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Break Up Love Poems

These Break Up Love poems are examples of poetry about Break Up Love. These are the best examples of Love Break Up poems written by international poets.


All of us here
Stuck together like a 
Rubix Cube with all 
of its shuffled colors.

We begin to take shape
With the white cross;
The time when we...

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Categories: love, 12th grade, addiction, adventure,

SHE wanted my heart, I didn’t know why.
Yet I gave it with ease, and it was all a big lie.
Once SHE got it, SHE didn’t...

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Categories: love, betrayal, break up, first

Premium Member A darker shade of blue revised
A darker shade of blue (revised October 22,2020)

I came home from work today,
and saw the note you left
It took me by surprise,
couldn't imagine what it...

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Categories: love, blue, break up, divorce,

Premium Member Fragments
As gentle as a summer rain,
Your love refreshed me.
Time was spent, memories built, secrets shared;
Until one night we lost our grip on love’s translucent game.

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Categories: love, break up, confusion, heartbreak,

The wide Bowl
This bowl is no longer mine,

was never so,  

Let it go. 

well worn before the oath,

A gift that despised the guardian, 

Presented freely without...

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Categories: animal, black love, break

Premium Member Bled Rose
"Fragrance wafted where're she goes"
That's how you compared me to a rose...

You came and stopped by, some loveless day
And told me you were going away

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Categories: love, break up, hurt, sad

Premium Member Pain of First Blight
Love cannot echo her pain of first blight.
Absent, a place to bury the carcass.  
The heart’s tracing residues stir - ignite
Memories sensate from final...

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Categories: break up, heartbreak, love,

I love you now like I  loved you then,
For me nothing has changed,
Yet every day we are growing more apart,
Our lives so rearranged,
It's not ur...

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Categories: love, 6th grade, betrayal, break

I just need 1 more day
I want to walk up to you
Wrap my arms around you 
I want to hold you, no actually I want...

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Categories: love, boyfriend, break up, cute

Cold love
When the love is so cold
When the doubts arise,
are we going to grow old! 
We always seem bored
This is cold love

Arguments are our everyday meal

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Categories: love, abuse, break up, emotions,

Premium Member Key Lime pie
(A flash fiction piece)

Breathless summer heat retreats with the sun. People come out after dusk - like nocturnal animals. We’re hunting ice-cream, at a carnival-painted...

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Categories: love, 11th grade, boyfriend, break

Angels Lair
You pluck an Angel from the heavens
And lure her to your lair
Assuring her of passion
Assuring her safety there

You light the world on fire around her

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Categories: love, break up, divorce, emotions,



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Categories: love, beach, beautiful, break up,

One word after another type paralysed;
With his words my heart he prized.
Broken with dazed disbelief,
From this bandit, standard thief.
How can one begin to foster-
A condescending...

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Categories: break up, lost love,

Premium Member Heart Attack dEtAcHeD-
Heart attack, something in your heart made it hard;
Is it cause of the wrong choices you've made;
Your mind and emotions been disbar;
Through the veins of...

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Categories: love, analogy, anxiety, break up,