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Valentines Day Love Poems

These Valentines Day Love poems are examples of poetry about Valentines Day Love. These are the best examples of Love Valentines Day poems written by international poets.

Twilight Romance
In the quiet of twilight's tender embrace,
Our souls entwine, a celestial grace.
Your eyes, twin stars, guide me home,
In this cosmic dance, we're not alone.

Beneath moon-kissed...

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that's how i can explain how we met
I'm no astronaut
but the stars aligned when i met you

is what i found in you
I've been happy all...

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Categories: love, anniversary, art, creation, fantasy,

She thinks I'm Crazy
She thinks I'm crazy and she's right
That's why she won't date me but she might
Find someone better, she hopes
She can search forever, she won't
She's trying...

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Categories: love, confidence, longing, poems, riddle,

Premium Member February 14th
My cheeks are flushed pink, a rosy hue,
but don’t compare them to flowers.
Flowers die; cosmetic blush does not fade until 
you stop applying it to...

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Categories: love, angel, anniversary, beautiful, boyfriend,


Framed in the moonlight -
you appear ethereal.
Quintessential, beyond reach.

I shine no brighter -
than your starlit gaze. I say...
'the light shall bend to our will'.


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Categories: beauty, crush, i love

Trifecta of his beauty
Your clear brown skin shined when the sunrays gently touched it,
The beauty mole on your cheeks made you more attractive when i noticed it.
Your tanned...

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Categories: beauty, boy, first love,

Doctor Love's Prescription for Love
Do you feel the need for love and romance?
Option number one: dinner and a dance.
Chill at home with Netflix and a hot date.
Turn out the...

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Categories: love, candy, chocolate, for her,

Premium Member The Wonderful Celebration of Saint Valentine's Day
It's the festival of the hearts
It's the festival of the Poets
The wonderful celebration of Valentine's Day
Let’s solemnize with everything and nothing this day.

Let's revere the...

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Categories: love, celebration, feelings, happy, heart,

The Things I'll Give Up for Lent
This poem is not meant to offend anyone or belittle their beliefs. This is only my attempt at humor.

~Things I’ll Give Up for Lent~
Liver and...

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Categories: love, humor, poetry, valentines day,

Premium Member My Valentine
A pair of doves preen and prim
as the Night is almost done.
And perched on a favored limb,
they await the rising sun.

As Sol rises from below,

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Premium Member Resilient Generosity
for grace already received
is a robust measure of generosity.

Compassion scans for generosity's fullness
felt within
as incarnated without

As dispassion predicts greed's anxious emptiness.

Giving is physical and/or verbal

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Categories: love, appreciation, giving, health, integrity,

Premium Member Handing you floral glass
Because I'm gifted with your vast confidence
Because the past makes a better present tense
Because all our trust was built on confidence
Because handing you floral glass...

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Categories: love, for her, for him,


What a wonderful coincidence
I wanted to share with you if I may,
Pressed my code needed for validation,
And three ***’s came up yippee,
Not only for me,

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Ode to my Eternal Valentine
Written for my monochrome dove:

I want to love you all of you,
To trace every scar on your skin,
Caress them beneath my fingertips,
And kiss all your...

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Categories: i love you, imagery,

Be My Valentine
Be My Valentine

Cupid giggles in the breeze
As we slow dance with the moon,
The stars waltz across the sky
While the angels hum a tune.

Romance is a...

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Categories: love, moon, romance, romantic,

Book: Shattered Sighs