us or is it limited only to our comprehension?
If so then beauty must be all that I can see, for that is where my understanding reigns.
Oh but if it truly so then beauty is in no order and far too complex to define. Because
What is beauty to me is imperfection to u.

With that reasoning we find that beauty is unique to each man according to his own predetermined 
Desires and createria of what he considers beauty so long before he saw u, he knew u were beautiful
Because u were exatctly what he considered beauty to be anything less is mare imperfection. How 
Shallow we think and allow our eyes to percieve the world. I wonder is that why we are perhaps so quick to justify failure than to correct our errors? 

But this I knw without a shed of a doubt...for if the is beauty in light then surely darkness must glow in its own light too.
Even moreso the surely must be beauty in sorrow as the is in laughter.
But what I seek most is the understanding and appreciation in knowing that as the is beauty in life so is the in death and with this I silently conclude that the greatest beauty of all is the celebration of life and not the moaning of what is lost or left behind

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to my valentine

To my valentine: though I am may not believe in the notion of dedicating one day to our love 
I celebrate you each day. Let today be our Valentine and tomorrow be the eve of the celebration 
Of our next day together. Let’s make a holiday of each morning and celebrate each afternoon so that we can embrace each night together. Let us mock the world by wearing a smile on our faces each time we speak, think and even dream of each other. I Wish to give you the world but let me conquer it first and sail with you to the moon for a Sunday picnic and then to the stars for the night just so we can clearly see the glory of the reflection of the light of the sun in your eyes in the morning. 
I am crying as I write each word knowing how great I am failing to manifest the magnitude of your beauty in words so please accept my humble attempt. I wish I could give you FLOWERS for they resemble the sweet smell of your skin and also the timeless beauty you possess but they die too quickly in the eternal world that is ruled by your smile. Perhaps I should give you CHOCLATES that taste as good as your lips and fill my soul with tranquillity and the illusive satisfaction that am among the clouds after every kiss. But even chocolates end and leave behind the torment of addictive cravings. Let me give offer you my Mind that continues to wonder as it ponders in the thought of the endless beauty that has nothing to do with how you look. And my Heart that beats each pound to the sound of the divine melodies that sing aloud each time you speak. And also my soul that remains ever in a trance of admiration and disbelieve that my being could ever be so lucky to have you as my own. So lets make each moment as great  as this and celebrate it with a smile seal it with a kiss to open it when we meet again to dwell in the glory of our love.

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Lady Una and the Lion

Walking in the meadow of life on that summer day

Where she always loved to be at Una  walked along the steady stream 
As she picked up the white Lilly flower and put upon her hair of gold (princess of love)

And the daughter of a dander king
Una suddenly turned her head to the old orchard tree and begun to sing roman lullabies of joy

With tears of affection shed for the god who lives above the skies
At that moment she gazed back to the stream 
And there the lion stood so tall just like a king eyes wide looked to una 
As she went toward the mighty lion he went to her and utter'd thee words 
 I am a creature of pride with nothing to hide I am pure of heart true of courage with a mask of savage a mane gold as our hearts-

She became very happy and intrigued 
As she laid her gentle hands on upon the lion she spoke these words 
  -I love thee lion and by sun and moon I love thee freely as men strive for right;
I love thee purely in my old griefs and childhood's faith 

There a tiny lamb appears right next to her and the lion 
So small and graceful like a gift from god above 
The tiny lamb followed them further into the enchanted meadow sky as crystal blue and the wind is calm they drifted off strung into the world
To bring new love joy and courage to the world and spread good faith

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Pitter, patter
Drip, drop
Wet green leaves.
Plants rustle
Creak, shriek
Of the rainforest's sleeves.
Thunder crackle
Boom, clap
Pour of dark rain
Tweet, tweet
Birds' feet
Soaked sugarcane
Quiet night
Dark sight
Tomorrow is another day.

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Natural Beauty

Acknowledge beauty
Convey delight
Enjoy fully

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The woman of my heart

Neutrality in your colour seduces me and overwhelms my pride. Originality in your words attracts me and drives my senses to you. Prenuptial agreement, I must sign, without delay. Quest no more! You are my type of girl. You are with no doubt the woman of my heart

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While I Coo

Many nights though have passed before you came to my world
Now your presence means a million to me
Over and over your song will remain sonorous in my ears
Peace be upon you my umbrella
I know you’re all ears while I coo

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You send bolts through my skin 
something I was never to 
accomplish with you, when I 
saw you it's like my heart sank 
to my stomach and I was in 
shock my body still my body 
heavy felt like when I moved I 
was about to fall to my knees 
you make me want to get 
inside my brain pick you up and 
take you out pick you one by 
one like a flower because I do 
love you and love you not.

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Did I not tell you, ‘Do not leave, for I am your friend’?
For in this mirage of nothingness I am the Fountainhead of Life!
Even if in anger you leave Me for a hundred thousand years,
in the end you will return, for I am your true Goal!

Did I not tell you, ‘Be not content with worldly form’?
For I am the fashioner of the tabernacle of your contentment!
Did I not tell you, ‘I am the Sea and you are but a single fish’?
Do not be tempted ashore, for I am your Crystal Sea!

Did I not tell you, ‘Do not fly like a bird to the snare’?
Come to Me, for I am the very Power of your flight!
Did I not tell you, ‘They will rob you and leave you numb with cold’?
But I am the Fire and the Warmth and Heat of your desire!

Did I not tell you, ‘They will taint your character,
until you forget that I am your Source of Purity’?
Did I not tell you, ‘Do not question how I direct your affairs’?
For I am the Creator without directions.

If you heart is a lamp, let it lead you to your true path.
And if you are godly, know that I am your Lord!’
Mevlana, Divan-i Shams, Ghazal 1725

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The Ocean Speaks

    I sit on the sand dunes, lost in my thoughts, as the summer breeze swipes my face, freeing my hair....the salt air makes my inner-self come alive, as the ocean waves offer a private showing, reminding me of the power they own. A seagull flies overhead, as it speaks to me oh so gently, and a voice without a face commands me to"Relax and Feel Peace"......I feel a connection to God, as none other I've known, and all my worries and fears I once pondered, now seem trivial and unimportant.

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Something in your eyes makes 
me want to lose myself makes 
me want to find myself and stay 
there for the rest of my life
something in your touch makes 
me finally come to life,after so 
many years in the dark 
something in your voice makes 
all of my trouble fade
something tells me i'm good 
enough,tells me that i've done 
enough and i can finally rest

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Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

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Girl Rising

A Young Beautiful girl with so much spirit in her to lift the soul

With blissful hopes to come she would become a queen they did not want

Many loved her beauty as a child but her step mother

Of a selfish dander king family did not like her at all

They wanted all but wrong for her and to lock her in a chamber with ash 
And dust that filled the air

Far away from society king wanted because they felt she was from rags in poor

Stead of riches and wealth a lonely child from the cottage where
The king’s witch of a sister raised her.

She became a slave scared to face the king’s wicked sister

She abide by what she was afraid to go
With a single tear she longed to be free and become
Something more than an average girl.
But a girl that rises up from the hate and dander rules set by one world

She wanted to be free to be loved and liked for what she believed in

As the days went on she grew stronger and rising from the pain in her heart
And by the twisted society by her step moms brother who wanted nothing 
But sorrow and to be down in the dumps of rags 

She took a stand for freedom a stand for love and never backed down
From her past she kept on fighting a battle which seemed endless

As she looked to the moon crying out with screams that echoed in the forest
Sounding so loud half a forest could hear

She took the dagger and the shield took it to her heart and utter words like these
          Lord of the sky’s guide me today and give me much more strength 
    Then I had yesterday and as my will to rise be ever strong may I not rest 
Till this dander evil king is no more

She went off and into the castle she snuck into with mighty dagger and shield with the heavens by her side she struck him out and proclaimed freedom and love to all this is a girl truly rising faith and all that stands for what’s right a brave girl that rises from hate
this is a girl rising up from the pain 

Poem story for contest( Girl Rising )
by brian otoole 8-05-13

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My love

        My love, is you 
       My love is pure of heart
     And with my love I give you my all
    With my love I won't shed tear to the cloud 
My love is everlasting can't you understand me
My love is like some roaring ocean just to have you near
  And with loves grace I abide by you
  My love will go on as long as you will stay
With the stars that shine for us as long as you'll accept
                   My love

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Perfect Mate

My girl is cute, my girl is petite
my girl is uniquely a methodical smoker like me,
and also like me she's in touch with her spirituality,
and ever so increasingly she's always inspiring me

Inspiring me to be the true me,
she knows i'm the man, she's really feelin' T
see I always knew I would meet someone like you,
someone who really gets me and sticks to me like glue

I could never be sick of you, we're just on the same page,
we both give God praise and we both like to blaze,
so pay attention son to the words that you write,
the thoughts that you think-make sure you choose them right

Remember everything is a choice, ask your inner voice 
watching for signals of discomfort, blocking out all outside noise,
and begin to rejoice as you glide through this life, 
always grateful for this power and this ever-present might.

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Beautiful flower

Bless'd beauty as sweet for loving,

Angelic design ever alluring,

Perfect creature of heavenly formation,

Like a starlight glowing.

Magnificent than a diamond shimmering 

of profound radiance.

