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Jaundiced Eye Contest

Blog Posted:7/1/2021 8:24:00 PM

Thank you dear soupers for your deep insights. So many times, I am compelled to pause, awestruck at the depth of emotion portrayed. Each entry has its own validity and yet we must choose ...

The judging is by resonation, in as much as able, related to the line of inquiry. I confess that I accord lower priority to technique and as such, perhaps better crafted poems are left out, since the objective is soul searching alone. As such, the results have no bearing on poetic skills.

The results should be out soon. I am indebted to all who participated, enriching my heart. Thank you!


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Date: 7/3/2021 8:30:00 AM
Thanks to all for your love and support!
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Date: 7/3/2021 4:17:00 AM
I think you come up with the most amazing ideas for contests. Keep up the good work and don't let anything or anyone discourage you. Be still and know that you are, "how great thou art !"
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Date: 7/2/2021 9:17:00 PM
Thanks so much for the inspiration of your contest. Congrats to all the winners.
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Date: 7/2/2021 9:03:00 PM
Seeker, thanks for the inspiration to pen a poem on this subject, congratulations to all your winners ~ peace and tranquility _Constance
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Date: 7/1/2021 10:59:00 PM
Well, now that the judging is done, please have a look at the next contest, TAT TVAM ASI, meaning ‘That Thou Art’ or ‘I Am That’
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Date: 7/1/2021 10:55:00 PM
Results have no bearing on poetic skills? That's an interesting take on a poetry contest.
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Seeker Avatar
Unseeking Seeker
Date: 7/1/2021 10:56:00 PM
Maybe a good topic for a contest itself!

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9/20/2021 Silent whispers Than-Baukspiritual,
9/20/2021 Monk mode Ethereespiritual,
9/19/2021 Walk the talk Rhymeintrospection,muse,spirit
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9/18/2021 With God inside Rhymegod,joy,love,
9/18/2021 Poisoned pawn Rhymedesire,
9/17/2021 Where are we headed Free verseintrospection,muse,
9/17/2021 No-thingness Free versespiritual,
9/17/2021 Mystical Rhymejoy,love,spiritual,
9/17/2021 Joy contracts Rhymemuse,spiritual,
9/17/2021 The joy continuum Rhymejoy,spiritual,
9/16/2021 Bliss vivified is-ness Sonnetjoy,spiritual,
9/16/2021 Lonely Nonethappiness,
9/15/2021 Magnetism Rhymelove,magic,
9/15/2021 Disarray Rhymeintrospection,muse,
9/15/2021 Soul view Rhymegod,love,spiritual,
9/15/2021 Dragon whips tail Rhymefear,
9/15/2021 The lighter side Rhymehumor,joy,
9/14/2021 Kundalini force Rhymespiritual,
9/14/2021 Blockages Footlefear,freedom,prayer,
9/14/2021 Which came first Rhymemuse,
9/14/2021 Bliss continuum Dizainjoy,silence,spiritual,
9/14/2021 Just sing along Rhymefreedom,happy,joy,spiritu
9/14/2021 Magnetic heat Rhymespiritual,
9/14/2021 Idyll thought forms Terza Rimaspiritual,
9/13/2021 At seat of soul Rhymespiritual,
9/13/2021 Kill two birds with one stone Quintillalove,
9/13/2021 Stupor lessens Rhymespiritual,
9/13/2021 Knock Rhymeintrospection,muse,
9/12/2021 Eye of the storm Rhymesilence,spiritual,
9/12/2021 Cessation Rhymespiritual,
9/12/2021 The rebel Rhymespiritual,
9/11/2021 Drums of Heaven Quaterngod,joy,spiritual,
9/11/2021 Jagged Rhymeintrospection,muse,
9/11/2021 Junk Rhymemuse,spiritual,
9/11/2021 Journal Rhymedesire,fear,lust,
9/10/2021 Journey Rhymelife,love,
9/10/2021 Lilliputian minds Rhymemuse,
9/10/2021 Childlike innocence Than-Baukheart,joy,love,
9/10/2021 Degradation Rhymemuse,spiritual,
9/10/2021 Take the leap Rhymespiritual,
9/10/2021 This is the way it is Quintillajoy,spiritual,
9/9/2021 Vibrant emptiness Rhymespiritual,
9/9/2021 Cropping the picture Rhymechange,muse,
9/9/2021 Our power of co-creation Dizainmuse,spiritual,
9/9/2021 Dreams within dreams Quintilladream,life,muse,
9/9/2021 Heart grants consent Rhymespiritual,
9/8/2021 Happy birthday dear heart Villanellebirthday,heart,love,
9/8/2021 There is no one here Rhymespiritual,
9/8/2021 Ego annihilation Free versemoon,muse,
9/8/2021 Simply be aware Rhymespiritual,
9/8/2021 Heart - seat of soul Ethereeheart,spiritual,
9/7/2021 Light of Christ Rhymegod,
9/7/2021 Sushumna Rhymespiritual,
9/7/2021 Prey or predator Rhymemuse,psychological,
9/6/2021 Nothing new to report Sonnetmuse,
9/6/2021 Where there is smoke Rhymeheart,joy,love,spiritual,
9/6/2021 Say it in English Free versesilence,spiritual,
9/6/2021 Mind-body tires Rhymedesire,muse,spiritual,
9/6/2021 Is-ness of Being-ness Rhymejoy,spiritual,
9/6/2021 Third density Rhymespiritual,
9/6/2021 This is all we ask Kimolight,spiritual,
9/6/2021 No fairy tale Rhymegod,joy,light,love,spirit
9/6/2021 Dream world Dizainspiritual,
9/5/2021 Heart reset Rhymeheart,love,
9/5/2021 Joy effervescence Rhymejoy,spiritual,
9/5/2021 Embrace and release Quintillapeace,
9/4/2021 Instant Nirvana Quintillaspiritual,
9/4/2021 The That Free versespiritual,
9/4/2021 Whats there to say Rhymejoy,love,
9/3/2021 Spanda Free versespiritual,
9/3/2021 Separation and union Free versespiritual,
9/3/2021 The dark void Free versespiritual,
9/3/2021 Self-preservation Rhymegod,joy,light,
9/3/2021 Vibrant in is-ness Rhymejoy,spiritual,
9/3/2021 The pull to act Rhymelife,spiritual,
9/3/2021 Dark dungeons of despair Than-Baukgod,life,love,
9/3/2021 Inner sound current Rondeauspiritual,
9/3/2021 The open secret Rhymespiritual,
9/3/2021 Gratitude Rhymeblessing,spiritual,thanks
9/2/2021 Waking up to the morn Dizaingood morning,joy,
9/2/2021 Unresolved thought trains Free versedream,muse,
9/2/2021 Reincarnation Ethereebirth,death,destiny,life,
9/2/2021 Heart can tell Rhymetruth,
9/2/2021 None stand apart Rhymegod,love,
9/1/2021 Dancing in the rain Rhymedance,joy,rain,
9/1/2021 Love alone is Rhymelove,

