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In conversation with our soul contest - Unseeking Seeker's Blog

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In conversation with our soul contest

Blog Posted:1/5/2022 6:57:00 PM

I'm so happy that the contest has inspired so many on PS to participate. The allowed entries have been stepped up from 35 to 40 and now to 50. The intent behind this is to prompt as many as possible on PS to look within.

Although premier contests allow only 10 poems to be on the winners list, please know that each poem on soul search, soul connection, is a winner in it's own right! 

God bless!

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Date: 1/7/2022 1:05:00 AM
It was quite a task choosing 10 out of 50 poems, more so since most poets write at standards far above mine! No matter. It’s done. Thank you all, soupers, for your whole hearted support! I’ve learnt a lot by going through the entries. God bless!
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Date: 1/6/2022 1:53:00 PM
Seeker, oh gosh you just made winning a lot more difficult, but yes I agree, it is in the writing that is the ultimate win and your inspiration is just wonderful ~ friendship and poetry _ Constance
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Unseeking Seeker
Date: 1/6/2022 6:49:00 PM
Wise words, Constance; We’ve got to get past this winning and losing fixation, don’t we? :) the idea is to infuse our vibrancy in the vast void, while we’re still around!

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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
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1/17/2022 Child-like purity Dizaingod,joy,spiritual,
1/17/2022 Baphomet Footleevil,
1/17/2022 Who am I Ethereei am,spiritual,
1/17/2022 Love in love with love Than-Bauklove,
1/17/2022 Power of light Rhymegod,light,love,
1/16/2022 Ardhnarishwar Free versespiritual,
1/16/2022 Boon now bane Haikudesire,fear,introspection
1/16/2022 An unclenched fist Rhymeheart,love,silence,
1/16/2022 Trapped in mind Rhymefear,
1/16/2022 Where are we going today Rhymespiritual,
1/15/2022 Shake off stupor Rhymefear,joy,
1/15/2022 In lower realms Rhymeevil,
1/15/2022 Co-create Rhymemuse,spiritual,
1/15/2022 As earth life gores Rhymecourage,life,
1/15/2022 God search our aim Balladgod,love,
1/14/2022 Bliss dawns Rhymejoy,spiritual,
1/14/2022 Be here now Rhymeconfusion,
1/14/2022 Eye of Shiva Rubaiyatspiritual,
1/14/2022 Muster courage Rhymecourage,
1/14/2022 Am getting old Rhymeage,
1/14/2022 Hesitation Rhymefear,
1/13/2022 Freedom from doubt Rhymespiritual,
1/13/2022 Ego insane Rhymeintrospection,life,
1/13/2022 Ego desire Rhymedesire,
1/13/2022 CAPTIVATE Coupletgod,love,spiritual,
1/12/2022 As above so below Enclosed Rhymespiritual,
1/12/2022 Our soul group Rhyme3rd grade,spiritual,
1/12/2022 Mark this in bold Rhymedesire,dream,
1/12/2022 Board the love bus Rhymelove,spiritual,
1/11/2022 Ashtavakra Gita verses 18:7 to 18:8 Rhymespiritual,
1/11/2022 Dance of Shiva Free versespiritual,
1/11/2022 Paulette - 2 Trioletjoy,spiritual,
1/11/2022 Animating attention Quintillaintrospection,life,
1/11/2022 Mindful eye Rhymespiritual,
1/11/2022 Thanks so very much Rhymelove,thanks,
1/10/2022 Cappuccino Rhymejoy,senses,
1/10/2022 Whispering wings Rubaiyatspiritual,
1/10/2022 Say it like it is Balladespiritual,
1/10/2022 Now we know Than-Baukgod,mystery,truth,
1/10/2022 If bliss the quietus Rhymejoy,spiritual,
1/10/2022 Quantum of light Rhymejoy,light,spiritual,
1/10/2022 The deep sleep state Rhymesleep,
1/9/2022 Ingrain here now love Rondeau Redoublelove,spiritual,
1/9/2022 A hard school Quintillafear,life,
1/9/2022 Flickering flame Dizainconfusion,spiritual,
1/9/2022 Relinquish control Rhymespiritual,
1/9/2022 There is no distance Rhymegod,spiritual,
1/8/2022 Why are we here Quaternlife,spiritual,
1/8/2022 Soundless thunder Rhymespiritual,
1/8/2022 Journey without movement Ethereegod,love,spiritual,
1/8/2022 Seat of Rudra Quintain (English)spiritual,
1/8/2022 The pathless path Sonnetspiritual,
1/8/2022 Heart reaches out Rhymelove,
1/7/2022 Is-ness of being-ness Rubaiyatjoy,silence,spiritual,
1/7/2022 Ashtavakra Gita verse 18:5 Rhymespiritual,
1/7/2022 God rolls no dice Haikulife,
1/7/2022 Ego unseat Rhymeheart,love,spiritual,
1/7/2022 Earth life a gift Rhymespiritual,
1/7/2022 Up in smoke Rhymedeath,muse,spiritual,
1/6/2022 When we are still Rhymedesire,spiritual,
1/6/2022 Seeker seeking Rhymespiritual,
1/6/2022 Transcendence Rhymespiritual,
1/5/2022 Third eye glistens Rhymespiritual,
1/5/2022 Anticipation Rhymemuse,
1/4/2022 God alone is Dizaingod,
1/4/2022 Monk mode Diminished Hexaversespiritual,
1/4/2022 Love alone is real Balladelove,spiritual,
1/3/2022 Warm sunshine Rhymehappiness,spiritual,sunsh
1/3/2022 Cocooned by bliss Rhymejoy,spiritual,
1/3/2022 Feel the pull Rhymejoy,love,spiritual,
1/3/2022 Fullness in Emptiness Than-Baukfear,god,love,
1/3/2022 We would if we could Rhymespiritual,
1/3/2022 From darkness to light Versespiritual,
1/2/2022 At surf breaking Rhymesenses,sensual,silence,sp
1/2/2022 Bliss mist Rhymesilence,simple,
1/2/2022 Thought bubble burst Rhymemuse,spiritual,
1/2/2022 Cease all striving Rhymei am,joy,
1/2/2022 Enigmatic snake charmer Quintain (English)spiritual,
1/1/2022 Flaming light Rhymespiritual,
12/31/2021 Within the womb Rhymegod,love,spiritual,
12/31/2021 What gives us happiness Rhymejoy,
12/31/2021 Happy New Year Rhymenew year,new years day,
12/30/2021 Here now begin Rhymegod,joy,love,spiritual,
12/30/2021 Love-Wisdom-Power Rhymespiritual,
12/30/2021 Live life joy rife Balladegod,joy,love,
12/30/2021 Fullness in emptiness Ethereejoy,spiritual,
12/29/2021 Morning sunlight Rhymejoy,sunshine,
12/29/2021 Single eye Rhymegod,spiritual,
12/29/2021 Noumena causing phenomena Rubaiyatgod,spiritual,
12/29/2021 Ashtavakra Gita verse 18:4 Rhymespiritual,
12/28/2021 Law of karma Rhymespiritual,

