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Inner Alignment poetry contest - Unseeking Seeker's Blog

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Inner Alignment poetry contest

Blog Posted:3/20/2021 10:24:00 AM

Wonderful poems received, many brilliant ones could not be selected since they were off topic. I do regret and was moved to write about this perplexing dilemma

The results will follow shortly! A new contest 'Phoenix rising' should evoke interest!

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Inner Alignment poetry contest
Date Posted: 3/20/2021 10:24:00 AM
Poetry contest: Joy continuum
Date Posted: 2/16/2021 9:16:00 PM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/16/2021 Just stating the obvious poetry contest Rhymemuse,
4/16/2021 Clear truth Enclosed Rhymegod,truth,
4/16/2021 Reflections Rhymelife,muse,
4/16/2021 the vaporised self Villanellemuse,spiritual,
4/15/2021 Love seeks no echo Villanellemuse,
4/15/2021 Inviting grace Villanellespiritual,
4/15/2021 Satsang Dizainspiritual,
4/15/2021 Continuum of aliveness Ethereesleep,
4/14/2021 Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Haikuspiritual,
4/14/2021 Reborn - Pleiades Versespiritual,
4/14/2021 Magnetic pull Free verselove,spiritual,
4/14/2021 Detachment Acrosticspiritual,
4/14/2021 Divine Light Than-Bauklight,spiritual,
4/13/2021 Hesitation Rondeaumuse,
4/13/2021 Healing hands Villanellelove,spiritual,
4/13/2021 Unseeking Seeker Acrosticme,
4/13/2021 In the forest of my dreams Terza Rimadesire,spiritual,
4/12/2021 April Free verseapril,
4/12/2021 The serpent moves Rondeauspiritual,
4/12/2021 Shine on Ethereegod,light,spiritual,
4/12/2021 Headed nowhere Rhymemuse,
4/11/2021 Why do we suffer Villanellemuse,spiritual,
4/11/2021 Witness consciousness Rhymespiritual,
4/11/2021 Vaporised self Rhymejoy,love,
4/11/2021 Perils of self-luminescence Rhymelight,muse,
4/10/2021 Last train to Auschwitz Sonnetdark,light,muse,
4/10/2021 Just love Dizainlove,spiritual,
4/10/2021 Awakened mind Footlemuse,
4/10/2021 Our dreaming state Rondeau Redoubledream,
4/10/2021 Be to become Footlemuse,
4/9/2021 Inner light Dizainspiritual,
4/9/2021 The vaporised self Footlespiritual,
4/9/2021 Bliss current Than-Baukjoy,
4/9/2021 Frankenstein Haikumuse,
4/8/2021 Genesis of delusion Haikumuse,
4/8/2021 Pause - Pleiades Versejoy,love,silence,
4/8/2021 The maze Versemuse,
4/7/2021 Meditation tools - Vibration Rhymespiritual,
4/7/2021 Meditation tools - Energisation Rhymespiritual,
4/7/2021 Meditation tools - Celebration Rhymejoy,spiritual,
4/7/2021 Meditation tools - Recognition Rhymespiritual,
4/6/2021 Childlike wonderment Ethereejoy,muse,
4/6/2021 Rashomon effect Rondeautruth,
4/5/2021 Needless subterfuge Rhymemuse,
4/5/2021 Be to become Diminished Hexaversejoy,
4/5/2021 What is real Rhymelove,spiritual,
4/5/2021 Rainbow body Rhymespiritual,
4/4/2021 Heart lotus Sonnetheart,spiritual,
4/4/2021 Making sense of earth life Rhymelife,spiritual,
4/3/2021 The warriors stance Dizainconflict,love,
4/3/2021 Where are we headed Monokumuse,
4/3/2021 Our stupor Dizainmuse,
4/3/2021 Humble conduit Ethereespiritual,
4/3/2021 Osmosis Verselove,spiritual,
4/2/2021 Headed home Rhymehome,joy,spiritual,
4/2/2021 Flowing gently Sonnetjoy,life,spiritual,
4/1/2021 Atributeless raw power Free versespiritual,
4/1/2021 Shifting horizons Rhymemuse,spiritual,
3/31/2021 Vulnerability Free verselonging,memory,muse,
3/31/2021 Do we cherish Rondeau8th grade,appreciation,i
3/31/2021 Is tonight the night Versecute love,
3/30/2021 Where are we headed Rhymemuse,
3/30/2021 Dweller of the void Tankagender,spiritual,
3/30/2021 Aspect allowing Ethereespiritual,
3/30/2021 Soma nectar Rondeau Redoublespiritual,
3/29/2021 PISCES Acrosticmarch,
3/29/2021 Love alone is real Trioletlove,muse,
3/28/2021 Phoenix Rising Dizaincourage,life,
3/28/2021 Art of living Sonnetjoy,spiritual,
3/28/2021 hearts desire Free versedesire,heart,
3/28/2021 Mindful eye Rhymemuse,
3/27/2021 Gentle spirit Rondeaulove,
3/27/2021 Ennui to bliss Dizainhappy,sad,spiritual,
3/27/2021 how still is our stillness Rhymemuse,spiritual,
3/27/2021 Healing hands Free versespiritual,
3/26/2021 Who am I Rhymemuse,spiritual,
3/26/2021 The veil Terza Rimaspiritual,
3/26/2021 Phoenix Rising Diminished Hexaversemagic,
3/25/2021 Choiceless choice Rhymespiritual,
3/25/2021 Love seeks no echo Than-Bauklove,
3/25/2021 Easy and breezy Sonnetspiritual,
3/25/2021 Gentle spirit Monokulove,
3/24/2021 Monk mode Rhymespiritual,
3/24/2021 Live without fear Rondeaudesire,fear,spiritual,
3/24/2021 Skeletons in my cupboard Dizainhumorous,
3/24/2021 Savage instincts Senryudark,murder,
3/23/2021 Fullness in emptiness Ethereejoy,spiritual,
3/23/2021 Savouring solitude Alliterationsolitude,spiritual,
3/23/2021 The secret Trioletspiritual,
3/22/2021 Our orientation Rhymejoy,spiritual,
3/22/2021 Never ending music Free versemusic,spiritual,
3/22/2021 Joy Rhymejoy,
3/22/2021 Lost in the maze Free versespiritual,
3/22/2021 The shift within Rondeau Redoublemuse,spiritual,
3/22/2021 We feel complete Free versespiritual,
3/22/2021 Earth life sojourn Tankalife,muse,
3/22/2021 Masked intent Dizaindark,fear,joy,muse,
3/21/2021 Phoenix Rising Rhymemuse,spiritual,
3/21/2021 Flick it away Terza Rimamuse,spiritual,
3/21/2021 Clear light dawns Diminished Hexaversespiritual,

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Fav Poems

A change of heart Sonnetblessing,christian,faith,
Someone who used to be you Blank versedream,lost love,love,
Home Sweet Home Free versebeautiful,home,love,
Elevating Heart Free verseappreciation,devotion,hea
Jesus, my Beloved Free versejesus,
KNOW YOURSELF Free versegod,introspection,wisdom,
On Rivers of Love Free verselove,river,
Where the Wind Blows Quatrainwind,
Open Up Free versefaith,hope,love,
Mind Dance Free verseappreciation,beauty,bird,

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