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Summer Love Poems

These Summer Love poems are examples of Love poems about Summer. These are the best examples of Love Summer poems written by international poets.

We are not defined by weather
For it was summers touch that fated us
We met most certainly like comets in an October sky
Unaware of love at...

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Categories: black love, break up,

disbelief 'n' silence
It all started with the crisp green leaves
Transforming into all that gorgeous fall foliage
With the warm breeze, came
The blooms of sakura
Spring for sale
Then came the...

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Categories: love, anger, heartbreak, heartbroken, moon,

undefined love
His name sounds like water
like waves on the sea
like a summer breeze in the tallest tree
Zachary, Zachary, Zachary

His face is pure white
he has a beautiful...

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Categories: boyfriend, cute love, i

Premium Member Soothing Tomorrows
Oh beloved,
I'm like Rumi without Shams.
A shivering summer soul,
secretly stalked by wild white winter wolves.
A chiffon child chiselling chimerical calligraphy,
cursed with invisible ink, silent in...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: emotions, love,


A blank canvass, empty of thought
nothing to give my life a full display of clarity
to guide my bated...

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Categories: dream, love,

Premium Member Til the World Ends--Three Dog Night 1975
Surfing You Tube, I come upon 
“Til The World Ends” by

Three Dog Night. It was a lesser 
hit of theirs from 1975, but

it always reminded...

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© Craig Sipe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love,

Love Afterlife
Pretty pease won't you please return to
me and come on back to me sunshine

Because the cold winter night's I
feel have drawn in way to fast...

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Categories: loneliness, lost love,

Blackberry Wine
A bottle of Blackberry wine
Taken from a shared glass,
Items of clothing strewn
About the summer grass.
Two semi naked figures
One a girl, one a boy 
Relaxing in the...

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Categories: first love, friendship love,

Premium Member If I could be

If I could be the brook, I’d sing to you
If I could be the trees, I would wave
If I could be the sky, I’d create...

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Categories: love, smile,

Premium Member Summer Breeze
~ The sunrise makes me happy, shining on my face,
and I don’t feel so lonely, in its warm embrace. 
I can hear her dancing, on...

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Categories: memory, sweet love,

Premium Member Return Of Rose

In my desiccated wasteland,
soil, dry and brittle, turned to dust, 
swirled on the wings of the summer wind.  
ruffling my rose sapling, I reared...

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Categories: analogy, hope, lost love,

Premium Member Undercurrent
It's miraculous how a tiny seed can grow into a tree 
And it's nothing Less how your sweet voice can steal my heart from me
From lowest...

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Categories: cute love, i love

Premium Member Reflections and Promises
Silence swells the whispers
Snow, breathless… caressing the earth
Gentling the scene in echoes 
Serenity dancing in flurries, a blizzard
Whirling and twirling, delicious
Praises, psalms, prayers
Winter’s faded march...

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Categories: love, appreciation, christian, god, inspirational,

Premium Member Wake Up On A Beach
I opened my eyes to a shoreline 6 feet away
Cuddled up with last angel neath the umbrella shade
Takin’ it in - Watchin’ her breathe
Lovin’ the...

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Categories: beach, love, sun,


the thought of you
burns through my heart
a turmoil that i try to hide

while warm breezes
cross the summer fields
run in and out my mind

i wander...

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Categories: earth, longing, loss, love,