Intoxicating than a melody playing 

too pure a fragrance.

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Wont you just kiss the pain away like the waves sweep the beach off its feet..
Imprint your love on my soul and carry my heart with u like a shadow..
Embrace my flaws nd let me be 1 with yours
For our imperfections 
Can make a halo of perfection
Let the silence of my I love You's
Reach the scared windows of your ears 
Free fall unto my journal
Nd write a story about us in stanzas of romance
Appreciate me like the italian do their food
And acknowledge my beauty like the french do their wine
Fear not what fear isnt
After all it but a drop of dried ink in your mind
That needs 2 be melted onto paper - scribbling our initials in a synchronised pair. 

Open me like the curtains in the great Queen's castle
And let my sun touch your flesh
I want birth an overdue pregnancy of words unto you
And mould my love into 
Endless journals of my love for you..
Make love to my eyes 
For they are the windows to my soul
See thru-beyond-within me
Hold me for i miss being held
Kiss me 
For i have never been kissed
Devour my emotions with your kindest touch
And let me melt in your arms
Coz babe- im tired of freezin!! 

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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

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A pup that’s in a cup
A cup that’s under a pup
A pup that’s as cute as a button
All of the sudden 
The pup is cuddling 
With all the loving 
There is no ruffling
For the fluffy puppy
That cute tea cup pup
Is what’s up?    

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wonders about my colour BLACK

I don't know if I should love you or hate you
As innocent as I was you just had to label me
You took my love and replaced it with lust 
You made me lie
You thought me hate 
Most of all you made me hate the color black
You made me hate my Afro
You exploited my curves, my butt and my boobs
Yet I didn't understand why because when I looked at 
myself I saw an hour-glass with a pot-belly, curves, thick 
lips, with a heart that is so tough and long like the grate 
wall of china
Who's mind never shut like the busy streets of New York
Who has scars like the African mountains and valleys
Who has cries like winter rain 
With no voice like a whale crying for its child
You left me lost wondering, abandoned if I'm still human...

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Smile smile smile

Smile smile smile
As you always smile
Your face created
 to smile
so smile
That suit you baby a lot
Like elegant cut
You don't need a makeup
For morning
For night
You only need baby
Your brilliant smile
No need for lipstick
To shine
Wear baby your shining
Your sweet smile
Baby intending 
To my heart
By secret 
passion lingo
Of Leonardo
Da Vinci art
And I love that
So baby
Keep your smile
As you always smile

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He is

He is peace! 
He is love!
He is Gentle!
He is Kind! 
He is Faithful!
He is Merciful!
He is my DADDY forever!

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My Daughter and Son-in -law

So beautiful they are in their hearts soul and mind
Sweet laughter and logic they will never leave behind

Each one as unique as a precious gem
Of a special love that only they can give

Their minds on an endless flight
Will always soar high and out of sight

As the stars start to light the sky at night
and you see a star flash that has gone by

Remember the love that I give you
To my daughter and son who will always be one.

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Sweet love

 I fell in the love with you because how you made me feel inside. It fell like it was right not wrong. It was like I was looking into your eyes and the words would touch me. It was like you were carrying me in my dreams and vision. it’s like when I seen us dancing we dancing on a cloud of from the sky but deep inside we were only dancing on the smoke on the floor at the cold spring night thinking and dreaming of you making me the happier woman to be the one you have pick to be with you. You made me think about all the dreams and hopes we have to come in our life. seening the picture that could be blown up to be bigger without going to store to blow your picture cause I can hear a song of wedding bells of day that we will become as one. That day really would make me happiness woman ever. the day that will ever show our love to our family and friends how much we really love each other and making it known that we will praise the lord as a couple a family a friend most of together being the one show how much we love each by shouting to the world no matter what is outcome just letting everyone know you are mine to stay forever and im yours forever to stay. Showing how much our love mean to each other is more important to each other. I can still see that picture of you as I fall asleep at night and as I wake up in the morning. Knowing you are the one for me. Knowing that its miracle that we found each other. Just sitting here thanking the lord for showing me that you are really out for me in some kind of way not knowing if I really believe that I could find you but I did. Looking deep inside my heart waiting on the day that I could see you. Waiting on the day that our family n friends could meet as well love you always

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They swoop and droop in loops,
They sing and dance to natures music,
They tweet and chirp, but never will they burp,
Birds, are birds,
And that's what they'll always be

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Spell Us Both

Betroth her to me,
If she will never stop amazing my spirit.
Bring her to me, 
If she will never stop beautifying my heart.
Hand her to me,
If she will never stop spoiling me with love.
Entrust her to me,
If she will never stop till she fight my war.
Leave her to me, 
If she will never wish for my death before the hour.
Send her to me,
Let our hands lock in wed.
Send her to me,
Let our oneness soul united.

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Cant believe this is true

I learned the true meaning of loving somebody and it’s truly you. without you knowing that it’s you b realizing its you is the hard part, cause following my heart isn't easy for me I would ran by now, somehow you have management to keep me from running from my heart, by being scared of being hurt isn't a problem for me but not really sure how you are going be thinking but truly hope you understand that I do not want to ever be hurt or ever want to hurt you, I’m will always be true heart but every time I want to say how I feel I get this feeling like I’m still a high school girl with a crush on you and can’t tell you how I feel unless I write a poetry, love the way I can come to you and talk about anything through the pain that I’m going through, through the wind, through the time I realize that it could be a dream come true, but I still know that all this time you been my everything , my rock, I normal don't call any guy by a nickname but you are different , it’s like I can feel the sparkle between the both of us, so I started thinking just cause you are the sweetest guy that I met in very long time that is willing to accept all of me, I do call you in my mind or when I’m on the phone bragging about you, my sweetheart, you are my sweetheart forever

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An Angel in Danger

Life's gifts is of all the good and 
the bad 
Never knowing what may arise 
An angel is everlasting hope we 
long to have and to hold 
We have watched you through 
just like a hawk 
We will never give up on you 
we know you are strong 
Who the angels will pull you 
through somehow 
Where there is a will there's a 
And with god looking over us 
well know we will be safe
Even tho this deadly danger of 
a disease took you over
We know in our hearts that 
steady burns yull be ok 
As a fighter like Athena (a 
warriors guide)you will grow 
Even now we see your alot 
Must be these guardians of 
heaven looking over you 
Feeling good with this is all you 
may need 
This danger none should live 
But as long as there is Angels 
up above its all you will ever 
need to pull through 
A tragic time. 
- by Brian O'Toole 
Caregiver of a cancer patient 
and friend 

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Because I am you

...And you are me.

I will walk through the darkest 
places with you to bring you 
into the light.

I will be by your side always 
my love.

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The Realm of the Universe

The Realm of the Universe

In the middle of the universe I stand
I’m simply amazed by the beauty of the galaxies
Up high I see many sights of unknown constellations

Which give off so many views of all to which I comprehend
The pure hypnotic extravagance does make my heart to view with expectancies
The wonder of it all transcends into a surreal happenstance of enthusiation

My love of all the Scientifics of how our interplanetary system works
There’s something so poetically archaeological of how the “light of the echo”
Was captured within NASA’s masterful hands

The stars of the seven sister’s was ideally known as Pleiades with no quirks
The cluster of the seven sisters is located some 400 light-years away of this I know
For into the science of the universe; stands in the middle of the universe.

Written: 2/4/15

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Save The Last Dance

I saved you the last dance,
So let's dance the night away,
And wish that the music never ever stops,

I keep hoping and praying that this music never stops,
And my feet never get tired to dance,
And your mind never thinks of walking away,

I felt your heart beat from miles away,
So gentle and in sync with mine and it never ever stops,
In your embrace i found my music so let's dance,

Tonight lest dance the night away until the music stops,

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A New Life

They gazed into the sky of Fallen rain 
Dripping coldness past,memories of old pain 
The drops fall of damp life on the ground 
Clouds a-whorl dark skies sheltering in 
Fair hearts defying the stab's of their fate's intent 
Rise from thy streets of lonely no more 
Light shines from the dark to bring all that's good and just 
Is love just a sliver of sun? 
Through the dark grey mist revealing paradise ? 
Their withered gait now straightening with pride 
They cross like angels cross futures tide 
Belief in life renewed and only found 
Echo's a cadence of sounds 
Songs to the beat of their hearts and into the sun 
Seeking life and love's new start 
- by Brian Otoole

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A Love Story in ABC format

All I will say is how I did my best ever day to say you are my love
Before I go to bed and before I wake up I pray above
Cluing you with the best of my affections that I hope you see
Did you know that everyday I look at you my day is pleasant and that is the key 
Everyone that knows me knows that you are the one for me
Friends and family love you as much as I expect to be
Going forward with all my heart I give you my love unexpectedly
Holding your hand while walking and whispering to your ear I love unconditionally
In my heart I expect in return is a smile of faith
Just when we look into each others eyes in love we bathe
Kindly we speak to each other with passion
Life we have together we love our every hug and kisses in occasions

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Blue feathers, black eyes
Squeaking calls are no surprise.
Snapped twig, wing twitch
Nimble and small as a Golden Snitch.
Hop below or soar above,
Robin, wren, jay, or dove,
Let us all give a toast
To the birds, the animals we love the most.

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Under the Cross

A conscious effort
by the constrained
creates nothing.

