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Miss You Love Poems

These Miss You Love poems are examples of poetry about Miss You Love. These are the best examples of Love Miss You poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Fly
If I could catch a shooting star 
And hold on very tight 
I'd fly across the moonlit sky 
To be with you tonight. 

Or maybe...

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Categories: love, beautiful, desire, hope, life,

I Love Another
Our wedding would bring triumph to our mothers.
Rejoice, in black and white, in unity!
I wish we wouldn't quarrel, you and me.
In all simplicity, I love...

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Categories: love, i miss you, imagination,

Hey wife of mine
Hey wife of mine, my heart is aching cause I miss you so much
You warm hugs, your sweet kisses... your gentle touch
I miss your spontaneous...

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Categories: love, beautiful, feelings, i miss

I Just Wanted You To Know
I just wanted you to know, I miss you
I just wanted you to know, I still care
I try so very hard not to let my...

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Categories: love, blue, dedication, emotions, lost

A short reminder of what is important
19 April 2019  5:54 pm
A short reminder of what is important

Who will miss you when your gone
Who will be glad that you've moved on


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© Bobb Marly  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, inspirational, life,

Raining Melody Of Memory


You walked away through mist along garden trail, 
what stayed after nothing with me ever remained
was the amorous sea of your scent...

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Categories: lost love, memory, miss

Premium Member To Heal Thyself
My life, my death ...
I appreciate the concern, really
I know you're the kind of person who feels responsible for everyone
I've always known that, and it's...

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Categories: appreciation, death, love, suicide,

Me, weak
Makes me weak
I cant wait another week
To say
I miss you
As my heart weeps
And my being
Pines for you
As I know there is nothing 
I can do

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Categories: longing, loss, lost love,

Premium Member The Writing Books
Two books, bound together in spirit
Two lovers forced to be apart
One book lies open with each of them
There's an ache in each lonely heart

He watches...

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Categories: love, beautiful, cry, desire, imagery,

Dance through
May I choose your lips so my kiss can be subject to you, may I feel your touch so we can strum through our problems...

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Categories: love, best friend, dance, first

I'm an addict and your my heroine
My drug of preference 
I’m completely addicted to you
I wake, your the first thing I think of 
and you're...

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© Just Dylan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, addiction, conflict, desire, devotion,

We're never that far apart
I still remember the day when God called out for you
         It never occurred to me that...

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Categories: love, 8th grade, christian, cry,

Goodbye My Never Lover
Goodbye my never lover
Wasn't meant to be
Both on different journeys
You'll never be with me
I wish I got to touch you
That inviting, tawny skin
Discover every inch...

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Categories: angst, crush, goodbye, love

I Miss You
It’s nights like these where I miss you most. 
The silence pierced through my mind like a dagger. 
I don’t hear your laughter or your...

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Categories: break up, lost love,

A Child's Eulogy
Even though I am out of sight
And God has choosen to turn off the light
Dont cry, don't ask him why
Just try not to hurt...

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Categories: love, bereavement, death, eulogy, grief,

Bluebell woods
I love bluebells, 
I like their deep scent, 
the way they jingle invitingly in the spring breeze, 
their delicate blanket patchworked by trees,
brief but bold...

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Categories: love, absence, color, england, i

A Letter For You
Dearest love, 
I hope this letter finds you in a well form. 
You are constantly what I dream of,
Your flawless image loving and warm. 

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Categories: dream, hope, lost love,

Premium Member Big Ding Dong
Travelling down this lonely road
Trying to find my way back home
Find my way back home to you
Hoping that your hearts still true

My heart pounds a...

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© John Crowe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, home, i miss you,

him again
You tried to fix him once before 
But realized he couldn't be fixed
You gave it time,to much time in fact
What hurt the most was forgetting...

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Categories: love, feelings, for him, inspirational

The night before
Amidst the moonlit night,
we sit hand in hand...
Your eyes give away your plight,
In a silent world, we stand...

Your charming face looks grim,
and why would it...

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Categories: love, miss you, remembrance day,