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Spring Love Poems

These Spring Love poems are examples of Love poems about Spring. These are the best examples of Love Spring poems written by international poets.

Lady's Favor
her riotous petals
into the air,
ignoring the lethal 
and may
cry gleeful-
ly Hooray!
as the abundance 
till a sudden June 
leave us out of tune,
when the last...

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Categories: love, spring,

Premium Member Sping and gallows
Dedicated to artist N.

It was the spring so frantic that 
even the ancient gallows at
the city square spawned a green sprout.
I read my poetry aloud...

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Categories: love, memory, spring,


The measured creak of the stairs 
announces your return. 
So unlike your clamorous, 
inflamed departure two hours ago.

I shiver – waiting – 
as you pause...

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My Love Will Recognize You Even From Far
the dove has gone,
gone away far
without saying any goodbye

the wind of last autumn has gone,
gone away without touching my heart

the leaf of last winter has...

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Love, What Love Is
love is life
love is death

love is poem
love is prose

love is summer
love is winter

love is rain drop
love is tears

love is nuptial ring
love is divorce spring

love, what...

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Categories: allusion, care, devotion, love,

Premium Member Deep Roots of Love
The deeper we dig down
Our roots twist and turn
Yours have twisted all around me
Turning my thoughts deeper
Into the ground
Each day you quench my thirst 

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: deep, love,

Premium Member unbidden love - CA
"the anguish of grief leaves me with an appetency and yearning for peace . . . "

the allure of love was enchanting
the promise between us...

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Categories: lost love,

Let Me Lit Up The Loving Lamp
please dear come
be clam
this is spring on the sky bed
become ethereal embodiment

no thorny shrubs there are
only love with heavenly flowers for you

no season there are

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Categories: introspection, love,

Premium Member Within Ripples
Every year from spring through fall, if you peered between the cattails you could see the swans in the center of the pond, head to...

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Categories: love, bird,

"Morning has broken
Like the first morning.
Blackbird has spoken
Like the first bird."  By Eleanor Farjeon

Black plumage has the male bird, preens his glossy suit with...

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Categories: love, bird, soulmate, spring, summer,

I'm Your Full Care
Yes marble, the eyes on gilded moment
Princes you on the green maple for me
This crisscross path of red heart reminds you
Against death, enemy of feeling's...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Turning back the hands of time
On boulevards of memories, with you I walk
Reminiscing in yesteryear as I turn back the clock
And persuade the silence of amour to talk
As conversations of...

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Categories: emotions, lost love, memory,

Faiz Ahmed Faiz translations
Last Night
by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
translation by Michael R. Burch

Last night, your memory stole into my heart ...
as spring sweeps uninvited through barren gardens,
as morning breezes...

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Categories: love, urdu,

With Silver Gleams
With silver gleams
and golden beams
God gives us hope
with each new dawn

while birds flute
their nesting songs,

leaves bowing
to greening lawns

bees, buzzing and strumming blades, 
attracted by blossoms...

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© Joe DiMino  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: christian, faith, inspirational, love,

Where has the time gone ~ I just don’t know

Now in October 
What next ~ winter snow

Where has the year gone ~ I just don’t...

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Categories: lost love, seasons, time,

I love the creations
I love the creations, big and small.
Winter and spring, summer and fall.
From the cool polar bears,
To the hot desert camels.
I love when its snowing,
I love...

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Categories: love, beautiful, creation, nature, seasons,

Saša Milivojev - TAKE ME

Take me to eternity
With the smell of moist hair
With the sadness of a spring night
Take me
I lie on a black moth’s...

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Categories: dark, heart, i love

Saša Milivojev - TILL THE WORLD’S END

Just one more moment

Of dying for you

An aching wound inside me

Nourishes body and soul

Like a salty tear

You are my...

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Categories: love, emo, emotions, feelings, heart,

Saša Milivojev - WINE AND FIRE

You and I
A night awakening
A spring that brings calmness
Body against body
Eye to eye
Wine and fire
Heaven opens
Sand and sweat
Waves crashing
A touch...

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Categories: beach, fantasy, i love