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Personification Love Poems

These Personification Love poems are examples of Love poems about Personification. These are the best examples of Love Personification poems written by international poets.

Soul Sisters
Love and 
Peace met
on the beach for a walk. 
Peace looked at Love and asked:
"Are you 
not my
soul sister?"

Love smiled
and replied
"Wherever I bloom, you too...

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Categories: love, peace,

Premium Member To Chicago With Love, A Letter
Dear Chicago.

Sometimes, it amazes me how a memory will flash across our minds,
and that memory will spark a prayer, a tear, or even a longing...

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Categories: love, chicago, memory, prayer,

Premium Member I AM
You walk beside me through the streets
Forever remarking on my birds and bees
Sensing my presence, though fleeting
Hoping to know me but never reaching
Out to grasp...

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Categories: love, blessing, faith, god, hope,

Premium Member Worship

Sunlight warms my emerald
Hues, petals soft and tender
Graceful beneath the morning
Dews, where there is such
Pleasure to be treasured

Raindrops nourish my hungry 
Young thoughts with sweet

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Categories: love, feelings, flower, hope, inspiration,

I Reinvented Your Voice
I reinvented your voice

I simplified your eyes I think 
and the firmness of your chest 
it became a personification of our 
farewell I

simplified your voice...

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Categories: farewell, love,

The Kaleidoscope of a Clown
Acorns and golden leaves dotted the path before us,
your hand cradling mine like a mug around warm tea.
The steam was our breath, hot and kissing....

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Categories: love, autumn,

I Cannot Imagine My Life Without
I’ll have given my strength
And fingers quake, a collapse
And at weary arm’s length,
A kind soul, and perhaps—

When my legs hold
A weight more than can bear,

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Categories: love, 12th grade, allegory, appreciation,

Premium Member I Was Unloved
I lived at a time, in my personal opinion, when the men in my culture were not the brightest. They preferred boys over girls but...

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Categories: bible, christian, family, love,

Pebbles could be placed upon freckles
With eyelashes fluttering, irises caught in a blink,
those windows of yours are opening and closing
like a metronome ticking time to symphonies played.
Within flesh are entrances...

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Categories: love, autumn,

Premium Member In Search Of Lazarus
"Fragments and crumbs of life, all the little pieces, John Ruskin, 1853


I had no friends and was totally striped of personal pride and self respect....

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Categories: love, angel, christian, food, humanity,

I am what I am
I am a poet that connect with nature through writing
I am a voice through poetic sprit that reach broken spirits 
I am what I am

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Categories: love, appreciation, celebration, creation, dream,

Premium Member Truth be Told
The theme park was crowded. Elephants on roller coasters, mosquitos bracing the water slide, ferrets enjoying the ferris wheel and leopards shooting crack in the...

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Categories: allegory, black love,

Magnificent Frigate bird
I am a slender looking sea bird having forked tails,
long hooked bills and a white under belly. 
My genus is marked by sexual dimorphism.
My mate...

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Categories: bird, love, poems,

Premium Member Red Bird
I am a red bird sitting in a huge oak tree,              ...

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Categories: love, bird, child, crazy, flying,

Premium Member A Fiery Passion
I have had a great many loves in my lifetime,
Which is why I am the star of velvet nighttime;
But my fervor does not involve solely...

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Categories: creation, fire, flower, love,