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Limerick Love Poems

These Limerick Love poems are examples of Love poems about Limerick. These are the best examples of Love Limerick poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Tingle And Twitch

When thoughts of you Soup ladies fill my brain
I tingle and twitch and forget my name
See what you do
You darlings you
You fillies are sweeter than...

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Categories: sweet love,

Stupid Qpid Qtip
When Trump fell in love with himself
Melania was placed on top shelf
Though Trump is a cad
He felt really bad
And gave her a Valentine elf...

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Categories: love,

Love Thy Neighbour
My neighbour out searching for conkers
Is blessed with incredible honkers
But when she bends down
All the housewives frown
Where to look drives their husband bonkers!...

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Categories: love, humor,

Premium Member A New Year Limerick
A New Year Limerick, 202

Our covid-caused hair-do’s are getting long,
Like a 1970’s redo
Without the free-lovin’, drugs, or good songs
Let$ hope it doesn’t keep on titl...

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Categories: fashion, funny love, life,

Premium Member My Car

My car hit the ice                    ...

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Categories: love, car, humorous, winter,

Premium Member X mas is for love
little Robin perched on snow covered fence,
out in open without any defence,
Kestrel saw an easy meal,
considered moral appeal,
In Xmas show love- no room for offence!

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Categories: love, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Eyes of Lies
There was a man with bright white eyes,
And his eyes, they whispered the lies 
That cocks tell to woo 
Hens to love them true.
I loved...

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Categories: betrayal, lost love, love

Premium Member I'm lovin' it - TM
She hums "Hmm" on my hymn, "I'm lovin' you"
And runs to crawl in a Delmonte queue
Demanding, "Better befit".
Then cackling, "I'm lovin' it,"	
Gulps my lovely gal...

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Categories: drink, love, sweet,

Premium Member The Love Of My Life

The love of my life died on New Years Day
Nineteen ninety-nine, my world was betrayed
Part of me died with her
To this day I still miss...

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Categories: lost love,

Premium Member Romantic Potential

A lady once called me a romantic devil
In these sweet loving words, I'll forever revel
Usually my poems are comedy driven
My soft tender side is quite...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Christmas Shopping

Been Christmas shopping my dear,                    ...

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Categories: love, christmas, giving, humorous,

Premium Member Except For Some Freaks

Call me a dreamer, think MOST peeps are good
But still wouldn't change things even if I could
Man basically loves peace
Except for some freaks
Unhappy individuals quite...

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Categories: love,

 Show me those eyes while I'll show you mine.
At last our souls can dance as our bodies intertwine
My lips pressing against yours as to...

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Categories: love, 12th grade, boyfriend, desire,

Premium Member Young Love

Love of my life, I'll never forget you
Sunshine and joy you thrilled me anew
Never before felt
Such rapture, I melt
When I think of then so young...

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Categories: lost love,

Premium Member All for the Love of Joe
This was inspired by Georgette Johnson’s poem “Savouring Another Day”

One cold day whilst I was out in the snow 
I went into a cafe for...

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Categories: love, drink, humorous, snow,