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Son Love Poems

These Son Love poems are examples of Love poems about Son. These are the best examples of Love Son poems written by international poets.

Bill to pay on a hill
As she felt the thrills,
Fanned out big nostrils,
Triumphant shout shrill...

No chef her son drills
But now meat he grills,
Fulfilled mum's song shrill!

Now,Daughter weaves frills
And as she...

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Categories: love, age, celebration, child, devotion,

Premium Member ASKING MY FATHER WHY HE LOVES ME- My SpokenWord
Asking my Father why He loves me?
Have you ever went through and thought no one saw you?
Have you ever asked, Why,  WHY He felt...

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Categories: love, analogy, appreciation, celebration, forgiveness,

Premium Member The Pearls in The Ocean
My mother is like the ocean
She gives a lot of devotion

So around her neck
I put pearls perfect

For all her heart's emotion



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Categories: devotion, heart, love, mother,

Premium Member Come To The Lord - Christina's Trinity Style

~ Come To The  Lord  ~
 ( Christina's  Trinity Style )


Come to the Lord, He's Mighty, Good 
Find Him always in all...

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Categories: christian, faith, hope, love,

Premium Member Sunday Sermon
In a Sunday sermon…

The preacher told us this –
Listen to the still small voice,
Who whispers peace and grace,
The voice of a Savior, Jesus – the...

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Categories: love, christian, faith, hope, inspirational,

Fathers and sons
Fathers and sons
By Michelle Morris

It was cold there in his shadow
Fathers and sons struggle with their roles
He didn't support your sensitivity
You always felt he was...

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Categories: love, child abuse, conflict, courage,

Premium Member Soothing Tomorrows
Oh beloved,
I'm like Rumi without Shams.
A shivering summer soul,
secretly stalked by wild white winter wolves.
A chiffon child chiselling chimerical calligraphy,
cursed with invisible ink, silent in...

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Categories: emotions, love,

The Twelfth Month

Close to the track's end,
Jumping over the last hurdle,
Hope stands beside us to stitch and mend,
Thoughts of unfulfilled desires saddle.

Walking through the end's door, ...

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Categories: love, christmas, city, december, happiness,

The Christmas Tree
Daddy and me cut a Christmas tree.

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Categories: love, age, christmas, devotion, first

I AM is who you are and what you desire to be or not to be, for I AM You and the honest story.
When I...

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Categories: love, allah, appreciation, christian, fruit,

Premium Member Love that is Blind
  They say in his old age, Isaac was blind
    yet like his father Abraham, unusually kind

  Rebecca, his wife,...

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Categories: love, betrayal, blessing, family, future,

My First Love
I'm running from the darkness that follows me everywhere I turn,
I stumble, and then the darkness engulfs me.
I'm shivering in the dark and replaying scenes...

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Categories: love, christian, conflict, confusion, dark,

Premium Member No More Dying
Walking down a country road...

Each step a move toward serenity
In waves of light, promising
Joy that laughs through the gravely
Inspiration, the sensations
Brought to life in the...

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Categories: love, christian, faith, hope, inspirational,

To My Wonderful Sons
To My Wonderful Sons

Life is not perfect, and most of the time it's unfair, but the days I had my boys, I had not another...

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Categories: depression, loss, love, mother

To Jesus' Mother, --yours, and mine-- Love Divine:
Your titles bring me reverie,
but even so,
a unique "you" helps me on every
path I go...

Our Lady of Good Counsel? Sure,
please assist!
Sweetest Mama Mary, most pure?

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Categories: love, beauty, jesus, joy, mother