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Journey without movement contest finalised - Unseeking Seeker's Blog

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Journey without movement contest finalised

Blog Posted:12/5/2022 7:04:00 PM

Thank you dear soupers for your wonderful poems and spiritual insights. I'm humbled with the response received. 

Warmest congratulations to the winners and in fact all participants. 

Our spiritual inquiry continues. Do have a look at the next contest, 'Thought rested awareness'

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Date: 12/10/2022 5:03:00 AM
Seeker, thank you so much for the inspiration and contest, and my placement. Your contest themes always take my pen to a deep place. Congratulations to all your winners, blessings
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Date: 12/8/2022 10:22:00 PM
Thank you for my placement, US:) congratulations to all the other winners too:
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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/3/2023 Free from bondage Senryuspiritual,
2/3/2023 The light within Than-Baukgod,light,spiritual,
2/3/2023 Be to become Otherjoy,spiritual,
2/3/2023 Zen mode Free versespiritual,
2/3/2023 Thought of the day Coupletlove,
2/2/2023 Zen mode Free versespiritual,
2/2/2023 Colourful Sonnetcolor,rainbow,spiritual,
2/2/2023 Captive Dizainfreedom,
2/2/2023 How the muse flows Othermuse,poetry,
2/2/2023 Cluster Othergod,light,love,spiritual,
2/2/2023 Thought of the day Coupletlove,spiritual,
2/1/2023 Are we aware Otherintrospection,
2/1/2023 Zen mode Free verseintrospection,spiritual,
2/1/2023 Where are we headed Rhymespiritual,
2/1/2023 Thought of the day Coupletjoy,love,
2/1/2023 Can we, do we, are we Otherlife,love,
1/31/2023 Zen mode Free versespiritual,
1/31/2023 How Does The Soul Enter Heaven Otherheaven,spiritual,
1/31/2023 Thought of the day Coupletforgiveness,
1/30/2023 bliss after-burn lingers Monchielle Stanzafire,joy,magic,spiritual,
1/30/2023 Stop it Free verseintrospection,
1/30/2023 Zen mode Free versejoy,love,
1/30/2023 Whispers Otherspiritual,
1/30/2023 We met a clairvoyant Free verseintrospection,silence,spi
1/30/2023 Thought of the day Coupletjoy,spiritual,
1/29/2023 Agape love Rhymegod,love,peace,
1/29/2023 Zen mode Free versesilence,
1/29/2023 Set us free Otherfreedom,
1/29/2023 Peace quest Terza Rimajoy,love,peace,silence,
1/29/2023 Thought of the day Coupletspiritual,
1/29/2023 Trance dance Otherdance,spiritual,
1/29/2023 Ascent Juejuspiritual,
1/28/2023 Silent thunder Than-Baukjoy,spiritual,
1/28/2023 Softened attention Otherlove,spiritual,
1/28/2023 Zen mode Free versespiritual,
1/28/2023 Blessedness Ottava rimablessing,god,
1/28/2023 Thought of the day Coupletjoy,pain,spiritual,
1/28/2023 Self-existent light Otherjoy,light,love,
1/28/2023 Watch that thought ego begot Otherdesire,fear,spiritual,
