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Infatuation Poems

Infatuation Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of infatuation poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for infatuation.

New Poems

Premium Member Imagine
I imagined a tree house in the forest for every season,
creating my own perfect 'portal'- a doorway magical;
I want the creativity of 'tangible' greenery and wild life,
to be one with the birds and the branches and leaves.

So, I 'navigate' through...Read More
Categories: infatuation, nature,
Form: Verse

Premium Member His love, my love
we met amongst the lilies of July,
allowing our hands to embrace while pushing
thorns aside for a myriad of comfort-
combing petals to ease our youthful dreams...

laughing with white smiles and bright eyes
needing lightning to shine the path to love;
feeling the infatuation...Read More
Categories: infatuation, dream, marriage, teen love,
Form: Free verse
Impassioned Decline
At the shrinkage of the page
Expressions plead for length
Inhibition imposed on lines by columns
Words already accustom to scarcity
Pieces find focus in incompletion.

Thoughts flutter toward temples
Ready to leave prints on a canvass
Diving into ink, drying before depart
Leaving smudges with hints of...Read More
Categories: infatuation, age, art, deep, love, love hurts, remember,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member THE KISS

Eagerly waiting his turn
Pacing in the lineup
Planned his strategy
His heart thumping
Got to the kissing booth
Puckered up his best pucker
Her lips so tender he couldn’t resist
Offered to pay double for that nibble

Submitted on December 22, 2019, for contest KISSING CONTEST sponsored...Read More
Categories: infatuation, courage, desire, kiss, longing, teen love,
Form: Free verse
An Ode to Time Who Heals All Wounds
Times have changed,
And I still think of you.

We are not the same -
We never have been.
Yet these thoughts trickle inside of me
Towards the desire. 

Oh, how I miss the days of heartbreak. 
At least then there was passion.

I miss...Read More
Categories: infatuation, boyfriend, break up, desire, destiny, feelings, first
Form: Free verse

These Hallowed Halls
These Hallowed Halls
by Michael R. Burch


A final stereo fades into silence
and now there is seldom a murmur
to trouble the slumber
of these ancient halls.

I stand by a window where others have watched
the passage of time, alone,
not untouched,
and I am as they...Read More
Categories: infatuation, aubade, depression, desire, first love, grief, heartbreak,
Form: Verse
In the end
What is the meaning of love 
How can one feeling be placed above
To look at one with such feeling an emotion 
 Giving all to have put the lose that love 
 Is To lose oneself, heart and soul 
I'm...Read More
Categories: infatuation, 12th grade, adventure, angel, anger, anxiety, art,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member the bird still comes and goes
the bird
yeah, the unusual bird
comes and goes
yet unseen, unknown

o the unstable heart 
still you are in lack of knowledge
still your cage of the bird in delusion

the mirage, the infatuation
wraps you fancifully
that’s why the bird
still comes and goes frequently
though unseen-unknown absolutely

-27/10/19...Read More
Categories: infatuation, faith, imagination,
Form: Free verse
identity theft
You took my identity
and so as my reputation
For it's easy to say
you're me 
Took all your infatuation.

You got everything you want
All that because of me
On your hand is an access
Taking my life and say 
you're me

You just stole my name
as...Read More
Categories: infatuation, angst, betrayal, celebrity, society,
Form: Free verse
I used to blush as I’d think of her, 
even catch her staring at me in the distance. 
I’d feel instant shame. 
as if her piercing blue eyes could possibly know,
what thoughts were in my mind.

I thought of drawing baths...Read More
Categories: infatuation, confusion, dream, love, miss you,
Form: Free verse
Ephemeral social media rendezvous
Linkedin thru tenuous
webbed world wide
electronic thread defied
no matter flurry of emails/
messages exchanged flattery applied
courtesy transient online

tête à tête downside
cyber venue offers convenient exit
personal aversion, I chide
brevity figurative thorn in side
futile effort Androcles tried
I haint lion, familiarization denied

fledgling cyber acquaintanceships
dead on...Read More
Categories: infatuation, 11th grade, 12th grade, community, crush, discrimination,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Ghosting Me
It was a very overwhelming day today,
Yet I learned my many lessons with a grinning frown on my face 
It was as if I've been given no second chance
But, God forgives me with his marvelous mercy 

The torrent of tension...Read More
Categories: infatuation, angst, emotions, friend, grief, how i feel,
Form: Free verse

