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Narrative Love Poems

These Narrative Love poems are examples of Love poems about Narrative. These are the best examples of Love Narrative poems written by international poets.

The Seconds
The Seconds 


(c) 2019, Anita Lerek
Section 1/4

First Generation - Before the Holocaust 

Lvov, Poland 1930s.  Mother, you were a...

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Categories: love, bereavement, conflict, death, forgiveness,

Soon Be Done
I woke up this morning feeling quite relaxed 
Even though the night was rough my sleep was enough
I picked up my jug to fetch some...

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Categories: love, appreciation, celebration, confidence, courage,

Proxy Wedding
Sweat is dribbling down my face, I am feeling hot
I can still hear the cracking sound swirling around 
And the night dancing to its own...

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Categories: love, character, destiny, england, heaven,

Do You Remember
I woke up this morning feeling vigorous and strong 
Even though I had lost some sleep, I could still feel my heartbeat
I took a shower,...

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Categories: love, dance, environment, friendship, leadership,

The Final Stunt
I immerse myself in your subtleness
And romanced with your innate madness
I look for a place to reside
So that I can have you close by my...

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Categories: love, beauty, confidence, creation, feelings,

It's the end of an era
My sweat drips onto the floor while music of melancholic melodies spread throughout my room 
My eyes don't see beauty...

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Categories: love, anxiety, appreciation, beauty, depression,

Premium Member Forces of Nature
People say there are four
fundamental forces in the Universe.
You have your weak Nuclear Force
and your strong Nuclear force.
You also have your Electromagnetic Force.
Can't forget good...

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Categories: true love,

Premium Member I Love ya Kid

while sitting here
w/ eyes blue burning for you
I can’t help but to sense
that I’m alone
‘cause we ain’t talking anymore
and when I don’t hear from you

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Categories: desire, lost love,

Premium Member It's Never too Late
I thought to myself, what an odd feeling.
To look out at a crowd and think they're here to see me.
I could certainly pack a house.

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Still the Same

somewhere out in the wilderness
where berries only grow
together on a vine
in all the colors
of mankind
this funky fresh
bro i know
stakes down his tent
stays a while
longer than...

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Categories: allusion, love,

Ties That Bind, Scars That Hurt
Ties that bind, scars that hurt
Float around in my life
Shadows of isolation sprinkle my face
Blades of power hold my mouth
Words of silence cannot escape
The thunderous...

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© Mark Frank  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: change, character, courage, love,

Premium Member Under A Spell - The Narrative Style

~Another Magical Fairyland Story - Under  A   Spell - Part 1
 (Short Story or Narrative poem)

It was a very nice and warm...

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Categories: beautiful, fairy, fantasy, love,

Love As Tragedy, Part II
...I couldn’t help but thinking back
to,”For better of for worse.”
The more I thought about it now
the more it struck me as perverse.
I had always looked...

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Categories: love, marriage, men, money,

Love As Tragedy, Part I
I see her there in our backyard,
Pushing our youngest on the swing,
Were it just six short months ago
She would’ve been my everything.
Back before I could...

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Categories: love, marriage, men, money,

Abused Woman
I am pained by my own
One who claims to love
And yet pokes my heart
Ceasless blood flow
Scars in my body show
My heart retires to love
I am...

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Categories: love hurts,

I Love the Trinity
I love the Trinity
My heart, my mind and my pen
Fixed on the beauty of life and 
Showing the intricacies of men!
What a sinner am I

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© Mark Frank  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love,

Love The Lord Thy God
Moses opened the "Red sea",and "Jesus Christ" raised "The Dead"through "The Lord God Almighty"!!! Praise The Lord! He holds all the cards! I think it...

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Categories: love, 2nd grade, addiction, america,

Love Richard Restak
Connectedness,Connectedness,Connectedness is the best.Richard explains the reality of Connectedness! Richard is the best when it comes to explaining "Connectivity,Connections in "The Human Brain"through the entire...

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Categories: love, 12th grade, 6th grade,

Love in my life, flashes like a comet.
Still, memorable moments of forelsket.             ...

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Categories: love, 12th grade, boyfriend, break

Love's Stamp
I was once stamped
Stamped by love
In my body's skin
Where the barcode remained
But love escaped
Due to an unknown cause
Aimless I am
Stranded and befogged
Like a headless bird

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Categories: lost love,