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Absurd Poems

Absurd Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of absurd poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for absurd.

New Poems

Limericks VII - Naughty, Bawdy, Risque, Absurd
Limericks VII - Naughty, Bawdy, Risque, Absurd

There continue to be modern sequels of the famous "Nantucket" limericks, including this bawdy one of mine:

There was a lewd whore from Nantucket
who intended to pee in a bucket;
but being a man
she missed the...Read More
Categories: absurd, humor, humorous, light, nonsense, satire, sexy, smile,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Smitten with Kittens
My doggie had kittens just the other day.
How it happened I just can’t exactly say.
It happened underneath my front porch there.
When I found them all I could do is just stare.

Never before has this ever occurred.
To all others it sounds...Read More
Categories: absurd, cat, child, children, dog, family, funny, nursery
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Faraway Friend

What I miss most, a kind thought, a small word
how we shared, the "memories" and moments
A hug in the wind--- nothing is absurd
with you. . your friendship and your tenderness

What I miss most, is how you made me smile
when we...Read More
Categories: absurd, friendship, missing you,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member CAT

Crazy curious and coquette
Animated little angel
Teensy teeming ticklish twister

Calamity’s the name you earned
Antics and abounding energy
Tempestuous and turbulent

Charismatic with deep crystal eyes
Affectionate and audacious
Tinsel loving thoroughbred kitty

Capricious and comical 
Arrogant and absurd
Tenderfoot teasing thief

Casanova with my heart 
Adorable little ball...Read More
Categories: absurd, animal, appreciation, cat, fun, pets,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member On My First Attempt To Read Canterbury Tales
Lo! If I had the time to climb
An Everest of rhythmic rhyme,
I’d find my mind is wandering,
Meandering through desert clime.

Medieval words that seem absurd,
Countless of which I’ve never heard!
My ear may hear, though wondering
And pondering what just occurred.

If days had...Read More
Categories: absurd, poetry,
Form: Rhyme

On Social Distancing

Who’d have believed
much less even conceived
that a virus could deny us
a few basic social niceties
as intuitively natural
to the human species
as hand shaking, hugging,
kissing or keeping
a mandatory six feet 
distance from anyone,
family, relative or stranger 
we may happen to meet
at the...Read More
Categories: absurd, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Various Heresies
If God
is good
half the Bible
is libel.

Willy Nilly
Michael R. Burch

Isn’t it silly, Willy Nilly?
You made the stallion,
you made the filly
and now they sleep
in the dark earth, stilly.
Isn’t it silly, Willy Nilly?

Isn’t it silly, Willy Nilly?
You forced them to run
all their days...Read More
Categories: absurd, atheist, christian, faith, god, heaven, religion, spiritual,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Running a Temperature - Is it the end
The evening breeze,
cold and damp,
in the twilight of my life
reluctantly resuscitates
the vagaries of the mind,
mostly nonchalant revelations.
A mind storm begins to brew
creating disconnected 
and fragmentary visions
of hidden secrets
and disappeared friends.
Ephemeral and absurd tales
of love and pain evoke
insane nightmares,
as I...Read More
Categories: absurd, death,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Long-Legged Lady
On the porch, there’s a long-legged lady
A friend who I make her feel she’s crazy

With bright blue eyes, lips of rose and curls so long
The deft soul of tulips has a scent so strong

I adore the sound of her breath...Read More
Categories: absurd, appreciation, happiness,
Form: Couplet
irony meters blowing gaskets
the Irony meter gasket
is blown again and again
with every statement
of our chaos president

and his endless surrogates
promoting the latest Presidential
on spot guidance by our great leader

that must be true
because our dear leader
says it is so

The President accuses his democratic rival
of being...Read More
Categories: absurd, america, angst, anxiety, death,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member silence - give me breath Revised
silence! (give me breath!) Revised

these days silence just hangs there, sole fruit of my mind
though my branches drop tendrils, dream thoughts, some new word,
a Saint’s prayer touched might help some truth see daylight,
life sustained in some way (hope’s vain sharing...Read More
Categories: absurd, journey, life,
Form: Rhyme
herd immunity
Herd immunity, herd immunity,
corona viruses hence have absurd impunity,
multiply free and spread in spree over triumphant glee, 
along effortless thoroughfare to every defenseless community.

