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Winter Love Poems

These Winter Love poems are examples of Love poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Love Winter poems written by international poets.

Premium Member That Brown Haired Girl
After school on a winter day
The air short of cold, but crisp
He remembered her angelic voice 
With a slight and cute little lisp

Distracted, while peddling...

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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, children, emotions, feelings, first

Premium Member Just Waiting
The fire flickers softly
At its flames I sit and gaze
I know you’re coming to me
And I’m counting down the days

My eyes move to the window

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Categories: love, dream, emotions, fire, heart,

Silent is the Spring
Silent is the Spring

Silent is the birdsong
In the early morning Spring
Lonely are the daffodils
And the sunshine that you bring
Abandoned is the heart
That you nurtured through...

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Categories: heartbreak, loss, love hurts,

50 Words for Poe: Immaculate

"50 Words for Poe: Immaculate"

Love Immaculate
Souls now in sync
Souls merge in time
Powerful Immaculate

Hunger comes fast
Hunger for Love Immaculate
Hunger for Pure
The Power to Be

The Power to...

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Categories: dark, freedom, judgement, love

A Place We Call Love
Winter with you snows proposals
and promises crunch under foot in autumn
bursts of colour on park pathways; 
orange into red into yellow.
Summer with you spouts kisses,...

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Categories: love, analogy,

Premium Member O, Sweet Man
O, sweet man I’m sure crushing on you,
eyes glancing that way with that thing you do.
Looking at me with depth has brought me such desire,...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: 10th grade, i love

God will come
When winter will come and make you cold hearted

I’ll come like summer to brighten your face,

When the sun will set and evening will make you...

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Categories: love, allah, creation, devotion, god,

Spring Time Butterfly

You’re gone with winter
planting with warm love
a sapling of rose
in my cold meadow,
spring time is here now.

Dew pearls sparkle
on jade pasture,
blue-bells catch sky,
breeze wafts daisies.


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Categories: analogy, lost love, rose,

Premium Member Love story
Love story

You were going to be a dancer, a poet, going to save our world. I was content to be in the reflection of your...

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Categories: lost love, love, meaningful,

Premium Member You Complete Me
     My eyes look for you ...
My heart bleeds the truth,
     My spirit enters your soul completely.


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Categories: love, introspection, passion, soulmate, true


The wings of winter
Silent flutter on the northern winds
Drifting away back to its abode 
With the melting mist to hibernation
Thu’ the rustle of leaves’ stem-snapped...

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Categories: love, color, flower, imagery, lost

Autumn Song
Autumn Song

Winter's edge begins to cull
our lovely pregnant aching Autumn
swollen with Summer fruit
and wild wind-sown berries of the Spring.

Sun-drunk pears,
startling all the wild amazed birds,

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Categories: autumn, love, october, rainbow,

Premium Member Swallowed by the moon
*Super Moon 3/20/19

I was swallowed by the moon
Its brightness captured me
It hadn’t come too soon
Needing light to consume me
And so it did, from a dark...

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Categories: beautiful, light, love, moon,

Premium Member Under A Spell - The Narrative Style

~Another Magical Fairyland Story - Under  A   Spell - Part 1
 (Short Story or Narrative poem)

It was a very nice and warm...

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Categories: beautiful, fairy, fantasy, love,

A Face Of Mist 21

Your amorphous face of mist
Freezes in my hazed mirror 
In my sunshine dream you smile.

March 19, 2019
Total syllable count : 21
Checked on howmanysyllables. com...

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Categories: analogy, dream, lost love,

dark flower
Black was the flower
I picked up that day.
Dark was its colour
Among the pale hay.

The seasons had passed
And the white blossom
Had been changed so fast
To that...

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Categories: love,

see me from who i really am
nice kind and and funny

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Categories: love, birthday, chocolate, voice, wedding,

Silent Night
Gentle rain falls, masking the silent night.
Cutting through the air, and masking all sight.
Blinded once again, a misery not new.
I'm falling, falling for you.
Swept off...

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Categories: lost love, mental illness,

Premium Member Switchback Soul

My love is winter with Christmas eyes,
a circus of shadows.
My love is a chorus in quiet disguise,
cold winds in bright meadows.
He brings barley breezes...

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Categories: love, appreciation, beautiful, beauty, dark,

Premium Member Lena Mickou
white of the birch winter
the cold seeps into old bones
stare cold
only to those
who have not met
her heart

Siberian dreams
my white russian melts 
in winters wind

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Categories: love, art, heartbreak, introspection, lost