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Alliteration Love Poems

These Alliteration Love poems are examples of Love poems about Alliteration. These are the best examples of Love Alliteration poems written by international poets.

Premium Member DaytimE DeliGhT
Daytime  light sign  hey and I'm
There to find the right kind
 and they all sway
Day okay and  yey yeah say there
This is...

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Categories: love, allusion, angst, beautiful, black

Premium Member chapter 152- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: Wedding Surprise
Date:  April  4,  2051

Dolly had Molly and Holly delayed
In the dinning area while she secured 
Any loose ends. They had most of

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Categories: allusion, black love,

Art Commission1 - Painting God Rays
Spaceship Sun shines Supreme pools of Photosynthesis -
Golden Gleams bring News - Breaking Bright News
The Light lights on "Reaching for the Sky
Early Greens and Evergreens,...

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Categories: love, art, environment, god, how

Premium Member Perfectionist Poet
Please pander to my
Perfectionism by
Pottering your purlesent
Peepers purposely past my
Permanently printed
Phrases of poetic poise

Pulling precious people
Past particular poison 
Pushing perfection points
Purposefully protects from 
Painful perception.


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© Sam Scott  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, passion, perspective, poets,

Premium Member Love you more dear
Does this day began or ever end?
If it does, does it with love? I love you 
My sweet sweet love. My dear I am
Here for...

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Categories: love, allusion,


Obsidian oscillated into lava
     slid across syntactic streams
        tumbled thick greenwood thickets 

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Categories: love, allusion, blessing, character, deep,

Premium Member Principles of legitimacy
Is there an eternal metaphor for love?
Is forever a sinful oath abandoned in
an archive of poems with alienated alliteration.
Hidden behind simile and ironic verses?

Why does...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, emotions, love,

Premium Member Chapter 147-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: A Hawaiian Approach
Date:  April  2051
7 am the call resounded throughout 
Every Hakim Household. They had it
Blaring out onto the estate's public
Address system. "DJ heard...

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Categories: america, anxiety, black love,

Premium Member Chapter 146 --DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: Mass Family Vacation Invasion Plan
Date:  March  2051

Nearly spring afternoon Molly Dolly
And Holly were visiting the grown
Children across the street. Damian 
Was on video com with the family...

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Categories: love, absence, adventure, allusion, beautiful,

Premium Member Chapter 139 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: The Small House Compromise
Date:  May 2050

Damian stood over their large crib
Gazing lovingly at his five infant sons
Thinking of soon to be one girl, Dasheri!"
She was due for...

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Categories: love, allusion, beautiful, birth, black

Premium Member DECODING a FractioN of the ENGLISH LANgUAgE?
Here is a fraction of half the 
Examples which I call decoding.
Yeah decoding the Inglish language.
Hey now hear in this damnation
The Inglish dominance is learned...

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Categories: beautiful, black love, clothes,

Premium Member Peppermint Persuasion
Bonjour mon amour
This is a peppermint persuasion 
Occasion excellent ecstasy 
Audacious illustrious elation
Spicy nicely give me more sweet
Freshly impress me please
Eroticlly stress me squeeze undress

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Categories: love, appreciation, beautiful, dance, devotion,

Premium Member Chapter 134 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: For the Love of Holly
Date:  Late  November 2049

Damian and Holly were conversing 
In her bedroom. Damian informed 
Her, "I want the babies names to
Be Damian Jahani, ...

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Categories: love, clothes, emotions, family, father

Premium Member Chapter 132-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: 1 2 and 3 On the Way Home
Date  October  2049

It was a cool Saturday evening.
Desharah was on the video phone
With Dolly. "Ma me and the kids
Are coming for a visit...

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Categories: love, 11th grade, allusion, feelings,

Premium Member The Lover of Others
There is a spectacle that divines 
A specialness, reflective best. The
Blessed. Yet I am surprised that 
This shrine time is of disingenuous 
Kind. And I...

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Categories: dance, i love you,