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Break Up Love Poems

These Break Up Love poems are examples of poetry about Break Up Love. These are the best examples of Love Break Up poems written by international poets.

A Psychological Reflex
Labyrinthine notions of complex emotions
break through the mind with a crack.
Vulnerable pains bubble up once again,
as the memories draw the strain back.

How far does one...

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Categories: love, anxiety, best friend, corruption,

You are still attached to my mind
I can't stop thinking about you, 
how you are and what you are up to?

Did you have eating something for the day?
Are you okay?

Then there...

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Categories: love, 12th grade, africa, america,

I loved you.
I really did.
My poetry is about you 
Your face so neatly carved into my brain I can draw you from memory.

You were the...

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Categories: love, best friend, boy, crush,

In poetry, love and wisdom intertwine—a heartfelt love poem can carry profound wisdom, and wise reflections often touch upon matters of the heart. ????
Psalm 90:6

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Categories: love, africa, america, appreciation, beautiful,

Premium Member A Sinner's Heart

There is a sin inside my mind,
Where only I can see and hear,
Where my heart reflects my need,
Where my soul reminds it is stumbling,
Where my...

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Categories: love, appreciation, faith, forgiveness, hope,

Echoes of Resilience: A Girl's Journey to Voice

Echoes of Resilience: A Girl's Journey to Voice

In the shadows, I stand, with a voice unheard,
Softness met with silence, my cries deferred.
Love brimming within, yet...

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Categories: inspirational, inspirational love, introspection,

Premium Member for most purposes it is dead
an old piano 
child size 
lays in the garbage heap
its body broken 
its innards hanging out
on the frame 
like the ribs of a skeleton broken...

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Categories: love, break up, death, destiny,

Was I blind... 
Or had I willful blindness?
I was surely not ignorant,
Neither was I acquainted.
Heart was in gale,
Mind did acquiesce.
I was always a coward,
Who never...

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Categories: love, break up,

New beginnings
They said,
"Fake it till you make it".
I faked my life,
I faked my soul,
I faked it all the being of my being.

She said,
"Just try little harder"

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Categories: love, break up, feelings, gender,

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
A handful of sorrowful years have passed
and now I bare my shame.
A deserving fate for one miscast;
deserving of the blame.

For I was flailing as a...

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Categories: love, break up, children, desire,

The Dirge
O Maya, 'Tis important to return from your invisible journey for I, right now, like a corpse dangling on the ground, wish to die in...

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Categories: art, black love, break

"Fare thee well
If not forever, still forever
Pride which not a word could bow
Bow to you, and by you rejected 
Fare thee well"
Not now nor ever...

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Categories: love, angst, betrayal, boyfriend, break

Premium Member I AM

I am…

The last resort for all your problems
Come to me even when all doors have closed
I shall be waiting to give you succour
Because you’ll be...

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© MB Farookh  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, dedication, emotions, girlfriend, giving,

bpd relationships
I don’t want my love to be violent. 


But when I love, I rip my organs out of my chest, I take my...

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Categories: love, angst, break up, heartbreak,


Wanna strike a match in your heart if you let me, try,
I, promise I will not stop.
I’ve, got, to give you all that I have...

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© Aa Harvey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, me,