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I was born in a small city, (Bathurst) New Brunswick, Canada, the third eldest of thirteen children, ten girls and three boys. I’m the product of a semi-dysfunctional family, brought up by a physically controlling father, versus a loving nurturing mother. Many of my poems reflect the uniqueness and special circumstances of my upbringing and love of nature.

Urban Sonnet Contest

Blog Posted:5/31/2019 1:43:00 PM

My "Urban Sonnet Contest" is now over and has been judged.

The winners were chosen on their adhearance to the rules, I was very strict on the rhyming...if your poem did not rhyme according to (RhymeZone ) as required in the contest rules, your poem recieved an N/A. If you have any questions on why your poem did not recieve a placement please Soupmail me and I will explain.

The winners were:

Contest Winner Medal  1 Urban seasoning sonnets, Brian DUFFIELD
Contest Winner Medal  2 After the Fling, Jack Horne
Contest Winner Medal  3 The voice, Wendy Watson
 4 A Heartwarming Connection, Lu Loo
 5 Spring At Last, Dear Heart
 6 A Nap, Stephen Tefft
 7 I'll Rise, Subimal Sinha-Roy
 8 Clearly Understood, Reason A. Poteet
 9 Greyhound - LA to NY, Robin Ray

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Date: 5/31/2019 3:56:00 PM
Emile, thank you for another wonderful contest and for my placement and congrats to all your winners, now onto your next challenge, oh what a great theme you have given us !
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Pinet Avatar
Emile Pinet
Date: 5/31/2019 7:44:00 PM
Thanks Constance, I appreciate your comments my friend, Emile.

