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Lyric Love Poems

These Lyric Love poems are examples of Love poems about Lyric. These are the best examples of Love Lyric poems written by international poets.

The Midnight Bells
yesterday did love win again
did you get it together
or this time was it pain
did you feel stormy weather

don't shed a tear
don't look behind
let a new...

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Categories: future, love,

I came back for you
Inspired by a storyline in a show. Love is everlasting. 

I came back for you
By Michelle Morris

I came back for you
I came back to see...

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Categories: inspirational love, kiss, love,

Heart of Hearts
I can’t fake what I don’t believe
Can’t rejoice when I need to grieve
Won’t stick by what I’d rather leave
Like a past not keepin’ hidden

A cover...

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Categories: love, truth,

Premium Member Again by Max Burchett
a poem for lyrics of pop song of same name
Available on SoundCloud /maxburchett/again

by Max Burchett

Just between you and me,
This is how it should be.
I promise,

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Categories: change, destiny, life, love,

Aftermath In the Garden

                  Orb pulsates above a secret door,
proudly beaming...

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Categories: love,

Ever Since You've Been Gone
Ever since you've been gone, I'll never be the same.
There's nothing I can do, my tears they fall like rain.
Ever since you've been gone, all...

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Categories: lost love,

Premium Member Betrayal by Max Burchett
by Maxwell Burchett

Only those completely trusted,
Can completely betray.
Trust gained at great cost,
The one treasure once lost
That can never be recovered.

Betrayal leaves a stain,
A shadow on...

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Categories: love, betrayal, faith, judgement, life,

Premium Member Welcome Home by Max Burchett
by Max Burchett

Been so long,
You have been gone.
Missing you, so wrote this song.
Welcome back home.

I know you had to go.
What you had to do.
Now it...

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Categories: love, absence, death, home, life,

Oh, that I may, live according to His will
Abba Father, as your sons and daughters still
As we dedicate our live to you
expressed through our love...

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Categories: love, analogy, appreciation, blessing, devotion,

We must tie them down and keep them safe
To understand their weight in wake
Watch as these threads do wind
one by one holding new mind

At once...

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Categories: endurance, heart, love, marriage,

We glance and shimmer For a love like ours
We glance and shimmer 
(For a love like ours)
By Michelle Morris

A love like ours, shooting stars
Way up high, where we belong
The Universe won't be enough

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Categories: dance, i love you,

Premium Member Hear My Heart Say

Hear my heart say
Don’t go away

In the sunshine meadow you walk alone
Where all the rustling leaves have flown
There I wait for you to come to...

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Categories: love,

I just want to hear from you
I just want to hear from you 
By Michelle Morris

I picked up the phone 
To dial your number 
And then it slammed back home
That you're...

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Categories: death, i love you,

Premium Member Running On by Max Burchett
by Max Burchett

As fast as I can
Running on, on and on
With hope this carries me to
Where I want to go
Higher and higher with you.

As time...

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Categories: love, endurance, hope, journey, life,

By Michelle Morris

Sometimes we get lost
And yet it's good for our soul
Because we need to escape to freedom
Embrace everything unknown

Sometimes we get found
By the most...

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Categories: blessing, inspirational, life, love,