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Rhyme Love Poems

These Rhyme Love poems are examples of Love poems about Rhyme. These are the best examples of Love Rhyme poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Little Birde

Tweet Tweet little birde,
sings in a tree.
If you're singing of love,
sing one for me.
This all about trust,
the chasm too deep.
Tweet tweet little birde,
sing one for...

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Categories: hope, love,

Sang with the birds
My heart was heard
Sensed every note
These birds evoked
Animals came to play
Added smiles to our day
Squirrels do feed
Where I have kneed
Calming air
Brushed our hair
White butterflies pass...

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Categories: love, blessing, courage, encouraging, faith,

Haydn Aidan and Monica Reith
Haydn Aidan and Monica Reith
Made a pact to share false teeth
They did the same with pants and shoes
It saved the bother of having to choose

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Categories: love, best friend, dedication, emotions,

Premium Member Rediscovering Joy In Love


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Categories: celebration, love, senses,

The firsts in the book of genesis
Satan: Recorded First Liar,
His lies like Wings A Good Flier;
God’s Reaction: The First Anger 
That put Poor Adam in danger,
Garden of Eden First Venue,
Four Rivers...

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Categories: death, first love, god,

Colors of love
Love as we know 
Is like a rainbow 
The colors may show 
Like a glittering snow 

It is red when it's ripe 
Violet when it's...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Courtship



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Categories: appreciation, first love,

the playing card
the playing card
by americus

i am the jack of all traits
which means i can be everything i hate
my thoughts buzz still like flies on the wall

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Categories: love, beauty, class, dad, emotions,

Premium Member The Poet's Wife
the seat where he would sit 
lay down a path
and in a place
that sheltered him
from all the summer 
heat and pain.

a scent infused 
with echoes

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Categories: children, lost love,

What a time to be alive 
Though no one foresee the future 
But we've all got to fight for our life(expletive ) 
Dear, be thankful...

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Categories: love, age, birthday, dance, destiny,

From Deep Within My Heart
Frequently, fragrantly followeth I
Fickle and fallow and famously shy
New love is true love and true love is sewn
Not by the seed but the need to...

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Categories: life, love,

Premium Member Born In The Dawn Of August
If you were born in the month of August
Be cool, be calm, be wise and be robust
Summertime is almost over
And autumn is around the corner

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Categories: love, analogy, anniversary, august, birthday,

Our hearts fulfilled
Our Heavenly Father's will
Brightness within us
Always guides us
Father's right hand
Blessed our land
The Lord shall prevail
Radiance, glory of God
Blessing abroad
Grace upon grace
Shines upon our faces
Hearts observe

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Categories: love, blessing, earth, father, god,

They say I shouldn't rhyme but this is how I shine,

That part of me divine is always speaking through my rhymes,

Teaching I'm inclined if it's...

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Categories: love, allah, allegory, angel, art,

Let the badness fade
Let it out.
 Scream and shout. 
 Don't hold it in. 
You'll never win. 
If you keep all the badness.
  Inside causing you such...

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Categories: encouraging, friendship, inspirational love,