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Free Verse Love Poems

These Free Verse Love poems are examples of poetry about Free Verse Love. These are the best examples of Love Free Verse poems written by international poets.

It Is
He seeks angels
Not really there.
He speaks dangers
Unseen in the air.
When we're apart
The years tick by.
He has my heart
Yet knows not why....

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Categories: love,

A Free Soul
A Free Soul

A free soul that,
always stays true to herself
compromises not on her firm beliefs and values
ignores little noises that want to drown her inner...

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Categories: love, desire, freedom, social, soulmate,

Premium Member Wet Leaves of Summer
Wet leaves of summer
footprints in the soft ground
left with shadows of broken memories
alone, they begin to rush in and surround


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Categories: lost love,

Day Dreams
I often wonder 
if the grass is jealous of the trees
because they will never know 
how it feels to almost scrape against the blush of...

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Categories: love, beautiful, caregiving,

Prom Night 1982
I remember lying in the midday sun
Body slathered with Johnson’s baby oil,
I was almost fifteen and barely needed to shave.

I remember my mother in the...

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Categories: dance, first love, heartbreak,

Premium Member For the One Who Got Away

If you saw me today -
not that inexperienced 17-year-old woman child
whose summer-fresh face you once caressed -
would you feel again the way 
I think we...

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Categories: lost love,

It's Like That
It’s like that, you know,
To find exactly what you’re looking for,
Even when you swore it would be no more,
It’s like that, you know. 

You might...

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Categories: love, desire, for her, life,

Distant Dreams
His hair cascaded infront of his eyes
and my hand would sweep it away
to reveal his emerald greens
and I lost myself in sweet dreams

the way our...

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© Sam Tab  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, break up, heart, lost

Worth every mile
She said worth every mile then met you with a smile ,she got on that plane, was it all in vain? Did it affect you...

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© Jessy Sue  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, betrayal, break up, cry,

Premium Member Where Kings Lie

Have we, in our wanderings through 
storied lands, tramped upon 
purple earth cradling the sleep of kings?

Perhaps, far beneath our ambling feet, 
in crypts sealed...

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Categories: history, journey, love, moon,

Why is it 
I ask myself
I always go back

Infatuated by the quest
Of those who see me
As nothing more 
Than a grain of sand 
Being hurdled...

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Categories: childhood, love, parents, youth,

Do You Know What Love is
The reason why we had to love is because we are so insecure
We are not sure if we can love ourself the way others will...

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Categories: humanity, love,

True Love
I see you!
Up ahead, waiting
With your arms outstretched to me
Anticipating the moment 
Two hearts become one beat
Setting in motion the destiny
Only we can meet
You and...

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Categories: love,

Love is Always Beautiful
Sometimes the world gives us
A moment of truth
In the midst of all the chaos
Comes clarity
Spinning around
Trying to focus
Only seeing the blur
Can you stop this confusion

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Scorching
Let the fire burn,
Let the intensity flourish, 
Let yourself come undone; 
Feel your heart beat again;
I can color the stars in your eyes,
drink paradise;

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Categories: crush, longing, love, lust,

Love versus Fear
two roads
one journey
steps taken
among the
since the 
dawn of

a stream
of light

beings beam
atop of

love is
a Creator
made of
the same

love is
a Creator
of a planet
made of
the same


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Categories: love, inspirational,

My flesh is the altar you worship.

Your reverence evident in the hesitancy of your touch,
the awe of adoration swimming in your eyes.

I'm shattered in wonder.

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Categories: love,

Premium Member a flash of love
love is a flash of a news
love outweigh the news
love outweigh the flash of the news
news outweigh the news of a flash
news outweigh the news...

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Categories: love, romance, time,

Wishing I hadn’t,
  wishing I could

Going through the motions
  —of love

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2019)

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Categories: love,

End Racism
Don't hate the color of skin
Hate what comes from within
Where do we begin
When will it end
Your children could be mine
And mine yours 

I would love...

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Categories: character, friendship, love, racism,