Devoid of inspiration,
enraged egotists find 
fault in selfless pursuit of

Hampered by the
infancy of others,
jettisoned memories of
ketamine disassociation allow
lies to fester.

Myopic interludes of 
nihilistic pleasure
only serve to
profundicate the 
questionably sane 
revolver in my hands
sublime speech on world peace.

There is no sense left
under the cross.
Violins are broken,
weapons formed while
xylophone keys shatter
Yale’s prestige as king of the

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Rush forward to greet the shore-bound partner
Send away to hide in the sea
Come back, come back to the sunny altar
Away from the darkness and smothering algae.
Sucked in where underwater, a world moves along
Through death and life and blackness too
Down deep, where there lives a fatal throng.
That simmers in the profound blue.

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A Child's Christmas

Oh wonder of light
How you shine
On this night
A star as bright
As can be
Above the tree
A child is free
Of worlds make belief
Where wishes
Come true
And no one feeling blue
Upon this magic night
Where stars shine bright
It's Christmas tonight
In a stable upon this morn
A baby child was born
Speak heavenly dreams
A child's Christmas
Above the tree

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Demon in the Night

I stand brave at might within my room 
Without a single sight of fear 
As thunder roars from outside 
My heart as pure as gold 
This ugly bloody demon came upon me 
Face so gruesome yet posed expression without a soul to take 
Here in a home of faith that lingers in 
Thou demon in the night you can not have my heart nor soul and steal it within this night 
As the demon spoke to me in tounges 
I could not understand words that's been spoken 
And as I pray on my knees with my merry roseary beds in palm 
I wished for this demon to banish forever from my sight
And never again to appear to me within thee night 
That demon in the night can harm me no more 
By Brian Otoole

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I'm going down silently 
Could it be 
I'm lost in a masquerade? 
Sounds of laughter, joy, and humor abound 
filling the air with harmony 
but its intagibility 
leaves me untouched 
as thoughts, emotions, regret 
evict any remnants of glee, 
I fall deeper within me 
battling negativity 
like Frazier battled Ali 
I am enough and more 
than this feeling 
swarming me 

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                                             Why does beauty have to be seen?
                                           Why can't you get to the within?
                                              Before you cast judgement on what you see?
                                            Why can't from the inside, begin?

                                             If beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
                                              Behold not only what you see!
                                              For, behind this shell of beauty,
                                              Deep within is the beauty you truly seek!

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Thinking of You

Sitting here in the darkest hour all alone 
thinking of you and me together as one 
When i lay my head down im thinking of you 
When i dream im dreaming of you and me 
When i start to smile i know it's becouse of your sweet way 
When i stop to think of you comeing near by to see me 
I start to think and wonder about you 
Day and night in your arm's i dream 
always of having you here with me your sweet embrace  
Forever i hope to long for 
Never will and never give up faith  
Alway's thinking of you in my arms  

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It all starts when he gets out of his bed 
Collect his unfinished dreams then head on down for blank stares 
From the demons that lived on down stairs 
And that my friends 
Is when his poem starts 
He says 

A silent moment still a silent moment he never spoke 
Take back the old flashing memories and grant me with happy ones 
the ones
That only fly when I show them how 
A dream can mess up a child's mind 

The ones that they say can kill up to nine nigga at a time but at the same moment can still hold a smile
And that my friend is when her poem starts

A silent moment still a silent moment 
She never spoke 

Painting perfect picture with with fake smiles
She wrote 
Faceless people like to hold 
Mama never gave me a place to hide 
My cries at night 
Light skin sweetie 
Gets a lot of beating from the dark knights in cold buildings
But never gets on her knees to beg for a ride 
And that my friends is why she never looks u in the eye when she says Hi 

Looks down at street cars 
Hoping to catch the next guy who would take her life 
Pay her next bill and maybe name her wife 
And that's why that night 
She never spoke 

So he wrote 
A silent moment still a silent moment
I'll stay silent till mother comes home 


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life is a sea.
parents are the boats and ships which guide us.
we are the travelers there.
disasters are our enemies.
when a wind of anger blows,
disaster creates.
when wind blows with sweet fragments,
it creates love and affection.
that time disaster runs off.
love and affection can change anybody,anything and in anywhere.
that's the power of love and affection.
love everybody.
spread the rain of love and affection.
lifewill be colorful.....

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Heaven in the Face of a Child

The first tear of joy
The first smile of life
The first words of thought
The first prayer to God

The glow upon their face
The lips that speak at Grace
The eyes of crystal glass
That see all in God's place

Look quickly, watch closely
For even in a glance
Carry it deeply and never forget
Know that there is Heaven in the face of every child.

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Her smile Mona lisa

Her beauty not Japanese
Or German
Not either English
Nor Irish
Her beauty not consumed in Bollywood
Or either tabbed in Hollywood
The beauty pure hidden her soul
Not words what could bear
Nor either colors can paint
But only I can say
Oh her smile's talk
Took my heart
Eyes twisted
Dark of night
To the dawn of Mona lisa

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A Presence like the Wind

Through the doors of my heart
Her presence enters,
A trail of light, wind, and commendations
Of summer escort her footsteps
Sashaying the strands of her hourglass garment.

Impressions stretched like sunlight on a prism,
As wind whispering thru river reeds,
As cool as beach wind stroking tenderly
Across the hairs of my skin:
Beautiful enigma, my African konga

Playing your melodic rhythms on the floors of my being
Opens me to wind that is you. You, my crystal wind
Washing away brine that has been tied to the waters of my soul.
Your eyes place me in utopia, your hands bring me succour
From the muddy places that have held me in itches

Your presence is a softness
Chilling as the wind, woman.

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Rose For Rose

Rose to a rose
I pick up a flower one day on a walk.
It stood there all a lone.
A pretty flower indeed.
A rose in was red in color.
Then I was thinking about any other flower she too was a rose.
Hair is so red that you would think the sky sets it a fire.
A rose for a rose I did consider. What a pretty way to say
I love you my rose.

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We can predict the future

Imagine a field,
Filled with green grass,
With the sun shining on it like a sudden flash, 
Imagine a football laying in the field,
Imagine a brown ball laying there when nothing is there,
Now in reality you have a football in your hand and you throw it there,
Now it's laying there and what you just imagined is there,
Now you have finally predicted the future,
Now you see what you predicted

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We Know What We Are, But Know Not What We May Be

We know what we are, but know not what we may be.
As I look through my eyes, the sea of dreams is but a dream.
As I rise up and fall down throughout my success,
do I really know who I am or is it a hit and miss. 
I'm but a training badge, nothing official yet. 
A lady lost in the word of a true King who has my whole heart.
I know who I am, but do I truly know me? 
My strengths could be the minimum requirement, 
unless I stretch up and grab a star in the sky before it falls. 
Who I am today is not who I'll be tomorrow.
Until I stand up and face the day, I can't conquer.
A strong-willed will angel with an anchor waiting upon the word, 
until she knows to go out upon the world, and displays the song in her.

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Marilyn Monroe

I could of hugged you once 
Even wrote a letter on how I felt 
But you left us way too soon with the angels 
You inspired me -many others I'm almost certain 
You took the stage as your own 
Broadway missed an angel 
Being the actress you became 
With just fond memories of you 
You are still and will always be 
America's sweet heart 
With that smile to melt many 
You inspired me to write and become who I am 
But heaven wanted you quick with bliss 
That angel who inspired transcend all 
True of courage and laughter and faith 
Worlds greatest star I'll forever miss 
My favorite star that actress like you 
Legacy always cherished never gone 

Contest for Frank h.-favorite movie star 

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When darkness falls and we're 
I love you dearly that when i do 
sleep is good when dreaming 
of you.
With all my love i give to 
you,you are so sweet i know 
not how im with you but how i 
feel for you
"this darkness realy kills"

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wisdom in her beauty

It was a face that made the moon worth shining for.
With the greetings  of the morning that had her way of walking in a room,
The  joy in her presence, with love subjected to frustration.
A new thing to her.
Pure as the virgin Mary, in her virgins territory ,
A home made off no wisdom  being destroyed by foolishness .
Her profound look ,the body of truth with no lonely eye to deceive  for nothing was false to mislead.
Love of an infant , a bond to true love

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As she walks nigh.
Shawl flux like waves.
Strides, rhythmic in grace.
Strands of black silk teeming from her head.
Bronze statue,
Then creamy ceramic, that explodes with life.
I breathe, what breath.
It's gone.
Cognition lost.
Speech stifle.
Reaching to touch,
But her eyes still me like salt.
Dreaming, only a dream.
I wake.
She dissipates.
Another drink to sleep.
Please, I beseech thee sleep.
Then she appears.
Allow me to abide here.
Never again to let the windows open,
For the noise is too much,
And the lady's gone.
If my slumber is cessation,
There upon solace.
To behold her fetching smile.
I inhale her aroma.
The sweet moisture of her kiss.
I know I've returned,
For reality can't create her.
Dreaming, only a dream.
I wake.
She dissipates.
Another drink to sleep.
Please, I beseech thee sleep.

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Luck of the Writer

Good luck in poetry
Good luck in writing
Good luck in finding yourself
in an artsy world so inviting.

Grand luck at finding the luck
Luck all ladies can have
Old golds around her neck
along with a Leprechaun and his laugh.

