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Miss You Love Poems

These Miss You Love poems are examples of poetry about Miss You Love. These are the best examples of Love Miss You poems written by international poets.

Worlds Apart
I promised a poem for you one day
Before I knew it you went away
Now just memories of you I hold
I'd do it anyway, to myself...

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© Isaac Rios  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: friendship love, grief, heartbreak,

Premium Member My Son's Poems 1 By Robert Roper
Mine own son
God, did bless me
sunshine that's mind
mine own heart's petals bloom 
joy i did shed while i did see thee
in mine arms wast w'rthwhile


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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love,

Everything To Me
my darling, you are the first red flower
in my garden of devotions
and the resident at the highest tower
in my castle of emotions

but also, the first...

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Categories: love, allusion, beauty, break up,

My Savior
Brady Elijah, with eyes of chocolate brown, 
He reached out his arms and lifted me from the ground. 
With every touch butterflies dance upon my...

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Categories: love, beautiful, best friend, boyfriend,

Love Letter From Heaven
When the pandemic came to an end 
a massive flood hit the states
It was like something you'd never seen my friend
 I mean God really...

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Categories: love, change, heaven, i miss

Is love not timeless
"Beating bulls blazing your mind."
Is one sentence affective, perhaps,
To describe you of late.

Pouncing around the Kitchen
"I am not good enough! I am not good enough!".

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Categories: love, conflict, for her, growth,

I just want you to know
Right now I can't see you,
Whether that's at home or in the park,
I've been banished.
I wish we could spend these moments together.
Laughing, crying, talking.
I may...

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Categories: love, anxiety, appreciation, best friend,

When Love is Gone
Turn all the lights off
I will sink into my sad, dark room
I do not want to see memories shared with you in this room
in every...

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© Litan Dey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, break up, loneliness, moving

Tied Up With You
You gave me some time
When you said you’d be mine
But it wasn’t enough
Kept my heart on your cuff
You traveled around
For your job town to town

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Categories: feelings, lonely, longing, love,

I Miss Your Touch
I miss your touch
Your soft caress I love so much

I miss your kiss
I reach out through the mist

I miss your eyes
Staring into mine

I miss your...

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Categories: dream, love, memory, miss

Missing someone
When people leave in a certain way that they can never come back then the memories will kill.  If they leave as this is...

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Categories: love, 10th grade, 11th grade,

My boy
You where always different and distant,
Hardly ever smiled let alone laughed,
Went from one thing to another,
You soon got bored,
You looked lost, alone and depressed,
Nothing I...

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Categories: confusion, first love, lonely,

Blood rivers
It’s fun craving pain
At least then I’m always satisfied 
I might miss you; I might love you; I might try so hard to keep you

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Categories: love, anxiety, betrayal, corruption, deep,

Upon Your Shore
Ma boatie sailed ower the mist covered sea,
I searched an sought for your hidden shore,
Shrouded in mist frae ma searching eye.
You left in a red...

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Categories: love, boat, confusion, girlfriend, lost

love trilogy- Austin's Perspective
Mournful thoughts in my sleepless nights;
I think about you forever and I think I lost my dream-lights.
Since the day I departed and getaway,
Everything disappeared; you...

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Categories: love, heartbreak, heartbroken, lost, lost