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Daughter Love Poems

These Daughter Love poems are examples of Love poems about Daughter. These are the best examples of Love Daughter poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Assurity After Storms
Sea of searching tore hope without explanation 
Crucified crests cascaded, crazed static fall crashing
Thrown spontaneous needs, unclean situations 
Wayward waltz of flotsam incongruity, faith attacking


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Categories: love, absence, beach, betrayal, caregiving,

Premium Member If Only You Knew
If only you knew.. how much I love you,                ...

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Categories: love, beach, blue, earth, flower,

Premium Member The Formidable Gambit

"The Formidable Gambit"

calculated and distinct

conspiring with rules
plays within the 
confined squares

of a strict and
ruthless mind
preying on all moves


in the opening move

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Categories: courage, dark, faith, love,


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Categories: love, birth, blessing, children, hope,

Premium Member Uncharted Water
With the wind at my back, I made my way
With a hope and a prayer, from Baker's Bay

In a run for my life, fleeing the...

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Categories: death, life, love,

Premium Member Acrostic
Acrostic down the side.

A letter starts the new word.

Akrostikhis Greek word.

As hymns by St. Ephrem.

ABC  acrostics. 

Any letter will do.

A fun way to write...

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Categories: love, poetry, poets, song, words,

A Love Story
There was a young woman, a young mother,
Who loved her daughter more than words can say,
As she fell ill and weary,
God gently called her home

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Categories: love, cousin, mom, sister, spiritual,

Premium Member LOVE OF PARENTS
My Dad and Mom’s love… wondrously precious
Virtuous midst legacy’s prevalence
The best of human’s care, indeed gracious
Expressing sublime kind heart’s excellence.

Mom’s warm, sweet caress --- verily...

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Categories: love, blessing, christian, father daughter,

Premium Member A-U-T-U-M-N
"A"utumn what a very special time of the year.
"U"nder the tree lay glistening red and orange leaves.
"T"he autumn will not last too long.
"U"naware the squirrels...

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Categories: love, animal, autumn, color, cool,

Premium Member Pretty Lady Impression
Pretty lady be not sad
Your eyes sparkling and shiny
What is your face hiding from
Living colorful all day 
Many colors you do wear
Show your pretty face...

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Categories: love, color, day, happy, sad,

Premium Member Inheritance


Where do I go?

To meet you
outside of 

I dream of 
bigger things
than numbers
and sharp talons

bells jangling 
ankles tempted
by better things

flight of the fleeing



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Categories: love, magic, mother daughter,

Premium Member In The Woods Collaboration
Lingering light dwindles among the horizon,
Twilight fades with a farewell from the sun.            ...

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Categories: love, animal, cool, nature, night,

Premium Member ODE TO AN ORPHAN

i. Storm

darkness is a shade
stirring shadows afraid
then the zigzag plunges
agitating the cross
again and again sawing a thin line
blackberry wine
the brew of an angry soak
a curtain...

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Categories: child, love,

Premium Member Some Friends
Some friends come.
Some friends go.
I am so glad you came and hope
you will never go.

Date Written: 10/12/2020
Book: Have You Ever Heard An Angel Speak?????...

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Categories: love, books, friend, friendship, hope,

Premium Member Country

Cut off jeans are for me.

Cultured pearls just for thee.

Clowns make me want to pee.

Cooking BBQ from the sea.

Chaps I wear on each knee

Cowboys drink...

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Categories: love, dance, drink, fish, food,