Luck speaks through nature and its spirits,
gracefully guarded along China's Great Wall.
Its lucky beauty of silence is full of brilliant luster.
Witness faded colors of green inside the fog windfall

The luckiest of dragons fly
with patterned wings of peace.
At last, the inspiration
to exist in a space in harmonise

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Waking up 
to your 
my heart 
and soul 
love is said 
to last till 
death but 
our love 
will prove 
than our 
final breath
what i am 
saying is i 
love you 
for heaven 
sake and 
when we 
die our 
again at 

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Creating A Christmas Tree

Creating A Christmas Tree

Create designer Christmas tree
From squash, to bread, and fun cookies

Instructions made so easily
One from red hat society

Home from the heart season theme
Star wars made a holiday scene

Wonderland can be of little lambs
Making ornaments with your hands

Whatever your style or budget
Your personal touch can be tropic

Focal point of your home can be
Inspired by glamorous jewelry

We can help you get great ideas
With animals and birds all right here	

My playlist has ribbons and streamers
A celebration for all dreamers

By; Doris Anne Beaulieu
At :	 

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A welted flower picked and tossed aside unnoticed and to the earth it soaks in.

My traces and finger prints left behind A name spoken so delicate, A replay of broken words said twice and over again. 

tired excuses follow the depths of cold finger tips and the Beauty hidden behind the fear and path of such destruction.

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Wave Alone

Resist putting the clamps on thoughts of a sick demeanor
Let them flow uninhibited by malice, shame or pride
Watch them slink and diffuse and leave the temple cleaner
Pain comes to the temple to be translated to neutrality
Claws inscribe the walls inflamed
Black-hole sheen tempts agony to seep from the cracks
Gravity weeps rejuvened veins
Refracted solidity crushed destruction 
Built Self resisted Earth's waking function
Gripping familiar while splinters shudder
Shivering knowing and reach for reflecting quiver
Turn to One's Being and see each other
Arrow extracts itself from seed
Fits like a key in aerial matrimony
The eye sees it coming as it pierces ether
And beneath sheerity beholds the Believer
As an ice chip on a smoldered iron will pool
Truth will condense and swell lagoon
Enriched deep soils hum of roots and web and stone
Moth on ram's horn angled to the Moon
Unspool the woven tangle of nerves
Tips fasten to the grasshopper's intricate melody
Remedy smoothes spirit, mind and bone
Swerves distilled to stillness alone

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I Did It My Way

 I never chose the beaten path, I'ld walk on by then I'ld laugh.  I always walked my own way, I still do to this day.  I've lived a life with some regret, a little debt I have met.  However all in all it seems, I am richer than I'ld dreamed, you see the wealth and the greed never brought me to my knees.  For the love of life keeps me strong so much beauty all day long.  I guess to some it may seem, I did things my way,  I did indeed.


 June 10, 2014

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kuch to baaki h


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The Eight Wonder of the World

Wonder Wonder
I wonder what we left off 
As I sit thinking about the wonders of the world I see that there was one left out
One that shine through the darkness of these Northern Nights
It sails across my eyes with this wonderful glow 
Creating this intriguing display of beauty that the world must see
Tough and rough without the back breaking edges of the Canyon walls
As a calm streams flow through its every crack from year of preparation 
But when you sit back, you see the beauty that time has created
In the roaring fire of the Paricutin volcano
Curve like the cone that two has watch and grow to a beautiful site for mankind
Warm to the touch with a temper that can run the face and can affect the land that it stands 
With the calm cool flow of the waters of the Victoria Falls 
Downstream through every bit of the being that you are
Then supplies fresh nutriment to everyone below to bring them up
Which has lived in harmony with the thing to its left and its right 
That has cause her to created this Great Barrier Reef in its own community
Where everyone can share food water and even the natural sunlight that shines on everyone 
With a mind that stenches the highest peak of Mount Everest 
At the peak to look over the world to say “I can do more”
Where it has taken more knowledge to tackle this hard and unforgiving world
Then it has brought you to a majestic and mysterious beautiful that hides in a collection of 
mountains lines
No matter where you stand or at what part of the world you can see why you cannot take it in 
one day
They called this 7 naturally created wonder of the world Harbour of Rio de Janeiro 
The 8th nartual wonder of the world that has every bit of the 7 before them 
YOU my dear 
And I thank God for that creation alone

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Flowers In Her Hair

 Across the ocean sings a lady with flowers in her hair
 She dances in the moonlight sky imagining you there
 Pretending she's a princess
 Laughing, having fun
 Streaming tears of happiness waiting for the sun

 The night is slowly ending 
 Tomorrow is on it's way
 Quietly awaiting for another lovely day

 She lay to rest so peacefully upon Earth's precious ground
 Her day of beauty and the love that she has found

 Still no sign of morning light
 No whispers in the air
 The only sign of any life are the flowers in her hair

©2014 Tamilyn Love

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 As I stand and stare,
at the wonderous sight,
with all it's beauty,
in the daylight,
were the thundering mountains,
meet the fresh fallen snow,
and the ponderosa pines,
seem to grow,
I can't imagine,
a more beautiful place,
and it was given to me,
by God's good grace.

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Once I fell for Thor

I once fell for a man with looks to kill and long hair as golden blonde 
Body as a warrior god should be with his eyes so blue as ice 
There I stood frozen into his spell 
As he held me and looked deep into my eyes 
And utterd these simple words of love I was sprung deep into him 
This god of thunder kissed my lips ever so softly 
Thought I've found my one true love only to find his true way of lies and useing my heart 
Just to crumble and crush me down to my sorrow with his enchanted hammer to crush my heart 
And all I hoped for to a million shatterd peices 
I suppose this will be as I once fell for Thor 
By Brian Otoole

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will you save her

she  will wear her heart on her sleeve
she can read anyone she meets
but shes irreplaceable
she will love you with her life 
through the toil through the strife
even though you broke her heart
will you come and save her 
will you be her knight
pick up her broken pieces tell her its all right
she is fighting through her tears
trying to make it real
fighting to find true love in you
she is drowning in her fears
questioning everything you say
is it real or is it false
don't throw this girl away 
she is irreplaceable 
will you save her
will you be her knight
pick up her broken pieces 
tell her everything is all right

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When the moon goes down
And the sun peeps up
The night breeze welcomes
When the cups are ready for tea
And the kids are ready to play
The sun sets for a rest
And the evening passes west
When the souls are to rest
In the dark deep blue sky
The stars lit the lanterns
So it is night

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Pounding, rushing waterfall
White foam mist creates a wall
For hidden creatures down under deep,
Where fairies and elves crawl and creep.
Unicorns with gleaming coats
Tiny castles with puddles for moats
If you look closer, you can see
A world behind a long-lost key.

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No beauty in concrete
as beauty
Is abstract
Is abstract
As beauty
No beauty in concrete

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Love and hugs

Beautifully Dressed,
Combed back hair,
Dark blue eyes that shine when you look at me
Enchanting hugs that hold me so tight.
You, You are the one I love

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MERI ASMITA(pehchaan) dhoond rhi hu astitv apna hr din... kya man ki apekshaaon ko jaanti hu... us maa ki dulari hu... ya is sheher ki unsuni kahani koi... aap beeti ka parichay du agar,to pehla kadam vidyalaya ka hua... kayi hastiyon me shamil mera bhi naam hua... naam kamane ki paribhasha hi kuch akeli thi... apne adhyapakon ki cheli thi... gyan ki nayi urja se mula kate hui... JIGYASA ,,jo na kbhi bhujne vali meri,,, so kayi mann ki uljhano se baate hui... bada hone ki chah leke ,samundar me moti dhoondti h rahi... ek asha ,himmat leke apni hasti ko khojti rhi ... sabse aage ,nayi dishao ka bhag jo chhakhne lagi... vidyalay ki chamak to bani hi... aur apne naam ki paribhasha ko likhne lagi.. koi kehta jhansi ki rani,koi vakeel, ya kal ki indira hogi,,, mai kehti hu kya yeh tey karne ka haq mera nhi,,, ki yeh atthaarah saal ki swarna khud ki pehchaan se nerhera hogi... keval kalpana nahi,is junoon ko na rok paungi... jo dil me dabakar rakha h mene jazba, use duniya ke avaam me dikha jaungi... har mazhab me ik hindusta roshan karna chahti hu.... AAJ KEHTI samaj seva ki neev mai bunna chahti hu... khud ko tarashte ,,,khojte ,,,jo sikha hai apne baabul se,,, AADARSH JEEWAN KI BUNIYAD MAI VYATEET KR PAU.......................... AUR JAB ANTIM SAANS har aankh mai namm kr jau........har aankh mai namm kar jau............................................(by swarna tilak) turning to a KAVYITRI,:)

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Beautiful Jessica

Twenty seven years 
You came to this world
Small and sweet
First time our eyes met
Connection was there 
I will never forget

Sweet smile 
Little arms  
Reaching up for a embrace 
I came to see you 
Every day 

First words you said 
In my mind always
Will be set

You are your 
Mom’s pride and joy
She wanted you
For a long time you know

Every time I phoned
I heard a cry
Your mom could not 
Leave you with anyone
I asked please let me try

You are grown up now
Blossomed to a beauty 
I wish you could believe 

You can’t 
What is happening 
To you my pretty?

