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Bougainvillia Praises

Blog Posted:4/20/2019 12:15:00 PM

Wow, I almost felt like throwing the proverbial towel in on this one but then, I would have been the "Read my lips, no new taxes" guy or the "You can keep your doctor" guy, because in the midst of this contest I empathized with Greg's blog saying they were "all" winners....they truly were.  So, please do not feel, if you did not place, like your poem was not worthy and know that you dwelled among the best of the best. Bravo to all, but among them, some were more exceptional than others so far as fitting into the subjective universe I was looking for. Many may not know who Charlotte is but when I received her poem, I read it 4-5 times and it got better with each and couldn't wait to see who wrote it because I had no clue except that it was special and deserved to stand alone. I'm so honored that she chose to write to this because she has always wrapped her art in honest, poignant emotions that always cut to the quick and leave one contemplating their own existence. Sometimes when you're judging you get a write that you know will be tough to beat and that was true with Nette's poem which was clearly excellent (per usual) and like hundreds of images flooding my mind like a bodacious dream, yet they were all connected with clever transitions and even a sonnet-like volta in the third stanza which took us from the excitement to a soft visual landing. Then there was Nina, who we should never expect the ordinary from and this is no exception. Hooked from the start, I was wrapped in originality from start to creative finish and I believe as we smile at its frivolity we may miss the undertow of its honesty. Dale's poem was so joyfully composed it felt like a true ressurection of spring - smiling as it dawned.  If cream rises to the top, Greg's writes are always on top or somewhere near and one reason is that he's so self effacing and connects his writes to his soul in many ways. That is what makes them so real and what we can all connect with our own lives, our own failures and doubts and victories and loves and he does it with excellent poetic tools which he uses so well. Ralph, I enjoyed your artisitc personification and pictures that draw us to the scenes. Subimal, it seems you have more to offer with each write and the pride of your perceptions show bightly through as you took us from the depths of winter to the new birth of spring. Eve, it's obvious that you have owned a bougainvillea and truly know what it shares and what to beware and are there lizards, yup, love the ending as well.  Sara, the most heart rending of all and the way you shared it drew us in with hope and faith of what was missed, yet what must surely come - I pray with you Dear Sara. Taai, your words always capture what many cannot see, and with a smile.  Beata, thank you for sharing and reminding us of the hope and faith we all share this weekend and always. Kai, you are among the many that didn't make the top winners yet deserved to be recognized, thank you for sharing another fine poem.  WOW, I forgot Constance (Dear Heart) - inexcusable - thank you so much for writing for the contest and comparing your words and thoughts to the vine itself, that was a very creative way to take the muse and so very true. Have a great Easter Dear Heart.


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Date: 4/25/2019 6:17:00 PM
What a profound honorarium. Congrats to everyone!!
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Date: 4/22/2019 4:08:00 AM
Thanks for the comments and the compliments. I appreciate your words of wisdom accompanying your poetic critique. God bless you.
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Date: 4/21/2019 11:25:00 AM
since most houses in my place are surrounded by bougainvilleas , i didn't know how to treat this theme...thanks craig for knocking my head to craft one for this challenge... you always inspire! sending my congrats to all who participated... this is a happy easter for me!...huggs
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Date: 4/21/2019 7:19:00 AM
Craig, thanks for the inspiration the contest provided me to write my poem, and I am honored to be included on your winning list, yes, the talent on this site makes each poem a winner and like Brian said, it is like trying to dissect a butterfly, congratulations to all the winners ~
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cornish Avatar
craig cornish
Date: 4/21/2019 7:48:00 AM
Thank you for your fine entry Constance and, where there's a will, butterflies can be dissected. I'm so glad you commented because I left you off the blog - sorry! But I fixed it now - can't believe I did that. Hugs
Date: 4/21/2019 12:12:00 AM
Congratulations, winners. And I finally learned about Bougainvillia!
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