1/27/2023 Living Light Otherspiritual,
1/27/2023 Joy ride Otherjoy,
1/27/2023 Zen mode Free versespiritual,
1/27/2023 Dear heart Juejugod,heart,love,
1/27/2023 Thought of the day Coupletlife,spiritual,
1/27/2023 Simple Simon Otherhello,
1/27/2023 Touch me Otherangst,heart,love,
1/27/2023 I shoulda seen it coming Juejuintrospection,love,
1/26/2023 In God we trust Otherfaith,god,
1/26/2023 Journey without movement Sonnetjoy,love,silence,spiritua
1/26/2023 Fear forms frighten Rhymefear,prayer,
1/26/2023 Zen mode Free versespiritual,
1/26/2023 Idle musings Othermuse,
1/26/2023 Buddha speak Listspiritual,
1/26/2023 Thought of the day Coupletsilence,
1/26/2023 Who am I Otherintrospection,
1/25/2023 Cause and effect Otherintrospection,
1/25/2023 Love in love with love Otherlove,
1/25/2023 Zen mode Free versejoy,silence,spiritual,
1/25/2023 Bliss currents Otherspiritual,
1/25/2023 Feeling complete Otherspiritual,
1/25/2023 Thought of the day Coupletintrospection,spiritual,
1/25/2023 Is-ness of being-ness Otherdesire,fear,joy,
1/25/2023 Love is the cure Ottava rimaloneliness,love,
1/25/2023 The plain truth Otherspiritual,truth,
1/25/2023 Zen mode Free versemuse,
1/24/2023 Free To Roam Juejufreedom,introspection,spi
1/24/2023 God search Rhymegod,
1/24/2023 Thought of the day Coupletspiritual,
1/23/2023 Zen mode Free versemuse,
1/23/2023 Thought of the day Coupletdesire,god,trust,
1/22/2023 Zen mode Free verseintrospection,
1/22/2023 Thought of the day Coupletocean,spiritual,
1/22/2023 Zen mode Free versespiritual,
1/21/2023 Thought of the day Coupletjoy,life,
1/21/2023 Zen mode Free versespiritual,
1/21/2023 Secrets of silence Juejusilence,
1/20/2023 Thought of the day Coupletprayer,song,spiritual,
1/20/2023 Flickering flame Rhymeconflict,
1/20/2023 Is-ness of being-ness Rhymejoy,spiritual,
1/19/2023 If we but cease to cling Monchielle Stanzadesire,god,spiritual,
1/19/2023 Zen mode Rhymelove,spiritual,
1/19/2023 Why are we here Quaterngod,life,spiritual,
1/19/2023 Thought of the day Coupletspiritual,
1/19/2023 Breathe easy Than-Baukmuse,sun,
1/19/2023 Shine like a star Rhymespiritual,star,
1/18/2023 Zen mode Free verseanxiety,peace,
1/18/2023 Smoke without fire Free verselife,spiritual,
1/18/2023 Thought of the day Coupletdesire,spiritual,truth,
1/18/2023 Knowledge vs Wisdom Diamantereligion,spiritual,
1/17/2023 Zen mode Free versedream,life,spiritual,
1/17/2023 In awe of God Rondeaugod,love,
1/17/2023 Thought of the day Coupletbirth,earth,
1/17/2023 kundalini Than-Baukspiritual,
1/16/2023 Zen mode Rhymespiritual,
1/16/2023 Mirror mirror on the wall Free verseangst,introspection,mirro
1/16/2023 Thought of the day Coupletdesire,fear,spiritual,
1/16/2023 Gone with the wind Free versefriend,friendship,
1/15/2023 What a pity Rhymespiritual,
1/15/2023 Zen mode Rhymejoy,spiritual,
1/15/2023 Playing musical chairs Free versemuse,