Food became your misery 
Wasting away day by day
I pray to God to guide you his way.

To show you what you do  
Depriving your self of food
God gave and blessed 

Please don’t make your self sick
I don’t want to see you looking like death
Shine your beauty show it to the world
Let your voice sing and be heard

I do love you like you are mine
When you were little we spent 
Together allot of time
Take good care my precious girl
Your kids needs you 
We love you Jessica

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garden of love

this is the day the buds were in my heart to keep
 as i watched in sombre mood there pearly petals begin to peep
 and as i gazed upon this beauty, my mood became a glow
 as i seen in my heart a beautiful garden that did grow

 this is the day, the month before spring had begun
 yet in my heart I bathed in the beauty of the sun
 i wished that time would no longer pass me by
 for i knew that for your love again that i would cry

 this is the day my heart believed in you 
 that time it had no meaning and in my heart was true
 a garden of love i sent through time
 to touch your heart was so divine
 this is the day i remember with love 
 where a butterfly landed from above 
 on a beautiful rose, in a garden so sweet
 where our love will always meet

 this is the day that youth was still mine
 and the flowers danced in a beautiful line
 to the song that my heart longed to sing 
 but gently fell as gold dust from a wing

 this is the day my garden was light 
 and i will always return when times are as night
 to the garden of love where my soul is a part
 a beautiful treasure to rest in my heart.. 

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Mr propertied's car

-Birat Anupam 

Mr.  propertied belittles pedestrians  
whenever he drives his car 
hurling blows of horns at ears
raining acids of lights on eyes
during busy days, fatigue evenings and sexy nights
however, Mr. propertied ,too, desires walking 
so he secretly goes morning walks
where he glimpses sans his car

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A beautiful stranger

Who is this remarkable image I see with slight of joy and perfection 
I was struck I see you dancing in the flashing lights with desire shinning brightly 
It's like a work of art I'm sprung hypnotized by the beauty 
Preview quite romantic who knew you'd be so lovely maybe I'm nieve for wanting you 
Did not know that a love could be so bad but feel so good 
As the dance floor flashes I'm trapped in another world I envy your perfect kind of life 
This beautiful stranger can not wait to be in your arms of passion 
And your heart like stone struck me in vain this beautiful stranger I long 
By-Brian Otoole

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Apartment of Gore

we squeeze in the moment, breeze by the apartment of gore, go to the store with a nail and a 2x4 , flip the sign on the door, excuse yourself coz you're poor and ignored so implore to expose the cluttered shore of the strand of your mental, exponentially littered with shells of cosmogenetic instrumentals. The angelic visage of the store keep becomes disshevelled and the smell of fresh urine increases your mayhemic levels, the point of no return, is old news to you , you had your turn now it's chaos, the perpetual burn, the anti-blossom , ten fathoms past rock bottom, now drop 'em, spread 'em, cough, jingle and pop 'em, you're back in control, you hold a life by the soul, inhale their essence like a worm failed in it's escape from the mole.  your headrush rolls back, reality attacks and this attempt to pay the bills is covered in blood, your mind heaves in the mud, contradictions engulf you in black, ain't no slack til you're back in the apartment of gore, sweating, panting, spine against the door. 
The phone rings, you promise your girl bling, anything to keep her from asking you things.. "how was your day?" ..Visionary dissaray and it stings to see the bubble of trouble and the guilt that it brings, "necklaces, rings, fur coats" you feebly mumble and hang up the receiver and sink back into the rubble of this bomb-site you call life, stumble the line of strife 'long the edge of a knife towards your soon to be wife, she's biddin' on kids, you close your eyelids and the faces  of your victims blend with her whim, hit the skids, see the nail as it digs into the temple of marriage, these malevolent fractal thought patterns a miscarriage, impossible to share, it's your cross to bear, it gnaws at your spirit and smogs up the air you exhale, toxic clouds in your wake, invisible warfare and your foot's off the brakes, namesake fake and you take and you take.. empty the lake of positivity, see the ground bake and crack as you snake away to infinity, the endless interminable digestivity, toxicologically snacked upon by the demons of the wrath you enhanced with no glee, simply putrid, imps in the nude shred your synapses til you're worm food. 
Back to the earth by way of mushroom, mycelial web nourishes your extravagant virtues and adds flow to your ebb, this bliss will not desert you or hurt you but love you instead, cyclical rejuvenation and you rejoin the goddess in bed.

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Amazed by Earth's beauty,
Understand the change,
To which when it's sunny,
Unexpected for those see the season image from their cage.
Many don't understand about fall,
No matter what, fall is the most beautiful of all.

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Dreadlocks running down his shoulders
So red to pass for a bloodbath
But traditional beauty veins deep
My brother the great Moran

His eyes black with strange look
Not fear but ready to strike
His white teeth gives bright smile
My brother the great Moran

Too strong to carry loads and kill
Black strong arms ready to crush
Broad dark haired chest indeed healthy
My brother the great Moran

Up high they jump across the air
Brown traditionally beautified legs
Keep off track lest they pass for metal rods
My brother the great Moran

The white beaded shield always at arm
The long spear his weapon his hunt
The lion smell him the deer he feast on
My brother the great Moran

Its not bedtime don’t query the sheets
They make his clothing hide his nakedness
Two birds with one stone, they serve purpose at night
My brother the great Moran

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Angel In Sense

I have open hands, to the infinite mysteries of the world, but I fail to understand, how theres so much beauty in one girl. 
Questions pirece my mind, theories begin to race 
through the beautiful eyes, that rest uopn your face. 
The unknown run for miles with no feasible end, 
across your gorgeous smile that races through my head. 
Pain was all I could see, I never had a choice 
but suddenly fades out of me, when I hear your voice. 
So much serenity, in our times of converse. 
An angel in a dark reality, shines light upon a sea of tears. 
Ive only seen her in dreams, when will she truly appear? 
As hard as I try, as many times as I attempt 
my words cannot describe, your beauty outside and in. 
But every word is true, on this thought you may rest. 
For when it comes to you, no other soul can contest. 

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Delondi Ngoma Kintaudi Work in progress

My name describes and summarizes me 
my essence, vitality, and pressence  
it is the model I search for 
with stretching arms 
and pray in my heart to become 
it is a constant reminder of my potentiality 
forever linked to my Congo ancestry 
spoken indefinately 
as a unification of soul 
with stories of unity untold 
of family suffering and survival 
My name signifies their struggle 
and is a holistic envisioning  
of my grandfather's dreams 
Delondi means epitome 
not the purity of any particular race,  
not the misguided attempts at perfection 
that results in saluts and exclamtatory cries 
not superiority as one might arrogantly  
interpret with no flaws 
but a superiority based on  
effectiveness and efficiancy 
based on acceptance 
and a belief that if knocked down 
God can bring us back up again 
superiority based on ones best 
despite one's limitations 
Ngoma means drum 
the rythym and sound that 
enables us to share our lives experiences 
the thoughts, ideas, and messages 
inevitably and necessarily implying  
a knowledge transfer 
from one person to another 
knowlege seeking, bonding, enabling 
and sharing our inner most feelings 
Kintaudi means humble 
Humility is acceptance of ones 
faiures and inabilities 
to be  
without the power of the almighty 

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Me' Fury

Me’ Fury

Me’ fury, ensue, inasmuch of the bullies; my halo es leaning, me’ grimace is beaming, my hand on the hilt, mahound be at awe, es me’ duty

Sheathe the’ inedible reach, lid thy albinism duress, your forehead me’ claymore to rest, snipe fell manual take topheth, down to the cove shall descend 

Coffer, tricely  Mankind, pending another one come, donion debar de devil, Lord with the wade, or bis mein Woden o hoard 

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Step and twirl and spin and leap,
Svelte beings dancing down to steep.
Black cloth layer on top of a heart
That beats and bleeds, for dance it starts.

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Belle Of My Heart

Samba of love
Waltz in my heart
for Cha-cha of hatred
has long Tango'd on

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Pain and Love

 Pain with love 
Is harder then 
Love without pain
I wish you did not betray me
Down on my knee you thought you had me
Little to this you wouldn’t care to know my feelings
Love is greater at the most upper high
Doubts are weaker when you lie
Everything I stood for
Was for you and me
Your love with the pain
I do not admire 
By Brian O'Toole

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Criss Cross

You telling me this
You telling me that.
Let me sit back and let you in on a fact.

I saw you with a guy that wasn't me
Kissing and hugging in my Disbelief.
In your defense, I was the one to blame
You played at both ends, but you lost the game.

Lose my number, Get me outta your mind.
I'm not Helen Keller, I'm not deaf, Dumb and Blind.
You're two-faced and a self Centered *****.

Us getting back together is one hopeless wish.

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Growing Beauty

Growing in warmth of your heart, 
as grasiously as God has chose. 
Showing it's tenderness to the world, 
as does the beauty of the rose.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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inspiration, lack of skill,
wood working bandit, gallops,
standing, world freely spins,
out from the stream a new breed of death begins.

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A Curse

Brought out of the dark by a terrible soul, only to be put back by the demon that said all was well. Said to be once a great mind, but lived through a trouble so great only one fell hard. And so the troubles went their ways and layered the society to their graves. Til light shines through Heaven's golden windows, thy who says these words comes shall come home once again.

