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Classic Love Poems

These Classic Love poems are examples of Love poems about Classic. These are the best examples of Love Classic poems written by international poets.

The Picture
The Picture

Where should I put the picture
It’s the last one that we took
Like a flower that I long to cherish
Should I place it in a...

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Categories: love, bereavement, best friend, death

Premium Member If I Weren't Afraid

If I weren't afraid
     I'd lull midnight dwindling
 The ebb of passion's tide


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Categories: love, analogy, appreciation, conflict, fear,

A Collaborated Love

A butterfly you float in my garden at sunset,
Amber silents, daylight violets.
From behind the shroud of hesitant mind’s layers
Custom stares.
Through the surging gale flapping your...

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Categories: love, poetry,

Premium Member To My Dad
Poem To My Dad 
In Memory 04/17/2018

It has been almost a year
Since you left us here,
For the heavenly relm
Your reward is clear.
I miss...

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Categories: dad, emotions, love, miss

Beach glasses and hourglass
One of those classic ones
One step I take towards you
Two steps backward

Sun rays blinded you from me
Or me from you
Thoughts clouded my...

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Categories: color, i love you,

active enthusasim


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Categories: business, conflict, jobs, love,

Melody Of Emotion

My time would be made of many happy hours
if you give me a glinting prism of diffracting glass.
I’d split the sun’s spectrum in the VIBGYOR...

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Categories: analogy, imagery, love,

coaches syllabus
Thelo na se pantrefto

wanting and needing often found her
hungry. she'd often find something special
at Dingles Restaurant
a special place that catered to the taste of
strangers, or...

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Categories: appreciation, business, cute love,

Premium Member Mom

Let the light shine bright on thee tonight
of the times I remember as a child
you never said much but your actions spoke
in the tradition of...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Sensual toys
Playfully dancing she teases a lot, 
Swinging what she has in the air,
Imagination is high with her small kitten ears, 
As she breaks through the...

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Categories: fantasy, love, lust, passion,

Premium Member Your Absinthe Eyes
(Up-Tempo Shuffle)


Each war of personalities
Within your crowded soul
Reaps a gasp of mystery
Anticipated - anticipated ...

But just a flash of golden-green
One sweetened liquored gaze
I'm on...

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Categories: beauty, love, metaphor, passion,

The description of the Queen
I have gazed upon her eyes to wonder why? For they have brought me a memories of another for I could not have. Yes, this...

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Categories: love, allusion, america, beautiful, black

Vinyl (3/1/19)

“Wow, everybody just cleared out.
“That’s what happens when you leave a
“Bookstore with vinyl.”

I haven’t a clue what she meant
And to be perfectly honest, I’m...

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Categories: girlfriend, life, love, music,

Premium Member Many Aspects Of Love
My name is Spencer Byron.
My first wife Addy died tragically in 1991.
A devotee of surprise. She was so much fun.

The breadth of love is unchartered...

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Categories: love, death, heart, identity, lost

The Rainbow
					The Rainbow
Under your shed, my love turns Red.
It  flows in my veins and heals my Pain
Your presence: Stomata on my skin,
Always needed, for my...

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Categories: love, poetry, rainbow,

Premium Member God Vs Satan - The Diamante Style

~ God Vs. Satan ~ 
( Classic  Diamante) 

True  Perfect 
Loving  Caring  Saving 
Magnificent Light; sinful dark 
Sinning destroying killing...

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Categories: christian, faith, hope, love,

Premium Member GoldenRule Dream Circles
I was one of ten invited
to play an ego-enrichment game,
to experience economies of mutual democratic trust
contrasted with Win/Lose politics
of privileged narcissistic lust.

I reasonably ask,
when each...

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Categories: love, community, games, humanity, humor,

Premium Member Tears of Love
There is deep beauty in a New Year’s day,
Though the skies drift gray this day
Behind them rings the revelry,
The hope, the joy, the bravery.

That bravery...

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Categories: love, future, introspection,

love songs
whoomp told whoompa, whoomp, whoomp whoop!
whoompa whoompa, whoomp, whoomp, whoop!
yo so
reely dough?
enjoyed the flow?
naw mayne, hell know!
the tempo aint right
the subject is wrong.
you sampled a...

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Categories: love, for her,

Premium Member Persian Haiku 4
Persian Haiku 4.

I cried with the night. 
When nightingale stopped singing,
My poor umbrella!  

The moon's reflection,
Loneliness is elegant.
On a lonesome pond.

Life makes me too...

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Categories: allusion, autumn, conflict, love,