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Fav Poems

Elevating Heart Free verseappreciation,devotion,hea
A change of heart Sonnetblessing,christian,faith,
Someone who used to be you Blank versedream,lost love,love,
On Rivers of Love Free verselove,river,
Open Up Free versefaith,hope,love,
Home Sweet Home Free versebeautiful,home,love,
Mind Dance Free verseappreciation,beauty,bird,
THE DIE IS CAST Free versedeath,grief,journey,lost
Rush of Summer's Breeze Sonnetlove,summer,
love will heal the world Free verselove,
Dancing Girls Free verseage,
KNOW YOURSELF Free versegod,introspection,wisdom,
MAKE PEACE WITH TIME Rhymeappreciation,grief,inspir
Holding Back Tears Rhymedeep,imagery,metaphor,
A Reflection Of His Love Free verseappreciation,caregiving,
Gentle Harbinger Coupletangel,beauty,bird,blessin
Quietude Rhymesilence,
HEALING POWER OF THE DRUM Free verseinspirational,native amer
Jesus, my Beloved Free versejesus,
Soul Mates Free verseheart,inspirational,love,
The Homeless Gentleman Rhymecare,
The Sounds of Bliss Sonnetromantic,
I Am But a Grain of Sand Rhymecharacter,how i feel,phil
Conversation With My Soul Versegiving,love,wisdom,
Love Rhymeheart,love,
Hope Is The Path Rhymehope,
I See Him Rhymeblessing,faith,god,hope,i
Enchantment Free verseinspirational,
Eternal Life And The Total Self Rhymedeath,
Hope Free versehope,
the edge of loneliness Free verseloneliness,sad,
I Held Her To My Heart Quatraingranddaughter,grandmother
joy and kindness Free verseinspiration,
An Excavation Verseintrospection,life,
Always Rhymedream,friendship,poetry,v
Where the Wind Blows Quatrainwind,
The God I Know Free versefaith,god,hope,inspiratio
Teasing Kiss Rhymerain,
Hypnotized Rhymeinspiration,love,
DEATH WHISPERS IN THE NIGHT Verseautumn,death,grief,hope,l
I Thought I Knew a Thousand Songs Free verseloss,love,
Held By A Thread Versespiritual,
His Guiding Light - 2 Free verseinspirational,jesus,
His Gift Free versefaith,god,inspirational,l
The Light and the Veil Sonnetfaith,god,light,
Aurora Spills Free versemuse,
love song Haikuhurt,
Amazing God Free verseappreciation,blessing,god
but a moment Free versedeath,imagery,nature,rela
Mindful Free verseblessing,life,light,
Oh Dreamy Boy Dizainromance,
Just Breathe Free versefaith,hope,inspirational,
COME INTO MY HOUSE LORD Versechristian,family,
My Stolen Garden Free verseflower,garden,
Eye of Horus and The Seat of Me Free verseblue,faith,i am,love,sky,
Empty Vessels Free verseheart,introspection,judge
The Legacy of Life Rhymelife,
Devoutly Walk In True Grace With The Lord Trioletinspiration,
life has been divine Free verselife,
love by any other name Free versegood night,kiss,longing,l
All is Alright Free verseblessing,christian,faith,
swift, the rills Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,deat
With Eternal Sent Bliss Two Hearts Reborn - a collaboration with Robert Lindley Rhymedesire,husband,longing,lo
Whispers Shared Free verseappreciation,beauty,commu
Neither Silent Nor Still Free versechristian,feelings,god,in
Blind Rage Sonnetanger,husband,success,tha
If I Die Daddy Free versechild,dad,death,
Intertwined Rubaiyatlife,
Belief - 1 Free verseblessing,encouraging,god,
I Am Part Of The Universe Rhymedeath,poetry,space,spirit
Some Distant Shore Quatrainflying,
The Time Between the Seasons Rhymelife,seasons,
Flowers Of The Heart Rhymecare,garden,growth,heart,
Summer Lace Rhymebeauty,day,love,morning,n
After It Rained Free versebeauty,environment,rain,
I Wish For You Love Terzanellelove,
Rest, Don't Quit Free verselife,
Song of Stars Free versebeautiful,heaven,inspirat
Union Rhymebeauty,extended metaphor,
Nothingness Free versemuse,
Porcelain Doll Rhymeage,allusion,girl,sad,
Aura of her Magnificence Free verselove,poetry,romantic love
Praise of Peace Free verseappreciation,butterfly,fl
Flight Free versebeauty,death,flying,freed
When Life Gets Rough Quintain (English)faith,god,inspirational,l
Avalanche Shadormaflower,life,light,prayer,
The Longings of an Old Man Free verselove,
always waiting Free versegrief,
Capture My Heart Rhymegod,love,
The Homecoming Narrativeamerica,father,home,mothe
Life Is So Precious And For It One Must Fight Rhymedeath,deep,heartbroken,lo
Whose Muse Elusive Dew Rhymedestiny,life,lost love,mo
Winter Blues - I Cry For Color Free versedepression,loneliness,lon
Hummingbird Walk Free versepoetry,
Waves Played a Symphony Rhymelight,morning,
The Supreme Source Rhymespiritual,
A Sprinkle of Wit Rhymelight,poetry,truth,
If this was my last poem Free verseromance,romantic love,spi
Paper Planes Sonnetangst,anxiety,betrayal,em

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