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Summer Love Poems

These Summer Love poems are examples of Love poems about Summer. These are the best examples of Love Summer poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Love is Blind
I was a marvelous ophthalmologist, impacting how others saw this world,
As tomorrow one day sees yesterday, on lanes where hued leaves swirled.

I corrected hazy, crazy...

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Categories: love, family, fantasy, friend, growth,

Premium Member LIFE
Life with it's ups and down's
I love you day and night
Family and friends make
Every moment extra special...

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Categories: day, family, friend, love,

My second life
Within his moment, I wouldn't change a thing,
my life right now is earnt,
I got here on my own merit,
proud of all the things I've learnt.


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Categories: love, appreciation, change, for her,

Premium Member Yesterday
By Poet  "I do not know where the time goes. It just goes running away."

Yesterday when
Everyone was kind
Smiles were on all
The faces both young and...

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Categories: love, books, day, happy, joy,

Premium Member Sonnet 18 and me!
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate
Rough winds do shake and darling buds of May and summer's lease...

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Categories: love, adventure, anxiety, appreciation, beauty,

Null Light
The race of null light 
Cause defects to eye sight 
Oh what a color of strong sign 
Envictim dote with great sigh 

In here lieth...

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Categories: adventure, africa, beautiful, love,

Your Love
I knew well
The spring is impermanent
So too, are winter, summer 
Monsoon, and autumn 
Flowers fade and leaves fall
Fruits that are ripe decay too
Does the sap...

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Categories: lost love,

Premium Member That Was Then, This Is Now
I love hearing stories,
stories from my grandparents.
They love to tell stories,
stories from many years ago.
Grandma tells about bread,
when black showed up they would cut if off.

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Categories: love, blue, child, food, grandparents,

Premium Member Three Good Men
In my foolish young adult years,
three good men came along,
but their eyes brimmed with tears.
God must of sent them,
offering me love's redemption.
Not realizing they were...

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Categories: love, 7th grade, 8th grade,

Premium Member Temporary Insanity
Afternoon musing, not quite content,
Wondering where the time all went -
The time not really given, only lent.

The first day of fourth grade,
In the next desk...

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Categories: crush, love, nostalgia,

Premium Member A time to reflect - Is The True Writer Gone
"A Writer must Feel The Words So The Reader Can Feel The Words. By Poet"

Have you heard about this new thing,
this new thing called AI.

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Categories: love, friend, poetry, poets, writing,

Love Letter of Summer
By Cherbo Geeplay

Summer is yet to come and may
never come. She's stirring in an
August noon, sitting on the long
plateaus of these fields so far

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Categories: love, appreciation, black african american,

Premium Member I Saw God But Now What
Did you ever look up to the big bright blue sky,
I did and I saw the blue eyes of God.
I know He is watching over...

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Categories: love, blue, joy, rain, sky,

William O'Rourke
A patriarch falls
Clear summer morning fog stings
Family silent

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Categories: love, death, family, father, i

Premium Member Diary of an Empty Day
From  “I love you” to a habit
And old habit melts away
Till you doubt if you had it
Ever since that summer day
Like green leaves turn...

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Categories: blessing, day, deep, love,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things