    A furtive glance, a fine romance that strayed,
    In dalliances chains enslaved by lust.
    Deflowered knave in shallow trysts betrayed, 
    A precious love, now crushed bereft...Read More
Categories: infatuation, betrayal, crush, trust,
Form: Rhyme
a trois-par-huis

clouds and moon
shift with design in tune
matching moves in a star-studded sky

lovers, enchanted in heart and soul, simply sigh 
skipper guides his vessel with careful hand and eye

celestial infatuation
nighttime navigation

September 9, 2019

...Read More
Categories: infatuation, 11th grade, moon, night, sky, stars, travel,
Form: Rhyme
Sea Of Amoress

Love has us immeresed,
in an endless fathom.
Like tears that fall to the sea.
A symbol of loves' fleeting-
bemused unto the deep.

Our understanding, 
a shifting current,
carrying us to some far shore-
Between summit and sands,
of the Isle of Man.
Waves of Azurine-
we have...Read More
Categories: infatuation, longing, love,
Form: Rhyme
Poetry Is Part 1

Poetry IS the Mother of ALL art.
The completion and the part.
A private punchline-divine.
Be it the fruit or be it the vine.
It is The IS, sometimes the Music,
sometimes the Muse for us.
The usery that uses us.
The gizt of hearts in infatuation,
of...Read More
Categories: infatuation, art, inspiration, inspirational, poems, poetry, poets, romantic
Form: Rhyme
What's occurred ---The Spanish Soneta

Realize, as you saw her walking through
the door, you lost your words; Don't think that's love;
Yes, you had lightning effect thinking of
her, but can't swept away, rule you stick to.

What you faced, that's connection, the strong glue
that's produced by two...Read More
Categories: infatuation, love,
Form: Sonnet

Yellow asters  along the fence
Gone their lush  perfume… once intense
Tousled  after a last  hello 
Many, many long years ago

Naïve boy-girl  flames of sundown
Each quiver reflecting nights’ crown
Cheek-kiss…pink  bliss through seasons---Oh
Many, many  long years...Read More
Categories: infatuation, 10th grade, teen love,
Form: Rhyme
Power of love
the spectacle of beauty claims supremacy
inticing soceity in spells which last endlessly
portraying tendencies to embody our community 
no defense of immunity- all fall victims to its feet
from the commons to the elite- its facits are discrete
its seeks its enemies by...Read More
Categories: infatuation, love,
Form: I do not know?

Emotion is the tongue for the truth, 
speaking in vows to the senses 100 proof.
the bride
beneath perceptions veil. 
The scent of view,
that never fails,
at it's inception,
ever reappears,
a gift at the reception
given especially for two to bare,
 who contribute in it's...Read More
Categories: infatuation, blessing,
Form: Rhyme
Girl, I don't have to know you
To see you in your rhymes 
Yes.. It’s true we’ve never touched
But I’ve felt you a thousand times
You’re a summer gypsy dancer
Who’s wild and smart and free
Yes, it’s you whose door I knock on
So...Read More
Categories: infatuation, beautiful, dance, how i feel, longing, love,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member lethal infatuation
her heart is up a steep night path
strewn with slippery stones
marbled with metal
lightning all around
yellow eyes in the brambles
at the top you find the mind is bent
around her flanks
the soul striped with lacerations
but the real journey has just begun
you find...Read More
Categories: infatuation, angst,
Form: Free verse
All hopes embers
How to endure
This infatuation 

When the touch of your hand
Is crucifixion 

And every glance
Enflames my soul

Yet better this than a 

And all hope’s embers
Growing cold.

Steve W, 2019...Read More
Categories: infatuation, longing, love,
Form: I do not know?
Horse Lovers Emergency
‘Quick’ I say, ‘
there is a catastrophe!’
‘We are head over heels obsessed,
can't you see?’

From morning to night, 
we ponder about them all day,
no matter what the conversation,
it surely swings that way.

Horses and ponies,
donkeys and mules,
some would say how silly,
what mindless...Read More
Categories: infatuation, animal,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Working in RolePlay
I know this sounds like theater
of the absurd,
but I wonder if healthy role play
might be left-brain's work ethic
inviting right-brain's first and last impassioned word.

We might pretend our LeftWing
loves to play
irresponsibly back and forth repositioning
while RightWing
is crazy busy with win/lose economics
and...Read More
Categories: infatuation, culture, health, integrity, psychological, religion, wisdom, work,
Form: Free verse