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Elegy Love Poems

These Elegy Love poems are examples of Love poems about Elegy. These are the best examples of Love Elegy poems written by international poets.

(for CFD, 1944–2023) 

Something blinked inside my soul
I used to be half but now I’m whole
To me, the diamond ring is coal –
That’s purity of...

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Categories: love, dad, death, father, loss,

Premium Member When Leaving Morphs to Grieving
Though it is time to say goodbye,
I will abide my heart and try
Not to collapse and maudlin cry,
For there is a burning need that I

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Categories: love, grief, how i feel,

You opened up the door to my dim crestfallen heart 
Once you stepped inside, the door slammed on you, no longer apart 
The dreary atmosphere...

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Categories: love, 12th grade, break up,

Premium Member Love Foever
It was a cold winter day
when you slipped away
sorrow settled upon our soul
we did not want to let you go
your days were numbered
we did not...

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Categories: love, death,

Premium Member Love U More
Snow fell softly coating the brown ground to white
hoar frost hung and decorated the trees 
sprinkles from the trees fell upon us
deep coldness of the...

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Categories: love, death,

Premium Member Lambent Embers
I am in my life’s October,
Where passion plays its role
And when embers of my memory stir, 
Their sparks engulf me whole.
They help me to remember,

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Categories: love, grief, how i feel,

Premium Member A Scorned Lover's Elegy to Desire
I will love you, when love outlasts the grave;
I will mourn you, when tears drown all I have;
I will curse you, now that you're dead...

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Categories: love, allusion, betrayal, desire, extended

Premium Member Dreams Coercing Memory
“Dreams Coercing Memory” 

You want cherries jubilee
with a little Krug champagne
but soft custard is just the same
when reality plays its game
by the spoonful
morphine comes 

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Categories: death, family, life, love,

Premium Member All That Matters
“All that Matters” 

Heather left us today
lost poetry in music 

there she sits 
with Chopin 
at her piano
playing solitaire
for a short while
to be collected...

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Categories: death, family, loss, love,

An Elegy For the Hunted Dove
In a nest of straw, a gentle dove once dwelled,
Seeking peace amidst the urban's frantic maze.
With tireless toil, she fashioned dreams untold,
Her sanctuary rising amidst...

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Categories: love, bird, cry, emotions, england,

Premium Member Nothing Compares To You
“Nothing Compares to You” 

Nothing compares to you
the cancel culture cancels you
you love you lose
on repeat in the loop
you love you lose

a child lost in...

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Categories: child, eulogy, love, mother,

Sad Man's Lullaby
As I've once have seen, tears fall down the face,
Of a lonely treasured man,
I meet realities with him through the swallow of the lament river,

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Categories: feelings, lost love, song,

Gone But Unforgotten
I will never be ready even though you signal your leaving
I foolishly keep the bright days since so much yet needs sharing
of long partings after...

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Categories: brother, eulogy, longing, love,

Your eyes are shining embers,
Beckoning the ones,
Lost in storm of life sea.
Persevering the sabotages,
Turmoil brewing,
But they ignore me,
Why are you so repulsed ,
At the sight...

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Categories: love, best friend, child abuse,

Clothes In a Wardrobe
Clothes in a wardrobe still so neat
Your favourite fragrance makes it so complete
A task set without choice for me
To sort your things not so easily...

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Categories: love, death, death of a