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life is like different colours
like many different flowers
happiness, sadness and sometimes tears,
enjoy all the colours because 
the mixture of many colours makes 
a colourful bright art
which is nothing but  life,

let this life 
be as beautiful as the
prettist garden in the world 
and let the colour of happiness
bloom into a great flower
And may god shower an you
many good things........ 
your life should 
have bright,happy & great colours in it.....................

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Love affair with Nature

  Warm sea soaked breezes tantalize our imagination of sweet love.
  Mother nature flowers our souls with her grace, beauty, passion for nourishing,

  leaving us with such wondrous tranquil delights.

Written for my Daughter Krista.

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since matter's distance, throw away the key, safer than sorry, know the play im stronger.

options serve value as default,  outcomes serve purpose . ending with .im stronger

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Your beauty opens the world eyes and heart up,
Because you are perfectly beautiful.
The beauty in your eye`s amazes the world.
Your beautiful voice leaves beautiful memories to the world.
Your beauty make`s people smile more than blink.
You will always be beautiful.

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Beauty Of Odd

From the simplicity of a straight line you originate,
Yet asymmetrical in shape,
Only your designer takes note,
Beauty of odd.

Eyes expressionless,
They marvel at how you conduct yourself.
You, they wish to compress,
Lips and tongues arid,
No echo of theirs to witness,
Beauty of odd.

Place your calabash on your head,
Walk back to your hut,
New news of you is to be told,
You have one thing left,
Your beauty of odd,
Only your designer takes good note.

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The sky is black as the night when the stars do not show,
Black as the feathers of a somber crow.
Black as coal when the firelight dies,
Black as life dying from a sick one's eyes.

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My Village

All the beauty of the village of mine, 
Now it has been destroyed. 

This when I came to know, 
I was sad to know. 

People became rich I find, 
They have been migrated to town. 

This when I came to know, 
I was sad to know. 

I heard no cry of a child, 
Over the whole streets of village of mine 

This when I came to know, 
I was sad to know. 

I found that green fields destroy now, 
Where spring was passed with great charm. 

This when I came to know, 
I was sad to know. 

I always weep in my sleep, 
whenever I see your beauty in my dream. 

This when I came to know, 
I was sad to know 

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god felt happy,
when he gave life for me in this world.
my mom felt happy,
when she gave birth for me.
my dad felt happy,
that, i was born as her daughter.
my siblings felt happy,
that, they got my company.
all this happened, only when i born.
my appearance on this world is too unique.
which made all to feel happy.
only because of me and my presence here.
that is me, the unique and great appearance of this world.
be proud of yourself.....

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Life at its end, but really a new beginning

Living every day, 
Living every second to the beat of yesterday, 
The memories haunt my soul, 
I wish that we both will never get old, 
I know they say old is gold,
But imagine how much gold has been worn and taken and and those people that wore them don't even exist anymore, 
it's like they were here but not anymore,
Live life to the fullest because of day you will have to go, 
Maybe our souls feel tense in this body of flesh, 
Try and cut a hole in your past please tell me you're fresh, 
Live life as a new beginning every day, 
you're born alone and you die alone, 
You are the only one there are no other clones.

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star chaser

scattered amongst the constellations
lost in infinite contemplation
you cant reach me through simple prying
i cant hear you so stop trying
i see nothing but forever
you see whenever wherever
thru the telescope you see
me floating in eternity
past the clouds past the moon
past the sun of afternoon
a vacant stare upon my face
forever drifting in outer space

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Theri yaad

"Kamoshi be kahani bathayi, 

bhathome be khamoshi chayi, 

pal pal be soona soona laga the re bina

har pal me theri yad sathayi.."

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If there's one angel I want to see
So beautiful so true..
One smile that make's a difference.
its owned just by you.
What I see in front of me
Is a painting of our love

But there are obstacles in my line of view.
Obstacles sent from above.
I think i will flee away from this planet soon
And hide from the world of pain in the lunar phase of moon.
But, there's one thing i need before I float in the blue.
I need a sky partner and i want it to be you.

We will sleep in the stars at midnight in our special place.
I will dry you with a comet's tail and kiss your sparkling face.

We will fulfill our dreams every possible day.
Every night Your smile will be my milky way..
We will hold each other n sail above the heaven's height.
Nothing can diminish our love's everlasting light.

Sun will shine on us,glowing unconditionally on our devotion
Warming our soul in love's universally vast ocean.
We will sleep with clouds as pillows and maybe steal an angel's wing.
Then fly as magical love birds or slide round Saturn's ring.
We will hook onto a meteor and soar across the sky.

Will u agree to be my mate on our celestial ship
I am ready'heart packed with love,to last us for the trip
Take my hand and step abroad, we will head towards the sun.
we'll fly all our the universe till all the obstacles become none.
Till we can freely call us..'One'

-Nikhil Chandwani

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She is the one

In case of loud thunder
In jungles of fears
Starving for happiness
In floods of tears
I look back to her
My beloved mother..

When the world stands against me
When I face discrimination
When I need support
Or a reason for fascination
I sleep in her lap
To feel her kinder tap..

If I need some warmth
In a chilly weather
Or I need to make my problems
Even lighter than a feather
I run for her embrace
To share every difficulty I face..

When I fight a friend
And my frustration doesn't end
When I score low
Or my scar needs a blow
I rush to my saviour
Who tolerates even my dirty behaviour...

Oh! i wonder
I create so many blunders
But I am never left alone
She makes diamonds out of stone..

She comes to my aid
Without any delay
And adds fragrance to my life
Like a refreshing spray..

She stands one-legged
Selflessly for me
Never demands for anything
But does it for free..!!

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Soul Well Spent

Soul Well Spent

How I wonder where all my money was spent
Are my eyes half open in the dark and weary world and wide?
And thus has no talent where death may hide,
Within my undying breath, as if my soul is spent,
How thee find an utter comment thus lest he returns to bide
How doth my God, wither with heartfelt sigh denied,
Hence, one would ask has patience be circumvent
When in the morning he soon replies where God not heed
On one man's work upon his brevity's gifts why best of the state,
And post not what there's no land or ocean or nor rest
Our king is at a thousand of his gracious speed,
His mindful soulful will-full thus serve him still without a short rest
Then people who serve and duly stands must surely wait and wait.

Written Sept. 7, 2014

Theresa Marie

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In the eyes of men

Stand back and can you see what I see 
Can you taste what I am able to taste 
Feel the skin of a silky soft ribbon that forms your body 
Can you close your eyes and see what I see
Can you see the way your body as mature from birth
The definition your body shows
The curves the mature has created
The ways everything bow out
Or how the sunlight cascade over your skin 
The wind blow the breathe of beauty into your body 
I see the rib that God has taken from has created a divine compensation 
With eyes that can bright up a day 
Lips that are softer then clouds on earth 
I see skin that only are reversed for goddess 
These dedicated hands that you place on my face are warm to the touch
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder 
Then these eyes have behold you 
Now do you really see on is in the eyes of Men

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sip it all

 i buy in, some times,  good days sun light flourish granted's often taken but with this given
emotion returns the ball cap to the wind laughing chalking this one a win.

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Close your eyes and imagine this
Eternal bliss
Your every wish
At your finger tips
No weak to heal
The virus is wilt
Death is jilt
There’s more
Imagine the prophets making up your social sphere
You and your Father with ages the same
Imagine showing off your book with no shame
Imagine nights with the tortoise himself telling his tales
Under moonlights, with no mosquito to bite
And there’s more
Jesus and Muhammad (PBUH) 
Being alive
To slice 
Our lies
And make them right
By being the light 
We’d like 
To shine
Making binds
That tie 
The lineage of man
Being brother to all and all are yours
Cause you are from them and they from you
And there’s more
No night of mares
Of dreams that scare
The young adhere 
To all they care
But all they care
Is the praise of the one who gave them more
And still more
Hosanna Hosanna
At the top of our voice 
No vice
To hinder our price 
Of life
Without lies or lice
What an excellent master 
Of a miserable slave
You forgot
And he forgave
He gave you guidance
And you still strayed?
And more and more and more
A gift misplaced.

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What label does my son have?
Asperges!! What Aspergers 
means to me?


!! That is my son in a 
nutshell he is one 
child.. And I Love him and 
cherish him very much..

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Needless of your seduction I have fallen; 
Deep in the ocean of love; I awaken.
Do you know this feeling you have arisen?
Coming forth like a caterpillar from its cocoon

Such, is my sweet sorrow story, 
Told even by the cowry, 
Engendered by love’s mystery; 
Played to the gallery of misery

How I wished this was not a phantom
Already, it would have blossom
Never to be obstructed by the storm
Yes! I would cherish it to doom

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overwhelming, nervous. and confused as I stood behind a closed door. 

My palms were sweaty and I swear my heart skipped a beat. 

He read my mind as if he rehearsed it, with persuasive eyes, tempting good looks and a embracing touch. 

Soft island skin tone with a seductive smile...he politely greeted me with a gentle hug. 

Sinful sweet words rolled off his tongue with confidence no reassuring needed. 

Our uncontrolled lusting bodies became one....unforgivable boundaries were crossed with no remorse for 

Curiosity wasn't no longer wondering minds of empty fantasies, Chest to back and extended arms securely 
wrapped as our exhausted bodies now put to rest.

