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Haiku Love Poems

These Haiku Love poems are examples of Love poems about Haiku. These are the best examples of Love Haiku poems written by international poets.

Wedding Ring
The wedding ring is
Worn on left fourth finger part
Sign close to the heart....

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Categories: culture, giving, romantic love,

Matrimonial Gift
Cologne and perfume
Are fruity sweet, floral scent
Gift for bride and groom....

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Categories: devotion, giving, love, marriage,

Promise Ring
What promise ring for?
It's an edict of duty
Vow of love made sure....

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Categories: engagement, love, marriage, relationship,

No Age Gap
His hen is forty
Her rooster is soon twenty
Who cares, it lays eggs....

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Categories: age, caregiving, creation, love,

Price Baton
Hold on to your name
If you lose the price baton
You lost the race game....

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Categories: character, love, relationship, sports,

Love Will Lead You Back
Love back to its fold
Seagull fly back where it nest
Seabreeze blows it hold.

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Categories: bird, destiny, love, sea,

Your first to handle
If there is power outage
Is find a candle....

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Categories: fear, love, sorrow, trust,

I saw epitaph
Engrave says, "He died of love".
Pinch my heart to laugh.

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Categories: death, funny love, memorial,

True Love
True love can transcend
Elbows, clans, ages and race
Case who you spend....

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Categories: love, age, culture, race, true

Love is gravity
Two people are together
Form a family....

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Categories: family, love, mentor, relationship,

Freedom is a choice
Thank you for lending your voice
And giving your life....

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Categories: hero, life, love, patriotic,

Premium Member Feed The Heart
A heart starved of food,
     Like the flesh will surely die

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Categories: death, heart, life, love,

William O'Rourke
A patriarch falls
Clear summer morning fog stings
Family silent

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Categories: love, death, family, father, i

Premium Member Nature's Love

The chalice it brims
Overflows with Nature's Love
         Gods own creation.

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Categories: love, creation, god, nature, religious,

Deep Affection
With warmth heart and soul
All things should be done with love
Such despise by fool....

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Categories: appreciation, discrimination, engagement, love,

Book: Shattered Sighs