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Sad Love Poems

These Sad Love poems are examples of Love poems about Sad. These are the best examples of Love Sad poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Beautiful Girl
A kind heart.
Soft, soulful eyes.
A hint of sadness.
Her smile not often seen.
Graces her face with soft light.
That moment, unforgettable.
She finds peace among all nature's gifts.

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Categories: beautiful, girl, love, nature,

Premium Member The Two Brothers
For far too long the system failed in the hearts of many Cree.
Where justice for their friends and family would never set them free.
So at...

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Categories: anger, dark, love,

Is Death The Meaning Of Life
It seems appropriate this Easter Sunday [4/21/19] as I write this to ask THE question humans have asked since we developed our unique-- to the...

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Categories: love, allusion, angst, atheist, faith,

Worth every mile
She said worth every mile then met you with a smile ,she got on that plane, was it all in vain? Did it affect you...

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© Jessy Sue  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, betrayal, break up, cry,

Premium Member An Unlove Poem
Just know this from today and on
I loved you once, it's true
But you made things impossible
And now I don't love you

My heart, my love were...

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Categories: love, anger, betrayal, break up,

Readying To Die
How is it possible, that a mind can switch so fast?
Joyous and happy, angry and hating, then sad and broken?
A mental instability hindering a soul....

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Categories: depression, heartbreak, lost love,

Premium Member Gallant-Try
A slender young maiden
Cried out in her pain
"Will I get a chance
To know true love again?

My father is keeping me
Locked in this tower,
Until I surrender,

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Categories: love, adventure, character, desire, fantasy,

Premium Member Rainy Day Friend
It's one of those days 
Heavy rain fell 
Car windows down 
Now the dog smells 

There's a shadow on me
With no sign of sun. 

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Categories: love, animal, best friend, break

Premium Member The Writing Books
Two books, bound together in spirit
Two lovers forced to be apart
One book lies open with each of them
There's an ache in each lonely heart

He watches...

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Categories: love, beautiful, cry, desire, imagery,

Love Under a Hidden View

to begin it held a sense of impossible,
a hopeless feeling with bright eyes.
a missing year or two in the air, 
a difference both seemingly realized....

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© Tyra Moore  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cute love, how i

Premium Member Stone Angel
The angel stands weeping
Her head in her hands
In perpetual mourning
Her vigil she stands

Ever trapped in the moment
She waits all alone
A figure of heartbreak
Carved from time...

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Categories: love, angel, beautiful, beauty, death,

Premium Member Moments and Memories
Moments & Memories 
By: Tom Wright
Dec. 2, 1998

What is a moment,
but an undetermined increment in time?
Some of which as we look back,
we've categorized as tender...

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© Tom Wright  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, friendship love, god,

Goodbye My Never Lover
Goodbye my never lover
Wasn't meant to be
Both on different journeys
You'll never be with me
I wish I got to touch you
That inviting, tawny skin
Discover every inch...

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Categories: angst, crush, goodbye, love

Live a little before you leave
I die a little every day I live
By the days I'm given chances to achieve
Before my chances run out and it's my time to leave


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Categories: love, life, meaningful, motivation,

Premium Member Doleful Moon
A sliver of tarnished silver light
Forlornly broke the onyx night
Veiled in clouds of wispy tulle
My heart yearned for when it was full

A sadder moon I’d...

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Categories: love, absence, beautiful, desire, fantasy,

Proxy Wedding
Sweat is dribbling down my face, I am feeling hot
I can still hear the cracking sound swirling around 
And the night dancing to its own...

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Categories: love, character, destiny, england, heaven,

Premium Member Do The Math
I want to write a poem
As sad as I feel
But everything I write
Sounds like the same ol' spiel 

I want to say I love you

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© John Crowe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, poetry, writing,

Premium Member Cold Light Of Dawn
When we turn out the lights 
We forget about fights 
And we hold each other tight 
Everything's alright 

I listen to you breathe 
And feel...

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Categories: love, betrayal, break up, emotions,

I am your baggage
The weight you carry inside
When you remember
The twinge you feel
As you recall the touch
The all too often reminder
The heart flutter 
When you...

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Categories: best friend, i love

The night before
Amidst the moonlit night,
we sit hand in hand...
Your eyes give away your plight,
In a silent world, we stand...

Your charming face looks grim,
and why would it...

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Categories: love, miss you, remembrance day,