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Down the sandy ground
Where the magma floats
Deep down in there
I bury my doleful thoughts

Upward near the space
Where the stars shine
I let my aims fly
To make my future an ideal sign

Right and left
Like the trees sway
I sway my qualities
And push the bad ones
Miles and miles away

Each day,
Inspired by the sinking sun
I drown my badlucks
To succeed in the long run

When I observe
A flame of fire
My heart tells me
Catch it..Jump higher..

The marvellous sight of natur
Motivates me
I live life king size
And stay happy for free..

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The poisonous


So lovely is the night it rolled me a pearl,

for the blanket of lights so beautiful to this song of a girl,

in youth it would bring

sweet nights and summer springs,

of all the things I wanted this angel would bring,


for you cannot see my face,

for I am covered in lace,

so come to me child as quick as a race,

From this black body round,

for your spirit be bound,

a secret to the grave, for do not make a sound,

my eyes you do not see,

so come before me,

 your destiny lies here, 

your soul will be to me,

an eternal sleep in this paradise for a lifetime it shall be.


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Our old barn

Our barn sits 
so quiet and empty 
yet as I stand inside listening
it starts to talk softly
whispering of yesterday

telling me of past times
how proudly it stood as it was made
so tall and grande

it speaks to me of the many people 
it has held sheltered 
throughout the years
of smiles and laughter
on the floor all the tears
that have fallen

o how many people inside
some losing themselves
others finding themselves
hearts beating
souls yearning
friends gathering
in this old barn

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I can see the flower upon which my life grow's,
Blooming into a rose.
See the hope and courage in the strength of the petals.
As long as i am,
I will be.
The flower will never wilt or die.
As my life grows back,
I shall become strong.
I shall become only dependent on ONE.
That one will be me!
I will rise with my petals high.
My life as a flower will bloom and prosper as i grow.
I may not be the pick of the patch,
But i am just as beautiful as the rest.
I will stand as one,
But not a lonely soul.
The tears will be far from my smile.

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Alive alive I feel so alive
Everyday the sun don't shine
Alive I feel so alive living not
Dead I'm active and alert aware
Having life don't it feel like paradise
Alive alive I feel so alive having life
In existing full of living alive.

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My Gazebo

My Gazebo

Tonight I’m gazing out at my beautiful gazebo
While, not too far your mother does see
You’re playing around the wild rose flowers
With an enticing aromatic scent does flow
To a bewitching call for you to feel hastily
Many wildwood flowers can keep you in its powers
So empowering it lingers in my richly filled garden 
to be seen by all
Can bring many visuals upon one’s beckoning of call
In my friendly neighborhood gazebo
So I can brag and brag of the sweetest scent which I’ll
never let go.

Written: July 3, 14

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She ride's in beauty in the night, a death defying comes to mind, come into my dream and you will see the spirit stand's aside wait for me, wait for me.Do not be afraid with haunted memory, go to the willow tree, there you will become free, "The smell of wild flower's in the air, come on, come on, let's go there, summer dust all around us, with bright vanishings see there, see there,"When night falls apon the earth, you can see passed the treees into the breeze dancing angels in a mist, forever  to come to bless.         2000

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Another day gone in history with no remarkable print in history to be remembered by.  Night time,  the only time I get the opportunity for that five minutes of sweet escape. In my mind, visions of you, me, us is as real as the bed I lie on. That five minutes when I can actually taste your sweet dark chocolate taste with no reservation, no shame just euphoria. Strong, dark and powerful with the feel of individuality.  Authenticity describes that which I savour mixed with a good helping of originality making reality seem dull. Heighten senses as awareness of the surreal becomes real. Pleasure to touch even for the briefest moments of lips that might never know each other. Intense rush of emotions I cannot describe as we inter twine as one only for a second. Seconds which leaves satisfied feelings for a life time. Your voice which is only audible to me, ever caressing places the flesh has never been before with words so deep, it draws tears to my eyes.  My soul craving more of you, these feelings, fulfilment. Lost within moments as sleep steals me away from you once more. We shall meet again when the night comes once more.

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For jealousy is the cruel of the grave of 
Human nature jealousy is a Serious disease. 
For it is always the smallest things in life 
That makes a person happy well that's a 
small Thing to a gaint.Set me as a seal 
upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm 
for love is strong as death.

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I've come to believe, thru disparate disease that this sphere's a shake us off like a bad case of fleas, we're gone viral, living in opposite land and we each ride the spiral,  obeying commands that come from the external, desire to come first place in a race that hastens to waste life eternal, chips off the new blocks, and we munch thru a shmorgas board of trees and rocks without replenishing stocks. Ain't enough voltage here to give us the shock, that we need to stop us fearing with our cocks, throw away the locks, release the keys to turn back the clock, bring time to it's knees and dump space at the docks.
This fabric sewn in two with chains and wire, relentlessly sets the human brain on fire, the mindless enquire about who/what made the stitch and only those who don't question don't get bit by the itch.
 Be a bridge for duality, accept both sides and love the brutality of everyday life, chimes of reality, a cold warm wind blows dry and soaks up the darkness to light the totality.

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true face

Can't stand my reflection mirrors are my worst enemy, cuz the face I have inside is not what u all see, my true image is horrifying make peoples eyes bleed, so I conceal it so noone knows how ugly. I am you can't see it but I can if I could I would do what atmosphere talked about in tattooed hands. Beautiful image on one hand and demon face on the other, a truely hideous face only one can love and that's my mother, even tho I was lucky enough to find myself a lover, who loves me for me times that by three and that's still doesn't compare to how much I love her. But back to the topic how I had beauty and lost it, and exactly how I got it. And the way I got it is from my past and battle scars, how I had to battle hard so I could get this far. And I keep on pushin makin my true face look more different then how its lookin, if you could see it you'd be shookin it looks this way cuz of all the shit iv tookin . But I don't care what you think cuz its me and and I'm me and I wouldn't take back anything, cuz my image is mine not yours, and my life is all I do it for, dont matter if I'm rich or poor the world is winning but I'm bout to even the score

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Eyes tell stories

Eyes tell stories, 
Of love and loss,
Of pain and sorrow, 
And of a pasts hidden in the crevasses of who we are.

Eyes tell one what we need to know,
What we want to know,
And things we never thought we could know about ourselves. 

But when we look into the eyes around us,
This is not what we see. 
When we look into the eyes around us,
We see blue oceans, and brown fields
Surrounded by white skies. 
We see beauty or hatred, 
But we never see the truths and the stories.

When you look into my eyes do you see the reasons to the pain I feel daily? 
When you look into your mother or fathers eyes do you see the story of how their love came to be?
When you look into the prisoners eyes do you see a scared little boy who doesn’t want to be hit anymore. 
When you look into the eyes of the cheerleader do you see her father screaming at her to be better and do better. 
When you look into the eyes of the doctor do you see the patient that he just lost.
When you look into your eyes to do you see the reason you refuse to love, loss, and trust.

Eyes tell us stories and truths. 
They tell of hidden secrets,
 And unknown pasts,
They give away the secrets to who are, and who we will become. 
But all we see are blue oceans and brown fields surrounded by white skies. 
We see beauty or hatred, 
But we never see the truths and the stories.

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Truly Beautiful

Truly Beautiful behind a heart, is a woman and a man longing for their desire, sunlight flitering on there skin's as fool's gold appears to them."A glistening mist in the air, the smell of wild-flower's are there.As if they took Adam and Eve's place.A man sits alone waiting for the passion of another truly beautiful behind the heart, her body quivered to his touch,"she felt that if she should die, to be placed under a apple tree, "and if one day he took take a bite" he would taste her that night.               2001

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Ode to the mother who is so kind
who’s beauty and gospel light always shine.
The mother that I love so dear always does the wash
The mother that I love so dears loves the kitchen store called Bosch.
Mother, I don’t know if you remember the time you once told me, 
that I would always be your baby as long as you were taller;
Believe me Mom that is not quiet fair you always knew I would be smaller.
I never told you how brave and strong you are to me.
Mother I first noticed your strength when grandma left this earth
I know how much it hurt you,
I know how much you cried.
The sorrow that burdened your heart always burdened mine
But the thing that I remember most was how I felt inside
I’d thought that I had lost her forever,
Mom, I thought life would never be the same. 
But then I looked into your eyes and that’s were I lost my pain.
I knew she wasn’t lost because her and you are the same, as long
as you’re my Mommy and forever with me you remain.
I hope one day Mother that I shine the way you do,
with the glory of God inside you and a little bit of grandma too.
Your beauty is more than outward appearance, it’s what’s on the inside I love.
You always put up with me, 
you always seem to care,
So Mother I know I’m not perfect 
and I can be a grouch,
But I know that you love me, and that’s what really counts.
I don’t know why you chose me, but I know why I chose you
Because God believed that you would lead me back to him and would keep me 
close to you.
I could not be more proud of the mother you are to me.
So thank you Mom for being the mother I want to be, I hope one day you will know
how much you will always mean to me.

