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Elegy Love Poems

These Elegy Love poems are examples of Love poems about Elegy. These are the best examples of Love Elegy poems written by international poets.

Captive of Memory
I'm still a captive of memory.
It's like I am re-reading an ancient diary.
That decade-old loss still haunts me,
in my dream every night I see
that I...

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Categories: absence, i love you,

Still My Bedsheet Smells Like You
I keep talking to you every day,
& never get bored by hearing you.
I keep laughing at your every joke
while teasing each other through.
I keep scolding...

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Categories: love, addiction, death, loss, lost,

Lady Stetson Rides No More
Her dried-up withering petals once shone lovely in the golden sun
growing older now in the mirror’s unforgiving reflection.
She’s lingering among the living, as if her...

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Categories: love, farewell, for her, goodbye,

Coffee love
Caffeine and powdered milk to stir this amour
Who needs sugar with love this sweet?
Unbreakable glycosedic bonds in the genes of our DNA
We love to disappear...

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Categories: love, art,

Rainer Maria Rilke: Second Elegy translation
This is my translation of Rainer Maria Rilke's second elegy from his Duino Elegies, which he began composing at Duino Castle in 1912. 

Second Elegy

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Categories: love, angel, art, desire, eulogy,

Rainer Maria Rilke: First Elegy translation
This is my translation of the first of Rilke’s Duino Elegies. Rilke began the first Duino Elegy in 1912, as a guest of Princess Marie...

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Categories: love, angel, beauty, desire, metaphor,

One on the chin
I know life is fleeting, it all but crumbles to dust,
willessly washed away by the passage of time.
So easily lain waste and forgotten.

Yet for me...

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Categories: beauty, grief, hope, love,

Tears on my cheek
Feel my world crumble,
dying slowly for years.
Sitting next to you,
that wasn't enough.
Never see the day i graduate,
nor meet the guy i marry. 
Lost for so...

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Categories: love, angel, anxiety, emotions, i

Theresa's grief
Theresa's grief 

Monday came to death 
And there is no comfort for Theresa 
No comfort to ease the pain of his passing 
Theresa wishes to...

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Categories: love, death, emotions, heartbroken, pain,

Yet the will is
Anu; I think-
Give you a kiss-
Maybe I'm leaving,
Corona's gradual revolt-
The procession on the other side is mine
In time message-
Waiting for the eternal journey.
My endless night...

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Categories: love, 1st grade, abortion, assonance,


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Categories: love, absence, bereavement, eulogy, farewell,

His Last Birthday
Spring or autumn, leaves bloom or fall,
Everything seemed to offer me immense happiness 
As long as we stayed together.
Harshest of weather, extremes of cold
Still felt...

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Categories: love, cry, death, grief, heart,

Nature holds the rope
Nature holds the rope

I remember that Thursday
Crystallized in my mind
Like all the intense moments of my life
At the doctor’s with my wife

She had a heart

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Categories: anger, angst, love, sad,

Unable to bid papa goodbye
Nonagenarian father afflicted,
his body electric awry
with congenital heart failure,
before long twill bid existence bye
whose physical well being -
corporeal essence inevitably will die

unavoidable manifest destiny...
accompanied into...

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Categories: love, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Farewell to the Skatz
The Skatz had used up their precious time 
‘  through wasted study of mathematics, philosophy ‘and classical rhyme.

Those elusive green Peelers were the new...

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Categories: allusion, friendship love, history,