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Alliteration Love Poems

These Alliteration Love poems are examples of Love poems about Alliteration. These are the best examples of Love Alliteration poems written by international poets.

Premium Member MMmmmmmm

Misty Moist meticulous mermaidens
manipulate manuscript movement
modalities making monumental
meteoric metamacroorgasmic mind music.
Monoku monologues mesmerize male-strom
multiplayer milkshake mitochondrial
metaphysically montaged Mirror Mirror memories.
My my my me mine....

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Categories: celebration, cute love, fantasy,

For the Love of the Language										———————————————————————————————————————
(Dedicated to new poetry with  the birth of Sophie June )

Merely words 
With many possible meanings:
Dew-tips through my veins

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Categories: love, christian, imagery, language, meaningful,

Alliteration Poem about Love
A love that lasts never reminds me of my past,
I always knew I wasn’t made of glass

Still, I was so sure that I could never...

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Categories: love, appreciation, cute, for him,

Vessel Of Love

Blind like a ghost you cannot see,
oblivious to their surroundings
until it smacks them in the face.

The heartbeat of a soulmate connects
to the beating vessel we...

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Categories: love, desire, destiny, devotion,

The Maze of a Missing Mom
Mike's mom made a multitude of missteps;
Starting strong, she strode straight into struggles.
Calvin convinced her to try crack cocaine.
Love lost: little Mike led a lonely,...

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Categories: love, 11th grade, drug, loneliness,

Premium Member Fire's Flames
Lovely light laughing, lasting
Perfect promises in poetry, prose
Hearts hunting, hoping, hungry
Burning, brilliant, breathtaking
Waiting, wanting, willing to wait
For future feelings, flames
Tender, trusting, together
Desire dreams, dims and...

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Categories: blessing, longing, love, relationship,

Premium Member A Love Lost and Found

An angel, he appeared one afternoon -
amazing, amorous, and alluring.
Beguiling her with beautiful ballads,
how splendidly he bewitched her!

Long languorous summer days they lazed 
in a...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Long-Lost Love

Apparently adopted at birth- I
was timely told this when I turned twelve.
Though always adoring adoptive parents-
I oft turned thoughts to my mom's long-lost love.

My birth...

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Categories: inspirational, lost love, mom,

Love host heart host legendary with love high and humble

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr ©...

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Categories: analogy, anxiety, love,

Premium Member Wandering Women
Lively little Linda, lost love of long ago,
Willingly wandered west with wild Wanda Wilson
Traipsing twice from Tennessee to Tyler Texas
Then to Tucumcari, Tucson, and Tonopah.


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Categories: freedom, journey, love, travel,

Premium Member Heartbroken Love
My lost love
   makes me lonely and longing
heartbroken and heartsick
         in need of healing
but wait,...

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Categories: lost love,

Premium Member My Lost And Found Love
Love lost; love found.

My Love Lost,

Like lancinate waves that ebb and flow lapping on
Lacerated lace, laid hold labored and languid,
Lonesome, lucid breathing, labile labiate sand.


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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lost love, love,

Premium Member When Winds Were Wild

                   along came a flood of ebullient...

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Categories: longing, lost love,

Premium Member Love Lost Love Found

Abandoned and all alone; she left late
          last night, and my hurting heart is breaking.
She simply...

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Categories: love, angst, anxiety, emotions, feelings,

Lonely lost love laid-back,
Loyalty, legality layoff. 

Death Dogged down,
Died due for love. 

The dissuade love which neither started,
Nor it has an end....

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Categories: love, 10th grade, 11th grade,