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Miss You Love Poems

These Miss You Love poems are examples of poetry about Miss You Love. These are the best examples of Love Miss You poems written by international poets.

Love, I miss you so much.
Where are you, where is your touch.
I want to get lost in your eyes, like the clouds in the wind.

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Categories: i love you, i

tho we're apart
you broke my heart
i do miss you too
but trust thing you do


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Categories: love, abuse, adventure,

Premium Member Dear Willy
Sunsets aren't quite as bright;
And the flowers are all dying.
Miss you, tall, handsome knight,
As autumn leaves are flying.

Searing summer now a memory-
Soon we'll be together...

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Categories: autumn, dream, longing, love,

Mimi i miss you,
And i love you,
Nor matter what.
Come rain, come sun
You just happen to be the one,
That i love dearly
And i want truly.

But then,...

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Categories: romantic love, sweet love,

Hate's got its benefits
Each party going their seperate way
Where partly knowing their's is best
means others can't consway

When all is lost to each and all
for coming...

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Categories: love, absence, analogy, divorce, farewell,

Premium Member Friction in my heart
Friction in my heart.

Is for you, my sweetheart.

Drifting in the night.

Vacant to remind.

Every moment to please.

Every particle within.

From memory.

To the calorie.

Everything in my heart.

Is for...

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Categories: appreciation, feelings, first love,

My Time VS Yours
Time can be a great friend,
some time feels like torture.

I wonder what time this is.
Buddy, do you have the time?

** Perspective is key...

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Categories: love, best friend, endurance, i

Premium Member sadness, my love
sadness, my love

Don't weep for me,
your feelings lost in life's constant toll;
I am not the one you wanted me to be,
don't weep for me;

I am...

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Categories: love, analogy, anxiety, farewell, miss

I Miss
I sit and I wait, patiently at first.
Anticipating and longing, for your touch to quench my thirst.
It's been so long, I'm going crazy within.
My brain...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member I Wonder
I wonder why on winter night so cold
as darkness looms and daylight takes her bow
that I am feeling loneliness take hold.

I wonder what it is...

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Categories: love, i miss you, lost

Premium Member My Feelings are Loud
A lot of ‘what ifs’ have made my mind snuffle
a missed chance to say something gets my extremities cold
it is obvious how my eyes gyrate...

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Categories: anxiety, crush, cute love,

Premium Member The Fever Spreads
The Fever Spreads

I am slipping. 
Not slowly but faster than expected. 
I wanted it to go better. 
I made a plan and have a goal....

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Categories: love, childhood, good morning, heartbreak,

Premium Member Return To Me - anacrostic
Quicken, I beseech thee, my languished loveR!
Comfort my mourning heart with hastE.
Melt like summer sweat upon my breasT.
Wick of my lantern, again sparkest thoU?
Let doting...

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Categories: love, for him, hope, i

Premium Member THE REASON
There's a reason why I feel the way I do,
There's a reason why I do the  things I do.
There's a reason why I drink,...

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Categories: love, i miss you, loneliness,

Premium Member Goodbye Love
Goodbye first kiss; into
Oblivion our last.
Oh, Romeo, could I ever let go of a lover's clasp?
Darkness is still, hovering limp.
Beyond eons of lost breaths, you...

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Categories: love, death, goodbye, i miss

rain drops
Raindrops on window
said the tales of rainy nights
damp pillows said mine....

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Categories: love, blue, cry, feelings, heartbroken,

Premium Member Installments Of Lost Time
You don't owe me anything---
not installments of lost time,
not a diamond ring.
We take our chances
on romance. Is
unrequited love a crime?


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Categories: love, heartbreak, i miss you,

Many A Mile
Many A Mile

What it means to be loved by the river 
Overflowing with joy , warmth, laughter 
The rain has come 
The sun has gone...

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Categories: love, christian, death, devotion, faith,

Premium Member First Impressions
First Impressions
lasting thoughts...

Do you drink, do you smoke, 
do you toke, are you broke? 
What is important to ask, 
but more important to know. 


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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, marriage, mentor, miss you,

Parting is such dulcet sorrow;
My lonely heart weeps at eternal separation.
Now you are gone from me
The world is cold and empty
And a veil covers my...

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Categories: love, angst, best friend, betrayal,