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Cries Of Liberty

From politics to humanities tricks,
out cries continues to pour in
on a candles wick.
bringing upcoming havoc
to the new generation
known as Rick,
Connie, Nick, patrick and Vick.
too young to understand
that devastation and complication
is on the rise
in the masterminds mind.
Always seeking with not a care
to whom one can compromise.
leading the weak to the blind.
Leaving valuable measurements behind.
no matter what the weight,
form, length nor size.
for green is the color
of americans hopes and dreams.
causing treachery and deceit
which runs into the river of greed.
leaving visuals of beauty alone
for it is never what it seems.
Circling around a lighted torch
sets ablaze of driveby's
being witnessed by figures
standing amazed and afraid
on their porch.
Clearless rings falls from the cheeks of the skies.
in remembrance of hearing
abondoned babies cries.
Knowing the facts of the crackheads
lows and highs.
One comes to the reality
that the sirens of death never dies.
Making timelines cross
in the midst of history.
seeing the fame of change is no mystery
sitting aside doing nothing
is our greatest misery.
staring in the eyes
seeing the 
Cries of Liberty.

bringing upcoming havoc
to the new generation
known as Rick,
Connie, Nick, patrick and Vick.
too young to understand
that devastation and complication
is on the rise
in the masterminds mind.
Always seeking with not a care
to whom one can compromise.
leading the weak to the blind.
Leaving valuable measurements behind.
no matter what the weight,
form, length nor size.
for green is the color
of americans hopes and dreams.
causing treachery and deceit
which runs into the river of greed.
leaving visuals of beauty alone
for it is never what it seems.
Circling around a lighted torch
sets ablaze of driveby's
being witnessed by figures
standing amazed and afraid
on their porch.
Clearless rings falls from the cheeks of the skies.
in remembrance of hearing
abondoned babies cries.
Knowing the facts of the crackheads
lows and highs.
One comes to the reality
that the sirens of death never dies.
Making timelines cross
in the midst of history.
seeing the fame of change is no mystery
sitting aside doing nothing
is our greatest misery.
staring in the eyes
seeing the 
Cries of Liberty

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You're an epitome of 
Embellish with every 
beauty of heaven.
A radiant star even in the 
darkest of the night, 
So elegant and glamorous.
You're so precious like 
Difficult to get hard to lose.
A flower in the world of 
Irreplaceable and 
A light in a dark world, 
Magnificent in the eyes of 
You're a unique treasure, 
You're priceless.
A voyage of knowledge, 
With a touch of 
supernatural brilliance.
A million times an angel, 
Blessed with an astonishing 
A diva amongst beauty 
Created out of the ordinary.
You're a bed of rose, 
So rare and so precious.
You're an amazing being to 
Engraved with every 
happiness of heaven.
An exceptional lady, 
Created with the priceless 
gift of womanhood.
You're a symbol of divine 
Crafted with every alloy of 
You're the apple of God's 
And the heartbeat of his 
A lady of great attribute, 
With a touch of class.
You're a gift for humanity, 
With a heart polished with 
A dear friend and a 
With a touch that never 
A lady of Godly character, 
Blessed amongst women.
If perfection is what you're 
searching for? , 
Just remain the same.
For you're a beacon of good 
And the dream of every 

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Hopeless of Hopefull We'll never know

H e walks down the road 
O n the dark twisting never ending road
P ushing past the invisible chains that had once held him back
E arth breaking in bits and pieces, like crumbs from a cake, under his feet
L ooking at the road, but there was nothing there to see
E verything crying out for help but they were hopeless indeed 
S oon he saw a glint of light in the dead grass, a sliver of hope, 
S topping to see what it was, he saw a key

O nly he saw the key, the key invisible to others passing by, he picked it up and pocketed it
R ising in happiness he walked on, happy for being shown a sliver of hope in the darkness of life

H opping and skipping for joy... he spotted something else, a coin, old and rusted
O n he walked for it held no meaning to him without those whom he held dear to him
P ausing in disgust at the sight of a murky sea full of people 
E very crevasse of the sea was filled with dead fish, which the birds picked at
F or all animals were dead due to the pollutants, only that was not what disgusted him
U seless as the murky sea seemed, others were in the murky sea, staying till life’s end
“L ovely isn’t it?” a stranger asked him. All he could do was stare at the man in disgust 
“L ovely?!? It a sad excuse of a puddle, that’s what it is, Ugly!” He says and storms away

W alking along the road he came across a gate and became curious 
E ven though something inside him told him not to he tried opening the gate anyways 
‘L osing patience he tried breaking the lock
L ost in pure curiosity he tried and tried only to fail once again

N ot happy, he tried his one and only option left, jumping the gate
E cstatic that he would finally get over the gate he jumped into the black oblivion 
E xpecting to land but falling forever into the black oblivion
R egretting his carless decision 

K nowing that it would never end, but wishing it would
N ow as he fell he thought of the ones he left behind on his journey
O n and on he fell down through the black oblivion
‘W hen will it end?’ He asked himself but the answer, I’m afraid, would never come

(Key= Happiness, Coin= Wealth, Pond= Love, and Gate= Life after death)

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Optical Illusions

If you look closer, you can see
The creatures living inside of the
Trees and plants and houses too,
Blooming flowers, leaves of rue,
The wrinkles and dents of a worn-out shoe
Can become a face to forever haunt
Or maybe something you truly want.
No matter how hard you try to look
The world is not an open book
Whatever you see isn't what it seems
And maybe it's all just a dream.

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Life Cannot Be Just A Dream

Dreams come into our minds and hearts,
Weaving its own special pattern, 
Through life.
Like a handmade quilt, 
Made with extra care,
As if to preserve the love, 
Within each stitch.
Life Cannot Be Just A Dream.

Dreams make us, who we are as a person,
Dreams make the music we hear every day,
And dreams make up the world,
That we live in,
Life Cannot Be Just A Dream.

The dreams we have about life,
That dreams inspire us, 
Are important to everybody,
And it is important to keep having these dreams,
 So that we may become, 
Who we want to be later in the life that we have,
Life Cannot Be Just A Dream. 

The things we imagine are special, 
These dreams help us to realize,
What we should do, 
To help the world,
Be a better place,
These dreams keep people together,
Life Cannot Be Just A Dream.   

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You're Beautiful

You’re caring and sensitive.
You care about others,
I see a world filled with happiness,
That starts with you.
You are the one who I see,
Who can charm the birds out of their nests.
 I cry when you’re sad,
But remember this…
You are beautiful!

I know what it’s to be misunderstood, 
I say don’t lose your faith.
You should try to be yourself,
Remember You are Beautiful!

I cannot pretend to know how you feel,
But know that I’m here for you,
Reach for my heart,
Cause its held out to you,
 My shoulders are small,
But you can cry on them too.
Everything changes,
But know this,
I’m here for you.
Remember You’re Beautiful!

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Beauty Within

Beauty is like a flower, It blossoms all 
time. When its ready it will bloom the 
it will be a butterfly. But no matter
how many times it blooms beauty will ne-
ver die, cause beauty grows all the time.
Is beauty the skin? No its whats within!


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Worth it

Your beauty is what heaven made. Your voice is more refreshing then Gatorade. Can I look into 
your eye's all day everyday? Can I show you that I'm capable to love you in a special kind of 
way? Your worth more the that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Your beauty alone is more 
spectacular then anything you will ever know. I don't know what it is about you. But I don't want 
to imagine life without you. Your lips are so soft they'll put you in a daze. For a minute you will 
think your in Maui laying under a shade. What is life without love, what is love without life? Your 
worth every second, minute & hour of a day and your worth being called my wife.

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Blissful Deception

Enthralled by her presence
I obsessed over her captivating impression
The room became still, as her beauty lingered
My eyes effused by her figure
Pondering on satisfying this craving, this vigorous attraction
I approached this distraction

I remember her alluring scent
Her lips blazing with passion
Yearning to be satisfied, pleading to be wanted
Like a goddess shimmering from above
But with exoticness, the eyes hunted for love
Her shape implored my urges and tempted my thoughts
She arrested my heart
Leaving me restless and distraught
But she responded to my devotion
And soon committed to this emotion

The room now empty and black
Only four barriers caging our impurity 
Her shadow amiss the obscurity
Boldly conveyed her infatuation,
Pressing my narcotic fixation
I approached her ablaze with an impish intention
And we fed our addiction, liberating our delicious obsession

Unveiling our sins, and stripping away our innocence
Our level of desire was limitless
Running my hands up her legs
I triggered her sinful aspiration
Heatedly gashing off her clothes
I roughly pressed her against the wall
Pulling her hair as I stared
She did not dismiss
But welcomed the forceful bliss
The ecstasy was raw, as the sweat ran from our pores 
She moaned biting her lip
In turn, to suffocate the groans
I grabbed her throat, not to choke 
To kiss, so deep, so heavy, so intense
She would forget whose air she was breathing
And at that moment, her satisfaction was present
Relieving the implication, fulfilling this euphoric sensation

The night soon passed, but would our love remain?
Was she destined for my name?
When I awoke the bed was wintry and cold
And to this day 
there was never a word, never a word.


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Handsome Appeal

A river a fish, a place to piss

A sound loud , a scream 

about a boy in a dream

who grows to be a man

punished by society, freedom banned

speaks softly from afar

tender eyes brown and big

a smile so perfectly placed

lips curved in denial upon his face

a grace his walk defined

a place deep in his chest , pounding 

a heart of desire , i dreamt to devour