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/14/2019 After The Laughter Quatern10th grade,9th grade,angs
10/12/2019 Nature's Cello Terza Rima10th grade,9th grade,beau
10/11/2019 The Days Of Wine And Roses Blank verse10th grade,9th grade,angs
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10/5/2019 All Hallows' Eve Pantoum10th grade,9th grade,anxi
10/4/2019 Vindication Quintain (Sicilian)10th grade,9th grade,beau
10/4/2019 Putrid Pumpkins Sonnet10th grade,9th grade,angs
10/3/2019 Little Girl Rhyme10th grade,9th grade,cat,
10/2/2019 Colors Of Fall Acrostic10th grade,autumn,change,
10/1/2019 Here One Moment, Gone The Next Sonnet10th grade,angst,anxiety,
9/30/2019 Exclusive Access-Six Verse10th grade,9th grade,emot
9/30/2019 Halloween Moon Verse10th grade,9th grade,fant
9/29/2019 Perusal Of The World Bio10th grade,11th grade,12t
9/28/2019 Love Follows Hope Tetractys10th grade,emotions,feeli
9/27/2019 Charity And Pity Sonnet10th grade,angst,feelings
9/26/2019 Creme De La Creme-QD Verse10th grade,11th grade,bea
9/25/2019 Best Lines Ever Penned Verse10th grade,beautiful,char
9/24/2019 A Refresher Course Free verse10th grade,11th grade,ame
9/23/2019 Autumn's Face Tetractys10th grade,8th grade,9th
9/23/2019 A Wannabe Dream Narrative10th grade,allusion,anxie
9/20/2019 A Black Silk Shawl Sonnet10th grade,beautiful,imag
9/15/2019 Love's Promise Quatern10th grade,anxiety,emotio
9/12/2019 My Heart Is Full Rhyme10th grade,angst,anxiety,
9/11/2019 Serene Rhyme10th grade,beautiful,imag
9/10/2019 Cast A Long Shadow Enclosed Rhyme10th grade,11th grade,fee
9/8/2019 Town Children Free verse10th grade,allusion,commu
9/7/2019 Ringo Starr Clerihew10th grade,character,cult
9/6/2019 Without Question Couplet10th grade,8th grade,9th
9/5/2019 Silence Verse10th grade,11th grade,ana
9/4/2019 Cellophane Rispetto10th grade,animal,beautif
9/3/2019 I Let Go Free verse10th grade,anxiety,betray
9/2/2019 Finger-Wagger Sonnet10th grade,animal,dog,fun
9/2/2019 Learn To Fly Rhyme10th grade,11th grade,bea
8/31/2019 Blink Out Verse10th grade,11th grade,all
8/30/2019 Secret Dreams Free verse10th grade,allusion,dream
8/29/2019 Angels Danced Haibun10th grade,angel,angst,be
8/28/2019 The Fire Rages On Acrostic10th grade,angst,anxiety,
8/27/2019 A Trickle Of Tears Tanka10th grade,11th grade,bea
8/27/2019 The Breath Of Autumn Verse10th grade,autumn,change,
8/25/2019 A Beckon For Truth Free verse10th grade,11th grade,emo
8/21/2019 Blazing Color Nonet10th grade,autumn,beautif
8/20/2019 Willing To Mediate Free verse10th grade,11th grade,ang
8/19/2019 James Stewart Triolet10th grade,appreciation,f
8/18/2019 Down Memory Lane Enclosed Rhyme10th grade,age,beautiful,
8/18/2019 Steadily Declining Rhyme10th grade,autumn,beautif
8/17/2019 Phantasmagorical Acrostic10th grade,beautiful,feel
8/16/2019 Labyrinths Verse10th grade,community,imag
8/15/2019 Shooting Stars Verse10th grade,beautiful,imag
8/14/2019 Past My Prime Verse10th grade,age,anxiety,fe
8/13/2019 Shadows Of Conformity Sonnet10th grade,11th grade,ang
8/12/2019 My Home Free verse10th grade,emotions,feeli
8/11/2019 Hidden From Reality Verse10th grade,angst,anxiety,
8/10/2019 I Hear The Wind Villanelle10th grade,11th grade,bea
8/9/2019 What You Are To Me Sonnet10th grade,11th grade,bea
8/8/2019 Flunky To A Junkie Tyburn10th grade,11th grade,add
8/7/2019 Night Darkens Day Verse10th grade,beautiful,colo
8/6/2019 My Soul Cries Tears Rondeau10th grade,abuse,addictio
8/5/2019 Summer Fun Verse10th grade,beautiful,chil
8/4/2019 Everything Has A Price Quatrain10th grade,anxiety,emotio
8/3/2019 Rigid And Unbending Free verse10th grade,11th grade,dee
8/2/2019 Faith Is Blind Ninette10th grade,9th grade,chri
8/1/2019 Anguish For Ratings Free verse10th grade,11th grade,ang
7/30/2019 A Mushroom Cloud Quintain (Sicilian)10th grade,anxiety,change
7/29/2019 God's Presence Free verse10th grade,11th grade,chr
7/28/2019 Nature's Pallet Verse10th grade,art,beautiful,
7/27/2019 Kewpie-Doll Rhyme10th grade,angel,beautifu
7/26/2019 A Broken Man Quintain (English)10th grade,america,angst,
7/25/2019 Mouth The Words Free verse10th grade,11th grade,ame
7/24/2019 Backyard Barbecues Alliteration10th grade,9th grade,feel
7/23/2019 The Psyche Of Man Free verse10th grade,11th grade,fai
7/22/2019 Poetry Paints Rondeau10th grade,art,beauty,emo
7/21/2019 A Good Day To Cry Free verse10th grade,11th grade,ame
7/20/2019 There Is Such Heartbreak To See Haibun10th grade,angst,anxiety,
7/20/2019 They Learn Young Haiku10th grade,america,anger,
7/19/2019 A Harsh Mistress Rhyme10th grade,age,angst,anxi
7/18/2019 A Sequoia Tree Acrostic10th grade,11th grade,hyp
7/17/2019 Bravery And Tragedy Free verse10th grade,africa,angst,c
7/16/2019 A Blemished Sky Verse10th grade,imagery,imagin
7/15/2019 Intransigence Free verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
7/14/2019 Infinitesimally Small Free verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
7/13/2019 Anywhere But Segovia Light Verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
7/12/2019 Now My Wings Can Soar In The Sky Rhyme10th grade,11th grade,emo
7/11/2019 A Natural High Free verse10th grade,11th grade,bea
7/10/2019 lust Senryu10th grade,11th grade,des
7/10/2019 blue pastels Haiku10th grade,11th grade,12t
7/10/2019 Splendiferous Stories Choka10th grade,9th grade,adve
7/9/2019 Wistful Recollections Verse10th grade,11th grade,emo
7/8/2019 Points Of Light Free verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
7/8/2019 Black Sheep Free verse10th grade,11th grade,emo
7/7/2019 When Love Takes Hold Light Verse10th grade,9th grade,beau
7/6/2019 A Coalescence Of Sparks Free verse10th grade,11th grade,bea
7/5/2019 Sharing One Soul Free verse10th grade,11th grade,emo
7/4/2019 Love Is But An Illusion Free verse10th grade,11th grade,anx
7/2/2019 Deities And Boogeymen Free verse10th grade,11th grade,bib
7/1/2019 In Real Life Quintain (English)10th grade,9th grade,comp
6/30/2019 Its Chrysalis Shell Sonnet10th grade,9th grade,art,
6/29/2019 The Bloodhound Personification10th grade,11th grade,anx
6/28/2019 Peony Rhyme10th grade,9th grade,beau
6/27/2019 Green Oasis Verse10th grade,11th grade,chi

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