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Affection Poems

Affection Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of affection poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for affection.

New Poems

Premium Member A Murder Most Foul
A Murder Most Foul

I have had that dream of dreams again
The one that wakes me up in the night
                     ...Read More
Categories: affection, autumn, beautiful, best friend, betrayal, heart, lost
Form: Narrative

Corona virus

Corona virus sent to try us 
Unnerve  Confuse  deplete  divide us 
It comes to scare it comes to kill 
The vulnerable the old and ill
It spreads it’s panic it spreads it’s fear
It’s  harsh  unjust ...Read More
Categories: affection, death,
Form: Free verse

It feels like a movie it feels like a dream 
Locked down and scared I want to scream 
Fear of the doorbell fear of the street 
Fear of the people I once used to meet 
Fear for the loved ones...Read More
Categories: affection, dark, death, deep, emotions, fear, humanity, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ornamental
My ornamental bird collection,
Accumulated over the years,
Seems worth a cursory inspection.

I regard with the utmost affection
My lovely little avian dears -
My ornamental bird collection.

If you are looking for perfection,
My ornamental small souvenirs
Seem worth a cursory inspection.

My tiny birds have the...Read More
Categories: affection, appreciation, bird, color, devotion,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member She is Here She is Alive
At a time when we need people
Especially our loved ones the most
When we need affection, attention and love the most
When being together would mean everything

A pandemic is forcing us apart 
In fear we are waiting for the other shoe to...Read More
Categories: affection, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Free verse

Listen My son
Listen My son, seek to be wise.
Correction and reproof, do not despise.
Be in one mind, and one accord.
Depart from evil, and fear the Lord.
Depart from evil, and fear the Lord.

Listen My son, follow me.
Don’t act, don’t act so carelessly.
Keep My...Read More
Categories: affection, christian, song, wisdom,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Sweet Words
Speak to me sweet words of a romantic kind.
Reach deep within our love to which we bind.
Then gently touch passion with soothing verbs.
Of a type that excites like scent ripened herbs.

Declarations streaming whispered softly to me.
Ones of great power voiced...Read More
Categories: affection, desire, devotion, feelings, love, romance, romantic, romantic
Form: Rhyme

Legends don’t usually associate wisdom with beginners 

But this pen of mine tells stories like ancient storytellers 

So, I wonder what the bed sheets and curtains in my room say about me when I am not around 

I wonder...Read More
Categories: affection, 12th grade, 5th grade, 9th grade, anger,
Form: Free verse
A Prayer for Musicians
Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the many blessings that You have bestowed upon me, especially the affection for music and for the abundant joy that it has brought me throughout all the years of my life. 

May this musical offering be...Read More
Categories: affection, prayer,
Form: Prose
Salute each other with a sacred kiss
Panagiota's popular sen'ryu -
"Kiss Me, I'm Irish" ended with "No"
Because of Covid-19, Corona Virus, mind you

Now the churches have a limit
On the numbers who worship or visit
"50, by proclamation" - and the Eucharist?

Will we share the same cup, the Wine?
I...Read More
Categories: affection, age, allusion, analogy, community, education, french, ireland,
Form: Didactic

love doves
waking with
the morning
the sounds
of cooing


no sense
of affection
of love

two on one
branch taking
a stance a
gainst the

they have
labeled as

to be 
ing...Read More
Categories: affection, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Trust In Jesus - The Linked Style

~ Trust  In  Jesus    ~
 (  Linked   )


Trust in Jesus 
Jesus loves you 
You, me and all 
All in this world 
World needs the Lord 
Lord...Read More
Categories: affection, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Plaguing you
Pandemonium seeps and creeps like a thief in the night
Seeking to consume everything in sight
fear shown leads to their delight

madness, hopelessness & confusion
weaves a web of delusion
man, I think I need a whole body transfusion

I mean don’t panic this is...Read More
Categories: affection, funny, poems,
Form: I do not know?
The cluster multiply in blood 
And is trying to invade the world
Spreading from east to west
From the land of shaolin to cowboys.

But bond of blood is thicker
When in family everyone other care
With love and affection repelling the imposter
As heart of...Read More
Categories: affection, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Corona, Corona
Corona, Corana
Why do you scare us so?
Scare so many of us; why?
Corana, Corana
I have heard that name before
Seen smoke; drained the bottle
Corona, Corona
I have met the big c
Like a rock; hitting hard
Corona; Corona
I have met the man in green
He cut...Read More
Categories: affection, cancer, death of a friend, emotions, nature,
Form: Free verse
The King Without A Crown
You came so suddenly,
Bringing great terror in your arrival like many before you,
Who are you that you should be crowned king that all men bow before you,
Depriving us the right to demonstrate affection to those we meet by not permitting...Read More
Categories: affection, extended metaphor, imagery, loss, spoken word,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Compassion INK
saddled burden of rude judgmental air,
lips soften, sprinkling humane affection.
holding hands, a heart unfolds compassion,
torrid tears shine, in oasis of care.

13th March 2020
10 syllables per line as counted in howmanysyllables
Sponsor	charles messina
Contest Name	Kind Ink |...Read More
Categories: affection, humanity,
Form: Verse
sweet dreams
you feel. you touch. you hear. you see. 
you believe it is real and nothing can persuade you otherwise.  you then base your efforts on your belief.  you pour your heart and soul into a little jar until...Read More
Categories: affection, analogy, farewell, heartbreak,
Form: I do not know?
Many people come and go from our life
But my mother is one person I cannot forget
I cherish her words,her eyes and her smile
She is one person who brought a lot of prayers into my life!
I love my mother
I am longing...Read More
Categories: affection, age, anger, angst, anti bullying, art, baby,
Form: Couplet
Affection For You
Affection For You 

{Free Verse}
May 9, 2019• Copyright © daniel miltz

O' my affection for you outright
Attacking my mind day and night
How I cherish your adorning way 
Beautiful eyes, face and sway 
Thinking about you and my passion
Fills my days with...Read More
Categories: affection, love,
Form: Free verse

{Free Verse}
Nov 7, 2019• Copyright © daniel miltz

Ourselves, executants of our sentient being
At which our affection started flaming
We are inseparable by nurturing
Upon our blest with agreeing
To cherish each 
With a full reach 
The day by day 'I adore you, saying
Our...Read More
Categories: affection, celebration, love,
Form: Free verse
"You will come to the grave in full vigor, Like the stacking of grain in its season.
               — Job 5:26

Abraham breathed his last and died in...Read More
Categories: affection, age, beauty, grandchild, joy,
Form: Rhyme
My love at long last
Sometime in December,
2008, our magnetic gaze of love
did more than just speak or act.
It was in wedlock consummated.
And like a dream, ten years have
gone by, as our tender fruits of
affection continue to sprout daily.

Continue to rest on my shoulder
until the...Read More
Categories: affection, love, marriage,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Chasing A Mirage
A woman catches lonely Jim's eye, but she tells him...
she's taken, yet he stubbornly fights to win her affection
That's Jim, he always wants something he can't have
...Read More
Categories: affection, desire, perspective, poems, sad love, write,
Form: Sijo


            WOMEN'S MOMENTS ...

            A well-dressed woman,
...Read More
Categories: affection, allegory, allusion, art, creation, poetry, tribute, woman,
Form: Free verse