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Fav Poems

A change of heart Sonnetblessing,christian,faith,
Home Sweet Home Free versebeautiful,home,love,
Someone who used to be you Blank versedream,lost love,love,
Elevating Heart Free verseappreciation,devotion,hea
Jesus, my Beloved Free versejesus,
THE DIE IS CAST Free versedeath,grief,journey,lost
love will heal the world Free verselove,
MAKE PEACE WITH TIME Rhymeappreciation,grief,inspir
A Reflection Of His Love Free verseappreciation,caregiving,
KNOW YOURSELF Free versegod,introspection,wisdom,
Dancing Girls Free verseage,
HEALING POWER OF THE DRUM Free verseinspirational,native amer
Gentle Harbinger Coupletangel,beauty,bird,blessin
Soul Mates Free verseheart,inspirational,love,
Holding Back Tears Rhymedeep,imagery,metaphor,
The Sounds of Bliss Sonnetromantic,
The Homeless Gentleman Rhymecare,
Where the Wind Blows Quatrainwind,
On Rivers of Love Free verselove,river,
Quietude Rhymesilence,
I See Him Rhymeblessing,faith,god,hope,i
Conversation With My Soul Versegiving,love,wisdom,
With Eternal Sent Bliss Two Hearts Reborn - a collaboration with Robert Lindley Rhymedesire,husband,longing,lo
I Am But a Grain of Sand Rhymecharacter,how i feel,phil
Always Rhymedream,friendship,poetry,v
An Excavation Verseintrospection,life,
Eternal Life And The Total Self Rhymedeath,
Enchantment Free verseinspirational,
Open Up Free versefaith,hope,love,
the edge of loneliness Free verseloneliness,sad,
I Thought I Knew a Thousand Songs Free verseloss,love,
Mind Dance Free verseappreciation,beauty,bird,
Love Rhymeheart,love,
DEATH WHISPERS IN THE NIGHT Verseautumn,death,grief,hope,l
Held By A Thread Versespiritual,
Mindful Free verseblessing,life,light,
The God I Know Free versefaith,god,hope,inspiratio
Teasing Kiss Rhymerain,
Eye of Horus and The Seat of Me Free verseblue,faith,i am,love,sky,
love song Haikuhurt,
Simple Truths Free verseblessing,encouraging,god,
All is Alright Free verseblessing,christian,faith,
swift, the rills Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,deat
Empty Vessels Free verseheart,introspection,judge
Just Breathe Free versefaith,hope,inspirational,
COME INTO MY HOUSE LORD Versechristian,family,
Flowers Of The Heart Rhymecare,garden,growth,heart,
Rush of Summer's Breeze Sonnetlove,summer,
His Gift Free versefaith,god,inspirational,l

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