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Fav Poems

Jesus, my Beloved Free versejesus,
Elevating Heart Free verseappreciation,devotion,hea
On Rivers of Love Free verselove,river,
The Sounds of Bliss Sonnetromantic,
A change of heart Sonnetblessing,christian,faith,
Open Up Free versefaith,hope,love,
Someone who used to be you Blank versedream,lost love,love,
Mind Dance Free verseappreciation,beauty,bird,
Home Sweet Home Free versebeautiful,home,love,
Always Rhymedream,friendship,poetry,v
An Excavation Verseintrospection,life,
I Thought I Knew a Thousand Songs Free verseloss,love,
I See Him Rhymeblessing,faith,god,hope,i
Where the Wind Blows Quatrainwind,
love will heal the world Free verselove,
Enchantment Free verseinspirational,
THE DIE IS CAST Free versedeath,grief,journey,lost
KNOW YOURSELF Free versegod,introspection,wisdom,
Simple Truths Free verseblessing,encouraging,god,
A Reflection Of His Love Free verseappreciation,caregiving,
Mindful Free verseblessing,life,light,
Held By A Thread Versespiritual,
Just Breathe Free versefaith,hope,inspirational,
swift, the rills Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,deat
Teasing Kiss Rhymerain,
Flowers Of The Heart Rhymecare,garden,growth,heart,
COME INTO MY HOUSE LORD Versechristian,family,
Gentle Harbinger Coupletangel,beauty,bird,blessin
Dancing Girls Free verseage,
Rush of Summer's Breeze Sonnetlove,summer,
Soul Mates Free verseheart,inspirational,love,
The Homeless Gentleman Rhymecare,
Holding Back Tears Rhymedeep,imagery,metaphor,
MAKE PEACE WITH TIME Rhymeappreciation,grief,inspir
Quietude Rhymesilence,
HEALING POWER OF THE DRUM Free verseinspirational,native amer

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