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Father Love Poems

These Father Love poems are examples of Love poems about Father. These are the best examples of Love Father poems written by international poets.

Jesus sacrifice
3 nails, and a cross.
Jesus' victory was no loss.
He had sacrificed himself and paid the cost.
For the wretched and the lost.
Thorns pierced the crown of...

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Categories: christian, jesus, love, poetry,

from the Montreal Times January 24, 2029
Born in 2000 he comes from a long line of athletes. His maternal  great great great grandfather was a short stop in the negro...

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Categories: encouraging, inspirational love, introspection,

Premium Member Breathing's Righteous Purpose
You and I may have decided
long ago,
and again more recently,
more ego-centrally
and now more large-stage ecopolitically,
that human life
has only that meaning and purpose we give ourselves,

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Categories: earth, health, love, meaningful,

Premium Member The Founding Father of Science
The scientist may assert there is no God,
While the sunset fields bloom goldenrod;
Yet, report of mystery dimensions unseen,
And multiverse based on vibrating strings!

But real proof...

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Categories: creation, god, humanity, love,

Premium Member The History of Grown Children
The History of Grown Children

When we are kids, 
we are told of God. 
It is easy to accept, 
a great Father in Heaven. 
No questions...

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Categories: love, addiction, allah, america, dark,

Premium Member Roller Skate Magic
roller skate magic
brought my parents together
both of them surprised

my mother was not looking
my father was
a voice told him she was the one

roller skate magic
he could...

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Categories: love, 10th grade, 11th grade,

My First Love
He knew me before the very start.
Formed my flesh gave me a heart.
Before I was even conceived.
Every particle, He did weave.
He knew of my sinful...

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Categories: love, christian,

Premium Member Heart
agape - loving the unlovable

Our Master gave command to love the ones
despised by those whose hearts are cold as stone-
his stray abandoned sheep beneath the...

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Categories: forgiveness, love,

A Small Farewell
He hugged me tight
Wrapping his arms around me as if
To protect me, or keep me 
There as long as possible 
The car door closed suddenly

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Categories: love, 11th grade, dad, father

Some Men, Why Some Women
How did this come about, we are birthed by women, cherish by most women, a love you could never replace is your mother's, quick to...

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Categories: black love, hip hop,

Premium Member Lies to Our Self
Lies to Our Self

I will be okay. 
You, she, we, me, us...
are just fine. 
All the time, 
we talk too much, 
and not enough. 


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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, abuse, addiction, father son,

Premium Member With God's Help - The Goblet Style

~ With  God's  Help  ~
(The  Goblet )


I'll  just  put on  my   best 
Face  and ...

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Categories: christian, faith, hope, love,

Unconditional love our Heaven Father
His light shines upon my face.
 I ‘m not saved by works; I’m saved by His Grace. (Ephesians 2:8-9)
 His love holds no confusion. (1...

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Categories: god, love,

Before you say
Before you say I love you in Africa
Think twice before exposing your feelings to a lady 
The center of gravity should be ‘Iphone' because every...

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Categories: love, 12th grade, 5th grade,

Premium Member The Perfect Christmas Gift
The Perfect Christmas Gift

In a small bag, 
made of paper, 
the color of gold, 
old not new...
The handwritten letters, 
of a handful of kids, 

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Categories: love, angel, childhood, christmas, drink,

A parent is a shotgun
A parent is a shotgun
protecting households and acres,
it turns on enemies without question, a trigger pulled at foul friend.

A parent is a cloud 
craning neck...

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Categories: love, analogy,

Premium Member New 2020 ReSolutions
I will not substitute:

Wealthy ends
for healthy means,

Christmas climaxes
for everyday robust Advent,

for Yintegrity,

for creative process,

Visual resilience
for audible resonance,

Objective resolution
for subjectively felt inclusion,

EgoFulfilling analogy
for EcoHealing metaphor,

Unchanging affluent...

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Categories: love, health, humanity, humor, integrity,

The face of grace looked upon the world.
twas not perfect till he made a replica of his being.
and called him man.
came then an offender who...

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Categories: love, appreciation, baby, celebration, child,

Premium Member Christmas Meal Blessing Poem
Heavenly Father,
Bless us today as we come before you.
Cast Your light upon us always.
We thank You for Your grace and mercy.
You have always been good...

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Categories: love, appreciation, christmas, december, prayer,

I was remembering my father,
just the other day.
It’s been a lotta years,
since Daddy passed away.

My name is not important.
My fathers name was Jim.
He never called...

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Categories: father, love, memory,