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Soul Poetry Contest Finalized - Robert James Liguori's Blog

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I am Robert James Liguori.  I have authored several technical books including The Java Pocket Guide.  I have spent twenty years in the aviation community doing software development and testing.  Currently, I'm spending my time writing poetry trying to make a small, yet positive difference in this world... one word at a time.

Soul Poetry Contest Finalized

Blog Posted:11/20/2021 6:04:00 AM

I've finalized my sixth contest, the one on souls!  'received a lot of wonderful entries thank you.  It's now time to go down the path of a new contest.... here are my six previous contests...

  • Relationships
  • A Notable Horse
  • Owl Haiku
  • A Noteworthy Ship
  • Rose
  • Soui

So where do we go from here?  What could be more awe-inspiring than what has already been tackled?  The 'word' itself.... WONDERSTRUCK!  Let your pages and stanzas jump to life, what is the most awesome-tastic experience you've ever witnessed.... when were you indeed wonderstruck!  Tell us in poetry, can't wait to see your entries!


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Date: 11/20/2021 1:41:00 PM
Thank you for my placement, Robert, very honored. Congratulations to all the winners.
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Date: 11/20/2021 11:43:00 AM
Robert, thank you for the inspiration and the contests and for my wonderful placement in your Rose contest, and congrats to all your winners. I like your new theme and hope to write you a poem worthy ~ peace and tranquility _Constance
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