...Read More
Categories: absurd, community,
Form: Rubai
Pig s Love
Cheat and love and lie and run
Philosophical incline
Who will win and who will try
Broken promises supply.

Roses, Moses, Richelieu
Rothschild, Laurence Olivier
Who accept and who decline
Leave and stay or laugh and die.

Father Pig upholds the law
Mother Piggy makes coleslaw
Children piglets fight and...Read More
Categories: absurd, black love,
Form: Ballade
The Invisible Dictator
Now there is one which rules our lives
             whose presence looms as he arrives
and with his voice, make no mistake
       the winds...Read More
Categories: absurd, anxiety, fear, how i feel,
Form: Couplet
Twit-Wits Tweeter-Dumbs
Today you twitter, then you tweet,
as though to make your lives complete,
by echoing thoughts of people you admire.

Anticipating that great twitter,
you clutch your phones to reconsider,
the text-ed words of wisdom you desire.

You twitters prattle thoughts absurd,
as tweeters follow in a...Read More
Categories: absurd, humanity, humor, nonsense, satire, social, technology, today,
Form: Lyric
Coronavirus a Germaphobe's Nightmare
Recently, my ears have heard
Some news that sounds quite absurd
My eyes can’t believe what they have seen
Is this for real, an outright global panic
Regarding the Coronavirus COVID 19
An epidemic that has turned pandemic
Has it been proved to be certain
That this...Read More
Categories: absurd, humorous, stress, world,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member To Life
Life is time that's awarded to do what you will.
It's your deeds then recorded that chapters will fill.
It's a miracle given, divinely ordained,
That by passions is driven, by conscience restrained.

Life's pretend and illusion and fantastic dreams
It's mistakes and confusion, excitement...Read More
Categories: absurd, age, blessing, destiny, humanity, life, self, wisdom,
Form: Quatrain
A Pet Peeve
What’s your pet peeve? Mine finds its source
in classical music, specifically
the recording industry. And it’s this:

Why are there so many recordings 
of a given classical work, say,
a Beethoven symphony like his Fifth

or his Third (the Heroic) when music 
catalogues list...Read More
Categories: absurd, music,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Apples With Oranges
"I think I will never see
A poem lovely as a tree."*

A poem is words upon a page,
Which puts it at a disadvantage,
A tree may stand up tall and proud,
But you try reading it out loud!
A tree is a tree is...Read More
Categories: absurd, fruit, imagery, poems, tree,
Form: Light Verse
Ardent Classical Music Buff

As an ardent classical music buff
my saturation point has had enough
of radio programs that offer a 24/7
diet of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven
and other warhorses ad nauseum,
(as if every world famous museum
hung only the works of, say, van Gogh, 
Rembrandt, Monet,...Read More
Categories: absurd, music,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Blame It on Love -----
.    Shall I follow the moon?
     Should I fall in love again?
     Would it not be too soon?
     Hate to fall in love in vain.

Crazy...Read More
Categories: absurd, love,
Form: Lyric
Nature's Grace

With Nature’s grace we’ve made a nest
upon this planet as her guest
while seizing treasures she conferred
without a single thought or word
of gratitude for our bequest.

Dear Mother Earth has done her best
to sound alarms through signs expressed
(though loud as thunder still...Read More
Categories: absurd, appreciation, earth, emotions, humanity, nature, planet, senses,
Form: Rondeau
Wet dreams
Back in Primary School I would look at girls . They would look at me too and it felt normal.
They were my sisters , l was their brother .
We were family and friends.

Come High school.....things changed in a very complicated...Read More
Categories: absurd, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse
Black eyes
Those burnt black wrathful eyes staring,
Truly a sharp pencil
Truly as dark as my soul
Truly marking a scroll

Those burnt black wrathful eyes staring,
Seeing in lies I produced
Seeing in hateful help I created
Seeing in an angry time, dated

Those burnt black wrathful eyes...Read More
Categories: absurd, abuse, child abuse, corruption,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member CLABIASH

From some old country
This is the oddest card game
With rules to make your hair stand on end
No use trying to make sense of it
Just accept that it’s the way it is
Don’t bother asking too many questions
They call it Clabiash quite...Read More
Categories: absurd, conflict, family, fun, games, growing up, home,
Form: Free verse