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Kiss Poems

Kiss Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about kissing, kisses. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for kiss.

New Poems

The stars above they shine for you
Since that dreadful day you died
Since that dreadful day I’ve cried
For my heart it almost broke in two
Looking skyward I can see 
the stars are shining down on me
Your smile in every starlit night
Assures...Read More
Categories: kiss, bereavement, good night, stars,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Virus


We are links 
in The Machine
We are the virus
each weak application
generated internally
stored souls 
captive here 
in the
Great In-Between
We carry within
a programmed 
we are simply 
processed by a 
Central Processing Unit
it sits commanding
like a King 
at the Heart...Read More
Categories: kiss, dark, humanity, i am, imagery, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Sam and Maria's First Kiss
Sam and Maria’s First Kiss

Sam met his wife 
in a dream 
it was his fate

she became his life
that day
 she became his mate

on their marriage date
they went to a bar for a date
drank all night like in a dream

ending up...Read More
Categories: kiss, love, lust,
Form: Free verse
Cerebellum's Synaptic Soiree
Lifted lightly from familiarity
Sleep's gesture caresses cells
Taken to nearby bewilderment
Where stagnancy busily dwells

Liquid lambent shooting star forms fragment
Vapid vexations vanquished in fantasy's fire
Mist masked span transcends measurement
Vision fusion surpasses language quagmire 

Imprisoned waking cognition 
held in category's secure structure 
Dispelled...Read More
Categories: kiss, dream, sleep,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member When I Die
When I Die

Upon mine passing, ye be it naught there to grieve me soonest, thence grieve me at thine appointed hour, for I wilt knowest upon thy feel of thee, the touch that I have come to know as thee....Read More
Categories: kiss, beautiful, poetry,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member My Lord
This world can be a hard cold place,                                ...Read More
Categories: kiss, fire, life, me, sad,
Form: Rhyme
i admit this
with a strong fist
your ground i kiss
everything about you i miss
and need  your attention too
ABOUT YOU...Read More
Categories: kiss, adventure, feelings,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Sunset Rendezvous
From simmer to boil,
an upswelling of passion
as two lovers kiss.
There's such hunger in their eyes.
A rendezvous at sunset.

Let the Pens Flow - Tanka Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Jenish Somadas 
Date written: 02/20/2020...Read More
Categories: kiss, love, moon, night, romance,
Form: Tanka
Why I Can't Get A Septic Tank
My cousin wants to build me a septic tank and he wants to get right to it.
Even though his heart is in the right place, I can't let him do it.
Ten years ago, my girlfriend really made me mad.
I did...Read More
Categories: kiss, dark, death, girlfriend,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Rise Above LM
Reality is something you rise above,                                  ...Read More
Categories: kiss, bird, hate, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Oliver, a Boy
When I was young my mother's hand
Led me through a joyful land
Where neither war nor hate exist
Nor something more I must resist 

Where nothing but the night is black
And black is never dark for lack
Of something bright or greater light
But...Read More
Categories: kiss, england, fantasy, innocence,
Form: Epic
Fire wife
The life of a fire wife is an interesting one indeed.
I'm proud to stand by a man who helps those in need.
On call 24/7, fire radio's always on
Morning, noon and night some calls come before dawn.

For each call that he...Read More
Categories: kiss, wife,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Alfred Lord Tennyson: First Love Regret
Alfred Lord Tennyson: First Love Regret

Deep as first love, and wild with all regret;
Be rustic, shapeless and albeit day,
Our light had glowed the daylight to shadows,
What gleamed in the day was swapped by the night,
First love 'tis gone, for 'twas...Read More
Categories: kiss, meaningful, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Every Thought of You
Every kiss
Every I love you
Every surprise
Every new road
Every New day
Every sensation
Every new thrill
Every I miss you
Every thought of you

Has changed me
And sustains me...Read More
Categories: kiss, inspiration, love, romantic,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Wish
I wish I were a favorite poem,
with world waking verse.
One easily remembered 
and often rehearsed.

I wish I were love. 
All kinds of love,
specially the kind 
from heaven above.

I wish I were
the perfect Kiss,
that moment of supreme bliss 
the kind you...Read More
Categories: kiss, desire, fantasy, innocence, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love Crucifies

"Love Crucifies"

I have you pinned
all your colours 
naked underneath
submission whispers
submission speaks
hands encircle 
your wrists
arms open 
my heart 
on your 
drum beating 

Love Crucifies
Love Liberates

We transfer souls
We kiss

Love Liberates
Love Crucifies

une petite mort à tout prix
Just like this

Love Crucifies
Love Liberates

We transfer...Read More
Categories: kiss, freedom, light, love, passion, sensual,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Those Slithering Serpents Of World's Hidden Abyss
Those Slithering Serpents Of World's Hidden Abyss

Through pleasant meadows they slither and soft hiss
pushing down nubile flowers as they go
they of dark, giver of serpentine kiss,
sowers of blackest curse that hatred grows,
a malignant force, masquerading as Light
of corruptible hearts, beasts...Read More
Categories: kiss, art, conflict, emotions, humanity, motivation, perspective, rude,
Form: Rhyme

I couldn't explain to you what the life is and why!
even I could not understand why am I addicted 
butted and bounded to certain circles!
I could never break the boundaries ; Too far to flying
where the sea is shedding the...Read More
Categories: kiss, humor,
Form: Free verse
I woke up for the 6th time tonight to the cry of the babe sleeping in our room
The mum tired, sleepy turns to breastfeed this lil monster

When I was in campus, the word companionship came without any responsibilities
It meant holding...Read More
Categories: kiss, family, marriage,
Form: Free verse
As soon as smiled girl
As lips kiss it was fire works spelling our names
What going girl
I know hasn't been long girl
I just tell you how felt on first date
...Read More
Categories: kiss, addiction, angel, beautiful, beauty, best friend, change,
Form: Verse
Why The Simpsons Will Die
Every person on the Simpsons is sick and they will die.
They're suffering from Jaundice, that's the reason why.
Every fan of the Simpsons will have to nurse a broken heart.
They can say goodbye to Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Bart.
I'm the...Read More
Categories: kiss, death, funny, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Immortal
My Immortal

A raven made no shame of it, sailed past my opened chamber door,
Aghast, at last, espy my guest, the beautiful madam Lenore,
Said I, madam please pay no heed, with that said, it left abhor,
We then cajoled, read on my...Read More
Categories: kiss, love,
Form: Verse
Love, Learn, Lose
The Ls are all mixed in together. You love. You lose. And you learn. Like the stages of grief, they intertwine and flow together. But you will always go through them all. While you learn who your partner is and...Read More
Categories: kiss, break up, farewell, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Pearly Whites and Sleepless Nights
Betwixt and between and with vigour it seems
That we brush them with scented jelly,
But the breath that ensues from the
toothpaste we use and thus
Determining whether scented or smelly
Our peers will decide on a kiss or a hide,
Depending upon status of...Read More
Categories: kiss, age,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
The Second Curse of the Horny Toad
Happily Never After (the Second Curse of the Horny Toad)
by Michael R. Burch

He did not think of love of Her at all
frog-plangent nights, as moons engoldened roads
through crumbling stonewalled provinces, where toads
(nee princes) ruled in chinks and grew so small
at...Read More
Categories: kiss, allegory, analogy, animal, extended metaphor, fantasy, lust,
Form: Sonnet