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Hi, thoughtful poetry and confronting art..... and mathematics, are my interest. Have been writing, poetrying and painting for about 20 years and mathematicing for about 25. Of course we all have thoughts about random stuff often enough, I like putting those random thoughts into verse making sense or putting them on canvas to be a provoker. I prefer all styles of poetry depending upon my mood.

By the way, unless i state that a poem actually occurred to me, then they are all made up, fiction, whimsical, not true events, they are not biographies and only touch on uncomfortable topics to make the reader question things. I believe poetry has the ability to make us question our own morals intimately, like how the bard made us question suicide in Romeo and Juliet.

p.s. the bard didn't do suicide.

My art is

What I write in poetry does not necessarily reflect the opinions or morals of the NSW department of education...

Is poetry a feminine luxury

Blog Posted:8/12/2017 12:26:00 AM
Not many testosterone packed hard poems floating around on this site any more. Even my own writes have become soft, feeling almost fake. But then I think, is this what poetry is... About soft stuff and not war or battle or fight or engines or loud?This is not a rant but rather an observation.
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Date: 8/14/2017 8:27:00 AM
The majority of poetry on this site either deals with emotions, nature or relationships, I find, unless its for a contest that pushes the poets to write beyond self. Most of the poetry I read in journals delves into social issues, world news, injustice, oppression... and those poems are written by all genders ..and they are LOUD poems which state their views with STRONG language. Poetrysoup is a 'soft' poetry site, for the most part... which is fine! This poetry site serves a purpose for new poets to share work, learn about forms, work on their styles and just socialize.
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MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 8/14/2017 8:34:00 AM
When ready, the poets can grow, become more diverse with themes/subjects. Some just want to stay on the soft side, self-nurture, paint rainbows... all is good ...
Date: 8/12/2017 11:48:00 AM
I have poems floating round about poop which I guess is classed as soft poetry unless my pen is constipated then I may write a harder poem she says purely tongue in cheek lol:-)
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Date: 8/12/2017 2:35:00 PM
lol Craig:-) hugs jan xx
cornish Avatar
craig cornish
Date: 8/12/2017 12:28:00 PM
Jan, take exlax and sexlax and you'll have no trouble either going or coming.
Date: 8/12/2017 10:55:00 AM
I have noticed that (in general) the type of man who writes poetry is usually a more sensitive type! But both women AND men can do battle type or bold poetry and I have seen those here! Classic poetry (before the 1900's) was often done by males because women maybe had to write under assumed names just to be published Can you think of any "loud" poetry from the classics?
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 8/12/2017 8:49:00 PM
I think all the classic stuff I read was mostly sweet and romantic!!
cornish Avatar
craig cornish
Date: 8/12/2017 1:02:00 PM
I think perhaps too many to count Andrea because such was the mirror of the times, as your rhetorical question Sir Walter wrote "He halts, and turns with clenched hand, and shout of loud defiance pours, and shook his gauntlet at the towers". or Lord Byron, "They chained us each to column stone, and we were three--yet each alone;we could not move a single pace, we could not see each other's face" or Shelly "Sad storm, whose tears are vain,bare woods whose branches strain, deep caves and dreary main, wail for the world's wrong!" Yet knowing all of this makes sweet escape more cherished--Keats "That I might drink, and leave the world unseen, and with thee fade away into the forest dim; fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget what thou among the leaves hast never is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know".
Date: 8/12/2017 6:05:00 AM
Alas, we wish for men to be "soft, cuddly, creatures in touch with their "feminine" side and bemoan the loss of their rough edges and loud voices. Irony of Ironies.
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Trestrail Avatar
Keith Trestrail
Date: 8/12/2017 9:14:00 AM
Well, I'm not soft but I am cuddly!
Date: 8/12/2017 3:02:00 AM
testosterone packed?! Have the Trump-related poems escaped you?
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tekai Avatar
taai tekai
Date: 8/19/2017 10:37:00 PM
Julia, thank you for the explanation. I was being deliberately dense in relation to Lewis's comment (now deleted) re Trump being a mama's boy. From what I've read of the man, he was very much a papa's boy, following very closely his dad's rather disreputable footsteps. PS-tried to reply to your email but couldn't somehow; sorry for any misunderstanding; not intended at all but it's all too easy to misconstrue words :)
Raynes Avatar
Lewis Raynes
Date: 8/12/2017 3:39:00 AM
Really, no, I think u r wrong. James Bond is the epitome of male. Trump is epitome of mummy boy. I think a lot of poetic language on here is not mummy boy but rather feminine.
tekai Avatar
taai tekai
Date: 8/12/2017 3:20:00 AM
I was referring to male and female poets writing strong sentiments about what they feel is wrong...Trump is very much a male flexing his muscles...spoilt and flaccid they may be, but nevertheless, male....all men are mama's boys...and women, mama's gals, for that matter... :)
Raynes Avatar
Lewis Raynes
Date: 8/12/2017 3:11:00 AM
Trump is no male, ever. He does not represent men ...... Ever. Men r strong and virtue and power. Trump is whining, blaming mummy boy
Date: 8/12/2017 1:51:00 AM
Poetry can be about anything you choose. My current contest is political, and politics can appeal to men or women. Two earlier contests of mine were called "The Swords Speak" and "A Fugitive", so I'm not sure where you get the idea that all women focus on is soft topics.
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Raynes Avatar
Lewis Raynes
Date: 8/12/2017 2:26:00 AM
The words. The lack of brutal crash tackle language

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