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God Love Poems

These God Love poems are examples of Love poems about God. These are the best examples of Love God poems written by international poets.

He Won’t Forsake You
If you feel downtrodden
If you feel all alone
If you’ve lost all hope- with
No one to call-
If you need a friend and

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Categories: love, absence, allegory, allusion, appreciation,

What is Love
There are so many conotations behind it,
Yet what does it mean?
I think too much,
But can’t come to terms with any thoughts.
This brain fog is yet...

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Categories: anxiety, love,

To thank God that you love me
You empowered me with your love
I stand above all assured
strength to start strong
and finish strong
that's how you have empowered me
confident in
my ability
you have empowered me...

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Categories: love,

Nothing Greater

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Categories: america, beautiful, celebration, love,


A heart devoted to God's love would never give shelter to hate!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   05 December 2022


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Categories: devotion, god, love,

Premium Member A second chance
A second chance is always there
Like vaccination,organ transplant
And test-tube baby
A hope and life is always there
Let's thank the scientists and so God
For the salvation and...

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Categories: love, devotion, god, hope, life,

Premium Member Colors in the Sky
"Two doves in white flying, feathers glow beneath the morning's rainbow colors"
–	Charles Messina

The two fly smoothly side by side
through the shimmering shades of morn.
Their spotless...

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Categories: beauty, bird, god, love,

Faith and Prayer
 What a glorious thought of being created a little lower than angels on high.
We have been blessed at birth to do what we choose,...

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Categories: love, appreciation, growth,

Without Fear
No one knows of the great plans I have for you, spoken by our great creator.
When living in the spirit, your wildest dreams will come...

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Categories: love, adventure, anger, dark, light,

Premium Member He IS
Gasping – breathes of hope
Puffing dreams, delighted goals
Inspiring confidence, expectation
Anticipation and courage, burning
Away the darkness and doubt,
All of the fear that lingers in the air


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Categories: love, christian, inspirational, jesus,

Loves world-cup
You have pushed me to fall in love 
That’s why now I cry and you laugh 
Baby please hold my hand, pull me up 

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Categories: love,

To believe is to be 
Good to the people
You see around you!

To be pious
To be god-fearing
To not wreck other life's!

If you want Salvation
Never hurt anyone!...

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Categories: love, allah, angst, april, aubade,

Premium Member TURE LOVE-
 If I show you love in actions
Give of you those things you need
If in showing love in action wanting nothing in return
In deed
NO payment...

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Categories: love, appreciation, god, inspirational, true

Premium Member LOVE GOD FIRST-
Love God First
Love God First
Love God First

Love myself
then others next

Love God First
Love God Frist
Love myself
Then others next

The love I should have for you
Is a love...

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Categories: love, analogy, appreciation, devotion, how

Premium Member YOUR LOVE MY LORD

Your love, my Lord, 
Is the fortress of my soul
No enemy of your Word
Would ever be able its walls 
To ascend
To establish 
The realm of...

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Categories: faith, god, love,